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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Alexa Bliss(NXT), Triple H(WWE), Adam Rose(WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 15: Alexa Bliss
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

May 29th, 2014. At Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida during the second ever live event of the WWE's developmental programme NXT - NXT Takeover - one half of the power couple known as The Authority and himself the COO of the WWE, Triple H, is smirking as he watches the show on a backstage monitor.

"It's no damn wonder there aren't any tag teams lining up to face these two freaks..." Triple H chuckles to himself, watching the dominating tag team known as The Ascension celebrating their win over the Lucha duo of Kalisto and the rather portly El Local to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. He's clad in a professional business suit that nicely shows off his impressively muscular frame for a semi-retired Superstar.

He's about to think aloud again when the sound of loud, energetic chanting rings out down the corridor, making him look around as he sees the flamboyant Adam Rose, still in his tight fitting black ring pants and an open black jacket that shows off his muscular chest, prancing as he leads his party crew known as The Rosebuds along as they chant out the catchy chorus of his theme music. Before he knows what's going on, Triple H is suddenly surrounded by the unique to say the least group of mostly costumed people, including one in a rabbit costume that appears to be mostly doing a rather Long Island-like fist pumping motion.

"Now, now everyone! This is the Boss you know, The Game, Triple H himself!" Adam states, using a motion of his hand to calm the boisterous party goers. "But I think that you Triple H are something else as well. I think that you... Are definitely, a Rosebud." He says as he twirls around the trademark lollipop in his mouth, that statement getting plenty of excited nods of the heads from the Rosebuds.

"I'm a what now? Oh right, Rosebuds, party time every time, yadda yadda..." Triple H says somewhat dismissively. "Listen Rose, congrats on beating... Whoever the guy's name was you beat tonight, but I've got, you know, a show to watch right here..." He motions to the TV set, a glance over as his attention is caught for a moment by one particular gorgeous red headed female Rosebud with several bright pink strands running through her hair. "Say, I've seen you around somewhere before..."

"Now now Triple H... Let's not have you turn sour on us..." Rose says with a grin before he look over to the side. "Alexa darling! Can you bring your lovely self over and help our friend here loosen up a bit?"

The Rosebuds part enough for the stunning, spinning form of NXT Diva Alexa Bliss to appear, clad in her bright, sparkling blue-based usual ring gear of a tight fitting top that hugs to her nicely sized chest, and blue bottoms that show off her sexily rounded ass, although currently covered by a large, flashy skirt that the "Bling Bling" beauty has on.

"Oh, I know exactly what you need Triple H, and it's not just a party..." The adorable babe says with a sunshine bright smile. "You need to get on board the Bling Bling, and find out why life is Bliss!" She says, bringing her hands up towards her pretty face.

"OK guys, gals, and really pretty gals..." HHH states with slight annoyance now, casting that last comment at the now slightly blushing red head who's caught his eye. "I'm a busy guy, with a lot of matches to watch, and on another night I might, you know, be interested, but I..."

Just as turns to look to Bliss, she suddenly blows what appears to be a big amount of glitter similar to what she does for her ring entrance right into the face of Triple H, stunning him but actually managing to make him stagger back a little, as if there was something... More than just a simple cloud of glitter that's been administered to him.

"Whoa... Oh boy... That's... Wow! That's some strong stuff there..." Triple H says, sounding and looking dazed as he blinks a couple of times, a somewhat out-there smile now on his rugged face like he's just been hit by a strong tranquiliser dart. "Feels... Ah... Wait, what where we talking about again??"

"Sounds to me like Alexa's little Bling Bling trick definitely works a treat!" Adam states with a grin, putting an arm around Triple H as Bliss happily moves around to his other side. "Come on Rosebuds! Off to the Exotic Express! Because it's party time..."

"ALL THE TIME!!" The Rosebuds yell out as the start to chant out Rose's theme music, only serving to make HHH be all the more dazed by what's going on as he gets led away by Rose and Bliss.

* * *

Moments later inside of the lavish tour bus known as The Exotic Express, Triple H is finding himself with a smile on his handsome but dazed like he's under the influence of something strong face, already having been undressed by the stunning Alexa Bliss as with a smile she gently pushes him down to rest down on the seating of the bus. Her gaze though keeps going onto the impressively sized cock hanging between his legs, and she can't help herself but to bend over forwards and take a firm grip of that shaft, starting to pump him.

"Ahhh... Where did the rest of those... Bud-roses get to??" Triple H questions, blinking a couple more times like he's trying to remember where he is, but moaning as he looks down to see the hand jerking him off and making him harden. "Especially... Mmmmm... That cute redhead one..."

"Had to send them off to find bunny..." A smirking Adam Rose states as he prances over, waving a lollipop in his hand. "I swear, I turn my back for a moment and that party animal vanishes into thin air. But once they get back, we can really party but for now, I think Alexa here wants to really show you what being a Rosebud is all about."

"Absolutely! I love to have fun, so being a Rosebud is too easy for me!" With a hypnotising smile, Bliss delivers a couple of strokes as she bends forward a little more and leans her head in, before she runs her tongue up the side of his stiffening rod, focusing on the head to swirl around and trail her saliva around the crown as she jerks off the lower portion. Keeping her eyes locked up at him, she lightly swats her tongue against the tip, giggling herself at the groan of pleasure he gives off from the motion and it's not too long at all before he's rock hard in her grasp and for a long moment she can't take her eyes away from that massive cock she's stroking off.

"Oh, I can definitely show you how Blissful life can be with this..." She says with a hint of desire, tossing her blonde with dyed blue ends hair back as she parts her lips and all too eagerly takes his dick inside her mouth, making him moan as she gets to work sucking him off, getting into a steady motion as she rocks her head along his size.

"Now I wouldn't be a good party host if I didn't give my guest the best treatment." Rose states as he puts his lollipop aside on a table, then almost prancing over towards the other two as she slips down behind the bent over NXT Diva, pushing up her sparkling skirt to reveal her similarly styled bottoms that he slides down he tanned legs, revealing her sexily rounded backside and a neatly trimmed pussy.

"Don't mind me love! Just getting something to munch on..." He states with a smile, moving up close and spreading her cheeks apart so he can begin to pat his tongue against her tight-feeling asshole, hearing her groan from the action but feeling her push her rump back towards him is the signal to keep going, so he gladly flicks and runs his hungry tongue against and around her entrance.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm fuck... Suck that fucking cock..." This still seemingly dazed Triple H encourages, watching the Columbus, Ohio stunner blowing him with obvious skill as she smoothly bobs her head up and down along his meaty pole, the occasional flick of the tongue to his underside as she rocks herself back and forth onto his member to keep him moaning.

"Mmmmm fuck!! Ahhhhh... Yeah, take it deep..." It's half an order, half a request as he reaches forward to grab a firm handful of her stylish hair, but this just makes her smile around his dick as she gazes up at him, groaning around his member herself as she pushes her pretty face down further onto him, keeping her lips nicely wrapped around him as she playfully slides her hands over his powerful thighs.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmph..." Back behind her and hidden by her long, colourful skirt, the leader of the Rosebud posse continues to eat our her desirable and rounded ass, working his tongue in past her asshole to taste and lick around her back passage, still using his hands to both squeeze and keep those ass cheeks apart as he goes to work on her. After plunging his tongue into her now lightly wet with his saliva hole a couple more times, he pulls back and applies his lips to her asshole, slurping and sucking on it to again make her groan around the cock she's sucking, slightly rubbing his face between her cheeks as he eats her ass out for a long, savouring moment before pulling back.

"Always have to be prepared, that's what I say!" Rose says as he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a bottle of sexual lubricant as he pours some out onto a finger.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm! Mmmmph!!" The gorgeous NXT Diva is steadily moving her lips along the meaty shaft of one of her direct bosses to make him moan out, and finds herself moaning not just from performing this hot blowjob, but from the next sensation she feels of the lubed up finger of Rose behind her pushing slowly into her asshole.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmm..." There's no objections as she closes her eyes, still pushing her backside back slightly as she stays bent over, focusing more on showing the multi-time former WWE Champion her oral skills as she briskly sucks away on his dick, leaving him nicely coated with her saliva as she's getting her back passage firmly readied by a swiftly pumping finger that's working the lube into her tight and sexy ass.

Lifting her head up with an audible pop, she lets out a groan as she looks back, even though the hunk behind her is still hidden by her large skirt. "Oooooooh Adam! That's naughty!" Alexa giggles adorably, biting down on her bottom lip as she gives Triple H a couple of strokes for good measure.

Popping up from behind her, Rose is grinning as he holds up the lube bottle in one hand, and picks up his lollipop again with the other. "Only the best for the guest on the Exotic Express! And I'm sure Mister Triple H here wouldn't want to think we're holding back on him, right Boss?"

"Uh... I...Yeah, sure..." Triple H replies, clearly still not completely sure of what's going on after taking that "glitter" blast minutes before. But after having his dick sucked like that, he's happy to go along with this all. "Give me... Whatever the special of the day is... I think..."

"Oh, I know exactly what you need!" Bliss states, standing up as she skilfully spins around, in the one motion managing to swipe the bottle from Rose and then return to face forward, pouring some lube out and down onto HHH's dick, making him moan as she quickly strokes the liquid all over his rock hard inches.

This time Bliss does another pixie-like spin, a quick toss handing the lube bottle back to Rose as she steps back in the rotation, getting up onto Triple H's lap and settling down even without seeing where his dick is exactly due to that large, sparkling skirt she's still wearing. "Mmmmm! Oh yes... That's a really nice cock... Mmmm..." She moans, gritting her bright white teeth a little as she blindly eases her ass down to take his big cock up in through her asshole, still a clear amount of friction there even with the prior preparation done to her.

"Ahhhhh! Oh wow! That feels... Mmmmm... So good..." Nevertheless, she soon eases down enough to allow her to rest her legs back on the seating, almost reverse cowgirl style now and it's more than good enough to allow her to begin rocking herself back and forth against him, taking his member in and out of her nicely ripe backside.

"Now now Alexa... Don't let the Boss man here have all the fun..." The resident party host of both NXT and WWE says with a smile, moving up in front of her as he's taking the opportunity to remove his pants, his impressively long and fully hard cock on full display to her, and the sight of another big dick makes her gorgeous eyes light up once again. Another grin and she leans in, taking him now into her mouth and wasting no time in bobbing her head along his pole, making him moan out now as she gives him a feel of how Blissfully warm and wet her oral hole is.

"Mmmmm... Now that is lovely! Ahhhh... Good girl..." He encourages with a groan, putting his lollipop back into his mouth as he watches the pretty facial features of the beauty blowing him move smoothly back and forth along his meat, ash she's already able to handle about half of his size within a minute of starting dishing out this clearly far from novice sucking action.

"Mmmmmph... Mmmm... Mmmmmph!!" The "Bling Bling" Diva of NXT certainly showing off her skills as she works her tanned and cutely curved body between the two muscular, handsome studs, rocking herself back to take the thick shaft of the stud underneath steadily into her tight ass, while at the same time deeply blowing the one in front of her and all the while smiling broadly around that dick to show how much she's loving having a cock in both ends like this.

"Mmmph!! Mmmm!! Mmmmm..." She's using a perfect pace to slide in the sledgehammer-like rod of the man she's on top off further into her snug back passage, raising and lowering her shapely rump with the right amount of force to ease him deeper in, perhaps a sign that she wants to fit as much of those inches inside her as she can fit.

"Mmmmm!! This is damn special alight... Ahhhhh..." There's no complaints from the member of The Authority she's on top off, who's moaning out at the tight feeling all around his cock as she steadily bounces her ass up and down on his dick, and still somewhat out of it from the "glitter" that'd been blown in his face, he seems happy to just recline back and let her do the work of riding his long shaft with her gorgeous backside.

"Ahhhhh shit... Mmmmm... For a rookie, you sure know... Ahhhh... How to handle some dick..." He comments with a moan, seeing how she's all too easily able to deeply suck on one dick while taking another up the ass at the same time, and while he can't see his pole being taking in and out of that tight asshole due to her skirt covering it up, he can sure feel it which is why he's still moaning out with every riding motion she makes on him.

"Mmmmm! Of course she can Triple H! That's why... Mmmmm... She's on the Exotic Express but you're getting the ride right now..." The Superstar who hails from Musha Cay in the Bahamas moans out, still smiling and quite rightly as he watches the gorgeous beauty in front of him rock her long blonde with dyed blue ends haired head swiftly back and forth along his man meat, leaving him with a more that ample covering of saliva from the rapidly repeated motion.

"Ahhhh! No lemons allowed on here... And Bliss here... Mmmm... Is certainly no lemon..." He adds, twirling around the lollipop in his mouth as he has his cock superbly sucked on, seeing his inches being taken in deep to almost the point of deep throating before she quickly raises up to the half-way mark to repeat the action, her muffled groans around his tool just adding to pleasure as she continues to impressively work herself between both fellow sports entertainers.

Shaking his head and blinking like he's regaining some of his senses, Triple H groans as he reaches up to attempt to take a hold of her waist. Feeling that, she lifts her head away from the dick she's been blowing, resting back and looking over her shoulder at him. "Don't worry Boss! I've... Mmmmm! I've got plenty more ways to show you how... Ahhhhh... Life is Bliss when I'm around!" Alexa states with a smile, easing herself up and off from his cock.

"Hey, that's not what I..." Triple H starts t say as he stands up, but her taking a hold of his dick and giving him a couple of strokes cuts him off as she bends over forwards, teasing slightly with a couple of kisses on the tip of his dick.

"Come on now Triple H! Don't be a lemon..." Rose states as he again moves up behind her, raising the large skirt just a little so he can line his cock up with her snatch, pushing himself in with a firm thrust to venture in deep already, much to both of their moaning delight. "Ahhhh! Mmmm... Be a Rosebud!"

"Rosebud? I'm the... Mmmmm... I'm an A-plus player..." HHH states, moaning as Bliss once again takes his cock into her talented mouth and starts to blow him. "Ahhhh... I don't need... To be a flower..."

"Mmmm!! Mmmph... Mmmmm..." Placing her hands on his sturdy thighs, the NXT Diva is swiftly slurping on the mighty cock of the former King of the Ring tournament and Royal Rumble match winner, not bothered in the slightest by the taste of her own rump from off of his cock as she goes ass-to-mouth, sucking on his dick with a purpose and groaning around him with each motion.

"Mmmmmpph!! Mmmm!! Mmmm..." She groans, rocking back on her feet as she once again moves her sexy, tanned and nicely curved body between the two WWE Superstars as she bobs her head steadily on the cock in front of her that's just been deep in her ass, while taking another from behind into her tight and already wet snatch.

"Ahhhh... Sounds like to me mate... You need some more of that Bling Bling of hers blown... Ahhhh!! In your face..." The party-loving stud says as he steadily and firmly moves his hips back and forth, sliding his meaty pole deeply into the snug, wet pussy of the beautiful female wrestler bent over in front of him, using a firm grip of her toned waist as he thrusts away with a well timed rhythm to send every inch of his member into her more than welcoming hole.

"Mmmmm!! Around here, it's party time... Ahhhh! All the time!!" He adds between groans, his lollipop still in his mouth as he tilts his head back from the pleasure of being in such a hot and damp snatch, his muscular body connecting sharply with her tanned frame when he drives in, the sensation feeling all the more erotic by the face she's pushing herself back to meet every deep pump he sends into the horny beauty from behind.

"Ahhhh... You stick to... Whatever works for you Rose..." The man known as The King of Kings states as he watches the glitter-obsessed stunner in front of him swiftly lift and lower her blonde haired head onto his thick cock, already leaving a layer of saliva all over his manhood from the smoothly repeated motion as he feels her groans bounce off his inches inside her hot, damp oral hole. Hearing his statement about what she blew at him moments ago makes him think, and seeing her closing her eyes to focus on rocking between the fat cocks currently spit roasting him and Rose caught up in his own pleasure, he reaches over for a bottle of water that's also on the table with the lube, carefully splashing some into his own eyes.

"Mmmmm!! Shit... All I know is working over two dicks like this... Mmmmm!! She sure isn't all that sweet and nice as she makes out..." He adds, blinking again after another splash of water that seems to clear his senses, tossing the bottle away as he looks down, smirking when she gazes up to grin around his dick as she deeply blows him, keeping her soft lips nicely wrapped around his "sledgehammer".

"MMMM!! Mmmmmph!! Gaaaaaahh!!" The partially clothed beauty gags sinfully around the fat man meat she's slobbering all over as she forces her head right down onto the shaft of the multi-time World Champion in the WWE, her own saliva trickling down her chin as well as coating that cock she's deep throating and all the while still pushing sharply back against the thrusts entering and leaving her tight snatch.

"Mmmmph!! Gaaaaaaah!! MMMM..." The "Bling Bling" loving Diva groans around the dick she's expertly blowing as she raises her head up, but just to resume the blowing motion swiftly along his length, keeping herself spit roasted between the two studs to take a dick in both ends, her snug and wet pussy being stuffed full along with her warm and hungry mouth as a noticeable layer of sweat is forming over her gorgeous body.

"Mmmmm!! There's nothing wrong... Ahhhh... With enjoying a good time!" Rose says as he keeps on using a steady, nicely timed pace to send himself balls deep into the sexy Columbus, Ohio native, groaning as he more than enjoys the sensations from being inside her still nicely snug but very wet pussy, especially as she's still managing to push back to meet his pumps.

"MMMM... That's what being a Rosebud... Mmmm... Is all about..." He adds, swirling around his lollipop in his mouth as he keeps those stiff thrusts coming, his desirable body connecting with hers as his shaft slides in deeply time and time again into her wetness to keep them both moaning as he thrusts away into that snug snatch while she keeps moving herself between his length and the one she's sucking off in front of her.

"Ahhhhh... Well I do what's best for business... Mmmmm... And right now I think it'd be best for her to take a "ride" on you..." Triple H says, smirking as he pulls his coated with her saliva cock from her mouth, smirking for a moment as it appears he's gotten over the effects of the "glitter" blast he'd taken at the beginning of this sexual encounter.

"Now that's... Mmmm!! Thinking like a true Rosebud." Adam says with a grin, easing out of her snatch as he steps around her, taking a moment to take the bottle of lube and apply some onto his cock. After a few strokes to ready his member, he moves to recline back in the seating of the Exotic Express tourbus.

"Hope you don't plan on bailing on us now..." Alexa playfully teases with a smile, lifting her top up to reveal her nicely sized and rounded tits to leave her clad in just her flashy bright skirt. She moves over to mount Rose, facing away from him and resting her back against his muscular chest as he manages to skilfully push his dick up into her tight ass.

"Oh trust me, I'm not done yet..." Triple H states with a smirk as he steps in, raising her legs up just as she's settled down on the other Superstar's cock so he can line his own shaft up with her wet snatch. "Because now it's really time to Play the damn Game..."

"Mmmm... OH SHIT!! MMMM!! AHHHHH!!" Her eyes widen in surprise as she moans loudly as The Game wastes no time now in slamming his cock into her snatch with powerful, deep thrusts that make her jolt back against the stud underneath her, causing her to ride that dick with her nicely rounded ass while trying to handle this hard pounding into her already very damp hole.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! Wa... Wait!! That's... MMMM!! S... Slow down!!" She groans, tilting her blonde with dyed blue ends haired head back and gritting her teeth, this new intense pace being clearly not what she was expecting, but the pleasure from this now commanding pace is clear to see, even if her protests have no chance of being heard as the multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE dominates her pussy.

"If you can't handle this... MMMM... You ain't gonna make it far up in the WWE..." The Game grunts, sweat forming over his impressively muscular for a semi-retired Superstar frame as he grips her legs and rams his shaft in quickly back and forth into her snug pussy, his balls slapping against her tanned skin as he drives in every inch of his meaty "sledgehammer" into the wannabe WWE Diva.

"Now shut the Hell up!! Mmmmm!! This why you don't fuck... AHHHHH... With The Authority... Because you end up getting fucked!!" He adds between groans, smirking at the sight of the torn look of discomfort from his rough to say the least approach to fucking her and the sinful pleasure she's getting from those balls deep pumps, the rest of her gorgeous frame being hidden by her skirt that's being held up by her position, but it's allowing him to ram his dick right into her damp hole over and over again to keep himself groaning at the same time.

"MMMM!! Bloody Hell mate!! Ahhhhh..." Underneath them, the leader of the Rosebuds bites down on the stick of the lollipop in his mouth as he tries his best to thrust his lengthy tool up into the still very tight ass of the gorgeous NXT Diva on top of him, but the way she's being forced to sharply rock against him means he's certainly far from being in any sort of control right now.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! This has turned real sour..." He's able to groan out, still getting plenty of enjoyment from being deep inside the desirable backside of the equally groaning and sweating stunner who's sliding back and forth against his muscular chest as she takes a series of almost overwhelming thrusts deep into her wet snatch. The increased intensity of this threesome is certainly taking its toll, as Rose feels his cock starting to throb within the snug back passage he's deep in, and he can only stay back in the seating and pump his shaft up as the other sports entertainer involved in this continues to command the pace.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh... I don't give... Uhhhhh! A crap what kind of happy-trip you're on..." The former leader of Evolution and DX grunts as he drives his member swiftly and with force in and out of her soaking wet, and now far from being as tight as she was when this all started snatch, timing his thrusts so when her tanned and sexy body rocks back towards him he slams forward to send her jolting back.

"Ahhhhh!! All these NXT Divas end up... MMMM!! The same... Spreading their legs and Playing the Game..." He adds between moans, relentlessly pistoning his dick back and forth into her dripping wet pussy as his heavy nutsack slaps against her folds time and time again with every deep pump he sends into the loudly moaning beauty, putting on a performance more expected from a veteran pornstar rather than a sports entertainer.

"Oh gosh!! MMMM!! OH GOD!! I'm gonna... OOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM!!" Gasping for breath and letting out a long moan, this increased pace soon becomes too much for her to handle as Alexa Bliss is made to cum hard over the thrusting cock of Triple H, while having Adam Rose's cock stuffed deep in her ass as well.

"AHHHHH!! Mmmmm!! MMMM... Ooooooooh!! Ahhhhh..." She closes her eyes, unable to do much of anything apart from just take it as her juices flood out over that sledgehammer of a cock that continues to drive balls deep into her, making her feel every moment of a sexual high quite unlike anything she's ever felt before, and it's leaving her breathless with her long blonde hair sticking to her sweat covered face.

"Awwwww FUCK!! Mmmmm... MMMMM..." As she's hitting her orgasm, the increased pressure of her back passage tightening around his cock becomes more than Adam Rose can handle, as he's made to blow his load deep up inside her sexily rounded ass, a sigh of relief being heard from him as the first thick blast of spunk fires up deep into her. It makes her groan out from the added pleasurable sensation, feeling his jizz filling up her back passage as she's still made to jolt back sharply against the hunk now unloading his sizable load right into her nicely rounded backside, and that rocking motion in turn aids him to empty his balls until the very last drop is sent into the gorgeous NXT Diva. "Ahhhh... Looks like this party... Ended a lot quicker than they usually do..."

"Ahhhh!! Like I give a crap... Mmmmm!!" The King of Kings says as he pulls his starting to throb member out of the now more than just well fucked snatch of the beauty he'd just driven to a mind-blowing orgasm, and he's not giving her any time to recover as he uses his strength to lift her right off the now softening cock that was in her ass, setting her down unceremoniously on the floor of the Exotic Express.

"MMMM... Let's see how you like... Ahhhh!! Taking a blast of something into your face..." He states with a smirk, gripping his shaft and starting to rapidly stroke himself off, aiming the head of his fat and long cock down at the stunning face of the exhausted beauty who's just able to sit up, still only clad in her flashy and colourful skirt with sweat coating her ripe tits and drenching her long and stylish hair.

It only takes a few more moments before with a deep groan Triple H starts to cum over the face of Alexa Bliss, sending the first thick blast of spunk splashing down across the right side of her face, causing her to groan as she wisely closes her eyes, the next shot going close to the right eye but more over her cheek and the side of her nose.

"Mmmmm... Awwwww mmmm... That's how The Game is really played around here..." He states with a satisfied smirk on his face as he milks his dick dry and coats her pretty facial features with his jizz, leaving cum all over her cheeks, nose, forehead, lips, and some dripping off of her chin to give her the full kind of covering that she deserves and leaving her a well fucked, sweaty and now cum-stained mess rather than the stunning, glitter loving cutie she's known to be.

"Not the best I've had... But certainly better than a few chicks who have come and gone through here..." Triple H says in a very back handed way as he moves to start getting dressed.

"Mate... You are one really, sour lemon..." Rose states with a shake of his head, pointing his lollipop at him.

Narrowing his eyes for a moment, The Game easily swats the sweet right out of Adam's hand, sending it flying. "Be lucky I'm leaving you still employed after all this, unlike whoever the Hell that was who you beat tonight... And as for you..." He turns to look down at the worn out Bliss who's still down on the floor, her face covered with his spunk. "You'd better start showing some real attitude soon or you'll find yourself dumped off the shows. This bling bling crap isn't going to cut it around here."

"No... No way Triple H!" Alexa states, shaking her head. "I'm going to show NXT, and the whole WWE Universe that life can be Bliss, and I'll do it the right way!" She boldly states, her claim perhaps less than effective considering all the cum that's across her face.

Triple H smirks for a moment as he looks over her. "You keep telling yourself that... But I bet the next time a NXT Special is held you won't even be close to being on the card... This ain't a fairytale, and it'll take more than some damn pixie dust to make it to the WWE... Now if we're done here, there's a main event I'm going to watch to see Nattie's husband get his ass handed to him..."

* * *

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