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Perks Of Working For The WWF
by cHaNGiNgThAgAmE

I recently got a job with the WWF's photography team. It was nothing
special, I was merely a rover. Doing errands was my main job. The perks were
great though. One perk was of course meeting all the wrestlers. Another was
constant traveling and not staying in one place at a time. I had been
recently assigned to go to the Bahamas with the rest of the Photography team
for the next Diva's photoshoot. It was great being able to stay in a decent
and nice room at a beautiful hotel. But I thought to myself it would be even
nicer to fuck one of the Divas, especially Lita. I desperately wanted to get
me some of Ms. Amy Dumas.

It was the third day of the photoshoot and the photographers would be
shooting Lita all day. I had woke up to the sound of the hotel alarm at 6:00
A.M. I got out of the bed and hopped into the shower. Then, I finished, got
dressed, and left my room for the lobby, where the team would be meeting.

"Hey John, these are the errands we need you to do," my boss said.

He handed me a piece of paper with all jobs I needed to do, a receipt,
and a keycard. I skimmed through the paper and the last errand caught my
attention. It said, "Pick up Amy's clothes at the hotel dry cleaner and bring
them into her room." I started thinking to myself, "Holy shit, this is the
perfect way I can be able to fuck her!" Then I was brought back to
conciousness when my boss spoke to me.

"John, the last errand, be sure to be done with that one by 6 sharp,
because Ms. Dumas is going to be done with her shoot for the day. She'll be
back around that time or earlier."

"Sure thing boss," I responded slowly.

Then I got back to thinking about what I was gonna do to Lita. I was so
excited, so I left the hotel quickly to get all the errands done.

I arrived at the beach after doing 6 hours of work to finish my last
errand before my break. I was given a 30 minute break. My boss allowed me to
relax and watch some of Lita's photoshoot at the beach. Lita was covered in
sand and water, wearing a very sexy red thong. For her top, she wore a nice
white t-shirt which was completely wet. I completely got hard off of this. I
could barely hold my composure on the fact that I was going to rape her later
on that day. Thirty minutes passed and my break was over. The boss told me to
get back to doing the errands and so I did. I left the set and went about the
city to finish up the rest of my job for the day.

5 and a half hours pass and I am back at the hotel. I arrive there early
so that I can finish my final errand, which was to get Lita's dry-cleaned
clothes. I smirked as I slowly walked towards the hotel dry-cleaner. I walked
through the door and pulled out the receipt given to me at the begining of
the day. I payed for the cashier and thanked him as I slowly walked out and
towards the lobby again. I went through the lobby and into the elevator's
section. I pressed the button for the next elevator to come down. I began to
laugh quietly to myself. The bell rang and I hopped into the elevator. I
checked pulled out the receipt again to see the floor and room number. I
pressed the 25th floor button and went up. The bell "dinged" and I arrived
at the 25th floor. I walked out of the elevator and to her room, 2596. It
seemed to be at the end of the hallway, and I wasn't suprised. I said to
myself, "All suites always gotta be at the end of the hall." I made it to
her room and pulled out the keycard. I slid it into the door and opened it.
I walked into her room.

"Damn, this room is nice!" I exclaimed to myself.

I let the door close shut and then checked my watch.

"Perfect timing, its 5:40. She's gotta be coming her pretty soon."

I put walked toward her closet and opened it. I hung the clothes and then
closed the closet. I was getting hornier by the moment just thinking about
her walking in. Of course, I wasn't going to just sit on her bed and watch
her come in. Luckily, as I rummaged through her stuff I found duck tape. I
wondered why it was there but I was still thankful for it. Suddenly, my
cellphone rang and I answered it.


"Yeah, John, its your boss, James, Amy is already up in the elevator going
to her room now. You finish the errand?"

"Yeah boss, I'm about to leave the room."

"Just leave the spare key in there okay? And get a good rest for tomorrow
because your gonna need the energy."

"Alrighty, bye."
I hung up and prepared myself. I scrambled to the closet and peak through the gaps. Then I heard the door knob turn and the door opens. Lita walked through the door and then took a seat down on the huge king sized bed.
She grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned on the tv. My heart
began to race as I peaked at Lita glistening face with sweat running down it.
I slipped off my shoes and I then unzipped my pants as slowly and quietly as
possible. Then I took them off along with my boxers. My dick was still limp,
but it wouldn't be that way for long.

Lita turned off the TV and stood up. She then began to dance a little bit
and hum to herself. Then, she began to take off her clothes. My cock quickly
erected hugely at about a ruff ten inches. I looked on as Lita continued to
hum and slowly do a cute striptease. She had gotten down to her bra and
thong. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Lita unstrapped her bra
and removed it to free her huge chest. She tossed her bra to the floor. My
dick started to throb as I slowly reached down for the ducktape. Lita stopped
humming and quickly removed her thong. She walked toward the bathroom area.
I made my move and as slow as I could, slid open the closet door. Meanwhile,
Lita started the shower. I creeped towards the begining of the bathroom area.
I then quickly walked behind Lita and grabbed her stomach. I pulled her to
me and wrapped the ducktape around her mouth. She began to yelp and try to
scream as loud as she could but it was useless.

"Ohh yeah, babe. Your ALLLLLLLLL mine!" I said loudly.

I forcefully pulled her and wrestled her onto the bed. She tried to
escape but I actually outwrestled her. I pushed towardss the end of the bed
and duck taped her arms to the metal bars of it. She kicked and tried to
scream as I slowly removed my shirt. I started off quickly by diving straight
into her pussy and digging the hell of out of it with my tongue. She began
to yelp with a little sound of pleasure, but still in panic. I rattled and
rolled tongue all around inside of it. I pulled out my tongue for a moment
andtagged her clit with it. Then I dove back in again and tongue fucked her
furiously. Lita seemed to be getting into the mood of fucking, but she still
wanted to be let go. I removed my head from her before she could cum. Then I
held my huge dick with my right hand.

"Here it comes Lita!!!!"

I then rammed my huge dick inside her already warmed up and hot pussy. I
rammed constantly, not wanting to stop. I kept on going and going. I felt so
overwelmed with power. I continued to slam her harder and harder. I could
sense that she was begining to give in to her hormones. I looked at her face
and her eyes were closed. I could her moans that were muffled from the tape.
So, I slowed down and pulled myself out of her.

"You like this huh? You want some more?!?!?" I shouted with great

She nodded her head and I so I decided to release her from the poles of
the bed. I ripped off the tape and tossed it to the floor.

"Get on all fours, bitch."

She obeyed and did what she was told. Her mouth was still ducktaped, but
she didn't mind to remove it. I moved toward her butt and held my dick in my
right hand again. I inserted my dick in her ass and she squirmed a bit. I
then started to ass fuck her. I pumped slow at first but hard. Then I pumped
faster and a lot harder. As fucked her ass, I wrapped my arms underneath her
stomach to gain more leverage. I continued to fuck harder and harder and
harder. She continued her constant moaning and tears slowly ran down her
eyes from the pain. Though it hurt her, she was still loving every fucking
minute of it. Then, I teased her again and removed my member from her huge,
glistening ass. I pushed her back onto laying postion on the bed. Then I
inched slowly toward her mouth. I reached out with my hand and ripped off
the tape. She began to gasp for air and took deep breaths. I then moved so
that my dick was hanging above her head. She took a deep breath and then I
grabed her hair and pulled her up into my penis. I manipulated her head up
and down. Then, I slowly began to move to change positions on the bed. She
followed as I continued to make her suck my dick.

"That's it Lita, deep throat it you red headed whore!" I yelled.

I laid back and then let go of her head as she started to naturally give
me head. I felt her tongue rolling around my penis and tingling my pubic
hairs. But then she stopped and removed her mouth off my dick.

"Put tape over my mouth again and tell me what to do!" Lita commanded.

I grabbed the duck tape and ripped off a piece. I moved up and slapped it
over her mouth.

"Ride my dick!"

She got on top of me and rode my dick as if she were in a rodeo. This time
it we both wouldn't stop. She pushed herself a little on my dick to bring
more sensation and pleasure as I did the same. She continued to move and ride
harder and harder. She then let out her biggest moan.

"I'm gonna cum!!!" I yelled out.

"MMMMMMM!" Lita moaned with the ducktape.

Soon after, we exploded and released out our internal juices. I cummed
for more than 15 seconds. She cummed even longer, for 20 seconds. I could
feel my cum and her cum coming together. Then we finally finished. She
removed herself from me and got off the bed. She removed the duck tape off
her mouth as I slipped on my shirt and walked toward the closet to get my
pants. I slipped them back on with my shoes. As I was about to walk out the
door, Lita called out to me.

"Hey, the next time you you wanna rape someone, come better prepared."
She said sarcastically.

I smiled and walked to the door and opened it.

"Ohh ohh ohh wait. Also, don't be a stranger..." Lita said with a devilish
tone in her voice.

I then walked out the door and went to my room to rest up for tomorrow.

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