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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Bayley(NXT, Davina Rose in SHIMMER, SHINE), Triple H(WWE), Corey Graves(NXT, Sterling James Keenan in Indies).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 10: Bayley
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in May of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H walking backstage as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory is continuing on. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, he's heading back to his office when his attention is caught by a dark, loner-like figure resting with his arms across his chest and his back against the corridor wall. "Hey... You keep up that lone wolf kind of act, and those "buzzards" of the Wyatt Family will eat you up..." Triple H says with a smirk, changing direction to approach him.

The man been spoken to is none other than NXT Superstar, the former Sterling James Keenan of the indies, the dark and tattooed Corey Graves. He's clad only in a pair of suitably torn and well worn jeans that nicely show off his sure to be impressive looking package, and his muscular upper body is on full display.

"I don't need anyone to finish that war..." Graves says, unmoved and defiant as his direct boss in NXT approaches. "Guys like Ohno and Neville are just allies for the moment... And once I've forced Wyatt and his freak show family why he should have followed my advice to start with..." He says, raising up his fists and putting them together to show off the tattoo letters that read "STAY DOWN" across his fingers. "I'll be back in the hunt for that NXT Championship."

"Geez kid, lighten up..." Triple H says with a chuckle, unfazed by Graves' attitude. "We've already got one tattoo-covered loud mouth in CM Punk up in the WWE. Just hope you'll bring something to the table."

"Oh trust me, Boss... I'll be..."

Graves starts to speak, but he seems to hear something and looking over to a corner, he catches a glimpse of a foot like someone's just done a second turn after seeing who was there. Thinking that it could be a potential sneak attack by his rivals, he starts to carefully move across towards the corner, while Triple H stands in amusement as he watches this go on as Graves reaches the corner.

"You think you can sneak up on me??" Corey yells as he whips around the edge, grabbing and arm and pulling the person into the hallway. "I'm gonna..." He starts to say, but then lets go when he sees a startled female that was far from who he'd been expecting.

With the same wide eyed innocence she shows, it's none other than the shy but gorgeous NXT Diva known as Bayley. The former start of SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling as Davina Rose is clad in a signature ring attire of blue bottoms with robot-like graphics, that hang nicely to her thick and juicy ass, and a tight top that perfectly shows off her nicely rounded and sized breasts. As Bayley awkwardly tries to compose herself even when she's done nothing wrong, her hair done up in a pony tail sways as she turns her head quickly to look between the two handsome men.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, um, you know..." Bayley tries to explain herself. "I was just passing by... After the match I had... And I kind of got lost again, but it's OK... Ummm... I'll just be going now, sorry..." She goes to hurriedly leave, but a hand on her shoulder stops her in her

"Woah there, easy!" Triple H says with a smile. "What's the rush there? Besides, I think Corey here owes you an apology for being so rough with you just here."

"Ummm... Does he? I mean, I don't want to uh... Cause any fuss, Mister The Game..." She says, putting on an innocent smile.

"I'm not going to say sorry for her... It's enough I didn't just take her head off thinking she was one of those damn Wyatt Family freaks..." Graves says with annoyance, knowing that HHH is just doing this to aggravate him.

"Well first of all Bayley, it's Bayley, right?" Triple asks, his smile showing he certainly is toying with them both as she quickly nods her head. "Firstly, this isn't a fuss. I want to see Corey here make it up to you. And second, I'm not thinking a verbal apology is going to cut it here. I'm more they type of guy who wants to see a more... Physical form of saying sorry..." He adds, casting a look to Graves who is clearly interested by that suggestion.

"...You mean... With her?" He makes a rather lewd motion out of her sight so when she looks at him he's just standing normally. "And I bet you want in on it as well? Hell, I'm not gonna turn this down... Even if I doubt she's ever done "it" before in her life..."

"Ummm... I'm sorry... I don't understand..." Bayley says with an embarrassed blush on her face as she looks down at her feet for a moment.

With a grin, Triple H moves in a puts an arm around her, that alone making her gasp. "Oh trust me, you will... You really will... Now just follow me and Corey here and I know just the place to get you what you deserve, I mean the apology you deserve..."

* * *

Only a few minutes later, and a now currently completely naked Bayley is biting down on her bottom lip adorably as sits in Triple H's executive office chair inside his office, as she stares with wide eyes as Corey Graves positions himself between her tanned legs, smirking to himself as he dives into her snatch and pushes his tongue firmly inside.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... But Mister The Game... You sure you don't mind me... Mmmm! Sitting in your chair??" Bayley groans as she watches the tattooed hunk press his face into her pussy, showing he has no problems dining on a hot babe, especially when her sexy and nicely curved body is on full display. He's not even looking up at her though, placing his hands on her thick thighs as he probes his tongue into and around her snatch, tasting and teasing as he slides himself around inside of her. "I mean... It's such a... Mmmm! Neat looking chair..."

"It took us long enough to convince you to strip down, so forget about that..." Triple H says with a smirk of his own as he steps forward, now also undressed and the sight of his very long and rock hard cock makes the NXT Diva gasp as she stares in clear awe of the massive length, eyes glued to it as points it right at her beautiful face. "How about you show me if you know about a certain "two words" while Graves "makes it up" to you?" He suggests, although he's already guided one of her hands onto the base of his cock, smiling a little more when out of instinct she gives him a couple of strokes even as she keeps on gazing over him, and moans herself from the top notch eating out she's getting on her starting to dampen pussy.

"Ahhh... Mmmm! OK Mister Cerebral Assassin, I'll... Mmmm! I'll do my best!" The former Davina Rose of the indies says as she lightly grinds her snatch up against the fellow NXT star down in front of her, while she leans her head across and starts to slide her tongue to roam across the thick crown of the multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion's cock. "Mmmm... Ahhhh... I hope I do good for you..." She says as her shyness is still clear to see, tentatively moving her soft tongue all the way around the head in a smooth, swirling motion while her hand pumps back and forth along the rest of his vast inches, and it all makes the receiver moan lightly as he watches on, feeling her warm breath on his shaft as she moans out from the treatment her snatch is getting at the same time.

Indeed, the native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hasn't yet lifted his head away from the tasty pussy of the woman sat in front of him as he uses his grip on her legs to force them over his shoulders, making sure he's able to push in deep with his hungry and clearly experienced tongue into her love tunnel, moaning slightly himself as he continues to dine on her snatch. From the bulge in his pants, it's clear he's turned on by making the gorgeous but innocent female moan out from his tongue work as he slides and tastes every part of her pussy that he can, her forming juices catching on his lips from the reflex grinding motion she's using against his rugged face. At the same time as he swirls his tongue around inside her pussy, she's opened her mouth in order to take the member of other stud involved in this in as she softly wraps her lips around his tool.

"Heh... Well I hope you do good as well... Mmmm... So that makes two of us..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events says as he watches the former starlet of SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling sucks on the head of his cock, keeping her hand moving up and down along his shaft as she keeps her lips wrapped around the bulbous crown. "I just hope your best is a lot better... Mmmm... That this is..." He adds, pointing out how almost novice-like she's acting as she only slightly rocks her head on his rod, barely taking another inch inside of her warm and wet feeling mouth for her to blow, but the combination of this, her stroking hand, and the moans bouncing off of his manhood are definitely giving him pleasure, even if it's not to the "Diva" standards he's used to, and expects.

"I think you... Mmmm... Need some work yet Bayley, and it might explain why you've been on a losing streak around here..." Triple H says with a smirk, stepping back to remove his dick from her grip.

"Ahhhh... But I train with Miss Death Rey almost every day..." Bayley says with a groan as she takes another couple of licks from the stud between her legs. "She really kicks my butt as well..." She adds, about to say more but she cuts herself off with a moan as Graves pulls away from her snatch in order to stand up.

"That's not exactly what I meant..." HHH says with a smirk, taking Bayley by the arm to stand her up, and then easily lifting her onto his own executive office desk. "You need trained in how to fuck like a WWE Diva..." He says with a grin, seeing the wide eyed look on her face along with the embarrassed blush from hearing that statement. "Graves? Feel free to, you know, help out with this..."

"Help? I'll give her a crash course..." Corey says with dark but handsome smirk of his own as he moves around to the other side of the desk, catching her by surprise as he pushes her down to lay on the desk, her head suspended off from the side of it with her pony tail hair now hanging down. "And I don't do any of that weak, suck and jerk shit either..." He adds as he pushes his pants down, revealing his own impressively long and thick to match cock that makes her gasp in wonderment as well as shock.

To prove his point, the former Sterling James Keenan just stuffs himself into that open target of her open oral hole, making her groan as he rather roughly pushes his inches in to over the half way mark, making himself moan as he slides his shaft out but only so a couple of inches are removed before he firmly goes back in with a thrust. "Mmmm... Let's see how innocent you are now..." He taunts as he keeps a grip on her shoulders to make sure she doesn't try and lift away, allowing him to work his hips back and forth to fuck her warm and wet mouth with his lengthy man meat while her head is upside down and unsupported.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm!! Nmmmm nmmm!!" The beauty hailing from San Jose, California groans a muffled objection, not used to this unusual position and especially taking this kind of big cock and so quickly, but soon she has to deal with an invasion in another end as the current WWE Superstar moves in a pushes his equally vast shaft into her already nicely damp but tight snatch. "MMMM!! Mmmm!! Mmmmphh!!" She moans again, eyes closing as her back arches slightly as she fills her pussy getting filled up as likewise, no time is being wasted in going straight to work, pushing over half of his length into her snatch with the first thrust alone and establishing a steady and strong rhythm in quick time that's already causing her jolt backward as she lays on the office desk.

"Mmmm... Now this? This is exactly what I'm... Mmmm... Talking about..." The former leader of D-Generation-X says with a groan of pleasure as he bangs the stunning NXT Diva with a series of stiff and perfectly paced pumps deep into her snatch, gripping her the ankles to lift her legs high up and spread them wide. "Ahhhh... You need to go all out, and all in... Mmmm! Or is that take it all in?" He's showing his clear sexual skill as this allows him both easy access to that snug snatch but keeps her held in place so she doesn't rock too far back from his thrusting member as he slides it in and out of her, moaning from how wonderfully tight she is but he can easily tell that despite her innocent ways, this is not her fist time having sex.

"Mmmm... Doesn't feel like she's gone "all in"... Mmmm! Before in her life..." The man nicknamed NXT's Saviour of Misbehaviour" comments as he continues on stiffly thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth, showing little regard for her discomfort as she gags when he drives in too deep for her to handle even when only a quarter of his long rod is still to fit into her mouth. "Mmmm... I've given chicks piercings who have cried less than she's... Mmmm! Doing right now..." He adds, moving his hands up to grope her nicely sized and rounded tits as they bounce from the jolting motion her body is doing, the squeezing causing her to moan around his cock as her head rocks up out of reflex before hanging right back down again, another loud gag coming from her when his manhood is sent in deep as she takes this facefucking while upside down.

"Gahhhhh! Mmmmph!! MMMMPH!!" The woman formerly known as Davina Rose can only lay and take it from both ends, her head hanging off the desk of the hunk currently driving his dick into her snug and damp pussy, while at the same time she has to endure the most rough oral abuse she's ever had to take as the similarly vast and fat to match cock pummels past her soft lips. "Mmmm!! MMMM!! Gahhhhh!!" There's no denying she's getting pleasure out of this though, as porn star quality thrusts keep on coming into her snatch from the hunk driving his "sledgehammer" of a cock back and forth into her tight and now quite wet pussy. She continues to gag, her throat bulging slightly as its clear she's never been taken in this position before, saliva seeping past her lips from the contrast pumping motion as her saliva coasts Graves' cock, in turn causing that saliva to drip down onto her pretty face as her head hands down and her pony tail sways from the rocking her tanned and curved body is doing.

"Mmmm... Shit... If you could use your mouth properly, you'd be a star around here..." Graves comments with a cocky smirk as he pulls out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp for air but then moan out as she takes another deep pump into her snatch.

"I'll be... Ahhhh... The judge of that, rookie..." Triple H states as he pulls out of her pussy, admiring her wetness all over his tool for a moment before he takes a hold of her to lift her up and off from his office desk. "So, think you can show us what you're made off now?" He almost challengers her, seeing that she's still trying to recover from that last round of sex that's far more rougher, and better, than she's ever had before.

"Ahhh... I'll... I'll do my best, Mister King of Kings... If maybe Mister Saviour of Misbehaviour wasn't so, ummm... Mean to me..." Bayley timidly says, still using people's nicknames to formerly address them, as she bites her bottom lip again, not resisting as she's bent over forwards as HHH moves in front of her.

"Guess I'll have to make it up to you then, Little Miss shy and innocent..." Graves says with nuclear sarcasm but he looks more interested in her snatch as he moves up behind her, reaching forward to take a hold of her wrists. "Only one way to make it up to a hot chick... And that's fucking her brains out!"

"MMMMM!! Ooooooooh gosh!! Ahhhhh!" The beauty from San Jose, California moans out when her snatch is yet again filled up with a long and thick cock, being kept bent over forwards like this thanks to the firm grip on her arms as they are pulled backwards behind her, and already the force of these thrusts are making her rock forward on her feet as her tits sway underneath her. "Oh my goodness!! Mmmm!! That's so... MMMPH!!" Her adorable, innocent moans are muffled when the other sports entertainment
hunk involved in this steamy office threesome pushes his cock into her mouth, her eyes going wide yet again as she's made to taste her own pussy off of this member but she doesn't gag or pull away even as her tongue out of reflex slaps the underside to lick up some of her own juices.

"Now let's try this again without the swirling tongue crap... Two words - suck it!" It's just as well she didn't pull away, as in the next moment the man nicknamed The Game grabs a hold of her dark hair that's done up in a pony tail, using the grip to force the NXT Diva's head to bob along his meaty cock as he pumps himself deep and firmly into her oral hole, moaning with pleasure as he now properly enjoys her soothingly damp and wet mouth. "Mmmmm! Ahhhh... There you go... Practice makes perfect..." He says with a groan and a chuckle as he slides his member back and forth between her soft lips, watching his crotch move closer towards her pretty facial features that are still stained with her own saliva from the previous oral abuse she had to endure. Then he moves sharply away again as he establishes the motion and takes his turn at some face fucking, even if he's not being quite as relentless with his motion as the other muscular hunk was, but he's still looking to make her take as much, if not all, of his cock that he can fit into her.

"Either she isn't as damn innocent... Mmmm! As she claims... Or we've got a real... AHHHH!! Size queen on our hands here..." The former FCW Tag Team Champion states with a grunt as he ploughs his cock back and forth into her still snug but very wet pussy, his muscular waist now crashing into her juicy ass cheeks when he drives into her. He's going in rough and balls deep into her love tunnel each time he slams forward and makes her body rock forward from the stiff impact as the slap of skin against tanned skin sounds out around this executive office. "Either way... MMMM!! With this kind of pussy... She could still be a star yet..." The lewd and tattooed hunk says backhandedly as he moans and keeps on thrusting away into the snug snatch in front of him, keeping the tight hold on her arms to keep her pulled back against him, further taking advantage of the shy and innocent beauty who's moaning and sweating as she's spit roasted while bent over between the two fellow sports entertainers.

"Mmmm... Ahhh... Being a size queen is almost part of the requirements to be a WWE Diva..." The former winner of the Royal Rumble match and King of the Ring tournament says as he moans and enjoys the warm, wet mouth all around his tool as he sends it swiftly in and out of the curvacious cutie in front of him to keep his cock nicely coated in her spit. "Besides... MMMM!! What's that song? California Girls... Ahhhh! They're undenyable..." He adds with a smirk, keeping a hold of her long pony tail so he can keep her head bobbing back and forth along his fat inches while he sends them into her mouth, causing her to gag when the tip of his rod connects with the back of her mouth but that just gives him an added thrill as both he and the NXT Superstar have their way with the stunning NXT Diva.

"MMMMM!! GAHHHHH!! Mmmmph!! MMMM..." The former starlet for the SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes promotions can only moan and rock between the two muscular studs as she remains being bent over forwards, her ass smacking off of the waist of Graves behind her when he goes in balls deep and her nose touching the crotch of Triple H in front of her as she also takes every inch of his man meat when he drives in. "Mmmm!! Mmmm!! Gaaaaaah! MMMM!!!" Sweat is covering every inch of her tanned and perfectly curved body, making her look far removed from her wide-eyed innocence she shows to the NXT Universe as her moans continue to be muffled and she takes the hardest and hottest pounding of her life that's leaving her snatch soaking wet.

"Sorry... I don't listen to shitty pop music..." Graves says with a smirk, pulling out of her snatch with a groan.

"You should try it rookie... It payed off for John Cena once at an award show years back..." Triple H says as he takes his cock out of her mouth, allowing her the chance to catch her breath. "You hanging in there Bayley? Think you can still prove yourself to be Diva material?"

"Ahhhh... I... I sure am Mister The Game!" Bayley says, managing to stand up if not clearly groggy from the pounding she's taken so far. "I really... I mean, this is really kind of nice, you know..." She adds with an adorable blush as she awkwardly tries to hide her glances at both men's still rock hard cocks.

"Just really nice? Come on Graves, we're clearly slacking off if that's all this is..." HHH says with a grin, catching her by surprise as he pulls her down to the ground, making her be mounted on top of him as hey lays down on the floor of his own office.

"Oooooooh gosh!! MMMM! Ahhhh!!" The resident shy and innocent Diva of NXT is once again moaning in quite a shameless way as she's brought down smoothly to have her pussy filled up by the lengthy tool of the multi-time former WWE and World Champion underneath her, and soon finding her body being pulled down so her sexily rounded and nicely sized breasts press against his chiseled out of stone chest. "Oh gosh! Oh gosh! OH GOSH MMMMM!!" She groans out, eyes already looking to be rolling into the back of her head as he starts to thrust his cock sharply up into her wet but still snug pussy, the slap of skin smacking into skin ringing out along with both of their moans as his heavy ballsack connects with the bottom of her snatch each time he drives in with every inch of his long and thick to match tool.

"Fuck California... This is how we do it in Philly..." Graves has positioned himself to squat over Bayley's rear end but is facing away from her, reaching down with one hand to line up his cock while using the other to spread her butt cheeks apart, allowing him to slide his coated with her pussy juices shaft into her super tight asshole. "Ahhhhh FUCK!! Gonna tear this ass fucking apart!!" He grunts as with his dick now inside her ass, he leans forward to almost be in a push-up position but with legs spread apart. Using pure hip motion, he starts to plunge his big rod in and out of her juicy ass, groaning as he forces her tightness to accept his cock and shows his own sexual skill as he quickly gets into a steady, still motion even in this unique position that allows him to stare down under and watch himself and the other wrestling hunk here double penetrate the up and coming star.

"AHHHHH! Ooooooooh GOSH!! MMMMM!! Ahhhhh!!" All control that she once has is now completely destroyed, as the former Davina Rose can only moan and take this sexual domination from the two hung and hunky men with their big dicks buried deep inside both her wet snatch and tight ass at the same time, which would be more than enough to render a normal woman unable to walk for well over a week. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm!! Oh my gosh!! OH MY GOOOOOSH!!" Her tongue is almost hanging out of her mouth as she sweats and groans, her body rocking slightly against the thrusts into her lower holes and making the NXT Divas's tits grind back and forth across the chest of the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events of the WWE.

"MMMM!! Shit... That's one I've got to remember... AHHHH!" The former leader of Evolution and D-Generation-X states, impressed by the unique facing away position that the NXT Superstar involved in this steamy threesome is using to fuck her thick and juicy ass with, while he slams away into the soaking wet snatch his cock is buried into. "Mmmmm... Take it... MMMM!! Fucking take it! MMMM!!" He grunts, sweating himself now from the effort he's putting into banging the stunning beauty mounted on top of him as he keeps her pressed against him with firm grips of his hands. This allows him to fire off sharp thrusts deep into her snatch like rounds from a machine gun, as the erotic slapping of skin hitting skin echos around his own office along with all of their combined moans and groans of lust.

"Ahhhh... AHHHH FUCK!! MMMM... Who's so fucking innocent now huh?? MMMM!!" The former Sterling James Keenan in the indies grunts as he's in the zone, swiftly pumping his cock in and out of the woman once known as Davine Rose's juicy rump that despite her innocence appears able to handle the kind of fucking a thick ass like that deserves. "MMMM!! Awwwwww fuck!! AHHHH!! Mmmmm..." His cock fitting in impressively deep as he pounds her booty with thrust after quick and hard thrust, keeping himself held up off the floor in order to continue using this dominating position as he faces away but plunges his stiff but starting to throb rod back and forth into her tight asshole, his hips thrusting away with porn star-like experience as he hammers away into her ass.

"OH GOSH! OH GOSH! I'M GONNA... I'M... MMMMM!!!" She could only moan out her attempts at a sentence before her mind is blown away with intense pleasure, and Bayley starts to cum hard on the cock of Triple H pounding into her snatch while Corey Graves pummels her ass at the same time. "Ahhhh... Ahhhh... Mmmmm..." She gasps and groans as her juices flow out around the dick that continues to thrust away into her snatch, both men's motions keeping her body jolting forward to keep her breasts rubbing over the hunk underneath her. By the time she's finally come back down to Earth, she's been left a sweat soaked mess and has been so drained she can only lay down on top of the stud she came on the cock of while she's forced to keep moaning adorably as those intense thrusts into both her lower holes keep on coming.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM!! SHIT!! Mmmmm..." It was then perhaps a mistake for the hunk from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to keep on plunging his meaty, pulsating cock into her back passage as she rode through her intense orgasm, as her ass clamped all around his member while she came, making him groan as he had to deal with the added pressure along with pleasure his inches were now experiencing. "Awwww FUCK!! MMMM!! Ahhhhhh..." With a last couple of grunts, Corey Graves rocked his hips downward one last time before he started to shoot his load deep into the ass of Bayley, remaining up off the floor in this facing away position with his dick planted into her backside, shooting out thick stream after stream of jizz into her ass that makes them both groan from the sensation. A combination of savouring the pleasure and having to catch his breath after putting so much into fucking her means he stays like this until his cock finally starts to go limp and he raises his hips up, showing last drops of spunk dripping from his cock and down into her asshole.

"MMMM!! Fuck!! Ahhhhh..." Having been unable to move from the unique position the NXT Superstar had been in, there was no other choice for the other sports entertainment hunk involved in this but to keep on thrusting away, quickly leading to Triple H cumming inside of Bayley to make her gasp in surprise at the cream pie as she feels the first shot of jizz shooting deep inside her. "Ahhhhhh... Mmmmm... Mmmm..." He groans as he thrusts up into her balls deep each time a load of jizz fires out of his member, filling her already soaking wet and well fucked pussy with his seed, breathing hard himself with sweat coating his muscular frame, but the wide smile on his face shows he certainly enjoyed banging the NXT Diva as his spent cock falls from her snatch that now has cum trickling out of it.

"Ahhhh... Oh gosh... Oh Mister The Game... That... That was..." Bayley seems clearly lost for words, but also lacking of energy as being unable to stand up, she is just rolled to the floor of the office they'd all been fucking in when her direct boss here in NXT goes to stand up.

"That... Wasn't half bad rookie..." Triple H says with a smirk. "If you're anything like the other "innocent" chicks that have been in the WWE before... You're bound to become one of the best fucks... "That or either end up with your head shaved at a Wrestlemania, or end up slumming it in the Indies..."

"Yeah yeah, not bad for a practical virgin..." Graves says, already getting dressed again. "But I still say she needs a damn backbone to make it here... Or at least get a win for once..."

"All I'll say is Paige started off losing to some wastes of space that didn't stick around for much longer... I think she'll do just fine..." HHH says before he also starts to move to start putting his clothes back on.

"Ummm... I don't mean to... Interrupt you guys... But could maybe, some one... Help me up?" The shy and innocent, even when naked, soaking in sweat, and with cum dripping out of her ass and pussy, asks as she looks up. "I kinda... Sorta... Feel weak in my legs..."

Now with his pants back on, Corey moves back over and gives her a dark smirk. "Sorry chick... But I kind of like it when you, or anyone else, is like that..." He says, before showing what he means as he brings his fists together to show the words "STAY DOWN" tattooed on his fingers.

* * *

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