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Featuring: Sofia Cortez (FCW, NXT, Ivelisse Velez in Tough Enough), Richie
Steamboat (WWE NXT) Triple H (WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 2: Sofia Cortez
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in May of 2012,
the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the
multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is inside his official office a
couple of hours before the first taping of the brand new revamp of NXT that
will utilize the talents of developmental territory FCW along with some WWE
Superstars. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie
that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is sitting in his office
chair, looking up with a smile as he talks with one of the current members
of the NXT roster and clearly is enjoying the conversation.

"Honestly, from the way I see it kid, you've got everything we're looking
for." Triple H says. "You've got the looks, you're pretty good in the ring
already and improving all the time, and hey, let's not lie here, you've got
the blessing of a legend, a Hall of Fame member in your father. And you
actually get to use your family name here, and nowadays that never happens!"

Letting out a handsome chuckle, Richie Steamboat, the son of legendary Ricky
"The Dragon" Steamboat, nods his head in approval, clad in nicely fitting
jeans and a black top. "Yeah, I've heard it from the other guys how lucky I
am, but to be honest? I think I'm just blessed. I know I have major shoes to
fill with my father, and especially with him being around FCW as a trainer,
or NXT as it now is, and that's even more pressure. But I wouldn't be here if
I didn't want to follow in his footsteps, and I'm not going to stop until I
make it to the WWE and I can live up, and maybe even go further than those

"That's exactly what I like to hear, but I gotta say that I've heard it all
before Richie... And there's a couple of second generation, even third
generation stars right now in the WWE and some of them just aren't living up
to the hype." Triple H explains in a fair tone. "It takes more than guts,
more than just wanting to live a dream to make it in the WWE. You have to be
able to..."

Before he can continue, there's a sudden interruption when the former WWE
Tough Enough contestant known as Ivelisse Velez, now the current NXT Diva
Sofia Cortez comes into the office without even knocking on the door as she
comes right in and pays hardly any attention to Steamboat as she moves right
up to the desk of the WWE's on-screen COO. The stunning long haired blond
from Puerto Rico is wearing tight black bottoms wrestling gear that hug to
her juicy backside, a sliver-sequined bra-like top that fits nicely over her
perky tits, and a black leather-like jacket to top it off.

"OK, seriously, what the hell is going on here?" Cortez demands with a rather
self-confident attitude. "The FCW brand is being ditched, along with all the
titles, and now we're restarting from scratch all over again?? Is this for

Unfazed by the rude interruption, Triple H calmly stands up to look at her.
"...First of all, I'm in the middle of a meeting here with Richie Steamboat,
and I don't appreciate you barging in here all of a sudden, Miss..." He
pauses, smirking slightly as it's clear he knows who she is, but feels like
toying with her since she just stormed in so he turns to look at the other
man here. "Hey, do you know this chick or something?"

"Uh... Well yeah! This is Sofia Cortez!" Steamboat says with a chuckle,
feeling a little embarrassed by this situation. "She's a Diva here on NXT."
"No, I am the Diva here in NXT!" Cortez snaps, not amused by this at all. "I
should have been FCW Divas Champion, and I should be the next WWE Diva that
you bring up! Are you for real?? Saying you don't know who I..."

Her rant is cut off when The Game first raises a hand to silence her, before
he slowly and calmly takes off his suit jacket, putting it down on top of his
desk. "I know exactly who you are Cortez. You got signed to FCW, then
released and you were in Tough Enough but didn't make it because you got
injured, hurt, whatever. Then you came back to FCW where you've been since
and now you're in NXT. You're in my NXT and that means that yes, this is for
real, I am serious, and you better show some damn respect towards me!" He
forcefully states, causing her to step back slightly with a hint of
apprehension. "You think I give a crap about all you think you've done up
until now? This is a whole new ball game, a new set of rules and you either
shape up or you ship out! Yeah, you've got good looks, I've heard you're not
bad in the ring but you think that's all it takes to become a real Diva? You
think Trish Stratus or Lita our current Divas like Beth Phoenix or Natalya,
you think they just coasted on just looks or just in-ring ability?? No, they
did something else as well. They..."

Triple H pauses, glancing to Steamboat for a moment, catching him off guard
so now he looks concerned, but then a smile comes across the face of the
Cerebral Assassin. "Actually... I'll tell you what Sofia... You want to be a
WWE Diva so badly? You want to show me what you've got? Then prove it to me
right here, and right now."

"Oh yeah? Bring it on!" Cortez says with a smirk, liking the sound of things.
"What you want from me? Name it and you've got it!"

"I want you to suck Richie's cock." Is the answer, making the eyes of the two
NXT stars go wide.

"The fuck did you just say??" Sofia questions in shock, glancing between the
two handsome wrestlers.

"I said I want you to suck Richie's cock. You know Richie, standing right
here." Triple H motions towards said man who's now smiling even though he's
clearly feeling slightly awkward about this.

"Oh wow... Uh... So... Hey... This sounds like a pretty good deal to me..."
Richie says with a laugh, going along with it as he reaches down and begins
to undo the belt of his pants.

"What the fuck!! You're not seriously going along with this, are you??" Sofia
questions her fellow NXT roster member as she watches him push his pants down
to the ground.

"Hey, I didn't even ask him to do that so that's already a good grade mark in
my book!" Triple H says with a smirk. "Listen honey... I've heard all this
"Oh I'm good, I should be a Diva" talk before. No one remembers or cares
about Tough Enough, and from what I've heard you haven't been blowing people
away in FCW either. So here's what you can do to impress me - you can show me
that you can handle a fellow would-be WWE star, and maybe we'll see if you
actually have what it takes in some field that could be worth a damn.
Understand me?"

With reluctance and seething with anger, she nods her head with a clear look
of disapproval on her face. The Puerto Rican turns to face the American hunk
who's just finished undressing and is now giving her another reason to have
wide eyes as he stands naked, his desirable and muscular frame on display
along with his hardening and already impressively long and thick to match
cock hanging between his legs. Her eyes locking onto the shaft, she licks her
lips out of reflex as she slowly slips her jacket off her arms and tosses it
down onto the floor, much to the amusement of the other man here who starts
to move around his desk, watching as she bends over forwards and takes a hold
of the shaft, giving it a couple of firm strokes all the way up and down to
make sure he gets fully erect.

Despite her previous objections, having such a lengthy and thick to match
shaft in her palm is causing the gorgeous blond to smile seductively as she
looks over the rock hard dick of the son of a WWE Hall of Fame member, who in
turn has a grin on his face as he slightly leans back against the desk of his
boss, as he in turn watches on as he undoes his tie. Brushing her hair back
before placing a hand on Richie's waist, Sofia lowers her head down and takes
the first couple of inches into her mouth, finding herself groaning as she
wraps those soft lips around his meat, already keeping them firmly pressed
down onto him and this makes him moan, feeling her hand gripping his base to
give him a couple of strokes.

Now the former Tough Enough contestant starts to blow him, lifting her head
to the head of his pole before moving back downwards, working over the top
part of his length with some slow, steady sucks while her palm has a hold of
him around the base, lightly jerking off the bottom couple of inches at the
same time for a double effort onto his size. This has the former FCW Tag Team
Champion moaning again, his eyes locked on her beautiful facial features as
she raises and lowers herself onto his member, easily handling the top half
and getting it nicely wet with her saliva, even if she's still just using a
steady and not quite speedy pace to suck his cock.

However, her head soon jolts forward in surprise with the rest of her bent
over forwards body, forcing her to take in more of Steamboat's inches and
causing her to gag when behind her Triple H roughly yanks down her bottoms
and pushes two fingers straight into her shaved pussy, the now topless WWE
Supertsar smirking as he pumps his digits back and forth into her snatch and
watches her try to compose herself. The Puerto Rican is finding it hard
though, not quite getting into a good rhythm to move herself between the two
American hunks as she keeps blowing the one in front of her with rather
sloppy but erotically loud sucks and slightly roughly pushing her ass back
against the incoming fingers that are moving deep and quickly in and out of
her snug feeling slit.

"Ahhhh... Come on Sofia... You've got a big mouth, so how about using it?"
Steamboat suggests with a playful, handsome smile that gets a glare from the
woman currently with her mouth sliding up and down along his man meat,
referring to how she's still only working over the top half of his cock with
her nicely warm and wet oral hole, and her hand is only occasionally jerking
off the rest of him. Looking to back up her claims, she pushes her blond
haired head further down onto his rod, but finds herself gagging again when
the tip of his shaft touches the back of her mouth and she's barely gotten
down to three-quarters on him, but it's all still enough to keep him moaning
from enjoyment as her saliva covers his manhood and is slowly trickling down
to the base and his ball sack.

"Geez, that's the best you can do honey? I've seen Diva Search chicks deep
throating on their first night of the competition, let alone once they got
signed!" Triple H says, clearly unimpressed by the oral skills, or lack off
by the NXT Diva as she sloppily rocks her head up and down onto the dick in
front of her, still clearly gagging when she goes too far down for her to
handle so she quickly goes back up to just handle the top part, even if
that's all Richie needs to remain groaning from the still enjoyable BJ. "If
that's how you suck dick, I'd hate to see how much you suck in the ring!" The
multi-time WWE Champion states, using his free hand to deliver a sharp spank
to her juicy ass that makes her jolt forward, again gagging harshly onto the
cock she's deep on as her saliva splatters over that dick, and behind her
Triple H keeps on pumping his fingers into her dampening snatch as a test,
and again it doesn't seem he's blown away by what he feels.

"OK, seriously Richie, and be honest... Is that the worst blowjob you've ever
had??" Triple H asks the NXT Superstar as he pulls his fingers out of the
Diva between them, noticing how surprisingly wet she already is despite
having fingered her for not very long.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far..." Steamboat clentches his teeth together,
clearly trying to be polite about this, especially since she's still got his
member inside the hot, damp mouth of the female wrestler bent over before him
as she bobs her head back and forth across his inches. "She's not bad, you
know... Maybe she's just not used to someone of my size??" He offers with
another chuckle, looking down and seeing the clearly pissed off look now on
her face as she gives his length a couple more sucks before lifting all the
way up and off, showing how her saliva is now all over and slightly dripping
off of him.

"Well thanks a fucking lot Richie!" Cortez snaps with a glare as she stands
up, having to wipe some of her spit away from her mouth and lips from how
she'd been gagging before. "So much for locker-room loyalty!" Before she
could continue, she's made to let out a yelp as she's grabbed by an arm and
forced back over to be bent over forwards with her nicely rounded and full
ass sticking out.

"I didn't say you could get back up rookie..." Triple H says in a very
forceful tone, causing the usually feisty blond to be silent as she looks
back with clear worry towards the man who is in charge of hiring and firing
in the WWE. "Richie, you might be new to this, and sure there is a time and
place to be "diplomatic" about the truth when talking to a boss. This? This
ain't one of them." He says, letting go of the arm so he move around her, at
the same time unbuckling the belt of his pants. "I'll give you a pass kid.
Now let's switch, and I'll prove exactly how much she can't handle a
Superstar's dick since she couldn't handle yours..." He adds, giving
Steamboat a pat on the shoulder for a further hint as now he stands in front
of her.

"No problem boss... Besides, Sofia is really hot! Who'd say no to getting a
piece of her!" Richie looks on the bright side, still smiling as he now is
behind the bent over beauty, moving forward to rest his dick against her ass
for a moment before he takes a hold of it.

"You're damn right I'm hot!" Sofia says, shooting a glare back at her fellow
NXT star. "I'm the hottest, and the most AAAHH!!" She's cut off before she
can mouth off, being grabbed by the hair and turned around to the front, and
her eyes widen in shock when she's faced with a cock that's even longer and
thicker than the one she'd just been blowing.

"How about you "put a cock in it" honey..." The Executive Vice President of
Talent and Live Events says with a confident smirk of his own, using the
handful of hair to bring her down and impale her mouth onto his fat cock,
giving her no choice but to go straight downward to over the half-way point,
forcing her to gag loudly as she closes her eyes shut from the obvious
discomfort, her lips barely wrapping all the way around his meat. "Usually
I'd tell a chick the old "Two Words" line... But it's pretty damn clear you
can't even suck it good..." Triple H adds more insult in before he starts to
thrust his hips forward, pumping his shaft in and out of her oral hole and
making her groan as he uses her mouth and keeps her blond haired head firmly
in place just with the one hand, showing his strength as well as sexual skill
as he's already gotten into a smooth, steady motion to pump her mouth with,
much to her groaning displeasure.

Back behind her, Steamboat is now pushing his impressive length forward into
her already nicely wet pussy, moaning as he feels how tight she is back there
and giving him further reason to smile as he fits himself in and then goes
straight to work on her, sliding his member in and out between her folds as
he takes a hold of her toned, tanned waist to bang the bent-over forwards NXT
Diva. The former FCW 15 Champion lets out a groan of pleasure as he pumps
himself into her snatch, finding little resistance despite how snug he is, no
doubt helped by her being roughly fingered there moments ago, and he's
surprised himself by being able to go quite deep into her love tunnel already
despite having just properly started on her with this perfectly paced and
timed movement.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaah!! Mhfffffffffffff!! Mmmmmmmm!!" Cortez continues to groan
deeply as well as gag almost embarrassingly loud from how her mouth is being
fucked, barely getting any chance to actually suck on the dick being quickly
fed into her mouth and definitely not being able to move her head at all even
with just one hand being used to hold her in place, not that she'd dare pull
away out of intimidation from the muscular and hung stud in front of her
who's abusing her mouth any way he wants to as he looks to see if she has any
chance of making it in the WWE. She certainly looks far from the passionate
and talented female wrestler she's known to be as, currently being
spit-roasted as she stands bent over and barely clothed, taking two long
American cocks at the same time with one stuffing full almost painfully her
mouth while the other briskly pounds her Puerto Rican pussy to at least make
her moan as her slit continues to dampen.

"Damn honey... I thought... Mmmm... You might actually stand a chance...
Sometimes a big mouth actually is useful around the WWE..." The man known as
The Cerebral Assassin says with a smirk as he looks down at the beautiful
face he's currently fucking, sending his meaty rod swiftly in and out between
her soft lips that are barely brushing against his pole from how much she's
gagging each time he sends himself forward into her oral hole, seeing how her
saliva is both dripping off of his length and messily trickling down her
chin, neck, and down onto the floor of his office. "Maybe Richie here was
right... Maybe this is bigger than... Mmmmm... You're used to... Or maybe you
just suck at sucking..." He adds, keeping a tight hold of her long, blond
hair to make sure she stays where he wants her, and that means more deep and
powerful thrusts to send his cock straight into her now sore but damp mouth,
her eyes still clamped shut even as they are watering from the pain she's
feeling, but Triple H notices that a couple of moans are vibrating around his
member, showing that the other man involved in this is doing a heck of a job
if he can give her pleasure even through this face-fucking that's going on.

Indeed, the Charlotte, North Carolina-born stud is focused on his job,
ploughing his long dick in and out of her wet and tight snatch, his muscular
waist connecting into her toned ass cheeks when he moves his hips forward and
goes balls deep into the beauty from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and his gaze is
right down onto her booty to watch those full cheeks jiggle from the impact.
He's moaning when he ventures in and out of her snug pussy with a swift pace
with just the right amount of force behind his pumps that makes her feel it
despite her current discomfort, ensuring that she stays very wet around his
manhood as it's sliding effortless back and forth, showing that he's
certainly no novice when it comes to sex even if it's in this unusual
circumstances, in the office of his boss with said man also involved to make
this a backstage threesome.

"Mmmmm... Geez, if I wanted my dick this wet, I would have held it under a
tap..." Triple H says backhandedly as he mercifully pulls his cock out of
Sofia's mouth, allowing her to gasp for breath as she clutches her throat
now. "Sorry Richie, but while it wasn't the worst I've ever had, it was far
from the best and trust me, I know all about being "That Damn Good" in a lot
of things." He adds, standing back and watching with clear approval at the
way the NXT Superstar is pumping his dick into the NXT Diva's snatch from

"Not that I'm looking to argue with you Sir... But I enjoyed her, hey, I
still am actually..." Richie says with a smile, giving her another couple of
balls deep thrusts that have them both moaning clearly. "Maybe you should try
her pussy? You're talking about soaking wet? She's like a water park back
here!" He adds with a laugh before he also pulls out, making himself groan as
he looks over his coated with her pussy juices dick.

"Kid, we might be onto something with you... Because showing initiative when
it comes to the Divas will get you a long way, and into a lot of holes, in
the WWE..." The multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says with a
smirk and approving nod, before he reaches down and sharply pulls Cortez up.
"Let's give you another chance to show what you've got blondie... Now you're
gonna be the one putting the effort in..."

She has barely time to prepare herself as she's moved around the office desk
before Triple H sits himself down in his chair, and then using his superior
strength to lift her all the way up and off the ground before lowering her
right down onto his coated with her saliva cock, causing them to both moan
out when her tight, wet pussy is invaded by this thick man meat even if her
cry was much louder. As she takes a moment to adjust herself, grinding her
snatch down into his crotch in the process as she grits her teeth and glares
down at the stud she's on the lap off, said WWE Superstar motions for the NXT
star to come forward and he does with a smile, his eyes locked onto the
tanned and sexily rounded backside of the feisty but seemingly arrogant Diva
as he approaches and lightly strokes himself.

"I'll... I'll fucking show you what I'm made off!" Cortez says with a purpose
as she grips the back of the chair with her hands, starting to bounce herself
on the rock hard dick of the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and
Live Events, getting a reward of actually making him moan clearly and audibly
for once as he relaxes back, using his hands to push up her bra top to
release her perky and nicely sized tits that immediately also jiggle in time
with the rest of her toned body. "You'll see that I'm the best in NXT...
MMMM!! And I'll be the next... Ahhhh!! MMMM!!! WWE Diva!!" She adds, tossing
her long, blond hair back as she rides the cock of her boss as she looks to
impress him, raising her still snug and very damp snatch up to the half-way
point before dropping firmly down to take him balls deep, filling up her love
tunnel in the process to make herself groan deeply, much to the amusement of
the man she's on top off even as he clearly shows he's enjoying this fucking
as well.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh shit!! That's... Ahhhh tight!!" Steamboat is then heard to say
as he's made his move, pushing his only slightly less longer and thicker but
still extremely impressive dick in past her asshole to start pumping it in
and out of her juicy ass, again gripping her waist as he takes her from
behind but this time in a hole that feels even tighter to him than her snatch.
"Mmmmm! That's one hell of an ass right there..." He adds, smoothly moving
his hips forward and then back to move his length into her back passage, her
own pussy juices that are all over his member acting like a lube that helps
make the motion easy and already quite deep, allowing him to moan out and
enjoy the feeling of banging his fellow NXT co-worker's sexy booty and she
seems to be feeling sensations from it too, groaning and biting down on her
bottom lip as she glances behind her at him as she rides the other hunk's
dick at the same time.

"Kid... You are too nice... Mmmm... For your own good..." Triple H says with
a chuckle, watching the perfectly curved and now noticeably sweating blond on
top of him bounce away on his dick with far more enthusiastic energy and
action than she'd been with her mouth, leaving the former leader of Evolution
and DeGeneration-X no choice but to enjoy and moan at her work and the
feeling of her soaking wet snatch sliding up and down on his stiff pole.
"She's... Ahhhh... Decent enough... But this chick's ass? You'd be lucky to
bounce a penny off of more than an inch..." He mocks, still smirking as he
doesn't even place his hands onto the stunning female wrestler as she rides
his cock to show she's able to give it back as well as take, handling two
dicks at the same time in her lower holes as she bounces on the one deep in
her snatch while pushing her ass against the other driving into her back

"MMMMM!! Ooooooh fuck you!!" The woman who appeared as Ivelisse Velez in
Tough Enough groans out, still lifting and lowering herself sharply and with
force onto the dick she's mounted on top off, her tits bouncing away in time
with the rest of her gorgeously tanned and curved Puerto Rican body as she
works herself against the two hunky Americans to continue taking both of
their lengthy dicks as best as she can. "I'm the... UHHHH!! Fucking hottest
Diva!! I'm the... MMMM!! Future of the WWE!!!" Sweat is dripping from her
pretty face, with some strands of her blond hair sticking to her cheeks as
she rocks sharply back and forth, meeting the thrusts from behind into her
asshole to make sure it goes as deep as it can into her booty, while her
pussy keeps on slapping down into the crotch of the man she's riding, taking
him balls deep and making herself moan out loudly as she tilts her head back,
letting out a deep, erotic moan of shameless pleasure.

"Future?? Honey, you'll be... Mmmm... Lucky to last another couple months...
Around here..." The man nicknamed as The Game responds cooly with another
smug grin, watching as she wildly bounces away on his shaft, getting clearly
desperate to impress even if she's able to take more long, thick dicks than
many a normal woman could as she takes one swiftly up the ass while handling
his balls deep like she currently is. "And it feels like... Ahhhh shit...
You've already run out of time right now..." Triple H says, smirking as he
feels Sofia Cortez suddenly starting to cum hard on his cock with a deep
groan, making him moan in return but he's able to control himself, watching
as she mistimes her movements on his rod, more just grinding herself down
into his crotch as her juices further cover his pole and seep out onto his
crotch and balls.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm fuck!!" Richie Steamboat exclaims, the handsome son the WWE
Hall of Fame member hissing through his teeth as he feels her back passage
tightening around his manhood as she cums on the other man's dick, but
despite this increased pressure he's still holding out, pumping away deep
into her juicy ass with deep thrusts that now make her jolt forwards onto the
other hunk. He moans, easing up on his motions as he knows she just hit her
peak even as he's only lightly sweating, but deciding to enjoy her booty a
little long with a couple more pumps up into her before he finally pulls out,
making them both groan as he slaps the head of his dick against her smooth
butt cheeks with a smile.

"Was that seriously... Mmmm... Supposed to impress me??" Triple H questions,
not even letting her fully recover from her orgasm as he lifts her off from
his cock, setting her unceremoniously down to her knees on the floor of his
office. "The only thing you just proved was Richie right... You gush like a
damn water park!" He adds, seeing how her pussy juices are practically
dripping off of his dick.

"I... I ah... I was just... Just getting started!!" Cortez claims in between
deep gasps, looking up and trying to still act proud even as she looks a
well-fucked mess. "I can... I can handle it all... And go all night..."

"Face facts honey, you're out of your league here... You weren't "Tough
Enough" to make it in the first place, and you aren't good enough when it
comes to fucking either and if you can't handle someone like me then what
damn chance are you gonna have around a locker room of full time WWE
Superstars?" Triple H says, not looking impressed at her at all, but then his
attention turns towards the other man as he's moving around, and he smirks at
the NXT Superstar. "You on the other hand? Not too bad at all kid... I've
heard and seen lesser guys blowing their loads long before this point and
you're still ready to go?"

"Well, I'm kinda close to be honest..." Richie admits with a smile and a
shrug of the shoulders. "Hate to say it, but this all kind of caught me off
guard, and I'm not usually a threesomes kind of guy or anything like that..."
"Get used to that kid, because up in the WWE it happens more often than not.
Many Superstars, few Divas, you do the math..." Triple H states, using a hand
on the back to move Steamboat forwards towards the still kneeling and
recovering NXT Diva. "Now, you go get you some more... And by that I mean I
want to hear this arrogant little bitch gagging on your dick again, and don't
go easy on her..." He instructs with one of his trademark, sinister smiles
before firmly slapping him on the back, showing he's not joking around as it
make Richie's eyes widen in surprise, but he's wisely not going to argue
against his boss right here and now.

Clearly, the beautiful and now sweat-soaked blond has far from recovered from
the intense fucking she's been in or her own hard sexual high, so she offers
no resistance when her head is moved to look up, and soon after her eyes wide
when her open, gasping for breath mouth is taken advantage of as Richie
shoves his dick straight inside and the first motion makes the crown of his
tool connect with the back of her mouth. The loud gag she lets out from that
invasion vibrates around his dick, making him groan in pleasure as he starts
to slide his manhood back and forth between her lips as they loosely rest
around his member, so worn out that she can't even properly blow him if she
even wanted to, and now she can do nothing but just glare up at the hunk now
using her mouth for his own pleasure.

Not only is she gagging because she's being made to take more inches of fat
cock than she can properly handle into her mouth, but she's now tasting her
own back passage off of this meaty pole as it's some direct ass-to-mouth
action here, causing her eyes to narrow with clear disgust as her throat
flexes, and no doubt if she had the choice and the energy to do so, she'd
pull her head away and walk right away from this. But her mouth had talked a
game she couldn't actually handle and now she's paying the price as her mouth
is being briskly and smoothly fucked by a handsome fellow NXT star, his
length gliding in and out between her soft lips as he's made to further taste
her own ass from off of him and replace it with her own saliva to keep him
groaning as his dick starts to throb inside her hot and wet oral hole.

"Mmmmm... Yeah... Maybe needs a little more practice, but he'd be a hit with
the Divas for sure..." Watching on is the WWE's Executive Vice President of
Talent and Live Events who has a pleased grin on his rugged face as he
watches the impressive both in and out of the ring rookie Superstar perfectly
pump himself in and out of the feisty but with a sour attitude Diva's mouth
to make her gag loudly while he moans out. The multi-time former WWE Champion
is stroking himself off, keeping himself moaning as he's getting off on the
sight of the stunning blond being face-fucked by a long and thick cock, all
of this because of his own abuse of his position of power to make this
indecent proposal happen involving himself and two people who's careers he
can very easily make or indeed break.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Ahhhh here it comes... Mmmmm!!" Richie Steamboat is able to
pump into her mouth a few more times before he lets out a final, long groan
and begins to shoot his load into Sofia Cortez's mouth, making her eyes again
widen when her oral hole is quickly filled up with a far larger amount of
spunk that she thought she'd be getting. She gags, almost gargling the jizz
in a shameful way but with him still pumping his length into her mouth so he
can milk himself dry, she has no choice but to loudly swallow down his cum,
only to receive more shots soon after than she also drinks down, all the
while glaring straight up at the moaning, smiling stud until he's finally
completely spent and steps back, taking his now limp cock out from her mouth.

"Not bad kid, not too damn bad at all..." Triple H compliments as he now
comes forward, one hand still briskly stroking his dick as he uses the other
to pull her head upwards him with a handful of her long, blond hair. "As for
you honey? Seems like you need to still learn about paying your dues, so for
now you can take this and you better not dodge a drop of it!" He warns,
moving his hand onto the top of her head in order to tilt it back slightly,
and sensing what's coming she closes her eyes obediently even with her lips
curled in an angry frown at how she's been verbally abused along with all of
her holes during this intense fucking encounter in the WWE Superstar's
backstage office.

Having already gotten enough pleasure of his own out of her, and further
enjoying the show of her getting her mouth stuffed full, it doesn't take too
much of this swift jerking off before Triple H now starts to spray his load,
a thick stream landing right across the cheeks and nose of Sofia Cortez,
closely followed by a second aimed across the forehead and the feeling of his
warm jizz splashing onto her makes the former Tough Enough contestant groan.
Suddenly though her head is tilted down forwards and now The Game grins again
as she moans, aiming and shooting his spunk right onto and into her long,
blond hair as strands of jizz lands across the side of her hair and drip
further into it, making her eyes go wide in shock before he finishes off,
jerking out the last drops into her hair at the top of her head so it's
unmistakable that she has cum right in her long locks!

"WHAT THE FUCK?!??" Cortez exclaims, glaring up at the chuckling Executive
Vice President of Talent and Live Events, and then across to Steamboat who
also his laughing but he's trying to be polite again by looking away. "You...
You fucking got you damn cum all over my fucking hair!!" She yells, storming
up at her feet and staring right at her boss with a death glare.

"You little lady, got exactly what you deserved and then some." Triple H
calmly, but with clear smugness, responds. "A little bitch like you needs to
understand her place, and you down on your knees sucking dick and swallowing
it down, and then taking it on your face? That sounds about right for you."
"Now you just..." Sofia starts to say before the WWE Superstar cuts her off
by grabbing her by the arm and marching her around his desk.

"Now you damn listen!" Triple H says with a forceful, threatening tone. "I
don't give a damn what you did in Tough Enough, and I don't give a damn what
you think you've been doing in FCW. This is NXT, it's my show now and you
don't damn impress me then you're as good as gone. Now trust me on this one,
from what I've seen of you you're damn lucky I don't just fire your ass right
here and now!" He roughly shoves her towards her clothing. "You need to
change up your attitude and get your head straightened out, especially since
it's damn clear you won't be able to fuck your way to the top like some Divas
can and have! This is where you better learn to pay some dues and actually
earn a spot, instead of damn demanding it!!"

"But... But I... My hair!! I can't go back to the locker room like this!!"
Sofia says, sounding desperate as she hastily pulls up her bottoms.

"That's exactly what you're gonna do honey, and you better hope no one sees
you." Triple H replies, unsympathetic for the embarrassment he knows she'll
endure if seen in this state. "Actually, maybe it might help you... Guys will
see exactly what kind of a woman you really are!"

Fuming now, she hauls on her black jacket and storms to the door. "You know
what?? Fine! I'll play along with this damn "Game" of yours! I've been
through it on Tough Enough, and I'll deal with here!" Cortez defiantly says.
"I'm the biggest talent NXT has, and put me against any WWE Diva and I'll
prove it!" And with that, she opens the door and rushes out it, slamming it
hard behind her as it's clear she's racing back to the showers to clean the
"evidence" out of her hair.

There's silence for a few moments as the two naked men look from the door to
each other, and the NXT rookie is the first one to speak as he rubs the back
of his head.

"Listen, Triple H, Sir... Sofia isn't all that bad..." Richie starts to say.
"I mean yeah she's got this whole attitude problem, and a pretty big ego...
But look at her! She's hot, she can go in the ring, and she's got a character
going on... I'm sure she means well..."

Shaking his head slightly with a smile, Triple H places a hand on Steamboat's
shoulder. "Yeah, you are sure like your Dad alright... But you, unlike that
chick just now? You might actually have a future in the WWE... So let's be
honest here, and you tell me out of all the NXT Divas here... Where does that
Cortez chick really rank?"

"Honestly?" Richie seems pleasantly surprised that his opinion is being asked
for here. "Well, she's... She's not at the bottom, at least... That's where
I'd put Caylee if I'm honest... But I mean you've got Summer Rae who's all
kinds of gorgeous but she's still learning... Audrey is coming on leaps and
bounds, and she always looks great... And then there's Paige, and right
there? That's a star right there if you ask me."

"Well I did, and don't worry about all of this. It's just what happens in the
WWE and you will get used to it." Triple H says with a smirk. "Now if you'll
excuse me, we'd better put some clothes on and carry on... There is a show
going on, and as much as I'd love to keep just bringing in Divas here to have
fun with, I've got work to do otherwise I'll have my wife yelling down the
phone at me... Again..."

* * *

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