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Featuring: Summer Rae (FCW, WWE NXT), Triple H(WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 1: Summer Rae
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in May of 2012,
the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the
multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is inside his official office hours
before the first taping of the brand new revamp of NXT that will utilize the
talents of developmental territory FCW along with some WWE Superstars. Clad
in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits
perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is leaning back in his luxury office
chair with his feet up on his desk, talking into his cell 'phone with a smirk
on his handsome, rugged face.

"No, no Stephanie... I'm telling you, this is going to be a great idea... FCW
has gotten stale and this whole NXT Redemption stuff is hanging around like a
bad smell. It needed to end and this is the perfect way for it to go." Triple
H says, speaking to his wife Stephanie McMahon on the other end. "I can watch
these rookies first hand, see who sinks and swims, and maybe I've take one or
two under my wing and make them into proper Superstars? ...Hey shut up! Sin
Cara had his chances and if he can stop injuring himself with the Dives,
maybe he will be a star. Besides, I gave you the chance to come down here as
well but you said no. So now it's up to me to evaluation these new talents,
and not in the same way you did with the rookies..." He smirks, hearing her
loud, denying reaction. "Oh I heard you put each one through your own little
"evaluation", even again when they came back again, and you didn't hear me
kicking up a fuss like this? So what if I see if a rookie Diva or two has got
what it takes? It's not they are all gonna look like made for TV Divas, are

Just as his wife yells a reply, his attention is caught by a knock on the
door, making him take his feet of the desk and sit up straight. "Yo
Stephanie, I'll talk to you later!" Triple H says as he hangs up the phone,
putting it away. "Come in!" He calls out, and seeing who steps in it brings a
big smile to his face. "Ah, Summer Rae, right? Come on in."

Approaching the desk with a big, friendly smile on his beautiful face is the
gorgeous female ring announcer for NXT and the former Lingerie Football
League player now known as Summer Rae. Dressed in a tight fitting blue dress
that perfectly fits to her tanned and sexily curved body, the long-haired
blond is showing off a hint of cleavage from her nicely sized and rounded
tits, along with her juicy ass being hugged by her clothing.

"Mr. Triple H? You wanted to see me before the show?" Rae asks sweetly as she
stands in front of his desk, unintentionally allowing him to eye up her
stunning body.

"Yes, yes I did, and right on time as well. Good start..."

Triple H says with a smirk, standing up from his desk. "Summer, I wanted to
talk to you because with this being the new NXT there's going to be a lot of
opportunities to be won and lost, gained and wasted and I wanted to be clear
about it to you and the rest of the Divas here about what's going on." He
explains, moving around his desk towards her. "You see Summer, I've read your
file and its actually quite impressive. You were the face of the LFL for
years before being signed, you've been training in the ring to improve, you
rose quickly to be the General Manager in FCW even though that's now been
canned, and from what I've heard you've been doing an OK job ring announcing
live events as well."

"Why thank you Sir!" Summer says with a pleased smile. "I've been doing my
best, because I know it's tough to make it in the WWE, and I want to..."

Triple H silences her with a raised hand. "Easy there Summer, I'm not done
yet..." He says with a sly smirk. "That's part of the problem. You see, in
NXT alone we've had problems with female ring announcers and NXT because they
don't usually turn out well after being together. We had a stacked chick with
a ripped body who ended up failing hard and now she's back modeling clothes
around Florida. We had an Asian chick who looked good and could wrestle OK,
but she fluffed her big speaking moment and now she's gone. There were a
couple more after that, I'm pretty sure Cody Rhodes is still giving it to one
of them, but the point I'm getting at is that well... If you stick around as
just a ring announcer and that's it, you're probably gonna get wished well on
your future endeavors sooner rather than later. Am I making myself clear here

With a now nervous nod and fading smile, Rae shows she understands
completely. "Sir, Mr. Triple H? I don't want to just be a "pretty face" or
just be an announcer. Like you said, I'm training to be a proper wrestler and
Diva and if I get the opportunity to, I will definitely seize the moment and
I will not let you or anyone else down!" She says with a self-belief.

"That's nice to hear... But talking a good game is one thing, but when it
comes to me? You actually have to Play The Game." Triple H states with
another smirk. "So let me ask you Summer, would you be willing to do anything
to make it up to the WWE?"

"Absolutely!" Summer quickly responds with a nod. "You name it, and I'll take
it on!"

"Anything huh?" His smile gets a little wider at the answer he knew was
coming. "Then lets see you drop down and show me how you can suck a dick."

"Woah, what??" Rae's eyes go wide in surprise and shock at the demand. "Did,
did you just say...?"

"Down, on your knees, and let's see you suck me off." Triple H responds with
force in his tone to show he wasn't kidding around. "You said anything, and
believe me, this isn't anything that hasn't happened before or will ever
again in the WWE. Unless you're telling me you can't live up to your word..."
He adds, almost blackmailing the would-be Diva with her own words.

Taking a deep gulp and letting out a nervous, blushing laugh, she hesitates
but soon enough starts lowering herself down to her knees on the floor of his
office, her hands moving up onto his belt in order to start undoing it.

"That's more like it Summer..." Triple H says with a grin that says he's seen
this all before and knew it was going to happen with her. "We'll see how
badly you want this..." He adds as she lowers his suit pants to the ground as
he already is taking off his jacket to set it aside.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Summer says with another nervous but sexy
laugh as she now pulls down his boxers, instantly gasping when her eyes lock
onto the thick and already long, hardening man meat that's hanging between
his legs. "Holy fuck!! That's... That's huge!!" She exclaims in clear awe,
but the lick of her lips she gives shows she doesn't now object to it.

"Flattery will get you somewhere, but not everywhere..." He replies, smirking
as he watches her slide her hands up his strong thighs. "So let's see what
you've got... Let's see you play The Game..."

Reaching to grip his very impressive size with her hand, the beautiful blond
gives his cock a couple of firm pumps up and down, looking up towards him as
she leans in and flicks her tongue against the tip of his crown, causing the
handsome former full-time WWE Superstar to smirk at the soft touch. The
licking continues as she slides around the bell end, dabbing a little saliva
onto him as her hand works over the rest of his length, allowing her to focus
on the head as she swirls around it, letting him feel her warm breath on him
as she brushes her tongue all the way around and over, the nice combination
showing she's no novice when it comes to handling this kind of "microphone".

The former Lingerie Football League player knows it's going to take more than
just this to impress the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight
Champion, so soon enough she's opening her mouth and taking the first few
inches of him inside, causing him to lightly moan in approval as he feels how
soothingly damp and hot her oral hole is already. The smirk stays on his
rugged, handsome face as she keeps her hand moving up and down on the lower
portion as she starts to lift her head up until just his bell end is inside,
and then back down to almost meet her hand as she properly sucks on his meaty
pole, groaning herself as she has to work to keep her mouth clamped against
the thick dick she's having to handle.

"Mmmm... There's a joke about ring announcers... And how they're pretty good
at "sucking"..." The Nashua, New Hampshire born hunk states through a moan,
watching as the gorgeous babe gets more into this rather indecent proposal as
she slurps and groans on his length inside his office, her soft lips wrapped
around his pole as she slides them up and down and keeps her smooth palm
working over the rest of him. "But there's nothing bad... Ahhhh... About
this... So far..." He adds with a sly hint, watching her blond-haired head
bobbing along him as the Manhasset, New York stunner takes more of his inches
inside her mouth, making herself groan again as she puts plenty of effort
into keeping this steady and nicely quick pace up and ensuring her lips are
firmly pressed around his member.

Looking up with a seductive, narrowed eyed look, the woman who was FCW
General Manager brushes her long locks back as she pushes her head down
further onto him, her hand gripping his base to squeeze as she groans deeply,
well over half of his length now deep inside her mouth and making him moan in
approval as she slightly gags. Despite this being clearly the biggest dick
she's ever had to blow, she's giving it her all as she briskly moves her head
up and down onto the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live
Events, groaning away with a mix of lust and slight discomfort as she sucks
away and for her efforts is leaving his cock with a layer of her saliva and
making him moan with a quite satisfied smirk.

Indeed, the long time sports entertainer is very much loving the oral talents
of the NXT ring announcer, watching her head rock back and forth onto his
tool and giving him a great view of her sexy cleavage on display as she rests
down on her knees in front of him, allowing him the freedom to groan in
pleasure as he undoes his tie. The former leader of DeGeneration-X and
Evolution starts unbuttoning his shirt, not too concerned with the sounds of
her gagging on his cock when she goes down too far and the tip of his length
touches the back of her mouth, focusing more on how good it feels to have
that damp and warm oral hole around his length as her long blond hair sways a
nd her spit slightly seeps out from her lips as she steadily blows on his
fat cock.

"Mmmm... Alright, that's ahhhh... That's good for now..." Triple H says once
he'd taken off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body that makes her
smile around his dick in clear approval. "Not half bad for a rookie... Some
more practice and you'll be a pro in no time and trust me Summer, a Diva who
can... Mmmm... Deep throat goes a long way in the locker room..."

Lifting her head up and off his now coated in her saliva dick, she licks her
lips as she raises an eyebrow slightly. "I didn't sign up just to be some
kind of fluffer, you know..." Rae states with a sly smile, standing up as she
eases the straps of her dress down, almost teasingly as her white bra-encased
tits come into view.

"But you were hired without any wrestling experience... And until you do,
you've got to use what you have..." He replies, taking a long, approving look
at her as she eases her dress down her athletic and sexy body. "From how I've
heard you've dressed in FCW bikini contests, you're already on point with

"Well, I did complete in lingerie for years..." Summer replies with a
chuckle, glancing down at his still rock hard length as she steps out of her
dress, showing her matching panties so she's only clad in her underwear and
high heels. "And you should know that I don't mind getting physical at

"That makes two of us..." The on-screen COO of the WWE says with a grin,
surprising her by picking her up by the waist, making her gasp as she's laid
down on her side onto his office desk, and then has to groan as her legs are
pushed to the side and together, her plump ass sticking out as he yanks up
her panties, revealing her neatly shaven pussy which makes him now lick his
lips. "And trust me Summer, much like my wife, I'm very "hands on" in my
evaluation process..." Triple H adds before he steps forward, pushing his
thick dick into her slit and making them both moan as he slides his inches
into her tightness, the feeling already enough to make her arch as her hands
move to grip the edge of the desk she's on.

"Ahhhhh! Oooooh FUCK!" Summer moans, looking back over her shoulder as the
mouth of the current NXT Diva and ring announcer is open to let out some very
erotic and already shameless cries of pleasure despite this fucking only
properly starting, but she's already making sure her backside is pushed right
out towards the incoming waist of the hunk sliding his manhood back and forth
into her snatch. At the same time, said man is gripping her thigh with one
hand, the other down on her lower leg to keep them pressed against each
other, keeping her right in place as he pumps his rod smoothly and swiftly
into her tight hole, smirking as he watches her groan away on his desk and
taking in the sight of her stunningly curved and partially clothed body in
front of him.

"Mmmmm... Shit.... Shouldn't be surprised that... You're a tight one..." The
former King of the Ring and Royal Rumble winner says between moans as he
thrusts steadily into her snug snatch, working more of his fat inches deeper
into her hole with each firm pump and not looking like he's planning on
stopping until he really tests out how much the would-be WWE Diva can take.
"All that running around in lingerie... Couldn't imagine you being less than
ripped... Mmmm... And ready for action..." He adds, giving her booty a deep
squeeze to make her moan as he drives his length straight into her, now over
half his length easily inside her tight pussy as his motion is already
powerful enough to make her rock slightly on the smooth surface she's laying
on, and he's getting the extra sensation of her panties lightly brushing
against his member as he bangs the former Lingerie Football League player for
Chicago Bliss as she's still clad in her red hot bra and panties.

"Oooooh yeah... I've always loved some deep, hard... AHHHH... Action!" She
moans out, casting a dazzling smile back at the Executive Vice President of
Talent and Live Events as he looks over his muscular and desirable body as
he moves his toned hips back and forth towards him, driving his long and
thick dick into her dampening and tight snatch. "Mmmm... On and off the
field... But MMMM... I think this kind of... Yeah... Action I can really get
stuck... Fuck! Stuck into Sir!" The General Manager of FCW groans out, still
gripping the edge of the desk she's getting pounded on and she slightly
grinds her ass and pussy back against the dick being thrust into her, shaking
her long blond hair out of the way of her face, in the process putting on a
show for the handsome and powerful man who's nailing her inside his own
supposed to be for professional use only office.

"Mmmm... Oh, you can get stuck into alright..." The man known as The Game
says with a chuckle, looking down at how his cock is smoothly and swiftly
moving in and out of her wet pussy despite his great thickness and her
pleasurable tightness down there, and those feelings just make it all the
more better for both attractive sports entertainers. He lets out a grunt,
still with a firm hold of her thigh and leg for a little support as he makes
it look all too easy as he pumps his shaft repeatedly into the moaning and
curvacious first generation American of French and English descent, as she
moans out and impressively takes it and seems ready for a whole lot more from
the hung American stud who's also her boss and is clearly using, and somewhat
abusing, that privilege right here and now.

"Mmmm... Oooooooh..." Now she groans as she feels him pulling out of her
snatch, and then she's having to hiss as she gets the sensations of him
smacking the bulbous head of his shaft against her pussy lips a couple of
times, feeling it brushing against her clit to make her gasp and moan as she
gazes back at him, biting down seductively on her bottom lip. Sliding it
against her slit for a moment, the long time veteran smirks again at her
response before he pushes firmly back in, giving her snatch some more deep
pumps that have them both moaning as she rocks against his motion and he
grips her smooth legs and thick thigh, the latter getting a squeeze as he
slightly toys with the woman looking to make the upgrade up to the full time
WWE roster.

"Mmmmm... You might just have the kind of stuff that will get you far...
Mmmmm... But it takes more than a hot blond body to get you to the top..."
Triple H states as he gives her snatch a couple more pumps before pulling out
of her with a groan.

"I'm assuming you mean I'll need in-ring improvement, right?" Summer slightly
teases with a smile, sitting up so she can ease her panties right down her

"That, and I didn't say that having a hot ass and nice tits didn't hurt
either..." He responds with a smirk, watching her take off the last of her
clothing, her bra dropping as her perfectly rounded and nicely sized tits are
exposed. "But to make it in the WWE you have to be ready to get into the
action and the thick of it yourself. Not just lay around and wait for
something to come your way."

"So, you want to see if I can take control?" Rae questions as she hops off
from his desk. "Well then Mr. Triple H, how about you get me up onto your
dick and I'll show you what I can do?"

The smirk on his face shows that idea is to his approval, and with ease he
uses his superior strength to lift her right up and off the floor, lowering
her back down at pussy first right onto his thick and long cock, making her
moan out deeply as she grabs onto his broad shoulders, hissing as she adjusts
herself while mounted onto his length. The slight rocking makes her snatch
grind down against his dick and crotch, but once she wraps her legs around
his muscular waist she gets her stunningly curved and toned body to work,
lifting herself up his length and then sharply dropping back down to the base
with a groan, stuffing herself full with his man meat.

"Let's see... Mmmm... What you've got then Summer... And ahhh... I hope this
isn't just it..." The multi-time former WWE Champion challenges her in
between his own moan, making it clear that he's enjoying the feeling of her
slit moving smoothing up and down his tool but he's expecting a lot more from
the NXT ring announcer, his hands slipping around her to cup and squeeze her
sexily rounded ass cheeks. "Because the last blond with great tits who worked
a mic... Mmmm... Couldn't cut it..." He adds with a grunt, resisting the urge
to pump himself up into her tight and wet snatch, making her do all the work
to impress him and she's certainly giving him plenty to feel as her perfectly
rounded tits press into his chest, sliding up and down his upper body as she
moves herself with determined energy that's making him groan away in lust.

"Aaaaaah! OOOOOOH fuck yes!!" The Manhasset, New York born beauty moans as
she closes her eyes, getting fully into the task as she slams herself swiftly
up and down onto the fat dick she's mounted on, her thighs and snatch
smacking down into his crotch with a loud, erotic slap each time she makes
the downward motion, her long blond hair swaying from the deep effort she's
putting into this. "MMMM... I'll fucking show you what... Ahhhh! What I've
got!!" She adds, bouncing away on the manhood of the Greenwich, Connecticut
native and further making her hardened nipples grind against his chest as her
snatch slides up to over the half way mark, quickly returning back down to
the balls to leave his dick coated with her pussy juices that just serve to
make the action even smoother and hotter than before.

"Mmmm... You weren't kidding... About getting physical..." The former
DeGeneration-X leader grunts as he gropes her butt cheeks, watching with a
groan as the gorgeous blond almost wildly rides his cock as she's held
completely up and off the floor of his office, her pussy still impressively
tight and able to take his vast size in deeply much to both of their moaning,
shameless approval. "You'd be a damn hit... AHHHH... Up on the main
roster..." He adds, using a hand to deliver a sharp spank to her ass that
makes her hiss only in slight pain, never losing a beat as she continues to
raise and lower herself with a quick and forceful pace even as sweat is
forming all over her completely tanned and nicely curved body, the former
Chicago Bliss player showing a very different kind of hard hitting action
that she ever did in the Lingerie Football League.

"You... AHHH... Believe me now, Mr. Triple H??" She moans out, licking her
lips as she locks eyes with her boss that she's willingly fucking despite him
being a publicly married man and father, but neither is caring about that
fact as she still takes his shaft balls deep into her wet and snug snatch
with rapid, steady bounces as she keeps herself pressed right up into his
chiseled upper body. "You see how I can take charge... MMMMM!! And not just
as a... AHHHH!! Ahhhhh! General Manager!!" She's able to groan out as well,
her legs slightly slipping from around his waist as the effects of keeping up
such an intense and hard pace on his meaty pole starts to take its toll on
her, her pussy sliding back and forth along his manhood making it seem like
she's all too used to handling such a big cock with her soaking wet yet still
nicely tight love tunnel.

"MMMM... You're not bad, but I know... Mmmmm shit... Something about banging
a hot woman who's a G.M. and ahhhh.... You're not in her league..." Triple H
says with a sly grin, surprising her by suddenly lifting her right up and off
of his cock.

After taking a moment to draw in breath, Rae gives him a seductive smile.
"Sounds like you're saying I still need to prove myself? I say bring it on

"If you want to be a real Diva, you're damn right you need to prove yourself
and not as mic holder..." Is his response as he sets her down, positioning
her right where he wants her - bent over forwards over his own office desk.
"You want to play with the big girls and boys?? You're going to have to play
my kind of Game..."

"Yes Sir!" Summer says, tossing her hair back so she can look back at him as
her chest is pressed down against the top of the desk, her backside pushed
right out towards him. "I'll take on any challenge, and I'll... OH FUCK!!!"

The former General Manager of FCW wasn't expecting her other lower hole to be
invaded, as the WWE's on-air COO roughly pushed his fat cock into her
puckered asshole, grunting deeply as he forced the first few inches along
with the head inside her tightness, causing the would-be Diva's eyes to widen
as she looks back with an open, groaning mouth. Her hands grip the edge of
the desk, her legs spreading in reflex as she feels his length pumping in and
out of her back passage to make him moan in delight while she cries out in a
mix of discomfort and pleasure as her ass has to quickly adjust to the
sudden, already rough butt fucking she's having to take to "prove her worth"
to the man who can hire and fire her and any other Superstar and Diva not
just in NXT, but across the entire WWE.

"Take any... Uhhhh... Challenge??" The man known as the Cerebral Assassin
taunts the gorgeous blond he's pounding over his own office desk as he leans
his muscular, powerful body over her tanned and curved one, further pressing
her chest-down onto the smooth surface as he swiftly and forcefully slides
his manhood back and forth between her juicy butt cheeks. "How about...
AHHHH!! You take my fucking dick in your... UHHHH!! Tight fucking ass??" He
growls out as he uses enough momentum into his hip motion to make the former
Lingerie Football League player jolt forward against the desk each time he
sends his shaft into her booty, even though his hips aren't yet connecting
with her body but it's clear he's looking to stuff every inch into her that
can fit, whether she can handle it or not.

"Ahhhhh! OOOOOOH FUCK!! AHHHHH!!" The stunning blond groans in response,
sweat dripping off her beautiful facial features, the effects of taking both
the biggest dick she's ever had in her ass along with the most hard hitting
and intense ass pounding in her life clear to see as she's unable to do
anything else but lay there and take it from the lust-driven stud on top of
her. "Uhhhhh!! My ass!! So fucking full... AHHHH!!" She hisses out, closing
her eyes and gasping for breath as her tits slide against the top of the desk
she's getting banged over, making her groan when her rock hard nipples brush
back and forth along it, while at the same time her ass it sticking right
out, taking the incoming dick as more and more of his thick inches get worked
deeper into her sexy, perfectly rounded backside.

"Mmmmm... Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler... Ahhhh... Michelle McCool, and
mother fucking Trish Stratus!! Uhhhh!! You think you can be the next...
MMMMM!! Hot fucking blond in the WWE??" It's more of a demand than a question
from the also sweating and grunting former leader of DX and Evolution as he
hammers his meaty pole in and out of her still very tight asshole, his ball
sack starting to slap into her tanned skin as he ventures in even deeper than
he thought he could get into the NXT ring announcer and in-training grappler.
"You think... Ahhh SHIT!! This ass and those tits... MMMMM... Are going to
get you far enough if you make it... Ahhhh!! To Raw or Smackdown??" He
doesn't seem to care about the response, more focused on the almost-primal
way he's nailing her with his body pressed down against hers, his hips
slamming back and forth hard into her now jiggling butt cheeks as he sends
his mighty, porn-worthy cock into her asshole with no regard to if she'll
even be able to leave his office under her own power after this indecent
proposal is over and done with.

"I.... I OH FUCK!!! Fuck!! Mr. Triple H!! I just want to... Uhhhh prove
myself!!" The woman formerly known as Danielle Moinet is eventually able to
grunt and groan out, her face laying on the desk as she barely has the energy
to hold onto the desk she's being fucked on now, her long locks sticking to
her face thanks to the sweat and her body roughly jolting forward every time
she takes a balls deep pump from the dominating stud on top of her. "In the
ring... AHHHH!! Out of it!! I just want... UHHHH!!! A chance!!" Her tanned
and curvacious body now easily slides back and forth along the furniture
surface from the sweat that's dripped off them both and onto it, adding just
another erotic sensation as her snatch drips with juices despite not being
touched, showing along with occasional moan she lets out between her groans
that she's getting off on having her ass slammed in such a dirty, shameless
way by the married man who's also her boss.

"MMMM!! That's... That's a good attitude to UHHHH!! To have there..." The
multi-time former World Heavyweight and WWE Champion smirks to himself with a
moan at her groaning responses as he continues to drive his shaft repeatedly
and with speed and force into her still impressively snug back passage,
making him wonder if she's more used to this kind of hard sex, anal and
otherwise, than she's letting on. He leans back to stand, allowing himself to
admire the sight of the sweat-soaked beauty laid out on his desk with her
juicy ass sticking out toward him as he thrusts his member in and out of her
booty and there's no doubt that knowing he's used his position of power to
make the rookie Diva accept this domination only adds to the sexual highs
he's getting, and he can tell that it's effecting her the same way as well
from how she's still moaning in a almost slutty way from having her back
passage stuffed to the max with fat and long WWE Superstar cock.

"Ahhhh... Shit!! Alright Summer, you've... You've got some damn good
potential..." Triple H states as he pulls his dick out from her backside,
feeling his member starting to throb after suck a long time hammering the
blond-haired beauty. "Balls deep anal on your first time? There's current WWE
Divas who still can't handle that..."

"Uhhh... I... Th... Thank you, Sir..." Rae groans out, gasping for breath as
she savors the moment now her ass isn't being hammers and making her lose
control as she was seconds ago.

"Thank me? Oh, you can thank me alright..." Triple H says as he reaches
forward, having plenty of strength in him to lift her off of his desk,
setting her down on the floor in front of him, immediately having to use one
hand to hold her head up by a handful of hair while his other hand grips his
length. "You can take this and you better not dodge any of it!"

Forcing her eyes open, the NXT ring announcer sees that the WWE's Executive
Vice President of Talent and Live Events is now quickly jerking himself off
and moaning without shame as he does so, fingers tightly pressed around his
thick man meat as he slides them briskly all the way up to the head and down
to the base to touch his heavy nut sack. This sight has her eyes locked onto
the very dick that has been deep inside all three of her holes and left her
the sweat-soaked mess she currently in, but she still craves what's to come
from him so doesn't resist, pressing her pouty lips together and watching him
stroke off as she's able to brush her long blond hair way from her face, in
the process giving him a clear target.

The entire sight of the freshly sucked and still coated from head to tanned
and toned toe with perspiration female is more than ammo enough for any man
to get their rocks off, and it's doing the trick for the man known as The
Game has he jerks himself off, loving the cock-hungry look in her eyes as she
eagerly watches him stroke away at an almost furious pace now. His member
pulses in his grip, his palm sliding all the up and down again and again as
he groans and grunts, his chiseled chest heaving for breath as he approaches
his limit, but impressively himself still is able to hold out for some more
pleasure despite having taken long turns in her damp mouth, hot snatch, and
tight ass during this "evaluation" session with the potential WWE Diva.

Hold out for much longer even he cannot, and it's with one final, deep grunt
that Triple H starts to cum all across the face of Summer Rae, sending the
first thick steam of spunk splashing onto the forehead and onto her blond
hair to make her gasp, but doing as she was ordered she stays still and takes
the next big shot over her cheek and nose, making her close her eyes when it
came close towards them. He sighs in relief and pleasure as he continues to
stroke himself off, aiming his jizz all across her pretty facial features to
leave them almost dripping with his cum, and the sweet smile on her face is
the cherry to go with all the "icing" on the cake as she's left with a large
facial that wouldn't go amiss in a rough gang-bang porno.

Letting go off his now spent cock, Triple H takes a step back to admire his
"work" with a very proud smirk. Moving around his desk, he opens a drawer to
take out a towel, using it to dry off his face before pulling out a box of
tissues and tossing them down to her. "Here, clean yourself off honey. We've
still got a show going on tonight, remember?"

"I, uh... Yes, yes sir!" Rae responds, still trying to catch her breath and
now somewhat flustered as she reaches to take out a tissue, but before she
could use it on herself, she feels his hand now on her shoulder as he's moved
around to her,

"Relax Summer. You did good rookie. Keep up like that and improving? You just
might go places."

That makes her smile, the sight more hotter due to all of his cum that's coating
her face. "Thank you Sir! Glad I lived up to your standards..."

* * *

Minutes later, and a now cleaned up Summer Rae is stepping out of Triple H's
office, a little wobbly however due to her "evaluation" minutes ago but
composing herself with a deep breath she walks forward and out, turning and
finding herself smiling as she spots someone coming towards her. "Oh Briley!

The man in question, resident NXT interviewer and backstage correspondent
Briley Pierce, looks up from some show notes to see her, giving her a
friendly grin. "Oh hey Summer! You all set for the show tonight?" The
handsome man, clad in a fashionable suit with tie, comes to a stop in front
of her.

"Well, almost..." Summer says, giving him a look over. "You see, I've got a
little problem... I kinda started something with someone, but I need some
help finishing myself..." She slyly states, giving him a look over with a
seductive smirk.

"Oh? What kind of thing?" Pierce says, not picking up on the suggestive
meaning to her words.

"Well... Actually, I could show you but we need to do it in a little...
Privacy." Rae states, reaching forward and pulling his tie out of his jacket to
playfully toy with it. "You know of a free room around here?"

With his eyes widening, a smile starts to come across his face. "I, uh... I
mean, I saw one back down the hall a little..." Briely states, motioning
behind him.

No sooner has he done so than he's being led by the tie by the horny beauty,
and he has no complaints as she leads the way. Seconds later, with a smirk on
his face, Triple H pears out of this office to watch them leave, having
picked up all that conversation and knowing what kind of "finishing" she's
looking for out of him.

"Initiative and locker-room bonding... Nice work Summer..." He thinks aloud.
"That girl might just go places..." He adds, before his attention is caught
by his cell 'phone going off. Reaching into his pocket he pulls it out,
answering it. "Hello? Oh hey Steph. Yeah? Oh yes, you bet I've been getting
to know some of the NXT talent here, and I can safely say this... It's going
to be one hell of "ride" around here seeing how much these rookies want to
make it big... Playing The Game here in NXT might be more than they can

* * *

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