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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Shanna(CZW, WSU), MVP(TNA, former WWE).

Perfect Gets Played
A TNA/indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

At the lengthy TV taping of Impact Wrestling held in Manchester, England during the UK tour by TNA Wrestling at the end of January, 2014, the man recently revealed as the mystery "investor" and new authority figure in TNA, the former WWE Superstar now only know as MVP is in his personal backstage green room. The handsome African-American is dressed in stylish suit pants and a shirt, showing off his bling around his neck of "MVP" and "305" lettering, along with sunglasses on his face as he talks into his cell phone, sitting on a lavish couch with the suit jacket to go with the outfit draped on the back of the seating.

"Well I'll tell you this homie, you want back on television and you want in any kind of title picture? You get on board with Team MVP and I ain't talking about this Lethal Lockdown stuff either..." MVP says to the voice on the other end of the phone, his tone a lot more cocky than his fan friendly nature he's been displaying in public. "Yeah, I got those little indy boys The Wolves wrapped around my finger, they'll help get the job done in the cage, I'll kick Carter's ass out of this company, and I'll be running the show. So, you in King?" Hearing the response, he starts to smirk. "Kenny, my man, I knew you were a smart kid...." A sudden knock on the door gets MVP's attention as he looks up. "Listen, some chump's knocking at my door. Just keep it cool and tell no one, all right? We're gonna act like we hate each other before we run this joint. Got it? Cool, catch you later."

MVP puts the phone away, standing up and composing himself as he makes sure to act completely differently from the arrogant way he'd just been talking. "Step on in!" He calls out, and when he sees who walks in, an approving smile forms across his face. "Well well, now this looks like someone who belongs all up in the V.I.P. Lounge..."

Entering is the beautiful independent scene worker from across Europe who has been working the TNA live events during the UK tour, in Portugal's Perfect Athlete - Shanna. The gorgeous brunette smirks seductively as she steps in holding a small black bag by the string, clad in form-fitting bright green ring attire of booty shorts that hug to her juicy, full ass, and a low cut top that nicely shows off her rounded tits, with arm sleeves that run to over the elbows and knee high boots with pads that are covered as well.

"I hope I'm not interrupting you MVP..." Shanna says as she steps up to him, placing a hand on her hip. "But I thought I'd introduce you to your next TNA Knockout, and the only Knockout who's going to be Perfect..." She points to herself with a smile. "Me. Portugal's Perfect Athlete, Shanna."

"Is that so? Perfect huh?" MVP smirks himself, taking a look over the Portuguese stunner. "Well I don't remember signing you up to a contract, or any new chick around here to a deal, and now that I'm the main man, the Franchise Playa' around here I do have a say in who gets in, and who gets kicked out here in TNA."

"Exactly, which is why you and this company needs someone who is simple Perfect in every way..." Shanna boasts with a smile. "I don't need some giant body guard like Gail Kim does, and I don't have to shake my ass like some stripper like Velvet Sky. I mean, just take a look at me MVP. You can't tell me that this isn't Perfection?" She adds, stepping towards him and reaching up to run her hand along his arm seductively.

"Now hold on a second here girl..." MVP says, smirking slyly as he see exactly what she's trying to do here. "Now I know what all the Knockouts bring to the table, and every honey with a pair of boots wants in on TNA, especially now that I'm calling the shots instead of that clueless Carter and her pack of yes-boys. So answer me this baby - what exactly can you bring to the table? What can you do, that none of the current Knockouts can?" He questions, having already figured out that she's clearly trying to seduce her way into getting a TNA contract.

"Well, you're not exactly dressed to complete, so I can't wrestle you..." Shanna says, moving her hands up to the top of his shirt, undoing the top button. "How about I show you how Perfect I am at other things?" She offers with a sensual lick of her lips, taking a look over the American hunk as she continues to undo his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body in the process.

"Babe, this is just another night in the V.I.P. for Mister 305..." He says, pulling his shirt from his body as she moves down to undo his belt, smirking as he watches her all too quickly bring down his pants and then his boxers. "If you think you can handle the Half-man, Half-amazing, then go ahead girl..."

Seeing the long and thick to match cock that he's packing even without being hard, the eyes of the Portuguese stunner widen with a big, lusty smile as he steps out of his clothing to sit on the couch. "Oh, I know I can... I'm Perfect after all..." Shanna boldly claims as she drops down to kneel between his open legs, gripping his black cock with her hands and getting right to work, stroking his inches with smooth motions.

"Mmmm... I don't know about perfect, but I think I know exactly what you're all about..." He says with a smirk, again going along with this to see exactly how far she's willing to go to try and convince him to make her into a Knockout.

"Oh no MVP, I am Perfect. Just sit back and let me show you exactly how Perfect I am..." She boldly states, giving his hardening length a couple of firm pumps as she leans her head in, running her tongue across the crown of his tool, brushing over the piss slit as she starts to swirl around the head, still gripping his cock so she can stroke him off at the same time, the combination of jerking and licking around the head getting him rock hard in no time at all.

"A big, black dick like this is just right for a Perfect blowjob." The brunette adds, leaning her face in closer to kiss the tip of his rod, smirking at his light moans as she keeps her hand swiftly moving up and down on his inches before she moves herself down, flicking her tongue against his ball sack before running her soft tongue all the way up the underside before swirling around his bell end again.

"That's all well and good baby... But I'm seeing a whole lot of licking, and not a lot of sucking." The former WWE Superstar states with a smirk down to the indy scene starlet between his legs, showing it's going to take more than even a fine feeling handjob with some tongue work to impress him. Returning the smirk, she takes the hint and opens her mouth, taking his tool in and wrapping her full, luscious lips tightly around his thickness, using her hand to stroke the bottom portion as she begins to raise and lower her head onto his shaft.

"Ahhhh... That's more like it... Let's see what kind of a Knockout you can be..." He says somewhat backhandedly, but is groaning as she properly sucks on his cock now, moving her warm and wet feeling mouth firmly up and down on the top few inches of his length, adjusting to the vast size as she makes her motion steady on his big tool.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm... Mmmmph..." The Portuguese beauty groans around the American cock in her mouth as she rather easily establishes a smooth rhythm on his member, rocking her head on his inches to handle half of his length inside, her hand slightly stroking the base to again double-team his man meat with a blowjob/handjob combo.

"Mmmm... Mmmmph... Mmmm!" She seductively gazes up at the hunk she's attempting to "persuade" into making her a full time Knockout, using her free hand to brush her long hair back over her shoulders as she bobs her head on his dick, already layering her saliva onto him as she keeps her lips firmly wrapped around his mighty weapon to make him moan.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... Now that's what I'm talking about..." The man revealed as TNA's big money investor states with a groan, more than happy to sit back and let her go to work, feeling her lovely mouth gliding back and forth along his size as she shows this is far from the first time the tanned beauty has giving head, even to such a lengthy, black cock like this one.

"Mmmm... Giving me some of that V.I.P. treatment like I deserve..." He adds with a moan as she places her hands on his muscular thighs, putting more force into her bobbing motion as she pushes her head down deeper onto him, making them both groan as more of those thick inches slide into that damp and warm oral hole, as she all too eagerly blows him in order to hopefully get what she wants out of him.

"Mmmmph!! Gaaaaahh!! MMMM!!" She gags, closing her eyes as she forces her pretty facial features all the way down on his rod, impressively deep throating his dick to press her full lips around his base, saliva splattering around his man meat from the reflex as she makes herself stay right down on him even as she noticeably gags around that fat cock balls deep in her mouth.

"GAHHHH.. Mmmmph!! Mmmmmph!" Slowly raising herself up, she opens her eyes to sensually glare up at the stud she's trying to seduce, going back to steadily sucking his pole as her saliva runs down to his crotch and balls from the repeated motion, even as her pouty lips stay wrapped all around that length as the curvy babe in between his legs shows off a different kind of skill compared to her in ring kind.

"Mmmm... Mmmm..." Shanna groans, giving another deep bob along his meat before she lifts her head away, licking her lips as she stands up from the floor. "You can't deny it... That blowjob was pure perfection..." She arrogantly claims, reaching to pull her wrestling top up and over her head, revealing her round and more than ample breasts.

"It was a good start honey..." MVP coolly responds, smirking behind his sunglasses as he watches her turn around.

"Oh no MVP... It was perfect, just like the rest of me..." Shanna states with a seductive smirk, now pushing down her bottoms, showing off her neatly trimmed and tight looking snatch as she steps out of her clothing, leaving her just in her knee-high wrestling boots and arm sleeves.

"If contracts were handed out on just running their mouth, you'd be a dead cert for one..." MVP says, nodding with approval at her tanned body on display. "Now come over here and show Mr. 305 that your hot body ain't just for show, it can go..." He challenges, staying reclining back in his green room couch.

"Sounds like a perfect idea to me..." The beautiful but arrogant wrestler states, moving forward to mount his lap, reaching down to line him up and rub the crown of his member against her lower folds for a teasing moment, before with a groan she eases herself down, taking his shaft into her tight and already wet pussy as she places her hands onto his shoulders.

"Mmmm!! Yes... You'll see why I'm more than Knockouts material..." She claims with a smirk, arching her feet and legs so she can rock back with her juicy hips, starting to ride the cock of the former WWE United States Champion as she soon breaks into a steady pace that makes her groan as she works her snatch up and down onto his member to take him in deeply every time she drops down.

"Ahhhh... I'm seeing that you're the material for something all right... Mmmm..." The newest authority figure in TNA says without being completely complimentary about the all too eager WSU and CZW starlet who's bouncing on his cock, but his moans shows he's loving the feeling of her slick and snug snatch sliding up and down on his stiff pole.

"Mmmm... You've got a long way to go... Ahhhh... Before I'm convinced to give you a shot at the prime time..." He states, still resting his hands back on the couch to let her do all the work, more than happy to just sit back and watch the sexily curved woman ride away on his dick, feeling her tight pussy surrounding his man meat as she works herself up and down with this controlled and nicely quick motion.

"Mmmmm... I'm just getting started... Ahhh!! Like I said, you're going to enjoy this..." The beauty from Lisbon, Portugal says with a moan as she quickens the pace, her stunning, thick ass cheeks now connecting with his thighs to make a slapping noise ring out around his personal green room as she again shows off some experienced skill with this firm riding of his long cock.

"Mmmm!! Ooooooh fuck!! Mmmm!! Don't you love that... Mmmmm... Perfect pussy??" She smirks seductively again, rubbing his shoulders slightly as she rides him with a swift and smooth motion, her breasts bouncing in front of him in time with her tanned body as she keeps that tight, damp snatch sliding right up and down on him, taking almost all of his inches inside each time she lowers herself down before moving back to under the half-way mark to repeat the action again and again.

"Mmmm!! Feels damn fine to me baby girl... Ahhhh! Sure makes a change to all that Asian cuisine I had... Mmmmm... Working for New Japan..." The stud who once held the WWE Tag Team Championship and the United States title at the same time says with a groan, the grin on his face showing he's more than just enjoying watching that athletic, curvy body on his lip bouncing up and down to take his shaft straight and deep into her snug snatch.

"Mmmmm... But I've had plenty of fine Diva pussy before... Ya'll gonna need to step your game up just like everyone... Ahhhh! Else around here if you wanna hang... Mmmm... In my V.I.P. lounge..." He states in between moans, tilting his head back a little as he feels that wet and tight pussy smoothly working swiftly like an elevator on his thick pole, his gaze switching from behind his sunglasses from looking down at his dick vanishing up and reappearing from her love box to up to those nicely rounded and full tits bouncing away as she briskly rides him.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... That's not even a challenge... For an athlete as Perfect as me!!" The obsessed with perfection female wrestler says, licking her lips again as she continues to deeply and quickly ride the big black cock she's taking almost balls deep into her Portuguese pussy, causing her to moan out as she feels it stuffing her more full than she's ever had before in her life. Despite that, she's not stopping yet as she keeps on moving her body sharply up and down on that man meat to leave it coated with a layer of her juices from her damp hole from the repeated and far from novice action she's been doing on him.

"Mmmmm... No one else can match what I can do... Ahhhh!! In the ring, or out of it..." She claims with a groan as she drops down, rocking her hips back and forth so she can grind her snatch down against his manhood, smirking as she watches him groan for a moment before she goes right into riding him with a purpose, acting rather whorishly since she's blatantly trying her fuck her way into getting a TNA contract out of him.

"Mmmm!! Alright... I'll admit... Ahhhh... You've got a nice, hot snatch and you can use it... Mmmm..." MVP says with a smirk and a moan as he gestures for her to dismount his dick. "But if you really... Mmmm! Really want to impress the new boss around here in TNA... Then I need you to show me you're willing to go that extra way... Ahhhh... To make an impact..." He adds between groans as she brings herself to a stop on him so she can ease her way up and off of his fat, black cock.

"I'm not the Perfect Athlete for nothing..." Shanna slyly smirks as she stands up from the couch, scooping up the little bag by the string that she'd brought with her, opening it up to reveal a bottle of sexual lubricant. "I've got brains as well as unmatched beauty..." She says with a very over confident tone as she flips the lid off of it.

"If that's what you want to call it..." MVP says with a chuckle, giving her a smirk as she hands him the bottle, before assuming the position on the couch, bending forwards and resting her elbows against the seating so her thick, full and tanned ass is sticking out towards him. "Face down, booty up... That's damn well how we do it in the 305..." He adds, pouring some of the lube out onto his own dick first, using the free hand to stroke it over his inches while he then tips some out down onto her asshole, making her groan as the liquid flows down her ass crack.

"Ooooooh... No man can resist my Perfect Ass-sets..." She's still as cocky as ever, even in this slutty position as the hung hunk behind her starts to finger her ass from behind, making sure to get her nicely warmed up by pushing the lube in deep to her extremely tight feeling booty. "Ahhhhh! I just hope... You can handle me..." She says with a gasp, arms spread forward with her cheek resting on the couch as she looks back at him, licking her lips as he finger fucks her ass for a couple more moments.

"Honey, I'm the Franchise Playa', The Ballin' Superstar... You're the one who's gotta be able to handle this..." He says with equal self-confidence as he pushes his dick forward to penetrate her rump from behind, making them both groan in delight as she rocks forward a little, already her asshole being forced to stretch and even with all the lubricant applied, it's still a very tight fit into her juicy, tanned backside as the first few inches are forced in.

"Mmmm!! Fuck... Damn girl! You don't let just anyone get to tap... Ahhhh!! This ass, do you?" He moans, commenting on how wonderfully tight her back passage is as he begins to slide his tool in and out of her, keeping the head inside her when he pulls back before firmly pumping forward, which allows them both to get adjusted to his vast size being in her as well as savour the friction of his meat in that super snug hole.

"Mmmmm!! No fucking way... I only get what I deserve... AHHHH... The best..." She grunts, her fingers slightly digging into the couch she's resting her face and upper body against, gritting her teeth as she gazes back to watch the hung, American hunk steadily thrust his black cock into her stunning Portuguese ass, her breasts rubbing against the surface of the seating as she's made to rock forward every time he pushes into that sexy backside.

"MMMM... Oooooooh yes!! Perfection like me... Mmmmm... Deserves perfection!!" She adds with a moan, watching as the muscular stud behind her keeps on pumping his shaft in and out of her tight asshole, and even though she isn't currently stimulating her own snatch she's still as wet as ever, getting off on having her gorgeous ass banged from behind just so she can get a shot at a full time contract for the company she's working for on its UK tour.

"MMMM... Shit!! Trust me babe... You're getting... AHHHH... Exactly what you deserve..." The first ever IWGP Intercontinental Champion says with a knowing smirk, his hands on his toned waist as he watches her juicy butt cheeks jiggle from the force of his thrusts, his smirk and groans of pleasure showing how much he's loving getting himself a piece of her fantastic, desirable ass as he keeps those firm, controlled pumps coming.

"And when you're the walking Black Godzilla... Mmmmm!! You always get what you want..." He says with a groan, beginning to put some added force behind his thrusts to make his shaft plunge in deeper into her thick booty, the task helped by her jolting motion as her backside comes back towards him as he pumps forward between those smooth, tanned cheeks before sharply rocking forward in response to the deep pump into her asshole.

"AHHHHH... MMMM!! Ooooooh... Mmmmm fuck that Perfect ass..." The stunning world traveled, independent scene grappler says with a lusty groan, slipping a hand along and under herself so she can work her fingers over her damp twat while she's getting her butt stuffed full of thick dick, still keeping her eyes locked back at the long time sports entertainer behind her as she keeps herself held in this face down, booty up position to get stiffly fucked up the ass.

"MMMM... MMMM!! Fuck!! You love my sexy, Perfect ass don't you??" She groans out, sounding almost like she couldn't care less what the answer is as her tanned and curved body continues to sharply rock forward in response to the steady and nicely forceful pumps she's taking into her thick booty, a noticeable layer of sweat beginning to form all over her to show the effects of this sinful, indecent proposal that's led her to be willingly nailed deeply in her juicy ass.

"MMMMM... Awwwwww shit... Girl, you think I'm some kind of fool... MMMM!! Asking a question like that?" He says, smirking with his sunglasses still on his handsome face as the former WWE Superstar continues to stuff his dick straight forward and into the stunning, rounded backside being pushed out towards him by the starlet of numerous European and US indy promotions, who looks more like a horny slut from the way she's rubbing her own snatch while taking it up the ass from behind.

"A fine piece of tail like this... AHHHH... You'd have to be dumb like the broad who thinks she runs... MMMMM!! This place if you think I ain't loving tapping this ass..." He says between moans, making the point clear by using his hand to deliver a sharp spank to her thick butt as he pumps away deeper and deeper still into that still very tight back passage. Hearing her groan from the slap and more than enjoying the sight of her cheek jiggling sexily from the shot, her gives her another firm spank to one cheek and then the other, making full use of the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty who thinks she's the doing the same over him in this sexual session inside of her personal backstage green room.

"MMMM... Fuck... Damn, you still able to take this??" MVP questions with a groan, easing his dick out of her still tight ass.

"Ooooooh... I was going to ask you the same thing..." Shanna responds with a smirk, licking her lips as she moves herself up onto the couch, getting herself onto her hands and knees on it. "You're almost Perfect... Certainly better than average..." She adds arrogantly as she tosses her hair back, allowing her to watch him move up behind him.

"Average? Girl, you're the one who's tripping! I'm half-man, half-amazing!" MVP states, scooping up the lube bottle so he can pour a little more out onto her ass, this time able to watch the fluid sink into her now loosened up a little asshole as the sensation makes her groan. "I'm the man running the show here now, and I'm gonna be tapping this ass into next month!" He adds as over confidently as she's been all through this, tossing the bottle aside after pouring some onto his own dick, before he moves in to push the crown of his tool back into her ass.

"MMMM!! That's what I'm hoping for..." Shanna grins as she rocks her booty back against the thrust.

"That sounds just Per-FUUUUUUUCK!! UHHHHHH" She was cut off when the newest authority figure in TNA wasted no time in driving his lube-coated cock right forward and deep into her still tight and very juicy ass, showing he's meaning business now as he grips her toned, tanned waist as starts to push his hips forward with force, using his strength to pull her back against the motion to skewer her rump deeply on his fat cock.

"HOLY FUCK!! MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! UHHHHH MY ASS!!" She groans deeply, grinding her teeth together as her hand goes right back to working over her own snatch, offering no resistance as she gets with the program, pushing herself sharply back to make her ass cheeks smack against his incoming muscular frame as he stuffs those inches deeply into her still tight back passage, and she whorishly starts to finger her own dripping wet now pussy at the same time.

"MMMM!! AHHHH... Kicking ass in the ring... MMMMM... And fucking it outside in the V.I.P..." The former two-time WWE United States Champion grunts as he swiftly drives his thick shaft right forward into the full, desirable rump of the beauty who's held the Swiss Championship Wrestling Ladies Championship, his heavy ball sack slapping against her body when he drives forward into her, making the slap of skin striking sweat-covered skin sound out around the green room they're in.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMMM... Now who's the perfect one now??" He smirks for a moment before moaning as he stuffs that full and thick booty full with his man meat, giving her ass another sharp spank as he feels her pushing back steadily against his strong and swift pumps, that would otherwise render a normal red blooded woman unable to walk straight for well over a week as he keeps on driving his dick in and out of her now clearly loosened but still very pleasurably tight back passage.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM... I... I am! AHHHHH!! I'm fucking PERFECT!!" She somehow manages to remain as arrogant as ever, gasping and closing her eyes as she finger bangs her snatch with a couple of digits, her fingers coated with her juices as she manages to remain in this doggy style position, sharply rocking back and forth to take his long, black cock balls deep into her one of a kind Portuguese ass that seems built for an intense, hard butt fucking like this.

"OOOOOOOOH SHIT!! MMMM!! I'm close!! FUCK MY PERFECT ASS!! Yes!! UHHHHH!!" She groans out, sweat dripping off her pretty face and the rest of her tanned body, her remaining clothing of her ring attire arm sleeves and knee-high boots now stained from the sweat, and her pussy juices are trickling down her hand and wrist from the way she's feverishly fingering herself as her booty gets repeatedly and stiffly banged from behind by the American stud.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh!! Awwwwww yeah girl... MMMM!! You can't handle being up in the V.I.P... MMMMM... AHHHH... Just like the rest... MMMMM SHIT... Of these TNA suckers... " The Miami, Florida hunk claims, letting his act slip in the heat of the moment, but the clear layer of sweat all over his muscular frame shows how much banging the curvacious, Lisbon, Portugal-beauty has taken out of him. He's still showing what sexual skills he's got as he keeps his hips swiftly moving back and forth to plough his thick length right forward between those full, smoothly rounded ass cheeks in front of him to deliver a pro porn star-quality performance as he moans out.

"AWWWWWW MMMM... Except I'm just screwing you... AWWWWW FUCK!! Real different than I will be... AHHHH... All of them soon enough..." He adds between grunts and groans, feeling his cock starting to throb within her booty as he pumps away, her juicy cheeks still slapping back hard into his muscular waist but only added to the sensations as he keeps on driving his rod deep into that snug back passage over and over again.

"MMMM!! OH FUCK!! Fuck!! OOOOOOOH YES!! CUMMING!! I'm gonna cum!! Gonna CUM!! MMMMM!!" Bowing her head down, she can take no more of this hard hitting anal sex, as Shanna starts to cum all over her thrusting fingers in her snatch while getting fucked up the ass by MVP from behind, in turn making him groan when he feels her back passage clamping around his length as her sexual peak flows through her body.

"MMMMM... OOOOOOOOH... Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM yeah!! MMMM... So Perfect..." She groans, her sweat-drenched body jolting forward from the deep pumps into her booty as her juices flow down her fingers as she keeps them moving back and forth into her dripping wet snatch, further staining her hand and arm sleeve of her ring attire as the brunette licks her lips again, grinning as the intense orgasm continues to flow all through her body as the American stud behind her enjoys one last thrust into her ass.

"MMMM fuck... I know... I know I'm perfect... That's why I'm half-man, half-amazing!" He cockily states, pulling his throbbing dick out of her well fucked to say the least booty with a groan as he reaches forward, pulling her the still slightly dazed beauty off from the seating to set her down on the green room floor on her knees in front of him.

"Now to finish this like we do in the V.I.P... Like only a Franchise Playa' like me can!" He says with a smirk, pushing his sunglasses back up on his nose as he grips his tool, rapidly jerking himself off now as he aims his long, black cock down at the tanned, Portuguese beauty who has had his cock deep in all of her holes over the course of this sinful encounter, and he's got a target of that gorgeous face of hers to help him reach his own peak.

"MMMM... AWWWWWW shit!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM YEAAAAAAAH..." MVP groans deeply as he starts to cum across the face of Shanna, making her moan and keep her eyes closed shut as the first thick stream of spunk splatters across her forehead, and staying down in position she takes every bit of his vast load, pressing her full lips together as more blasts land over her cheeks, nose, chin, and those pouty lips.

"MMMMM... Awwwwww yeah... You want to talk... AHHHH... About looking fucking perfect??" He smirks, keeping his hand moving to make sure the last few drops of his cum are sent out and down onto her pretty facial features, leaving her coated now with his spunk to go with the sweat that's all left her looking more like a desperate, gang banged whore than any kind of Perfect Athlete, let alone the talented female wrestler she's supposed to be.

"Mmmm... I am... I'm always Perfect..." Shanna says, incredibly still arrogant even after taking a face full of cum. "And now I'm the Perfect Knockout, I'm going to be..."

"Woah woah there girl! You say what now?" MVP cuts her off as he steps back, letting go of his softening dick. "Honey, just because I tapped that ass, you think I'm gonna just give you a contract and fly your booty over to the US? Hell no girl! I got enough problems with these Knockouts as it is without bringing some other chick in just because she's got a hot ass!"

A look of shock comes over her stained face as her jaw drops, before she storms to her feet to glare at him. "Are you serious?? I'm Portugal's Perfect Athlete!!" Shanna rants at him. "I'm the best thing, the hottest thing, the most Perfect thing that TNA will ever have!"

Unfazed, MVP just smirks and folds his arms over his chest. "Well after this UK tour, you can start calling yourself Portugal's Played Athlete, because that's what just happened. I ain't giving you no deal, just like I'm not giving Sabin's giant German chick one, or renewing that scary broad that Gail Kim has..." He says, before pointing to the door. "So do yourself a favour honey and gets a stepping, because this V.I.P. Lounge is for people NOT like you."

"You... You... This is the worse decision you will ever make!" She yells at him with a stomp of her foot in frustration. Realising she's been played and used instead of her doing the same to him, a now furious Shanna grabs her ring attire, quickly getting dressed as she knows there's nothing she can do about this now since he has the power to call the shots in TNA, and once hastily clothed she storms out of the green room, as MVP sees her rushing off and attempting to cover her face so that no-one sees all the cum that he's left over her.

"Thinking she could play a player like me... "Perfect" got played, but thanks for the fine ass..." MVP chuckles to himself, moving to get himself dressed before the sound of his phone going off catches his attention as he reaches over to pick it up. "Mister 305, the Franchise Playa', and the man who's gonna be running the show in TNA, is right here! ...Yeah? Yeah Bobby, everything's cool man. We got this kid King on board... We gonna make it look like there's friction before we shock the world... Naw man, it's going down back in the US homie. Once we get that clueless broad Carter out of the picture, we can set things up fine to own this place, and every one of these TNA chumps and their fans are gonna find out we've been playing them all along..."

* * *

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