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Playing In Private Part 1: Torrie & Stacy
by Purpleblue

Stacy started to unpack her wrestling outfits, settling them carefully on the
bench beside her bag. She looked at the clock, 5.30PM. She had ages before
the show started, getting here early because Trish had cancelled their lunch.
They weren't dating, but still got together to talk about her love for Torrie
and have casual sex, leaving Stacy with the opportunity to fantasise it was

Stacy had wanted Torrie for the longest time, but knowing she was seeing
Billy Kidman she had always been out of her league. She sighed and looked at
herself in the long mirror. She was wearing a short black skirt and matching
shirt. Her long blonde hair was down around her shoulders. She started to
unbutton her shirt, watching herself as she did so. As she buttoned the last
button she held open either side and wiggled her chest, her breasts bounced
in their black casing. She slid the shirt off her shoulders and took her
hands to her breasts. She started to squeeze them, "oh Torrie," she whispered
as she closed her eyes.

Torrie came to the door, hearing her name she poked her head through seeing
Stacy rubbing her bra-encased tits. She pulled her head back, hiding behind
the door out of view but still getting a good view.

Stacy stopped rubbing her breasts and opened her eyes, "oh forget it girl,"
she told herself, "she's taken." She pulled her hands round her back and
unhooked her bra, letting the straps full down her arms. She gently brushed
her finger tips over the bra, helping it drop to the floor. Stacy placed her
hands on her waist and starred at her naked chest. Her C cup breasts hung
loosely, the tan skin from her nude sun bathing ensuring there were no tan
lines. Her nipples started to grow hard as she stared at herself. "You are
so hot, Stacy," she said to herself.

'I second that,' Torrie thought to herself. She looked at Stacy's breasts
reflected in the mirror, and she knew she wanted to suck on those babies.

Stacy took her hands from her hips and brought them to the back of the skirt
and unfastened the zipper, allowing the black cotton to fall to her feet with
the bra and shirt. She remained in only a black thong.

Torrie licked her lips as she saw Stacy in just her thong, the item sticking
between her ass cheeks and rubbing against her pussy. Torrie knew she wanted
to be that thong.

Putting her hands on the waistband, Stacy pulled the thong from her pussy and
ass, sliding down her long sexy legs. Stepping out of the thong she was now
completely naked, she once again looked into the mirror. She looked down to
her reflected pussy and took her hand to herself. She found she was wet and
gave her clit a little rub.

Torrie felt herself grow wet and raised the skirt of her tight red dress,
she shoved her hand inside of her red panties and stared at Stacy, using the
other hand to remove her underwear.

Stacy took her hand away and walked back to her bag, she pulled out a rolled
up magazine from the bag and sat on the floor. She extended her legs and
spread them about 3 feet apart at the ankles, her back supported by the
bench. She unrolled the magazine, inside the once rolled up tube was a long
7 inch green dildo. She sat the dildo to her side and opened the magazine.

Torrie continued to rub herself harder as the position Stacy was now in
allowed her to look directly up her legs. Stacy's naked pussy was clearly
wet and waiting for the toy she'd just displayed. Torrie glanced up to the
magazine Stacy had, it was a copy of playboy with a semi-nude red head on
the front with large 40DD tits.

"Looks like its me and you Rebekka Armstrong," Stacy said as she turned to
the centre fold. She held the magazine with one hand and let the fold fall

Rebekka was fully naked and hovering her pussy inches away from a transparent
dildo. Her large tits had nipples that could cut glass, and her pussy looked
like it was leaking an ocean.

Stacy used her fingers to open her pussy lips and slip a finger inside
herself, "oooohhh," she whined. Her eyes focused on the playboy playmate's
pussy and pushed another finger inside herself. She used her fingers to fuck
herself, making herself ready to take the 7-inch monster.

Torrie worked harder, using one hand to rub her clit and the other to push
into her vagina. She had three fingers inside herself as Stacy picked up the

Lining the dildo to her hole, Stacy looked harder at the picture. She wiggled
the dildo around her entrance, lubricating it and making sure it would glide
in easier. With one big push she ate 4 inches, its large size pressing
against her insides. Her muscles clamped the plastic, sucking their pleasure
from it. Stacy pulled the dildo out 2 inches and rammed it back in another 4
inches, having a full 6 inches inside her. She pulled the dildo out once
more, then rammed in it, pulling it out and pushing it in faster each time.
Her other hand dropped the magazine and brought her fingers to her clit. She
sucked in a large breathe of air and rubbed herself harder.

Torrie felt herself ready to cum and shoved her fingers deeper inside her
and harder, she felt herself get wobbly and took her hand from her clit and
placed it on the door for support. Her muscles grabbed her fingers and coated
them in juice. As she leant against her supporting arm the door swung open
and she lost her footing. She landed on the floor space between Stacy's legs,
her out stretched hand landing on Stacy's dildo and pussy.

Stacy was startled as Torrie with her dress around her waist with no
underwear and her fingers inside her vagina landed between her legs, her
hand touching her swallowed dildo. Stacy smiled down at Torrie, her prayers

Torrie looked up at Stacy and saw her joy. She took her hand from the dildo
and grabbed onto Stacy's hips, pulling her body along the floor so her mouth
was near the dildo. Torrie extended her tongue and licked the entrance where
the dildo was stuck.

"I didn't know you..." Stacy said shocked and excited, "liked women." She
wanted Torrie more than anything.

Torrie smiled and gave her entrance another lick, grabbing the dildo with her
teeth and pulling it out slightly before using her tongue to push it back in.

"Torrie," Stacy breathed as she let her eyes closed and brought her hand
to the back of Torrie's head, her loose blonde hair spreading out in her

Torrie continued to pull and push the dildo, bringing Stacy nearer. She
brought one hand down from Stacy's hips and used it to tickle her clit.

Stacy breathed faster as she knew she orgasm was nearing, "I'm so close," she
told Torrie.

Torrie pulled out the long dildo and threw it to the side, lowering her head
and using her tongue to fuck Stacy. She massaged the muscles inside her
vagina with her tongue, feeling them contract and relax on touch. The taste
of her cum was so salty and sweet, and the smell of her juice was like musk
of spring. Her finger continued to rub Stacy's hard clit, faster and harder.

Shaking violently, Stacy came, screaming Torrie's name as the tongue worked
inside her. Her pussy, swollen and pink, let it's cum release into Torrie's
waiting mouth.

Torrie lapped up all the juice, its taste as perfect as anything she'd ever
had. She continued to rub Stacy's clit with her finger until Stacy stopped
shaking and breathing short breaths.

"That's the..." she breathed, "best I've ever had." She stroked her hand down
the back of Torrie's head, loving the silky feel of her blonde hair.

Torrie lifted herself up from the floor and knelt in front of Stacy. "It's
the least I can do," she said as she placed her hands onto Stacy's round
breasts. "How long have you wanted this?" she asked as she squeezed the
breasts as she'd witnessed Stacy do earlier.

Stacy ran her hands down Torrie's arms and to her hands, guiding where she
liked to be touched over her tits. "Since I first saw you," she groaned as
her breasts were squeezed.

"What else did you want me to do?" Torrie smiled as she leant in to kiss the
blonde, ramming her tongue into her hot mouth, stroking her inner mouth. She
continued touching the breasts, pinching Stacy's nipples between her index
finger and thumb.

Stacy groaned into Torrie's mouth and let the tongue run over her own
tongue. She loved the attention her lovers played to her tits and this was
no exception. She took in a deep breathe as Torrie pulled away from her,
leaving her mouth empty, the hands on her body remained.

"Well?" Torrie asked, removing her hands and taking them to her dress,
pulling the garment up in one pull. She threw the red fabric over to the
pile of Stacy's clothes, leaving her completely nude. Her tits were larger
than Stacy's after having a breast enlargement, they held there solidly and
shapely. "I'm all yours," she said grabbing Stacy's hands and placing them
on her breasts.

"I want to suck these," she dug her fingers into Torrie's breasts before
pushing her head forward onto the right nipple, clamping her mouth to the
sensitive mound.

"Oh god," Torrie breathed as Stacy's tongue stroked her nipple, getting
occasionally bitten and teased. She felt her left breast being attacked by
a hand, her nipple being pulled and twisted. She called out in pain that
turned to pleasure.

Stacy stopped sucking the damp bud and looked into Torrie's eyes, "I bet
Billy never does this," she then took her mouth to the right breast and
repeated the nipple licking as she had done on the other.

"Billy who?" Torrie asked as her eyes closed and she let the woman attack
her nipples.

Stacy stopped sucking and ran her tongue down between the mountains, causing
Torrie to take a deep breath of air. She continued her tongue down to
Torrie's belly button and teased it with her tongue; ramming it then circling
it, leaving a trail of saliva. Stacy then took her tongue past her tummy and
reached her pubic region. "Lay down and spread your legs," she demanded.

Torrie leant herself back onto the floor and opened her legs, exposing her
very wet pussy. Her thighs were slightly damp from where her juices had run.

Stacy ran her finger between Torrie's pussy lips, coating her finger in clear
juice. She removed her finger and took it to her own mouth, tasting the salty

"Fuck me," Torrie pleaded, raising her hips.

Stacy smiled and pushed her head in between Torrie's legs, running her tongue
up her left thigh and down the right.

"Tease!" Torrie took her hands down to Stacy's head and pushed it towards her

Stacy extended her tongue and stroked it against Torrie's clit. She fixed her
mouth to the little nub and started to hum against it, sending vibrations up
through her.

"Oooohhhhhhh," Torrie cried as her clit vibrated, sending stimulation
throughout her. She used her free hand to rub her large tits, playing with
her nipples in time with the humming.

Using her right hand, Stacy rammed two fingers into Torrie. She pushed her
fingers into the knuckle then pulled them out to the base of the nails
before shoving them back in. The pummelling made a sound of squelching as
her fingers moved against the walls coated in juice.

Torrie used her hands to grab onto the carpet, her nails digging into the
beige flooring. She pushed herself down onto the fingers, feeling them fill
her hole then leave. The sensations caused Torrie to reach a height of
passion unknown to her before. "Stacy!" she cried.

Stacy inserted a third finger into Torrie, stretching her chasm and pushing
harder against the walls. Getting three into the hole was easier and she
added a fourth.

Torrie screamed, she had always loved wide things inside her pussy, "Fist
me," she demanded.

Stacy stopped sucking on Torrie's clit and braced herself to ram her fist up
Torrie's vagina. She brought in her thumb and pushed her fingers over it
before lining her first up to her hole. With one big push Torrie's vagina
swallowed the fist.

"Ahhh", Torrie screamed in pain of her stretching turning to pleasure. Her
knuckles turned white as she gripped the floor and her toes curled as she
felt herself about to cum.

Stacy pushed her fist in harder then pulled it out slightly, pushing it back
in once more. She felt vaginal muscles tense around her hand and wet it with
her juices as she punched Torrie's insides.

"Ooohh, Stacy," she cried as she came, letting herself relax on the floor as
her pussy exploded in sensation.

Stacy pulled her hand out of Torrie's pussy, it was coated in a thin layer of
cum. She raised her hand to her mouth and started to lick it off, "you taste
gorgeous," she continued to eat it up.

Torrie sat up, leaving her legs open for her pussy to recuperate, "What are
you up to tomorrow?" she asked.

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