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Phoenix Files Part 2: My Bitch Is Back
by Cameron J

I was on my way to my hotel room after that asshole Orton debacle. Truth be
told I took more out of myself in that match than my opponents did. Maybe I
should tone down some of my risks or I might end up like Jeff Hardy.
Destroyed, disenfranchised, and discontinued at 26 years old.

As I slid my keycard I felt someone wrap their arms around me and grab my
package. Swinging around, I was surprised by my assailant who pushed me
inside my dark hotel room before I could see them. However using my other
senses I immediately knew it was a woman due to the perfume she was wearing.
Matter of fact, that perfume is way too familiar.

However I did not have time to think about that as I began to fumble for the
lights as the mystery woman shut the door before I could see her. The only
thing I did see was the darkness and length of her hair as she shut the door.
Completely engulfed in darkness, she charged and me and dove into my arms.
Wrapping her legs around my waist she practically shoved her tongue down my
throat. It was then I knew exactly who this was. I maybe a pain right now and
maybe that RKO did more damage than I was letting on but I could never forget
that kiss. Wrapped my arms around her I palming her ass and inhaling that
intoxication perfume of hers while our tongues tangoed and wrestled each

Carrying her but never breaking our lip lock, I flicked on the lights to come
face to face or rather tongue-to-tongue with probably the one of the hottest
if not underrated women on the independent scene Alexis LaRee. Finally
unlocking her legs from mine, she climbed down off of me and then shoved me
against the wall. Grabbing my hard cock she said "mmmm. I definitely missed
this" as she unzipped and yanked down my jeans.

Looking at it for a second she licked her lips right before going to work on
my cock. At first she licked the shaft up and down then she sucked on the
pulsating vein before sliding up to suck on just the head alone while pumping
the shaft with her petite little hand. Her other hand unbuttoned her tight
lowriding jeans and slid inside her yellow thong.

Once she licked my cock shiny she proceeded to once again devour my cock this
time with her hand inside her soaked thong no doubt frigging her clit. She
began to reverse face fuck me bobbing her head up and down faster and faster
on my hard cock, before letting it slide out all the way and looking back up
at me. Her pretty gray eyes reflected beautifully from the lamp next to us
making them appear brown for a few moments and she said "Come baby give me
your hot cum like you used to. Cum for Lexy baby."

She began to jerk me off while unzipping her hooded sweatshirt and taking off
her sports bra. While Alexis does not have huge tits like Stephanie McMahon
or Sable or even Jackie Gayda she has way more than the handful necessary for
the desired affect. Sliding my hard precum-leaking cock between them she
began to slide her tits up and down while spitting in between them. Each time
the head of my dick slid up near her mouth she would kiss or lick the tip of

My hand was placed firmly on the top of her head enjoying the titfucking I
was receiving but it the back of my head I knew this wasn't right. My
conscious was attacking telling me to push her off, but my libido was begging
me to toss her on the bed name on leg Christmas and the other one New Years
and meet her between the holidays. So instead of doing anything I would
regret I simply leaned there and enjoyed what she was doing to me.

I guess she could feel that I was close, because she released my dick from
between her tits and practically shoved it down her throat. Jerking me off
while sucking as hard as she could on the head. After a few minutes she let
go of my dick and clenched my ass with both hands trying to push my dick as
far as she could get down her throat.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I began cum in her mouth. She
began take all of my cum while playing with my balls. Moaning while she
emptied my balls, she locked eyes with me. Then she opened her cum filled
more to show me my jizm. Staring into my eye she swished it around her mouth
right before finally swallowing it down. While I looked on with my libido
running high, she stuck out her tongue and said all gone.

With a grin on her face she guided me to the bed, then she pushed me onto the
bed and huskily whispered "elevator down." Lying in the bed I looked up at
her while she slipped her jeans down and slowly slid her panties down making
a show out of it, right before hopping onto the bed with me. Kissing my cheek
she curled right up next to me and said "See just like old times right baby."

For some reason when she said just like old times I got a flashback of the
last time I saw her. It during her time in NWA-TNA when she was working for
Raven. Showing up at her hotel, I wanted to surprise her but I was the one
that was surprised as I caught her on her bend over the couch giving Raven
a piece of that ass that once had my name on it. I watched in horror as my
girlfriend was pounded by the man who was considered the most depressing
figure in sports-entertainment.

Ordinarily with any other girl I would have ditched the bitch and done
whatever I could to stay away from her but for some reason I was compelled
not to leave the hotel. Instead I waited for her in the hallway. By this
time of night in this hotel they tend to dim the lights are 2 am leaving
plenty of shadows in the hall for me to wait in. Over the past few months
I was trying to quit smoking so I would be healthier but this drove me pull
out that last cigarette of the pack you are supposed to keep as a reminder
that you beat your habit. Two minutes later with cigarette in hand I waited
in the shadows for her. 20 minutes later, she came out of the room wearing
nothing but a robe and weird expression on her face. She asked "What are I
doing here?" to which I replied "I was coming to giving you this."

I reached into my coat and pulled out the ring I was going to give her. She
looked crushed when she saw the diamond engagement ring I had been living off
potatoes and corned beef for 3 months to afford. Stuffing the ring back in my
jacket, I said to her "Fuck you Alexis. From now on you don't exist to me. If
you even see walking down the same street as you then you better try your
luck jaywalking to the other side." With that I blew my cigarette smoke in
her face and walked out on her. That was the last time I saw Alexis Laree
till today.

I called up Mike Hunt one of the premoters at Ring of Honor where Alexis had
an almost exclusive deal with and told him that I will not participating in
anymore ROH shows for a while. This hurt my career and I was pondering my
next step until I got back to my hotel room and received an email from Dean
Malenko. Dean and his brother Joe trained me in technical wrestling when I
first started out and now he worked as a road agent for the WWE.

Basically the email was the one that changed my life. While he did not
promise me a contract he gave me the word that if I did a few more shows in
the Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio area then I would have an extremely high chance of
being seen by WWE scouts and possibly snag a developmental deal. I followed
Dean's advice and sure enough a month and a half later I got my deal and well
here I am.

Now that I think about if I didn't cancel those ROH shows, I would have never
been in the area where the scouts were and I might not have gotten my deal.
Indirectly losing Alexis saved my career.

Slipping out of bed I lifted Lexy off of me and rolled her over, then headed
to the bathroom. Getting in the shower I thought about things and decided I
need to get rid of Alexis. There was no way around it. Tomorrow morning I
have to tell her it was over or I could go with plan B.

The next day I got up before she did and wrote her a note telling her about
how she fucked me up, broke my heart and needs to please stay away from me.
Then I pinned the note to my pillow, picked up my bags and got the hell out
of there headed to the Long Island where the next show is at, hoping to never
see Alexis Laree again for the rest of my life.

* * *

Over the next two weeks, Randy Orton would piss someone off and would pawn
them off on me saying that he was too good to fight them. This angle of his
ran everywhere. Raw, Heat, house shows hell he even pawned off guys to me on
the Japanese tour.

Tonight he did something to Rob Van Damn that had Mr. Monday night fired
up and then ditched the angry kickboxer onto me. While as far as speed
and strength I had a very slight advantage over RVD, but he had me clearly
overmatched in experience and motivation.

RVD whips me into the corner and begins to ram his shoulder into my sternum.
Being the wrestling nerd that I am I knew what comes next and how to avoid
it. I waited until Van Dam stopped ramming me and flipped back. When he
charged at me, I waited until just before he made contact with me to press
my entire body over my head making a perfect handstand and making RVD ram
his shoulder into the steel post.

With a weakness exposed I began to press my attack on RVD with a series of
arm drags then following the third on into reverse arm bar. When he got to
the ropes I dragged him by his sore arm into the middle of the ring and
applied a Fujiwar armbar that JR kept accidentally calling a hammerlock.

While I was busting my ass to wear down one of the most popular if not
dangerous men in the business, Orton was outside of the ring talking on his
cellphone. He turned his back to ring to continue his conversation while Van
Dam began to rumble to his feet. Using all of his strength, he whipped me to
the ropes which I tried to counter by sliding out of the ring but the problem
was Orton was directly in the way so it looked like I dropkicked him over the

Before I could get back to my feet RVD suicide dived outside the ring into
me. The referee conducted a 10 count but both RVD and I managed to get in the
ring before he got to 10. Both of us scattered to opposite sides of the ring
using the ropes and the corner to get back to our feet. Once vertical there
was a momentary staredown before we charged at each other.

The former ECW superstar attempted a roundhouse kick but I blocked it with
a kick of my own. I swung my fist at him, but he ducked it and tried to
crucifix me, but I managed to reverse it into a Northern Lights Suplex, then
I flipped over while still holding onto that Nothern Light suplex position
and nailed with another one. Two more rolling Northern Light suplexes and I
bridged up for the pinfall attempt. To the shock of the fans Van Dam managed
to kick out at the last possible half a second.

Slowly getting to my feet I clutched at RVD and eventually irish whipped him
to the ropes however it was the same time Randy Orton had gotten back up and
climbed up the apron. Van Dam seeing Orton there used him as a springboard
actually knocking him off the apron onto the entrance ramp, while Mr. Monday
Night nailed me used his momentum to twist into a moonsault catching me
completely off guard coming within an eye lash of score the three count.

I managed to get to my feet but as soon as I turned around I was greeted with
a boot to the chest and a thunderous DDT that legitimately knocked me stupid
for a few seconds. While I lied there practically counting the lights and
trying to figure out where I was, the multiple time Intercontinental Champion
was crawling across the ring to the ropes using the last bit of his strength
Van Dam sprung over to the top rope and basically measured me for a five star
frog splash however that is when Randy Orton managed to get back up on the
ring apron on the opposite side of the ring distracting the referee. Just as
Van Dam was about to leap onto me, a woman ran out of the crowd and yanked
his leg forcibly straddling him on the ropes.

Seeing my opportunity, I climbed up into the corner Van Dam was straddled on
and planted him with a top rope brainbuster that put Mr. Monday Night down
for the three count.

For a few moment I laid flat on my back counting the light but jubilant over
the win. For a few moments I laid there internally celebrating possibly the
biggest win of my career, when I heard that jackass Orton voice over the PA.

Orton: I know many of you are possibly wondering who the hell this woman is.
Well, allow me the privilege of introducing the next big thing of the women's
division. She is Alexis Laree the female Evolution of wrestling.

Either Van Dam beat my ass worse than I thought or I just heard that Randy
Orton just added my ex-girlfriend. Looking up I was disgusted to see Randy
Orton kissing Alexis while Evolution's Motorhead theme song blasted through
the Fleet Center.

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