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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Raquel Diaz(FCW, NXT, aka Shaul Guerrero), Vickie Guerrero (WWE), Triple H (WWE), CM Punk (WWE, ROH).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 5: Raquel Diaz
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in August of 2012, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is inside his official office during the latest taping of the WWE's developmental territory NXT's TV show. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is sitting in his office chair, looking over show notes and reports about the talents used on the show, and he seems to be nodding his head as he reads over the file. That is, until the door into his office suddenly bursts open and makes him look up with a far from impressed look on his handsome face. That doesn't change when he sees who as barged in.

"What the Hell is this about some big "announcement" that's being made tonight?" The enraged voice of reigning WWE Champion and special guest to NXT CM Punk demands, the WWE Superstar clad in jeans and his own merchandise T-shirt hat hugs nicely to his well defined frame. "I'm the WWE Champion, and if anyone should be the big deal around here, it should be me!" He adds, holding his WWE Title on his shoulder as he glares across the desk at Triple H.

"...Well it's a surprise, and that's kind of the thing with surprises - they are kept, you know, secret?" Triple H dryly responds, calmly getting up from behind his desk. "Is this really what this is about? Or are you mad we haven't given you a "pipe bomb" slot in one of the NXT shows?"

"Don't get me wrong "Hunter", I'm fine with being here. I get to see how you're at least using Seth Rollins to a fraction of what he can do as NXT Champion." Punk replies. "What I don't appreciate is having a lack of respect shown to me by this developmental territory with this announcement hanging over the show like some kind of bad smell!"

"Look Punk, the deal is this. We've got to..."

"Excuse me!!"

Hearing the loud, infamous call from the hallway causes Punk to throw his arms up in annoyance while Triple H grits his teeth and lets out a knowing sign, that voice and cry only belonging to one WWE Diva, the one perhaps hated the most by the WWE Universe. Indeed, soon entering the office is now the former General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown, "The Cougar" Vickie Guerrero but she is not alone. Along with her, twirling strands of her long, blond hair and checking her nails at the same time is her real-life daughter Shaul Guerrero, better known in NXT as Raquel Diaz. Vickie has on her signature gold Cougar chain necklace, along with a black outfit of bottoms and a no-sleeved top. Diaz has an extremely eye-catching outfit of a bright yellow one-piece "dress" with high shoulders, black fishnet nights, and over knee-height thick black boots on.

"I said excuse me!" Vickie says with a smirk, moving past an unimpressed Punk as she locks eyes with Triple H. "Triple H, if I may be so bold to ask, why haven't you already given my daughter, the hottest property in all of NXT and the future of the WWE Divas division, second to myself of course, a full-time main roster contract with the WWE yet?"

Triple H lets a pause hang in the air as he glances at her and her daughter who is smirking as well as she looks over him. "...Because she hasn't earned it yet." Triple H answers simply, moving around his desk.

"Since you never had to go through developmental before Vickie, let me explain this to you..."

"Babe, what's there to explain? I'm the Uber Diva!" Raquel interrupts with a smile and a quite obnoxious laugh. "I've been Exfoliating Ugliness in my Tour all over NXT, and there isn't a Diva here or in the WWE who can match my style or my good looks! Face it, I'm hot! Hotter than hot, and that makes me the Uber Diva!" She adds with a lick of her lips as she strikes a fashion model-like pose.

"It makes you a damn rip off of Maryse, LayCool, the Beautiful People from TNA, and just about every other "pretty girl" gimmick that there's been in wrestling!" Punk chimes in, looking even more mad about this all than he was when he first came in. "You see Triple H? This is what I'm talking about! A lack of respect shown to me not just by the WWE Universe, but the whole locker room and even no-hope skanks like this one!"

"Excuse me?!??" Vickie yells, now storming in front of Punk. "You do not call my daughter that! May I remind you that I'm Vickie Guerrero, a former General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown!"

"Yeah yeah, but I'm the current WWE Champion and I can do what I want, when I want to, and I can sure as hell drop a "Pipe Bomb" whenever I want to as well! You honestly think that..." Punk uses an arm to motion half-heartedly towards Diaz who is still checking over her own nails. "Is going to be even close to the next Lita or Trish Stratus. I know you had Kaitlyn as a rookie in NXT when it ran seasons and people could watch the show, but come on! Her? As a Diva??"

"Oh, my daughter could kick their asses, just like how I've scored victories over the "mighty" Trish Stratus before in the past!" Guerrero answers back with a smirk. "My daughter can out-do all the Divas on every aspect and dominate just like I always have in the Divas division!"

"Oh, so you can out-do them all huh? No matter what, you're better?" Triple H jumps on that line, directing the questions towards Diaz.

"Without a doubt baby. I'm as flawless as it gets and I can shine like only the Uber Diva can!" Raquel boasts as she steps forward.

"Well in that case... How about you prove it..." Triple H now looks to Punk with a knowing smirk. "They say that if it's got a vagina, Punk will fuck it... So how about you test out Diaz here and see if she matches to any of the hundred-or-so past wrestler girlfriends you've had?"

"What, just because I'm not tied down with a ring on my finger, you think I'm going to nail any Diva that comes my way?" Punk says back, glaring at the grinning Triple H for a moment before putting his title down onto the office desk and then moving to pull his T-shirt over his head. "You know what? Fine. I've got that main event after the TV taping to do, and I could do with some kind of warm up anyway!"

Vickie's mouth hangs open in shock, looking at both Punk and Triple H at the mere suggestion of this, but the biggest shock is when her daughter all too eagerly moves over and sets herself down on her knees in front of Punk, reaching up to undo the belt of his pants. "How scandalous! Getting down and dirty with the WWE Champion!" She says with cocky glee as she pulls down his jeans, and locks eyes with his impressive looking cock even before it's gotten hard at all.

"That kind of A-List talk reminds me of a major annoying slut-bag Diva who used to stink up the locker room a while back..." Punk says, watching her take a hold of his shaft and start to firmly stroke him off. "Please tell me you don't do the splits..."

"Please, what am I? Some loser like the other wanna-be Divas around here?" She shrugs off the suggestion, using her stoking motion to get him almost fully hard already. "Now get ready to have your mind blown, Uber Diva style!" Diaz says, using the free hand to flip back her hair before she leans her head in, opening her mouth and first swatting the crown of his dick with her tongue. She's looking up with a smirk as she runs her tongue all the way around and over the head, leaving a light covering of her saliva over it while her hand continues to stroke, making sure he gets nice and hard for what's next. In reply, Punk is just watching with folded arms, unimpressed as he watches the would-be Diva jerking and licking away at his member, a combination that might have most men weak at the knees already.

Despite the fact that her own mother is watching what's going on just a few feet away, the fame-hungry but gorgeous female parts her pouty lips in order to take in the cock of the WWE Champion into her mouth, letting out a groan herself as its clear that this kind of nicely thick and lengthy dick isn't what she's used to. Despite that, and after her lips adjust to the stretch around his rod, she goes right to work on him, using her hand for light strokes while she begins to bob her head slowly back and forth, still looking up at the hunk she's blowing with a sassy look in her eyes. It's a sharp contrast to the glare he's getting back from the man who's still keeping a poker face on like he isn't enjoying this, let alone this whole situation.

As Punk gets sucked off by the NXT Diva, the other stud in the room is all too casually taking off his suit jacket and tie, with every intention on getting some of the young rookie, even though he can clearly tell that said female's mother is watching her with gritted teeth, not approving off this but knowing that it could be a fast-track ticket to success if it works out. This also makes Triple H smirk, but his attention soon goes back to the Guerrero wrestling family member currently on her knees and rocking her head back and forth along the dick of one of the WWE's most controversial as well as successful stars.

"If you're thinking this is going to blow my mind..." Punk says as he states down at the El Paso, Texas born beauty with her full lips firmly wrapped around his length as she smoothly moves her mouth up and down on his vast size. "Then it's no damn wonder you're stuck down here in nowhere's land!" He adds with a snap, trying to hold back a groan of pleasure to keep the appearance that he isn't enjoying her sucking action on the top portion of his cock. It's clear though that she's managing to please him to a level even if she's only working over that upper half of his manhood with her mouth, her hand still jerking off the bottom few inches and showing that she's certainly no stranger to handling a cock.

"Are you kidding me??" Vickie Guerrero finally yells with a stomp, figuring out this isn't the first time her daughter has sucked dick from the way she's smoothly lifting her head back and forth along CM Punk's shaft, leaving it nicely coated with her saliva but not exactly fulfilling her vow to "blow his mind" as he's standing straight and handling this just fine. "What the Hell have you been doing down here??" She demands with a glare, however all she gets is Diaz glancing over and smirking around the dick she's blowing, raising her head all the way up and off with a "pop" and a laugh before she uses her tongue again to swirl around the bell end of the current WWE Champion.

"Oh, please Mom..." Diaz says, making a hand motion before checking over her nails of her free hand, her other still jerking off Punk and now rubbing her saliva over his whole length. "It's not like you haven't, you know, done the exact same... Like with Edge, with Ziggler, with whoever that loser was back in 2009..."

"Excuse me!! I told you never to bring him up!!" Vickie yells as she comes forward. "Just who the Hell do you think you are young lady! I am Vickie Guerrero! The most dominate Diva in the WWE and I am your mother!!" She yells down at her daughter, not noticing herself that's she's now right in front of Punk as well.

"Most dominate... Right... Just like what every Diva says..." CM Punk says with a roll of the eyes, still looking unimpressed. "Look Vickie, how about you do us both a favor... How about you show your rip-off gimmick daughter here how to suck dick at least? You won't be half as good as Lita is, not even a quarter, but if the stories I hear about you are true..."

"Excuse me?!??" Guerrero turns and glares at Punk, while Raquel shrugs her shoulders and stands up, glancing to the side and seeing something she likes, she starts to smirk and lick her lips as she moves across the room. "Not as good as that locker room slut Lita?? Oh, I'll show you alright! You'll see how The Cougar handles a wanna-be man like you!" She says, another grunt of anger as she lowers herself down to her knees in front of the smirking Superstar.

Only a few feet away, Raquel Diaz is now standing in front of a completely naked Triple H as she uses a hand to stroke the rock hard and very long cock on full display, still managing to put on an arrogant show as she has her mouth open and a hand on her hip. "Oh this? This is perfect for an "Alpha Female" like me..." She says with a sassy but overconfident tone of voice.

"Well you're not going to do anything with that... Outfit on..." Triple H says, referring to the unique choice of dress she has on, but holding back his real thoughts on it. "Ditch it, and then we'll see if you're good enough to play The Game..."

"Mmmm... You might be top of my MILF "to do" list..." Punk says, not bothering to try and hold back his moans now as he hands his hands on his hips, watching as Vickie Guerrero sinks her mouth down onto his rock hard cock, not bothered by the fact that his cock is still covered with the saliva of her own daughter all over it. "But if you picked up a trick or two from Edge and Ziggler then you'll do..." He adds, smirking at the glare she gives him back in response, but she doesn't stop lifting and dropping her head on his length, her hands on his thighs as she sucks him off with a steady pace, soon replacing her daughter's saliva with her own and doing so without any hesitation.

At the same time, the last-ever Queen of FCW is now naked, her nicely sized breasts along with her juicy ass on display as she's been lifted up off the ground, letting out a gasp and then a moan as she's lowered right down onto the thick rod of Triple H. "Mmmm... Someone was getting off on sucking dick..." Said former full-time Superstar notes with a smirk, feeling that Diaz is already wet downstairs as he begins to slide his cock up and down into her snatch, making her moan again as she flips her hair back, a wide smile on her face as she's loving the "scandal" of this situation, and making sure to wrap her legs around his muscular waist and her arms around his neck.

A short distance across, the Straight Edge Superstar has his gaze locked onto the former General Manager of Raw and Smackdown, moaning as he feels her lips gliding back and forth over his rod, showing that she's had notable experience in this sexual act as can only be expected from someone long associated with the Rated R Superstar Edge. Indeed, The Cougar of the WWE seems to know that she's making the hunk in front of her moan from her oral skill and is smirking around his member as she takes it in and out of her warm and wet mouth, still using a brisk pace as she handles most of his inches inside of her mouth.

"Mmmm... You like that baby?" Raquel moans as she runs her hands over the shoulders of the former King of the Ring and Royal Rumble Match winner as he thrusts his meaty tool swiftly up into her pussy, able to bounce herself on his pole so she's getting him balls deep inside of her damp but tight hole. "Oh yeah I know you do! None of those... Mmmm... Disgusting Divas in the WWE can match me!" She boasts as her breasts are pressing into the chiseled out of stone chest of the man who's banging her and holding her completely off the ground as he does so, only answering her cocky claims with a confident smirk of his own, focusing more on the job at hand - sliding every fat inch of his dick quickly in and out of her snatch.

Back across, the woman who was the Pro to rookie Kaitlyn during Season 3 of NXT is now showing she's a "pro" at handling some dick, as she's currently groaning as she's taking a face fucking from the "Pipe Bombing" Superstar who has a firm grip of her short, dark hair as he pumps his shaft in and out of her mature mouth. "Figures... Mmmm... That's you'd be able to take a "spearing"..." Punk says, taking another backhanded shot at her even when she's the reason he's moaning as all his inches pass between her nicely soft lips, causing her to gag occasionally when the tip of his tool touches the back of her mouth but she doesn't pull away, even able to slightly bob her head towards the incoming cock as its pumped into her.

"Hate to tell you this honey... Mmmm... But I'm not exactly impressed yet..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events says, showing his "hands on" approach with female talent, using a firm grip on the waist to hold the daughter of the late Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero up as he hammers his cock right up into her wet snatch. "You're decent... Ahhh... But I've had better... And I've had worse..." He adds with a smirk, giving an extra hard thrust that makes her groan out, her tits rubbing against his chest as she jolts on his shaft from the way he's strongly pumping up into her, showing that he's in full control of this position but she's able to take it, even if she now can't even grind against him as she moans with her head tilted back a little.

"Mmmm... OK, that's finally good enough for a warm-up..." Punk says dismissively as he pulls his dick out of Vickie's mouth, giving her a chance to catch her breath. He looks over and now finally sees that Diaz has been "occupied" since he was getting blown by her mother. "Oh what, now it's not enough you used to hog my TV time? You've got to swipe my sloppy seconds that wasn't even worth that when I started?" He asks with an aggravated tone in his voice.

"Hey, the door's over there if you want to go get ready for that dark match after the taping for the Internet to freak about..." Triple H replies, still giving Raquel a couple of deep pumps before he pulls his dick out of her snatch, making them both moan. "Or, you can "test out" this rookie since I warmed her up for you... Or is the "Best in the World" just a minute man?" He adds with a smirk.

"That's bullshit and you know it, Beth Phoenix knows it, Maria knows it, and you can damn well bet Lita does because she came back to me for more!" Punk rants, storming forward and roughly grabbing Diaz by the arm as soon as she's down on the floor. "Come here! I've wrestled and beaten your father before, and now I'm gonna give you the fucking of a lifetime!" Punk claims, moving her down to her hands and knees on the floor.

"Ooooh! Scandalous!" Diaz says, looking back over her shoulder with a grin.

"Fucking a guy with a girlfriend, and a married man? That's perfect for the Uber Diva!" She adds, all too eagerly getting into that doggy style position.

Seeing and hearing this, her mother Vickie Guerrero moves around them, locking eyes with Triple H and giving him a devious smile. "Now, we're both adults here... I don't see why we can't have some fun of our own, right?"

He responds with a chuckle. "If you mean I can bang you better than your "show off" choke artist client can? Then you're damn right I can..."

"I'll... Mmmm... I'll say this for you... You spread your legs just as easy as... Ahhhh... Every WWE Diva does for me..." Punk boasts, taking a hold of the hips of the woman also known as Shaul Guerrero as he plunges the cock that's just been deep in her own mother's mouth and is now right in her snatch, using a series of quick and stiff pumps to nail her from behind, moaning as he feels just how wet and tight her pussy is even after the previous fucking she's already taken from a just as hung and hard stud. Moaning herself, the NXT Diva taking his already intense pumping is looking back behind her, a lustful look on her face as she rocks her body back in time with the incoming thrusts, looking to take him as deeply into her as she can, slightly licking her pouty lips as he gaze switches from up at his handsome face to down to his crotch to get glimpses of his cock as it moves into her snatch.

Right beside them now, the now fully nude mother of Diaz and the widow of Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero is now also on her hands and knees on the office floor, moaning as the man married to Stephanie McMahon pushes his cock into her damp snatch and starts to bang her from behind, wasting no time into getting into a swift, hard rhythm as he fires of thrust after thrust into her pussy. Her mouth slightly hangs open as Vickie moans, and not seemingly from disgust either despite this dick having just come right from insider her daughter's pussy, as her nicely curved and mature body is jolting forward each time the hunk behind her thrusts forward with force, while he groans and gets plenty of pleasure from her nicely snug and very wet pussy that feels made for taking Superstar-quality cock.

"Ahhh! Mmmmm yes! Fuck me babe!" The former FCW Divas Champion moans out as she keeps rocking back and forth, meeting the hard pumps that she's getting from the former WWE, World Heavyweight, and ECW-brand Champion as he continues to bang her snatch in this doggy style position, allowing him to go balls deep into her love tunnel. "Mmmmm! I know you love getting some of the Uber Diva!" She adds with a laugh tailed off into a groan as she feels his toned waist connecting with her plump ass cheeks when he drives into her pussy, the smack ringing out as he thrusts away with obvious skill and experience, every inch of his nicely thick dick fitting into her wet but still quite tight hole to keep them both moaning out.

"Mmmm... Don't know what is crazier... The brawl that went down after me and Eddie fought for the World title in 2004... Ahhh... Or the fact I've nailed his wife and daughter eight years later..." Triple H chuckles in between moans, and despite being married himself he has no issues with fucking the widow of a Hall of Fame member as he keeps on pumping his long and thick to match cock swiftly in and out of the snatch of the groaning, beginning to sweat female in front of him. The former leader of D-Generation-X and Evolution has a firm hold of her waist, ploughing his dick deep into her snatch that's impressively tight for a mother of two, and it's clear she's enjoying every moment of this sinful sexual encounter even with her own daughter also getting fucked doggy style like she is right beside her.

"Mmmm... Awww fuck! I guess being a slut... Runs in the female bloodline of the Guerrero family..." Punk grunts out, commenting on how both mother and daughter are on their hands and knees and getting nailed from behind by hung sport entertainment studs, while he continues to pump away into the snatch of the NXT Diva who's running her self-proclaimed "Exfoliating Ugliness Tour". "Because sure as hell wrestling talent doesn't!" He manages to add, his balls slapping against the skin of the Mexican-American beauty in front of him as all of the inches of his Chicago, Illinois cock slam deep into her pussy, causing her to only care about the pleasure she's getting which is already making a sexy layer of sweat form across her body.

"Ex... Mmmm... Excuse me! I am not... AHHHH! I am not a slut!!" The moans being let out by "The Cougar" tell the real story as her curvacious WWE Diva's body continues to jolt forward hard each and every time she takes a balls deep thrust from the second ever WWE Grand Slam Champion who's also groaning as he pumps away into her but showing he's able to dish out plenty more. He just smirks, watching how her thick butt cheeks jiggle as he pounds into her and his muscular body connects into hers to make a slapping sound ring out around his office as he continues to give it to the MILF Diva and all too easily it seems dominate her with these repeated, hard pumps into her soaking wet snatch.

"Yeah, sure you're not... And Stone Cold Steve Austin is a life-time Straight Edge guy..." Triple H says, ignoring the glare he gets from Punk beside him as he pulls out of Vickie's snatch with a groan. "I'm surprised that both of you lasted even this long... But if you want a shot at getting even back on NXT Diaz, you're going to have to really prove you want it." He challenges, watching her take a couple more pumps from Punk.

"Mmmm... Baby, I'm the Uber Diva! I can fuck however, whenever, and whoever, and make it look fabulous!" Raquel boasts with a wink and a moan as Punk pulls out of her.

"Figured you say that... So let's prove it..." Triple H smirks as he glances at the others in the room. "Punk, lay down and get Diaz back on your dick... And do me a favor Vickie and shut that "pipe bomb" mouth up with that Cougar snatch..."

"You might be too used to hearing to lay down from your wife at home, but this will be the only time you'll ever see it from me!" Punk says with a smirk, taking his time to lay on the office floor just as Diaz makes an over-the-top show of mounting his crotch.

"I doubt this will be any good for me..." Vickie states, trying her best to look aggravated by this all as she moves over to lower her pussy onto Punk's face. "But you better show him how the Guerreros are better at everything!"

The man who defeated Eddie Guerrero in 2002 for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship now has his widow on his face as he pushes his tongue right up into her snatch and eats her out, while Punk has his daughter mounted on his cock, allowing him thrust up deep into her wet pussy as she starts to ride him. Both stunning Guerrero family members are moaning already from his tongue work and pumping skill respectively, just inches away from each other as she rock back and forth on the same hunk underneath them as Vickie takes a lashing from the talented tongue while Shaul handles the thrusting and lengthy dick deep into her snatch.

"Mmm... So hot... So... AWWWW FUCK!!" The woman who once held both the Queen of FCW crown and FCW Divas Championship soon has more to handle as the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion moves up behind her, spreading her butt cheeks apart and firmly pushing his dick into her asshole, groaning as he feels the tightness all around her member. "Ahhh! MMMM!! My ass!! Ooooooh fuck!!" Despite the fact that this dick is coated with the pussy juices from her own mother's snatch, Diaz lets out a deep moan as she takes Triple H's member into her back passage, feeling him already starting to work in and out of her and it makes her grind away more onto the dick deep in her pussy.

"MMMMM!! Ahhhh! You're not... Mmmm! Pipe bombing now, are you??" The former General Manager of Smackdown and Raw says with a moan, making sure her pussy is right onto the mouth of the current WWE Champion, which in turn allows him easy access to slide his tongue all around her folds, showing it's not just with controversial promos his mouth is good for as he laps up her flowing juices. "Ahhh... The Cougar... MMMMM!! Is always on top!!" She manages to pant out, sweating hard now as she works her pussy down to rub it over the mouth of the Superstar underneath her, making her juices go over some of his rugged, handsome facial features in the process while he grips her hips and makes sure to push his tongue as far into her as he can manage.

"Mmmm... A mother-daughter wrestling duo... Pretty sure that Paige was in something like that in the Indies..." Triple H thinks aloud, showing he's not caring, or impressed for that matter, too much about the current women in the room even though he's currently pumping his cock back and forth into the tight, nicely rounded booty of the NXT Diva in front of him and moaning with each motion. "At least I wouldn't unleash Hell on Earth by Stephanie if I ever suggested something like this with Linda... But knowing Vince and that "incest" fetish he had for a while..." He lets that thought trail off with a chuckle, soon groaning as he works his hips forward and then sharply back to repeat the motion, sliding his dick impressively deep into the Mexican-American ass he's banging, filling her up with all the dick she can handle as she takes him up the ass while having another WWE hunk balls deep and thrusting into her soaking wet snatch at the same time.

"AHHHH! Excuse me!! There's only one... MMMM! Dominate wrestling family!! And that's.... Ahhhh! The Gu... Guerreros!! MMMM!!" Try as she might to make her claims and as much as she's grinding her snatch down against the hunk she's on top off, it becomes clear The Cougar isn't as "dominating" as she claims, as Vickie Guerrero starts to cum thanks to the porn-star quality tongue work given by CM Punk. The reigning WWE Champion smirks as he feels the flood of juices coming out from her pussy, and he has no problems in drinking it down as well as keeping his tongue moving around in her snatch even as some fluids spill out to splash across his lower face and down his chin to trickle onto his neck.

"Ahhhh! Only the best... MMMM!! For the Uber Diva!!" The stunning NXT Diva moans out as her body rocks in between the stiff and sudden thrusts she's taking from both sports entertainment hunks as their dicks slam deep into her lower holes, filling her ass and snatch right up with fat cock that would leave a normal red blooded woman unable to walk without pain for well over a week. "MMMM!! Fuck me! Fuck me like the Diva I am!!" Even though she's sweating hard, she's able to take this despite not be in any kind of control to move against their pumps, having to just take it in her ass and her wet pussy but she's loving every moment of it as she moans deeply and draws in deep breaths as her breasts bounce away in time with the motion of her body.

Just as her mother have dismounted from the stud underneath them both and moves to sit and catch her breath, it's now the turn of Shaul Guerrero to reach her peak as Raquel Diaz starts to cum on the dick of CM Punk while getting fucked up the ass by Triple H at the same time, her holes tightening and making the Superstars groan out as she rides out her very intense orgasm. Punk can't help but smirk, feeling juices flowing over his stiff but starting to throb now rod as he doesn't even bother pumping up into her now, letting the continuing thrusts from the other man do the jolting work for him as Triple H carries on banging her booty for a couple moments more, making sure she's fucked all the way through the waves of pleasure until she finally comes back down to Earth with gasps and deep groans.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... That was outrageous!" Diaz says with a pleased look, an arrogant laugh and a lick of the lips as she adjusts herself, groaning when Triple H pulls out of her ass. "Perfect for the Uber Diva, don't you think?"

"Perfect? For me, you damn right it was!" Punk says, lifting Raquel off of his cock so he can stand up. "I just made two generations of the Guerrero family cum like cheap whores, so yeah, I'd say I'm damn well perfect!" He boasts with a smirk, not letting her stand up as he uses a hand on the top of her head to keep her on her knees. "Now finish the job and give my damn respect that I deserve!"

"If we're keeping score, I was there in her ass for Raquel's orgasm, so the points are shared..." Triple H says with a smirk, also moving up to Diaz. "Forget respect, just get me off and I'll think about moving you up to the big time."

"Mmmm... That's my kind of deal!" The NXT Diva says as she quickly takes a hold of both men's cock in her hands, starting to stroke away on them before she leans her head in, going right to work as she takes Triple H's member into her mouth and starts to suck him off, already handling more than half his size while her other hand pumps all the way up and down the length of Punk's dick. Both the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions are now moaning again as they watch her all too eagerly go to work on their cocks with deep, hungry sucks and quick strokes with her hand as she runs her pouty lips back and forth along one dick while her hand does the same over all the inches of the other.

Having recovered enough from her own sexual high, Vickie Guerrero looks over with wide eyes to see her daughter still going in a way as she now switches to suck on Punk's meaty, throbbing dick while jerking off Triple H's lengthy pole, able to hear Diaz groaning around the man meat deep in her oral hole as she bobs her head and works her hand up and down. Hissing with frustration, the Cougar stumbles up to her feet, moving to get her clothing back and allowing it seems her daughter to continue on "impressing" as she smoothly raises and lowers her long, blond haired head on the Straight Edge Superstar's cock while pumping her hand over the pulsating shaft of The Cerebral Assassin.

When she feels her head being pulled sharply down towards the dick she's been blowing, she lets out a groan soon followed by a moan of lust as CM Punk lets out a deep groan of his own before starting to blow his load inside the mouth of Raquel Diaz. The man who in the indies defeated Eddie Guerrero for a championship and has already had Vickie Guerrero cumming on his face in this sexual encounter is now filling the mouth of Shaul Guerreo up with his creamy jizz, even thrusting his dick between her pouty lips as he sends his spunk into her oral hole. With greedy gulps, she swallows down all of his load, smirking around his cock as she does so and keeping her hand moving along the other dick as she makes sure he's milked dry, in her mind proving she has exactly what it takes to make it in the WWE.

Once he's spent and pulled his softening dick out of her mouth, she turns to face the other hunk and sees him taking a hold of his own rod, starting to stroke it so she scoots in close, tilting her head back and closing her eyes knowing full well what's coming, and in fact cumming next. Indeed, with a deep grunt Triple H starts shooting his load across the face of Raquel Diaz, coating her pretty, sweat-covered facial features with thick streams of spunk that land over her pouty lips, nose, cheek and chin, giving her the kind of pasting that would be expected from a group of men and not just the one WWE legend. Squeezing out the final drops onto her face, he smirks and looks over the "art work" he's created as jizz drips from her chin and lands down onto Shaul Guerrero's face, making her appear more like an "Uber Slut" than the Uber Diva she claims to be.

"Excuse me!! Are you kidding me??" Vickie yells, now half dressed as she points at her daughter as she stays on her knees. "What is this, some kind of WWE porno film???"

"No, I'm pretty sure that's handled by those D & K Productions guys, not us..." Triple H says with a shrug. "What more do you want from me? Behind closed doors means we don't have to be PG."

"Hey, you should be honored I lowered my standards to you and your skank, gimmick rip-off daughter here!" Punk fires back, grabbing his WWE Championship before he thinks about putting on clothes. "I gave you both two Best in the World specials that I should be charging for!"

"All I know was, that the Exfoliating Ugliness Tour just made another successful stop for the Uber Diva!" Raquel states with a smile, licking her lips and collecting some cum in the process. "I'm sure that was all more than enough to make you think about me, right?" She asks with supreme confidence, looking up at the bemused Triple H.

"Well... I said I'd think about it, and I will... Now all of you, get dressed and get out of here... There's a taping still going on that I'm supposed to be checking up on..."

* * *

Later in the night, and after the post-taping main event that saw a "Indies dream tag match" take place, Triple H is chuckling at the reaction he's seeing from CM Punk after a John Cena video played announcing his appearance at an upcoming NXT event. His attention soon turns as he's approached by none other than WWE Hall of Famer and NXT General Manager "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, causing a big smile to appear on Triple H's face.

"Hunter my man, we've had a stellar show tonight!" Dusty says with a smile of his own. "Talent from top to bottom, so much potential, and we've been attracting down Superstars like Punk and now John Cena? NXT is just getting bigger and better from here on out!"

Triple H nods in agreement. "You've been doing great work here Dream, same goes for all the Superstars and Divas here... Well, most of them anyway..." He says with a knowing chuckle.

"I hear you on that one! We got a lot of bad eggs around here!" Rhodes replies with a laugh. "Already cut some of those dead-weight Divas away from here. And I mean, gals like this weird Raquel Diaz, writing Ls on peoples' foreheads? Where do we find these people?"

"To be honest, I don't know and I personally, I don't think we'll be seeing much more of Diaz in the future..." Triple H smirks, showing despite what he said earlier, he certainly isn't giving any thought to any rapid advance of Diaz's career. "But don't worry Dusty, we're used to having "out there" characters in the WWE, and NXT will be no different. Besides, as far as the Divas go? We've got just the solution... Remember I was telling you about how we needed a Head Trainer for the Divas here in NXT?"

"I do, I do remember that! Telling me something about how you had your eyes on a "Queen" and you weren't talking about any card game!" Rhodes says with a smile.

"Well, we've gotten the contracts back through and she's wrapping up Indy dates... And trust me, from what I've heard? If this Death Rey can't kick these girls into shape, then no one will..."

* * *

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