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Play Fight Gone Wild
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Molly Holly was training like usual. She
consistently worked herself over, trying to push herself to her physical
best. Ever since she won the WWE Women's Title, she felt it was her
responsibility to train harder than she had. After all, she wanted to
represent her gender best she could. She was working the excersise equipment,
pushing her breasts in and out on a chest stretching machine, when another
woman stood right before her. She was sitting down so only got to see toned,
atheletic abs. She looked up, and standing before her was the returning Lita.

"Well if it isn't the woman who's keeping the woman's title warm around her
waist untill I return." Lita said with a smile.

"Well if it isn't the real woman's champion." Molly said playing along. "I
must say even though I'm holding it for you the woman's title does fit me
like a glove and looks dam good around my waist."

Lita lifted her head up snobbishly and tossed her hair.

"Be that as it may, I think we all know that when I come back, I'll be the
one taking that belt from you."

Molly quipped back as Lita laid next to her, beginning her sit up repitions,
"Hey, just because I'll be thrilled to see a real wrestler back on Raw,
doesn't mean I'm gonna just drop the title like that. If you want it, you're
going to have to take it from me."

Lita stopped and then looked over at the wrestling ring set up in the middle
of this gym.

"How's about we have a trial/practice match right here right now?"

Lita offered signalling with a continuous tilt of her head towards the ring.

Molly breathed quickly as she finished off the rest of her workout. She sat
there for a moment, breathing heavily, and Lita couldn't help but look down
at Molly's heaving breasts and smile. Molly looked back up at her and Lita
caught herself, looking her back into the eyes.

"Sure, if you're up to it, lord knows you're going to have a ton of ring rust
on you."

Lita laughed and looked her dead in the eyes, "Just bring it, babe."

The two climbed into the ring, sizing each other up. Lita wore her
traditional belly revealing shirt, and hip hugger jeans. The very top of her
thong could be seen; less than on camera. Molly was clad in a black singlet
with spaghetti straps.

"You wanna ring the bell," smiled Lita.

Molly reached out to the air and tugged at an imaginary cord, "Ding ding."

Lita imidiatly ran at Molly and caught her off gaurd with a thunderous
clothesline sending her onto her back. Lita smiled as she turned around and
done a brock lesnar impersonation doing a "Bunny Hop" hopping on the spot
from one foot to the other she then saw Molly roll over onto her stomach and
look at her with that classic Molly Holly "Now I'm mad" look.

"What we're you saying about ring rust." Lita said with a smile Molly banged
her hands on the ring apron then turns onto her back and does a kind of jump
to her feet she then ran at Lita and looked like she was gonna do a
clothesline back but Lita ducked which is what Molly had counted on as soon
as Lita ducked Molly stopped and then rammbed the back of her elbow into
Lita's stomach and hit a snapmare take down on her.

Molly sunk in a rear chinlock, just pressure enough to keep Lita under
control. The heat between their bodies, in the privacy of the WWE's private
gym made it almost erotic. Molly kept Lita grounded, before whipping her
into the turnbuckle, and running at her with a back handspring splash. Their
bodies met with harsh impact, and Lita moaned from the damage. Molly was
shocked, but tried to shrug it off, dismissing it as a natural reaction.

Molly then went for a running Bulldog but Lita countered and Molly got set
into the opersite turnbuckle face first. Molly staggered back Lita
immediately saw her chance and capitalized on it as she rolled Molly up into
a small packadge and then just for extra good measure grabbed a handful of
tights although not near Molly's ass like normal this time it was closer to
Molly's pussy.

Lita counted her own 3, but Molly barely kicked out.

"Bitch, you cheated!" accused Molly. Lita just smiled, and dropkicked the
kneeling Molly lightly in her chest, knocking her on her posterior. Surprised
more than hurt, Molly quickly hopped back to her feet. She ran at Lita, who
caught her with a standing Hurricnarana. Molly's face was buried deep in
Lita's snatch, and inhaled the aroma deeply before reversing into a sunset
flip. The two stood again, with Lita hitting another headscissor takeover,
dazing Molly. She kicked her in the stomach, and laid her out with a Twist of
Fate. She then ascended the top rope and went for her patented moonsault.
Somehow, Molly found the energy to move out of harm's way at the very last

Lita hit the moonsault though well actually she hit the canvus with her
moonsault and Molly got to her feet smiling

"I ain't that easy to finish off." Molly said looking at Lita who was out
streatched flat on her stomach unmoving.

"Lita." Molly said Lita didn't respond.

"Lita!" Molly said louder Lita still didn't respond Molly looked around her
the two of them where alone as Molly walked over to Lita and reached out to
touch Lita on the shoulder the second Lita felt Molly touch her ignoring the
buzz it gave her body Lita rolled herself over forcing Molly to do what was
called "an emergancy bump" and Lita covered Molly who was pinned down on her
back with Lita spread across her stomach making them look like a cross Lita
vertical Molly horizontal.

"1.2.3." Lita said.

Molly was visibly upset.

"What was that? Are you going to be turning heel when you come back? You
cheated like four times!"

Lita shrugged her shoulders, reasoning, "Hey, it was just a practice match.
No harm, no foul."

Molly subsided a bit, but still retained hard feelings.

"Still, I could have beat you if you didn't trick me."

Lita smiled, and was forced to agree. "Yeah, you've really stepped up your
game since we last had a match."

After that, both girls stood deadlocked, both wanting to break the awkward
silence, but not sure what to say.

"Ya know I think it would be good if you turned heel." Molly then said.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, instead of being my rival why not be my ally, fans would never expect
it I mean I've got Jazz the she-male and Victoria the sex maniac on my side
and that arrogant and snobby Gail Kim who's about as good a heel as she is a
face. I could do with somebody with some talent on my side." Molly said being
honest and serious.

"Heh, yeah I guess so. I mean Vicky and Jazz are good, but they really aren't
all that marketable. You and me are probably the two most talented and
attractive women on the roster."

Molly paused for a moment; was Lita insinuating she thought Molly was
attractive? Again, she shook off the sign, and continued with the

"Wow...that was quite a workout," she suddenly noted, feeling exhaustion for
the first time.

"Agreed," quipped Lita, "I need a shower."

Molly concurred, and both decided to shower and head out of the gym for the

They went into the woman's changing rooms both got undressed got they're
towels and showering kits and then walked into the shower and stood a maximum
of two shower heads away from each other and began to clean themselves it was
here that Molly got a really good look of The Queen of Extreme's magnificent
body. Despite her injury Lita hadn't let herself go infact if Molly didn't
know better she's say Lita looked better in shape more toned more tanned and
much more attractive than the last time the two had seen each other.

Molly's quick glances didn't pick up Lita checking her out at the same time.
Molly wasn't a flat stomached, big breasted bimbo like almost every other
diva; she was curvaceous, she was voluptuous, uniquely sexy. Lita wasn't shy
about looking at Molly, and took her time running her eyes over her,
especially on that sweet sweet ass. But just as she was doing so, Molly
turned around to see Lita getting an eyeful of her body.

Molly swallowed hard she didn't know what to say or do the two just locked
eyes on the other even if they tried not too they both sent a single signal
to the other and that signal was "I want you".

"Get dressed Molly, we're going out." Molly complied, as she had no idea what
was in Lita's head. They both got back in their clothes, as Lita drove Molly
to the mall nearby. She lead her, by the hand, to a Victoria's Secret. She
took her back to the underwear section.

"I know I want you. Do you want me?"

Molly nodded eagerly.

"Then I'll have to induct you properly, prude that you are. Go pick out your

She let Molly wander the store, until she found a dark purple thong. Lita
paid for it, and drove back to her hotel room.

"Go in there, and put it on. Don't come out until you're ready."

Molly went into the bathroom with her bag which had inside of it the blue
thong she felt really naughty but she loved the feeling and so she stripped
off down to her blue bra and blueish "grannie knickers" Molly had gotten used
to wearing them ever since Vince had told her the first day she started the
"Virgin" Molly Holly gimmick that she had too totally dress and feel like a
virgin and be totally against anything that wasn't pure cut. And Molly had
taken Vince's words maybe a little too far so far she couldn't tell the Molly
Holly Character from the real person anymore.

Anyway Molly quickly swapped her "Grannie Knickers" for the blue thong and
instantly her pussy and ass felt free and felt better than ever. Molly was
tempted to get re dressed but Lita had wanted to see her in just her thong
but she was sure Lita wouldn't mind Moll keeping her bra on as well. She
took a deep breath and then called out.

"You ready?" Lita shouted from the adjoining room.

"Just come out all ready!"

It'd been a few minutes, and she was growing both impatient and hot. Molly
opened up the double doors and watched Lita's jaw dropped. Standing before
her was Molly Holly, voluptuous body clad only in a shimmering blue bra and
matching thong. She turned around slowly, wiggling her shapely ass at Lita.
She couldn't believe how gloriously it fit her body. Every curve seemed

"What do you think," she inquired. Lita didn't know what to say, making Molly
smile even more. She parodied a model, walking slowly, thrusting her hips
side-to-side up to Lita, before turning back and strutting back to the door.

Lita then got an idea.

"Ok you little tease sit down here and I'll go into the bathroom and put my
favourite matching bra and pantie set on and then give you a little modeling
show." Lita said Molly shrugged and so the two divas swapped places Molly sat
down exacterly where Lita had been siting and instantly felt the wet patch
between her legs not caused by her but caused by Lita. Lita then once
reaching the door turned and said, "I'll be right back," and with that she
closed the double doors. And quickly stripped herself down to her favourite
bra and panties matching set then without warning she opened the doors and
Molly's heart missed a beat for there standing infront of her was Lita in
her "favourite matching bra and panties set" which was in point of fact Lita
wearing nothing at all.

"Now come on, you can't be that suprised," she said, slowly walking towards

"If I always show my thong on television, what do you think I wear on special

Molly still sat, slack-jawed, her pussy moistneing more and more every
second. Lita had said she'd give her a special modeling job, but Molly had no
idea. Lita placed her pussy right in front of Molly and began gyrating. She
teased Molly's quivering lips further by turning around and wiggling her own
ass in her face, before again grinding up against Molly's body. She couldn't
believe she was getting a lapdance from Lita. It was obvious to her neither
woman cared at this point who came in and saw, they just desperately wanted
one another.

Molly then reached out and touched Lita but as soon as Lita saw Molly's hand
on her body she with drew it afraid of what Lita would say due to the fact
Molly was new to this woman wanting woman stuff Lita simply smiled and she
took both of Molly's hands and placed them on her hips and then moved them
down to her tight tonned and tanned buttocks loving the feel of Molly's hands
on her body.

Molly was nervous at first, squeezing her body gently. She soon discovered
that Lita was encouraging her, as the harder she squeezed, the more she rock
her body into Molly's. Molly continued running her hands all over Lita's
body. First the came around from her ass to her hips. Across the thighs, and
to her toned stomach. She ran her finger lightly around her belly button,
before she swallowed hard. She reached up slowly, aching to get at Lita's
breasts. There was a knock at the door.

"Miss, are you nearly finished?"

It was the only attendant left for the night. Molly stammared

"Y...yes! Just dressing now!"

Lita quickly hopped off of Molly and dressed herself. Molly did the same,
being sure to remove the thong she was intending to purchase. Just before she
exited, Lita pulled her tight against her own body, and whispered, "Can we go
back to your place?"

Molly smiled and simply retorted, "I'm driving."

They exited the bathroom and Molly turned to Lita.

"Go wait by the car I won't be long."

And so Lita exited the shop and Molly walked up to the check out she gave the
check woman the thong and it was cleared Molly paid for the thong and just
before she left the woman at the check out said "I hope you enjoy wearing
it." Molly looked at the woman who smiled and winked at her.

"Thank you." Molly said blushing she then turned away from the woman and
whispered, "I'm sure I will." and then exited the shop and joined Lita by
the car she they then got into the car and got buckled up Lita sat in the
front passenger side while Molly drove.

Molly was speeding to her hotel at about 15 miles over the speed limit. Lita,
though a bit concerned, could only smile. She knew Molly wanted this big
time. And she couldn't wait to give it to her. Her body was incredible, and
the difference between the two only strengthened Lita's own attraction. When
they were about a mile there, Lita spoke up.

"You've handled yourself well so far, but let's see how you do with a

She reached under her seat and pulled out a tiny metallic vibrator. She
clicked it on, commenting, "I won't be putting this in you, but I promise
you'll feel it."

She wedged it between Molly's thighs. She couldn't believe how hot the
vibrator made her. The last bit of the trip seemed to take the longest, and
her breath was growing heavy as the two pulled into the parking lot.

Molly turned the engine off and looked at Lita who turned the vibrator off
and then looked at Molly.

"When it's my turn for the torturing and pleasuring." She said with a big
smile on her face "Belive me the torture is gonna be unbeliveable and the
pleasure is gonna be incredible."

Molly then got out of the car her recently perchased thong in it's bag in her
hand Lita followed the two entered the hotel and went into the lift.

Molly looked at the control panel, and saw Lita's floor was on the top floor.
She grinned evilly and decided to play a game.

"Well, here's as good as any."

She unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor. Lita was shocked, but
didn't mind, she approached her, but was pushed back by Molly.

"Nuh uh, you're just watching, baby."

With that she slowly pealed down her underwear, handing it to Lita, who took
into happily into her hands. She then took out her thong, and bent all the
way over, slowly lifting herself back up as the thong came up, giving Lita an
eyeful of Molly's insatiable backside. She pulled her pants back up as they
approached the top floor. Lita guided Molly to her room, and opened it. She
let Molly walk in first, surveying the room. When she turned around, Lita was
right in her face.

"Nervous?" Lita asked.

"Yes and No." Molly said with a smile.

"Don't worry nobody's died while having sex with me I've had a few pass out
but none have died," Lita said walking towards the bed she then stopped
looked at Molly and finished with, "Yet."

Just teasing and testing Molly after all she was "a virgin".

Lita laid herself out on the bed, stretching her limbs, allowing Molly to see
even more of her beautiful stomach. She tilted her head up and said, mocking
Risky Business.

"Are you ready for me, Molly?"

Molly just nodded as Lita smiled.

"Then what are you waiting for, come and get me."

Molly needed little encouragement, as she sauntered over to Lita's prone
body. She unexpectedly sampled her stomach first. After all, it was the flesh
most open and nearest her. It suprised Lita, but soon she accepted the
treatment happily.

Molly began to kiss all over Lita's stomach and then turned her kisses into
oddly enough effectionate licks Lita had never been licked effectionatly
before (at least not in that part of her body) Meanwhile Molly's hands moved
down to Lita's bottoms and she slowly began to undo them and lower them down
untill she couldn't reach without moving which Molly had no intention of
doing so Molly moved on to the next part of her "Pleasuring and Torturing" as
she began to with the palm of her hand feel Lita's thong from one side of the
thong down to the crotch and then slowly back the otherside and she continued
to do this making sure to go extra slow when approching and when moving
across and away from the crotch area.

She could literally hear Lita shudder and moan, almost disappointedly every
time her hand came close to her crotch. Her hands felt so good gliding across
her thong, she was intent on getting them lower. She went to sit up and take
control of the situation, but Molly pushed her back down, not allowing it.
She continued stroking the top of Lita's thong and making out with her
stomach, as Lita couldn't help but softly moan Molly's name. Molly then
shifted her weight up on the bed, taking her place at Lita's side, right next
to the stomach she had been kissing. With one hand she continued to stroke
Lita's thong, while with the other she began to caress Lita's neck, lightly
grazing over it and occasionally nearing her breasts, but again stopping just

Lita was in heaven and in hell at the same time Molly obviously wasn't joking
about the torture and pleasure thing christ Lita wondered if Molly would make
her cum just with the torturing and the pleasuring at the rate she was going
it definatly looked that way however Lita wasn't about to loose her title
"Queen of Extreme" to "Little Miss never been fucked" and began to think how
she could make Molly's torture and pleasure all the more well pleasurable and

Molly told Lita to close her eyes. Lita obliged, and Molly snuck back into
her Victoria's Secret bag. She pulled out a feather boa, which Lita never
saw her purchase. She positioned herself so as not to let her know what was
happening yet. Slowly she lowered the long boa across Lita's tight t-shirt.
Her braless breasts were aching to be touched and her nipples nearly pierced
teh fabric. She lowered the feathers across those nipples, stroking them
lightly. It was unlike anything Lita had ever felt before. The tickling
sensation, but the lightness and softness made it so erotic. She moaned
loudly, electing the response Molly desired. She then did it a second time,
this time running the full length of the boa across her breasts. Lita arched
her back.This was awful, she desperately wanted to be touched. Lita then felt
an even more exciting sensation; the feather boa slid between her legs,
caressing her thong and her soaking wet pussy. Lita howled with erotic

"Now then." Molly said in a controling tone. "If the queen of extreme wants
to be pleasured with no torture included then she had best beg me and beg me
good otherwise I'll continue the torture untill she either passes out or

Molly said meaning every word. "Oh...God Molly..." panted Lita. "Just take me
now. "Please, just give me that orgasm I've been craving all night. PLEASE!"

That was all the encouragement Molly needed, as she leaned down and
aggressively kissed her lover. Lita happily exchanged tongues, and Molly
realized for the first time how good a tongue stud felt. The stainless steel
ball caressed her tongue, making her even more turned on.

Molly then moved down to Lita's breast and gave them a mercyless seeing to
with her tounge teeth and hands and then when she had finished with them she
moved down to Lita's stomach and then ripped Lita's thong off and attacked
soaking wet love box with her fingers and tounge.

Lita was caught totally off guard by the ferocity of the petite Molly. She
bucked her hips, trying to thrust Molly's tongue in even further. It spun
circles around her deep cunt, causing Lita to grab her hair in ecstacy. She
continued pushing herself into Molly's face until Molly finally gripped both
of her hips firmly. She held Lita in place as she contiued her work. Lita
could now only dart her head from side to side, running her hands over her
exposed breasts and through her crimson locks.

Molly was loving the way Lita's body was reacting and couldn't wait to see
Lita try and top this she then felt Lita's pussy muscle's begin to slowly
tighten as if she was trying to hold something back Molly knew what that
something was and she wanted it at that momment she found Lita's clit and
figured this was what she needed to unlock Lita's tightened pussy muscles
and so she began to work on it with the same feirceness she had the rest of
Lita's body.

Lita had tried to prolong her feelings, but she could feel Molly hit her
clit, she had no choice but to let go. She screamed in absolute pleasure as
an orgasm overtook her whole body. She was quaking, but Molly's strong arms
held her firmly in place. Molly kept licking the whole way through, taking
up every drop. Her orgasm had finally subsided, but Molly wasn't done yet.
She took her index finger, and ran it along the lips of Lita's pussy. Lita
could only get out a, "Mmmmmm..." as Molly climbed up to her.

"Taste yourself," she commanded. Lita looked at her for a moment, before
Molly became her cheerful self again, "You taste delicious."

Lita sucked Molly's finger dry, and Molly fell atop her body, lightly kissing
her lips.

After a few minutes of swapping saliva Lita rolled Molly over onto her back
and managed to get herself on top of Molly Lita then smiled and said "My
turn you soon to be ex virgin" Molly just rested her arms behind her head
confidently and said, "Do your best and worst." meaning do your best to
pleasure me and your worst to torture me. Lita then got to work by ripping
off Molly's top and ripping apart the bra and throwing them to the floor
she then went down to Molly's thong.

"Don't you dare I paid a lot of money for that thing." Molly said Lita smiled
and took the thong off but kept it in her hand and then said, "Oh Molly."

Molly watched as Lita tore the thong in too. Molly went to get up but was
forced and pinned back down by Lita's strong hands and arms.

"So the big bad Molly's now just my little sex toy. Problem is, I don't
happen to forgive and forget."

With that, she gave a quick bite on each of Molly's nipples. The pain was
there, but so was an immense amount of pleasure. Molly yelped in suprise, but
had no time to recouperate as Lita all ready began kissing her neck on each
side. Molly aided her in twisting her neck to give Lita better access. She
suddenly felt a pain in her neck that also felt suprisingly well. Lita was
sucking on her neck. She continued for two minutes as Molly continued
sighing, and even moaning once or twice. She pulled herself from Molly and
stared down at her newly placed hickey.

"That brand makes you mine now, bitch."

"So what do i call you Mistress or Madam." Molly asked with a big grin Lita
grinned back.

"Neither call me "My goddess" is that clear bitch?" Lita asked trying out her
new found power over Molly.

"Crystal my goddess" Molly responded Lita nodded and then moved on.

Lita positioned herself to be symmetrical over Molly, her hands pinned
Molly's wrists, her breasts over Molly's, her stomach over Molly's,
everything. Lita reached down for a sloppy kiss, one full of fire and
passion. Molly happily received Lita's kiss, while Lita set out to prove
she was the dominant woman. While still kissing, she finally pushed her
hips into Molly's, pushing their pussies together. Molly moaned and
stared bright eyed. Lita did it again, and again Molly took it moaning
and awestruck. Lita built up a rhythym, totally dominating Molly's pussy
with her own.

Lita then broke the kiss. "Talk dirty slave tell me how good this feels."
Lita said in total control.

"Mmmmmmmmm it feels heavenly my goddess."

"Is it the best thing you've ever had happen to you or felt?"

"Oh definatly my goddess mmmmm....mmmmm..."

"You want me to take your lesbian virginity don't you?"

"Yes my goddess."

"Beg for me to take it."

"Please pretty please take my lesbian virginity my goddess I know I'm on
worthy of you taking I but I do beg you too please take it my my goddess it's

Lita smiled triumphantly

"You may not be worthy yet, but we'll fix that in time. Would you like to
learn how to be as desirable, and as skilled in sex as I am?"

Molly nodded eagerly. "Yes, goddess, more than anything."

Lita laughed lightly, "Then lie back and take notes."

She released Molly's arms but Molly kept them there. Lita went to work on
Molly's round breasts. Again her steel tongue stud drove the brunette wild,
causing her to moan praises to her goddess. After pleasing each of them, she
moved down to her stomach, kissing it, running circles with her stud around
Molly's belly button. Finally she worked to her lower belly, just above
Molly's aromatic pussy.

"Are you ready, my little slave?"

Molly could barely let out a, "YES!"

Lita then got to work she started by teasing Molly with licking the
outer-lips and running her tounge stud slowly and seductivly along her outer
lips she then moved to the inner lips and then she sent both tounge stud
fingers and tounge on a mission to find Molly's clit.

It wasn't an easy task; Molly had never had any experience in her pussy. But
she didn't mind digging around in her fleshy cunt. Molly sure didn't either.
She massaged her own breasts as her whole body quivered in pure ecstacy.

"Oooh...oh yes, my goddess, right there, RIGHT THERE!"

When Molly shouted that, Lita knew she had found her clit.

Lita imidiatly went to work giving it as much stimulation as possible one
minute she'd let her fingers fiddle with it and then her tounge and then her
stud and it was ultmatly the stud that caused Molly too loose control and
just release wave after wave of cum into Lita's face the first wave shocked
Lita but by the time the second wave hit Lita's mouth was wait open and very
wellcoming to the fluid that flowed into it afterwards Molly just layed there
smiling and trying her damdest to hide it.

"Please forgive me my goddess i couldn't help myself."

Lita still inbetween Molly's legs smiled but tried to look angry as she rose
from Molly's legs and looked at her.

"Well i guess i can blame that on your inexperience but i warn you Molly
"The sex slave to Lita" Holly if it ever happens again there will be a sever
punishment awaiting." Lita said.

Lita laid next to Molly, who stared up at the ceiling.

"Well, if what we did to one another was considered punishment...I don't
think I'll mind that much."

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