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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Brandi "Eden" Rhodes(NXT), Stephanie McMahon(WWE),
Triple H(WWE), Cody Rhodes(WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 14: Eden
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early January of 2014 backstage at the conclusion of the taping of NXT's Television show at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, the power couple known as The Authority are sharing a smile as they head along towards the office of Triple H, who currently has his arm around his stunning wife Stephanie McMahon. Both are clad in professional, business attire that nicely shows off their equally desirable bodies, in particular Stephanie's juicy, thick backside in a short skirt and her large breasts in her slightly straining suit jacket while his perfectly fitting suit shows off his muscular frame.

"I can't believe we managed to keep my little visit to this big project of yours all secret!" Stephanie gushes with a laugh. "Seeing all these wannabe Superstars and Divas all trying to impress us to make it to the big time? And that twist to make the NXT title match for NXT Arrival a Ladder Match? That's definitely what's best for business!"

"Damn straight it is Steph..." Triple H replies with a smirk. "Here's the thing... We've got so many talents around here, and they all want to shine. Some are gonna sink, and others are gonna swim. I only want the best of the best, and if either of those two kids can survive a grueling Ladder Match? Then they might be what we're looking for."

"Or that Neville guy will near kill himself diving off a Ladder!" McMahon says with another laugh, not exactly showing concern over one of the talents she's the boss of. "But I can't wait for that show. I'm definitely going to be there and watch these Divas try and impress me enough to be a part of the main roster." She pauses for a moment, smirking at her husband. "Speaking of Divas..." She trails off, giving him a knowing, sly smile.

Triple H smiles back. "Speaking of Divas... I made sure that our new ring announcer is waiting for us in our office. You know, the chick who left the WWE and now has come back? Mrs Cody Rhodes?"

"Cody Rhodes? Of the current tag team champions?" McMahon fakes a look of shock. "Who along with his freak brother have been a thorn in our side since they managed to steal their jobs back?"

"Exactly... I think that until we make our special "Old School" plan come true at the Royal Rumble, how about you and I show Miss NXT Announcer what's Best for Business..." He says with a smirk, not hiding his intentions and the look on his wife's face shows that she doesn't mind at all.

As The Authority turns a corner to approach Triple H's office, they are suddenly stopped in their tracks by an unexpected sight of a scowling, less than friendly looking brute of a man clad in a smart suit attire. "Triple H, Stephanie McMahon... I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS!" Bad News Barrett says with a sneer as he glances between the two confused power figures in the WWE. "You see... When you sent that e-mail to inform NXT's Eden to report to your office after tonight's taping, you sent it to a shared account that both Eden AND her husband Cody Rhodes use. So before it reached her, he read it, and having heard the long standing rumours about what goes on when you Triple H have meetings involving Divas around here in NXT... Let's just say that Eden isn't the only one you'll be "meeting" in a few moments." Barrett informs them, before he starts to smirk. "Have a bloody nice day!" He finishes, moving past them and letting out a loud laugh, completely proud of himself for having believed some certainly bad news to The Authority who watch him leave.

"...I'm afraid of got some baaaad news..." Triple H mocks in a ironically very bad attempt at a Barrett's accent, shaking his head as he takes his wife by the arm. "Come on Steph, we'll soon see..."

Reaching his office door, Triple H moves in with McMahon following in and indeed, they see that not only is the gorgeous new ring announcer for NXT in Eden, also known as Brandi Rhodes, waiting for them in a nicely form fitting dress that shows off her nicely sized breasts and juicy ass. Also there is her husband, one half of the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in Cody Rhodes, who gives them a knowing smile as he's dressed in jeans and nicely fitting shirt that shows off a bit of his desirable upper body.

"Hey guys! Nice little place you've got here!" Cody says to the approaching members of The Authority. "Not nearly enough, what's the word I'm looking for... Oh yeah, ass kissers for the both of you around here like there usually is around Raw and Smackdown..." He boldly states.

"You've got some damn nerve Rhodes..." Triple H states as he gives him a glare. "You're not invited to this, just like how I made sure your old man isn't welcome around here in NXT anymore..."

"Listen Triple H, Stephanie. We're not stupid, OK?" Eden says as she stays close to her man. "We know what you do Triple H to Divas, and if you think I'm going to get bullied into doing something that I don't want to..." She says, but is suddenly cut off.

"Who the Hell do you think you're talking to??" Stephanie snaps with a glare of her own. "You're damn lucky to have a job here, especially after doing such a B-plus job at announcing for NXT in your first run!"

"Oh please... B-plus? You're looking at a complete A-plus Player couple right here!" Rhodes says, motioning towards himself and his wife. "I can wrestle like an A-plus, she can ring announce like one, and Hell, I bet we can do anything together better than anyone you two would rank as being A-plus!"

"Is that so Cody? Huh? Well here's the thing..." Triple H starts to say as he eyes Brandi up. "Since we all know what this was going to be all about, how about we skip the formalities and small talk? I know you're nothing but a B-plus Player, but if you're so confident you aren't, then allow me to show your wife what being with a real Superstar is finally like, and in return? My wife, the beautiful Stephanie McMahon will give you the best damn time of your life and show you up as the wannabe you're always going to be!"

"We thought this might happen..." Eden states, a little too quickly perhaps for such a sudden offer, as if both she and her smirking husband had all seen this situation playing out like this. "So you know what? Challenge accepted!" She confidently says.

"I know my wife is going to do just fine..." Cody says, reaching down to undo the belt of his pants as he moves forward towards an unimpressed looking McMahon.

"She'll be gagging in a heartbeat, and you'll be begging for mercy by the time I'm done..." Stephanie vows, watching as Rhodes' impressive looking dick is exposed but acting like she isn't fazed by his obvious size, she slips down to her knees in front of him, casting a narrow eyed look up at him as she uses both hands to briskly stroke off his length.

At the same time, Triple H is smirking as he leans back against his own office desk, looking down at the beautiful black ring announcer who's jerking off his thick, white dick as his pants are down around his ankles. "Take a good look at it honey... This is what a real A-plus Player packs..." He arrogantly states as his cock hardens within her stroking grasp

"It figures... You've just got a B-plus Player cock Cody..." McMahon claims as she gives Rhodes another couple of firm strokes, giving him a cold glare as she keeps on the act that she's not impressed by the vast size of his now rock hard man meat.

"Which, admittedly, is a better grade than your WWE career is..." She adds with a smirk, before she leans her head in, slapping her tongue against and around his bell end for a long moment, teasing across the piss slit as she keeps her hand sliding back and forth along his inches like it's a kind of test to see what he'll handle. Seeing that it's just making Rhodes groan slightly, she narrows her eyes a little as she parts her lips, taking his dick into her warm and nicely wet feeling mouth, arrogantly smirking to herself at the sound of his moan as she begins to suck on the head, still using her palm to glide along his shaft at the same time.

"Mmmmm... I do hope you can give me something better than just this..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion in WWE states with a smirk of his own, watching as the former WWE Women's Champion rocks her long brunette haired head back and forth onto his cock, taking him deeper into her oral hole while she grips the base of his tool for support.

"Ahhhh... Not sure this is even a rankable quality blowjob I'm getting." He adds, knowing the insult will get at the gorgeous MILF who's sucking him off, and the glare up she gives him proves his plan right as she twists her grip on his pole to make him groan, wrapping her lips a little firmer around those inches as she moves her head along his impressive size, starting to apply her own saliva onto his tool in the process.

"Ahhhhh... From the looks of it, someone has been practising around here..." The man nicknamed amongst others as The King of Kings says backhandedly, watching as the stunning black woman kneeling in front of him bobs her head smoothly along his thick, white cock while he leans back against his office desk to watch the wife of another man sucking him off with clear experienced skill as she's already handling more than half of his size.

"And it... Mmmmm... Damn sure isn't to do with any ring announcing..." He adds, feeling the pouty lips slide back and forth along his shaft as he's made to groan, his insults apparently not even fazing the NXT ring announcer as she blows him steadily, her hands resting on his strong thighs as she moves her head back and forth towards his crotch, gradually taking more and more of that tool deeper into her soothing mouth.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." Closing her eyes, the former Superstars ring announcer is focused on proving a point here as she quickens the pace of the motion of her head along the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion's dick, managing to keep her lips tightly pressed around his thickness as she glides herself back and forth to blow him.

"Mmmmph... Mmmm... Mmmmm!!" Her groans bounce off his tool as she takes in and quickly out of her oral hole with a smooth and steady rhythm, her saliva already slightly dripping from off his size as she keeps her head rocking onto him, unfazed by the fact that this isn't even her own husband she's sucking off, or that her actual man is getting blown by another woman right next to her.

"Mmmmmph!! Gaaaaaahh!! Mmmmm!!" The Billion Dollar Princess is looking far less than royal as a clear gagging sound is heard coming from her when she pushes her gorgeous face right down onto the dick of the son of a WWE Hall of Famer, her saliva seeping past her full lips to trickle a little down her chin from the repeated movement of sucking on this big and long cock.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmph! Gaaaaaaaah!!" She glares up again at the hunk she's slobbering over, feeling the head of his cock connecting with the back of her mouth when she deep throats him but the discomfort is clear from how she's forced to gag each time she swallows down all of those inches, but not wanting to be shown up or even give up she continues to rock her head along that member, leaving him moaning with a smirk of his own from her obviously far from novice oral skills.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh... What did you say about practice Triple H?" Rhodes says with a smirk, moaning as he can't help but enjoy the steady blowing motion he's getting from the beautiful and busty married babe in front of him, but still able to glance across and watch his own wife all too easily handle the equally lengthy dick of another married man, a sight that seems to give him a thrill of its own from the way he groans.

"Ahhhhh... Maybe your wife can pick up... Mmmmm... Some tips from mine..." He mocks as he turns his attention back to the daughter of the chairman of the board as she now grips his thighs, attempting to focus on the task at hand but she still gags out loudly, saliva splashing over the dick she's taking obviously too deep into her mouth, her eyes appearing to water after so many deep throat attempts onto this "dashing" piece of man meat.

"Ahhhhh... Any tricks this tramp picked up... Mmmmm! Damn sure wasn't from just blowing you..." The WWE's on-screen C.O.O. claims with a groan, seeing the woman also known as Brandi Rhodes push her pretty face all the way down onto his crotch, his balls touching her chin as she impressively grinds her pouty lips around his base by twisting her long dark haired head from side-to-side, gazing up confidently at the stud she's deep throating without even gagging for a moment.

"Mmmmm... She can use her mouth damn better at this... Ahhhhhh... That any ring announcing, that's for sure..." He's able to add between moans, casting a narrow eyed-glare across as he sees his wife having to resume blowing the top half of the other hunk's dick as he attempts to go balls deep onto him have been fruitless. However Eden is able to resume her own deep throat motion on him with ease, smoothly pushing down to the base with a groan of her own before she raises back up to the half-way mark and goes all the way back down as she indeed shows it's not just with a microphone that she can use well with her mouth as this skilled blowjob continues.

"So much... Ahhhhh... For not lasting, huh?" Cody states with a smirk, moaning as his stunning boss slurps on his tool for a couple more deep moments before she lifts her head up and off from him.

"Please, don't flatter yourself..." Stephanie says arrogantly as she brushes her hair back. "I was hardly even trying then..." She claims as she stands up, moving to push her skirt down her long, smooth legs, along with her panties to reveal her smooth snatch.

"Yeah, I could tell..." Rhodes responds, getting a glare from her as she hops up to sit on the edge of her husband's office desk.

At the same time, Triple H has pulled the other hunk's wife up off her feet, using a hand on her back to bend her over across the same desk right beside the other desirable WWE stars. "If you're anything like the last ring announcer we had around here, then much like her run on TV, this won't last long..." He claims as he hikes up the bottom of her tight dress, revealing her sexy black ass and her neatly trimmed pussy.

"If you're so sure, then go ahead and try..." Eden responds as she tosses her hair back in order to look back at her boss as he moves in, smirking as it's clear the intimidation tactics aren't having an effect on her.

"Mmmmm... Is that the best you've got??" McMahon moans as she grits her teeth, watching as the Superstar once nicknamed "Dashing" pumps his lengthy dick in and out of her snug snatch, her legs wrapped around his muscular frame to trap him in, but it's not like he's showing any signs of backing off as he moves his length firmly into her hot pussy that makes him moan as well.

"Ahhhhh... I've had better... Mmmmm! From those failure rookies from the NXT seasons!" She claims with a groan, feeling that thick shaft moving smoothly and deep into her twat as she glares across at the stud who's ploughing into her, as she moves her hands up to peel off her jacket from her body, tossing it aside and unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her large, enhanced bra-covered tits that are already bouncing slightly from the pumping motion into her snatch.

"Ahhhhh... Maybe you should up your standards then..." The former member of the Legacy stable responds, smirking with a groan as he grips her nicely toned waist to pump his rod firmly and steadily into the beautiful MILF in front of him, his gaze switching from down at her crotch to watch his member vanish up into and then soon reappear from her dampening snatch, to up to her luscious chest to see those big boobs jiggle from his motion into her.

"Or maybe the boys in the real WWE locker room... Mmmmm... Don't want to lower theirs to your level?" He adds, seeing the pissed off glare she gives him but she can't help but moan from the way he's smoothly and steadily ramming his cock into her snatch, causing himself to groan out in pleasure as well as he enjoys the snug feeling all around his inches as he works them in deep to The Billion Dollar Princess.

Right beside them, the gorgeous NXT ring announcer is bent over with her arms being pulled back as the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative stuffs his mighty man meat deep into her tight and already damp pussy, his grip on her wrists keeping her lifted just off the surface off the desk so her nicely sized chest his brushing against it when her body is made to rock forward.

"Ahhhhh... Sucking cock, and taking it like a tramp... Mmmmm... You're no damn different to the rest of the wannabe Divas around here..." He states, watching as her full butt cheeks shake each time he sends his shaft forward and deep into her snatch, making himself moan from the snug feeling all around his pole as he keeps it moving briskly in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmmm... Considering how long you lasted in your first run... You're lucky... Ahhhhhh! To even be here now..." He claims with a grunt, keeping his thrusts firm and focused as he gives it to the former model in front of him, his dick easily sliding into that wet pussy as he keeps her in place, pulling onto her arms to try and force dominance into the position but she's clearly able to take what he's giving to her, and then some.

"Ooooooooh! Mmmmm... And how many girls have you had to replace... Mmmm! Doing ring announcing here in NXT?" Brandi Rhodes licks her lips as she gazes back, groaning as her stunning and curvy black body continues to rock back and forth in response to the big white cock being driven deep into her tight pussy, showing that while the thrusts she's taking are more than just top notch, it's not going to throw her off and neither are the insults from the handsome hunk who's banging her from behind.

"That's not even... Mmmmm... Counting all the ones you have announcing at the live events... Ahhhhh! Seems to me like NXT was begging to have be back..." She adds with a smirk, groaning as she feels his muscular waist starting to connect sharply with her nicely thick ass cheeks, her head tilting back just a little as the pumps into her snatch go balls deep to fill her up, causing them both to moan as even as they trade insults, they both seem to be enjoying this sex with someone they aren't married to a little too much than they should.

"Oh please! Mmmmm!! B-plus attractive chicks like you... Ahhhhhh! Are a dime a dozen..." The Chief Brand Officer of the WWE yells across to the wife of the handsome stud currently fucking her, her arms gripping the broad shoulders as he keeps her legs tightly wrapped around him, making sure his big dick is stuffing her snatch with every inch of the manhood of the multi-time Tag Team Champion, his groans also sounding out as he makes his hips rock back and forth in towards her wet pussy.

"MMMM... You should be honoured... Ahhhhhh! To even be getting fucked right now by... Mmmmm!! A real A-plus player like my husband!" She's able to add in between moans as her big breasts continue to bounce away in her straining bra, her stunning body make to jolt back from the sharp thrusts being sent balls deep into her pussy, as despite her glares being sent to the hunk plunging right into her love tunnel her moans prove that this is far from any kind of "unworthy" banging that she's currently getting.

"Maybe me and Trips there should... Ahhhhh... Switch places then..." The smirking Marietta, Georgia hunk states as he continues to use that swift and firm pace to pump his cock deeply into the snatch of the Hartford, Connecticut beauty, showing he knows just how to treat a hot, snug pussy like this even if it isn't his actual wife, as he slides his member in to the hilt every time his hips push forward so his heavy ballsack slaps up against her tanned skin.

"That way... Mmmmm! This A-plus player is matched up the top Diva around here..." He adds, giving McMahon an extra stiff thrust for good measure to make them both groan when all those nicely thick inches slot into her twat, while doing to make her look of fury towards him fade away it's obvious from her moans that this is anything but a novice pounding she's getting from him as his length carries on smoothly moving back and forth into her damp and tight pussy.

"Bullshit kid! Mmmmm... Hanging around with that freak-show brother of yours... Ahhhhhh! Has finally messed with your mind..." The former Royal Rumble Match winner claims with a grunt as ke keeps on stuffing his mighty length deep into the moaning stunner in front of him, showing he's no slouch when it comes to delivering a five star performance when it comes to fucking, making sure to keep her body up and pulled back against him each time her drives forward into that snug snatch of the only woman to ring announce for NXT before and after becoming the official WWE developmental.

"Ahhhhh... I know what it takes to be a real A-plus player... MMMM... Because I know what's best for business..." He adds with a deep grunt, working his tool all the way into her warm and damp snatch while keeping that controlling grip on her arms to pull her desirable body back each time he fires his hips forward into her, making sure every inch of his sledgehammer of a cock gets rammed deep into her pussy to make her moan out in delight as well.

"Mmmmm!! If that's so true... Ahhhhhh! You'd have me at least announcing Main Event or Superstars again..." The grinning woman also known as Eden Stiles says with a groan, her shapely ass cheeks still being made to shake from the sharp impact of the muscular waist of the Greenwich, Connecticut hunk who continues to expertly drive his more than impressive length deeply into the Michigan native's sweet snatch from behind.

"Unless you really can't find... Mmmmm! Any new girl to try and do the job I've been excelling at... Ahhhhh... Since I came back..." She adds, showing no intimidation to one of the principle owners of the WWE as she more than easily shows she can take what he's giving to her, moaning out when his length slides in and out of her tight and now clearly wet pussy, as she doesn't have to hide the fact she's enjoying this banging even from a man who isn't the one she's married to.

"Mmmmm... Sorry Triple H, but to try and get my woman worn out? It'll take a lot more than that..." Cody states, glancing across even as he fucks the stunning wife of the man who is currently fucking Rhodes' wife right beside him. "Trust me, I know from a lot of experience." He adds, giving his wife a smirk and a wink.

"I'm about a minute away... Mmmmm! From kicking your ass, and then fucking hers into next week..." Triple H threatens, letting go of the grip of Brandi's arms to pull his cock out of her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! That sounds like a great idea honey..." Stephanie states with a smirk, unwrapping her legs from around Cody, rudely motioning for him to back off. "No way this little overachiever could handle that A-plus player cock in her little ass, like I can in mine."

"Oh, I can handle it..." Eden confidently but not arrogantly responds as she pushes herself off from the desk to turn around. "You forget, I'm no rookie in the WWE, so I can handle anything you want to try on me."

"We'll damn see about that..." An unamused Triple H says, opening a drawer in his office desk in order to pull out a bottle of sex lube, pouring some of the liquid out over his own cock as he proceeds to stroke it all over his rock hard inches, before tossing it over to Eden with a smirk. "You asked for this... And you're gonna be left needing crutches to get around for the next few weeks."

"Promises promises... You're going to see exactly what I'm made off..." Eden replies, pouring some of the lubricant onto her own fingers as she reaches back behind herself, easing the digits into her own tight asshole to make herself groan as she slowly starts to finger herself, making sure to spread the lube in deep and already showing the signs that this certainly won't be her first time engaging in anal sex before.

At the same time, McMahon has rudely snatched up the bottle, forcing it into Cody's hands as she turns and bends over forwards, putting her hands on the office desk of her husband as she glares back. "Make yourself useful for once damn it!" She snaps. "Get my ass... Oooooooooh!! Mmmmmm you fucker!!" She's cut off and made to groan as he took the initiative to pour out some lube down into her ass-crack, going across her asshole before he moved his own hand in, plunging his finger in and out of that very tight feeling hole to start to get her prepared for what's to come.

"Already losing it just from this? I thought you said you could take it..." Cody mocks with a handsome smile, making McMahon glare back again as he keeps his digit smoothly moving into her back passage for a few more moments, making sure she's nicely lubed up before he spreads some of the liquid from the bottle out onto his own impressively long and fat to match dick.

"Mmmmm!! Ooooooooh fuck!! Ahhhhhh..." On top of the office desk, a now completely naked Eden lets out a deep groan as she eases her gorgeous black ass down onto Triple H's fat white cock, her hands gripping her own knees as she moves herself on that shaft, adjusting to the vast size she's taking in her clearly tightest of holes.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmm!! There's no B-plus player ass here..." She states as she keeps herself in this squattingposition, working herself smoothly up and down on the dick of the groaning hunk underneath her as he grips those full ass cheeks, giving a bit of support as looks to take as much of that cock up into her sexy backside as she can, even if it is from a hunk that's happily married to another woman.

"MMMM... I'll be... Ahhhhh... The judge of that..." The Cerebral Assassin states with a moan, having to fight from just thrusting his dick up into that tight and nicely juicy booty that's being lightly bounced on his member, looking to show her up by making her wear herself out by riding his man meat but from the way she's already broken into a decent rhythm to move on his, that doesn't appear to likely.

"Tight fucking ass like this... Mmmmm!! You'll be begging me to stop soon enough..." He claims with a groan, watching the stunningly curved body of the NXT ring announcer bouncing on his dick as she takes his rod into her asshole, lifting up until just the bell-end is inside her before dropping down to around the half-way mark, and she clearly isn't going to stop until more of his inches are stuffed right up inside her.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhhhh fuck!! Mmmmm!! Bet you wish... AHHHHH... You could fuck an ass like this every night..." The former General Manager of Raw and of Smackdown moans out as she too has discarded the last of her clothing, allowing her to squeeze her own huge tits as she's now bent over on the same office desk right alongside where her husband is currently laying, as behind her the former WWE Intercontinental Champion thrusts his dick into her thick and juicy ass.

"Oooooooh MMMM!! Yeah.... You can't fucking handle a real ass like mine!!" She yells out as she glares back, gritting her teeth as her booty is getting swiftly pounded with a series of stiff pumps that a veteran porn star would struggle to maintain, and it's making her curvacious body rock forward against the desk as she gasps and groans from how well already he's banging her backside.

"Ahhhhhh!! It's a change for sure... Mmmmm!! Nowhere like my wife's A-plus, out of this world booty..." The stud who's a part of The Brotherhood tag team states with a moan, his fingers easily gripping and digging slightly into the full rump in front of him as he keeps his dick ploughing in and out of her vice-like asshole, as even with all the lube used there's still plenty of pleasurable friction to be felt as he delivers a series of stiff and deep pumps right into that beautiful plump ass.

"I shouldn't... Mmmm!! Be surprised though... Ahhhhh... Seeing what a tight-ass your are on TV, and you're the same here..." He mocks with a handsome smirk as he keeps on driving his length deeply and with perfect force forward in between her juicy and rounded butt cheeks that are causing her to groan with pleasure despite her repeated insults and glares as she tries to act like she isn't loving getting fucked up the ass by another married man.

"MMMM... Mmmmm!! You holding up OK there Boss?" Right by that steamy anal sex, another butt-fucking is still going on strong as the gorgeous ring announcer for NXT's television show keeps her gorgeous black body moving steadily and with force up and down on the moaning hunk underneath her who can very easily control her sports entertainment career, but for now she's the one calling the shots as she works herself like a lift onto his sledgehammer of a dick.

"Ahhhhhh!! Wouldn't want you... Mmmmm!! Missing out if I'm going to quick for you..." She manages to groan out, tossing her long dark hair back as she continues to impale her own thick ass firmly onto that big white cock, her riding motion more than managing to make him groan as he has to handle how tight around his length she still is even after several deep and repeated motions to take him up into her backside.

"AHHHHH... You just keep... Mmmmm!! Doing what you're useful for..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE groans out, sweat forming over his impressively muscular for a semi-retired Superstar body as he can't help but thrust his hips up occasionally to send his cock deeper into that stunning ass being raised and lowered smoothly and steadily onto his manhood.

"Mmmmm... MMMMMM shit!! I'm the damn Game... Ahhhhh! I don't get played..." He manages to say between moans as he cock is taken deep up into the sports entertainment personality's beautiful ass, her butt cheeks jiggling each time she sharply drops herself down to take that length up into her snug back passage, as she shows this far from her first time from taking it up the ass from how expertly she's riding his shaft.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Come on!! Is that all... UHHHHH!! That you've got??" The stunning daughter of the Chairman of the Board yells back as sweat is trickling down her pretty facial features, her hands gripping the desk she's bent over as she's made to groan out and rock forward every time she takes a deep and forceful thrust from behind courtesy of the son of the Hall of Famer known as The American Dream.

"AHHHHHH... MMMM!! You B-plus player!! MMMM!! You're nothing, you hear me??" She shouts even as it's obvious this is anything but a lower-grade ass fucking she's taking as his cock drives in deeply into her juicy backside, her large tits rubbing against the surface of the desk she's bent over as thrust after strong and quick thrust is sent right into her tight back passage, giving her a pounding that any normal red blooded woman would happily admit to being the best, but not for the kind of business he works in.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM... That all sounds oh so familiar... Mmmmm!!" The former member of Legacy says as he grunts, continuing to drive his man meat deeply into that juicy MILF ass that's shaking in front of him from the force of his thrusts, having no problem in proving a point to the woman he isn't married to, while his own wife is doing the same to other WWE hunk right next to him.

"Mmmmm!! Kind of like how you said me and my brother... AHHHH... Were nothing, and we came back and won the tag titles..." He adds with a proud smirk, and before she can respond he cuts her off by delivering a hard spank to her thick backside that makes her groan, the deep pumps still coming strong and swiftly as he works his hips back and forth to drive into that sexy, big booty that feels made to take a hard fucking like this, even if the beauty taking it certainly didn't think he could deliver it to leave her groaning like she currently is.

Gritting her teeth, McMahon pushes herself off from the desk as she makes Rhodes pull out of her ass. "Shut up! Lay the fuck down on this desk!" She yells with a glare, the scream enough to startle the other two involved in this as they have to quickly move off from on top of the desk.

"Sure thing... Boss..." Cody replies with another smirk, and as he moves up onto the furniture he gives his wife a wink out of the sight of The Authority, to which she responds with one of her own like they're giving a signal to each other.

"Well then, since your wife is going to be busy, would you like to try your luck again?" Eden invites, positioning herself to face Rhodes and Stephanie as they get into position on the desk, leaning over and sticking out her gorgeous backside.

"You're not going to last long... And I don't just mean around here..." Triple H claims as he steps in with a look of annoyance, clearly having thought this would have been over and done with long ago.

"AHHHHHH!! Mmmmm!! This is nothing! AHHHHHH... You're nothing!!" The former WWF Women's Champion groans out as she leans back with her arms planted on the desk, her legs spread as she works her body smoothly up and down on the thrusting dick of the former Intercontinental Champion underneath her to once again take that big shaft deeply into her ass.

"MMMMM... You call this... Ahhhhh!! An A-plus fucking?? UHHHHH... Come on you loser! FUCK ME!! Fuck my ass!!" She again yells out, stands of her long brunette hair sticking to her face as she rides that long rod with a steady up and down motion but it's noticeably slower than the swift and hard pace that he's using to drive up between those juicy and sexy butt cheeks, her huge sweat glazed tits bouncing away as she continues to act like this intense anal pounding isn't anything special, but her moans and how wet her pussy is tell the true story.

"MMMMM... You know, you didn't... Ahhhhh!! Even ask politely..." The "dashing" Superstar says with a groan as he continues to sharply push his hips upwards, gripping her nicely toned waist as he stuffs his member deeply and with force up into that still tight back passage, but she's not nearly as vice-like as she was to begin with.

"AHHHHH... Mmmm... But in this case, since I do know... MMMMM... What I'm doing here, I'll give it to you..." He manages to say with a grunt, sweat coating his muscular frame as he lays back and keeps on driving his shaft up into the thick backside of the Billion Dollar Princess who is looking and sounding more and more like a filthy slut than a power obsessed businesswoman with every deep and quick thrust into her ass that she takes.

"Mmmmm!! Sorry Boss... But I know exactly... AHHHHH... How to play this game..." The beauty also known as Eden Stiles says as she pushes her full and rounded booty sharply back against the powerful pumps she's taking in and out of her tight asshole, glancing back at the hunk behind her who's holding her waist as he drives himself straight forward into her sexy black ass with almost every inch of his fat white cock.

"And this game... MMMM... Is about to to won..." She groans to herself under her breath, moving her arms forward as she looks over the bouncing form of Stephanie McMahon in front of her, leaning towards her with a smirk as she moans out again, feeling the ripped waist of The King of Kings connecting with her butt cheeks as he delivers those stiff thrusts like this is all second nature to him, even if this isn't his actual wife that he's ass fucking at the moment.

"MMMMM... That's what just about... AHHHHH... Every chick with a set of tits who passes through here... MMMM... Always says..." The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says as he grits his teeth, watching her nicely juicy butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of his body connecting with hers each time he rams his shaft deep into her very desirable backside that's still able to take this kind of hard hitting action that certainly ranks up to an A-plus porn standard if not beyond.

"Uhhhhh!! MMMM... Marrying your way into a wrestling family... AHHHHH!! What kind of desperate person... AHHHH... Would do that??" He adds with a grunt, caught up in trying to show up and out-fuck the beautiful NXT ring announcer he doesn't spot the irony of his own insult as sweat continues to drip of his frame, his dick still swiftly and smoothly sliding in and out of her asshole to make them both moan out as she leans forward in again, but his attention quite rightly is on that stunning backside as he pounds away into it with more deep and strong pumps.

Without warning, the Rhodes' plan begins as Eden leans her head in and suddenly starts to flick her tongue out against Stephanie's pussy, making her moan out loudly as soon a couple of fingers join in to work over her snatch, pumping firmly in and out while Brandi's tongue laps away at the upper part of her boss' already extremely wet folds.

"MMMMM HOLY FUCK!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!! UHHHHH!!" McMahon screams out, forced to close her eyes and tilt her head back as reacting to his wife's actions Cody reaches up to grip and grope those big MILF tits as he intensifies his thrusts, driving balls deep with hard pumps up into that thick and juicy ass so that the husband and wife duo really go to work with a sexual double team to pleasure her love tunnel and back passage at the same time.

"Hunter!! She's... MMMM!! AHHHHHH!! Ooooooooooh FUCK!!" She gasps out, unable to fight this off as she remains impaled on the big, thick dick that's slamming up into her ass and now has to handle both fingers sliding in and out of her wet snatch along with a seemingly experienced tongue working over that pussy as well not only by another woman, but one who's also getting her ass fucked hard at the same time.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! SHIT!! Mmmmm!! The fuck... The fuck you want me to do Steph??" Triple H states as he groans out, his eyes now locked on the stunning black Diva who's working over his curvacious white wife's dripping snatch, as he keeps on driving his own fat and long white cock deeply and with force into the sexy black ass still being pushed back against him, as he's now torn between enjoying this erotic show before him and attempting to hammer away into this tight butt he's deep in.

"AHHHHH... Holy fuck... MMMMM!! This wasn't... AHHHHH!! How it was supposed to go down..." He grunts, feeling his dick starting to twitch inside of the former WWE Superstars ring announcer's backside as he delivers some more quick and harsh thrusts into that perfectly rounded booty, her cheeks still jiggling erotically when she drives back to meet his pumps as the sound of skin hitting off of sweat-covered skin sounds out around his office that they are fucking in.

"Mmmmm!! MMMMMPH MMMM... MMMM!!" Eden's groans and muffled as she presses her talented mouth against McMahon's snatch, slurping on her and drinking down the plentiful juices while she finger bangs that pussy at the same time, an obvious display that she's gone down on another woman before and making it all the more impressive as she still is able to take the intense ass fucking from behind she's getting while fingering and licking the most powerful woman in sports entertainment.

"MMMMPH!! Mmmmm!! MMMMMPH!!" Her tongue continues to flick around inside and around at her folds, as her fingers all too easily slide deep into her already well pounded pussy that's soaking wet and leaving her digits coated with fluids, which are also covering now Eden's lips from how pushed up close to that snatch she is. It's all part of the clearly well planned out sexual attack to make sure to give Stephanie the kind of treatment that perhaps alone she wouldn't be able to handle, but combined with Rhodes' swift and steady deep pounding of her thick backside from underneath it's little wonder that the beauty being double teamed is calling out like a woman possessed.

"AHHHHH!! No!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! DAMN YOU LOSERS MMMMMM!!" That's certainly proven true when with a deep moan Stephanie McMahon starts cumming hard onto Eden's pretty face, juices further flowing out to further coat the licking tongue and pumping fingers, causing her woman tasting this mind-shattering orgasm to grin as her husband Cody Rhodes keeps on fucking McMahon's stunning ass at the same time.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM!! FUCK... MMMMM!!" She can only groan and jolt as she's forced to ride out all the waves of pleasure from a high that was far more powerful than she thought it would be, no doubt helped by how Brandi Rhodes even as Triple H keeps on hammering into her ass, is still licking away at her pussy while fingering her, and underneath hubby Cody is ramming his big dick deep into her thick butt.

"AHHHHH!! Awwwwwww FUCK!! DAMN IT!! UHHHHHH!!" Grunts of frustration and pleasure escape from Triple H as watching his wife Stephanie McMahon be brought to orgasm by the woman he's butt fucking was too much to take, as he starts to shoot his load deep into Eden's gorgeous ass to fill her back passage up with his seed.

"MMMMM... AHHHHH!! Shit!! Fucking... MMMM!!" He can only gasp and moan as his dick fires out a more than just sizable load, his lengthy white dick still being stuffed into that juicy black ass as he cums, and despite being kept busy by finishing off the equally desirable and beautiful woman in front of her Brandi is still able to push her booty back against his pulsating cock as the last few thick streams of jizz and sent into her.

"Mmmmm... Looks like the Rhodes family wins this one..." Eden says with a proud smile, licking her lips clean of juices as she stands back up from the desk, able to step back when the spunk hunk behind her pulls his softening dick out of her ass.

"Like it was ever... Mmmmm... Any contest..." A likewise smirking Cody states as he pulls out with a groan from McMahon's booty, lifting her up and off from him to onto the desk as he slips off to also stand up.

With a grunt of anger at both himself and his wife being shown up and beaten in this "fuck off", Triple H charges forward towards Cody, looking to take his head off with a vicious Clothesline. However Rhodes had enough time to see the cheap move coming, ducking the blow and then instinctively making a hop up with a foot onto the desk, turning and leaping back to connect with a trademark Disaster Kick that nails HHH in the head. That shot sends him tumbling back over his office chair and leaving him laid out, knocked out cold on the floor.

"...Sore loser, huh?" Cody chuckles to himself with a smirk, turning to face his wife and moaning as she doesn't hesitate to take a hold of his still rock hard, but throbbing a little dick.

"Guess it's time we celebrated, huh?" Eden says with a lusty smile as she strokes him off, about to move down but she's stopped in her tracks when she's given a sharp spank on the ass that makes her groan.

"You... You stay right there Bitch!!" A sweat-coated Stephanie orders as she slumps to her knees behind Brandi, gripping her butt cheeks as she glares up at them both. "You bend over and finish him off, and you'd better not flinch either!!" She orders, her large chest heaving as she gasps for much needed air. "DO IT!!" She screams at them.

Caught off guard by the demand, Eden right away bends herself over forwards, sticking that well pounded booty out while she opens her mouth, quite happily taking her husband's shaft in and starting to bob her head up and down on it, even though it's just come out of the back passage of the other woman who's been involved in this saucy sexual encounter.

"Mmmmm... MMMMPH!! MMMMM!!" Her eyes widen but not because of how naughty this ass-to-mouth action is, especially from tasting another Diva's booty from off of the thick inches she's steadily slurping on, but from the sensation of Stephanie McMahon's tongue now pressing against her asshole as she licks up some of her own husband Triple H's cum that's trickling out of Brandi's ass.

"MMMM... MMMMPH... MMMM!!" The NXT beauty groans as she keeps her lips tightly wrapped around the man meat she's taking in and out of her soothing oral hole, having to fight to keep her hips and butt steady as now she's on the receiving end of some double team action on her other holes as the stunning MILF behind her starts to rub her wet pussy with a hand as she flicks her tongue across and around her asshole at the same time.

"MMMMM!! Oooooooh fuck Brandi!! MMMMM!! Damn that's so fucking good..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE moans out, loving the feeling of his beautiful wife's mouth all around his tool as the busty black babe bobs her head swiftly back and forth along his fat white cock, and the sight of the powerful and beautiful McMahon family daughter eating his wife's ass out at the same time just makes it all the more hotter to witness.

"AHHHHH!! Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMMMM Yeah!! AHHHHH..." He groans out, his dick starting to throb quite clearly as those pouty lips glide across his length with the kind of smooth ease that many a seasoned porn starlet would struggle to keep up the pace off, his manhood being taken deeply and quickly into her wet and warm mouth that's already left his rod covered with saliva in no time at all.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm!!" Behind them both, the woman nicknamed the Billion Dollar Princess is looking anything but royal as she has her tongue firmly planted between the juicy butt cheeks of the babe currently sucking off the hunk she's married to, while at the same time sliding her hand back and forth to brush her fingers against the very wet pussy of the woman who's made her cum hard just moments ago.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmph!! Mmmm..." She groans into that sexily thick backside, working her tongue as far as she can into that already more than just well fucked back passage, collecting the cum that had been fired into Eden by her husband Triple H, and not hesitating to swallow it down as well as the MILF continues to show that she isn't a novice either when it comes to pleasuring another woman.

"MMMMMPH!! MMMM... MMMMM!!" That fact is soon proven to be very true as the tongue work on her ass and the finger rubbing of her pussy makes Eden cum over the hand of Stephanie McMahon who sits back and grins, licking her lips as she feels the juices flowing out onto her digits and sees the stunning black body in front of her shake as the sexual peak rocks her curvy frame.

"MMMMM... MMMMM!! MMMPH!!" Brandi groans as she still manages to keep on bobbing her head back and forth along her own husband's dick that's been balls deep in all three of the holes of the woman behind her who's making her explode all over that rubbing hand, the sweat dripping off of her as she keeps her long dark haired head moving back and forth on that big meaty pole she's sucking off.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMMM!! Here it comes Brandi! Here it... MMMMMM AHHHHHHH!!" Cody Rhodes is able to give the warning just in time before sure enough, he starts to blast his load right into his wife Eden's mouth, filling her up with thick streams of his spunk from his fat white cock, and gazing up at him with a smirk the black stunner has no problem with swallowing down his load as shot after shot is fed straight into her.

"MMMMM... Ahhhhhh!! Awwwwwww shit... MMMMM so good..." He groans as she slows down her bobbing motion, making sure to suck him dry and get every drop of spunk out of that rod that had been fucking the other woman involved in this, but as she backs away it allows Brandi to focus on pleasuring her hubby, lashing her tongue up and around his member as she gives him a last couple of deep sucks for good measure after the last spurt of spunk is sent out for her to drink down.

Propping herself up by leaning against the office desk of her husband, Stephanie casts a narrowed eyed glare over the "victorious" husband and wife duo in front of her. "Get... Get dressed, and get the Hell out..." She points towards the door. "And be lucky I'm not firing you both for that kick to my damn husband!"

"If that's the way it is..." Cody states with a shrug of the shoulders, still smirking as he helps his wife up to stand. "Then sure thing "boss", we'll see you around..." He says, moving to pick up both his and his wife's clothing.

"Still mad, even after helping me to get off after I helped you to do the same?" Eden questions with a smirk of her own. "I thought we were starting to see eye-to-eye."

"Honey, don't flatter yourself... You did... Slightly better than I expected from being married to a B-plus Player..." McMahon responds as she folds her arms under her large, sweat covered tits. "What I did to you just then? All I did was show that my husband isn't the only one who can "Play the Game" here in NXT..." She states with a rather devilish grin.

* * *

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