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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Kendall Skye (NXT, real name Kendra Smith), Triple H (WWE), Chris Jericho (WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 9: Kendall Skye
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in March of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is inside his executive office as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory has just finished up. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is having a conversation with a fellow WWE Superstar, and a quest star for the night's event - Y2J Chris Jericho. Jericho is clad in jeans and a merchandise T-shirt of his rock band Fozzy.

"I'm telling you man, there's a lot of great talent down here!" Chris says with an honest smile. "From the Divas to all the Superstars, mixing it up against guys like The Shield and Cesaro... The WWE is in for some big shocks when this guys get the call-up, and not if!"

"That's what NXT is all about now..." Triple H agrees. "We're turning these rookies into real deal stars, giving them a chance to shine and you showed that tonight. You didn't have to take a match on the show against Bray Wyatt but you did. You kicked his ass, sure, but you gave him a chance. That's what I'm giving all these guys, and the Divas as well."

"Yeah... Those Wyatt Family guys are creepy as Hell... Ranks up there with the crazy booking that happened in WCW when I was stuck there..." Jericho says with a chuckle. "But speaking of the Divas... I was caught up earlier on with this hot blonde from Australia who started showing me this weird dance. You know, because I was on Dancing With The Stars, and she looked really obsessed with doing this arm thing..."

Jericho was about to continue his story to a concerned looking Triple H, who knew full well who and what he was talking about, but both men's attention is caught up with a loud knock at the door and to the woman who walks in. Clad in a very form fitting black dress that shows off a hint of sexy clevage along with her nicely rounded ass is the newest ring announcer for NXT's television show along with being an in-training competitor herself, NXT Diva Kendall Skye. The gorgeous former stunt woman with mixed martial arts training was smiling as she entered but looks surprised to see Jericho here as well.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Skye quickly appologises. "I didn't know you were in a meeting. Should I come back later?"

"Woah, woah? Leave? We've only just met!" Chris says with a grin as he extends a hand. "Chris Jericho, Y2J. The Best, in the World, at what I do!"

"Uh... Hi!" She quickly shakes his hand. "I'm Kendall Skye... I'm a Diva here in NXT... I just started doing some ring announcing tonight for the show taping..."

"Oh yeah, I remember now... I wanted to talk to you about that..." Triple H cuts in as he moves towards the two. "Skye, listen, from what I heard, you got off to a... Bad start out there with the Full Sail crowd. Pissed them off a little, and sometimes the first bad impression can be the last one..." He says, reading her worried expression. "I get that the ring announcing gig is a temp job while you're getting trained by Del Rey, but you need to make the most out of this chance I'm giving you. Summer Rae did, and now look at her. Sure she lost tonight, but she's on the radar and not just here in NXT either. What I'm saying is you can leave here tonight, knowing that you can do better, and I expect you to go out there and impress everyone at the next taping. You got that?"

"Yes Sir!" Kendall says with a more confident looking smile. "I definitely will! Thank you so much..." She goes to move, but a smirking Jericho still holds onto her hand.

"So, you're a rookie around here huh?" He says knowingly, looking to HHH. "You know, I've heard stories about how "break in" new Divas around here in NXT... Seems like Kendall here hasn't been properly shown how things work around here."

"Now that you mention it... That's actually right..." Triple H returns the grin before turning to look at an intrigued Skye. "Say Kendall... If you're not in a rush to leave here, since the show is done with and all... How about you stick around with me and Chris here, and maybe we can give you a chance to impress us right here, right now."

Glancing between the two men, and seeing the looks in their eyes, a seductive little smile creeps across her lips. "I think I can do that... And I think the rumors I've been hearing about you are very true..." Skye says, letting her eyes wander over both men before she boldly slips down to her knees in front of them both.

"Stories? What kind of stories?" Triple H fakes innocence even as he and the other long time sports entertainer start to undo the belts of their pants. "You haven't been browsing the Dice and Kristi Universe have you?"

"I've heard that you've fucked every Diva that's passed through here... Even the ones that didn't make it to TV..." Kendall says, still smiling as she watches their pants drop, and her eyes widen in surprise at the sight of their already long looking and thick to match dicks, already impressive even as they harden.

"Hey, didn't your wife do sort of the same thing to the NXT rookies back when it was doing those Season competitions?" Jericho asks with a smirk of his own, watching as she takes a hold of both his and the other stud's members to start smoothly stroking them off.

"Considering some of the "talent" that appeared during those days... All I can say is she's a woman who does what she wants... And who she wants..." HHH says with a grin, moaning lightly as her jerking motion has soon gotten him and his fellow WWE star both rock hard in her grip, allowing her to size up their massive lengths.

"Since I don't have any backstage stories like that to tell... I think I'll just let my actions speak instead..." Skye says with a smirk, giving both men's dicks a couple of pumps before she leans in, sliding her tongue across the head of Jericho's rod to give him a couple of slow, swirling motions before he turns and gives the same treatment to Triple H's bell end, all the while using her hand to both hold them in place and give some short jerks. She looks up at the hunky WWE Superstars with a smoldering look, showing she's getting turned on by this rather indecent encounter as she switches between teasingly licking of their cocks, moving from one to the other and leaving the crowns with a light layer of her saliva from her tongue work.

"Got to love these rookie Divas..." Jericho says with a smirk, watching as the NXT ring announcer now takes his cock into her mouth, not hanging around as she goes right to work on him, breaking into a steady sucking motion with her head rising and lowering onto his tool while her hand keeps stroking away at his base. "Mmmm... Some things just... Ahhh... Never change..." He adds, a signal that this might not be the first time he's had a would-be Diva servicing his cock, as she does that with her nicely paced blowing of his meaty length, managing to handle the top half of him while her hand jerks off the lower portion, and despite his and the other hunk's size she doesn't appear intimidated by servicing them both as she manages suck and stroke them both.

"If you stuck around instead of touring or hosting robot fighting shows... Mmmm... You'd known damn well things are still the same..." The man nicknamed the King of Kings jokes, watching as she slides her palm all the way up and down his rod while bobbing her head at a quicker pace on the other sport entertainer's dick just beside him, but while its notable she's able to multitask on them both Triple H isn't exactly being overly impressed by the rookie's steady stroking of his member. "Never heard you complaining yet about it..." He adds, keeping a close watch on the gorgeous female kneeling in front of him as she continues to jerk off all of his inches with an occasional twist of the wrist while keeping her main focus on the cock she's got her soft lips tightly wrapped around. She can be heard groaning around that man meat as she ensures its getting a nice covering of her saliva from her sucking action even if she's just working over the top half of him, it seems enough for now at it keeps Y2J moaning each time she moves her head up and down onto him.

"Who said... Mmmm... I was complaining?" The first man to hold the Undisputed version of the WWE Championship fires back with a groan as he enjoys the steady blowjob he's getting from the stunner with martial arts and stunt work experience, her soothing mouth raising and lowering over his stiff rod to keep him moaning along with her hand work around his base.

"Mmmm.... Hey... I'm going to be complaining now though..." He says with a handsome smile as she lifts her head away so she can turn and take the other WWE stud's dick into her oral hole, but she doesn't forget about his long Canadian cock as the American uses her hand to rub her spit all over his inches with a couple of swift pumps all the way up and down him, getting another light moan from him for her stroking skill.

"Relax... You'll get... Mmmm... Plenty time to test her out yet..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events states as he stares down with slight approval, showing that while she's not taking as much of him into her warm and nicely damp feeling mouth as he'd like, her cock sucking is still more than giving him pleasure as she steadily rocks herself up and down onto him. "Or is this... Mmmm... Cutting into your busy touring schedule already?" He adds another light-hearted jab even with his attention mostly taken up by the beauty in front of him as she jerks off the other Superstar here while dishing out some oral pleasure with some nicely paced motions across the upper part of his cock, again using her hand around the base to jerk him off so all of his fat inches are getting taken care off.

"Hey, soon as you make some actual new stars around the WWE... Ahhh... And don't need me to save your shows, then I might stop coming..." Jericho smirks back, unfazed by the verbal sparring while his dick is getting stroked nicely by the babe in front of them.

"If we needed you so badly... Mmmm... We would have put you onto a full time deal..." Triple H responds as Skye gives his member another couple of sucks that also leave him with a layer of saliva over him.

Lifting her head away, she glances between the two men. "Not interrupting anything, am I?" She questions with a raised eyebrow. "Beginning to think I'm a third wheel here, even doing this..." She adds as she squeezes their cocks with a little smirk on her face.

"Listen Skye, this is nothing different from what the WWE locker room is like... But with some experience, you'd be getting guys full attention in no time..." Triple H says, noting that despite her stunning looks and hot body, she doesn't seem to have the ability yet to handle a couple of Superstar quality dicks as they do. "So how about you take a ride on me and we'll see if we can get you trained up?" He says as more of an order, already moving back as he undoes his tie.

"I think I can handle that..." She says with a teasing tone, moving over once the now fully naked Triple H is laying on the office floor so she can mount him, her back facing him as she eases herself down onto his rod in a squatting position, using one hand to hike up the bottom of her dress and the other to hold her panties to the side. Once the bulbous head of his tool slides inside her, the NXT Diva can't help but moan as her tight pussy gets filled up and has to quickly adjust to the vast size she's taking in, making her pause when she's half-way down onto him. "Mmmmm! Oh fuck!! I really want to get trained up now!" She groans with notable lust as she looks back over her shoulder at the smirking multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion who reaches up and grabs her panties covered, sexy ass, giving her no warning as he begins to pump his cock right up into her snatch, making her further moan at the invasion.

"Ahhh! Oooooh wow!! That's so... UMPH!!" The Denver, Colorado-born beauty gets silenced when the now also nude stud from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada moves in front of her and pushes his equally long and thick to match shaft into the open target of her moaning mouth, making sure she doesn't jerk back as he places a hand on to the top of her head. "Mmmm!! Mmmm... Mmmm!" Groaning around his man meat, she goes with the flow of the moment and starts to rock her head up and down on his tool once again, lifting a hand up to grip onto his muscular thigh for support as she's allowed to work on him at her own pace, once again moving across the upper part of his length which is more than enough to make the receiver moan and smile as she builds up into a rhythm once again.

"Mmmm... I don't think we've found a new Lillian, that's for sure... Ahhhh..." The former King of the Ring and Royal Rumble match winner says as he pumps his dick up into the NXT ring announcer's snatch, digging his fingers slightly into her butt cheeks as he thrusts swiftly and with building force into her love tunnel, showing he's looking to really test out what she can do, and take for that matter. "Mmmm... She's as tight as she was when she first arrived though..." He notes, feeling how snug her snatch is around his fat rod as it moves in and out of her with clear experience and not just from having "tried out" many would-be sports entertainers around here either. His pumps perfectly timed, and forceful enough to make her jolt up when he fires a thrust into her, so he's making her ride him in a way while he bangs her from underneath and her squatting position allows him to venture in deep, just as he clearly wants to.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... Well, the old rule about female ring announcers and interviewers..." The man known as The Ayatollah of Rock 'n" Rolla moans with a smile, slightly pushing his hips forward in order to feed the former movie stunt woman more of his manhood, causing her to groan as she keeps her soft lips nicely wrapped around his size. "It's not just a microphone they can handle... Ahhh! And they use their mouths not just to talk..." He adds with a knowing chuckle, looking down at her beautiful face as a large amount of his cock enters and reappears from her mouth as he lightly pumps her oral hole as she continues to suck on him with determination, perhaps to show that she doesn't want to be written off because of her rookie status and lack of wrestling experience, and from the moans Y2J is letting out he's got no complaints with that at all.

"The WWE hasn't had a good track record with female announcers in NXT... Mmmm... At least in the Seasons days..." The former leader of D-Generation-X and Evolution says as he carries on thrusting up into the stunning, still fully dressed beauty with a series of deep and firm thrusts, giving her almost all of his inches to fill up her tight and dampening pussy while she rocks back against his motion, her body jolting sharply each time she takes a stiff pump to practically make her bounce on his pistoning dick. "But at the rate that Summer Rae chick is going... Ahhh! We might be onto something yet here..." He keeps his hands onto her sexily rounded ass for support, watching his dick plough into her snatch as he continues to bang the tanned beauty while she groans and sucks on another lengthy tool at the same time, and despite her rookie status it's a credit to her that she can handle this double team from a couple of cocks that are clearly the biggest she's ever handled before.

"Mmmm... Ahhh!! Come on, let's get you out of that dress now..." Chris says as he steps back, taking his dick out of her mouth which allows her to letout a loud moan as well as catch her breath. "Wouldn't want you to get that stained and ruined..." He says with a handsome smirk, noticing that sweat is beginning to form on her forehead.

"Yeah... I thought you were used to hard hitting... Mmmm! Kinds of stuff, being an ex-stunt woman..." Triple H points out with a grin of his own, giving her pussy another couple of thrusts before he eases his cock out of her with a moan.

"Mmmm... Oh, you think I can't handle it?" Skye raises an eyebrow as she stands up and glances between them both. "Bring it on... I can handle whatever you want to bring." She dares them with a seductive smirk of her own as she begins to slip her dress down her athletic, curved body, showing off her nicely rounded and perky tits in a bra that matches her panties.

"That's a good kind of attitude to have... But it could also be famous last words..." Jericho jokes while HHH gets to his feet, both watching as she unclips her bra to fully reveal her sexy tits, her hard nipples showing she's been getting off on this as much as they both have.

Just as Kendall bends over to lower her panties down her smooth legs, Jericho steps up behind her and proceeds to push his coated with her saliva cock straight into her snatch to make them both moan, keeping her in position with his hands gripping her toned waist as he begins to pump into her already nicely fucked but still very tight pussy. "Ahhhh! Mmmmm!! Yeah, give it to me!! Mmmm..." She moans in delight, actively pushing her ass back against his thrusts to meet them, allowing him in turn to slide more of his fat, Canadian inches into the gorgeous American who just leaves her panties around her ankles, her hands brushing her long hair out of the way so she can gaze back at the stud now banging her briskly and with building force.

"No slacking off rookie... Time to pay your dues like all the rest do..." The Cerebral Assassin gets her attention by turning her head to the front and in the next moment shoves his dick straight into her mouth to make her groan as well as taste her own pussy from off of his rod, and she's given no time to adjust as he goes right to work pumping into her oral hole with deep, solid thrusts as just like she wanted, he doesn't hold back. "Ahhh... Mmmm... You think you can make it past ring announcer? Mmmm!! Time to prove it..." He adds as a challenge as he pumps his man meat right past her soft lips, feeling her starting to bob her head along his inches but he's looking to be in control here, making sure he goes well over half-way to stuff her mouth full, feeling her moans vibrate around him and her tongue smacking up against his underside, making him groan in return.

"Mmmm... Awwww yeah baby! A tight body and a tight pussy to match! Mmmm..." The self-proclaimed Best in the World at what he Does is clearly loving the feel of her snug, wet snatch all around his cock as his muscular waist begins to smack into her toned, gorgeously rounded ass cheeks as he pumps in deep, making the NXT ring announcer sweat from his series of pornstar quality pumps. "Stunt work or whatever... Mmmm!! If she can take this, she can handle any slams in the ring..." He adds, keeping his thrusts swift and forceful to venture in deep, his ballsack slapping against her tanned skin as a sharp ring sounds out around the office room they're fucking in as their bodies connect. Showing she's not going to be written off yet so early in her sports entertainment time, she continues to push back against his motion to take him balls deep, making herself groan as she sucks away on the dick being shoved deep into her oral hole as she impressively takes this hot and heavy spit roasting while being bent over forwards between the two hung and hunky WWE Superstars.

"If we ever put any Divas into one... Mmmm!! Of the WWE Films we produce... Ahhhh... At least we could easily get a stunt woman..." The Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events of the WWE jokes with a confident smile as he groans, his face fucking of the woman with a BFA degree from New York University never stopping as his rod is now soaked from base to bell end with her saliva that's also seeping past her lips from the repeated thrusts in he's been making her take. "For now... Ahhhh!! Mmmm!! I'm just happy to see if she can Play the Game..." He moans out as he grips her long hair, ensuring she can't lift away even though she's taking as good as she's getting, bobbing away on his pumping pole and occasionally a gagging sound being heard from her when his cock touches the back of her mouth, but impressively it's not stopping her from lustfully slobbering away all over his size.

"I could think... Mmmm!! Of a different kind of movie I'd like to see her in..." The lead singing of the rock band Fozzy smirks with a moan, keeping on firing off thrust after deep and forceful thrust into her still snug and very wet pussy in quick succession, feeling no sting at all when their bodies sharply collide and her sexily thick ass connects with his nicely toned waist. "Mmmm!! Ahhh... Shame this is the PG-era and we wouldn't get away with that..." He adds with another shameless moan, continuing to bang the stunning babe from behind with those rapid pumps that would otherwise send a normal woman into a screaming orgasm long before now. Neither he or the receiver of these steady and quick thrusts have any problem carrying on, both with plenty in the tank even as she moans away and is clearly sweating harder as a result of the double teaming she's taking from the two former multi-time World Heavyweight Champions.

"Mmmm... Oh, we get away with enough on TV as it is..." Triple H says as he steps back with a groan, seeing how coated in saliva his still rock hard cock is. "Not bad rookie... But let's see if you can handle some DP..." He says with a smirk, watching as she keeps pushing herself back against the pumps she's taking from behind.

"MMMM!!! Ahhhh!! Oh fuck yes!! I'd fucking love that!" Kendall says with shameless lust, having totally lost herself in this sexual encounter, and her cries make both men grin.

"Alright babe... Go get on top of the "Boss" here..." Jericho says, pulling out of her snatch with a groan of his own while HHH hops up onto his own office desk, his legs handing off the edge and his dick pointing straight upwards.

"You're going to see what I can really do!" Skye says with a lick of her lips, moving to climb on top of the desk as she swings a leg over Triple H. "Just wait until I get into the ring... You and the other Divas won't know what hit them!" She mounts herself onto his cock with a groan, placing her hands onto his chest for support and sticking her ass out in the process.

"MMMM! Mmmm... I can't wait to show you what I'm made off..." The NXT Diva and television ring announcer barely has time to grind herself down onto the WWE Superstar she's on top off before she's made to lean forward a little more as the other grappler moves forward, still standing as he shocks her by pushing his dick into her snatch as well, making her eyes widen with a deep moan as she's made to take two thick and long cocks at the same time. "AHHHH FUCK!!! AHHHH!! MMMM!!!" Caught completely by surprise, she's held in place by Triple H grabbing her waist while Jericho has a hand on her back as the two men begin move their dicks in and out of her stuffed full snatch, making her jolt and shudder as she's filled up far beyond even she thought possible and only after a few pumps she's already been turning into moaning, slutty mess.

"MMMM!! What's the matter junior? Too much... Ahhhh! For you to handle?" Jericho grins as sweat forms across his forehead, not bothered at all by the friction of both her American tight snatch and his big Canadian cock rubbing against another American's inside her love tunnel, focusing on the great pleasure he's feeling as he eases his dick back and forth into her with nicely firm pumps. "I've seen real Divas.... Mmmmm!! Go triple anal just as a... MMMM!! Warm up before a match!" He's able to groan out, looking down at her nicely curved backside as he works his member in and out alongside the other multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE, showing that this certainly isn't the first time he's been involved in double banging a hot babe in the same hole at the same time.

"Damn... MMMM!! I remember that night all right..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events moans out with a smirk, also similarly sweating now as he puts effort into thrusting his dick as forcefully and as deep as he can into the double-stuffed pussy of the woman he can control the career of in NXT, and is not banging like a horny whore alongside a fellow long time sport entertainment veteran. "This is... Ahhhh fuck!! Just a taste of what you're in for... MMMM... If you even make it..." He grunts out, keeping his hands in place and watching as her nicely rounded tits bounce in time with the jolts her tanned and athletic body makes in response to both hunk's firm pumps into her snug but being stretched to the max hole. Likewise, he's not bothered one bit by his rod being alongside another man's as they both fuck her shamelessly, showing that despite her potential and already dazzling good looks she has a long way to go to be a WWE Diva, even with two huge WWE Superstar cocks inside her snatch.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM!! Ooooooh FUCK!!! MMMMM..." All that the mixed martial artist and former stunt woman can do here is moan and gasp for breath as she's filled up to the maximum with two lengthy and fat cocks that are sliding perfectly and smoothly into her dripping wet hole, driving her wild as her mouth hangs open with a stream of dirty moans spilling out. "Ahhhh! AHHHH!! MMMMM!! AHHHH!!" Her eyes roll into almost the back of her head as she groans out, unable to handle the intensity of this double penetration as Kendall Skye starts to cum hard on the cocks of Triple H and Chris Jericho, her juices flooding out over their rods to make them moan, her sweat-soaked frame going limp from the power of her sexual high as she's been more than just well fucked during this hot and heavy threesome.

"Ahhhh!! Did better than I expected... MMMM... Rookie..." The man nicknamed The Game says with a moan, his grip being the only thing keeping her held up as despite feeling her cumming over him and the other stud's cock, neither of them are quite done with her yet, giving her stretched snatch a few more deep thrusts for good measure as they savor the pleasure of the NXT Diva's pussy. "Lasting this long.... MMMM!! And taking a legit DP? MMMM... You might just have what it takes after all..." He adds with a groan, feeling his cock starting to throb inside of her pussy as he delivers a final couple of pumps, knowing there's no need to hold back himself now that the point has been proven and she's been given the banging of a lifetime.

"Alright baby!! Ahhhh... Time to get finished of... MMMM!! Like a true Diva does..." Similarly satisfied that he's played his part in this sexual encounter, Y2J pulls his thick Canadian dick out of her well fucked American snatch in order to step back, helping lift the worn out beauty off of the other man's rod and then set her down onto the floor of the office they are in. "Forget about stunt work... This is the kind of shoot... Ahhhh! You're gonna be in the most..." He says with a grin, taking a hold of his member as he strokes himself, aiming down at her pretty facial features and soon he's joined by the other multi-time former World Heavyweight Champion who also starts to furiously stroke himself off as he moans out with his chest heaving for air.

Without any time to even properly come down from her intense orgasm, she can only kneel down with closed eyes as she gasps for air, but soon she has to groan as both Triple H and Chris Jericho start to shoot their loads across the gorgeous face of Kendall Skye, and that open mouth ends up collecting some spunk as well as the first loads land across her. As the two long time WWE hunks stroke themselves dry, they send their thick jizz splashing across her cheeks, nose, and forehead to really coat her face like she's been banged by a group of men instead of the two grinning sports entertainers who watch as the NXT ring announcer can't help but swallow down the cum that had landed in her mouth. By the time their cocks begin to soften, her face has been truly plastered and leaves her looking hotter than ever as she's coated with sweat with her long hair a mess, but a clear dirty smile on her lips and spunk all across her facial features.

"Hey... If this happens down here in NXT? Count me in for another guest appearance..." Jericho says with a smirk, motioning towards the cum covered babe as he turns and heads to pick up his clothing.

"Matter of fact, it does..." Triple H says with a grin of his own. "And you aren't the first guy who asked to return again..."

Staying down on her knees, Skye wipes some jizz away from her eyes so she can look up, still worn out as she gasps for breath. "Sir... Did I... Did I impress you then?" Kendall asks, still with that naughty smile on her face.

"Rookie... You've got a long way to come yet..." HHH says with a nod. "But based on this? You've got potential... Just work a little on the mic work as well as the wrestling training. You piss off these fans, are you can kiss your ass goodbye... But doing a lot more of this with the boys on the roster? It's not gonna hurt your chances either..." He adds with a knowing smirk.

* * *

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