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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Emma (NXT, Tenille Tayla in Indies/SHIMMER), Triple H(WWE).

Playing The Game in NXT - Part 7: Emma
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in early January of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is walking along heading towards his executive office as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory is in full swing. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H turns a corner but suddenly stops when he sees something, and actually someone who causes him to look bemused at the sight before him.

Heading in the opposite direction to him is the resident clumsy and clutzy dancing Diva of NXT, the gorgeous blond from Australia known as Emma. She's clad in a tight fitting white and pink stripped ring outfit of bottoms that cling to her nicely rounded ass and a short top that shows off her large breasts with sexy cleavage. It's not the sight of the stunning female that's stopping Triple H though, it's the bizarre "dance" she's doing as she walks, thrusting her arms out to her sides with seemingly random, mistimed motion while her hips sway to a completely different rhythm yet also manage to look awkward and this in all makes her look much more comical than any sort of proper dancer.

In fact, she's so caught up in her own "dancing" that she fails to notice the hunky sports entertainer staring at her until she bumps right into him, making her stumble back before she looks up and sees exactly who she just collided with.

"Mr. Triple H! I mean, boss!" Emma says with a smile. "I don't think I've ever given you a proper performance and shown you how the Emmalution is taking over NXT yet, have I?" She says with her sexy, Australian accent as she moves her arms out to her sides, beginning to sway and perform her signature "dance".

"Dance? Emma-what now?" Triple H questions, now getting more confused by what he's seeing before he raises a hand up. "OK, hold up a second here rookie... One question here. Is this..." He motions to all over her with a sweeping motion of the hand. "Is this all for real? I mean, seriously, is this what you're doing to try and get into the WWE?"

"Of course! I'm providing the best Emmatainment I can for all my Emmacrats around the world!" She says with a smile and a nod, still moving her upper body from side to side while thrusting her arms to the side with differently timed motions, causing her to look very clutzy. "It's what the Emmalution is all about!" She adds, not noticing that rather than looking at her dancing, Triple H is looking at her big breasts as they jiggle from her "dancing" motions, making him lick his lips a little.

"Well I don't know about... Whatever the hell you're doing now, because if it's dancing, then your dancing flat out sucks!" He says with a smirk, noticing that she stops her motion with a stunned look on her face like she can't believe that someone didn't enjoy her dance. "However... I don't think that you and I have ever had a one-on-one... Private meeting yet... And since my office is just down the hall there a little, how about you come and show me what this "Emmalution" stuff is all about?"

* * *

Moments later, and inside of Triple H's executive office, said iconic sports entertainer is now undoing the last button on his shirt, looking down at the kneeling Emma who is gazing over his rock hard and lengthy cock as she gives it a couple of strokes, the way she's licking her own lips showing she loves what she sees and doesn't care that this is quite an indecent proposal from a happily married man who's also her direct boss here in NXT. "Oh, I can definitely show you some special Emmatainment with this! You'll be believing in Emmalution in no time!" She arrogantly boasts, giving his dick another firm pump up and down as she shift forward on her knees closer to the smirking stud, biting down on her bottom lip for a moment as she looks over his chiseled out of stone and completely tanned, muscular body in front of him that alone has her feeling a little wet between her legs.

With a smile, the busty blond Australian leans her head in, energetically taking the long and thick American cock into her mouth, making him moan with approval and a smile of his own at how warm and nicely damp her oral hole is before she's even gotten started, and the addition of her hand lightly stroking the lower inches only adds to the enjoyment. She goes right to work on him, getting into a smooth, steady motion as she lowers herself down until half of his size is in her mouth before moving back upwards until just the head is contained before repeating the action, letting out a groan herself as she has to work to keep her lips wrapped around the meat she's having to handle.

"Mmmm... Since you're from down under... And right now you're going down on me..." The former multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says with a smirk as he moans, watching as his length is being eagerly taken in and out of her mouth, already dabbing her saliva onto his rod as she rocks her head back and forth along him, still groaning around him as she gets into this blowjob, and her kneeling position is giving him a nice view of her cleavage on display from her tight top. "Ahhh... Does this mean to balance things out... Mmmm... You're going "up" on me right now?" While her dancing skills are certainly questionable, the former ECCW Women's Supergirls Champion clearly knows how to handle a dick even of this size, her soft lips firmly pressing around his tool as she slurps on him with focused, savoring motions that has them both moaning from all the sensations.

Glancing up, the woman who claims to deliver "Emmatainment" is certainly giving some top notch cock sucking here, her pretty face pushing down closer towards the former D-Generation-X leader's crotch as she groans, more of those fat inches filling her mouth up that would have a normal woman gagging long before now. However she seems ready to take plenty more, continuing to bob her head up and down on his length with her hand occasionally stroking off the few inches she's yet to take past her lips but the feeling is more than enough to keep him moaning as she lifts herself up to the top of his dick, sucking on the head and swatting her tongue all around the crown.

"Mmmm... Not bad rookie... Wait, what the hell?" The WWE's current Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events is stunned and confused when the NXT rookie with his dick still in her mouth rather than carrying on blowing her, is starting to twist her head from side to side, grinding her lips around his tool while her arms are extended out. "You're got be... Mmmm... Fucking kidding me!" The clutzy beauty is trying to still dance while sucking his cock, awkwardly trying to bob her head along the top few inches while rocking her head and shoulders from side to side, her movements all the more clumsy as her arms are moving at a completely different tempo, and this kneeling position isn't exactly the best for any kind of dancing to begin with.

"Ahhhh... When I said your dancing sucked... I didn't mean you should try and combine dancing and sucking!" The long time WWE Superstar says, gritting his teeth as the way she's messily twisting her lips around his tool as she rocks her head with her "dance" clearly isn't giving him nearly as much pleasure as when she was properly sucking him off, but the woman dishing this out seems blissfully unaware, still smiling around his member as she shifts her upper body from side to side in a bumbling, almost comical fashion. "Shit... And I've seen enough embarrassing "dancing" already in the WWE right now..." She lets out a groan, managing to slightly flick her tongue up against his dick but if it wasn't for her pouty lips pressed around his tool to grind against him, he'd be getting no pleasure from this clutzy display as she continues her awkward attempt to combine her trademark dance with the act of sucking cock with her arms stretched to the sides and her head twisting back and forth.

Having had enough of this, he moved to pull his cock quickly out of her mouth, leaving her grinning. "Oh yeah, that was just too Emmalicious for you to handle, wasn't it?" Emma says, thinking his sudden action was because she was too much for him.

"First off - no. Hell no honey." Triple H answers, properly discarding his shirt before he moves down, turning her over and getting her into a classic doggy style position on his office room floor. "And second, are you trying to rip off Stratusfaction by sticking your name onto everything?" He adds, raising an eyebrow as he places his hands onto her bottoms.

"Oh please, I'm one of a kind!" She somewhat arrogantly boasts, looking back as he lowers her bottoms to reveal her neatly shaved pussy. "No one can bring the Emmatainment like I can!"

"Yeah, you're one of a king alright..." Triple H replies back handedly, slightly shaking his head as he gets into position behind her.

"Mmmm! Oh wow!!" The former Tenille Tayla in the indies moans, feeling her pussy getting filled up in no time at all as the hunky sports entertainer pushes his big dick into her snatch, taking a firm hold of her toned and tanned waist as he begins to bang the gorgeously curved blond with some stiff thrusts, perhaps looking to make up for lost time during the later part of that blowjob he'd received from her. "Mmmmm... Yes... I bet you've been waiting to get... Ahhh! A piece of me..." She says between moans, keeping herself up on her hands and knees as she gazes back at the muscular stud behind her, his steady pumps already making her still partially clothed body rock forward when he thrusts forward into her tight snatch even though he's not all the way fully into her with his lengthy and thick to match rod.

"A blond with a great rack... Ahhh... And a hot ass... Mmmm... What's not to love?" The former Royal Rumble and King of the Ring winner says with a smirk, keeping his grip on her midsection firm just in case she attempts any more odd dancing from this position, but for now he's content with just thrusting away deep into her snatch, looking to slide more of his inches into her. "Your dancing sucks, but thankfully... Mmmm... You've got the kind of nice, tight snatch the boys would love to... Mmmm! Slam into..." He adds, all too happily fucking the former SHIMMER starlet in his own office despite being a happily married man to another woman, yet he has no problem pumping his cock in and out of the tight, dampening pussy he's deep in right now, making them both moan as he invades her snug hole that indeed seems able to take even more despite this amount already being an impressive amount.

"That's not true! I'm a... Mmmm! I'm a fantastic dancer!" She claims, looking outraged for a moment before moaning again when she takes a deeper, stiffer pump from him that causes her tits to bounce slightly even still contained in her tight top as her body rocks forward, her long blond hair swaying as she's forced to jolt back and forth each time he sends his manhood straight into her. "All of my Emmacrats love... Mmmm! My dancing!" She continues to protest, groaning again as she feels the thick American dick banging her from behind forcing its way deeper into her tight Australian pussy, a sexy slapping sound starting to ring out as the pace begins to increase along with the force being put behind the thrusts, further proved by how her moans are getting louder the harder and quicker she's getting fucked.

"Sounds and feels like you're... Ahhh... Better at taking some dick than you ever will be at dancing..." He slightly mocks with another handsome smirk, moaning as he works his dick further still into her love tunnel so now his muscular waist is starting to connect with her gorgeous, nicely rounded ass, allowing him to use his grip on her midsection to pull her back sharply when he drives in, sending his big dick in deep to make her groan in lust. "Mmmm! That's no damn bad thing to get far... Mmmm... In the locker room with the boys..." He adds, loving the tight feeling all around his member as he goes balls deep into the NXT Diva, making her groan and rock against his stiff motion as he stuffs her snatch full with his man meat, her butt cheeks jiggling when their tanned bodies connect as he delivers thrust after hard thrust with a pornstar quality pace.

"Ahhhh... Ahhhh! No way! I'm going to dance my way... Mmmm! Straight to the Divas Championship!" The beautiful blond continues to claim, keeping herself up in this doggy style position so her snatch can get superbly fucked from behind by no doubt the biggest and thickest dick she's ever had to handle, so it's to her credit that she's able to take this even if she's clearly being dominated by the stud pulling her right back to meet his forward pumps into her snatch. "MMMM!! You can't stop... Mmmm! The Emmalution!" She adds, the woman just as obsessed dancing as she is with putting her name before as many words as she can looking far from being able to back up what she says as she can only take this series of steady and deep pumps over and over again, making her snatch nice and wet which keeps the former leader of Evolution groaning as he can't help but enjoy how snug she still is, even if her dancing leaves much to be desired.

"Mmmm... I don't know about this Emma-naming stuff... And face it, your dancing does stink..." Triple H says as he pulls out of her pussy with a groan. "But if you want to impress me, then lets see what you can do on top..." He basically orders, already moving to lay down on the floor of his own corporate office.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Emma smiles and nods her head excitedly. "Oh yeah! You bet I will. I'll show you what real Emmatainment is all about!" She boasts as she starts to lift her top up, leaving her fully naked with her large tits now on display.

"Those tits look like more what it's all about..." Triple H comments with a smirk, watching as she moves to mount his crotch, reaching down to line up his cock with her entrance.

"Don't deny it, you love this Emmalicious pussy, don't you boss?" She says like it's a guaranteed fact before she lowers herself down with a moan, taking his dick back into her pussy.

"Ahhh! You're not bad rookie... Better than some chicks who got wished the best in their... Mmmm... Future endeavors that used to be around here..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE says, still smirking as he watches the stunning blond on top of him start to bounce on his cock, taking his man meat in and out of her wet and still pleasurably tight pussy as she perfectly leans back in this cowgirl position. "But you've got a long way to go... Mmmm... If you think you're WWE Diva material right now..." He adds, moaning as he enjoys how the star of the World of Hurt reality TV show is lifting and sharply dropping her snatch straight down onto his thick cock, taking his inches balls deep each time she goes down onto him to make them both groan out loudly before she smoothly and quickly moves back up to the half way point to repeat the motion.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh!! Don't you love how Emmazing I am?" The Melbourne, Australia-born beauty moans out as she continues to ride the hunky native of Greenwich, Connecticut, her large breasts bouncing in time with the rest of her body as she eagerly raises and lowers herself on his rock hard and thick dick that's now coated with her juices. "Mmmm... I'm the best that NXT has to offer... MMMM! In and out of the ring!" She groans as she keeps up this quick, lustful pace as she has no problem showing the man who can control her career what she can do, her blond hair swaying from the effort she's putting into her bounces as the sharp smack of skin coming into contact with tanned skin rings out each time she drops right down and takes every inch of his tool into her snug snatch.

"Mmmm... I'd say you might be one of the "breast" alright..." The man nicknamed The Game moans with a smile on his rugged, handsome face, his gaze fixed on her large, shaking breasts that are proving an added visual treat in addition to the already great feeling he's getting from how the woman leading the "Emmaultion" is riding his long, fat cock with nicely firm movements up and down on his length. "But it's gonna take more than... Mmmm! A hot body and a big rack to make to Raw and Smackdown..." He adds in between moans, his manhood slotted deep up into her damp and tight love tunnel as she comes to a rest on top of him, allowing her to press that pussy against the base of his tool and slightly rub his ballsack at the same time while she lets out a deep groan, using her hands to give her big tits a firm squeeze for a long moment.

"MMMM!! I know exactly what it takes... And what you... Ahhh! And all my Emmacrats want to see!" The busty blond claims before her arms go out to the sides, and once again the dancing-obsessed babe attempts to perform her signature "dance" swaying her hips with badly timed movements from side to side while her arms do the same and in with a completely separate motion and timing to the lower part of her body that still also manages to look clutzy. "Mmmm yes!! I know you love being part... MMMM!! Of this Emmalution!!" She moans again, her motion managing to somewhat grind her Australian snatch down against his American cock as its still stuffed balls deep into her, but this new action isn't pleasuring him nearly as much as it is her, and the almost bemused look on his face as he watches her "dance" on his cock with clumsy hip-swaying and almost painfully bad arm motions out to the side.

"Ahhh... You've got be fucking kidding me..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events says with disbelief, as not even how the breasts of the NXT Diva are jiggling from her dancing motion can give him full enjoyment off this, as her awkward grinding on his cock due to her trademark "dance" has almost caused him to lose all pleasure from this action bar from the feeling along of his dick being right up into her snatch. Not seeming to notice this, she carries on her very mistimed and clutzy grooving arm motion from side to side, making her hips sway back and forth in a totally different rhythm to the rest of her but somehow she's getting off from doing this, moaning as she grinds her pussy down against his tool as sweat forms across her gorgeous, tanned and curved body.

"Ahhh... Awwww fuck this!!" Triple H says with a growl, catching her off guard as he uses his superior strength to reach up, rolling them both over so now she's on her back on the floor and he's on top of her. "Enough of this bullshit!" He adds with a snarl, all her bad dancing seemingly pissing him off for the last time here.

With wide eyes, Emma glares up, not having a clue as to why her boss is so mad right now. "Hey! I was just getting the Emmatainment going there!" She protests, trying to wiggle free but he's grabbed her arms, pinning her body to the ground while her hips are left to be raised off the floor thanks to his cock still behind inside her.

"Yeah? We'll now it's time for you to Play The Game..." He says, flashing a devilish grin as he leans over her, making her legs be draped over his shoulders so she's almost curled up as he keeps her down.

"W... Wait! Wait a second!" She tries to convince him, worried by the intense look in his eyes. "I could... I could teach you my dance! I could... OH FUCK!!"

All the former Tenille Tayla in the indies can do is moan now as The Cerebral Assassin doesn't hold back, looking to teach her a lesson as he starts to hammer into her snatch with a series of hard and fast thrusts that if he wasn't pinning her down right now would have her jolting back across the floor of his office. "Ahhh!! MMMM!! Oh fuck!! That's... AHHH!! That's too hard MMMM!!" Instead she's being kept held in place, purposely to prevent her from any further attempts to try her dancing again, and it allows him to quickly move his hips back and forth, ramming his thick cock deep into her wet snatch and further making her sweat as she groans out, eyes closed as she can't even move against his thrusts from the tight grip on her arms.

"Ahhh... MMMM!! You're lucky you're... MMMM!! Hot as hell... Otherwise this dancing bullshit... Ahhh!! And all those Emma-puns..." The multi-time former WWE Champion grunts between his own moans as he fires of strong pump after sudden pump into her snatch, caring not if he's giving her any discomfort from either keeping her held in this curled position with her knees almost touching her breasts or from how hard he's banging her soaking wet pussy. "I'd fire your ass... Mmmm!! And send you packing to back down under..." He adds with a snarl, losing himself in the moment as he uses how pissed off he was at her dancing interrupting the enjoyable sex to turn this into a hate fuck of sorts, ramming his fat cock rapidly into her love tunnel and causing her body to slightly jolt as he hold her down, making her big breasts bounce each time he sends his cock balls deep into her snatch with a hard thrust.

"AHHHH!!! Awwww fuck!! Mmmmm!! My dancing is... AHHHH!! Emmatastic!! It's Emmataining!!" The stunning Australian still hasn't figured out that she's the reason why the intense, muscular American hunk on top of her is so furious and is currently hammering into her snatch like there's no tomorrow, his lengthy tool sliding in deep to fill her up with all of his inches with rapid-fire and hard pumps than even a well seasoned porn starlet would struggle to handle. "MMMM!! Holy fuck!! AHHHH!! Mmmmmm!!" She can really only moan, groan, and continue to take it as sweat drips off her tanned and curved body, her tits still jiggling each time she takes a thrust as the sharp smack of his crotch connecting with her body sounds out when he drives quickly in, his ballsack slapping into her for an added sensation for them both as their cries of pleasure fill the air.

"MMMM!! Who's fucking dancing now, huh?? Ahhhh!! You gonna fucking dance on my dick now??" The former leader of Evolution seems intent on proving a point to the woman leading the self-proclaimed "Emmalution" as he continues to drive his rod deeply and forcefully right into her now dripping wet snatch, not even caring that sweat is falling off of his own face and down onto her body as he's able to keep his hips sharply rocking back and forth to slide his dick straight into her, while at the same time keeping her held right down on the floor as he stays on top of her. "Ahhhh!! MMMM... Fuck!! Hot little fucking bitch!!" He grits his teeth, further showing his intensity as he pounds away at her once very tight hole that's now the reason why an erotic slapping noise is being heard along with the groans as his thick length is still filling her wet pussy up to the max as he uses and abuses her, no longer caring if she's enjoying this or not as he looks to get off himself after the frustration that came from having to endure her awkward dancing attempts during this sexual encounter.

"Ahhhh!! AHHHH!! MMMM!! OOOOOOHH!!" It's no surprise that this intense series of hard thrusts becomes too much for the Australian to handle, and soon Emma starts to cum hard on the long American dick of Triple H as he hammers away into her snatch even as it tightens around his fat rod and her juices further coat him. She can only tilt her blond haired head back as her eyes roll back from the feeling of her orgasm as she's forced to take his hard pounding over and over again, the pumps never stopped as she's still pinned down to the floor of the office belonging to the very hunk pounding the Hell out of her soaking wet snatch.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... Looks like it's not just... MMMM!! Dancing you need to practice at..." The man known as The King of Kings mocks with a smirk, feeling his dick starting to throb as his own hot and heavy pace is wearing him down now, and deciding to keep on banging her even with her snatch clamping around his tool didn't help to hold off his own incoming peak of pleasure, but he was too stuck in the zone to care. "Ahhhh fuck!! Maybe next time you fuck a WWE Superstar... MMMM!! You'll leave the dancing crap at home..." He adds as a warning, giving her pussy another couple of hard, balls deep thrusts before he finally pulls out of her and releases the grip of her arms, making her sigh in relief as she can be free from the pinned down position, but she barely gets a moment to recover both from that and her orgasm before she's hauled up to her knees in front of the sweating, groaning hunk that just fucked her brains out.

The eyes of the stunning blond open up only to be greeted by the sight of the dick that had just been deep in her snatch and is still covered in her juices even as he furiously jerks himself off, not caring that his fingers are getting sticking from her fluids as it seems he's looking to finish the job on her with a proper ending, and figuring out just what that is she makes the wise decision to close her eyes again and tilt her head back. It's perhaps lucky that she doesn't have the energy left to try and perform her signature dance, still unaware that it's pissed him off greatly, as she can only sit up on her knees, her chest heaving for breath and sticking out her big breasts in the process as she listens to his husky, deep groans, signaling a creamy finish is soon on its way.

As expected, it's only moments later and with a final satisfied moan that Triple H starts to cum, sending thick streams of his American spunk splashing down onto the pretty Australian facial features of Emma who groans herself as she feels the jizz starting to plaster her face, streams landing across her cheeks, forehead, nose and pouty lips. He smirks as he keeps on jerking off, making sure every last drop is sent out to cover her already sweat-covered face so that now with his cum all across her she looks hotter than she usually is, and most of all well fucked as when he's finally spent and lets go of his softening shaft it would appear that she'd taken facials courtesy of a couple of men instead of the one hung stud.

"Now... Now that's more impressive... Than any kind of dancing..." Triple H says with a smile as he casually moves back over to his desk, reaching for his shirt.

Wiping away some spunk from close to her eyes, she looks to him with confusion. "What do you mean? Don't... Don't you like my dancing?" Emma asks, like the lightbulb finally went off in the pretty blond's head.

Giving her a long look, he shakes his head with a slight smirk. "Honey, listen... I couldn't give a rat's ass if you dance like Cameron or Naomi, like Too Cool did years ago, of if its as awkward as watching Kelly Kelly fail to take off her own bra in a strip tease!" He tells her. "If it gets you attention, then go for it. Just... Just seriously, don't do it when you're screwing the boys in the locker room. Save it for the TV cameras."

"Oh... I get it... Save my best for everyone to see!" Emma says with a smile, completely missing the point being made to her. "You bet I will! I'll deliver Emmatainment the best I can, and keep the Emmalution going strong for all my Emmacrats!"

"...Sure..." Triple H says, shaking his head again. "Now you'd better get Emma-cleaned up and out of here rookie... I've seen enough dancing for one night..."

* * *

Minutes later, and the now clothed and cleaned off of cum from her face Emma is walking out of Triple H's office with a proud smile, glancing around before she turns and heads off, but already is starting up her clutzy dance with arm motions failing to match the sway of her hips as she moves along the corridor. In the process, she almost bumps into one of NXT's Creative Assistants, the former commentator of the ECW brand an NXT rookie during its seasons era in Byron Saxton who gives her a confused look for a moment before continuing on, showing that he's seen that all before.

Now Triple H leaves his office door, and looks across to see Emma dancing away into the distance just as Saxton approaches him, and both men gaze over and watch as the NXT Diva somehow manages to fall over herself in her dancing attempt, falling to the ground in an embarrassing heap. She soon picks herself up, and resumes her dancing and attempted walking at the same time motion, making it still look clumsy and mistimed as ever.

"Bryon... Be honest with me here..." Triple H says while he still looks ahead at Emma leaving. "Does Emma always do... Well... This? Even when she's just walking?" He asks, thinking that maybe the way he fucked her minutes before has left her walking as awkwardly as she is right now.

Saxton lets out a sigh before speaking. "Every day, every minute, and every chance she can. Doing the same dance, and never getting it right. Not that anyone has any idea what it would look like done correctly."

With that bombshell, Triple H has only one logical response that channels a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. "...Damn!"

* * *

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