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Phoenix Files #1: Evolve
by Cameron J

Sitting across from me was a one woman who with a simple whim could crush my
hopes and dream without a second thought. Reading my profile like it was a
tax form she said, "(The Phoenix) Jae Paris only 24 years old is about 6-3
and an amazing well developed 234lbs and is the prized student of Dean
Malenko. Spent most of his formative years with Ultimo Dragon and Toryuman
gaining more training and experience. Over the past four years he's competed
in the Super 8 tournament and Russ Haas Invitational Tag Tournament. Known
for his highflying wrestling style, excellent bumping ability and improvement
from match to match. Heralded by Rey Misterio and Hurricane Helms as one of
the most innovative wrestlers in the world. OVW development time shortened
due to the fact that frankly he is too over and talented to be restricted
there. And you realize all of that stuff means shit to me and doesn't matter
now that you are here. Fact of the matter is you don't go anywhere without a
McMahon telling you to go anywhere."

Walking out from behind her desk even a blind man could see her curves. Not
too many people can say their boss has a body made for sex but hopefully I
can after this meeting is over. I was not sure if she noticed the bulge in
my jeans and I was thankful that I wear clothes a few sizes too big for me.

Circling me she said, "Around here everyone has to earn their spot. Nothing
here is given for free. If there is one thing we stress around here it is if
you are going to go anywhere in this business it is going be based one what
can you do to help this business."

While I sat there in confusion I let her ramble on until she sat on top of
the large desk in front of me with her legs crossed. "I have a problem. See
a few weeks ago I got married. Unfortunately for me my husband has a
lackluster sex drive and due to several of the drugs he has abused in the
past some of his size has been shriveled up considerably. On the other hand
I have a very high drive and since I did not expend all of it on my recent
honeymoon, it has been building up and believe me sweetie there is nothing
crueler than a woman with sexual frustrations. They are crabby. They'll snap
at anyone and if you piss them off they'll kill you and blame it on their
period. So here is what we are going to do. You are going to help me deal
with this excess energy and in return I will be the greatest friend your
career ever had."

I was just about dive at her offer when she uncrossed her legs and my brains
turned to mush. Underneath that short leather skirt were no panties and
perhaps the best view of all wrestling. However before I could move in for
the kill. The door was being rudely banged on as her secretary announced that
Evolution was outside her office and needed to see her right away. Ms. Mahon
stretched across her desk and hit the intercom and said "Tell Evolution to
take it to Shane. He should be in the upstairs conference room and if he
doesn't handle things I will. Right now, I am working on a very important

With that she turned to me and said "Look I can tell you are hard and I am
so dripping all over my desk so what you are going to do is carry me over to
that couch over and give me the quickest of quickies."

How could I resist that offer, scooping her up and carrying her to the couch
I hiked up her skirt and looked at her exquisite neatly trimmed lovebox. It
wasn't completely bare, but her pussy hairs were trimmed extremely low and
neat with an almost heart shape right about her pussy. Immediately I unzipped
my jeans and bared my hard cock to the billion dollar princess.

Her face lit up with approval and she inhaled sharply as I inserted my dick
into her. There was no pretense of romance involve as she ordered me to ram
her to which I willingly complied. The sounds of my balls slapping that ass
filled the room as I set upon wearing out her pussy. By now she unbuttoned
her top and was playing with her nipples while I drilled her. Clenching her
ass to keep her close I began drilling her faster and faster. Bending down I
began suck on her nipples.

She began to moan and shake while saying "That's it. I am gonna fucking cum.
Make me cum. Oh shit. Yes make me cum." With that I began drilling her harder
and harder, pumping in and out of her pussy with all I got.

After a few moments she began to shake and vibrate while screaming out "Oh
my fucking God, I'm cumming." With that she shook more violently at the same
time I emptied my balls in her pussy. Then we both collapsed with me on top
of her on the couch. Just I was about to roll off I looked deeply into her
blue eyes and I don't what came over me but I pulled her closely and deeply
kissed her.

I don't know why I did. Sex is just sex but kissing is something that means
more than that. Kissing is a very personal thing between two people. By the
way Stephanie McMahon is one hell of a kisser I can tell you that.

Rolling off of her to the floor I lied there and tried to catch my breath
as I heard her doing the same. Sliding my jeans back on I opened her office
window before slipping into her bathroom and cleaned myself up, then took a
piss while she lay there. Sitting next to her I put her head in my lap and
stroked her head and said, "I guess you got rid of that excess energy huh."

She looked up at me with those pretty blue eyes and smiled. Then she regained
her composure and got u and immediately picked up her clothes and went to the
bathroom to clean up.

She walked out of the bathroom with her skirt on and barely finished
buttoning back up her shirt before Evolution stormed into the room killing
the whole post cordial bliss thin. By now the scent of sex had faded thanks
to the ventilation of the open window.

They barely looked in my direction before approaching Stephanie. While
speaking at the same time it was quite confusing, I managed to gleam the
gist of the whole thing. It seems Triple H reinjured his groin and would be
out for several weeks thus trashing several booking plans for 8 man tags to
establish Evolution.

Stephanie thought about for a few seconds and then in a moment that would
seem like divine intervention she looked at me and said "Him. He'll fill in
just fine."

Looking at their expressions they looked beyond skeptical. Flair looks like
he did when they told him Steve "Mongo" McMicheal would be a great horseman.
Batista only had his eyebrow raised with a quizzical look on his face while
Orton was loud and adamantly against the whole thing asking the obvious "How
can a guy who never set foot in a WWE ring join the current top faction."

Stephanie simply replied "He is not taking Hunter's place. Nobody really can.
Instead he is going to be the Evolution intern. Both on and off camera he is
going to be underneath all of you. That way he pays his rookie dues as well
as introduces him to audience." On one hand I was overjoyed just to have a
job and storyline to debut with right away, but on the other hand I am going
to be Evolution's bitch. But hey at least it is a steady paycheck. With that
I got up and extended my hand to the Legend Killer and said "Hi my name is
Jae Paris good to meet you."

With that the third generation superstar looked at my hand like it was
covered in shit and just looked away fuming out of the office with the other
two superstars in tow behind him.

Looking back at Steph she had a quizzical look on her face and then simply
said "Welcome to the WWE and good luck."

The next few day were pretty much the worst of my career as for the next
whole week Evolution made it major agenda to punk me out at every
opportunity. First they made me carry their back from the airport to the
limo. Then they made me catch a cab instead of riding with them in said
limo. Then they made unload all the bags from the limo to their hotel
rooms. Then they sent me to the arena an hour before they got there so I
could prepare the Evolution dressing room with fresh fruit and well
chilled water bottles.

Ric Flair, a guy who I used to worship who now resides as Triple H's
mentor/cheerleader barely even looks at like I don't exist unless he wants
me to do him a favor. Batista always just sits back and smirks at it all
with the amusement practically written on his face and Orton was the worst
of all. Constantly ordering me around and then after a while he began to
get friendly with me only to set up for another insult or jibe against me
for the entertainment of his boys.

It was my second week of servitude under them, when I was announced to be in
my first match. Its seems before Hunter got hurt he was scheduled to be a
single elimination tag match against the team of Booker T, Maven, Jindrak and
Cade. I could be in the match but before that I had to organize Orton's date
book and walk Batista's pit bull which was a joy in its own right but it was
worth it to finally get in the ring and show my stuff.

Standing outside of the ring I watched as Orton and Maven went through
their paces, it was great seeing them go one on one like this because in all
honesty and as much as I dislike Orton they are the future of the WWE. I
could almost see their rivalry becoming as big as Hunter and the Rock. Orton
tagged in Batista and that monster came in and worked his power game. To say
he was devastating would be an understatement as he decimated. Tagging in
Flair the legend went to work on Cade who at this time was pretty anxious to
make the hot tag.

Pretty much it was a match by the numbers until Cade finally made it over
to make the hot tag to Booker T. After clearing house Booker and even
belting me off the apron into the guardrail Booker manage to axe kick Flair
and pick up the elimination. The match was firmly in their corner with Orton
basically being trapped until made the tag to Batista one sick spinebuster
later Garrison Cade was headed to the showers. However while Batista was
celebrating his possible crushing of Cade's sternum, he was rolled up and
taken out by Jindrak who immediately after that pin was RKOed and sent to
join his partner in the back leaving it down to a 2 on 2 match up.

Maven and Booker worked over Orton in their corner till he made the tag to
me. Since this was the first time about 99% of them ever saw me in the ring
there was sort of a buzz of anticipation. Immediately I rushed at Maven
assaulting in with a barrage of martial kicks remarkable similar of Ultimo
Dragon. Hitting him with hard kick to the gut I grab him and give him a
gutwrench powerbomb into a reverse powerbomb. Kipping up I manage to dodge
Booker T side kick then popping back up I nailed the Bookerman with a
spinning heel kick that knocks him through the ropes.

Maven however manages to catch me off guard and whips me to the ropes, which
I reverse and Orton pulls the top rope sending Maven crashing to the arena
floor next to Booker. Then with a flying axe handle Orton crashes into Booker
T. Seeing my opportunity I smile and hit the opposite side of the ring at
full speed and then zoom to the ropes and hit a swinging somersault double
dropkick on Booker and Maven outside the ring. While that move looked
spectacular on camera I practically took my self out of the match. In the
ring after a sick DDT Orton managed to take out Maven, leaving him and the
Bookerman to face each other one on one. Throwing lefts and rights bashing
each others brains out in the center of the ring, Orton looked to be getting
the upper hand until Booker manage to duck a punch and turn it into a small
package stealing a three count off of the third generation ring prodigy.
Once Orton made it to his feet he was irate arguing and cussing out the ref
claiming a fast count, then without warning he turned around and superkicked
Booker T. Picking up the 5-time WCW champion he then hit him his practically
unconscious foe with an RKO. While the ref escorted Orton out of the ring, I
climbed to the top rope. The fans were on their feet with expectations of
another amazing maneuver from my bag of tricks and I was not about to let
them down. Springing off of the top I nailed a shooting star press into leg
drop and picked up the win for Evolution.

For a few moments I was too winded and sore to get to my feet right away,
but once the ref raised my hand, I pulled my way up using the ropes and began
to celebrate. Randy Orton rolled back into the ring with a smile on his face
and shook my hand for the first time I thought the guy liked me and I was
actually happy to be with this group however when Orton yanked my arm and
pulled me right into a sick RKO laying me out in the center of the ring, all
that hate and contempt I had for the man increased. Standing over me he
picked up the ring mic and yelled "Never try to show me up again, rookie",
and then he walked out the ring with his hands in the air like he was the one
that won the match.

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