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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Paige(FCW, NXT, aka Britani Knight), Triple H (WWE), John Cena (WWE), Sheamus (WWE).

Playing The Game in NXT - Part 6: Paige
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the conclusion of the post-NXT TV taping main event at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in September of 2012, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is having a discussion with the man supposed to have competed tonight in top WWE Superstar John Cena, and the man who replaced him to defeat Antonio Cesaro in Sheamus. Triple H is clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, while Cena is in the trademark jean shorts and merch T-shirt with a sling on his injured arm, and Sheamus is in the ring attire he wore for the match that ended moments ago.

"Seriously John, I would have loved to see you out there compete just like the fans wanted to, and I'd love to book you in for a match somewhere down the line..." Triple H says before turning to look at Sheamus. "And Sheamus, what can I say? I owe you one. You didn't need to come here tonight but I'm damn happy you did."

"What can I say fella? How can I turn down a fight even here in NXT?" Sheamus says with a grin. "You know any time I can kick someone's head off, I'm more than happy to do it."

"And you can count me in for a return here to NXT." Cena says. "I've seen a lot of great talent here tonight. Whole lot of future WWE Superstars and even Divas, and you can bet that I want to get into the mix with them. Soon as this arm is given the all clear, I'll get on the next flight down here to Florida and I'll be ready to get it on!" He adds with a confident smile.

"Yeah... About that..." Triple H smirks. "You mentioned something out there about when you'd be back, but I remember you sounding off on Twitter when the WWE site..."

Triple H is about to continue talking when his attention is caught by someone approaching and looking to walk by, and soon the other two men are drawn in to look at who he's gazing at. The mysterious but intense NXT Diva with a cult-like following at Full Sail, the raven-haired 20-year-old from Norwich, England known only as Paige. The pale-skinned beauty is dressed in a short leather-like jacket over a black, bar-like top that shows off her nicely rounded tits with silver spike studs along the top, and a black skirt that hugs perfectly to her sexily rounded ass. She carries a travel bag with her, clearly heading to leave the building now the taping has concluded, but seeing that she's being stared at by the three WWE Superstars she comes to a stop in front of them.

"Something I can help you with boss?" Paige asks as she locks eyes with him, before turning to do the same with Cena and Sheamus. "Or you two?" She adds with a hint of an alluring tone in her voice.

"John Cena, WWE Superstar." Cena extends a hand with a handsome smile, being playful with the clearly "loner" female.

Looking at it for a moment, she moves her own to shake his hand. "Paige, NXT's Anti-Diva." She responds as she locks onto his gaze with a breath-taking look, not noticing that to the side Triple H is leaning over to check out her skirt-covered booty and from the smirk on his face, he likes what he sees.

"Anti-Diva? There used to be a woman around the WWE who called herself that until CM Punk got his panties in a twist about her not pretending to be Straight Edge enough for his like..." Cena says, seemingly enjoying the look he's getting from the woman nicknamed "Miss Hell in Boots".

"Oh, so we're supposed to pretend I don't know who you are? Or should that be, who you used to be?" Sheamus asks with a smile of his own.

"You act like you know me... Or someone who looked like me..." Paige responds with a smirk of her own.

"Well you finally ditched the shame sparkling shorts and plain top, so I'd say being away from the rest of Knight family has done wonders for you..." The Celtic Warrior responds, drawing a narrow eyed look from the would-be WWE Diva.

"Random Indy references from the UK that I'm never going to get aside..." Triple H cuts in. "You know Paige, you should be treating our valued guests from the WWE a little bit better... They've come all the way here at great expense, and poor John-boy here is all injured and everything... I know you do this whole dark, mysterious woman deal but come on, you gonna give these two the cold shoulder here? No offense John..."

"What do want me to do, boss? Bloody kiss it better for him?" Paige raises an eyebrow as she looks to him. "Or maybe you just want me to spread my legs like a "slapper" like you had the likes of Diaz, Marie, and all the rest do around here?" She adds with a smirk.

"Oh, so you've been putting the Divas around here through their paces have you?" Sheamus says, smirking knowingly as he folds his arms across his chest.

"Hey, look, what happens in NXT, stays in NXT..." Triple H fakes innocence at being called out over his previous "meetings" with NXT Divas over the past couple of months. "Besides, not all of those chicks are even around anymore here..."

"Now, and this is just me throwing an idea out here..." Cena chips in, as he moves himself up close towards Paige and confidently wraps his good arm around her waist to pull her in close, catching her off guard as she blinks in surprise at the hug of sorts from the handsome stud of the WWE.

"Lets just say that Triple H here was offering for you to get "down" with not just myself, but Sheamus here, and Triple H getting involved as well since he is "the Boss" around here... Would you have a problem with that? Because between you and me if you're calling yourself the Anti-Diva here, that seems to me to just scream that you can do anything better than the other Divas here can! So what do you say Paige? You think you can handle the three of us and show us what you're made of?"

Hearing the challenge, and the blatant offer of a foursome involving here and these three hunky sports entertainers, Paige stands her ground and stands up straight as she casts a sultry look at them all, but tellingly doesn't shift away from the embrace of Cena. "...Well then, if that's how it is... Which one of you three has the nearest and bloody biggest room to fuck in?"

* * *

Later in the evening, in John Cena's spacious hotel room paid for by the WWE for his NXT appearance, the stunning raven-haired beauty known as Paige is down on her knees, completely naked with her nicely rounded and perky tits on display along with her toned and curved ass. In front of her are the three handsome, muscular studs of the WWE and the sight of all of their long, thick cocks has her eyes wide with filthy lust as she gazes over them, her hands all too eagerly gripping the ones of John Cena - now only with his medical sling on his arm - and a completely naked Sheamus when they approach. That leaves the dick of also fully nude Triple H open for her to lean her head in, no hesitation as she parts her lips and pushes herself down onto his rod, making him moan and clearly impressing him from the smirk on his face as takes a good number of inches inside with the first motion.

Locking her smoking hot eyes up at the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, she starts to steadily and firmly rock her head up and down on his tool, keeping her soft and soothing lips tightly wrapped around his fat man meat, letting out soft, erotic moans herself as she starts to suck her boss off. At the same time, she's moving both of her hands along the lengths of the other two WWE Superstars involved in this, making them have smiles on their faces as they moan and enjoy the dual handjob action from the would-be WWE Diva. It's becoming quite clear already that that she's no stranger to handling multiple men at the same time despite her age, skillfully keeping her palms sliding back and forth along the shafts of Cena and Sheamus while she works her warm and damp mouth along the dick of Triple H in front of her.

"Mmmm... You don't waste time... And you take on as many guys as you can all at once..." Triple H continues to grin as he watches the former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion suck his long and thick to match dick, handling over half of his impressive size and already getting her saliva over his member through her bobbing motion. "If there's a WWE Divas handbook, then you must have... Ahhh! Been reading it cover to cover..." The multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says, noting both her cock sucking ability and how she's still managing to jerk off both the other two men involved in his sexual encounter at the same time. This causes her to slightly narrow her eyes up at him in a seductive way, deliberately letting her tongue brush up against the underside of his member for a teasing moment as she blows him, getting another groan of pleasure and a smirk from the hunk receiving this.

Having only just made sure Triple H's dick got a coating of saliva, lifting her head away she now shifts herself to move over to face The Celtic Warrior, keeping her hand on Cena's cock to carry on stroking his long American dick but now taking the Irishman's shaft into her English mouth and quickly starting to blow him with an eager and hungry pace. It isn't long before the man she'd just been blowing has moved around, allowing her to reach out and take a hold of him, not bothered by her fingers getting sticky from her own saliva as she stroked him off, working her spit into his member in the process. Her focus is on the rugged hunk in front of him who's moaning as she moves her mouth smoothly and quickly up and down on his shaft, the feeling made all the more better by the intense look of lust in her eyes as she gazes up at him, never breaking eye contact as she moves down and then swiftly up along his rod.

"Ahhhh... Even across in Ireland, we all knew the Knight family were a rowdy bunch..." Sheamus says, groaning in delight at the feeling of NXT's resident Anti-Diva as she uses her mouth to pleasure his long dick, having no problems taking his fat inches deep past her lips and splashing her saliva all over his pole as she bobs away. "But Britani... I mean Paige here... Mmmm... Safe to say, she's found a whole lot of fun in a different kind of rowdy..." He adds, feeling her groaning around his cock as she moves herself briskly back and forth along his inches, still keeping both her hands moving along the dicks of the two other sports entertainers just beside her. As she rocks her head towards and sharply away from his crotch to repeat her blowing motion, her long, black hair sways from the effort she's putting into the motion, no intimidation despite the fact these are the longest cocks she's ever seen let alone had to handle, but it seems that fact is turning her on as she moans herself around the dick she's currently sucking on.

"Hey Paige... Hope you're going to go easy on John here... Mmmm... He is injured you know..." Triple H points out with a smirk in between moans from the handjob he's getting from her, nodding towards the sling Cena is wearing due to his recent surgery.

In response, said Superstar smirks back. "Not you as well? It was tough enough getting the WWE offices to clear me being at NXT at all!" John states, letting out a groan as he feels Paige giving his tool a firm squeeze while she gives Sheamus a final long suck to make him moan as well. "You should have seen the e-mails complaining that I might injure my arm just sitting on the 'plane over! Mmmm... I didn't know my name was suddenly Sin Cara all of a sudden."

Lifting her head away from the dick she'd been blowing, the NXT Diva involved in all of this, now shifts to stand up, locking eyes with Cena and giving him a sultry, seductive look. "Sorry... But I don't do going bloody easy on anyone!" Paige states, using a hand on his good shoulder to catch him by surprise, pushing him down to sit on the edge of the hotel room bed.

"Told ya fella! Rowdy as they get!" Sheamus says with a laugh, watching as Paige moves to bend over forward, leaning her head down towards Cena's magnificent piece of man meat, in the process sticking out her sexy backside out towards the other two men.

"Mmmm... I'm not gonna complain..." The West Newbury, Massachusetts native states with a moan as the gorgeous Norwich, England-born beauty wastes little time in starting to orally please his manhood, getting her soft lips wrapped around his thick meet and then starting to bob her head smoothly and swiftly along him. The motion is making her groan herself around his tool, getting off on the feeling of his inches passing into her mouth, looking up at him through her long, hanging down hair as she raises and lowers her head, using her hands on his thighs for support so she can plunge herself straight down onto his rod and further impress both him and the other men in the room with her cock sucking ability.

Soon though she let out a muffled moan and is made to jolt forward, taking more of Cena's cock into her mouth in the process when she feels her snatch getting roughly invaded from behind, making her glance back over her shoulder with a flip of her raven-hair and what she sees makes her smirk around the dick she's blowing as she turns back to focus on the sucking action. "Mmmm... Don't mind me lass... But I didn't want this to just be spectator sport!" With a smile, Sheamus had made the move to come up behind her and start banging her tight snatch without any warning, but seeing that clearly she has no objections to it - and feeling that her pussy is noticeably damp already, proof indeed that she'd been enjoying the previous sucking and stroking of their cocks - he goes right to work to fuck her as she continues to handle another hung stud with her oral hole.

"Mmmm... Good to see these rookies are being taught on what... Ahhh! Goes on in the locker rooms at the WWE shows..." Taking a handful of her long hair so he can keep a clear look at her stunning facial features, the former OVW Heavyweight Champion can't help but thrust his hips upward to send his cock deeper into the warm and wet mouth of the multiple-time champion across indy promotions in the UK and Europe, but that just makes her groan as she soon times her own sucking motions with his pumps. "Mmmm! Damn... I think she might be already better than a couple of... Mmmm... Divas still sticking around the WWE right now..." There's a layer of her saliva now over his thick rod as she bobs her head up and then down on the thrusts she's getting, an action made trickier by having to time it also with the pumps she's getting from behind by the other hunk currently giving it to her but she manages to handle it. When she pushes her mouth downward its to take the pump up from Cena, and when he's pulling his manhood back and outward she's lifting herself up to drag her lips upward and then lustfully repeat the motion, all the while keeping her seductive gaze locked firmly onto his handsome face.

"Shit... No wonder the Full Sale fans keep going crazy for her..." Triple H says to himself, giving his cock an occasional stroke as watches the international fucking going on in front of him as the stunning Englishwoman is being taken from behind and stuffed full in her pussy by an Irish hunk, while at the same time she's sucking and slobbering over a just as long and thick dick belonging to an American stud. All the while the former Britani Knight is working her sexily curved body between them both with the kind of ease that makes it seem she's more used to this kind of intense action then the kind she does inside the ring, her moans muffled around the cock deep in her mouth as she pushes her ass back to meet the incoming thrusts before rocking forward towards the bed and moving her mouth down onto the other dick that's covered in her own saliva now.

Closing her eyes for a moment, the woman nicknamed "Hell In Boots" lets out a deep moan of pleasure, still heard as muffled as it is, unable to deny the pleasure she's getting being sandwiched between two popular and talented WWE Superstars, getting filled up at both ends by their long and perfectly thick dicks as they slide quickly and stiffly into her mouth and snatch. Sheamus keeps a steady hold of her rounded hips as he pumps away into her wet and tight pussy that's keeping himself moaning as he bangs her with a nicely hard and fast pace, while at the same time John Cena is showing that despite his injury he's still very able to get into some hot and heavy action, briskly fucking Paige's mouth and ensuring his manhood is soaked in her saliva as well as she keeps on sucking him off.

"OK guys... Time for this rookie to Play The Game..." Triple H says with a smirk as he now approaches the bed. "And I've got two words for her."

"Oh yeah? Well... Mmmm... I've got a couple for her as well..." Cena says, pulling his cock out of her mouth with a groan, allowing her to draw in breath before she moans as she takes a couple more thrusts from behind.

"And it's a mix up of dick, ride, and my. Sucks I can't just toss her down and slam her like we usually do to a new WWE Diva..." He adds with a grin before he moves to lay down onto his hotel room bed.

"Well, she technically ain't... Ahhhh... A real Diva yet..." Sheamus points out, delivering a final deep pump into her snatch before he pulls out. " But the way she's lasting longer than some Divas did when they made it, it's a good fecking start!"

"Oh, so still doubting me are you?" Paige questions, a glance back before she makes the move, going up onto the bed and mounting Cena with her back facing him so she can look forward towards the other two Superstars. "You obviously don't know a lot about me... Just how I like it..." She mysteriously adds, giving them both another sultry gaze as she motions for them to come forward.

Even though she's already taken some long dick already, when Cena catches her by surprise with a firm thrust to send his magnificently thick and lengthy tool up into her wet, snug snatch, the NXT Diva can't help but moan out, a glance back at the smirking WWE stud who despite being on the injured list has more than enough in him to start banging her pussy as he places the hand of his good arm onto her hip to hold her. A grabbed handful of her long, dark hair makes her groan with lust as she's turned back forward, her open mouth then filled up with the shaft of the man nicknamed The Game who then moans himself as he starts to pump into her soothing, damp mouth with deep motions that soon has them both moaning out inside of this hotel room.

Showing she can multitask when it comes to some steamy action, the former Britani Knight in the Indies is moving herself smoothly up and down on John Cena's dick as he thrusts up into her, in no time at all stuffing her full balls deep to make them both moan as his nutsack slaps into her sexily curved and pale skin when she drops down onto the tanned, muscular hunk. At the same time she's bobbing her head along the other cock she's being fed, greedily slurping along the fat inches as her mouth is steadily fucked, already making saliva seep out past her pouty lips and down her chin as the former leader of DX and Evolution slides his man meat in deep to her oral hole.

The other former WWE Champion involved in this uses a hand to guide one of the former RQW Women's Champion's hands onto his dick, soon smiling as she goes to work stroking him off while at the same time handling two other cocks as she blows one with deep sucks and swiftly bounces up and down on the other to match the pace of the thrusts she's taking. Indeed, the stunning and feisty would-be WWE Diva is getting wild with these three long and thick to match dicks as the English beauty takes an American cock in her mouth and her pussy at the same time while jerking off an Irish one, and never missing a beat as she lets out muffled moans around the tool she's blowing.

Underneath her, the multi-time former WWE Champion is grinning ear to ear, loving the tight, damp feeling of the stunning young female wrestler's snatch that he's ramming his cock into, showing that despite her young age not only is she used to this kind of sexual activity, this isn't the first time she's taken on more than one guy at once. Even though he has only the use of one good arm, that grip on her hip allows him to shift his own hips right up to slam his member in and out of her snug pussy with swift motions, the slap of skin hitting skin sounding out as he fills her up with all of his thick inches, the feeling even better due to her dropping down to meet his upward thrusts with lusty force.

As Sheamus enjoys the handjob, and puts his own hands to use by sliding one down to push a finger into her asshole in order to finger bang her ass while she rides the cock underneath her, the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events forces Paige's head right down so her beautiful face is pressed right into his crotch. She groans out, closing her eyes as she gags erotically around his fat dick but impressively doesn't try to pull away, her tongue smacking up into his underside as the deep throating continues. Triple H smirks as he feels her gagging around his inches along with her saliva that's coating his rod, keeping her held down like its a test of what she can handle and getting a sexual thrill from abusing his position of power to get one of the women he controls the career of to have shameless sex with in this manner.

Finally letting go of her head, the Anti-Diva of NXT is able to pull away with a gasp, catching her breath for a moment but pleasantly surprises the WWE Superstars here by turning her head and then starting to suck off Sheamus' dick, making him moan as well as the man below as she continues to ride his length with steady, quick motions up and sharply down on him. The former King of the Ring tournament winner groans as he keeps on fingering her ass, now using two fingers to push in deep to the knuckles before back out to the tip, while at the same time Cena keeps on sending his manhood right up into her still nicely tight and soaking wet pussy as he's more than just enjoying getting a piece of one of NXT's top female prospects.

"Mmmm... Awwww shit... I don't know what these girls are getting taught down here in NXT..." Cena says with a moan as he pumps up into Paige's snatch a couple more times. "But tell the trainers to keep up the good work... MMMM... if this is the standard!"

"Oh believe me, it's only going to get better... And I'm sure our Divas will love getting some of the new Superstars once they get the call up..." Triple H states as he moves around Cena's hotel bed. "Hey Paige! You think you're better than "the barbies" we've got? Then take us all on at once and impress me." He challenges with a smirk.

Hearing this, she brings herself to a stop on the cock she's been riding, pulling her mouth away from Sheamus with a groan before she locks eyes with The Game. "No bloody problem Boss... But I want John's dick in my ass!" Paige answers back with an alluring smirk of her own.

"She must not have read that Divas handbook right... Otherwise she'd know that's a couple of famous last words!" Sheamus says with a chuckle, watching as the others move around into position as Triple H lays on the bed now and Paige now mounts herself onto his cock.

There's no rest for the woman dubbed amongst other things as Miss Hell in Boots as she has to quickly start bouncing herself up and down on Triple H's dick when he pumps his "sledgehammer" hard and fast up into her tight, wet pussy, his powerful thrusts soon controlling the pace as she's being made to jolt rather than move fully under her own control. Soon through a second dick entering her makes her groan out with wide ass, her asshole being forced to stretch when John Cena pushes his fat, long tool into her back passage, causing him to moan at the tight feeling with only her only pussy juices being used as a sort of lube. It's enough along with the previous finger banging back there to allow him to start pumping into her booty with steady but forceful motions, clearly looking to fit in as much of those inches into her backside as he can and despite this being the biggest dick she's ever taken back there, rather than feel pain the sensations are just turning her on even more.

"Ahhhh! Mmmmm!! Oh FUCK!!!" The Norwich, England-born beauty moans out as she takes the two long and thick American cocks in both her lower holes, the combined thrusts driving her wild and causing her to rock back and forth between them just from the force of their inward pumps alone.

"MMMMM!! Fucking give it to me!! Ahhhh!" She's able to moan out again before getting muffled by a just as long Irish dick, this time two handfuls of her long, raven-haired locks being held in order to turn her head to the side so the ginger-haired stud can begin fucking her beautiful face, and from the look of desire her smoking eyes give him as he slides his dick swiftly in and out between her lips she has no issue at all with this.

"Mmmmm!! Ahhhh fuck yeah..." The moans of approval come from the multi-time WWE Champion behind her, using his good arm and hand to spread her sexily rounded ass cheeks apart in order to have full access into that tight hole, allowing him also to spit down onto his own dick and then watch that saliva vanish into her asshole as he pounds away into her backside. "The last time we had a Diva this young come into the WWE she was an exhibitionist... MMMM!! With a Diva-quality ass like this? I can't wait to see what... Ahhhh! This one gets up to in the WWE..." Cena adds with a handsome smile as he gives his own "seal of approval" to the young rookie, showing his own sexual skill that despite being currently injured he's still able to bang her desirable booty with pornstar-like pace, even if he's noticeably sweating from the effort he's using to give it to the would-be WWE Diva.

"I don't know about... MMMM!! Comparing her to past Divas..." Triple H says, using his hands to grope the perfectly rounded tits of the NXT Diva he's fucking as he keeps on slamming his long cock straight up into her soaking wet hole, the hard smack skin hitting off of smooth skin sounding out along with the combined moans of all involved in this. "But considering... AHHH! How many chicks already have come and gone while she's... MMMMM... Stuck around?? It's a damn good sign..." He adds, giving her boobs another couple of squeezes before his hands go back to her toned waist, focusing on hammering her snatch with quick and hard pumps, showing a different kind of intensity than he shows in the ring as sweat drips from his face and his muscular chest heaves as he fucks the beauty rocking back and forth on his rod.

"Ahhhh! Awwwww fuck Paige!! You sure know how to get a fella all riled up, don't you?" Sheamus moans with a chuckle, noting that despite how he's firmly fucking her mouth with deep pumps and that she's getting slammed at the same time in her ass and pussy, she's still managing to bob her head a little onto the dick she's being fed, her tongue occasionally sliding up around the man meat as she tries to keep her lips as firmly pressed down as she can around him. "MMMMM! And they say there's not enough love... Ahhhh! Going on between England and Ireland?" He adds, keeping a tight hold of her long hair as he continues to slide his tool right into her mouth, making the tip connect with the back of her mouth but it only seems to make her groan out around those inches even more, firing her up to keep on sucking him off and make him moan and sweat from her top-notch cock sucking skills.

She's living out a fantasy of many a red-blooded female member of the WWE Universe here as the NXT Diva is getting fucked hard and fast between three hung Superstars in all of her holes, as her damp mouth, soaking wet but still nicely snug pussy, and her tight and sexily rounded ass are getting banged swiftly and with force enough that a normal woman would be left unable to walk straight perhaps for weeks after. Paige however is going with it all and riding not just a dick but on the pure lust of the moment, the Englishwoman eagerly slobbering all over the Irishman's shaft being thrust into her oral hole while she rocks firmly back and forth between the American dicks in her snatch and ass and even as she sweats hard and groans out deeply, she doesn't seem like she wants this sinful encounter to stop at all.

Unfortunately for her, despite being tipped for a future as a WWE Diva, being fucked so hard and fast by three current WWE Superstars, she soon reaches her limit with eyes almost rolling into the back of her raven-haired head as Paige soon cums hard on the dick of Triple H, causing her asshole to clamp tightly around John Cena's tool in her backside while Sheamus is still pumping into her mouth with his. Groaning deeply, the most intense orgasm that she's even experienced in her young life rocks the English beauty, her juices flowing out over the cock still pumping away into her snatch even as it tightens around it, leaving her sweat-soaked body to just rock between the thrusts she's having to take so she rides out all those waves of pleasure.

On any other occasion and being at full health, John Cena would have been able to handle the increased pressure around his dick but on this night feeling Paige's back passage tightening around his member as she cums causing him to blow his load as well, letting out an erotic hiss through his teeth as he keeps on pumping her booty as his thick streams of spunk fire off into her ass. She groans at the sensation, feeling the jizz flooding her ass and going deeper than even she thought possible, in turn helping her come back down to Earth as she's able to slightly rock back against the pumps, aiding him in milking himself dry with a couple last thrusts into her sexy backside.

Things aren't quite done yet for her as she has to still take some stiff thrusts from the other two hunks involved in this, but before long her tired frame is being suddenly lifted off from the bed, her eyes opening to see two hunks down stood in front of her as they stroke their throbbing lengths with needy intensity, approaching their own sexual limits. With her breasts heaving as she draws in air, she simply licks her lips and opens her mouth wide open, not even bothering to brush her hair back out of the way as she hungrily awaits what's coming next from the two groaning WWE studs, making her look more like a dirty, cock-craving slut rather than the talented young female wrestler she is.

It only takes a few more strokes before both Triple H and Sheamus start to shoot their loads across the beautiful facial features of Paige, as thick streams of warm jizz fly out and collects into that open target, but neither man can help but splash some down also across her forehead, cheeks, nose, lips and chin, and they make sure to keep stroking so that every last drop is sent out onto her. A couple of shots of cum land onto her long, dark hair due to her not brushing it out of the way, but that only serves to make this look even hotter as her face gets a generous coating of spunk but the vast majority is inside her mouth, almost spilling out in fact over her pouty lips. That's soon prevented when those lips close and with one sinful gulp she swallows it all down, the next moment letting out a sigh of pleasure as she draws in breath and gazes up at the three hunks who have fucked her brains out but from the grins on their faces she's done more than enough to impress them all.

"Damn, now that's something you don't see everyday... At least not without paying for it... Paige? Just keep up the good work..." Triple H says with a smile. "Something tells me it's not just hype with you... I might have to keep and eye out for you."

"Never thought I'd be getting a piece of little Paige here... But damn if I'm not glad I did!" Sheamus says with a chuckle of his own. "Just try and not tell her mother that... Or she'd be kicking my arse worse than I think you ever did Hunter!"

Raising an eyebrow at that, Triple H shoots him a look. "What kind of woman, mother or not, do you think could manage that?"

"Fella... You haven't heard anything the likes of the stories about Sweet Saraya..." Sheamus says, a deadly serious look taking Triple H by surprise.

Meanwhile, John Cena has offered his good hand to Paige, helping her off the floor as he gives her a handsome smile. "Paige, I don't mean to brag here but I've been through a lot of Divas who have come and gone. Some of them should have stayed, others we could have done without, and whatever the hell Melina Perez was. But you? You've got something special kid. So seriously, keep it up and you'll be on Raw and Smackdown in now time."

"Trust me John... I won't stop until I go from being NXT's Anti-Diva to the WWE's Anti-Diva..." Paige responds, licking her lips as she looks him dead in the eye. "Kicking arse in the ring, getting banged in it like this... I'm not going to stop until I'm showing the world what I've made off."

"Attitude, I like that. Although I'm more used to giving them "adjustments" myself..." John says before he finally notices that she has some cum in her hair. "But you might want to "adjust" that right there... Lucky for you I've got a shower that can be used, and I don't plan on going anywhere tonight with the shape my arm is in..." He starts to hint with a playful smile.

Paige tilts her head slightly, giving Cena an eye up before returning his look with a sultry one of her own. "John... If you just want to fuck again, just bloody say so!"

While Triple H and Sheamus are having an animated discussion while getting dressed about Sheamus' seemingly wilde tales from the UK Indies, Cena moves and wraps his good arm around her waist to pull Paige in, causing her to bite down on her bottom lip seductively as she moves close to him, John gives the NXT Diva a wink. "Oh trust me, I'm always down to "FU"... And I don't mean with a finishing move..."

* * *

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