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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: "Blue Pants" aka Leva Bates(NXT, SHINE, SHIMMER), Triple H(WWE).

Playing The Game in NXT - Part 18: Blue Pants
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

December 12th, 2014. Backstage at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida as the latest TV taping for the developmental system of the WWE known as NXT continues, the woman who has developed a cult following in the NXT Universe known only as "Blue Pants" is grinning from ear to ear after scoring a shocking, upset victory over the actual NXT Diva Carmella who previously had soundly beaten her in matches twice.

"Yes!! The third time was definitely the charm!" The hottest enhancement talent in sports entertainment today, also known as Leva Bates in the independent scene, says to herself as she heads away from the staging area having left the arena by the side curtains from the ramp. She's still clad in the trademark gear that "earned" her the dubious ring name the NXT Universe as taken to heart - the nicely fitting bright blue pants that fit to her nicely rounded ass, and a matching blue and yellow top that shows off her perky, rounded tits.

As the gorgeous wrestler with dark dyed red hair that changes tone to a brighter shade of red at the ends looks to head off, her attention is caught by the sound of someone clapping their hands. Turning around she finds that it's none other than the man who established NXT into what it is today as well as being the on-screen COO of the WWE - The Game, Triple H. Smiling like he's just heard the funniest joke ever, he's clad in a tailor made suit that manages to nicely show off his muscular frame underneath for a Superstar semi-retired from active competition.

"Holy crap, that was damn hilarious!" Triple H states, not trying to hide his amusement at what he just witnessed in the ring. "First the crowd popped huge for you, and then you actually snuck a win over that mouthy broad?? I need to get a couple copies of this show to keep for any time I need a laugh!"

"Laugh it up all you want, but I proved that I'm no joke!" Leva proudly claims, placing her hands on her hips. "Those guys Enzo and Cass made fun of me and my gear, and Carmella underestimated me, but now I can say I won my first match in NXT, and it's going to be the first of many to come!" She adds with a smile.

"Hey, listen rookie, don't get ahead of yourself here..." He says even as he still is smirking over all of this. "You got gifted that win when that goof Enzo started freaking out on the apron, so you got lucky with that upset win. It's not going to be enough to make me suddenly sign you up any time soon, but it was damn good for a laugh."

"Not enough to impress you?" She questions. "Well what's a girl got to do in order to that?"

"Kid, if you'd learned anything from being around here enough times like you have, you'd already know the answer to that." He chuckles but not completely from amusement like he was before. "You have to do what all the actual NXT Divas around here have done, and that's Play the Game here in NXT..."

"If that's what it takes, then I'm more than ready for another challenge!" The beauty known as "Blue Pants" says with a nod of her head. "Just tell me when, where, and now, and I'm there faster than Power Girl can fly there!"

"Alright then "Blue Pants", follow me and let's see if you can make good on that promise..."

* * *

Minutes later inside of his personal office, Triple H has taken off his suit jacket and is undoing his belt while the gorgeous "jobber" of NXT known as "Blue Pants" starts to kneel down in front of him, licking her lips as she's more than happy to engage in some naughty action. When he lets his pants drop to his ankles, he smirks as her eyes widen at the sight of his already long looking and thick to match dick that's already beginning to harden.

"Holy shit!! That's fucking huge!!" The grappler known for competing in top women's companies in the indes such as SHIMMER and SHINE exclaims with a grin, all too eagerly reaching up to take a hold of his cock and starting to stroke him.

"Guess you haven't hooked up with any of the boys in the locker room yet, huh?" Triple H chuckles, watching as her soft-feeling palm slides back and forth along his hardening rod.

"Well, I may have had to "convice" those jerks Enzo and Cass to let me get another shot at Carmella... But you're way bigger than those two! Combined!" She says with a grin, eagerly stroking off that big length as she leans in, starting to swat her tongue across the tip of his dick with short, smooth swirling motions across the tip and over his piss slit. Together with the stroking work her hand is doing, it soon gets him fully hard and the sight of all that thick man meat only increases the lust in her eyes and the watering her mouth is doing at without a doubt the biggest cock she's ever seen before.

"Holy fuck that's huge!! But I'm not backing down from this..." The cult favourite of the Full Sail crowd says with a glance up, again using her tongue to lick around the crown to layer her saliva onto him, still pumping away with her palm at the rest of the shaft. Letting out a groan, she leans her head downward so she can slap her tongue against the base, slowly running her tongue up his underside before arriving at the head to again swirl over his bell end to make him slightly moan.

"Then let's see you prove it rookie... Time for you to do what's best for business..." The Game states with a smirk, using a hand on the back of her head to guide her closer towards his rod.

Taking the hint, she parts her lips and groans as he pushes his fat cock into her nicely damp and soothingly warm mouth, making him properly groan for the first time as he slides in a few inches past her lips. Knowing what's at stake, Bates doesn't hesitate to start rocking her head back and forth onto that meaty pole, pressing her lips tightly around him as she goes to work sucking him off, staring up at the now moaning hunk she's both blowing and jerking off at the same time.

"Ahhhh... That's it kid, let's see some talent..." Triple H says backhandedly, getting off on the power he's using to make the unsigned but gorgeous female wrestler perform this oral sex act in his own office, watching with a smirk and a moan as her pretty face moves back and forth along his dick while her hand strokes away at the inches not yet taken into her mouth.

"Mmmm... It takes more than one upset win... Ahhhh... To impress me..." He adds as he keeps a hand on the back of her head, making sure she doesn't lift away as she sucks him off, groaning around his member as she smoothly and steadily works up and down onto the upper part of his dick. He licks his lips slightly as he feels her nicely soft lips sliding back and forth over his size, saliva being spread along his dick from the repeated motion as the still fully clothed beauty blows the WWE stud who only has his suit pants down around his ankles.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmm!! Mmmmmpphhh..." Muffled sounds are coming from the unofficial Diva due to her mouth being filled up with thick cock, her lovely lips managing to stay nicely wrapped around that tool to show that despite his vast size, she's more than capable of handling some big cock as she keeps on blowing him and using her skilled hand to jerk off the lower part of his member at the same time.

"MMMM... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmphhh..." Groans bounce off his length as she bobs her dark, dyed with two tones of red haired head along the dick of the multi-time former WWE Heavyweight Champion, making him moan from her energetic and nicely pace sucking motion. Knowing she can't pull off, she takes a moment to breathe deep through her nose as she moves up to the head, using rapid strokes of the hand over him while inside her mouth she works her tongue up and around the crown of his cock.

"Mmmmm... Nice fucking trick rookie..." The WWE Superstar-turned-company kingpin chuckles with a moan as the starlet of SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes resumes the task of blowing him, getting back into a steady up and down motion with her head. Her saliva is starting to trickle down his inches, rubbed in by her still pumping hand, and as she goes down further her lips fight to stay around that big cock, allowing more saliva to drip down.

"Ahhh... That's it kid... Play the Game..." He somewhat encourages, but considering he's got a beautiful woman currently pleasuring his cock with her warm and obviously experienced mouth along with jerking hand work, it's unlikely he wouldn't be wanting her to carry on even in this indecent proposal of an encounter. It's getting him exactly what he's wanting as his dick gets taken up into that oral hole and then quickly back out with the head and a few inches staying in before she drives back down to hungrily repeat the motion.

After a few more sucks, he lets go off her head, making her look up again as she lifts her head up and off of his now saliva coated cock. "Ahhhhh!!" Leva exclaims drawing in breath as she lets go of his rock hard dick. "Fuck! That's some cock and a half! You could hurt a girl with that kind of weapon..." She states as she shifts back in order to stand up.

"Trust me, I have..." Triple H says, smirking as he watches her push down her infamous blue pants to reveal her nicely rounded ass and her neatly trimmed, and already a little wet looking pussy. "I can, and I will... Now get your ass up here and let's see what you can handle." He orders, tapping the edge of his office desk a couple of times.

"Well I might not have regeneration powers like Deadpool, but I can take any kind of "punishment" you want to bring on!" The beauty known as "Blue Pants" states with a nod and a smile, moving over and hopping up to sit on the edge of the desk, not hesitating to spread her legs wide for him.

"I did not understand a fucking word you just said..." HHH states, undoing his tie and tossing it aside as he moves up towards her, lining his dick up with her snatch so he can push in with a firm, commanding thrust.

"Mmmmmm fuck!! You don't... Mmmm!! Read comic books??"She questions, but her attention is more drawn to the obvious invasion into her tight pussy, staring down with an open, moaning mouth and wide eyes as that fat shaft pushes deeply into her box, forcing her inner lips to spread and take this mighty dick.

"Ahhhhh... And I thought... Mmmm!! You were one of the cool guys... Ahhhhh!! Around here..." Leva Bates groans again, tossing her dyed red hair back as she can't take her eyes away from between her spread legs to watch that dick pump back and forth into her, already filling her up quite unlike any other sexual experience she's had before, and he's not yet gone balls deep into her yet. It's more than enough to make her slightly rock back and forth on the edge of the desk, responding to the force of these firm thrusts as he plunges in nicely deep into that already nicely damp pussy.

"Mmmm... I'm the damn Game... I don't need to be cool or anything else but me..." The male half of the power couple known as The Authority groans, using and abusing his powers as he fucks the hottest enhancement talent in sports entertainment today on his own desk, in his own office. From the moans both are letting out, it's clear both participants are loving this as he enjoys her very tight twat while she gets filled up by his pistoning man meat that's going in at a controlling and perfectly timed pace.

"Go talk to one of the commentators... Mmmmm... If you want to talk about nerdy crap..." He states with a moan, keeping a firm hold of her nicely toned waist as he thrusts his dick in and out of her snug love tunnel, already feeling a layer of her juices being left over his pole from the repeated, deep motion being used to bang the woman known for regularly competing in cosplay outfits in matches.

"Ahhhhh!! I did!! But I don't think... Mmmmm!! They got the reference..." She groans, gritting her teeth as her body rocks back sharply when his muscular frame connects with her nicely curved body, the first of a still series of balls deep pumps that send every inch into that wet snatch and leave her moaning, out of instinct grabbing his arms for support as those rough but extremely pleasurable thrusts keep coming.

"MMMM... Oh shit!! Fuck!! That dick's going... Uhhhhh!! In so fucking deep!!" The former SHINE Tag Team Champion moans as she continues to stare down in awe at the massive dick of the former Royal Rumble Match winner driving in and out of her tight hole but backing up her words she's taking it, even as she still jolts back forcefully each time her thrusts deeply forward into her wet snatch.

"Ahhhhh... Sounds like... Mmmm... You're ready to pop any second..." The King of Kings taunts the popular and talented independent scene wrestler even as he moans clearly himself as he strongly rams his meaty dick straight into her tight and damp snatch. The sharp slap of skin striking skin sounds out as his heavy balls meet her nicely curved frame when he drives in with balls deep pumps to fill her to the maximum, in turn making both semi-clothed and desirable wrestlers groan out in completely shameless delight.

"Considering... Mmmm!! This action has lasted longer than... Ahhhh... Any of your matches here have... I wouldn't... Uhhhhh!! Be surprised..." He adds between moans of his own, controlling the pace with his strong and stiff slams in and out of her snug love tunnel, his gaze moving between down between her legs to watch his cock move back and forth into that wet pussy, and up to her pretty moaning face as even though she's being willingly dominated right now, she's loving every moment of her snatch being rammed full with fat cock.

"MMMM... No... No way!! I can... Ahhhh!! I can take it!" The beautiful cult favourite of NXT lustfully moans out, beads of sweat starting to trickle down her face from the effects of the most powerful and deep banging she's ever experienced in her life, not to mention from the longest and fattest dick her tight pussy has ever taken before.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! Mmmm!! Keep it coming! I'm far from done yet..." She claims with another deep groan, keeping her legs spread far apart for unrestricted access into that still snug but now damp snatch, her folds still gripping that meaty length as it slides smoothly but sharply in and out of her box, the sensations from that erotic friction ensuring both of them continue to moan out with every in and out thrust delivered.

"Ahhhh... I've heard that many... Mmmm!! Many times before rookie..." Triple H states, giving another firm thrust before he pulls out and steps back, smirking as he takes a look at her slick snatch and her juices that are now covering his tool.

"This ain't a reprint! I bet you I can ride you just as good as any of the Divas around here can!" Bates boldly states as she sits up on the desk so she can hop down off from it to stand on the floor.

"That... Wouldn't be too hard, considering the last encounter I had around here..." He grumbles, recalling in his head a rather painful and embarrassing series of event at the Performance Center a while back.

"Alright! I'll show you exactly what I can do!" Leva states as she unzips her blue and yellow top, showing off her nicely sized and rounded tits while HHH moves around the desk, closely followed by her as he takes a seat in his executive office chair.

"I'll be the judge of that..." The Cerebral Assassin states, unbuttoning his shirt so that his muscular chest is shown off as "Blue Pants" mounts his lap, easing her snatch down onto his cock and causing them both to moan as she lowers herself all the way down onto that thick rod. Leaning back slightly and placing her hands on the back of the chair for support, she starts to bounce herself on his dick, surprising him with an energetic pace that makes her tits bounce and her stylish, dual shaded red hair sway as she raises and lowers herself onto his cock.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmm... And that's not a damn bad start kid..." He has to admit, her motion becoming fluid and steady within moments as she sharply drops her gorgeous body down all the way onto his tool before quickly lifting up and repeating the motion, letting out a cry of lust as her snatch getting filled up again and again with his fantastically long and fat cock.

"Oh yeah!! MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK!! You like that?? Mmmm!!" The woman who has become the firm fan favourite to the NXT Universe groans as she shows off some porn star-like ability with the way she's riding the shaft of the on-screen COO of the WWE and not holding back either, the sound of skin slapping against skin ringing out around his office as she bounces away with smooth and swift lifting motions.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Holy FUCK!! That's so fucking good!!" She groans as the stunning former member of the Regeneration-X tag team in SHIMMER moans out, continuing to sharply raise and lower her now very wet but still nicely snug twat on the cock of the former leader of that team's namesake, D-Generation-X. She groans and sweats, perhaps going in over her head for a woman not even properly signed to NXT, but it's impressive enough that she's got the long time sports entertainment veteran moaning like this and she's showing no signs of stopping just yet.

"Mmmm!! Not bad kid... Ahhhhh!! Not too bad at all..." The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion moans, more than happy to sit back and let the beautiful "jobber" known as "Blue Pants" do all the work for him as she bounces away, taking his thick length as deep as she can into her tight and dripping wet snatch. The sensations are more than enough to make him moan and he's even got a few drops of sweat appearing on his rugged facial features now, but as calculating as ever he keeps his true thoughts to himself, pulling her strings to get what he wants out of her.

"MMMM... But I've seen them come... Ahhhhh... And I've made them go... Ahhhh... So it's gonna take more than this to impress me..." He claims despite his groans of enjoyment, getting the best seat in the house as he watches her perky tits bounce in front of him as she forcefully lifts and drops her sweat-covered body onto his, taking those inches deep into her wet hole that feels built to take a massive cock like his. The Game groans again, feeling her soaking wet but still erotically tight snatch gliding up and down over his member with the kind of steady and nicely timed pace that would have had a regular red blooded man cumming within minutes of her starting this bouncing motion.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM!! I can do it!! I finally beat Carmella tonight... AHHHHH... And I can take you on too!!" She vows even as she moans loudly and sweat has formed all over her body to make her look even hotter than usual as the starlet of SHIMMER and SHINE bounces away with everything she's got left in the tank, making the sound of slapping skin ring out around his office each time she drops that sexy body down onto his lap.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Oh shit!! MMMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHH..." She gasps, strands of her dyed red hair sticking to her pretty face as she refuses to relent from this intense pace, only serving to make the semi-retired sports entertainer further smirk and moan himself from her efforts to try and impress him, all part of his wicked mind games that have made the gorgeous indy wrestler into his personal slut.

"MMMM... Ride me! Ride that fucking cock!! MMMM... Show me how badly you want another match around here!" Commandingly he barks the order to the already tiring and groaning enhancement talent as she tries to keep on bouncing on his thick cock that's never left her snatch since she started riding him, only a few inches leaving her when she raises upward but it's not long before she sharply drops down to take him balls deep.

"AHHH... Play the Game rookie... MMMMM... Play the fucking Game..." He orders again, still not thrusting up for a moment into the stunning beauty who has developed a cult following in NXT but quite a few new nicknames would be made for her if anyone saw the rather slutty way she's acting as she keeps on riding away onto the cock of the multi-time former singles and tag team champion in the WWE.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Oh shit!! Shit shit SHIT AHHHHHH!! MMMMM..." Having long fallen into the trap he'd laid out for her, the attempt to keep up the intensity of her bouncing comes back to haunt her as "Blue Pants" starts to cum hard all over the cock of Triple H, almost collapsing down on top of him as soon as the floodgates open and her juices flow down over that lengthy, thick dick she's mounted on.

"AHHHHH... OOOOOH... Ahhhhhh... MMMMM..." Impressively however, the beauty known in the indies as Leva Bates manages to do a couple more up and down bounces onto that now completely covered prick, helping herself to ride out in more ways than one her orgasm, and it all gives The Game an extra reason to grin and moan himself as he feels those final few lusty bounces on his rod.

"MMMM... Close, but no cigar kid..." Triple H chuckles, but moves quickly to lift her up and off from his cock, not allowing her to feel his cock starting to throb. "You played The Game, and you lost... But since I'm in a good mood, here's a consolation prize..." He says, using his strength to lift her up as he stands up, setting the now tired beauty down on her knees on the floor of his office.

"Ahhhh... Oh shit... Holy... Holy fuck!!" She's able to gasp out as she tries to bring herself back to reality from a sexual high she's not likely to forget. When she opens her eyes, the gorgeous "jobber" is greeted by the sight of the hunk that had made her cum now furiously stroking his own cock, now not holding back as he looks to get off himself after rather easily outlasting the not even signed to a contract star.

It's not too long then that Triple H starts to blow his load, sending thick ropes of spunk across and onto the pretty face of "Blue Pants", making her groan as the jizz splashes over her cheeks, nose, lips, and over her forehead, getting onto the strands of her dark, dyed with two shades of red hair that's been sticking due to the sweat. To her credit she doesn't flinch, remaining on her knees down in front of one of the principle owners of the WWE as he strokes away and sends out his sizable load all over her face as it starts to drip off her chin and cheeks, landing down above and onto her perky chest to leave her a well fucked mess but the smirk on her face shows she does not mind at all after getting the fucking of a lifetime from him.

"Mmmm... Like I said rookie, nice try... But I'm not sure you're Diva material..." Triple H states as he strokes out the final drops from his softening cock, making no bones about it even after having manipulated her into getting fucked in the first place.

"Ahhhh... You... You so sure about that?"Leva questions, looking up at him with her face covered in his cum. "I think I proved tonight that I can beat a Diva around here... And you didn't sound like you didn't enjoy having some fun with "Ol' Blue Pants" here..." She adds with a smile.

"You really think you're something special, huh?" He smirks back at her. "Tell you what honey... I'll book you and your Blue Pants again here in NXT, but I can promise you this - it won't be against Carmella. It'll be... Against whoever the NXT Women's Champion is after the next live special!"

Her eyes widen at this announcement. "Against the Women's Champion?!? Me?!?"

"Call it challenge, going from beating a Diva who knows one submission to an experienced and talented competitor..." Triple H chuckles, a sign that he knows she'd stand no chance against any Diva who was good enough to be the champion. "Because something tells me that win or lose, seeing "Blue Pants" around here in NXT to keep the Full Sail fans happy... Is what's Best for Business.

* * *

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