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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Becky Lynch(NXT, Rebecca Knox in SHIMMER), Triple H(WWE), Finn Balor(NXT, Prince Devitt in Indies/Japan).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 16: Becky Lynch
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early September of 2014 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida where the stars of NXT are shaped to become the future of the WWE, the current COO and one half of the power-trip couple known as The Authority is glancing at an update on his smart phone, making him laugh out loud as he steps through a corridor towards the main work out a weights area of the building.

"That two-bit rival company is holding its "big show" in Japan, with a bunch of Japanese guys no one will have heard of?" Triple H chuckles, clad in a perfectly fitting and professional business suit that shows off his impressively muscular frame for an occasionally competing Superstar. "Yeah, that'll get major PPV buys..." He mocks, putting the phone away as he spots two NXT stars down the corridor. "Speaking of Japan..." He says, continuing onwards.

The two in question are the Japanese sensation known as Hideo Itami, and the Irishman who also made a name for himself over in Japan in the man formerly known as Prince Devitt, now better known as Finn Balor. The two exchange a friendly handshake, having seemingly ended a conversation as Itami heads off while Balor heads away right in the direction Triple H is approaching from.

"Alright there Boss, how's things going?" Finn says respectfully, dressed in workout shorts and an official "Property of WWE Performance Center" hooded top that hides his muscular frame.

"Maybe I should be asking you that... It's Balor now, right?" Triple H smirks. "You ah, catching up with an old buddy from the Land of the Rising Sun there or something?"

"Hideo? Sure, we know each other, big stars in the Junior Heavyweight division for different companies sure, but I know better Japanese than most people around here..." Balor states. "Just letting him know if he runs into more trouble with those couple of freaks from The Ascention, then I'm more than happy to have his back for a fight."

"What is with you Irish, Northern Ireland guys, whatever it is, you guys and always wanting to fight?" HHH questions with a slight mocking tone. "Is that all you guys over there care about? Here's the thing... If you thought a little bit smarter about your career, and did... Let's just say, what's best for business? You might already have your NXT television debut instead of just having features on the WWE website all the time."

Before Balor can respond to that claim, the sudden loud sound of a squealing guitar being played makes both men look down the corridor. "The Hell??" Triple H questions as he storms down in the direction of a clearly heavy rock and roll style track, and curious about this Balor follows behind him. They soon arrive at the door marked "Women's Locker Room" and without even knocking, HHH barges in to see what's going on.

The source of the noise is a speaker dock with an apple-based music player plugged in, blaring out loud rock music but far more interesting and appealing to them both is the sight of the woman responsible for playing it - the resident head banging beauty of NXT, the Delty Diva from Ireland known as Becky Lynch! Her long, dark red hair is flying around as she rocks her head back and forth, her arms up in the arm with her hands doing the gesture of "horns" with the fingers, all while clad in tight fitting black with plaid trim ring attire of a short, no sleeve top that clings to her perky chest and shows off her toned abs, and pants that nicely show off her rounded, desirable ass.

Shaking his head, Triple H moves across and pulls the music player out from the dock, cutting off the sound and making her toss her head back with a narrow eyed glare. "Hey! I was listening to that!" Becky yells in annoyance.

"This isn't Metallica by Request!" Triple H fires back as he puts the device down. "You want to go mosh? Do it in your bedroom or something!"

"That was my pre-work out warm-up for your fecking information lad!" Lynch states with her hands on her waist. "I rock out, then I go and own those machines and that ring, just like I'm gonna do all over NXT and then the WWE!"

"By bleeding your ears out with... Whatever crap that was??" HHH questions. "If you want some decent music, at least get Motorhead's back catalogue!"

"Triple H, relax... Us lads and lasses from Ireland, we do things, you know, a bit differently than around here..." Finn steps in to get both their attention. "Ain't that right lass? Or should I say Becky as you're now known as?"

"Fecking right it is! And you should know, or have you already forgotten about how you started me off on this path, back in the day training me up?" Lynch smirks at the other Irish native.

"I don't think I could if I tried, and trust me, I've tried lass..." Finn teases with a smirk of his own.

Glancing between the two, the mastermind of the "new" NXT and the Performance Center smirks himself. "So, you two know each other, right? How exactly "well known" to each other are you?"

"What are you talking about?" Balor questions.

"You know, a decent looking Superstar, a decent looking Diva, known each other for a long time... All I'm thinking is maybe you two, as we say here in the good old US, hooked up a couple of times?"

"Lad, if it's a fuck you're after, then come out and say it!" Becky boldly says as she eyes him up. "I'm not here to feck around, but if you want to get rocking with this Delty Diva then I'm well up for it lad!"She states before looking over to the other hunk. "What do you say? Wanna go for old times sake?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Balor steps forward. "You should know I ain't gonna turn you down lass..." He answers, pulling off his top to reveal his muscular frame.

"If skipping the small talk is an Irish thing, then I'm all for some international relations..." Triple H chuckles, his intentions clear as well as he also undoes his belt along with his pants, dropping them down to the floor to show off his impressively lengthy and thick to match "sledgehammer" hanging between his legs.

"You're packing Boss? Fecking sweet..." Becky remarks as she lifts her top up and over from her head, letting her perky and nicely rounded tits be revealed. "And that's always a great sight to see..." She says, grinning as Balor steps out of his shorts with his just as meaty and long looking dick in view.

"Well don't just stand there... If you think you can impress me, then get over here and get to work." HHH states, staying just bottomless for the moment as his cock is hardening just from the sight of the topless Diva approaching both men.

"Give me those big fecking dicks!" Lynch grins as she kneels down in front of the hunks, getting right to work stroking their tools and already taking the shaft of Triple H into mouth, groaning around his size as she begins to energetically bob her head along his tool, smirking up at both men as she strokes and sucks to make them moan and make them fully hard.

"Mmmmph... Mmmmm!" She groans as she works her lips back and forth on the stiffening rod of The Game, sliding her tongue along his underside as she briskly works her head along his length, still using her hands to grip and stroke away at the lower part of his dick while working over the full size of the other hunk she's handling at the moment.

"Mmmm... I'm starting to like the rookies we get these days... Ahhhh... A whole lot more than the ones I was stuck with when NXT first got going..." The King of Kings comments with a moan, watching as the rebellious redhead swiftly moves up and down on his tool, layering her saliva onto this fat inches as she sucks away with obvious skill, and clearly has no issues getting down and dirty like these even onto her own boss as she blows him and jerks off the other muscular hunk stood in front of her.

"Ahhhh... I'd call that one Hell of an "Evolution"..." He smirks with a groan as she lifts her head away, spitting down onto his rod and using her palm to swiftly stroke her spit all over his size, now pumping his sledgehammer of a cock with firm strokes as she turns and takes the shaft of Balor into her hungry and nicely damp mouth, causing him to moan now as she wraps her lips tightly around his tool.

"Ahhhh... I call this a good old Irish lass having some fun..." The wrestler formerly known as Prince Devitt states with a smirk, watching as the beauty once known as Rebecca Knox slurps steadily on his dick, raising and lowering her head smoothly along the upper portion of his cock while using a firm grip around the base to keep him steady while she goes to work on him.

"Mmmm!! And this "rocking" attitude of hers... Mmmm... Is way more fun than she used to be..." He remarks, getting a sly smirk from her as she bobs head head smoothly along his impressive size, at the same time jerking off the other stud beside her so she keeps both men moaning, showing off her sexual skill already as she handles them both and works her saliva over their members.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." The Dublin, Ireland beauty groans as she switches to suck on the big American cock being offered to her, sinking her mouth down further than before to make the recipient groan with delight as she swiftly sucks him off, but the other hung hunk here isn't being left out as she keeps on stroking his lengthy Irish cock at the same time.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmmph... Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmph..." She groans around that shaft, delivering another deep suck before lifting away and catching her breath, only to go back to sucking off Finn in a feisty display as she slides his inches back and forth into her warm and wet mouth to make him moan out as she expertly handles his size. Her hands moving down now to cup and fondle both men's sizable ballsacks as she continues to go with a horny motion of delivering a couple of forceful sucks before lifting off to switch to the other dick and delivering the same treatment before returning to the other shaft and repeating the whole act.

"Mmmmm!! I really appreciate a NXT Diva that doesn't hold back..." The multi-time former WWE Champion says with a knowing smirk, watching the gorgeous female wrestler going to town on both his and the other sport entertainer's dick, leaving them both more than coated with her saliva as she once again slips his man meat into her cock-hungry oral hole.

"Ahhhh... Something about redheads too... I always remember a line about "you never get any sleep" with one..." He adds with a moan as the former World Queens of Chaos Champion bobs away on his tool, letting her lips glide back and forth along his thickness before raising all the way up and off of his rod, allowing her to bring both cocks close to her mouth as she rocks out on them both by slapping her tongue against both crowns, licking over their piss slits and over their bell ends while jerking the shafts.

"If you fecking think you've ever been with a woman like me, you'd better think again!" Becky states with a smirk as she strokes both men off.

"Mmmm... Then prove it..." Triple H challenges, smirking back as he reaches into an inside pocket of his suit jacket, producing a bottle of sexual lubricant. "I'm gonna tap that ass and see what you can handle..."

"Fuck yeah! Now we're gonna fecking rock this place!" Lynch says, grinning as her eyes lit up seeing the lube, and all too quickly she's scooting back, sliding down her bottoms to show off the shapely, desirable ass along with her neatly trimmed, and already wet looking pussy.

"You carry around a bottle of lube with you? Here at the Performance Center?" Finn questions with a raised eyebrow.

"Kid, that's why I'm the veteran and The King of Kings around here..." The Game states as he drops down behind her before she can fully slide down her clothing, leaving her on all fours with her bottoms around the knees. Spreading her butt cheeks apart, he pours some lube down onto her asshole to make her groan as the liquid trickles down and again as he works a finger first over, then into that puckered entrance.

"I'm always prepared for anything around here..." He adds, smirking at her response as even though he's just fingering her ass she's pushing back against his digit, helping him to plunge in deeper to work that lube into her back passage as she gazes back lustfully at the forceful invasion, showing clearly that she's got no problems with some anal action.

"From the stories I've heard about how things can go around here, that doesn't surprise me." Balor states as he moves around to in front of the horny NXT Diva, soon getting her attention when he kneels down into position and no sooner is his length pointing right at her gorgeous face than she opens her mouth wide to take him inside and resume the task of blowing him.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... If this is any indication, I'm going to have no problem with that..." He adds, moaning now as he firmly pumps his dick forward into the soothing mouth of his fellow native of Ireland, feeling her soft lips wrapped around his manhood as she works her head steadily onto his pole as he feeds it in deep, watching as she rocks her body towards his muscular fame and then back against the finger banging happening to her ass from behind.

"Here's the thing... This might not be Las Vegas, that's for sure..." The handsome but egotistical hunk says as he pulls out his finger from her backside, pouring some lube onto his cock and rubbing it over his vast length before he lines it up with her asshole.

"But what happens around here backstage... Ahhhh! Usually stays around here..." He groans, pushing his dick into her very tight asshole, causing her to tense before pushing back as he forces his member forward into her sexily rounded arse, taking a hold of her midsection as he starts to ease his rod in and out of her tight hole, testing to see exactly how much she can handle of his big dick. Even with all this preparation it's still a vice-like feeling around his shaft, making him groan when he moves in and out of her but using a steady thrusting motion he's working himself deeper into that rounded backside and from the muffled moans she's letting out, she's loving getting her booty filled up as well.

"Mmmmmph!! MMMM... Mmmmm!!" The former SHIMMER star moans out, pushing her tanned and athletic frame sharply back and forth between the two ripped studs that are spit roasting her as she sucks on the big dick being pumped in and out of her warm and wet mouth, while getting banged from behind into her tight, nicely thick rump by a similarly meaty length.

"MMMM... ULLLLKKK!! Mmmmmphh!!" She lets out a deep gagging sound as she pushes her head forward so much onto the pumping rod firing into her mouth it touches the back of her mouth, but showing that sexy, rebellious nature she doesn't let it stop her, continuing to slobber away onto his size even as she gags, and all the while getting fucked up the ass at the same time.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh... I've got half a mind to ask you... Mmmm! What the feck you've been up to these past years Becky..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion of New Japan's Junior Heavyweight division moans out as he takes a hold of her long, flaming locks as he thrusts away right up into her talented mouth, her saliva dripping down and off of his rod from the repeated motion as he doesn't let up, even hearing her erotic gagging when he goes deep into her.

"Mmmm! But the way you're sucking cock... I think I can guess..." The hunky Irishman smirks, letting out a groan when he feels her tongue sliding against the underside of his tool, the lusty gaze of the Irishwoman showing that even as she gags out when deep throating his tool she's still as rebellious as ever, continuing to bob her head along his inches to soak them with her spit.

"Ahhhh... If how she's been handling me fucking this hot ass... Mmmm... Is anything to go by..." The male half of the power couple known as The Authority groans as he firmly thrusts his cock in and out of her tight asshole, keeping a couple of inches and the head of his tool inside her fantastic rump when he pulls back, only to drive back forward with perfect force as he looks to pump in deeper into her built to be pounded ass.

"Mmmm!! She must have had a couple of "practice" sessions with Mr. Ass around here..." He adds, watching her butt cheeks jiggle when she pushes back to meet his incoming motion into her backside, ensuring that she takes his fat American cock further into her toned Irish arse, and at the same time moving her body back and forth between the two hunks she's between to take a dick in both ends, having her ass and face fucked at the same time to keep her moaning as much as they both are.

"Mmmmm! Then I reckon I'm in for something intense... Ahhhh... Against Death Rey tomorrow, now that I know what she probably means by having a "private training" session against her..." Balor smirks with a moan as he pulls his now dripping with saliva cock out from her mouth, in turn allowing her to groan out and catch her breath.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM... Bet you're loving rocking out... Ahhhh... On that fine arse, aren't ya boss?" Lynch moans out the question as she looks back with a grin at the stud pumping in and out of her butt cheeks.

"Mmmm... Damn straight I am..." Triple H groans, delivering another deep pump before pulling out of that tight rump, and in the meantime Finn has picked up the lube bottle, readying himself by spreading some of it out over his length. "But now I've got two words for you..." He states with a smirk as he stands up, now sliding off his jacket as he takes off the rest of his clothing.

"Going arse-to-mouth huh? I'm liking you more and more..." Becky says with a lick of her lips as she glances over and points to the other man before down to the floor. "Lay the feck down lad, and I'll let you get a piece of this fine arse as well!" She states, turning to the side so she can properly ditch the last of her clothing along with her boots.

"This sure beats a day getting slapped around in the dojos back in Japan..." The former leader of the Bullet Club stable smirks as he gets down onto the floor, and no sooner is he there than she's mounting on top of him, facing away as she squats down and skillfully guides his dick up into her nicely rounded ass. Both of them groan at the penetration, and that only continues as she starts to ride him with a steady motion, easing her tanned and nicely curved body up and down on his sizeable shaft as she further shows she's no stranger to taking it up the ass even with a huge cock like this.

"MMMM... Awwww fuck lass... I always said you were one... Mmmm Of my favourite students..." He moans with a smirk, watching as the woman he helped to train to become a pro wrestler many years ago is now riding his cock with her gorgeous arse, her tanned cheeks jiggling when she drops down and takes him right up into her very tight back passage.

"Fucking your trainer, and taking a dick that's just been right in your ass..." The now fully nude former Royal Rumble Match winner smirks as he stands in front of the bouncing NXT Diva, guiding his cock back into her mouth and moaning as she doesn't hesitate to start sucking him off, even placing her hands on his muscular waist as she rocks her head along his size.

"MMMM... You're gonna go far honey at this rate..." He groans as she bobs herself steadily onto his length, her lips nicely pressed around his meat as she slurps away with a lustful hunger, tasting her own ass off of his fat inches and it's only encouraging her to both keep sucking him off as well as bounce on the dick stuffing her rump full underneath her as she again works her desirable, wild child body between the two hung studs.

"MMMM... MMMMPH... Mmmmm!!" Her groans bounce off the man meat she's taking deep into her damp oral hole, once again applying a more than ample amount of spit onto some thick man meat as she slides her red haired head smoothly back and forth onto the mighty American cock as the Irish beauty continues to perform an even hotter type of "head banging" than she's known for.

"MMMMPH... GAHHHHH... Mmmmm... UHHHLLLLKKK!!" The former SuperGirls Championship tournament winner gags loudly and shamelessly around the fat tool of the former King of the Ring tournament winner as she pushes her face close towards his crotch, making his balls touch her chin as she goes down fully onto him before lifting back up, further making saliva slobber all over his inches as she repeats the motion again and again.

"Ahhhh... MMMMM... Trust me on this Triple H... You can be world travelled like I am..." The hunk previously known on the indies as Prince Devitt groans out as he starts to thrust his dick upwards into the bouncing, sexy ass of the former Rebecca Knox on top of him as she briskly and firmly rides his cock, resulting in that length pushing in even deeper into her butt with each upward pump he sends into her.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Nothing beats a red blooded Irish lass in the sack..." He adds with a smirk, moaning again when she sharply drops down into his crotch, almost taking his tool balls deep into her asshole when she's doing the same with her mouth on the other dick she's handling, meaning both her oral hole and her booty are getting stuffed full with cock once again and she's impressively giving back just as good as she's getting, working her gorgeous body against both muscular and handsome grapplers.

"Mmmmm... I don't care what little league companies... MMMM... You worked for before kid... This is the big leagues..." The multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE states, watching the pretty face of the Delty Diva moving steadily back and forth along his sledgehammer of a shaft as her saliva trickles down onto his balls from the repeated, deep motion as she continues to gag in a vocal, rebellious manner every time she pushes forward to take his length right into her warm and damp mouth.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm fuck!! And as good as this chick is right now... Mmmmm!! It's gonna take more than just this... MMMM... To make it up to the real big league." He states between groans, clearly loving the more than just energetic way she's bobbing her head onto his man meat as he long, flaming hair sways from the effort she's putting into sucking him off, gagging again when the crown of his pole connects with the back of her mouth but never missing a beat as she sucks him off and rides the stud underneath her with her sexily rounded ass.

Lifting her head up and off of HHH's dick with a groan, she lick her lips with a rather untamed grin as she leans back, grinding on the dick stuffed up her ass for a moment as she catches her breath. "You so sure about that lad? You ain't gotten the full Bex-perience yet..." Becky states before she lifts herself up from the cock she's been riding.

"Please tell me you're not another Diva putting her damn name onto a bunch of words..." Triple H says, giving her a narrow eyed look before he lays down on the locker room floor. "Because the last time a Diva around here did that, she learned the hard way what it's like to get on my bad side." He warns as a memory of an encounter with a ditzy, now main roster Diva comes back to him.

"Lad, I'm about to rock your fecking world!" Lynch states, getting into position over him and leaning back as she guides his rod back into her ass, groaning as she eases down to fill herself up before placing her hands back while her legs are spread wide. "And it's gonna be pure Bex-cellence!"

"Don't know about you two, but I'm here to fuck..." Finn states as he moves down and up close to her, lining his dick up with her wet looking snatch, even though she hasn't even been touched down there so far during this sexual encounter. "So if we're going to "rock", let's do it right..." He adds with a smirk as he enters into the last of her holes to be filled up with a long and forceful thrust.

"MMMM!! Oooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm! Yeah! Fecking rock it!" The beautiful red head moans, feeling both the WWE stud and fellow NXT star work their shafts into her smoking hot body with stiff thrusts as she skillfully works herself up and down in time with their pumps, ensuring her rounded and still tight ass is filled up along with her already wet and sinfully tight pussy.

"AHHHH... MMMMM... Fuck me good lads... UHHHH!! I fecking love a good double team!!" She shamelessly says with a groan as she tosses her long hair back, grinding down against the steady pumps that are going deep into her lower holes, feeling the shaft of the man who can make or break her sports entertainment career driving right up in and out of her asshole while the cock of the man who trained her to be a wrestler many years ago is banging her snatch with quick, balls deep pumps.

"MMMM... That's the kind of attitude... Ahhhhh! That will get you far..." The man nicknamed The Cerebral Assassin grunts as he works his dick upwards into the bouncing backside of the beauty known as the Delty Diva, sliding his shaft in deeply each time she lowers that shapely rump down onto his tool while also working herself against the stud once called "The Real Rock N' Rolla".

"AHHHH... That, or at least it will... Mmmm! Get you into plenty of positions around here..." He groans with delight, loving the still vice-like feeling that's all around his tool as even after all the repeated ass fucking she's taken so far, her back passage is still nicely tight around his thick weapon, giving him all the more reason to keep on ramming himself right up into that hole.

"I know I never ended up... MMMM... Doing anything like this... AHHHH... Back over in Japan..." The hunk from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland moans as he delivers a swift, pistoning motion to go deep into the soaking wet but erotically tight twat of the Dublin, Ireland stunner as she grinds and rocks back on the fat American cock that's stuffing her sexy arse full so that now all three of her holes have been filled up with man meat over this course of this hot and heavy banging.

"Mmmm... AHHHHH! Apart from the couple of times I went to... MMMM... The Joshi events..." He groans, watching her athletic and desirable body jolting back and forth in response to both sports entertainment hunk's stiff pumps, her perky breasts bouncing as her snatch takes a series of hard and swift pumps, while from underneath her backside has to handle several more deep and firm thrusts that keep her moaning out along with them both.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Fuck that pussy Finn! MMMM!! Keep fucking that arse Boss!!" The former SHIMMER wrestler and manager begs for more, even as her dripping snatch and now more than just well fucked ass continue to be slammed again and again with thick and long cock that would otherwise leave a normal woman unable to think straight from how expertly this fucking is being delivered.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! This is... UHHHH!! Fucking rocking!!" She moans out in delight, still able to put on a show as she headbangs while wildly grinding her snatch and ass down against the stiff thrusts into her lower holes, making her long, flaming hair fly messily around but making the sight even more hotter as she forcefully rocks her head in time with the jolting motion her sweating body is doing.

"MMMM!! Awwwwww FUCK!! Now you're... AHHHH... Really reminding me of a... MMMM... Red headed Hall of Famer..." The current on-screen COO of the WWE grunts as he drives his fat rod straight up into the nicely full ass of the gorgeous NXT Diva, able to ram almost all of his inches up into her still fantastic feeling and snug back passage, moaning as her backside bouncing away onto his thrusting tool as she continues to impress by working herself against the similarly stiff pumps going into her pussy.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm... And that's a damn good thing..." He adds with a groan as he shows his own clear experience in nailing a stunning wannabe WWE Diva, perfectly timing his upward strokes with his sledgehammer of a cock in order to send himself into her when she drops down, allowing his inches to slide in as deep as he can get before pulling back as she raises back upward.

"MMMM... You hanging in there lass?" Finn asks, while sweating himself he's noticed the profound layer that's covering her already smoking hot body as she grinds against his thrusts into her wet snatch.

"AHHHH!! Bring it on you feckers!" Becky rebelliously demands with a grin as she tosses her hair back. "I'm not... MMMMM FUCK!! Finished yet lads!!"

"That's... AHHHH... Tough talk there... Let's put it to the test..." Triple H says with a smirk, pulling out of her ass with a groan. "Get on top of your Irish buddy to fill that ass up again." He orders, taking a hold of the bottle of lube from the floor as he slides out from underneath her.

"MMMM... You heard the Boss!" Lynch groans, watching Balor step back and pull out as he moves to lay down again, and as instructed she mounts him facing forwards, resting her hands on his chiseled upper body as she takes his shaft up into her ass one more time. "Ahhhh!! MMMM... I've got a feeling... AHHHH... I'm gonna enjoy this..." She states, looking back and seeing the other stud approaching as he lubes up his cock some more.

"Damn right you are..." The Game states, making her lean forward to push her ass out as he pours some lubricant down onto her asshole and onto the other dick that's already inside her, but just as they both groan he boldly pushes his shaft forward into her already filled up hole, making her groan out loudly as she takes a double stuffing into her sexily rounded backside.

"AHHHHH SHIT!! Mmmmm!! This is how we really... UHHHH!! Rock around here!!" He grunts, feeling the increased pressure now of both her asshole clamping around the shafts working into her booty, but the friction of his member grinding against another man's but from the way he's expertly and steadily moving his length in and out of her rump it's proof he's done this before.

"HOLY FUCK!! MMMMM!! Oooooooh YES!! MMMM!! FUUUUUUCK!!" The Delty Diva of NXT moans loudly and without any shame at all as she takes this double penetration into her shapely ass, feeling stiff and steady pumps going in and out to her stuffed to the maximum hole that's making her athletic, tanned, and now soaked with sweat body jolt back and forth in response to both of their thrusts.

"UHHHHH!! MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Holy SHIT!! That feels SO FUCKING GOOD!!" She gasps, unable to hold back the feelings of lust as she starts head banging again in time with the thrusts into her arse, a stream of deep groans and moans escaping her as she slides a hand down to her wet snatch, sliding a couple fingers in and starting to finger bang herself at an almost desperate rate as her ass gets double fucked.

"Awwwww SHIT!! Guess you're a... MMMM!! Hands on Boss after all..." The former Prince Devitt in the indies grits his teeth, timing and pacing his upward thrusts into the beauty who's grinding down onto his cock along with the other stud who's banging her ass at the same time, sweat now noticeably forming over his muscular frame as the effects of this steamy to say the least encounter take their toll.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! FUCK!! Always knew... AHHHH... You were something else lass..." He's able to moan out, stands of her flaming hair almost brushing over his handsome face as she head bangs and fingers herself and leans forward, helping both men to keep on double stuffing her gorgeous ass as she pushes that booty outwards so they can slide their meaty shafts right up into her being stretched to the limit asshole.

"MMMM!! Rock me!! AHHHHH... MMMMM DON'T STOP!! OOOOOOOOH!!" The former Rebecca Knox in SHIMMER moans out, tossing her long red hair back as she stops headbanging, grinding down firmly against the dicks filling up her back passage while feverishly plunging her fingers in and out of her dripping wet snatch to show exactly how much she's getting on this double anal action.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!! UHHHH!! Fecking LOVE getting FUCKED!! AHHHHH..." She groans deeply as her stunning and rounded Irish ass continues to get banged by a fat American cock and an equally lengthy Irish dick at the same time, making her sweat, moan, and keep on working her fingers repeatedly into her pussy as her cries of joy get longer and deeper with every pump she takes.

"AWWWWW... MMMMM... Ahhhhhh shit!! This is how we... UHHHH!! Play the Game..." The multi-time former World and WWE Champion groans, giving her backside a sharp spank for good measure as he deeply pumps away into her alongside the other fat prick that's lodged right up into her back passage that feels perfectly built to be hammered into just like this.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! MMMM!! And don't you ever forget it..." He adds with a grunt, using a pistoning, steady rhythm to work his manhood far up into her tight, double stuffed hole along with the other desirable hunk involved in this threesome, sweat making his already impressive for a semi-retired Superstar body shine as he pumps away deeply into her tanned backside while she grinds sharply back and down against those thrusting shafts.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM YES!! YES YES AHHHHHH!!" With a loud scream of delight, Becky Lynch makes herself cum all over her pumping fingers into her snatch as she rocks back against the cocks of Triple H and Finn Balor thrusting away into her arse, biting down on her bottom lip with closed eyes as sweat drips off her gorgeous face and her juices flood out onto her fingers and hand.

"MMMMM... MMMM!! OH FUCK... MMMMM..." She groans and gasps, her body still jolting in response to those deep pumps driving into her double stuffed butt from behind and underneath, feeling their shafts begin to throb as her back passage manages to clamp against their rods as she brings herself all the way through a powerful orgasm by finger-banging that snatch until she comes back down to Earth.

"MMMM!! Fuck!! Nearly had me then..." Triple H groans under his breath, having to pull out of her ass as he grips his throbbing member. "Get up Becky! AHHHHH!! Come take my load... MMMM... All over your face!" He orders as he strokes himself off.

"AHHHH... Sounds damn fine to me too..." Finn moans, slipping his dick out of her now gaping asshole and rolling her off of him so he can get up to, as he similarly takes a hold of his manhood and starts to stroke off.

"Mmmmm... Sounds like a rocking plan to me!" Becky grins, tossing her hair back as she moves onto her knees in front of them, grinning as she raises her hands to perform the rock and roll "horns" with her fingers as she grins up at both moaning, sweating hunks.

"Mmmm!! Oh fuck yeah!! Mmmmm..." She soon groans again, having to close her eyes when the first blast of spunk hits her pretty face, as both Triple H and Finn Balor start to cum across the beautiful facial features of Becky Lynch, plastering her cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and lips with thick streams of spunk to go with the sweat already over her.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm... Mmmm!!" Not even flinching for a moment, she takes every shot and drop of the very sizable loads being shot out from their stroking members, leaving her looking like the aftermath of a multi-man gang bang rather than just the two hung studs who have left her face looking hotter than ever, coated with their combined jizz that starts to drip from off her cheeks and chin.

"Ahhhh... I don't know where you've been hiding this side to you lass... But you should have come out with it a long, long time ago!" Finn states with a smile, letting go of his spent cock as he looks over her cum splattered face.

"Mmmm... Maybe you didn't know me as well as you fecking thought!" Becky responds with a smile of her own as she savors the feeling of all that spunk across her face before even moving a hand up to clear some sway from her eyes.

"As far as I'm concerned, that was... A decent enough performance..." Triple H carefully selects his words despite his clear enjoyment and then some of having gotten a piece of the feisty NXT Diva. "Keep your feet on the ground and working up, and you might make it like Paige and Emma have..." He says over his shoulder as he all too casually starts to put his clothes back on.

"Decent? The feck is he talking about?" Lynch questions, raising an cum-stained eyebrow as she and her fellow Ireland native glance over at HHH.

"Beats me lass, but speaking of performances..." Balor looks down to her with a smirk. "I've got this friend of mine from Japan here in NXT, and I bet he hasn't been properly introduced to life here in the US... Apart from stops at the pancake place..." He chuckles. "Fancy putting on another "performance" like this with him involved?"

"Another chance to rock out with some cocks out?" She grins and gets to her feet. "Fecking right I'm up for it lad! Just bring him to me and I'll rock his fecking world..."

* * *

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