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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Lana (NXT, real name CJ Perry), Triple H (WWE), John Bradshaw Layfield (WWE).

Playing The Game in NXT - Part 12: Lana
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in July of 2013, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is backstage in a corridor as the taping of the TV show for the WWE's developmental territory NXT is in full swing. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, he's having a conversation with the man he appointed to be the new Commissioner of NXT in John "Bradshaw" Layfield - who also does weekly commentary for WWE television and Pay Per View events. He is likewise in smart, business attire along with a signature hat on his head, an outfit that nicely shows off his body which looks to be in good shape for a former Superstar who has long been retired from in-ring competition.

"...I'm telling you, I will give that little punk kid Zayn a piece of my mind for what he's been saying about me!" JBL says as he's clearly in a foul mood over comments the fan and Internet favourite has been saying about him. "Hell! I'll suspend that scrawny little nobody until he shows me
the respect I deserve!"

"You know something John? I like that..." Triple H responds with a nod. "Keep these guys in line, let them know who's running this show just like how me and Stephanie do on Raw and Smackdown. These NXT guys are the future of the WWE, sure... But until they understand what's best for business? They don't deserve the call up."

"Exactly. I don't know what kind of circus show that so-called "American Dream" was running around here, but with me in charge I'm gonna make sure... That..."

JBL trails off, his attention going to the sound of some high-heel shoes clicking towards him, and soon the other former full-time active competitor turns to see who is approaching. Dressed in a short, red skirt that shows off her smooth, tanned legs, a stylish black belt, a short and tight black top that hugs to her nicely sized chest topped with a long sleeved black business jacket is the stunning blonde known only as Lana. She smirks slyly as she eyes up both men as she approaches, and likewise she's getting some smirks back from the men who clearly like what they see already.

"Gentlemen... I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." Lana asks as she comes to a stop in front of them, placing a hand on her hip.

"Oh, I've always got time for a blonde..." Layfield says with a laugh.

"Excellent... My name is Lana, and I have a business proposal for you to consider..."

"I'm all about business... So go on..." An intrigued Triple H says, although from the way he's casually checking her out, his thoughts are on something much more different.

"There is a man on the roster who is having his talent wasted at the moment, but someone who I believe I can lead straight to the top of not just NXT, but eventually to the WWE as well." She boldly states with clear arrogance as she smirks. "That man is Alexander Rusev, and I propose that I become his Social Ambassador here in NXT. Together, I believe that...

"Social Ambassador? You mean... Like a valet? A manager or something?" JBL questions as he interrupts her.

"Sir, it would be much more than some basic ringside manager..." Lana starts to speak again before she's cut off.

"You sure about that? There's something a little... Off about this deal if you ask me..." HHH points out, noting the Russian tones from the blonde-haired American. "I know sports entertainment is all about using social media, but I think myself and John here will need to be...

"Convinced" to let you go along with this plan of yours."

Lana raises an eyebrow slightly, glancing between both authority figures. "I can assure you, I am more than able to fulfill that position of Social Ambassador to Rusev." She boldly states.

"Here's the thing... It takes a whole lot more than just words to get things done around here... You've got to impress with actions as well... So how about you follow me and John here to his office, and we'll see exactly what kind of "position" you're good for..."

* * *

Moments later in the lavish office of the Commissioner of NXT, John "Bradshaw" Layfield himself is sitting back on a lavish couch, a big smile on his face as the casually unbuttons his white shirt, watch as the gorgeous and enterprising Lana is bent over in front of him, stroking his impressively lengthy and fat cock as she flicks her tongue across the tip of his rod. "Mmmm... Awww damn... God damn I love this job!" He says with a laugh as he feels her nicely wet tongue sliding around the head of his shaft, using slow, swirling motions while giving his dick a couple of strokes as she has her body arched back, her legs spread and her ass pushed up and out as she's still fully dressed minus the jacket, but has her focus clearly on "impressing" the power authority as she runs her tongue all the way over and around the fat head of his tool. "Ahhh... Gotta love a blonde who knows what it takes... Mmmm! To get to the top..."

"I just call it talent evaluation John..." A similarly semi-dressed Triple H says with a smirk as he approaches the curvacious blonde from behind, his rock hard and sledgehammer of a cock on full display as he pushes her skirt all the way up and over her sexily rounded ass, smirking at the fact she's not wearing underway so he can easily push his manhood straight into her pussy.

"Ahhh... And it's a damn fine perk... Mmmm... Of the job..." He adds as he goes right into a steady motion, sliding his pole firmly back and forth into the tight snatch in front of him, keeping a grip of her hips as the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events pumps into one of the women he controls the career of. He soon has more reason to smile as he moans, hearing the beauty in front of him groaning as well from his thrusts as she starts to push her shapely rump back against the pumps she's taking, showing her sly, ambitious nature as she isn't afraid to fuck her way to getting what she wants.

"Mmmm... Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." The former Florida State Cowgirl moans as she takes the dick of the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history past her soft lips, starting to bob her head up and down on his shaft as she seductively stares forward at the hunk she's blowing, her hands running along his thighs as she smoothly sucks him off.

"Mmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmmph... Mmmm!!" She groans around his cock, a brief glance back over her shoulder as she continues to forcefully push back against the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion who's driving his shaft deep into her dampening snatch, as she shows her clear sexual skill by working herself between the two with perfect timing and pace.

"Mmmm... Reminds me of the time I had a blonde with a huge rack... Ahhhh! On my payroll..." The WWE commentator says with a smile and a moan, watching the NXT starlet slurp on his length as her nicely pouty lips stay pressed tightly around his man meat as she raises and lowers her head with a steady, determined rhythm as she easily handles the majority of her length inside her oral hole. "Ahhh.... But this one's got the bonus... Mmmm! Of having a pretty face to start off with..." He adds with a groan as he feels her soothing saliva start to be layered onto his stiff rod from her repeated sucking motion, her shoulder-length hair swaying as she rocks her body back and forth between both hunky but arrogant men as she moans out from taking a cock in both ends at the same time.

"Ahhh... Ain't nothing wrong with having... Mmmm... A hot blonde as a valet around in the locker room..." The man known as the King of Kings says with a moan as he continues to steadily thrust his shaft into the snug snatch of the woman aiming to become a "media ambassador" in NXT while she works herself between him and the other authority figure involved in this already steamy three-way, his powerful hips already connecting into her tanned frame as he drives all of his fat inches into her love tunnel.

"Just like old DX days... Mmmm... Trish's T and A days... Ahhhh! Hell, every era I've been around!" He adds with a smirk, groaning as she keeps on pushing herself back to meet each of his pumps so he goes in balls deep, making them both moan out as she keeps on sucking off the cock in front of him with a desire and not just of lust despite taking an already quick and firm banging from behind at the same time.

"Ahhh... I gotta do more of these... Mmmm! Evaluations with the Divas around here!" Layfield says with a cocky laugh and a moan as he enjoys some more deep sucks from the gorgeous woman in front of him.

"Believe me... Ahhhh... Knowing some of the chicks around here... Mmmm... You won't have much trouble there..." Tripe H says with a knowing smirk, giving her another couple of firm thrusts into her snatch before he pulls out and steps back.

JBL lets out another hearty laugh as he uses his hands to pull her up by the shoulders up and off his now saliva coated cock. "Alright honey, how about you give a Wrestling God a piece of heaven?" He says with the kind of smile to show it wasn't just a suggestion.

"It's be my pleasure, Sir..." Lana states with a seductive lick of her lips as she unclips her stylish black belt, allowing her to slip the rest of her clothing down and off her tanned and curved body, showing off her nicely rounded and sized tits along with her neatly shaved pussy.

"Oh, I bet there's gonna be pleasure all right!" The former member of the APA tag team says with a grin, watching as the NXT Diva mounts him with her back facing him, easing herself down as she takes inch by thick inch into her wet pussy, groaning as she doesn't stop until she reaches the base so she can grind down against his crotch for a moment. With a sensual glance back, she starts to lift and drop herself onto his shaft, causing them to both moan as she starts to ride his man meat, already starting to make her breasts bounce a little as she doesn't hold back, getting into a steady pace already.

"Mmmm! Some things never change... Ahhh... Around the WWE..." He says with a groan and a grin, placing his hands on her waist but not thrusting up, instead just enjoying the ride as he lets her do all the work, knowing full well she is all too into this indecent proposal that's already seen her suck and now fuck his nicely long cock.

"Damn right they don't... And there's still two words that apply when I'm around..." The former Royal Rumble and King of the Ring winner states as he steps up close and pulls her blonde haired head towards his member, smirking as she eagerly takes his length into her warm and wet mouth, not bothered at all at the taste of her own snatch off of his inches as she gets right into blowing him. "Ahhh... It's nice to see someone be honest... Mmmm! About being open to sleep their way into the WWE..." He adds back handedly even as he moans as her full lips drag back and forth along his length as she gazes up seductively, rocking her head in a smooth, controlled motion as he also doesn't make a move, allowing her to show off what she's got as she sucks him off without any shame as she cleans off her pussy juices from his member so she can apply her saliva onto him instead.

"Mmmmph! Mmmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmm..." The former actress who played Brit in the I.C.I.R.U.S. TV series lets out muffled moans around the big dick she's blowing as she works herself with impressive timing and pace between the two former WWE Champions, bouncing up and down on one shaft while taking the other in and out of her oral hole. "Mmmm... Mmmph!! Mmmm!!" She glides her pussy sharply up and down on the cock deep in her pussy, the slap of skin hitting tanned skin sounding out each time she drops down and the heavy ball sack smacks into her body, while at the same time she continues to bob her head repeatedly on the cock right in front of her to the point of almost deep throating his manhood.

"Nice? Haha! Mmmm!! I love it!!" The Sweetwater, Texas-born veteran says with a moan and a big smile, clearly loving the feel of the snug and damp snatch moving like an elevator on his shaft as she drops down to the base before lifting up to nearly half-way before quickly repeating the motion, allowing him to just sit back, enjoy the pleasure all over his dick, and enjoy the view.

"Ahhhh!! Damn, I should have... Mmmm!! Applied for this job when NXT first changed up!" He says, watching her bouncing ass as she continues to ride his rod with a firm and swift motion while still managing to blow another long time sports entertainer in front of her at the same time, giving the strong hint that this may not be the first time she's engaged in a threesome before from the way she's all too easily rocking between the two of them.

"Considering... Ahhhh! What kind of "stars"... Mmmm!! I've seen around here..." The former leader of D-Generation X says with a groan, feeling her saliva start to drip from his member as it slightly seeps out from between her full lips thanks to the repeated sucking motion she's been dishing out and hasn't yet gagged on him despite his vast size and thickness.

"Mmmm... I think that kicking out the former GM... Ahhhh!! Was what's best for business.." He adds with a groan, smirking again at the red hot sight of her pretty face pressing up close to his crotch when she pushes down deep onto his member and moans lustfully around him, further showing clear oral experience as she flicks her tongue up and around his tool even as she deep throats him. At the same time she's still able to lift and drop herself onto the other man involved in this, taking his cock balls deep into her wet and tight snatch in a completely shameless and determined fashion, knowing if she plays her cards right she can get exactly what she wants out of them both.

"Mmmm... Ahhh... Damn... Someone is really wants to make it around here..." A grinning Triple H says as he steps back from her. "But there's one way to tell if you're really ready for the next level..." He adds, moving over towards the official desk in this office they've been fucking in.

"Mmmm!! I'm so ready for this... Ahhhh!!" Lana moans as she bounces on the cock deep in her snatch a few more times. "Mmmm... And I will really do... MMMM... What it takes to get what I want..." She adds, stopping so she can grind herself down for a moment.

"I've heard that before... Now it's time to prove it..." HHH says as he comes back, now with a bottle of lubricant in his hand. "You've already got to be "prepared" in this line of work." He adds with a cocky smile.

"Mmmm... Yeah honey, time to put your money... Ahhh! Where your mouth is..." John says with a laugh as he lifts her off from his cock. "And I know a whole lot about making some good money myself!"

Before the blonde beauty can respond, she finds herself being moved to down onto the floor as the man nicknamed The Game pulls her down, making her mount his shaft as he lays down on the floor of the NXT Commissioner's office. As she goes to grind down on him, she's made to lean forward as from behind the self-proclaimed Wrestling God moves in, pouring out some of the lube onto his finger before pushing it into her tight asshole, making her groan and push backward towards his pumping digit, already showing this isn't the first time she's had some backdoor action before.

"Ahhh! Mmmm... If that's what the boss wants... Ahhhh... Then he can have it..." She groans out with a sultry gaze back over her shoulder, being all too eager to use her own hands to grip and spread her ass cheeks for him, at the same time rocking her hips so she can grind down against the cock deep in her damp pussy while getting her ass fingered at the same time.

"A hot blonde ready to take it both holes... Reminds me of the time me and Ron won that strip poker game against the two goofs Trish Stratus used to manage..." The master of the Clothesline From Hell says with a grin as he uses his hand to stroke some lubricant all over his cock, now moving up so he can now force his shaft in past her asshole, causing them both to moan when he feels how super tight she is back there, and she has to handle such a fat length now pushing into her backside.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... Now we're talking... Fuck!! Damn I love this job!!" He groans with a laugh as he starts to slide his cock in and out of her sexy and nicely rounded ass, causing her to jolt forward every time he sends his rod forward between her cheeks as she keeps them apart, allowing the ease of entry to thrust steadily into her clearly tightest of holes.

"MMMM!! Not too bad... Ahhh... For being the new piece of tail around here..." The Cerebral Assassin of the WWE states with a groan and a smirk, watching her gorgeous tanned body rocking on top of him as she's made to work between the two of them, taking the cocks of both of the former full-time Superstars in her snatch and ass at the same time. Looking to see is she can live up to her claims, Triple H starts to thrust his dick up into her already wet but still nicely snug pussy, the slap of his balls hitting her skin ringing out when he drives fully up into the former TV actress.

"Getting down in the locker room... AHHH!! With a couple of the guys like this?? Mmmm... You'll go far..." He adds with a grunt, watching her perky tits bouncing from the motion her body is doing as she slightly rides his dick as he pumps firmly up into her love tunnel, but her movement is more down to what both hunks are doing to her as they pump their thick shafts into her lower holes.

"AHHH!! Mmmm!! Ooooooh shit!! AHHHH..." The woman formerly known as C.J. Perry moans out, sweat starting to form across her desirably curved body as she tries her best to keep up with the pace being used by the two long time sports entertainment veterans as they plough into her tight ass and damp snatch at the same time.

"MMMM... I bet you say that... AHHH!! To all the new Divas around here..." She groans out with a smirk, glancing between the two studs as she impressively keeps on rocking back and forth between the two, helping to take their dicks in as deep as she can so that the multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion underneath her can drive in balls deep, while she's taking the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history gradually further and further still into her back passage.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... Come to think about it... MMMM!! You might be right on that one..." The stud from Greenwich, Connecticut says with a smirk of his own, as he fires his hips up to send his cock in so the base connects with her snatch as he balls crash into her underside, causing them both to groan rather than feel any real pain from the repeated impact as he pounds away into that pussy.

"But I've seen them come... MMMM... And I've seen them hit the bricks... Ahhhh!! And you've still got... Shit!! Some ways to go yet..." He adds through his moans, more than enjoying the feel of her damp and still pleasurably tight pussy all around this thick length as he slides it in and out of her time and time again, having no issue with giving to a young, hot newcomer despite being a happily married husband himself, as shown by how swiftly he's working his pole into her as she grinds down onto his pistoning rod.

"Ahhh... Coming from two of the greats of the WWE... MMMM!! Our advice is gonna be... AHHH... The best you'll ever get..." The former member of the Acolytes Protection Agency tag team says with a smile and a moan as he thrusts his member in and out of the sexily rounded backside of the woman looking to become the "Social Ambassador" to Alexander Rusev, as he keeps a hold of her hips to make sure she's right in line for him to keep on plunging his cock straight forward into her asshole.

"AHHH... Fuck!! Mmmm... Because this is... Ahhh... Definitely what's best... MMMM... For business!" He adds as he keeps on pumping his man meat into her tight ass while she keeps on gripping her own butt cheeks to keep them spread, letting him gaze down to watch his length slide back and forth into her asshole and from the way she's groaning from each motion, it's clear this is not the first time she's taken it up the ass before.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm!! I'm all about... Doing great business..." Lana moans seductively as she glances back over her shoulder as JBL eases his dick out of her sexy ass, her body still made to jolt from the other thrusts she's taking. "Mmmmm... The best kind... Ahhhh!! In and out... Mmmmm... Of the ring..."

"We'll soon see... Ahhhhh... About that, honey..." Triple H grunts with a smirk, delivering a couple more deep pumps into her before he's able to easily push her up and off from his cock, giving him a chance to see how slick with juices his cock is. "How about you show your dedication by getting onto NXT's new General Manager..." He says as an order, more than a suggestion.

"With pleasure..." Lana states with a smirk, moving up to her feet and than up into the waiting arms of the other grinning stud involved in this, wrapping her legs around him so she can be eased right down onto his rod. "MMMM... Ahhhhh!! You won't doubt me... Mmmmm!! After this..."

"Mmmmm... Call me the Commissioner, the GM around here, I don't care!" John states as he grips her toned waist while she places her arms around his neck for support. "I just love my job!!" He adds with a laugh and a moan.

While the man nicknamed The Game helps himself to the bottle of lube, pouring some out onto his cock, the current WWE television and Pay Per View commentator starts to briskly thrust his dick all the way up into the soaking wet but still nicely snug snatch of "The Ice Queen" of NXT as she matches his motions, bouncing herself onto his rod as he sends it up into her.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm... FUCK!! Mmmmm..." The stunning American who claims to be from Russia moans out as her pussy is filled up to the max with fat, Texan cock, her eyes closed as she works her sweat-covered body against his nicely muscular frame, her breasts pressing into his chest as she rides his thrusting dick while being held completely off from the ground. "Ahhhhh... MMMM!! Shit!! Mmmmm... AHHHH!!"

"A body like that... You'd better get used to doing this..." The multi-time former World Heavyweight and WWE Champion says with a smirk as he moves behind her, spreading her butt cheeks apart so he can slide his shaft up into her still very tight back passage, making them both groan as he pushes his inches up into her more than ample rump with pornstar-like ease. Just as soon as he's inside her, he starts to pump his member back and forth into her asshole, moaning as he drives into her with an already stiff and steady pace that would otherwise render most women a wreck within moments.

"MMMM... Ahhhh!! That's how "The Game" is played here in NXT... AHHHH... And the WWE..." He groans out as he grips her just under the arms to make sure she's right in place as he works his meaty length in and out of her gorgeous backside that's clearly built to take the kind of pounding he's delivering to her and them some.

"OHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! AHHHH!!" The stunning blonde formerly known as CJ Perry loudly moans out, tilting her head back as strands of her long locks stick to her face as it's clear that as sexually experienced as she is, nothing could quite have prepared her for getting double penetrated in her snatch and ass by two former WWE Champion studs as they fire their long and thick cocks in and out of her booty and pussy with force and speed.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... AHHHHH YES!! MMMM!!" She can only moan and take it, her body being forced to roughly rock between the two ex-full time WWE Superstars as they drive their shafts deeply into her wet love tunnel and tight back passage, hammering away into the NXT Diva and keeping her well off the ground with nowhere to go, but her shameless cries of pleasure show she wouldn't even think about leaving right now even if she could.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... I might see about getting me... MMMM!! A place around here in Florida now..." The man who held numerous singles and tag team championships during his active wrestling career says with a groan, going balls deep up into the perfectly curved beauty who's clinging onto him, feeling her nicely rounded tits rubbing against his sweat-coated chest as he firmly slides his man meat back and forth into her dripping wet pussy.

"Except... Mmmmm!! I love Bermuda way too much to leave!" He laughs at his own joke before moaning again, his impressively defined for a man who's long hung up his boots chest now heaving for air as the effects of this intense three-way action is taking its toll on him, but it's not stopping him from keeping on driving his member all the way up into her box, his heavy balls smacking into her skin every time he sends himself straight up into her.

"Ahhhhh... MMMMM SHIT!! You can't forget... Mmmmm... About Bermuda..." The co-leader of the power trip known as The Authority says with a smirk on his handsome, sweat-covered facial features as he rams his dick swiftly into the rump of the latest rookie sports entertainer that's he managed to lure into an incident proposal despite being a happily married man and a father himself. That's clearly far from his mind as he pumps his shaft back and forth between her nicely juicy ass cheeks which smack off from his crotch when he sends himself right up into her back passage as he shows that when it comes to the business of tapping some hot ass, he certainly knows what's best. "Trust me... AHHHH!! After the chicks around here that I've gone through... MMMM!! It's all too easy to get them... Mmmm FUCK!! Doing whatever the hell I want them to..."

"MMMM!! OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! AHHHH... AHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!!" More deep groans and gasps come from the beautiful NXT Diva as her pussy starts to tighten, unable to even warn about what's coming, or cumming next for that matter, as without a doubt the most powerful orgasm of Lana's life so far rocks her stunning body as JBL pounds away at her snatch and HHH continues to hammer into her ass from behind.

"AHHHH... MMMMM... YESSSSS... Oooooooh MMMMM!!" She gasps for breath and moans as the deep pumps continue, forcing her to ride out all the waves of pleasure flowing through her while her pussy further drentches the stiff, throbbing pole that's filling up her pussy, while at the same time her back passage has tightened even more around the dick ploughing into her ass, causing that cock to also now throb noticeably.

"Ahhhhh... MMMM!! Not too bad... For a new girl..." Triple H says with a sly smirk as he eases his dick out of her more than just well fucked asshole, helping to lift her up and off from the other hunk's manhood before she's placed down on the floor, only able to sit on her knees as she still hasn't quite recovered yet from her intense sexual peak, her breasts bouncing slightly as she draws in deep breaths.

"Not bad? Ha! I love it! We can keep her around!" JBL says with a grin.

"Give her that managerial deal, whatever this was about! I don't care! She can take a fucking, and that's got to be best for business!" He adds, giving a back-handed compliment to the woman he'd just fucked in all of her holes during this sexual encounter.

"Before that... I think it's time to "seal" this deal..." HHH states as he takes a hold of his throbbing length.

Gazing up at the two former full-time WWE Superstars, she sees how they are both quickly stroking their cocks and knowing what's about to happen, she brushes her long blonde hair back over her shoulders and away from her face, tilting her head back in order to offer up quite the target of her sweat-coated and pretty face, pressing her full lips together as she closes her eyes. Hearing their deep groans, she soon gets her "reward" in the form of a double dose of spunk from two former WWE Champions as Triple H and John "Bradshaw" Layfield start to cum all over Lana's face, plastering her with their large, hot loads. She groans as she feels the jizz splashing onto her forehead, across her nose, lips and cheeks, and even some shooting to land onto her hair as both hunks make sure their spunk coats her face to make it seem like she's been given a facial by a gang of men by the time they ease out the final drops of their cum.

"Mmmmm... I'm never gonna get tired of saying this..." JBL says with a very satisfied smile on his face as he looks down at the cum-covered one of the NXT Diva down on the floor in front of him. "But damn! I just love this job!!"

Carefully using a hand to wipe some come away from her eyes so she can open them, the well fucked beauty is able to smirk seductively up at them both as she rests back on her knees. "So... I take it that there's... No objections to my position as Social Ambassador here in NXT?" Lana asks, showing her manipulative side as she's still got her eye on the prize even after having her brains near banged out by them both.

Smirking down at her, Triple H nods his head. "Ambassador, valet, manager... Whatever you want to call it, you've got it... Just don't forget who runs the show around here..."

"Oh, I won't Sir..." Lana says with a lick of her full lips, scooping up some jizz off of them in the process which she all too eagerly swallows down. "Because I fully understand... What is best for business..."

* * *

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