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Planet What?
by ForeverHardcore

Naomi walked happily at backstage and she saw Cameron. She was sitting on the ground and she cried. Naomi went to her.

Naomi: What's the matter girl? Why are you crying?

She asked and Cameron lifted her head up.

Cameron: I just lost another match.

Naomi: That's all? You don't need to cry about it.

Cameron: Whenever, I'm in the ring and I start dancing, everybody boos and say that I can't wrestle. I miss when we was just two dancers with Brodus.

Naomi: Uh, that's tough. But I have an idea.

Cameron: What?

Naomi: After the show we will go to Planet Funk again. What do you say?

Cameron agreed and she hugged her old friend.

* * *

After the show Cameron waited for Naomi in the Parking lot. She finally arrived with a map.

Cameron: What is it for? You don't know where is it?

Naomi: I never listened to the road, Brodus always drove boring.

They searched the Planet Funk and Cameron found it.

Cameron: I think that's it here!

Naomi: I don't know. Brodus's write is unreadable.

(Because Brodus draw the map)

Naomi: Ok, give it a chance.

She said and they sat in the car. Naomi drove and Cameron coordinated. They went on the way and it started raining.

Naomi: Cool, now It's like a in horror movie.

She said ironically. And she turned on the windscreen wiper.

Cameron: Naomi, look!

Naomi saw a purple electronic sign with a subtitle.

Naomi: I can't read it, what is it?

Cameron: I think It's Planet Funk. Stop here!

Naomi and Cameron got out of the car and they went into the club. Cameron found a waitress.

Cameron: Excuse me! Is it Planet Funk?

Waitress: No madam, It's Planet Fuck.

Suddenly a group of naked guys surrounded them.

They took their penises on the girl's faces.

Naomi: What the....

She couldn't finish her sentence, because one of the guys took his dick into her mouth. Naomi resisted him and she pulled her head back. Naomi and Cameron were on their knees and they were back to back. One guy wanted to put his dick into Cameron's mouth, but she didn't open it. The guy used his strength and he opened her mouth. His cock was between Cameron's lips and he moved in. Cameron tried to oppose, but she was inpotent against them.

Two guys held Naomi's hands back and the third opened her mouth. The fourth took his dick into her mouth. Naomi was disgusted and she looked at Cameron, whose mouth was fucked by another guy.

The men stood in a line to take their cocks between her lips. Naomi stopped resisting and she just hoped that it will end soon. Cameron wasn't that lucky. Everybody took his dick into her throat, and everybody used her mouth for min 5 mins. And in the end everybody cummed into her mouth. The other group also started to cum in Naomi's mouth and on her face. Their cums went everywhere, into her mouth, onto her face, and onto her tits. The two men, who held her down, turned her back and they pulled her pants down. When they saw her luscious booty, everyone of them were hard again. They formed a line again and everyone trusted his dick into her pussy. Cameron's group teared her top down and they sucked her boobs. Everybody's saliva flowed down on her titties. Naomi's first client cummed into her, and she couldn't rest, because she still had 4 other customers.

Her second client chose her asshole for satisfying. Naomi's ass could easily accept his 8 inch dick. In Cameron's group the men started to titty fuck her. Her large boobs bounced while she had two dicks between them. Naomi's second patient was fast and he came in her ass. The third guy had the biggest cock and he speared her pussy with it. The two guys (who held Naomi down) removed their arms from her and they turned Cameron opposite to Naomi. One man from Cameron's team trusted his dick into her pussy and she accidentally kissed her best friend. Naomi didn't broke the kiss, Cameron was the only one there, who she wanted to have sex with. Cameron gave her a little inspiration. They both moaned in the kiss, but they continued the tongue wrestling. Naomi's guy ejaculated in her and he left. Naomi and Cameron both only had two clients. Naomi's clients decided that they will share her. They divorced the two girls and one of them went behind her,the other went in front of her. They trusted their dicks into her holes and they moved fast in her. She didn't have time to enjoy it, because both of them cummed at the same time. Cameron's group didn't do the same. One of them trusted his dick into her pussy and the other guy took his dick into her mouth. They moved in rhythms, but they were too fast and they both cummed in her.

When everybody left they escaped on the door and they ran back to the car. Naomi was at the wheel and she drove fast.

Cameron: Ok now I hate Brodus and those little perverts. Everyone of them cummed inside me!

Naomi: I agree, I will have some nightmares from their little dicks. What do you want to do? A lawsuit?

Cameron: No, I have a better idea.

She said and she started to write a text to the wwe divas.

"Hey girls, We found the best club ever, so tomorrow we will speak. Girl bye!"

Cameron: They will never, ever mess with Cameron!

Naomi: And don't forget to give them the map!

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