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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Devin Taylor(NXT), Triple H(WWE), Alex Riley(WWE/NXT).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 13: Devin Taylor
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In December of 2013 at the WWE's cutting-edge home of its developmental system NXT, the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, and one half of the power-trip, power couple known as The Authority is walking the halls of his "brainchild" following a meeting with the head trainers of the Center. He's clad in a smart and expensive suit that still manages to show off his muscular fame that doesn't make him appear to be semi-retired from in-ring competition.

"No, I'm serious, we've got more than enough star power to do this..." Triple H says, speaking to his cell phone as he heads along. "We've got some great talents around here, some waiting to burst into the spot light. I say we give these guys a special of their own. When the WWE Network launches I say we give them the chance with the first live special to be shown before even..."

He's about to continue, when he stops, hearing what seems to be a notable male-sounding groan coming from a slightly open door, followed by a clearly female giggling noise. "Listen, I'll call you back... Something... Maybe someone, just came up..."

Hanging up the call, the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion moves up closer to the door that's marked as being the practice room for those looking to improve their commentary skills by watching back and calling past matches from the WWE and beyond.

"Only open for a month or so, and already these rookies are getting it on?" Triple H shakes his head with a sly smile. "Guess things still haven't changed much around here even with my new Center to shape them up..." He says to himself as glances down the corridor in both directions before quietly sneaking forward.

Carefully pushing the door open, Triple H starts to smirk as his veteran instincts were indeed correct as he sees the source of the noise - the stunning NXT Diva and interviewer Devin Taylor, clad in a perfectly form fitting purple dress attire of no sleeve top and knee-length skirt. She's kneeling in front of WWE Superstar, but would be more known in the future for his "analysis" on WWE pre- and post-show panels, Alex Riley who is grinning down at the beauty as she flicks her tongue across the head of his impressively long and rock hard cock. His pants and boxers are just down by his ankles as he leans against the desk in the practice room which has headsets and monitors on it, showing the two sports entertainers have only just gotten started, but her stoking motion with a hand around his rod as she licks across the tip of his bell end is already more than enough to get him moaning.

"Mmmmm... God, this is so naughty!" Taylor says with a giggle, giving his tool another pump before she parts her lips, sucking his cock into her warm and damp feeling mouth to make him groan deeper as she sinks down onto him, easily handling the first few inches while keeping a grip of the base. She gazes up at the hunk, smiling around his member as she brushes her long, brunette hair back over her shoulders before she begins to slowly rock her head onto his meat, lifing herself up until just the crown is inside her mouth before she pushes back downward onto him.

"Ahhhh... Feels damn good though..." The former in-ring regular performer states with a moan, watching the stunning on-screen personality for the WWE's developmental bobbing her head smoothly and steadily onto his dick, easing herself up and down on the top portion of his pole while using her hand to keep him steady so she can go to work on him.

"Sure beats... Ahhhh... Having to practice calling matches for a couple hours..." He adds with a groan, licking his lips as he watches her pretty face move back and forth along his cock, feeling her tongue slightly slap up onto his underside from time to time as she blows him, which helps to dab a bit more of her saliva onto his inches as she steadily sucks him off.

Watching on from the doorway, one of the Principle Owners of the WWE continues to smirk as he watches two of his employees engage in this sinful oral sex in the commentary practice room, his own hand moving down to rub over his own hardening package as he watches Taylor suck off Riley just a couple feet away from him, without either of the two knowing about his "peeping tom" watching of their actions. The Game watches on as she twists her grip around Alex's cock while she blows him, still using the same steady, almost savouring pace as while she's still smiling around that lengthy cock, the blush on her cheeks shows she knows how dirty this all is, even though she's clearly showing no signs of stopping and the stud receiving this blowjob certainly isn't going to stop her any time soon either.

"Mmmmph! Mmmmm! Mmmmm..." The former print model and actress groans around his meet as she lifts her head back up and off of his rod, letting out a groan as she catches her breath, using her hand to stroke him off a couple of times before using her tongue to swirl around the head of his rod a couple of times.

"Mmmm fuck... This is really hot!" Taylor admits with another giggle, biting down on her bottom lip as she pumps his man meat up and down for a moment, before leaning her head inward and lapping her tongue against his balls, making him groan with pleasure as she continues to stroke him off at the same time to full show how well she can handle a "microphone" of this size.

"See? Mmmmm... I told you so..." Alex states, groaning again as she moves back up and takes his dick back into her mouth, resuming the task of blowing him with that steady and firm pace as her fingers keep a hold of his base, allowing her to rock her head up and down on those nicely thick inches that are now getting a light layer of spit left all over them.

"Ahhhh! Nobody comes around to watch over matches... Mmmmm... At this time anyway..." He adds between moans, but hardly caring about his surroundings as he focuses on the stunning woman kneeling in front of him, watching him lips slide back and forth over his shaft as she sucks away with that smooth, controlled, and very pleasurable motion that's allowing her to sink down a little further onto his rod to take more of his size inside her obviously talented mouth.

Taking a step back, Triple H grips the door handle in order to make his presence known with a loud, attention-grabbing entrance as he moves in and slams the door shut behind him. "What the Hell is going on here??" He demands, putting on a look and tone of anger as he glares at the two, having to hold back a smirk as both NXT stars' eyes widen in shock and horror.

"I... We... Listen, Hunter! It's not what you think!" Riley says as he stutters, moving up as Devin hurriedly scoots away and stands up herself, having to wipe saliva away from her lips as they both know they've been caught in the act.

"Not what I think?? You think I'm some kind of idiot Riley??" Triple H says, knowing his got full control of this situation as he glares at the Superstar with his pants, literally, down. "You lead on this gorgeous, young, impressionable woman just because you were in a Main Event match once in your career? Is that what this is?? Taking advantage of her, lying and saying you can get her on Raw or Smackdown just because you're a WWE Superstar?"

"Wait! Hold on a second!" Devin says, stepping forward with a look of worry on her gorgeous face. "Sir, Mr. Triple H? This... This is just as much my fault as it is Alex's. I mean, it was the heat of the moment, we were just having some fun, flirting a little..." She starts to explain before she's cut off.

"Honey, listen... Here's the thing - you don't have to take a bullet for this guy... He's blown more opportunities harder than you were blowing him a second ago..." HHH says to her as he glances between the two. "Heat of the moment huh? And you think the WWE Performance Center, my brainchild is just gonna be used as some kind of secret sex den? You think Sara is gonna be happy if she find out about what you've been doing Devin?"

"Shit no! Ummmm, I mean... I'm sure she'd be furious..." Taylor says as she steps back.

Smirking, Triple H folds his arms across his chest. "This should be grounds for be to borrow my father-in-law's infamous catchphrase... But I think I might let this whole incident slide... If you two play by my rules and Play the Game here in NXT..."

"Uhhh... Yeah, sure we will!" Alex speaks up, sensing a way out of trouble for both of them. "What... What do we have to do?"

"You Riley? I suggest you make things up for Miss Taylor here. Get down on the floor, and put that mouth for good use for once instead of yapping on to Booker T." Triple H orders as he turns his attention with a smirk to her. "As for you? Let's see if you can show off some of those "oral skills" I was seeing just now with a real A-plus player..." He states, starting to undo the belt of his suit pants.

"I... OK, yes Sir..." Devin says with a nod of nervousness, fearful of the wrath of her direct boss as she glances over to see Riley quickly laying down on the floor of the commentary practice room, his cock still exposed and semi-hard, but still coated with her saliva. She starts to ease her skirt down her smooth, nicely tanned legs to reveal a pair of black panties, and after stepping out of them she moves over so she can lower herself down with a squat over the handsome facial features of the other NXT on-screen personality she was caught with.

"Ahhhh! Oooooh! Mmmm..." She's caught off guard when he quickly reaches up, pulling her panties to the side to expose her neatly trimmed snatch which he instantly starts to flick his tongue up at, working across her folds and around the outside of her pussy as he uses the fingers of one hand to keep her underwear out of the way of his work on her.

"Mmmmm! Oh Alex... That feels... OH FUCK!!" The half-Japanese Diva's eyes widen when she sees the massive, "sledgehammer" of a cock belonging to Triple H as he steps in front of her, his length even more impressive and thick to match than the one she'd been handling a minute ago. Before she can even get a word in, the King of Kings moves in, grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair so he can stuff his hardening tool into her mouth, causing her to groan around his man meat as he lips are forced to stretch to accommodate his vast size.

"MMMPHH! GAHHHH! Mmmmm!!" She groans as her oral hole is invaded in a rough, forceful manner as he doesn't hold back, starting to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth as he makes himself moan, using her nicely pouty lips and damp feeling mouth for his own pleasure despite his claim before that he was going to let her show off her "skills" of her own.

Instead, she's having to stay squatting and take this already quite intense face fucking that's making her groan around those thick inches, her hands gripping his toned and muscular waist as he drives his cock forward and deep into her mouth, already making saliva seep out between her lips despite her best efforts to try and keep them pressed around his member. Underneath her, the former protege of The Miz is knowing his place as he keeps his head lifted up, pressing his mouth against her pussy lips as he smacks his tongue across and around her, feeling her getting wetter as he works his tongue all over her pussy, getting his own mouth slightly moist from her own forming juices in the process and at the same time seemingly turning himself on as his cock is once again standing at full attention.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... None of that soft and slow stuff either... Ahhhh! You need to go all out... If you want to make it in the WWE..." The male half of the power trip couple known as The Authoriy states with a smirk, using one hand to undo his tie, having already placed his suit jacket on the nearby table. He's using the other to keep a hold of her long locks as he uses this stiff, commanding pace of thrusting his cock in and out of her warm and damp mouth, leaving his tool coated with her spit from the repeated, swift mouth that's been leaving her groaning and gagging when he drives in extra deep.

"Yeah... Mmmm... Never met a chick who handled a microphone yet... Mmmm! Who couldn't take some deep throating..." He adds with a smirk, using both hands now as he pulls her head in, causing her to gag loudly as he pushes her stunning face right into his crotch, making her lips press around the base of his dick and her chin touch his heavy ballsack for a long moment as he moans out, loving the feeling of every inch of his cock being inside of the NXT Diva's mouth.

"GAHHHHH! MMMMPHH MMMPH!! GAHHHHH..." The beauty hailing from Temecula, California can do nothing but close her eyes and take it as she gags around the Greenwich, Connecticut shaft she's been impaled balls deep onto, feeling his bell end touching the back of her mouth as her saliva trickles out from between her lips.

"Uhhhhhh! Mmmmph! Mmmmm..." She gets some relief in a way when he lifts her head off away from his crotch, but only so he can go back to steadily pumping her mouth with stiff thrust after hard thrust, his grasp of her hair keeping her in place as he ploughs away into that wet oral hole that he's using and abusing for his own sinful pleasure.

Back underneath her, Riley is focusing on his own task but not exactly to try and give her pleasure, but to ensure his own job isn't on the line as he keeps his tongue lapping up against her nicely slick now pussy, able to taste her sweetness as he keeps himself moving all the way up and down her entrance, his hands gripping her thighs as she stays squatting right over his face.

"Mmmm... Mmmmm!" He can't help but moan up into her, having no issue at all going down on a tasty bush even in these unusual circumstances, and he's showing he's no stranger to this oral activity as he keeps his mouth right up against those folds so he can move his tongue all up, around, and even teasingly sliding into her pussy to ensure she stays moaning, even if she's feeling slight discomfort from how her mouth is getting hammered.

"Ahhhh... Looks like you still need some practice with this..." Triple H says as he pulls his now coated with saliva cock out from her mouth. "I know that Renee can take a face fucking like a champ, or so I've heard..." He adds with a knowing smirk.

"I... Oh God! I thought that was... Never going to stop..." Devin gasps as she rubs her neck, standing up from the other WWE star.

"We're not done yet honey, not if you want to prove how much you want to keep your job around here..." HHH says, reaching over to pull one of the chairs in the room over so he can sit down on it, undoing the buttons of his shirt as he looks over the beautiful babe in front of him. "Now ditch the rest of that outfit, and get up on me... And while you're at it, finish off what you started on Alex..." He says, peeling his shirt off to reveal his still muscular upper body for a semi-retired Superstar.

"Yes... Of course Sir!" She states, nodding her head as she reaches back to quickly unzip her dress top in over to slip it down her tanned body, revealing her nicely sized and sexily ripe breasts in full view before she steps forward, turning around so she can ease herself back onto his lap, groaning as she arches her feet in order to sink down onto his massive cock.

"Mmmmm!! Ohhhhhh shit..." She moans as she drops down, taking him deep into her already wet pussy and feeling his strong hands gripping her toned waist, she starts to bounce herself on his shaft, making herself gasp as she feels his vast size stuffing her snatch full already even without all of his length being up inside her.

"Damn... Reminds me of the times I was with The Miz for that "This is MizTV" show he was in..." The man would become the regular analyst for the Raw and WWE Pay Per View pre- and post-shows states as he goes with it, moving forward as he guides his nicely lengthy dick back into the mouth of the NXT interviewer, moaning as once again enjoys the feeling of her dampness and warmth all around his member.

"Mmmm! Got bossed around plenty of times then as well... But getting action like this was worth it..." He adds, watching as the stunning babe in front of him gazes up and starts to bob her head along his shaft, making her long brunette hair sway as she works herself between him and the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion she's currently riding, managing to take this cock nicely deep into her oral hole as she wraps her lips around his man meat.

"Just a damn shame... Ahhhh! You could never deliver in the ring like he did..." The man nicknamed amongst others as the Cerebral Assassin says, moaning as he watches her lovely, round ass bouncing in front of him as she steadily rides his cock with a perfectly timed pace, allowing him to feel how tight as well as wet already she is as she works his cock back and forth up into her snatch.

"Or maybe... Mmmm... We'd be shipping you off every couple of months... Ahhh... To film another WWE movie... And I don't mean those WWE Films Presents specials either..." He adds with a groan, smirking as he sits back and lets the Loyola Marymount University graduate do all the work as she rises and swiftly drops down onto his meaty pole to make herself moan out, taking him right into her damp and snug twat as she fucks herself on one of the Principle Owners of the WWE.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." Sandwiched between two muscular, sports entertainment studs, Taylor is continuing to impress herself as she rocks her tanned and gorgeously curved body between both men, sucking and slurping on the dick in front of her while briskly riding the one she's mounted on top off so both her mouth and pussy and being filled up with nicely fat and lengthy cock.

"Mmmm... MMMPH!! MMMMM!!" Her moans are muffled around the coated with her own saliva dick that she's bobbing away on, her long hair swaying with the quick but smooth rocking back and forth motion she's using to take Alex's inches right into her mouth and still keeping those lovely, pouty lips pressed around that man meat as she handles him. At the same time, her nicely sized tits are bouncing away in time with the motion of her body as she smacks her sexy body down sharply onto the big cock of Triple H that she's essentially been blackmailed into riding before quickly lifting herself up to the half-way point to repeat the motion again and again to take him straight into her wet, snug snatch.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh fuck... Like I said... Never been a mic-holder yet who couldn't take a dick, or two..." The former leader of DX and Evolution states in a back-handed way as he moans and watches on as the stunning beauty on top of him keeps moving her body quickly up and down on his shaft, seeing her butt cheeks jiggle when she connects with his thighs each time she drops down and take him deep into that still very tight but now rather wet pussy.

"Interviewer or announcer... Mmmmm! They all know... Ahhhh... What's best for business..." He adds with another arrogant grin, still holding onto her tanned waist as she smoothly rides his cock with deep and steady up and down motions, at the same time still managing to expertly suck off the other only slightly less hung hunk in front of her as she shows off some sexual ability of her own, managing to handle a cock in both ends even under these dirty circumstances.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh! Shit... You still here Riley?" Triple H questions even as he continues to watch the sexy, thick ass bouncing away in front of him as she rides his member a couple more times. "Think you've spent more time here... Then you have in the ring over the past few months..."

"I'm... Ahhhhh! Not gonna argue with that..." Alex states, letting himself be blown deeply for a couple more moments before he steps back, knowing betting than to get into any verbal sparring with the man who could fire him in an instant.

"Damn right you aren't... Just like Devin here, you know what's best for business..." HHH states as he surprises the babe still mounted on his dick, using his great strength to lift her up as he stands up, setting her down on the floor and pushing her down into the classic doggy style position, all impressively with his dick still buried into her. "Now get back over here and fill her mouth up... Let's see if she can really handle a double team like the real Divas can!"

"Mmmmm!! Oh YES!! I mean... Ahhhhh! I can Sir!" Taylor groans as she already starts to rock back, caught up in the lust of how good it feels to have her pussy stuffed before her mouth is yet again filled up by Riley's big dick.

"Mmmmm!! Time to play the real damn game!" The former Royal Rumble Match winner grunts as he wastes no time in starting to pound the former broadcast journalist turned sports entertainment interviewer, gripping her juicy hips as he pumps his long, thick cock with force and speed deep into her snatch, his muscular waist colliding with her ass cheeks in no time at all.

"Ahhhh! Mmmmm fuck... This is how you fuck... Ahhhhh! Like an A-plus player!" He moans as he uses this strong, quick pace to drive himself into the groaning, starting to sweat beauty in front of him, making her tanned and curved body jolt forward sharply every time he pumps into her snug and wet pussy and makes her booty jiggle from the force of his body meeting hers.

"MMMM!! Gaaaaah!! Mmmmphh! MMMPH!!" Once again finding herself right between to hung and hunky wrestling studs, it's no wonder that the gorgeous brunette is moaning away as she rocks back and forth between the two, sucking away on one cock while taking another deep and fast into her snatch from behind as she keeps herself up and on her hands and knees.

"Mmmm... MMMM!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMM..." Her breasts sway in time with the jolting motion her tanned body is being made to do as she keeps her head briskly rocking back and forth along the cock she's handling deep into her mouth, making it drip with her saliva that's trickling out past her lips and down her chin from how often she's been repeatedly sucking off this same dick during this naughty sexual encounter.

"Awwww FUCK! Mmmm!! Oh shit..." Sweating as well, the former Rookie contestant during NXT's seasons era can only watch and moan as the stunning backstage correspondent for the current NXT's television show uses her warm and damp mouth along with her soft, pouty lips to pleasure his beginning to throb cock, looking more like a seasoned porn starlet than a would be WWE Diva.

"Damn that's the stuff... MMMM!! Ahhhh fuck!!" He groans again, watching her long brunette hair sway as she bobs her head along his inches, his moans deeper every time she's made to jolt forward from the pumps she's taking that in turn cause her to push towards the other hunk in this threesome and take his pole in deeper, causing her to gag occasionally when the tip of his tool touches the back of her oral hole.

"Mmmmm!! Be damn lucky... Ahhhh... We're not in my office at Full Sail right now..." The WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events states between moans as he carries on driving his "sledgehammer" balls deep into the gorgeous female in front of him, thrusting away to send every inch of his manhood right into her now very wet yet still tight pussy as his waist continues to smack hard into her ass cheeks each time he drives into her.

"MMMM... Or I'd be busting out the lube and stuffing this ass of yours... Ahhhhh! Into next week..." He adds with another groan, feeling his ballsack slapping into her tanned skin every time he pumps forward and makes her rock forward, inadvertently helping her blow the other WWE star involved in this as Triple H is only focused on his pleasure, abusing his position of power so he can fuck this sexy stunner in what's supposed to be a practice room for match commentary.

"Awwww FUCK!! Oh shit!! MMMM!! AHHHHH..." Having experienced the wonders of her oral talents for so long during this steamy encounter, it's hardly surprising that one of the two who "started" this all is soon reaching his limit as his cock throbs away deep within the sucking and slobbering mouth he's been in time and time again over the past hour.

"MMMMMM... Awwwwwww yeah.... AHHHHH..." Alex Riley starts to suddenly cum inside of Devin Taylor's mouth, making her moan and her eyes widen as she feels a flood of hot, tasty spunk filling up as she's still getting banged from behind from Triple H. Thinking quickly, she swallows down the loan with a loud, shameless gulp in order to take more of his cum as his cock throbs and shoots more into her, helped by the fact she's carrying on bobbing away on his member to ensure every last drop is sucked out from him and gobbled up in the next moment.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm shit... Damn that was something else..." Alex admits, watching her suck on his cock a couple more times before it falls limply out of her mouth, the result of her having swallowed down every bit of his massive load. "Wish I could have gotten a chance to tap her though..."

"Like I give a damn what you... Ahhhh! What you want!" Triple H snaps as he forcefully pumps away into her pussy from behind. "You're done already? Get dressed and get lost! I'm gonna show this chick... MMMM!! What it really feels like to be with... Ahhhh! An A-plus player!" He adds, pulling his coated with her juices now cock from her already well pounded snatch.

Shaking his head, Riley backs away as he watches HHH forcefully haul Taylor up by the waist, bringing her over to the table where the monitor and headsets are for the commentary practice. "Better get out of here while I still have a job..." He wisely says to himself, reaching for his clothes but not able to wipe the smile from his face from the top notch blowjob he'd gotten out of this.

"Ahhhh... Oh God... This is... So much... So good!" Devin gasps out, looking hotter than ever with a layer of sweat over her tanned body as she's put into position, laying chest down onto the polished surface with her desirable backside sticking out and up into the air. "Please... Please Sir! Fu... Fuck me! Fuck me like a real Diva!!"

"Damn fucking right I will..." The King of Kings states with a lusty grin, stepping back forward to plunge his dick right back into her dripping wet and snug pussy with a single, harsh thrust that makes them both groan as she rocks forward against the desk she's bent over, and the sound of skin meeting skin rings out when his waist connects with her juicy ass.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... Nothing like... Ahhhh! Some young, rookie pussy..." He moans, enjoying himself a bit too much for a happily married man with children as he gets to work driving his fuck stick in and out of the soaking wet snatch he's deep in, forcefully pumping in and out of her and not even holding onto her, leaning slightly over with his hands on either side of the table she's on top of as he pulls his hips back in order to slam forward and go balls deep into her before quickly repeating the motion over and over again. So caught up in the sinful pleasure from this intense to say the least fucking that's going on, neither pay any attention as Alex Riley excuses himself from the scene now fully clothed as he gives them one last look over with a little smirk before he exits the commentary practice room.

"AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOH MMMMM!! Yesssssssss!! AHHHH!!" The backstage interviewer of NXT moans shamelessly, sweat dripping off of her pretty face as she lays with her face to the side on the desk, eyes closed as she can't resist the intense pleasure from the hard and fast thrusts she's taking into her snatch, filling her up quite unlike anything else she's experienced before in her life.

"UHHHH!! Mmmmm.. MMMM!! AHHHHH!! FUCK!!" She groans again, feeling her breasts rubbing against the surface of the table she's being bent over as her tanned and curved body is made to jolt sharply forward every time she takes a pump from behind, feeling the pleasure building up inside her as her moans get that much longer and deeper as she continues to be willingly dominated by the man who can make and break her sports entertainment career.

"MMMM!! You like this huh? Answer me!!" The multi-time singles and tag team champion in the WWE demands as he grunts loudly, reaching forward to grab a hold of her long brunette hair in order to force her head backwards, making her upper body lean up so he can groan into her ear in an primal way while he pounds her dripping wet hole with deep and powerful thrusts.

"Tell me!! MMMM!! Tell me you fucking love... AHHHH... Getting fucked like this!!" He again orders as he thrusts away into her still snug but completely soaking wet snatch as he keeps those balls deep pumps coming to drive every inch of fat cock into the half-Japanese beauty's snatch, further showing his control in more ways than one over her by holding her body up by the hair as he bangs her from behind.

"AHHHH!! Yessssssssss! I do! MMMMM!! FUCK ME!!" She cries out, gasping for breath and groaning at the feeling of being pulled back by the hair so roughly while getting fucked hard and fast at the same time, her tanned and sweat-soaked body still jolting after every deep pistoning motion she's made to take from the long time sports entertainer up behind her.

"OH FUCK!! I'M GONNA... YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME!!! MMMMM!!" Unable to handle any more of this wild and forceful pounding, Devin Taylor moans deeply as she starts to cum hard over the cock of Triple H, her snatch clamping down around his thrusting member as he continues to hammer away into her, moaning himself as he feels that flood of fluids further drench his long and thick rod while her tits bounce away and her ass jiggles each time his waist smacks forward to connect with her curvacious frame.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm... Damn right you do..." He groans, smirking to himself as beads of sweat trickle down his handsome face as he keeps on thrusting away deeply into her snatch, but only to enjoy her snatch for a couple more moments rather than aid her to ride out off of her mind-blowing orgasm that's rocking her at this time, even though that's also happening as his shaft slides in and out of that now well used twat.

"Because you know... Uhhhh... Just like all the Divas do... MMMM!! That this... Is best for business..." He adds with a moan, feeling his cock start to twitch within her dripping wet love tunnel and knowing his own peak is fast approaching, he slows down the pace of his pumps, still going balls deep to make her groan out as he keeps that hold of her long, sexy hair that's now soaked through with sweat from the way he's been sexually owning her pussy throughout this steamy, sinful encounter.

Pulling out of her, he unceremoniously dumps her down to the floor on her knees by the hair, making her sit up in place as he grips his throbbing shaft, making sure his target is perfectly set up for him as he begins to rapidly stroke himself off with the other hand, groaning deeply as he looks over the sweat-coated pretty face of the NXT beauty he's been pounding for over the past hour.

"Ahhhh!! MMMM!! It it fucking cums!! Here comes some real... MMMMM... A-plus player treatment!!" He groans out before Triple H's cock starts to fire out thick streams of jizz to land across the face of Devin Taylor, making her groan and close her eyes as she has little choice but to take a plastering as the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events sends shot after warm shot of his cum over her stunning facial features. The streams of spunk splash over her cheeks, nose, lips and chin and even landing into her hair that's sticking to her face from all the sweat, and it all leaves her looking like more of a gangbang whore than a would-be WWE Diva as she kneels gasping for breath and now with her face covered with cum.

"Mmmm... That... That was not too bad... For a rookie..." Triple H says, letting go of both his now softening cock and her hair now that he's gotten off from this. "You keep at it, and maybe you'll make it to the big time... Maybe..." He adds, before he reaches over and picks up his shirt, starting to get dressed rather too quickly having just fucked a NXT Diva's brains out.

"Ahhhhh... Oh my... Ahhhhh..." Devin gasps, catching her breath from such intense sex unlike anything she's ever been in before. "Ummmm Sir? Does... Does this mean that I'm... Not going to get in trouble now over this, with Riley and all?"

"What? Oh yeah, sure, you and him are off the hook..." HHH says dismissively, showing he really wasn't thinking about firing either her or Alex Riley at all over this. "Here's the thing - you just need to remember one of the golden locker room rules in the WWE..." He says, smirking as he looks over her gorgeous, sweat and cum covered body. "If you're gonna screw somebody, pick a room with a locked door... Unless you really want someone else to come and join in."

"Really? Well... Ummmm... If this is how it ends up, maybe I'll keep using rooms without locks on them..." Taylor admits, smiling as she starts to shakily stand up from the floor.

Giving her another look over, Triple H grins as he nods. "That way of thinking Devin? That is definitely what's best for business..."

* * *

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