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Playing In the Yard
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Matt Hardy could not have been more ecstatic. He and his on-and-off-camera
girlfriend Lita were going to the Bahamas. Ever since he dismantled himself
from the Hardy Boyz and Lita on-camera last December, Matt has been forced
to watch his off-camera relationship with Lita's suffer immensely. His
opportunities to meet with Lita after shows became few and far between
during his feud with his brother, Jeff. Matt, Jeff, and Lita were in a major
slump during the first of the year, but wrestlers backstage and even the WWF
executives could see that the fire that once burned deep within the eyes of
the two lovebirds Matt and Lita had vanished.

As a result, Vince McMahon felt inclined to right the wrongs. He called
for a Hardy Boyz reunion at the Royal Rumble and even paired Matt and Lita
as a couple once more on camera without any explanation whatsoever to the
fans watching. However, Vince still felt inept. He needed to do something
more to help Matt and Lita rekindle their lost love. After thinking it
through with the writing staff, he decided that Matt and Lita should be
flown to the Bahamas to spend a few nights together. Matt would be written
out of storylines with an "injury" suffered at the hands of the Dudley Boyz
and Lita, it just so happened, was taking part in the WWF Divas: Tropical
Pleasures photo shoot, so there was no need to re-work storylines.

On Monday morning, Matt stepped off the plane with his arm around his
girlfriend's shoulder and a huge smile plastered to his face. He looked
around, kissed Lita on the cheek, and smiled some more. Life just seemed
pleasant at the moment. Matt wouldn't have to take dangerous bumps or
wrestle in tiring matches for the majority of the week. Plus, he had plenty
of days (and nights) to spend with his girlfriend. They certainly had a lot
of "catching up" to get to. This was truly paradise.

Then, reality struck. Due to the photo shoot, Lita was forced to awaken
each morning at approximately 3:30-5:30 a.m. in order for the photographers
to catch the right light on the pictures that were scheduled for that day.
And being one of the most popular divas, Lita had to be a part of each and
every shoot. With these hectic hours, Matt and Lita were barely able to spend
time together. It was usually a kiss here or a hug there, but nothing went
as far as Matt would have hoped. Even in bed, he tried to get some sort of
sexual stimulation out of Lita, but nothing worked. He would wrap his arms
around her mid-section and rub her breasts through her Hardy Boyz nightshirt
as he kissed the back of her neck. Lita would respond, but it was usually
telling Matt that she has to get up early the next day.

Matt was becoming furious and decided to do something about it. Lita had
been talking to him the night before about how the photo shoot on the beach
was her final photo session. It was their last night together and Matt wanted
to make it special. He stepped onto the shore in mid-afternoon, frantically
searching for his girlfriend. Beautiful women were all around -- some of them
natives to the islands and others WWF divas. Matt was becoming hornier with
each step. He tried to hide his obvious erection while still glancing around
recklessly in search for Lita. Quickly, he lost focus on where he was walking
and bumped into a stout blonde who he immediately recognized.

"Something wrong, Matt?" the beautiful Trish Stratus asked, placing her
hand on his shoulder.

"I'm looking for Lita, that's all," he replied, glancing down at the
smaller Trish Stratus.

From his vantage point, Matt could easily peer down the blonde's bikini
top. It was covered in purple sequins and extremely small on Trish`s large
breasts, leaving very little to the imagination.

"Oh, well, I just saw her go toward the changing room," Trish said.

"Where's that?" Matt asked innocently. Secretly, he knew where it was, but
he knew Trish would have to look away in order to show him, which left her
open for another peek.

Just as predicted, Trish turned and pointed out a small shack that sat
on the edge of the beach. Matt peered down into the blonde's cleavage and
thanked her for her help. Trish kissed Matt on the cheek and left his side,
walking toward the water. Matt watched the vixen stride away, his eyes
fixated on her matching thong panties and the plump, round butt that was
held inside them. He adjusted his bathing suit once more in an attempt to
hide his excitement, and then headed down the beach.

The WWF had rented out a small shack along the beach to use as a changing
room/clothing department for all the WWF Diva's that partook in this photo
session. It was a quaint little place, covered from head-to-toe in bamboo
sticks. Even the door and the windows were lined with bamboo. Most of the
divas weren't thrilled about the idea of using such a run-down place to
change into their elegant and sexy outfits, but it was much better than
changing out on the sand behind a screen with horny men looking on, hoping
to catch a glimpse of something extraordinary.

Arriving at his desired location, Matt did not bother to knock. He pushed
open the door and entered the hut to an interesting scene. The one-room
shack was covered in outfits from the most exotic bikini to the simplest and
sexiest bra and panty set. Furniture was almost non-existent, which seemed
to be a positive thing as the floor was covered in women's clothing and was
nearly impossible to move through. One chair sat in the center of the chaos
with a lovely woman bent over it. Matt glanced at the woman longingly,
trailing his eyes over her arched back, curvy hips, and a fantastic butt
encased inside what appeared to be a simple black thong. He knew this had to
be Lita. No woman alive had an ass quite like she did, not even the lovely
Trish Stratus, who's posterior he observed just prior to this encounter.

However, as the woman arose, Matt furrowed his brow in confusion. Her
long, dark hair fell down past her shoulders to mid-back where the unknown
diva was attempting to clasp the strap on her bikini top. She turned
suddenly, revealing herself to a stunned Matt Hardy. It wasn't Lita at all --
it was Sara, the Undertaker's wife.

"Oh, Matt... I didn't hear you come in," the raven-haired beauty said, a
bit breath-taken. She pressed her hand to her zebra printed bikini top. "You
scared me."

"I apologize, Sara," Matt replied. "I was just looking for Lita. Trish
told me she was in here."

Matt checked out the lovely diva that stood before him. His horniness had
completely shrouded out the fact that he was dating another lovely diva and
Sara herself was married to a WWF Superstar that could easily break him in
two. He observed each curve on Sara's trim frame as he had done when she was
bent over in front of him. Her body was completely breathtaking. Not an ounce
of fat on it. Matt thought Lita was in tremendous shape, but she had nothing
on Sara. Even her bikini seemed to captivate Matt's attention. She wore a
zebra printed bikini top that she held up with her hand and matching thong
panties which Matt had already gotten a sample of.

"Since you're here and all, perhaps you can help me with this top," Sara
inquired, turning her back to show Matt the dilemma. Her smaller arms could
not reach around and fasten the bikini top.

"Sure," Matt replied without taking a moment of thought. He approached
Sara from behind and grabbed the two opposing straps with his hands.

Quickly, Matt determined that this bikini top was far too small for Sara.
Her large breasts strained against it, making it nearly impossible to close
and fasten behind her. Matt wasn't about to tell a married woman that her
breasts were too large or that she couldn`t fit into a outfit, so he
attempted to pull both straps to their desired meeting point. He tugged with
all his might, stuffing Sara's breasts into the small bikini top. Success
came shortly thereafter as Matt managed to clasp the bikini top and fasten
it shut.

"There," he huffed and stood back to admire his work.

"Than..." Sara started before a loud, audible "SNAP" immediately ended her

Sara's bikini top sprung from its tight strain and landed on the edge of
the chair in front of her. Sara covered herself up with one arm and picked up
the fallen article of clothing with the other.

"Look at this," she said, waving her bikini top in front of Matt's face.
"We get a free trip to the Bahamas, we're forced to get up early in the
morning and expected to look beautiful and we don't even get bikini tops that
fit us. How can we look pretty like this?"

Sara presented her half-naked body as evidence. Matt nodded to agree,
but was deep down desperately trying to hide his erection. He had been
alternating between watching Sara wave her bikini top around and staring
at her gorgeous breasts covered delicately with one arm. It was becoming
too much to handle.

"Do you mind finding another bikini for me while I change out of this
one?" Sara asked innocently.

"No problem," Matt shot back. "Where are they?"

"Somewhere behind there," Sara said, pointing to a black duffle bag. "Just
look for a black leather bikini. That's mine."

Matt turned and bent over the black duffle bag. He scurried clothes
around, frantically searching for the raven-haired diva`s sexy bikini.
Meanwhile, Sara lowered her bikini bottoms and stepped out of them. She
stood totally nude behind a bent-over Matt Hardy, staring at his butt in
a bit of role reversal from when the two had first run into each other.
She desperately wanted to reach out and feel its firmness through the
black material of Matt's bathing suit, but restrained her urges.

"This it?" Matt called out, raising a black bathing suit over his head.

"Yes! That's it!" Sara cried, snatching it from his hands.

Matt rose back to his feet and turned around just in time to find Sara
reaching behind her back and clasping her leather bikini top. Her bottoms
were still fastened to the hanger. Matt tried to turn from out of sight,
but his lust-craven conscious felt otherwise. He turned his head and caught
a glimpse of the blonde patch that covered Sara's pussy. Apparently, she
hadn't dyed anything below her neckline. Sara, attempting to unfasten the
leather bikini bottoms from the hanger, noticed Matt glaring at her and her
lower extremities. She smiled.

"Has it been a while?" the raven-haired vixen blurted out. Matt appeared
visibly confused and waited for Sara to complete her thought, but no more
words were said.

"Has it been a while since I've seen Lita? Yeah." Matt answered her
question with a shrug.

"No, has it been a while since you've had sex?" Sara replied frankly. Matt
did not respond. Instead, his head fell between his chiseled chest and he let
out a long, aggravated sigh. "That long, eh?"

Sara tossed the bikini bottoms aside and approached Matt from behind. She
pulled his dark strands of hair back with one hand and licked his earlobe.
Matt shuddered and remained silent.

"You know, it's been a long time for me, too," Sara continued. She circled
Matt like he was some sort of carrion lying in the center of the desert. He
soft hands traced over his shoulders and rubbed his neck. "I hear that it's
possible to forget how to do it after a while."

Almost instantly, Matt turned his head to the side and looked away, not
as easily willing to forget about his significant other. Sara, being the
persistent beauty that she was, leaned in and kissed Matt on the cheek. He
remained still, attempting not to make eye contact with this sultry vixen
or her gorgeous half-naked body. With each negative reaction, Sara moved
closer. She rubbed her bare leg against Matt's thigh and hooked it delicately
behind his knee. Matt glanced down for just a moment to enjoy the savory,
smooth leg of Sara and immediately, he was hooked. Her heavenly scent
lingered in his nostrils and her image burned into the back of his mind.

Before Matt could react, Sara took his hand and placed on her thigh. Matt
gingerly rubbed the smooth flesh, tracing his curled fingers to the round
curvature of her butt. Sara moaned softly and kissed Matt on the lips. He
didn't resist. Together, the two mingled in a meaningful lip-lock; their
tongues mingled with one another and swirled around in beautiful harmony.
Matt's hand wandered all over Sara's sexy leg that intricately wrapped
around the back of his knee. He cupped her fleshy left buttcheek as he
pulled from the kiss, breathing heavily.

"God, I want to fuck you so bad right now," Matt managed to mutter between
his thick, heavy breathing.

"Then do it," Sara encouraged him, "screw me right here and now."

Matt took a step back and untied his bathing suit. From there, Sara, the
seemingly experienced one of the two, took control. She dropped down to her
knees and with it, took down Matt's bathing suit in one fowl swoop. His
meat dangled between his thighs, swaying back and forth in front of the
hungry eyes of the raven-haired vixen. Sara stroked his prick slow at first,
talking to Matt to get him in the mood as she noticed that his prick was not
nearly as hard as it could be.

"You know," she started, curling her crafty fingers around the base of
Matt's dick, "as much as I know you'd like to, you can just stick this in me.
I've got to lubricate it some."

"Oooh.. and how are you going to do that, baby?"

"First," she directed, taking a hold of his large penis, "I'm going to
lick it to get it nice and wet."

Sara did as she said, rubbing her coarse tongue over the underside of
Matt's prick, then briefly licking his purple head.

"Then," she continued, "I'm going to stick this baby between my tits. Just
for my own pleasure."

Sara pressed Matt's slippery hard-on to her chest and pushed her tits
together around it. Matt bucked his hips, getting a small tit-fuck in on the
raven haired goddess. Sara could feel Matt's pulsating cock growing beneath
the firm grasp of her breasts. She pulled his dick away shortly thereafter,
with the both of them knowing there would be time for that later.

"And finally," she said, bringing his cock up to her parted lips, "I'm
going to stick this baby into my mouth and suck you dry. How would you like
that, Matt?"

"I'd love it, Sara."

"You want me to suck your cock?"

"Yes, take it in there."

Without further hesitation, Sara jammed all of what she could of Matt's
hefty member into her mouth. She managed to fit more than half of the meaty
stick into her mouth and forced more upon herself. Matt just stood proudly
with his hand on Sara's dark hair, guiding the beauty as she deep throated
him. Deeper and deeper she pushed, gobbling Matt's dick with an uncanny
determination. She stuffed it down her throat inch by inch by inch. Her nose
soon made contact with Matt's dark pubic hairs and instantly, she pulled back
up but remained attached onto his purple head. Matt patted her on the head
like she was a small child, praising her on her accomplishment.

"Take a breather, baby," he instructed her, stroking her soft hair between
his fingers, "you've earned it."

As instructed, Sara lifted her head up from Matt's crotch and released a
sigh of relief. However, the horny, dark-haired little cocksucker refused
to completely halt. Sara reached between Matt's thighs, beneath his thick
hard-on and grabbed his balls. She began to knead his testicles, rubbing
and digging her nails all over them. Matt was amazed at how much this girl
loved sex. He imagined that the Undertaker gave her little if nothing at
all in the bedroom by the sex-craven look in her eyes. Sara's fingers
cradled his nut sac as she leaned in and ran her tongue over the thick skin.
They tasted salty, but not too salty as to turn Sara off. Instead, she
stuffed both of his balls into her large mouth and juggled them around with
her tongue, tasting the sweet mixture of sweat, salt, and saliva. Matt
figured that she would certainly be turned off by such an unflattering mix,
but Sara continued to suck on his testicles with reckless abandon.

"Damnit Sara, you know exactly how to turn me on," Matt hollered.

"Mmhmmm..." Sara replied, her mouth still full of Hardy's balls.

"Suck me off some more," he instructed, grabbing onto Sara's dark locks.

Matt pulled Sara from his nuts and forced his rock-hard dick down her
throat. She not only took his abuse, but seemed to enjoy it, flashing a
crafty smile before taking Matt's cock back in-between her lips.

"You like it rough, don't you slut?" he asked, glaring down as his
raven-haired lover sucked his cock.

Sara peeled Matt's cock from between her lips. "You bet I do," she
replied. "But what I'd really like is for you to fuck me hard -- right here,
right now."

"I'll fuck you just as soon as you stop talking and lube up my dick," Matt
shot back, pushing Sara back onto his stiff pole.

Willingly, the hungry diva accepted her forced meal and swallowed Matt's
entire shaft in one large breath. She tried to come back up for air, but the
greedy Hardy wouldn't allow it. He kept her lips sealed around the tip of
his cock, commanding her to keep sucking. Sara was determined not to let her
stronger lover down and did as she was told, absolutely loving the commanding
role Matt took over her. She went back down several times, each time coming
back up to the same spot around Matt's purple head. It seemed like pushups
for the lovely Diva as she went up and down, up and down, up and down. Her
dark locks of hair maintained one constant motion, running down in a cascade
over Matt's thick shaft. Suddenly, Matt pulled Sara from his cock and held
her out of range, almost restraining her.

"Shit!" he exclaimed, breathing hard. "You sure do love taking orders."

"Are you going to fuck me or what?" Sara replied, looking up at him with
her large, wide eyes.

Matt just couldn't resist the sexiness of Sara. Her hair was completely
covering her face from all sides and just the faint outline of her bright,
innocent eyes and rich, full lips could be seen through the dark color. He
looked around the room for a place to fuck this goddess. His attention fell
upon the one lonely chair that sat in the center of the room which just so
happened to be the location of his and Sara's first encounter.

"You bet I'm going to fuck you," he said with a coy smile. "I'm going to
fuck you hard."

"God, that gets me so hot," Sara moans, rising to her feet.

Slowly, she approached and wrapped her sexy legs around Matt's thighs,
digging her heels into the flesh of his butt. Matt returned the favor,
lifting Sara up and grabbing two handfuls of her gorgeous ass. As the
raven-haired beauty kissed his neck, Matt carried her over to the chair
lying the center of the room. He gently placed her butt-first on the
chair, moving her at an angle so that her shoulder blades touch the back
of the chair and her parted legs stick upward toward him and his waiting
cock. She resembled a checkmark in the chair, posed for the hard fucking
Matt was about to give her.

"Give it to me nice and hard, big boy," Sara instructed, stretching her
long legs out and wrapping them around Matt's hips. She pulled him closer.

Wasting little time, Matt thrusted hard into Sara's cunt, driving his
cock through her soft labial lips and into her hot insides. Her legs strained
a bit and tightened around Matt's hips, squeezing him like an anaconda. He
continued his assault on Sara's lower extremities, banging her exactly as she
wanted him to: nice and hard. Back and forth, Matt moved his hips as far back
as Sara's legs will allow, then intensely pounded into her pussy. Through
this unrelenting fuck session, Sara took a hold of Matt's hands and placed
them on her breasts. From there, Matt took the intuitive and rubbed her
breasts thoroughly, holding onto them for balance as he leaned at an angle to
fuck his raven-haired slut even harder. Sara loved each and every lasting

"Yes!" she chanted, digging her nails into Matt's shoulders. "Fuck me!
Fuck me hard!"

Matt cleared the wet hair from his eyes and continued to bang the
dark-haired Diva with unrelenting fury. He thrusted his hips in short spasms,
sticking it to Sara while fluctuating the muscles on his ass. Sara's legs
uncurled from around Matt's muscle-bound waist and flailed uncontrollably
about in the air. Matt continued to plow into Sara despite the constant
distraction of having her legs waving around in front of him.

"Harder Matt, harder!" Sara screamed, throwing her head back. "FUCK ME

After wiping the sweat off his brow, Matt took a hold of Sara's flailing
legs and held them steady as he increased the pace of his wild fuck. His dick
slid in and out of Sara's cunt at a blinding speed. Sweat poured from Sara's
forehead and dripped down onto her large breasts that bounce with each solid
thrust from Matt's pole. She wiped away the perspiration without a problem
and continued to chant her companion's name through the vigorous fuck. Matt,
on the other hand, seemed to have grown tired after mere minutes of
intensity. He bent over slightly, draping his long black hair down toward
Sara's mid-section. His firm testicles rested on his beauty's buttcrack as he
slowed down his thrusts and approaches orgasm.

"Come on Matt, harder!" Sara continued to cry out.

"No way, baby," Matt sighed. "I'm about to blow."

"Right here, Matt, right here," she replied while rubbing her smooth, flat

Moments later, Matt pulled out and held his dick over Sara's stomach as
desired. He jerked himself off a bit, panting and breathing heavily through
each fluent stroke. Sara, being the eager little slut that she was, traced
her fingers over her stomach and formed almost a target with her circular
motions. Matt began to release a long strain of moans, followed shortly by
the spurting of goo from his twitching cock. Each white stream found its mark
and splattered on the Diva's milky skin. Sara joyfully writhed in Hardy's
goop, rubbing and massaging it all over her flat, firm stomach and enormous,
bulky tits.

"Mmmmmm... that feels so good..." Sara moaned. She finished bringing the
last bit of jizz over her breasts and lifted her fingers to her mouth and
cleaned them off with her tongue.

"That was one hell of a fuck," Matt panted, "just like I said it would

"What do you mean, `was'?" the shocked beauty replied. "You say that like
this whole experience is over with and you haven't even gotten a piece of

Sara made her point by slapping her ass a few times, then cradled the firm
skin between her fingers and squeezed it gently. Matt looked down at the
raven-haired vixen's hot little butt and sighed.

Matt began to walk away, gathering up his clothes. "There's no way I could
go another round with you," he admitted. "Even though that butt is looking as
fine when I first saw it, there's no way. Your intensity is too much for me.
I`ll wind up dead by the end of the day."

"Jesus," Sara exclaimed, "a man that jumps off ladders for a living is
saying that he's afraid of death. Remember Matt, fear is only a four letter

He turned back, caught in the midst of his own catchphrase. Sara flashed
him a sexy come hither look and approached him once again. Matt knew this is
exactly how she got him to participate in the first place.

"Come on, baby," Sara whined, "this butt is just asking for a hard
fucking. You don't even have to do anything. Just lie there on the floor and
let me ride this beautiful masterpiece."

Sara took a hold of Matt's limp cock, then turned around and pressed it to
her firm asscheeks. Instantly, his piece sprang back to life.

"Well, you can't just do something like that and expect me to leave now
can ya?" Matt chuckled.

Matt walked out to the center of the room and laid down on the carpeted
floor. His enormous cock stood straight at attention, pointing toward the
ceiling. Sara grabbed the chair that the two had been fucking on earlier
and placed it between Matt's ankles. Slowly, she stalked over her lover,
waving her tight bottom in his face. She positioned herself directly over
Matt's dick and dropped to a squatting position. Gradually, his dick poked
through the strong defenses of her buttcheeks and penetrated her asshole.
With a yelp, Sara sat down on Matt's tool and reached forward to grab the
chair in front of her. She rested for just a moment, getting the feel for
such a large dick in her small ass.

"You ready?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," Matt replied, loving the view of Sara's cheeks parted over his
monstrous cock.

It took a mere couple of seconds for the raven-haired vixen to get going
and completely take the young Hardy off guard. He couldn't believe how much
energy she had left in her body and how quickly she demonstrated it. Even
after such an aggressive fuck, the Diva still rode Matt's cock with sheer,
innate energy pumping through her veins. Her body violently jerked in all
directions; her hips gyrated back and forth and from side to side; and her
strong butt cheeks twitched and fluctuated with each of these movements,
taking in more and more of Matt's bulging prick. It looked like Sara was
riding a mechanical bull and Matt Hardy enjoyed every lasting second of it.

"Yeah, ride me!" Matt said, then reared back and slapped the vixen on the


"Ugh... oh god!" Sara moaned.


"FASTER!" Matt screamed.

Sara couldn't believe that Matt was asking this much from her when he was
the one that complained about being too tired earlier. Nevertheless, the
horny vixen was hungry for sex and decided to abide to her companion's
request. Sara tightened her fingers around the edge of the chair and planted
her feet firmly on the ground below her, preparing to liberate her sexual
frustration in one final fuck. After a moments rest, the raven-haired Diva
began to bounce--slow at first to feel the soft milky skin of her butt tickle
Matt's rough, thick pubic hair. She lifted back up after a few rotations and
removed her ass from around his dick. As she waved her thick, juicy butt in
Hardy's face, Sara taunted him and enthralled his growing sexual tension.

"You want me to bounce this ass off your dick?" she asked, as if he need
to reply.

"Oh yeah... of course..." he replied. Matt knew he deserved this elongated
wait for doing the same to her before.

"Smack my ass," she commanded. "I need a little EXTREME motivation."


Gladly, the dark-haired Hardy reared his hand back and smacked Sara on her
tight buns. There was not a hint of cellulite on this girl.


"Come on, harder!" Sara demanded.


Matt used his remaining energy to spank Sara as hard as he possibility
could. He desperately hoped that it was enough to satisfy her seemingly
impossible standards.


"Oooh... that really turned me on," Sara commented after Matt's final
spank. "You've earned your prize."

An exhausted Hardy released a long sigh of relief as he watched his
dark-haired slut lower her perfect butt back onto his cock. It fit nicely
between her stout cheeks, like the two were meant to be together. This
time, Sara moved straight into the hard fucking that she had been requested
to earlier. She dipped down into somewhat of a squatting position, they
slightly rose up and repeated. Over and over she dipped down and came back
up until she was bouncing steadily on Matt's dick. Matt was tempted to slap
her butt once more, but he not want to risk such a vigorous fuck and take
the chance of knocking Sara off-balance. Instead, he folded his muscular
arms back behind his head and watched the action from the best seat in the
house. Sara's butt moved at a blinding speed, sliding up and down Matt's
greased pole with ease. He could easily see a hint of her monstrous jugs
flopping around with each steady bounce and smiled contently.

"Uhh... you like this, baby?" Sara questioned, glancing back to catch the
look of sheer ecstasy on Matt's face.

"Oh, fuck!" he moaned in response. "Damnit that feels good!"

Matt could feel his balls -- bombarded with the heat coming from Sara's
soaked pussy -- tighten and his prick suddenly twitch uncontrollably. Another
orgasm was on its way.

"Are you going to cum for me again, Matt?" Sara could feel the tension
building inside of Matt's testicles.

" yeah," he muttered, desperately attempting to hold in his
pending release and enjoy this fuck for just a little while longer.

"I want to taste it this time then," Sara responded and dismounted Matt
Hardy's pulsating dick.

Sara kicked the chair aside and crawled between Matt's spread legs,
rubbing his thighs to urge his release. Matt held it in, but the Diva's
fingers began to crawl toward his balls and he knew there was no holding
back. Literally seconds later, he spurted his goop into the awaiting
mouth of an eager Sara. She swallowed each and every drop with ease, then
lifted her head and rose to her knees in pride. Suddenly, an unexpected
second burst came from within Matt's pecker and belted the raven-haired
vixen between her giant breasts.

"Anymore where that came from?" she said sarcastically, looking down at
Matt with a smile as several white streams slid down from between her tits.

"Sorry about that last one," Matt apologized. "I didn't mean to hit you
right there, but then again, they are quite a big target."

Sara smiled coyly and slid her hands between her breasts. She rubbed her
two large mounds for a few moments, using Matt`s semen as a body lotion in
her sexy massage. Afterwards, the beauty lifted her now coated fingers to her
mouth and sucked them dry; one after another after another until all ten were
completely clean.

"I guess there's no need to ask whether you spit or swallow," Matt
remarked. "That answers that quandary."

"I just love the taste of■" Sara started before being interrupted by a
knock at the door.

"Sara, we need you on the beach," a voice called from outside the door.

"Just a minute," Sara called back.

Scooping up the nearest bikini, Sara headed for the door. She put it on,
wrapping the yellow bikini across over her mammoth breasts and stretching
the bikini bottoms over her sore rump. Matt sat up and watched as his
beautiful lover left the room. Sara opened the door and looked back,
flashing Matt a sexy smile. She then reached down and pulled her bikini
bottoms into the crack of her ass, forming a makeshift thong that
captivated Hardy's attention. Still a bit exhausted, he managed a smile
and continued to watch Sara as she stepped out of the doorway and slammed
the door behind her. This was truly paradise.

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