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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Sasha Banks(NXT, Mercedes KV in Indies/SHIMMER), Triple H(WWE), Randy Orton (WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 8: Sasha Banks
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in February of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is standing outside his executive office as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory is in full swing. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is having a conversation with a fellow WWE Superstar, and a quest star for the night's event - The Apex Predator Randy Orton. Orton doesn't seem to be in any sort of good mood, clad in wrestling gear of just his ring trunks with boots and pads, showing off his muscular and desirable body.

"I'll say it again Triple H... I'm only here because I was told to, otherwise I'd be back at home enjoying a little time off instead of being stuck here at some University for this developmental show of yours..." Orton says with a characteristically cold tone of voice, looking an amused Triple H in the eye as he speaks.

"Geez, lighten up will you?" Triple H smirks with a chuckle at his former rival. "Cena, Sheamus, and many others have visited here and loved it. Heck, Scotty Too Hotty was here for just a one time thing and he was raving to me about it, and next month Chris Jericho will be here and I've got something special for his match."

"Well good for them, but I'm the damn Viper of the WWE! The Apex Predator!" Orton starts to rant a little, but his attention turns to the sound of high-heel shoes heading along the corridor as he and then Triple H turn to see who's approaching.

Clad in a form fitting and eye catching black and blue dress is current NXT Diva Sasha Banks, her dark-skinned body shown off nicely by her choice of clothing with her perky tits and sexy ass clearly catching the eye. The former Mercedes KV in the indies, who earlier in the evening picked up a win over rival Audrey Marie in a six-Diva tag match, has a gorgeous smile on her face that she flashes to the two men as she looks to head on past them.

However, Randy Orton suddenly steps out in front of her, making her almost stumble back in shock as he stares her down in intimidating fashion. "You there! Do you know who the Hell I am?"

"Ummm... You're Randy Orton of course!" Sasha says, her smile noticeably weaker here as she gets a little worried. "Everybody knows who you are."

"Hey, a new Diva who knows who you are, I bet that's something you're not used to, right?" Triple H cuts in to mock Randy, referencing an infamous backstage rumor regarding Orton and the treatment of a long-gone former Diva.

"That's not the point..." Randy casts a bitter look to the other Superstar before turning back to glare at her. "Point is you know me, my reputation, and you'd show me some proper respect around here for who I am, right?"

"Uhhh... Sure! Of course!" Banks says with a nervous laugh, trying to defuse this situation. "You're a top WWE Superstar after all! Who wouldn't show you respect?"

"From the looks of you... You look like exactly the kind of woman who knows how to show me some respect..." Randy smirks as he gives a clearly back handed compliment as he looks her over. "As a matter of fact... I've got some steam to let off, and a match to get ready for tonight... Now you might not be a real WWE Diva, but from the looks of you... You'll do just fine..."

"Listen, Randy, I don't mean any trouble here! I was just walking by!" Sasha tries to reason with the dangerous Legend Killer as he steps towards her, but thankfully the other man here putting an arm out to block stops the approach.

"Hey hey, easy there Randy... This isn't Raw or Smackdown... Different rules for around here... And if you're going to be nailing a NXT Diva on my watch, then I'm going to be there. And not just spectating." He says with a smirk of confidence as he and Orton exchange looks.

"Woah, wait wait a second here... Did you say nail me?" Banks questions with a look of surprise, glancing between both men. "As in, you both want to, you know, fuck me?"

"...Would that be a problem?" Orton stares her right in the eye as he asks.

"A problem? No way! That sounds like a deal too good to pass up!" Sasha says with a smile, before biting down on her bottom lip as she gives both me a look over to show she does like the sounds of this idea.

* * *

Just a few minutes later inside of Triple H's executive office, Sasha Banks is smiling for a different reason as she kneels on the floor still clad in her dress, as her eyes are locked onto the rock hard and long cocks belonging to both Randy Orton and Triple H as the two now naked hunks approach her with smirks of their own, although the intimidating look in Randy's eyes shows he's not here to mess around. She doesn't waste time in reaching up, taking a dick in each hand to size them up, licking her pouty lips as she looks the lengths over and gives them both a couple of firm pumps, making sure they are rock hard and ready to go, and despite their vast size and thickness to match the young female wrestler doesn't appear to be intimidated with having to handle tools of this length that many a normal woman would struggle to handle just one of.

Knowing it might not be wise to annoy the cold Viper by putting this off for much longer, she goes to work stroking off both men's lengthy tools with her hands, turning her head towards Orton's so she can first brush her lips across the tip, a light kiss before she moves around the head with a slight flick of tongue, the sound of his moan from her touch showing that this is to his liking for now. Keeping her palms pumping up and down on their rods she moves her head over to the other hunk, swatting her tongue out to swirl around the bulbous bell-end to lightly dab some saliva onto him, giving a last flick across the very tip before she parts her lips and takes him inside her mouth.

"Ease up on the rookie Randy..." The former King of the Ring tournament winner says with a pleased smirk and a moan, watching as the gorgeous NXT Diva is beginning to bob her head up and down on his cock, already showing she isn't as innocent as she claims from how smooth and steady this sucking motion is already. "It's like the Tenacious D song... Ahhh... You don't always have to fuck her hard..." He adds, watching as she works over the top portion of his member with steady slurps back and forth, her hand stroking off the lower part of him while she continues to jerk off the other WWE Superstar here, groaning herself a little as she keeps her lips firmly pressed around his thick meat as she blows him with an increasing pace as she grows more confident in handling these massive shafts.

"You mean you listen to something other than Motorhead?" Orton raises an eyebrow with a smirk of his own, but his attention is down on the Fairfield, California-born beauty who's lifted her head away so she can now take his cock into her nicely damp and warm mouth, making him moan as she gets to it and wraps those pouty lips around his man meat. "Besides... Mmmm... I'm not exactly known for nice or soft..." He adds, watching the pretty face of the woman kneeling before him raising and lowering on his dick as she's working over the top half of his impressive inches, her eyes locked up just seeing the intense with a hint of danger look from The Apex Predator makes her groan, knowing she can't risk pulling away so she keeps on moving her head up and down with a firm and steady pace.

"Mmmm... As long as you don't use some chick's bag as a toilet again..." The former leader of D-Generation-X says, ignoring the cold look he gets from the other man but soon both groan in pleasure from the stroking work the dark-skinned babe in front of them is doing on their long, white cocks while Randy also savors her sucking motion on his member at the same time.

"Oh wait, it was just wrecking her stuff, wasn't it?" He further taunts with a chuckle, feeling the soft palm of the NXT starlet rubbing her own saliva into his dick as she smoothly jerks him all the way from the base to the head, slightly twisting her grip at times to add to the pleasure as she seems to know how to handle two men at once, even as hung and handsome as these two are.

"No comment on that one... "Boss"..." The man who once led the group Legacy keeps his focus quite rightly on the former Mercedes KV in the Indies as she continues to use the double team of her hand stroking along the bottom couple of inches while her mouth handles the upper part of his fat cock, making her groan as she has to work to keep her pouty lips wrapped around his vast size. "But this one looks like she could actually have something worthwhile... Ahhhh... Unlike most of those bitches back then..." He adds with a sinister tone in his voice, keeping an intense stare down at the woman sucking him off, both intimidating but making her carry on dishing out this nice blowjob, leaving his manhood with a soothing coating of her saliva as she continues to bob away on his stiff rod, her long stylish hair swaying a little from the effort she's putting into servicing him.

"Unlike some of the wastes of time that have been here... Mmmm... In NXT already..." Triple H says before he moves to step back, getting out of her grip and that action makes her lift her head away, looking concerned.

"Did I do something wrong?" Sasha asks, looking up at both men. "I... I can do a lot more!"

"You bet that tight little ass of yours you will..." Randy says with a smirk, forcefully pulling her up to her feet, making her yelp in shock before he makes her bend over forwards in front of him, pushing her juicy, dress-covered ass out towards him.

"Relax rookie... Randy is just more of the bang first, ask questions later type..." Triple H says in a far from reassuring way, moving around in front of the bent over babe who bites down on her bottom lip as he steps up. "Now, let's see how smart you are... Because I've got two words for you..."

Feeling the bottom of her dress being pushed up, with a nod of her head she opens her mouth wide, taking the long cock of the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events back into her mouth, and she clearly knows exactly what he was meaning as she begins to "suck it", groaning as she lowers her head down before rising back up to the head. "Mmmm... You need to drop the innocent act honey... I'm not buying it..." He smirks with a moan, noticing how easily she's able to handle the upper half of his rod in her warm, wet mouth, another sure sign that this is far from the first time she's blown someone despite her young age, and she's impressing again as she manages to establish a steady pace on him even with how thick his cock is.

"Mmmmmmm!!" The former Chaotic Wrestling Women's Champion lets out a muffled moan around the dick she's sucking, feeling the cock of the hunk behind her getting pushed into her tight snatch with a hard, unannounced thrust, and she isn't given any time to adjust to this invasion as the pumps start coming with a stiff series that alone is making her jolt forward. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh!!" She groans, her body being made to rock back and forth against these forceful pumps which in turn make her head push forward further onto the other former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion's shaft than she'd intended, gagging from her being heard when the tip of said member connects with the back of her mouth but to her credit she continues on with the sucking action as she closes her eyes.

"Mmmm... Fuck being innocent... Feels like she hasn't had a real man's dick in her..." The man known as The Legend Killer slightly mocks, noticing how tight her snatch is as he firmly slides his rod in and out of her, keeping a tight grip on her toned waist to keep her in place as he pumps away into the love tunnel of the NXT Diva. "A couple of weeks up on Raw and Smackdown will soon cure that... Mmmm... If she ever makes it..." He adds, further showing his dominating tendencies by using his strength to forcefully pull her curvacious body back to meet his forward thrusts, so her sexy ass connects with his muscular waist with a loud smack when he drives hard into her, the slapping sound ringing out around this office as he moans, showing that despite his cold attitude he's loving getting a piece of this stunning female wrestler.

"Ahhhh... You're a real charmer Randy, you know that?" The Cerebral Assassin says with another smirk and a groan of pleasure, seeing how his long, thick pole is vanishing and reappearing from the mouth of the gorgeous would-be sports entertainer even as she gags occasionally when she's forced to deep throat all of this massive cock from the way she's jolting forward thanks to being banged stiffly from behind. "What's that other nickname of yours? The "Diva Thriller" or something?" He's still able to joke even when enjoying a slobbering blowjob like this that's leaving his manhood coated in her saliva as she's being spit roasted while bent over by two fat, white dicks in two of her holes, making her sexy dark-skinned body rock back and forth between the muscular and naked hunks while she's still partially clothed with her dress just pushed up over her booty.

"Mmmmm... I just take... Ahhhh... What I want..." He snorts out a reply in between moans, ploughing into her snug and dampening snatch as he continues to pull her sharply backwards to meet each and every balls deep thrust into her that he gives, his ball sack slapping into her skin when he pushes forward and fills her box up with all of his inches. "Not that I hear you haven't been... Mmmm... Screwing around with the chicks around here either..." He adds with a brief smirk, but keeping his attention down on the beauty being sandwiched between the two former Evolution teammates as he hammers away into her pussy with an almost relentless pace that would otherwise be painful to a normal woman, but she's impressing yet again with being able to take it, moaning as she keeps on sucking the man in front of her off at the same time.

"Mmmm... You wouldn't see that as such a good deal if you had to put up with... Ahhh... What I have from some of the Divas around here..." Triple H says, enjoying a couple more slurps along his cock before he pulls out of her mouth with a groan. "The last chick I "evaluated" you would have dropped with an RKO as soon as you saw her dance..."

"More dancers... Great... Ahhh... Just what the WWE doesn't have enough off..." Randy says with nuclear sarcasm as he delivers one last hard thrust to Banks' snatch before pulling out and stepping back.

"At least I'm the not the only one with Diva problems around here..." Sasha says with a gorgeous smile, standing up but looking over she sees Triple H moving around his office desk to sit back in his chair. "If I may... Can I take a seat, Boss?" She asks with a sway of her rounded hips as she walks towards him.

"Sounds like a damn good idea to me..." Triple H responds with a grin of his own, while a smirking darkly Orton also approaches them both.

"Mmmm... Feels good to me!" By the time the other WWE hunk has arrived, the NXT Diva has already mounted herself right onto the big dick of the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, still half-clothed with her dress raised up to her midsection as her back rests against the chiseled chest of the stud gripping her thighs as she spreads her legs wide.

"Oooooh fuck! Oh yeah! Mmmm..." This allows him to start thrusting his cock up into her tight and wet pussy, making them both moan out as the happily married man all too eagerly pumps his shaft in and out of her twat, the young stunner groaning out in delight as she's filled up again, already feeling his heavy ballsack smacking up into her skin each time he sends himself deep into her.

"Don't think you're getting off easy this time..." The handsome but intimidating Orton says, still smirking as he roughly grabs a handful of her long hair, making her groan as she's forced to turn her head towards him and her open mouth is just an invitation as he shoves his dick straight into her, making her taste her own snatch off his inches as he slides them in deep with one hard pump. "Mmmm... Because if you can't handle this... You are going be stuck down here... Ahhhh! For a long time..." He adds, keeping the grip of the hair so he can start fucking her pretty face, thrusting in and out of her warm and wet mouth to make himself groan, showing no regard to the discomfort on her face as she bravely takes this but her loud gagging when he pushes in deep show she's clearly not used to having to deal with this kind of long, fat cock before.

"You'd think a guy would be more happy... Mmmmm! Fucking around with a young hottie like this..." The man known as The Game takes another shot at his former team mate and rival, smirking as he continues to thrust his dick straight up into the snatch of the Fairfield, California-born beauty who's groaning and grinding back on his cock, rubbing her sexy ass against his crotch while he drives in balls deep with every upward pump into her pussy. "Mmmm... If you had your priorities right, and not just here... Ahhhh... It wouldn't be so long since you held a championship..." He adds, sliding his hands along her smooth legs a little as the series of perfectly timed and paced thrusts continue, a much more savoring pace than the harsh pounding she'd taken in her snatch minutes before and its leaving her snatch very wet but still nicely tight to keep him moaning as well.

"See being stuck with an office job... Mmmm! Hasn't cut off that smart mouth of yours..." The third-generation Superstar growls, trying to keep his attention more on the soothing mouth of gorgeous woman he's pumping his cock in and out, his cock now coated with her saliva that's beginning to drip down her chin from how quickly and roughly he's fucking her oral hole. "Ahhhh! You feed your wife lines about everything being fine... Mmmmm! With that mouth as well?" He says with a groan as the two Royal Rumble match winners continue to thrust their white cocks in and out of the mouth and snatch of the stunningly curved dark-skinned babe they're fucking inside of this corporate office, as Orton continues to roughly pump his dick deep making her gag over and over again, but he's getting too much pleasure from this to care about what she's having to deal with.

"MMMMM!! Gaaaaaaah!! Mmmmmm!!" The woman previously known as Mercedes KV can only groan and gag at the oral abuse she's having to endure, taking the harsh pumping as the cock of the former member of Rated RKO continues to pound between her pouty lips that are fighting to stay wrapped around his meat, feeling the head crashing into the back of her mouth. At the same time she can't help but moan and grind down against the equally long and thick shaft that's being pumped into her wet pussy at a much more manageable and certainly pleasurable pace, the moaning hunk she's resting again knowing just how to bang her snug snatch with porn star-quality pace that along with the other WWE hunk is making her sweat from this steamy backstage threesome.

"Only about as much as you do... Ahhh... Telling your wife everything's fine..." Triple H says with a smirk, unfazed by the war of words between the former rivals as he gives her another couple of balls deep pumps up into her wet snatch.

"Enough of this shit... Are we gonna just trade insults... Mmmm! Or nail this rookie properly or what??" A glaring Orton says as he pulls out of her mouth, giving Banks a much needed breather as she gasps for air.

"Fine... But I'm breaking in her ass... Just try not to blow your load too quick in her, OK?" Triple H says, knowing he's ticked off his former team mate as he eases the babe on top of him off his rod so she can dismount.

"Wow... If this is what you guys are like on good terms... I'd hate to see you as enemies!" Sasha states with a sexy laugh, moving to slide her dress right down and off her body, fully showing off her perfectly curved figure along with her perky, rounded tits.

"You're lucky I'm putting up with you right now..." The Viper coldly claims, using his strength to suddenly lift Banks up off her feet, mounting her right onto his long, thick cock all the way down to the base to once again stuff her soaking wet snatch full, making them both moan as she quickly wraps her legs around his muscular body. "Mmmmm! Otherwise I might end this... Ahhhh! Dropping you with an RKO..." He groans out, acting heartless but the way he's calling out in pleasure as he swiftly thrusts his cock right up into her snatch indicates otherwise, and with this position she's finally allowed to give back as she bounces on his stiff rod, showing that despite the poundings she's taken so far the NXT Diva impressively has plenty left in her, much to his moaning delight as moans and smiles on his cock.

"I think he's warming up to you..." The former King of the Ring and Royal Rumble winner says with a chuckle, stepping up and spreading her ass cheeks apart so he can firmly push his cock into her tight asshole, making them both groan deeply as he starts to fuck her sexy backside, using some steady thrusts so she can get used to this new invasion into her clearly tighter hole. "Ahhhh fuck!! Now that's an ass the boys... Mmmmm! Up on Raw and Smackdown would love to get some off..." He states, loving the snug feeling of her back passage around his member, working his fat inches up into her gorgeous ass as she rocks between his thrusts and the other hunk's, leaving her being pumped in both her lower holes at the same time and from the loud moans she's letting out she's loving every moment of this double penetration.

"Awwwww yes!! Yes!! FUCK!!" She moans as sweat covers her stunning, dark-skinned body, trying her best to continue bouncing on both of the thick and long white cocks being rammed in and out of both her wet snatch and tight ass at the same time as she's held completely off the ground in this standing position, her body sandwiched between two muscular and moaning studs. "Ooooooh fuck!! Ahhhhh! Fill me up!! Fuck me!!" She groans shamelessly, her perky breasts pressing against the chest of one former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion while her back rests against the other one's chiseled out of stone upper body, and all the while her body slides up and down against them both as she continues to ride the shafts being pumped into her snatch and booty over and over again.

"Awwww... Mmmmm yeah... A chick that can fuck like a slut... Mmmm!! And love it..." The man known as The Legend Killer groans as he keeps on ramming his dick straight up into the NXT Diva, sweat all over his desirable body now from the intense effort he's been putting into roughly fucking the stunning female wrestler, clearly only wanting to use her for his own pleasure despite how clearly great it feels to be deep in her wet, snug pussy. "That kind of talent... MMMM!! Will get her far alright..." He says back handedly, hissing through his teeth as he continues to fire off thrust after balls deep thrust straight up into her, her bouncing motion meaning their bodies crash together with a loud, erotic slapping sound ringing out around this office as both continue to moan out even if he won't admit how obviously great this sexual encounter is.

"Ahhhh!! That was almost a compliment there... Mmmm!!" The man known as The Game continue to thrust up and moan into the sexy backside of the former Chaotic Wrestling Women's Champion, stuffing her booty full with his fat man meat as he briskly pumps her perfectly rounded butt, with his pace gaining speed and force as its clear her back passage is more than ready to take some more even after all she's taken so far. "Awwww shit!! I think you can score that... MMMM!! As a win there Sasha..." He grunts as he sweats, stiffly slamming his rod right up into her still tight asshole, almost all his inches fitting inside her as she continues to bounce against his and other former Evolution member as they thrust away into her lower holes, all three desirable wrestling stars moaning shamelessly as the two current WWE studs hammer away at the beautiful NXT Diva who is looking far from the up-and-coming in ring performer she is and more like a porn starlet with this kind of performance.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM!! AHHHHHH!!" The stunning female wrestler shows her inexperience at this kind of action though, the hard and heavy pace too much for her as she tilts her head back, letting out a deep groan of delight as Sasha Banks starts to cum hard on the dick of Randy Orton pounding away at her pussy while Triple H continues to fuck her ass.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh... Mmmmm..." Her bouncing motion becomes staggered, now just jolting against the pumps she's taking as her juices flow out over the shaft of The Apex Predator who's making her ride out all of her clearly intense orgasm but only because he's not stopping his own rapid thrusts to savor his own pleasure, and all the while The Game grunts as he pumps up into the tightened back passage that's clamped around him as she cums.

Even as she was still riding high on that sexual peak, she could only groan as she felt the fat white dicks being pulled out of her curvaceous dark-skinned body, soon finding herself being set down on the floor of the office this steamy threesome has been taking place in, and when she opened her eyes she couldn't help but lick her lips at the site. The very same hunks of man meat were now being rapidly jerked off and aiming towards her, and with no energy right now to resist or move, she tilted her head back slightly and opened her mouth up wide, offering a sexy target knowing that they were approaching their own limits as their members throbbed and the studs stroking off groaned and gasped.

It only takes a couple more pumps of the hands before both Triple H and Randy Orton are shooting their loads, sending thick streams of cum into the awaiting mouth of Sasha Banks who groans at the sensation, feeling her oral hole getting filled up quickly with the combined jizz of the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions. Both hunks continue to stroke themselves off until every last drop has been fired into the NXT Diva's mouth so she's almost overflowing with their spunk, but seeing them finally stepping back with their dicks spent she gleefully closes her lips together and with a loud, sexy gulp swallows all of their loads down with a gorgeous smile.

"Wow... That was amazing!!" Sasha says, catching her breath back as she stays down on the floor. "I never been in something as hot as that in my life!"

"Then clearly, you haven't been up in the big time yet..." Orton says with a smirk. "That was a walk in the park compared to how the real WWE Divas get fucked..." He adds coldly, giving her one last look over before he turns and heads over towards his clothing.

Glancing over at the other man, Triple H turns and offers a hand up to Banks with a smile. "He just walked off and didn't drop you with an RKO... That means you impressed him a little rookie... But keep the Hell quiet about or he'll change his voice-hearing mind." He warns with a whisper with another glance over.

Accepting the hand she nods her head quickly. "I will! But thank you Boss... This just makes me want to make it to the WWE even more now!"

That answer makes Triple H smirk. "Just keep up the good work rookie, because around here? That's a good attitude to have... The opposite to Randy's I'd say..."

* * *

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