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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Charlotte (NXT, real name Ashley Fliehr), Triple H(WWE), Dolph Ziggler(WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 11: Charlotte
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in July of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is backstage in his executive office as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory is continuing on. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, he's looking over notes for the current roster of potential WWE Superstars and Divas before he hears a knock on the door.

"Come on in!" Triple H calls out as he puts the papers away into his desk, and seeing the person walking in he starts to smile broadly as he stands up. "There you are... You got the message I see..."

Stepping in is the stunning daughter of the sixteen time World Champion and the two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee, the NXT Diva known as Charlotte. Clad in tight, short purple and white designed ring attire of a top that shows off her perky chest nicely and shorts that cling to her nicely rounded and toned ass, the athletic, toned, and tanned body of the blonde is being shown off perfectly. She steps in with a big smile on her face to greet the man who's been a long time good friend of her father.

"Yes, I heard you wanted to see me..." Charlotte greets in a friendly manner with a smile. "Is it about my match tonight? It went well, especially getting the win!"

"Yeah, that's great, especially winning this time without having old Slick Ric at ringside, that shows you can get it done on your own..." Triple H says as he moves around the desk towards her. "What I wanted to talk to you about was more about... What it's going to take for you to step up and move up... Because wins and all are fine, but there's been women here who have done that, and now they're gone without getting even a taste of the main roster."

She nods her blonde-haired head, understanding. "I know it's going to be a tough road ahead of me Triple H... My Dad told me plenty of horror stories about people who tried and failed before... And I'm not going to be one of them."

"Figures that a daughter of The Nature Boy would have just as much confidence..." HHH says with a chuckle. "But what I'm getting at here is not much to do with anything to do with an in-ring performance... But more to do with how you handle yourself backstage..."

Before he can go into further detail, just as Charlotte raised an eyebrow in curiosity, suddenly the conversation is interrupted by a brash, rude entrance into the room.

"Hold the phones, post the social media messages, stop the presses! The Show Off is here to make this damn show worth watching!" Dolph Ziggler, the special guest invited for a post-taping dark match main event barges in with a cocky smile, clad already in his ring gear of flashy, tight fitting trunks that huge to a sizable looking package, and his own WWE merch-T-shirt as he has a travel bag in his hand. "Now where's my damn personal locker room so I can get ready and then kick the ass of whoever the NXT nobody is you've lined up for me!"

After taking a long moment to register if this interruption has actually just happened, Triple H steps forward, composing himself as he addresses his fellow WWE Supperstar. "Aside from the fact that I'm about two seconds away from kicking your ass out of Full Sail University... Aren't you supposed to have that little, you know, crazy chick AJ with you? Being all loved up and all?"

"Relax, she's off doing something..." Ziggler dismisses the question as he puts his bag down. "I saw her acting all giddy over that raven-haired chick in leather, the one with the NXT belt on her... Knowing her she's probably all over that hottie or something... And speaking of hotties..." Ziggler turns his attention to an amused looking Charlotte who's been watching this all unfold. "Hey there babe... Feel like having a night in the spotlight for once with The Show Off? Your place or mine, only I know my hotel room is going to be ten times better than whatever dump they put these NXT chumps up in!"

"Sorry Dolph, but I'm not just like any other "babe"..." She answers with a smirk, folding her arms under her perky chest. "I happen to be Charlotte, the daughter of The Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair? And I don't know about the other NXT Divas around here, but I'm..."

"Woah woah WOAH!" Ziggler rudely interrupts her. "Your old man is Ric Flair? Seriously?? I knew the guy is a party animal and all but damn! He's got some good genes in him!" He says as he openly checks her out.

"Seriously Ziggler? Is this how you pick up chicks?" Triple H questions. "It's no wonder a guy like The Great Khali is able to shack up with Natalya if there's guys like you around... Besides... I think that Charlotte here has, you know, standards of her own when it comes to men..."

"Standards? No offence Triple H... But my Dad is the Dirtiest Player in the Game... And while I'm by no means on his level when it comes to dirty tricks... I'm sure no angel either..." Charlotte says with a smile, getting both of their attention. "And maybe I want to show this "Show Off" here a thing or two about talking down to NXT... Unless he doesn't think he can handle it..."

"That a challenge?" Dolph questions before he quickly pulls off his T-shirt, revealing his ripped upper body. "Bring it on babe, and I'll give you the time of your life that's so damn good you'll never be shacking up with another guy every again because you'll know he'll just be a damn disappointment compared to me!" He yells in a mile-a-minute voice.

Seeing an opportunity, Triple H slides off his suit jacket and tosses it across onto his office chair. "Well, here and now is as good a place as any... Of course, I'll be here to make sure you guys play fair with this challenge, whatever this is..." He says with a grin as be begins to take off his tie.

"That's just fine with me..." She says, turning to face him as she bends over forwards and sticks her shapely rear out towards the cocky but hunky sports entertainer behind her, while she focuses on the hunk in front of her as she reaches up for his belt, in no time at all undoing it and then hauling down his pants down to the floor. "Nice... And I really mean that this is just fine with me..." The gorgeous blonde states, casting a wink up at him after seeing he's not wearing underwear so his lengthy and thick to match cock is revealed and the fact he's already getting hard shows he had every intention of getting a piece of her before Ziggler entered the scene, but he's got no problem with banging her in a three-way inside of his own executive office.

"Just so you both know... You'd better not go easy on me, because I can handle it..." She boldly states bending forward a little more to push her backside out as she turns her blond-haired head towards the good friend of her own father, taking his hardening cock into her hand while the other rests on his waist for support as she leans in, giving his rod a couple of pumps as she flicks her tongue across the crowd of his tool. "My Father isn't the only one who loves to party..." She adds with a smile before she opens her mouth and takes the shaft of The Game inside, groaning herself as she feels her lips stretching as she handles this vast size but she doesn't pull away, easing herself downward a little more before she starts to build the rhythm, working over the upper part of his meat to make him moan with a big smile as he unbuttons his shirt.

"Not bad... Not bad..." Ziggler says with a smirk as he looks over her nicely rounded and sexy ass once its revealed thanks to him pulling down her tight wrestling shorts, not even bothering to yank them all the way down her strong, athletic legs as he instead grips her butt cheeks in his hands, giving them a firm squeeze to test how toned they are. Moving in, he spreads her ass apart and presses his face between them, making her groan as he pushes his tongue against her tight-feeling asshole, swirling his tongue around and across her entrance to tease and taste as he slaps his clearly well-trained tongue against her, already dabbing saliva onto her asshole.

"I had a feeling... Mmmm... You wouldn't be a shy type..." The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says with a moan, watching her pretty face bob up and down along his rod, her hand slightly stroking the lower part but mostly focusing her efforts on her nicely paced sucking motion as she takes his manhood smoothly back and forth between her lips.

"Ahhhh... But your old man has a million stories to tell... Mmmm... You're still gonna have lots of catching up to do..." He adds with a smirk, having no issue with taking an already hot and stimulating blowjob from the daughter of the man he teamed with as part of Evolution. From how rock hard he is inside her warm and damp mouth, it's also obvious that she's no novice when it comes to handling a long, big cock either, continuing to groan around his inches as she rocks her head back and forth onto him.

"Mmmm! Mmmmph... Mmmm!!" The beauty from Charlotte, North Carolina moans as she sucks away with a building pace, showing off her flexibility by keeping her legs spread wide for the hunk eating her ass out from behind and keeping herself bent over perfectly straight as she raises and lowers her head onto the shaft of another muscular and handsome hunk in front of her. "Mmmph! Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." She groans again, feeling the tongue of The Show Off darting quickly in and out of her asshole while her booty is toyed with and groped, just acting as encouragement for her to continue dishing out some oral pleasure as both her hands now go onto the waist of The Cerebral Assassin so she can increase her efforts, her head now moving swiftly along his thick inches.

"Mmmm... Shit! Did you learn that... Ahhh... Between volleyball practice?" The WWE's on-screen COO says with a moan and a smirk, watching her head sink down deeper as she takes more of his meaty length into her mouth and hasn't gagged yet, her lips just inches away from the base as she rocks herself back and forth along his great size with almost effortless ease.

"Mmmm! Yeah, forget the cartwheels... Ahhhh... It's moves like this that will get you far..." He adds as the holder of two HCHSAA 4A-State Championships for volleyball keeps on bobbing her head on his cock as she gets tongued up the ass from behind. Her perfectly timed motion is leaving his rod with a coating of her saliva as she manages to keep her lips pressed firmly against him despite having a thickness far greater than what she's used to, another sign of her practiced skill in this sexual act.

She delivers a couple more deep sucks to him before she lifts her head away with an audible pop-sound when his cockhead leaves her mouth. "I'd like to think my moves will help me just fine..." Charlotte says with a smile, letting out a slight gasp when Ziggler behind her pulls his head away from her ass.

"It might have helped rack up a couple of wins, but so did some chicks around here who I then wished well in their future endeavors..." Triple H says with a handsome smirk. "Takes a lot more to that to make it through NXT to the big time..."

"Yeah yeah, give her a prep talk some other time!" Dolph cockily says as he steps out of his ring tights to reveal a just as impressively long cock of his own. "We here to fuck or what? Because I could pick up any damn babe around here that I want to!"

"No offense to the rest of the NXT Divas... But I think I've got something just a bit special then they do..." Charlotte states as she stands up, but just to move up onto the office desk in the room, laying down on her front on it with her head off to face out towards Dolph, while she impressively reaches back with her arms, grabbing her own ankles as she spreads her legs and bends them over and forward also yoga-style.

"I'm sure they all say that babe..." Ziggler says dismissively as he moves forward, while at the same time HHH moves around his own desk to approach her from behind. "You want to impress me? Then get the best dick you'll ever have right down your throat!"

Before she can respond, the former World Heavyweight Champion pushes his cock right into her to make her groan while he moans and smirks as he grabs a handful of her long blonde hair, starting to pump himself in and out of her mouth before gets a chance to even begin blowing him. "Mmmm... Hope that's not all you've got "Nature Chick"..." He says as he firmly thrusts his member back and forth between her lips as she presses them tightly around his tool, responding bu sliding her tongue along his underside to get him moaning as she locks eyes with the brash but handsome hunk who's fucking her mouth. She groans again around his inches as over half of his size is being fed into her but she takes it without any problem, even managing to twist her head slightly from side to side to grind her nicely soft lips against his dick as it passes between them.

"Plenty of the boys up on the roster love a Diva who can get into... Interesting positions..." The former leader of DeGeneration-X says, impressed by her show of flexibility as he steps in and pushes his cock into her pussy, putting his arms between the gap of her legs as holds them by reaching back, allowing him to grip her toned waist as he begins to briskly pump into her snug feeling snatch. "Ahhh... Mmmm... And something tells me you can take it... Ahhh... As well as make a show of it..." He adds as he groans, sliding himself into her pussy with a firm and steady case helped by her saliva that's covering his cock as it now moves back and forth into her love tunnel, already making her stretch to accept this size as he bangs her from behind with the kind of pace that alone would be enough to have a normal woman cumming in minutes.

"Hey! The only... Mmmm! Superstar who puts on a show around here... Ahhhh! Is me!" The stud hailing from Hollywood, Florida says with a hint of arrogance as he continues to pump his dick back and forth into the mouth of the stunning daughter of the first ever two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, leaving his inches soothingly coated with her spit in the process. "Ahhhh... A blonde who can suck some dick... Mmmm... Nothing exactly new to me..." He adds as he pushes himself deep into her, making her nose touch his crotch as his balls slap into her chin as he makes her deep throat all of his big cock, making her gag when the tip of his tool touches the back of her mouth but that just makes him moan as he keeps her held down with a handful of hair before he resumes forcefully fucking her mouth once again.

"Mmmmph!! MMMM!! Gaaaah!!" The athletic and flexible NXT Diva moans as her body slightly rocks on the surface of the executive office desk she's on top off, her perky tits grinding against the polished surface as she takes a pumping from both ends but keeps herself held in this bent backwards pose, keeping her arms reaching back to hold her own ankles even as she's taken from behind and made to deeply blow another just as long dick at the same time. "MMMMPH!! Gaaaah!! MMMM!!" Her saliva coats the shaft she's being fed as she does her best to keep her lips wrapped around the rod of The Show Off to keep him moaning, while she herself lets out muffled moans around his tool due to how swiftly and hard she's getting pounded from behind in her tight and now noticeably wet pussy.

"Mmmm... Yeah... But she's got at least good taste being with me and you..." The former King of the Ring tournament and Royal Rumble match winner says with a grunt as he fires his dick in and out with sudden, piston-like movements deep into her damp snatch, feeling how tight she is and knowing she can take him deeper even while being in this unique but sexy position. "Your past love life... Mmmm... Has been a psycho chick, a screaming "Cougar", and that redhead who did Playboy... Ahhhh... And spends her time mouthing off in the Indies..." He adds as he keeps a hold of her waist so he can deeply drive his "sledgehammer" straight forward into her to make her groan and jolt on the top of his office desk as her desirable and athletic body jolts between his firm thrusts into her pussy and the face fucking she's getting from the other WWE Superstar involved in this steamy threesome.

"Please... That's just the ones I let the world know about..." Ziggler somewhat arrogantly brushes off the insult as he gives her mouth another deep thrust before he pulls out of her and steps back, allowing her in turn to catch her breath with a moan. "I can have any babe I want, when ever I want, and I can give it to them just like I steal the show and steal the spotlight every damn night I get into the ring!"

"Yeah, sure you can Dolph..." Triple H says with an amused smirk as he pulls of out her pussy with a groan. "That minutes-long first World title run you had was proof of that..."

"Sounds like you guys need to let off some proper steam..." Charlotte says with a laugh and a dazzling smile as she lets go of her legs, quickly moving off the desk to stand up on the floor. "Come over here "boss"... I think I've got something you two will love..." She says as she tosses her long hair back over her shoulders.

"A Flair calling the shots when it comes to sex? Yep, I've heard about that plenty of times..." HHH says as she moves around his desk to where the other two sports entertainers are.

"Oh... You haven't seen anything yet..." Now it's the turn of the gorgeous daughter of the sixteen time World Champion Ric Flair to lead as she grabs onto Triple H's waist, jumping up and making Ziggler grab her by the waist so she's suspended like a bridge between them and quickly catching on when she curls her legs back to hold him with her feet touching his sides, he moves in a pushes his cock into her wet snatch. "Mmmmm! Hope you guys have a strong grip..." She jokes with a smile before she leans her head down and takes the other stud's dick deep into her mouth, quickly starting to bob her blonde-haired head up and down on him while she rocks herself back against the thrusts she's taking into her snatch, making her moan around the meat she's blowing as she's again getting double penetrated but now while she's completely off the ground.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... Yeah, that's a damn new one..." The man nicknamed The King of Kings says, clearly impressed as he watches the beauty named the same as her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina raise and lower her head onto his rod with a swift and forceful pace, unfazed by the taste of her own pussy off of his inches as she soon gives him another coating of saliva from the repeated motion. "Your Father is the Dirties Player in the Game... Mmmm! But you've got some... Ahhhh! Nice "tricks" of your own..." He adds with another moan as she takes him deep between her soft lips, her long hair swaying from the effort she's putting into quickly moving her head along his size, while at the same time keeping her hands firmly gripping his muscular waist both for support and so she can dive right down onto his member with hungry, lustful sucks.

"Mmmm! Fuck!! And I thought AJ could be fucking freaky in the sack... Ahhhh!" The winner of the 2012 World title Money in the Bank ladder match winner groans as he easily keeps her held up by the waist, allowing him to focus on driving into her damp but still snug pussy with a series of balls deep thrusts, filling up her love tunnel with every inch of his thick dick and making his heavy ballsack smack into her tanned skin each time he drives forward into her. "Getting fucked like this? Yeah... Mmmmm! I know she'll be damn popular in the locker rooms..." He gives the back-handed compliment with a groan and a smirk, looking down and watching her toned ass cheeks jiggling as she rocks back against his hard and deep thrusts into her snatch, and while he might not admit it it's clear he's loving fucking the blonde beauty especially in such a unique and erotic position as he held keep her off the floor and continues driving his manhood right forward into her.

"MMMM!! Mmmmm!! MMMMPH!!" The former volleyball team captain and player of the year at Providence High School moans around the dick she's sucking off as she closes her eyes, sweat now coating her sexy, toned and tanned frame as he moves herself between the two hung stud she's bridged herself between in order to be stuffed in two holes. She takes the pumps from behind into her very wet pussy as well as deeply blowing another just as thick and long cock with her mouth, showing off both her flexibility as well as sexual ability to keep herself in perfect position between both WWE Superstars. "Mmmm!! MMMMM!! Mmmm!!" Her moans vibrate around the tool of The Game in front of her as she rapidly bobs her head onto his size, making her hair wildly shake from the force behind her sucking action, and at the same time she sharply pushes her body back against The Show Off as he both holds her up and slams his dick deep into her snug snatch.

"Mmmm... I knew you'd warm up to her eventually..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events says with a groan as he feels her saliva dripping off his cock, trickling down onto his balls from the rapid, horny sucks she's been dishing out onto him as she grips his waist, slightly digging her fingers into his muscular body from the effort she's putting into this blowjob. ""Ahhhh! Mmmmm! Mouth like that could melt an ice cube in a heart beat..." He adds with a deep groan as he continues to be impressed by her skills, making it look all too easy as she sucks away and takes a hard fucking at the same time, all while being held off the floor, and its little wonder therefore that it's left both the wrestling hunks in this sweating as well as she groans away between them as dishes out as good as she gets.

"Please "boss", she might be decent by Diva standards... But if she was good enough, she'd be right up on the main show already..." Again Ziggler shows his cocky ways as he gives her another couple of pumps before setting her back down so her feet are on the floor so he can pull out as he steps away.

"For a guy who calls himself... Mmmm... The "hashtag-Heel", you're a pretty big "mark" yourself..." Triple H says with a smirk, seeing that he's moving over towards his bag but his attention soon goes down to the stunning woman sucking him off as she gives him a long deep throat that even makes herself gag.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm!" She groans when she pulls her head off from him, catching her breath before giving him a big grin. "Feel like letting me have a ride on you?" Charlotte asks, even though she could easily guess his response, and indeed quickly he's laying down flat on his back on top of his own office desk.

"You do that... And we'll see if the "Nature Chick" here can really do it Diva style..." Dolph says with a smirk as he heads back over, now with a bottle of lube in his hand that he's already pouring out onto his fingers.

Lifting herself up and onto him, the holder of two NCHSAA 4 A-State Championships for volleyball easily lowers her soaking wet snatch down onto the still rock hard but slightly throbbing cock of the long time good friend of her father Ric Flair. "MMMM! Oh fuck!! Mmmmm!! So big!!" She groans in delight as she goes all the way down until she takes him balls deep, and that allows her to grind her pussy down firmly against his crotch as she handles every fat inch of his manhood inside her snatch as she leans forward and places her hands onto his muscular, sweat coated chest. "Mmmm... AHHHH! Ooooooh fuck!! You fucker!!" She groans as she looks back the moment she feels a finger pushing into her asshole and even with the lube it's obvious this is a very tight fit, but Ziggler just smirks back at her as he starts preparing her asshole, spreading the lubricant around in her with brisk pumps of his finger back and forth.

"Mmmm! He did say... Diva style... And going anal isn't an option... MMMM!! It's a requirement..." The multi-time former World Heavyweight and WWE Champion states with a grin of his own as he takes a hold of his athletic waist and starts to send his cock up into her snatch, causing her to almost bounce on his manhood from the first of just the first motion, but to her credit even as she's being fingered in her ass she goes with the flow and starts riding his thrusting shaft. "AHHHH! Mmmm shit!! Fucking take it Charlotte..." He almost growls as he pumps his dick up with force and speed into her, not looking to hold back as he drives up into her wet snatch, hammering into her pussy with his very of "sledgehammer" to make the stunning daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer moan and sweat harder than before as she bounces away on his rod.

"Never met a Diva who didn't become an anal-loving slut..." The Show Off seems to be boasting as after more than adequately lubing up her back passage and pouring a generous amount of lube onto his own dick he moves up behind them both onto the desk to kneel behind her, spreading her butt cheeks apart. He gives no further warning as he pushes his big dick into her toned and sexy ass, making both of them moan out loudly from the sensations they both feel as his thickness makes her stretch and he feels exactly how vice-like her ass is around his shaft. "MMMM FUCK!!! Uhhhhh! Mmmmm!!" He groans as he starts to thrust himself in and out of her tight asshole, staring down to watch his member vanish into and reappear from her nicely rounded backside, timing his motion perfectly with that of the other WWE Superstar involved in this hot and heavy three-way action as he bangs her ass with a stiff and quick pace.

"Oh fuck! OH FUCK!! MMMM!! Ahhhhh!!" The beautiful blonde from Charlotte, North Carolina gasps as sweat drips from her pretty facial features, her body bouncing quickly to try and keep up with the hard thrusts she's taking in both her lowers holes as her dripping wet pussy and very tight ass are getting stuffed full of long and thick cock at the same time.

"MMMM!! AHHHHH!! FUCK!! Mmmmm!!" Her perky tits jiggle in time with her toned and tanned body as she swiftly rides the hunk she's on top off while managing to push her booty back against the stud who's pounding her from behind and to her credit despite his vast size, she doesn't seem to be showing and discomfort from this anal action to perhaps show this isn't the first time she's taken some dick in her gorgeous backside.

"MMMM!! Yeah!! You fucking love my "Show Off" cock, don't you??" The grappler hailing from Hollywood, Florida grunts as he grabs a handful of her long, blonde hair as he drives his dick deeper and deeper still into her ass with the kind of pace that would easily render a normal woman unable to walk for well over a week, let alone last this long having their ass slammed into over and over again.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Gonna fucking wreck this ass... MMMM!! Like only I can!!" He continues to brag even as he sweats and grunts, sliding his manhood back and forth into her asshole that's still tight even with the prior lubing up done but it allows him to slam in deep, giving her booty the kind of pounding usually only seen in professional porn films and not by a couple of diserable and talented sports entertainers.

"MMMMM!! Yeah... Can tell that the partying genes were passes down... MMMM!!" The former leader of Evolution and DeGeneration-X groans as he keeps on thrusting his dick balls deep up into her soaking wet snatch, his nutsack slapping off her skin every time he drives up and she drops down onto his shaft, the slap of skin hitting off of skin sounding out around his own executive office as their bodies collide swiftly and with force.

"Mmmmm!! AHHHH!! Shit!! That's the fucking stuff, right there..." He groans out as the intense pace continues on as he has the best "seat" in the house, laying back and watching the stunning NXT Diva bouncing away on his tool as she moans and sweats hard, a sight alone that would make many a red-blooded male blow their loads in an instant, but he's keeping control even as his cock throbs inside of her wet snatch.

"Ahhhh! AHHHH! MMMMM!! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!" It isn't too long though before this intense double team finally forces the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer to reach her screaming limit, as Charlotte starts to cum hard on the cock of her father's good friend Triple H inside of her pussy, while she has her ass fucked by Dolph Ziggler at the same time. "AHHHH! MMMMM... AHHHH!! MMMM!!" She moans out loudly with closed eyes, unable to ride anymore and just resting down against the hunk she's on top off, grinding her snatch down against his tool as her pussy juices further coat his vast manhood. There's a smile on her pretty, sweat-covered facial features though to show how much she's loved this intense threesome, her body still made to jolt upwards as the other hunks still give her some more with deep pumps into her tight ass and her dripping wet now pussy.

In fact, her own orgasm set off a chain reaction, as her back passage tightened around the pole of The Show Off deep in her booty, and refusing to pull out of the now extremely vice-like grip all around his shaft, Dolph Ziggler was soon blowing his load right inside of Charlotte's sexy backside. "AHHHH! Mmmmm fuck!! Ahhhhh..." He groans as he eases off how hard he's banging her, firing off thick streams of spunk right into her booty to plaster her insides, licking his lips himself from the pleasure he's getting as he milks himself dry almost by carrying on pumping into her, making sure to fire off plenty of jizz into her. He pulls out of her asshole with a groan, and only because he can, makes sure to stroke out the last drops of his load onto that toned and desirable ass he'd just been fucking to leave a light glaze before with a smirk finally letting go of his how spent and softening cock.

"Ahhhhh FUCK!! MMMM!! Awwwwww FUCK!!" If the feeling of her back passage getting filled up with cum wasn't enough to keep her groaning through her orgasm, she'd soon be moaning out some more as Triple H then started to cum inside of Charlotte, the daughter of his good friend for years Ric Flair. Not just her pussy tightening around his rod, but his choice to also carry on hammering up into her as she rode out her orgasm set him off, and soon had him groaning as he fired out shots of spunk right up into her already very wet and well fucked snatch. "Ahhhh... Mmmm... Fuck yeah... Mmmm!" He moans as he gradually slows down his motion, able to thrust up into her to fire out the last stream of jizz before he pulls out with a groan, leaving her to rest on the edge of the desk she's been fucking on as she gasps, feeling trickles of cum seeping out of both her snatch and asshole from the huge amount of spunk that's been fired off into her from both this hung WWE studs.

"Once again... Show... Off!!" Dolph states with a cocky smirk as he uses his hands to wipe sweat from his hair in his trademark taunt. "Thanks for the warm-up toots... Feel free to brag to your friends that I gave you a free pass for the night... If they believe you..." He adds as he's already moved over to get dressed again for his match tonight at the tapings.

"Dad warned me about guys like him..." Charlotte says as she sits up on the edge of the desk, shaking her head with a sly smile on her face.

"What? Egomaniac skirt chasers with a worrying taste for pink T-shirts?" Triple H asks as he stands up on the floor next to her.

"No... Jack-offs..." She answers with a grin. "Not a bad fuck though... So..." She turns her head to look at him. "I guess this is why you put off this meeting until now, when my Dad wasn't here with me?"

"I think Ric knows you're a big enough girl to handle yourself, by yourself..." HHH replies with a smirk of his own. "But trust me, after seeing this? You might have a heck of a future being a whole different kind of "Dirtiest Player".

"I suppose... I might just style and profile in my own kind of way..." She says with a grin. "But between you and me? I'm now up a thousand bucks."

"Thousand bucks? How so?" He asks.

"Dad didn't think you'd try and nail me until after Summerslam had passed..." She explains, watching his jaw drop in shock. "So this means I've won the bet we made with each other... Guess I'm not the only Flair willing to play dirty, right?"

* * *

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