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Playboy Covergirls Get It On
by Brent M Denny & Cerberus

Torrie checked herself out and she didn't like what she saw it wasn't her
body that she didn't like it was what was on the body what she was wearing
in other words this wasn't what Torrie Wilson wore this is what RTC's Ivory
properbly wore not some hot and sexy chick like Torrie Wilson. An yet
whenever not doing a WWE house show or SD or Velocity this is what you would
find her in it was part of a promise she made to her husband Billy Kidman
just before he asked her to marry him she'd promised that when they where
married apart from when out with Billy Gunn her onscreen boyfriend who had
recently gotten injured apart from then or during bikin competitions most of
which she won she had promised not to dress sexy. Torrie sighed as she got
her hand bag and left the hotel room and then walked down the stairs and out
of the hotel she was met with a black limo which Hugh Hefner had told his
guest would both pick them up and drop them off after the party. Torrie was
helped into the back by the driver and then she was on her way to the
Playboy Mansion from the Playboy Xmas party although she'd of much rather
have gone with Billy he had told her he couldn't go due to him having a
night out with the guys which Torrie knew was bullshit because one of the
guys Billy hung out with asked her if it was ok if him and Billy went out
and yet they where ment to have gone out the night before but Shannon Moore
(who was the person in question) had said that him and Billy hadn't gone out
since the WCW days. Not to mention the fact he'd started to come home at odd
hours and smelled of perfume which Torrie never wore the long and short of
it was that Billy was cheating and despite her better self knowing she
should leave him she couldn't she loved him so she stayed un happily married
and un wantingly loyal the Limo finally came to a stop as Torrie got out
walked to the entrance of the mansion showed the door man her invite and
then was led through the house to the main hall.

The doors were opened and Torrie stood amazed. Obviously Hugh spared no
expense, as the central room was lavishly decorated. From behind a grand
set of old Victorian doors she could hear music and laughter, obviously
where the party was. She'd been outside the mansion at a few day parties,
but here's was where the best stuff came. Inside was a plethora of women in
some very skimpy clothing, some barely passing for lingerie. Compared to
them, Torrie seemed old-fashioned in a conservative, yet tight blue dress.

She avoided people she was completely unfamiliar with, and made her way to
Hugh, doing the typical meet-and-greet stuff that is only polite at parties.
She then situated herself by the punch bowl, thirsty from merely watching
all the dancing. What she didn't know was that the punch had a good amount
of alcohol in it. She poured herself a glass, and her taste buds couldn't
detect the substance. She rather enjoyed the taste and remained there for
some time.

Joanie Laurer who had had quite a roller coaster career since leaving the
WWE made the final touches to her outfit which was either a dress or
lingerie or both mixed together either way it was eye catching a turn on
and definatly revealing which is exacterly what Joanie wanted she'd just
recently ended her up and down relationship with Sean Waltman the second
of two Co-Wrestler relationships that had fallen flat on it's face the
first was infamous because Joanie lost the love of her life (at the time)
Paul Lavesque to the boss's daughter Stephanie McMahon her Sean Waltman
relationship ended due to Joanie finally realising that if she was ever
gonna be free of Sean she had to stand up to him and stand up to him she
did one night after Sean got home from drinking he had a go at her for on
reason and he threatened to kill her Joanie simply stood her ground and
said, "Go on then ya little fuck kill me hit me punch me kick me do whatever
the fuck you like because i'll tell ya this you fucking gutless bastard
whatever you do to me i'll return back to you and then some."

Waltman just looked at her and he could see the seriousness in his eyes he
then went to bed and slept it off the next day he tried to make it up to her
but Joanie simply packed her stuff and left. She had a few crying herself to
sleep nights but then she simply picked herself up dusted herself off and
figured "fuck it" and pretty soon she was the old Joanie Laurer again and
that is when she got the invite from Hugh Hefner to attend the Playboy Cover
Girl Xmas party Joanie saw this as an opportunity to do the following

1: Seriously let loose
2: Find herself a new love interest

An that explained the outfit once she was satisfied that she looked good
enough to eat Joanie entered the room where the party was in full swing and
immediatly walked up to Hugh Hefner.

"Well hey there Hugh."

The old man turned around to see Joanie.

"Well if it isn't my favorite little girl,"

Hugh's affectionate nickname for Joanie. Odd as it was, Hugh understood
alot of the pains Joanie had recently, and had been a great friend to talk

"And don't you look stunning tonight,"

he noted. Joanie couldn't help but blush, her dress was not really a dress
at all. While it had the same form, it was totally see through, with a solid
black bra and matching thong her only defense. She felt naked, but, like
Torrie, could see it wasn't that bad.

"You always know what to say," she joked. She kissed him on the cheek and
began wandering around the large room, searching for familiar faces.

She felt like she was gonna spend the night alone when all of a sudden her
eyes zeroed in on a lonely looking soul standing by the punch bowl infact
helping herself to another glass of puch as Joanie began to walk over to
her. Joanie happy face turned into a smile as she finally reached the most
recent and only Playboy Cover Girl who's issue challenged her own first
issue the long legged and blonde haired bombshell Torrie Wilson

Torrie hadn't noticed her at all, and merely turned her back, gulping her
punch down rather vehemently.

"Always good to see a familiar face."

Torrie turned around to see Joanie. The two had never worked together, but
the sight of someone, anyone familiar, made Torrie leap and hug Joanie,
something she normally wouldn't do if it weren't for the punch.

"Sorry, it's just I'm so glad to see someone and...well, I dunno, there's
something weird about the punch."

Joanie took a cup full and drank a bit.

"It's weird all right...I'd say Jack Daniels."

Torrie winced at the thought.

"Oh well, I could use a drink," said Joanie, and gulped it down. And so the
two stood there, enjoying their beverages.

Joanie was the first one to speak.

"How are you?" she asked pretty dumb question maybe but at least it broke the
silence she figured.

"Ok I guess getting totally off my face on this punch" Torrie said looking at
the glass in her hand rather sadly ya didn't need to be a mind reader to tell
something was seriously troubling Torrie and Joanie figured it was time for
her to play Agony Aunt.

"Come on you." She said taking Torrie's glass from her and filling both
glasses with punch and then turning and looking for a free table on the
outskirst of the dance floor.

"I think somebody needs to get something off of they're chest."

An with that Joanie began walking towards a free table for two she'd spotted
when she reached it she placed the two glasses down opersite each other and
sat down in the nearest seat Torrie did the same.

"Ok then Torrie." Joanie said softly.

"Whenever your ready I'm listening" she felt stupid saying it but she didn't
know how else to tell Torrie to start her story on what was bothering her.

Joanie took it all in. The suspiscion. The evidence. Every little bit of
Torrie's story made it more and more convincing that, improbable as it may
sound, Billy Kidman was cheating on her. But something dawned on her.

"Hang on...when did you say he left last week?"

Torrie hiccuped.

"Uhh..hic Thursday I think."

"Where," Joanie continued to enquire.

"He said he was going to a pool hall around 9 to go for some drinks."

Joanie sighed and looked away.

"Oh no....oh God no."

Torrie cocked her head to the side.

"What is it?"

"It's of my friends ditched me to go play pool Thursday at the
same time in the same city. Billy's been sleeping with Sable I think."

Torrie just hung her head.

"I knew it was one of the SD divas I mean apart from Stephanie due to."

Torrie stopped and looked at Joanie who simply nodded.

"Well ya know." Torrie said not sure if that was a sore subject or not with
Joanie but she soon got her answer.

"Because she'd already stolen my man and married him yes I know." Joanie said
with a smile on her face.

"Yeah." Torrie said.

"I figured it was Nidia but now that I think about it all signs pointed to
the Slutalisious one." Torrie said she then slammed her fists down on the
table, "god dam that fucking bitch!"

"Hey hey hey." Joanie said reaching across the table and taking both of
Torrie's hand in her own and rubbing the back of Torrie's hands with her

"Don't loose your temper over Sable she ain't fucking worth it the only
reason she's sleeping with somebody else's man is because she can't get one
of her own and ya wanna know why that is?" Joanie asked Torrie gave a "Why?"
look. "Because A: She's had too many plastic surgery Jobs B: She's too old
an ugly Or C: They're worried if they where to dump her she'd slap a Sexual
Harrasment charge on them." Joanie said taking the piss out of her former
backstage rival.

Torrie had to agree, all the girls in the back couldn't stand Sable and,
from what she heard, it was the same when she was at her peak. Partly her
own resolve, partly the alchohol talking she raised up.

"Well I've had enough, he wants to play, we'll play. I'm going to drink
some more, then I'm going to go find a partner, and I'm gonna have the best
sex of my life and record it. Then he can watch what he lost! But first..."
she dragged Joanie with her, by the hand, to the ladies bathroom. "First I'm
gonna dress how I want dammit!"

With that she, with Joanie's reluctant aid, ripped her dress very high,
revealing ample amounts of her tanned legs.

Joanie at Torrie's request and a pair of scissors Joanie for whatever reason
always kept in her handbag cut off the arms of her dress and made a V in the
neck just big enough/low enough to show almost all of her clevage but still
leave enough to the imagination Torrie also took the bow out of her hair and
waved her hair around to make it loose and then stood back away from Joanie
and said "What do ya think?"

"Much better," was all Joanie could let out. She hadn't ever had sex with a
woman, but she definitely appreciated a beautiful body, man or woman. Torrie
seemed so much more at ease. She tossed the shreads in the trash and then
pulled Joanie out again into the ball room, where some smooth hiphop was

"Let's dance!" she said. And immediately began gyrating into Joanie's body.
Joanie, unsure of what to do, merely went with the flow and enjoyed herself;
much more than she'd let on, even more than she'd admit to herself.

They danced so much they lost track of how many songs had been on until
finally Hugh Hefner stood on the stage with the DJ to the side of him,
"Attention Playboy Cover Girls Past and Present......At this time in the
evening we announcer the winner of the sexiest outfit of the evening award
and although it started out at the begining of the night with a single
winner it seems that the now co-winner was waiting for the right momment to
change her clothing would you please join me in putting your hands toget
her and congratulating Miss Joanie Laurer and Miss Torrie Wilson!"

The two of them were more suprised than the rest of the audience, at they
hadn't even heard anything about it. Torrie and Joanie came up on stage to
accept the award. Torrie felt this would be a good time to reveal her

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd just like to also let you know, that I've signed
a deal for a second Playboy shoot, coming out this Summer!"

There was a massive response of cheers echoing throughout the crowd. Again
feeling the effects of alchohol, Torrie took a risk.

"And I'd like to announce that I myself will come up with the payment, if I
can get my equal, Joanie Laurer here, to pose WITH me, of $10,000!"

A wave of suprise flew through the audience and even through Joanie, she
didn't know what to say. Torrie stepped away from the mic, unsure of what
would happen next.Joanie resolved and came forward.

"Torrie, I accept, but on one condition."

The audience and Torrie waited anxiously for it.

"I'll do it....but I'll do it free of charge!"

The Audiance cheered and chanted both "Torrie" and "Joanie" chants as Hugh
took the mic again

"An with that being said ladies and Gentlemen there will be one more slow
dance and then i'm afraid the party will be over and it will be time to go
home I want to thank you all for comming wish you all a very Merry X-Mas and
an exceedingly Happy New Year." and with that Hugh gave the DJ a nod and the
slow song started as Torrie and Joanie left the stage with Hugh and then the
two went back to they're seats feeling they had danced enough for one night.

Both girls started to soften up. They'd just been through harsh times, even
if they were feeling rebellious, and a love song wasn't going to make it any

"C'mon, I've got my limo driver on speed dial, we can get outta here." Joanie
said. They went to Hugh and thanked him once more before departing.

"Where to madames?" asked the limosuine driver.

"Take the highway out to exit 28, then head up the first left to the top of
the hill." commanded Joanie. It was a fifteen minute drive, and the whole
time the two of them did nothing but thank each other for their support and
stared into one another's eyes. When they arrived, Joanie handed the driver
a few extra 100's.

"Here, would you mind heading back to that mall on foot and getting
yourself some nice stuff?"

The driver understood, tipped his hat, and started off. It was a mile walk,
but with that much cash in hand, was a worthy sacrafice.

"Listen, now that we're alone, I just wanted to say tonight was the best
night I've had in a long time, Torrie. Thank you so much for helping me
have a good time for the first time since I don't know when."

Torrie just smiled and the two stared through the moonroof at the stars for
a long time. Torrie couldn't believe what she was doing, as she slid herself
closer to Joanie, and rested her head on Joanie's shoulder.

Joanie who earlier had been a little shocked by some of Torrie's antic's now
had a good idea what she was upto she thought that Torrie may have been
comming on to her weird maybe and maybe she jumping to conclusions but it
wasn't the first time Joanie had been come on too by a woman and she had set
out to find a new love interest an she'd had alot of failed relationships
with guys not just Lavesque and Waltman and Torrie had gone through two
things that Joanie had gone through maybe even more but there where two
events that had happened in both girls lives 1: They had both been cheated
on by the so called "loves of they're lives" and 2: They had both had
problems with Bolimia in they're youth.

So Joanie figured they things in common they where both attractive women and
Joanie knew she was attractive to women as much as men the only question was
did Torrie find her attractive. Joanie decided to find out. She moved her
hand closest to Torrie onto Torrie's thigh and slowly and gently began to
massage/caress it.

She noticed how quickly Torrie's breath had intensified. It was obvious she
was aware of it, and she wasn't pushing Joanie away. They both looked right
into one another's eyes. Normally they'd go in for a kiss with one another,
but Joanie just kept rubbing up and down Torrie's thighs, feeling the warmth
between them.

Torrie then spoke up. "Joanie." Torrie said Joanie just looked at her and
then gave a single nod.

"Remember what I said earlier about me wanting to have the best sex of my
life and all." Torrie asked

"Yes," Joanie said.

"I was wondering would you be willing to be the person I have it with?"

Joanie reacted immediatly she moved away from Torrie and moved her hand away
from Torrie's thigh.

"So that's why ya been flirting with me is it use me to get back at your
husband!" Joanie snapped angrily and unable to belive Torrie would use
somebody in this way.

"No, no God, you've got it all wrong. It's've made me feel
liberated for the first time in so long. I've been trapped by Kidman, and
with you, I got to escape all that. You're a beautiful person with a body
to match. I just really, REALLY want you."

Joanie took it in. She may have reacted rather harshly, but she still
wasn't sure.

"All right, I may have overreacted. And I'll admit, you're gorgeous, you're
a great person, it's just...if I do this, I want to know it's because you
want me, not because you want Kidman to cameras Torrie. I don't
want him to know, I want this to be for us."

"Well he won't know tonight but he'll find out tomorrow." Torrie said.

"How will he?" Joanie asked nervously.

"Because I'm gonna tell him that A: We're finished and that I want a divorse
a.s.a.p and B: I'm going with a woman who treats me for who and what I am
gives me respect and loves me for me." Torrie said. "If that's ok with you?"
she then asked sounding as nervous as Joanie looked.

"I don't know...I just left'd be so sudden."

Torrie concurred. "It'd be sudden for me to, honey. It'd be tough, but we'd
be able to make it together."

Joanie turned it over in her head for a minute or two, before accepting
reality. "The hell with it, I'm tired of being cautious."

Torrie smiled as she moved over to where Joanie was which was with her back
against the door and window and once she was close enough she stopped her
body but her head continued to move forward aiming for Joanie's lips she
finally made contact and she kissed Joanie with as much tenderness and as
slowly and as softly as she could she didn't want to rush this she wanted to
enjoy her first experience with a woman.........with Joanie she wanted to
show her that it ment something to her she then gently gripped Joanie's head
with both hands and deepened the kiss turning it slowly into a french kiss
letting her tounge first lick Joanie's lips and then slowly gain admittance
to Joanie's mouth.

Joanie's eyes fluttered as she finally closed them and let herself be
overtaken by the smaller blonde. But in the limosuine, her height nor
strength would give her little advantage. She opened her mouth and felt the
wet muscle that was Torrie's tongue enter it, seeking her own, which met her
in the middle. The two locked tongues, wrestling one another. Joanie did
the only thing she could, and that was lock her powerful arms around Torrie's
waist and squeeze, as if she was urging her closer, a task nearly impossible.

Torrie just smiled as she reached behind Joanie's back and zipped the dress
and let it fall from her shoulders down to her waist and then began to work
on the bra she moved the straps down Joanie's shoulders and then unclasped
the bra then broke the kiss and let her hands take over massaging Joanie
beautiful breasts and nipples untill Finally Torrie had had a enough with the
hands on approch and she moved her head down to meet Joanie's left nipple and
breast and took both into her mouth and began the tounge approch while
continuing her hand approch on the other breast and nipple.

For a girl of Joanie's size, it was a rarity to be treated like a proverbial
princess, to be totally waited on. As such, she was eating up being
completely overtaken, completely waited on by her lover.

"Yeah, give it to me, just like that!" she cried out, giving Torrie all the
more incentive to keep her nipples perked up. Torrie loved this complete
domination of Joanie, but couldn't wait to keep going.

Torrie then moved down Joanie's body kissing and licking her way down she
then got onto the floor where the passangers legs went and gently moved
Joanie down so she was laying down she then took of Joanie's shoes and began
to lavish attention on Joanie's toes and feet licking and kissing each toe
and the top of her foot and her heel she wanted to give every single aspect
of her lover's body special attention and she even moved from the left foot
to right giving both foot and all 10 toes they're seperate attention

Joanie had never had her toes sucked, but she certianly wasn't complaining,
everthing Torrie did felt like heaven. She then took Joanie's leg into the
air, and licked from the heel from the bottom of her ankle, and up to her
calf. She took a breath and continued in the same spot, eventually getting
all the way up to her inner thigh, just shy of her gorgeous ass.

Torrie figured she'd best give some attention to her lover's beautiful ass
before she gave the main area her full attention and so she gently turned
Joanie over onto her stomach and got to work with her hands and then her
tounge kissing and licking each tounge despite wanting to give every inch of
her lover's body special attention she wasn't into any really way off shit
and she didn't think Joanie was either so she then moved up to Joanie's
waist line and then moved up Joanie's back trying not to miss one square
inch of Joanie's magnificent muscular and yet at the same time femine back.

Joanie literally clawed at the all leather interior, as she shivers of
pleasure continued to run up her spine. Torrie then worked down to her lower
back. Though she wouldn't probe her quite yet, she didn't have a problem
tracing around Joanie's black thong with her tongue, following it from her
left hip, down to her ass cheek, then to the other cheek, going back up to
her right hip. Torrie felt she'd finally gotten her everywhere but where it
counted most. She gripped the thong between her teeth and pulled slightly,
just enough to get Joanie's attention.

Torrie then again gently turned Joanie back over onto her back and looked up
at her as Joanie looked down at her with a unexpressionably happy smile/look
on her face which made Torrie smile as she then moved to the top of the thong
and nipped it with her teeth and slowly took it all the way down and off of
Joanie completely followed by the see through dress what there was of it.
Torrie then figured she'd given every part of Joanie's body attention she'd
do the same with Joanie's pussy and so startin with very outside of the pussy
Torrie with her tounge slowly moved from the outside in again being sure not
to miss a spot weather it was sensative or not it didn't matter Torrie had
worshiped Joanie's body and was gonna continue to worship it untill Joanie

And it was amazing how close she was. Torrie hadn't really gotten to the
most pleasure-sensative area of Joanie's body yet and she could still feel
her body tensing up, readying itself for the orgasm. Finally after her outer
lips were doused, Torrie parted them, and stuck her tongue as far into Joanie
as she could. Joanie tilted her head back and shut her eyes tight, crying out
for Heaven. Torrie swashed her tongue left right up and down in an effort to
make Joanie squirm. She then pulled out just enough to get the closer areas,
just beneath her spread lips. She then regrouped and headed deeper by the
moment, intensifying the experience for her lover.

Then came the fatal momment for Joanie when Torrie found her clit and began
working souly on her clit and nothing else Joanie knew then she was doomed
as the waves of pleasure stopped and the tension builded up and builded up
untill finally Joanie cried out Torrie's name in pure unadulterated love and
pleasure and her body for what seemed like an eternity but lasted only a
second tensed up and then Joanie went as at ease as her body could go
without her passing out

"Talk is cheap Joanie." Torrie said as she got fully undressed.

"Let's see you" she then stopped once she was fully undressed as she looked
up and saw Joanie out cold Torrie just smiled she knew how to leave Joanie
like that and yet still have Joanie remain true to her word.

She straddled the same leg she had worshipped just minutes ago, and began to
ride it, gyrating back and forth. It began to forcebly enter her dripping
cunt. She ran her hands through her hair as she rocked back and forth,
getting off on the friction her pussy felt with Joanie's unconscious body.

The more her pussy got wet the faster and harder she rode Joanie's body until
Torrie couldn't hold it back anymore and she had such a powerful orgasm she
fell onto of Joanie as she came.

The sweaty, exhausted bodies of the two gorgeous women were fast asleep now,
the blonde on top of the brunette. The limosuine driver came back 2 hours
later, shocked at what he found. Though the two had been nothing but gracious
to him. He drove them to the closest motel he could find, and, wrapping each
of them in a blanket so as to clad their naked bodies, laid them to rest on a
bed. The next morning they awoke with a small note next to them.

"I had a great time last night, apparently so did you. I couldn't help but
take pictures, but they're for my private collection. Thanks for the tip,
your driver. The two smiled and cuddled, enjoying their first happy morning
in a long, long time.

The End

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