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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Carmella(NXT), Triple H(WWE), Baron Corbin(NXT).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 17: Carmella
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early October of 2014 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida where the stars of NXT are shaped to become the future of the WWE, the current COO and one half of the power-trip couple known as The Authority is listening to a voice on the other end of his smartphone as he nods his head in agreement.

"No, I agree Steph... This Cena and Ambrose alliance, being buddies, whatever it is? We've got to stop it..." Triple H states as he heads along a corridor at the far end of the building, clad in a professional business suit that nicely shows off his muscular frame for a semi-retired WWE Superstar. "...Exactly! We can make them pay at Hell in a Cell, and take both of them out before they can cause us any more headaches, and before they make our guys Kane, Randy, and Seth want to tear into each other anymore than they already do."

He's about to continue speaking when just ahead he spies a stunning female figure coming out of a Divas changing room. Clad in black tight fitting pants with leopard-print trim with high heels, and a tight black top that shows off her nicely rounded chest with a short leopard-print jacket, is the NXT Diva known as the Princess of Staten Island - Carmella.

"Hey Steph, listen, I'll talk to you soon OK. I've got a talent that I've got to evaluate..." He says, changing course to follow after her as she appears to be heading to leave the building. "What? No! No I'm not just going to screw another new chick that's appeared around here! Those are just baseless rumours I swear!" He claims, quickly hanging up the phone before he calls out. "Hey! Hey you there! Hold up a sec!"

Rolling her eyes, Carmella comes to a stop just by the door leading out to a parking lot for the NXT stars. "No, I ain't giving you an autograph, and I ain't telling you how that chump Enzo gets his hair done all freaky like he does!" She says with her thick, gorgeous accent as turns to face him.

"Autograph? You know who I am, right?" Triple H says, taken aback for a moment by her sassy response.

"Yeah, some fucking suit trying to get up in my face by the looks of it." She replies, looking unimpressed. "I've just gotten done making a couple of chicks tap out! So I'm blowing this joint and getting back to being my fabulous self, like only I can." She confidently states, already turning to leave.

"Hey! Don't try and walk away from me!" Triple H snaps with annoyance, grabbing her by the arm to pull her back. "You listen up honey, I'm Triple H! The man who runs the joint, who's a member of The Authority with my wife, and I'm the guy who can make or break your career in the WWE!" He states with a glare, letting go of her now she's turned to face him, giving back a similarly displeased glare. "That means you have to play by my rules, and Play the Game like all the rest..."

"Get the fuck outta here, you piece of fucking trash!" Carmella yells as she points a finger. "I ain't like no other chick around here, so if you think you can just get a piece of all of this..." She motions to her tanned and curved body. "Then you're just as Swaft as that creep Enzo is! Now if you'll excuse me, I got like, everywhere else in the world to be!"

"Hey! You're not going anywhere!" Triple H states with clear anger at being refused what he usually all too easily gets around here.

Just as he moves forward towards her, the door leading out opens up and the sight of a tall, imposing figure stepping in makes him back off. The Lone Wolf of NXT, the man of few words but dominating in-ring performances Baron Corbin comes in, clad in black pants and an open, biker jacket that shows off his tattoo-covered and muscular upper body. As he comes in, he sees Carmella curiously looking him over and giving her a small, sly smirk, he steps back and uses an arm to hold the door open for her to leave.

"You see this? That's what I'm talking about! Some damn respect for the Princess of Staten Island!" Carmella states as she glares back at Triple H, moving to step past Corbin but as she does, she looks back and gives him a close look over, starting to smirk herself. "Hey... How you doin'?" She asks with a clear seductive tone.

Raising an eyebrow for a moment, Baron simply responds with another smirk and a light nod of the head.

"Yeah, I bet you doin' just fine..." She says, licking her lips a little as she reaches up to his jacket to tug on it. "Come here big guy... Let me introduce myself..." Carmella says, stepping back and out of the building and taking the clear hint, Corbin wisely follows her out, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Standing stunned for a moment, Triple H looks around him before the realization that he's just been punked out hits him. "Oh Hell no! That bitch isn't getting away that easy!" He states, pushing open the door and stepping out.

He soon sees that Carmella is now kneeling on Baron's own biker jacket on the ground of the open air parking lot, her own jacket removed as she's pulled down his pants to grin at his lengthy and thick looking man meat, taking a firm hold of it as she starts to stroke him off.

"Mmmm... You're doin' just fine..." She says with clear approval, watching his dick harden in her grip as she jerks him.

"Not like the rest of the Divas around here, huh?" Triple H questions with a smirk of his own, feeling his own dick harden at the sight of the gorgeous babe stroking a fat cock. "Looks like a lot of what I've seen before!"

Rolling her eyes again, she casts a glare across at HHH. "You still around? Fine, whatever suit... At least try and make it worth my while..." She dismissively says before turning her attention back to the front with a smirk. "I know this stud right here will..."

"You'll be moaning within seconds..."Triple H boldly states as he reaches for his belt, undoing his pants to let loose his also impressively sized and thick to match cock.

"Yeah... I know this jacked hunk is happy to see the Hottest Chick in the Ring..." Carmella states as she gives the rock hard dick of the silent and handsome grappler a few more strokes before she leans her head in, slapping the crown against her wet tongue a couple times before swirling around the head, still pumping his rod as she runs her tongue all the way around that bulbous bell end.

"A suit like you better know what you're doing back there..." She rolls her eyes, glancing back as The Game brings her hips back, sliding down her bottoms to reveal her fabulous, rounded ass along with a neatly trimmed pussy, but soon she's turning her attention forward and giving a sly smirk up at the hunk she's stroking. Locking her seductive eyes up at him, she parts her lips and slides his tool into her mouth, groaning as she stretches to accommodate his thickness but soon wraps her pouty lips around his member, firmly gripping the base as she begins to suck on his cock.

"Damn right I know what I'm doing! I'm the damn Game!" Triple H snaps as he pushes his cock into her snatch, moaning at the tightness all around his inches as he pushes in, and soon gets to work giving the gorgeous NXT a firm pumping from behind, so that she's handling a dick in both ends already despite this sinful encounter having only just started.

"Ahhhh... You just use that smart mouth of yours... For what it's good for..." He warns, groaning as he steadily moves his cock in and out of her twat, taking a firm hold of her toned and tanned waist as he thrusts his shaft deeply into the sassy stunner in front of him while she sucks off the other sports entertainer in front of her. As he starts to take off his suit jacket to begin taking off the rest of his clothing, he glares down as he notices she's not yet pushing back against the pumps coming into her pussy, instead focusing on sucking off the stud she seemingly approves of far more than the man who can control her career.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The "Lone Wolf" of NXT has a small, sly smirk on his face as he watches the Princess of Staten Island briskly raise and lower her head onto his fat length, showing she's got clear skill when it comes to this sexual act as she keeps her seductive eyes up at him, using her mouth to pleasure him while her hand still has a firm hold of the base.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... Ahhhh..." A man of few words, the moans he's letting out to show his enjoyment to say the least of her blowjob skills is all the fuel she needs as she keeps up a steady pace, groaning around his vast size as she pushes down further onto him, applying more and more saliva to his stiff pole with each bobbing motion she delivers.

"Mmmmm... What the Hell is up with you? You gonna start pushing back or what?" The multi-time former WWE Champion questions to her as he thrusts his "sledgehammer" in and out of her snug pussy, noticing that all her attention is on swiftly and steadily rocking her head along the other dick she's handling here, but isn't even slightly moving back against his own pumps as he goes deep into her snatch. In response, she glances back, using a hand to make a dismissive motion towards the now fully naked hunk before turning back and placing both hands on Corbin's waist, deliberately increasing her motion onto him with a lusty groan.

"Ahhhh... Bitch, you do not know who you're messing with here..." He grunts, not taking kindly to the insult as he delivers a forceful pump, his body connecting into hers and making her jolt forward as he sends in a couple of hard thrusts but yet again she doesn't move back against the motion, letting out a muffled moan around the dick she's blowing but there's no obvious sign that it's due to Triple H's increased pace.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmph!!" Brushing her long, stylish hair back, the leopard print-loving beauty groans again as she pushes her stunning face down deeper onto the dick of the powerhouse in front of her, saliva already dripping down from the repeated sucking motion while she keeps her lips tightly wrapped around that lengthy piece of man meat.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmmph..." She gives another clear look of desire up at the smirking hunk as she sucks on his member, smoothly running her mouth up and down on that shaft as she's made to slightly rock forward from the force of the pumps coming into her snatch, but it doesn't break her rhythm of deeply blowing the mysterious and desirable Superstar in front of her.

"You've got... Ahhhh... Some damn nerve acting like this..." Triple H claims with a hint of frustration as he pulls out of her snatch.

Lifting her head away from the cock she's been blowing, she gives the hunk behind her a narrowed eyed glare of annoyance herself. "You still here chump??" Carmella snaps in her thick and sexy accent. "God! Fine, I'll make you blow and then I can have some real fun around here..." She sighs with a roll of her eyes, moving up to her feet and stepping out of her pants.

"Honey, I still don't think you know who the damn Hell I am..." HHH sneers even as she bends over forwards in front of him, taking a hold of his dick.

"You whine and complain more than that idiot Enzo, I know that!" Carmella glares at him before she glances back with a far more approving look at Baron. "Come here stud... Show this Dime that your big cock there ain't all for show..." She challenges with a lick of her lips before turning back towards The Game.

With another sly smirk, Corbin steps forward and grips her hips, pushing his dick into her tight snatch and immediately making her moan out as she takes the other shaft on offer into her mouth, and with a groan of his own he starts to pumps his rod in and out of her snug and hot pussy.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The Kansas City stud moans with approval, feeling how tight her love tunnel is all around his man meat and staring down at his pole sliding in and out of her snatch soon becomes even better as she forcefully pushes herself backward to meet his thrusting motion, allowing him to sink in deep until his muscular waist connects with her gorgeous backside.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmm... Mmmm..." He's showing his own sexual prowess with a well timed pace with plenty of power behind his pumps, working his thickness straight forward into her tightness as she sends her booty smacking back firmly into his midsection as yet again she's showing clear favourtism in this threesome, and his smirk shows he doesn't mind one bit.

"Ahhhh... The fuck is this weak shit??" The King of Kings questions, noting how half-heartedly the sassy NXT Diva is working over his dick, barely pressing her lips around his rod and only rocking her head along the top portion at barely half the speed compared to how she's pushing back against the hunk ramming into her snatch from behind.

"I know all about... Mmmm... Two words, so you're gonna suck it!" He states, grunting as he starts to thrust his shaft in and out of her oral hole, causing her to glare up with a very disapproving look as she's fed his cock, responding by refusing to bob her head at all onto him so to keep himself moaning he has to now fuck her fabulous face with this series of stiff and deep pumps.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph!!" The eyes of the Princess of Staten Island narrow at the legendary WWE Superstar in front of her, not resisting his deep pumps to send himself right into her nicely damp oral hole but certainly not doing anything at all to further his pleasure as his dick rams in and out between her lips.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmph... Mmmmm..." The complete opposite is the case however for the tattoo-covered and muscular stud behind her as the former NFL and NBA dancer willingly and eagerly pushes herself sharpy back onto his pistoning cock to take him balls deep, filling up her tight and wet now snatch with all of his inches to keep her moaning seductively.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm! Mmmm..." Known for letting his actions rather than words do the talking, Baron is doing just that be delivering hard thrusts over and over again into her tight snatch, her rounded ass cheeks smacking against his waist as she pushes sharply back to meet every deep thrust he sends into the moaning beauty while she takes a firm face fucking at the same time.

"Mmmm... Ahhhhh! Mmmm!!" Seeing her glance back with obvious approval and lust, he gives her a trademark small, sly smirk before delivering another hard pump that sends his ball sack slapping into her body to make her groan as she similarly seems to smirk around the dick that's pumping back and forth into her, still working her tight and damp snatch steadily back against his powerful thrusting motion.

"MMMM... Yeah, that's more damn like it..." The male half of the power trip couple known as The Authority groans, getting enjoyment now out of her mouth as he thrusts his cock in and out of her steadily, managing to get a light layer of saliva onto his inches but certainly that's been due to any effort from her as she refuses to bob her head onto that meaty length.

"Ahhhh... Here's the thing Carmella... MMMM... You learn to Play the Game around here, and you'll end up going far..." He states with a knowing tone, pumping away back and forth into her oral hole while she pushes herself sharply back against the pounding motion going into her snatch from behind, but he seems determined to try and put her in her place as he deeply thrusts his rod into her mouth, reaching forward to grab the back of her head.

Feeling that, she swats his hand away in a very feisty, defiant way and pulls her head back and off of him for good measure. "Don't touch my fucking hair, you son of a bitch!" Carmella yells, moaning as she takes another few thrusts from behind before she shifts forward to stand up and glare at Triple H. "You try that again and I'll rip your balls off!" She warns with a pointed finger.

"Who the Hell do you think you are?!" Triple H yells back, about to step forward but seeing the ominous presence of Corbin doing the same protectively, he wisely backs off. "You... You think that you can just come into my Performance Center and act like you own the place??"

"I'm the Hottest Chick in the Ring! Of course I run this place..." Carmella states with a smirk as she flips her hair back. "Now if you're done whining, how about you lay the fuck down and try to at least impress me that way..." She orders before glancing back, giving Baron an approving smirk as she takes a hold of his meaty dick.

"Fine! It's not like some two-bit trash like you can handle me anyway..." HHH fires back, moving down to lay down on the parking lot ground despite his rage at her refusal to give into what he wants.

"I can't wait to choke on this big fucking dick of yours..." She whispers seductively to her preferred stud, leading him over by the cock before she moves to straddle the waist of The Game, taking his dick inside her wet snatch and groaning a little as she drops down to the base. Reaching for her top, she raises it up and over her head, freeing her nicely rounded and sized tits and while she grinds down against the thick rod stuffed into her snatch, she turns her head towards the other just as lengthy tool, giving another sly smirk up at the hunk as she strokes him.

"Come on stud, let's make this fucking fabulous!" She states as she says before eagerly taking Corbin's shaft deep into her mouth, tightly wrapping her lips around him and going straight into a swift sucking pace, running her tongue along his underside to make him moan as she also starts to raise and lower her stunning body on Triple H's cock underneath her.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... Ahhhh!!" The powerhouse NXT Superstar moans at the fantastic feeling of her warm and wet mouth swiftly gliding back and forth along his cock, feeling her frisky tongue slapping occasionally onto his underside as she takes him in and out of her clearly experienced oral hole, shown as she sinks her long haired head down further onto his size.

"Mmmm... MMMM!! Ahhh..." Baron continues to groan, a trademark sly smile on his face as her pretty face moves close in towards his crotch and then back away to barely the half-way mark on his shaft, saliva again applied all over his inches in quick time as the stunning NXT Diva worships his cock in a rather slutty fashion while riding another just as fat and long shaft with her tight snatch.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... I can see all that... MMMM... Performance Center trainng is... AHHHH... Paying off..." The former King of the Ring tournament winner mocks as he groans, thrusting his dick straight up into the snug and wet snatch of the Staten Island Princess as she bounces steadily on his member, his heavy nutsack slapping into her tanned skin when she drops down and takes a hard and deep pump as she slobbers away on another long dick at the same time.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm FUCK!! At least knowing how to give... AHHHH!! A half decent fuck... Mmmm... Will get you far..." He claims between moans, clearly showing that despite his feelings towards her defiant attitude, he can't deny the pleasure from being balls deep in such a hot and still tight pussy as she continues to ride that pistoning pole, groaning herself as she impressively handles the hard and quick pace he's using to slam up into that love tunnel.

"MMMMPHH!! Mmmmm!! MMMM GAAAAHHHH!!" The leopard-print loving Diva is showing a desire of a different kind as she forces her face right down into Corbin's crotch, gagging loudly as she deep throats his entire length, gripping his sturdy thighs with her hands as she keeps her lips pressed around the base as saliva splatters over his length and seeps out of her sassy mouth.

"MMMM... UUHHHLLKKK!! MMMMPH... GAAAAAAAHH!!" She lustfully gags again before lifting her head up, composing herself as she keeps the top part of his saliva-covered dick in her mouth as she gazes up at him with desire, keeping herself bouncing away on the dick slamming up into her snatch as she fucks her face on Baron's fat dick, more deep and shameless gags escaping her when the head of his rod touches the back of her mouth.

"Ahhhhh FUCK!! MMMMM!! Look at that fucking... Ahhhhh!! Slut go..." The handsome but power-craving hunk groans, sweat starting to form over his muscular frame as he continues to drive his manhood straight up into the tight, damp hole that's sliding up and down onto him with a smooth and steady motion as she's unfazed by even the power being put behind every one of this deep thrusts.

"AHHHH... MMMM... I had a feeling... Awwwwww SHIT!! You knew what's best for business..." He claims with a his, the slap of skin meeting skin ringing out along with the groans escaping the three desirable to say the least sports entertainers as she continues to ride his stiffly thrusting cock while deep throating another long piece of man meat at the same time to put on a truly fabulous and erotic display.

Delivering another couple of deep sucks, she lifts her head away from Corbin's dick, looking down at the man she's still riding as she comes to a stop on his pumping cock. "MMMM... I handle my business, motherfucker... Ahhhh! You just can't handle the Princess of Staten Island!" Carmella states with a groan before she lifts herself up and off from his dick.

"Bullshit! You think you're some hot shit, do you??" Triple H yells as he storms to his feet. "Get the fuck onto that guy's dick! I'll damn show you how this Game is really played!" He vows as he moves over towards his suit jacket to fish out a bottle of sex lube from an inside pocket.

"Stud, do me a fucking favour... Outlast this loudmouth suit, and you can have my Fabulous ass all night long..." She whispers sensually into Baron's ear as mounts the stud now laying on the parking lot floor, moaning loudly as she takes every inch of his tool into her already wet snatch as she rests her hands onto his muscular, tattoo-covered chest.

"Instead of kicking your damn ass out of here... I'll settle for fucking yours..." The King of Kings says as he spreads her juicy ass cheeks apart, pouring some lube down between them and onto her very tight looking asshole, the sensation causing her to groan as she grinds down on the dick of the other hunk involved in this steamy three-way. As she starts to ride the fellow NXT star, the long-time WWE Superstar behind him forcefully pushes a finger into her booty, beginning to finger-bang that tightest of holes to work the lube in deeper as well as slightly opening her up for the invasion to come.

"Fucking figures... A loud-mouth New York bitch, and a tight-ass at the same time..." He mocks as he works his finger back and forth into her jiggling butt, pouring more lube down onto his digit and over her asshole to further ready that back passage, making her groan while she rides the other hunk with a clearly more intense and lustful pace than she'd been using on Triple H just minutes before.

"MMMM... Stuck up fucking suit like you... Ahhhhh! Wouldn't last a minute in my neighbour hood!" She snaps with a glare back at HHH as he withdraws his finger, lubing up his dick now as he moves into position behind her as he presses the head of his member against her entrance, using a firm push forward to penetrate and make them both groan out, although his cry is far deeper as he grits his teeth.

"AHHHH... Ooooooooh SHIT!! Mmmm!! Motherfucker like you... Is just... S! A! W! F! T! SAAAAAAAAWFT!!" She moans out tauntingly, dropping down hard with a slap onto Corbin's shaft with each letter she spells out, a sly smirk on her gorgeous face as she glances back at the groaning stud pumping firmly into her tight and sexy ass while she slides her hands over the desirable upper body of the hunk she far more favours, as shown by her steady riding motion on his meaty length.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh! AHHHH..." Being a man of few words certainly helps the Lone Wolf of NXT at times like these, more than happy to watch the hate-fucking two above him verbally spar as she briskly and intensely rides his cock to take him deep into her dripping wet snatch, while seemingly all too easily handling the steady and stiff pumps going further and further between her fabulous, tanned ass cheeks from behind.

"AHHHH... MMMM... Mmmmm!!" He moans again, keeping a hold of her toned waist as she bounces away sharply on his rod, making her nicely rounded tits shake and her long hair sway in time with the motion her stunning body is doing, the slap of skin meeting sweating skin sounding out each time she drops down hard into his crotch and when the other hunk thrusts his tool into her shapely rump.

"MMMMM!! I'm not... AHHHH... Whatever the Hell you just called me!" The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion groans as beads of sweat drip off of his face, the effects of both keeping up this hard hitting ass fucking along with the supreme tightness all around his fat cock taking its toll already as he drives his rod right forward into her jiggling backside as she rides another similarly long dick at the same time.

"Ahhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!! The Authority... MMMM... Calls the shots here and in the WWE..." He claims between deep groans, his dick starting to throb within her tight back passage as he pumps deeply in and out of her asshole, her tight and sexy ass bouncing in front of him as she rides away on the other stud in this rather open-air threesome, but from the way she's continuing to moan out and show no signs of pain, it's obvious she's no stranger to taking it up the ass even from a big cock like his.

"OOOOOOOOH... MMMM!! Not when... Ahhhhh!! The Princess of fucking Staten Island is around you don't!" The former NFL and NBA dancer turned pro wrestler moans, a layer of sweat forming over her already sexy frame to make her look even hotter than before as she indeed calls the shots, commanding the pace as she swiftly and steadily rides one cock with her soaking wet and nicely snug twat, and at the same time more than easily handles the hard thrusts driving into her thick butt from behind.

"MMMM... UHHHH!! I make punks like you blow their loads... MMMM!! Faster than I make those chicks tap out in the ring!" She manages to moan out, feeling the shaft of Baron sliding deep up into her snatch each time she drops sharply down to take him to the hilt, giving him an intense, seductive glare as she continues to be turned on by the mysterious hunk's moans of pleasure, unfazed and paying little attention to the other stud that's steadily pounding her ass with deep pumps of his own to leave both of her lower holes stuffed full to the max.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh! MMMM..." Starting to sweat now himself, Corbin still has a small, sly smirk on his rugged facial features, watching the back-and-forth insults going on as he thrusts his dick straight up into that damp and still fantastic feeling pussy of the NXT Diva as she swiftly rides him, her smoking hot eyes locked with his to further show the mutual lust between them as if their combined loud and sinful moans weren't enough.

"Ahhhhh... MMMM... AHHHH MMMMM!!" He groans as she bounces away on his still stiff prick, her tanned and curved body rocking on his member as she slightly jolts forward due to the hard thrusts that are firing in and out of her tight asshole, the kind of pace that would render a normal woman unable to sit without pain for several days but to her she's taking it like it was no issue at all for her.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! Damn it... N-n... AHHHHHH!! MMMM..." Feeling his cock throbbing wildly now, Triple H is able to deliver a final couple of thusts into Carmella's stunning ass before he's forced to pull out, no sooner gripping his dick than the first shot of spunk fires out up onto her tanned back, making her gasp in outrage as she glares back at the cumming hunk.

"AHHHH... Fuck!! MMMM... Ahhhhh..." He continues to groan as he strokes out all of his load, sending his jizz splashing down onto her lower back and onto those juicy, tanned and rounded ass cheeks that still jiggle as she keeps on riding the other still rock hard Superstar involved in this, but from the pissed off look on her face it's not the fact that he's prematurely finished that's bothered her, but his choice of target to blast off onto.

"AHHHH... Motherfucking shit-head!!" Carmella snaps, standing up from off of Corbin as she turns to glare at the now spent COO of the WWE. "You think you can just blow onto me like some fucking street corner slut??" She yells, bringing her knee up sharply before he can step properly back, driving right in with a low blow that makes HHH's eyes widen.

"Awwwwwwwww... Fuuuuuuuuuck..." Triple H gasps as Carmella flips her hair back and steps away. "Fu... Fucking bitch!!" He's able to groan out as he grabs his crotch and drops to his knees.

"Like I said... Fucking SWAFT!!" She rolls her eyes, turning towards the stiff hard hunk and smirking approvingly. "Do this Dime another favour stud... Drop this suit faster than I lost my damn hairdressing jobs thanks to those goofs Cass and Enzo..."

With a simple nod, Baron steps forward, and just as Triple H is looking up he's caught and hauled all the way up and off the ground, spun around with shocking ease as he's planted with the move known as The End of Days. Corbin stands back up, a sly smirk on his face as he looks over the now knocked out HHH.

"Urgh!! Surprised the old man had anything in his balls to let out..." Carmella sighs, having helped herself to HHH's shirt as she uses it to wipe of the last drops of his jizz from off her ass. Tossing the now stained garment away, she again locks onto Corbin with a lick of her lips as she motions towards his motorbike parked up just near to where they've been fucking. "So... How about you give me a ride on this sweet little ride of yours?"

Giving just a small smirk in response, the stud from Kansas City picks up the lube bottle and pours some out onto his rod, stroking it in for good measure as he straddles the seat of his bike to face away and lean slightly back against the handlebars, and no sooner is he settled in than she's moving up onto his lap, her back pressing into his chest as she eases her booty down onto his cock.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... AHHHH!!" He groans at the intense tightness around his shaft, the previous fucking she's taking in her ass doing little it seems to make her loosen up but reaching up to grope and squeeze her lovely tits it's obvious he's ready to give it to The Hottest Chick in the Ring, starting to pump his tool up between those thick butt cheeks and making her moan now as he works that length into her tightest of holes.

"MMMM... MMMMM!! UHHHHH..." Deep grunts escape him as he works his thick length further up into her fabulous backside, her back sliding against his upper body as she jolts and rocks against his motion, making her ass slightly slap now into his crotch when he thrusts upward and stuffs his member into that made to be pumped rump.

"MMMMM!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! Fuck my ass stud!! AHHHH!!" She shamelessly moans, one arm reaching back to grip the handlebars of the bike she's being fucked on while the other is right down onto her wet snatch, rubbing her fingers feverishly against her dripping folds as she rocks back against the hunk
she's mounted on, being driven wild by his powerful pumps deep into her thick ass.

"AHHHH... MMMMM!! FUCK!! YES!! Fuck me... H! A! W! R! D! HAAAAAAWRD!!" She begs for more even with so much of his meaty cock currently pounding up into her juicy, shaking ass as sweat drips off of her pretty face and her luscious tits bounce in time with the jolting motion her body is doing as the Princess of Staten Island acts in an extremely un-ladylike manner with this big dick driving right up into her ass.

"MMMM... AHHHHH... Mmmmm!!" Similarly groaning loudly is the mysterious, silent, but handsome stud who's keeping his rod ploughing up deep into her back passage, a firm grip of her tanned and toned waist to ensure she's mounted straight on his pistoning length as he slams it up hard and deep into her tight hole while leaning back on his own motorbike.

"AHHHH... UHHHHH!! Mmmmm... MMMMM!!" Corbin moans again as he slides that thick shaft in and out of her asshole, his balls smacking into her butt every time he drives up to make her rock against his muscular frame, looking to make the most out of the opportunity to butt fuck the horny and beautiful NXT Diva on top of him as she almost desperately pleasures herself with rapidly rubbing fingers over her damp snatch.

"AHHHH... MMMM!! Don't fucking stop!! AHHHHH!! Fuck my ass... You fucking STUD MMMM!!" The beauty from Staten Island, N.Y. sinfully moans as she keeps on quickly working her fingers back and forth over her soaking wet and already well fucked snatch, turned on more than ever by being taken up the ass, especially in this open air situation as she's impaled on that shaft while he's on top of his own motorbike, parking in the Performance Center's parking lot.

"OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMM... Like that!! MMMMM... HAWRD BABY!! AHHHHHH..." She yells out in delight, getting off on being stuffed full in her gorgeous, rounded backside as his dick steadily slams up deep into that tight back passage in a truly pornstar quality performance as her tanned and perfectly curved frame continues to rock sharply back into him each time he delivers a hard thrust into her shapely ass from underneath.

"MMMMM... AHHHHHH... MMMMM..." Even as he sweats hard and his tattoo-covered chest heaves for air, he keeps on driving his cock up into her ample, juicy booty that slaps against his crotch when he fires a swift pump into her still pleasurably tight asshole, her cheeks jiggling from the impact but neither feels a sting of pain as the pleasure and lust of this anal pounding overwhelms them both.

"MMMM... UHHHH!! AHHHHH... MMMM!!" He grunts as she continues to slide back and forth against his chest from the jolting motion she's being made to do from the force of those repeated thrusts straight up into her rump, as tight as ever all around his fat tool as he continues to deliver those powerful pumps that make her rapidly rub her wet pussy.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Fucking stud!! MMMMM YES!! YES! YES YES YESSSSSS AHHHHHH!!" With another loud scream, Carmella finally makes herself orgasm as she's fucked up the ass by Baron Corbin, his thrusts still hard and swift to make her jolt as he keeps on rubbing her fingers across her dripping wet snatch, completely coating her digits with her juices as she moans and groans with delight.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM... Mmmmm!! Ooooooooh fuck... MMMM..." She gasps and pants for air, her long hair a mess and sweat completely coating her tanned body as she doesn't stop the rapid movement of her fingers against her twat until she's fully take the ride of pleasure he's helped her reach as he savours her fabulous ass with a final few deep thrusts.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh... AHHHHH..." With another small smirk on his face, he uses his strength to easily lift her up and off from his throbbing now cock, but as he sets her down on her feet he's pleasantly surprised to find her swatting his hands away, turning to lock eyes with another lusty grin.

"You're... You're nowhere near being Swaft, stud!" Carmella sinks down to her knees between his spread legs as he stays seated on his motorbike, watching as she grips the base of his tool with the hand that had been pleasuring her pussy, making him moan out as she strokes her juices all over his fat and pulsating rod.

"Now give me that fucking cum of yours..." She groans as she all too quickly takes his cock into her warm and wet mouth, unfazed at all by engaging in ass-to-mouth action as she slurps right down onto his inches, tasting both her own ass and her pussy off of his member, showing impressive energy after experiencing such an intense sexual high as she sucks on the cock that's been balls deep in each of her fabulous holes.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." Her muffled moans could just be heard as she bobs her head smoothly along the upper part of his tool, using her hand to quickly stroke off the lower portion as she's obviously not messing around to have him reach his limit now that she's gotten off, proven by the fact her saliva is already startling to trickle down his prick from her swift sucking motion.

"AHHHHH!! Mmmmm... MMMMM..." The Lone Wolf of NXT can't take his eyes away from the stunning, sweat-covered face of the NXT Diva that's moving swiftly up and down along his rod, her lips tightly wrapped around his man meat with blowing that feels even hotter and more intense than ever before as she smoothly and skillfully runs her mouth along his size.

"MMMM... UHHHHH... AHHHH!! MMMM..." He groans again, his dick throbbing wildly now within her talented and soothing mouth as she slurps away, saliva seeping past her lips from the repeated, hungry motion as her head rocks back and forth onto his length to make this blowjob look all too easy, even after how hard she's been fucked in her snatch and ass during the prior three-way and this past one-on-one anal pounding.

"MMMMPH... ULLLLHHHKK... Mmmmm..." With a deep groan released by the stud she's blowing, Carmella's eyes narrow seductively as Baron Corbin unleashes a flood of spunk right into her mouth, rapidly filling her up with a vast amount of creamy spunk that alone makes her moan as some spills out past her pouty lips as she bobs onto his throbbing tool.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmm... Mmmmph..." She finds herself having to swallow down that huge load of cum, not wanting to waste a drop but no sooner has she moaned from the taste and taking it right down her throat than she gets another couple of blast of spunk, causing her to smirk as she delivers a few more bobs of the head to make sure the moaning hunk is completely milked dry by her experienced mouth.

Lifting her head away from his spent rod, she licks her lips with another smirk and swallows the last of his collected cum. "Mmmm... Just like me, that was fabulous..." Carmella says, leaning in to lick up and clean the last of his jizz from off of his dick with a groan.

Corbin just responds with a trademark small, sly smirk as he watches the NXT Diva stand up and toss her hair back.

"You? I like you..." She says with a smirk. "You don't mouth off like those idiots Cass and Enzo... Well, mostly Enzo being all fucking creepy... Say, you got like, a place around here we can, you know... Go one more round at?" She offers with another seductive gaze, glancing down at his crotch approvingly.

Baron gives her a simple nod of the head, still smirking as he returns the look over, neither NXT star caring about the still knocked out Triple H just a couple of feet away from them as Carmella quickly rushes to collect up her clothing, clearly eager to go another "round" with the handsome, silent hunk.

* * *

A few minutes later, and while Carmella and Baron Corbin have raced off away from the Performance Center, Triple H on the other hand is now finally starting to stir, pushing himself off from the ground with a groan and a shake of the head.

"Ahhhh... N-n... No Steph... I'll take out the trash again..." He mumbles through a daze as he struggles to get up.

Just then, the door into the Center from the lot opens up and out steps the current head trainer for the Divas in developmental and NXT, the wrestler formerly known as Sara Del Rey, Sara Amato. Taken aback for a moment, the gorgeous and talented former full time grappler on the indies gives a curious look over the naked and struggling Triple H as she stands folding her arms over her chest, shaking her head while clad in black work-out pants and a black Performance Center top. Casually stepping to the side by HHH as she takes out a smartphone, casually taking a photo of the embarrassing sight before shrugging her shoulders and heading off on her way.

"No wonder they hired me to whip things into shape around here..." She comments to herself, leaving the dazed and confused Triple H behind her as he steps onto his cum-stained shirt, and ends up slipping and sailing up over his head to crash back down onto the ground.

* * *

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