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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Dana Brooke(NXT), Triple H(WWE).

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal.

Playing The Game In NXT Part 19: Dana Brooke
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the "NXT Arena" of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida during the set of tapings to include the April 15th 2015 edition of NXT's television show. Currently, the mastermind behind the consistently rising in popularity and attention developmental brand NXT, one of the principle owners of the WWE as part of The Authority, Triple H is in his executive office clad in a nicely form fitting suit with pants, shirt and tie. He smirks as he looks over some scouting reports of some international talents he's lining up to sign as potential WWE Superstars.

"Now if I can get that guy locked down, that would really stick it to that minor league promotion..." He says to himself, before a knock at the door grabs his attention. "Come in!" He calls out, putting the paperwork away into a drawer in the desk he's sitting in front of.

Entering the room with a strut and a smirk on her pouty, full lips, is the newest NXT Diva who made a successful if not exactly polished performance against the cult favourite known as Blue Pants. Dana Brooke, the busty and muscular blonde who has a career in fitness and professional body-building competitions prior to starting in sports entertainment is still clad in her form fitting and showing black with pink trim "body suit" that hugs to her thick, rounded ass, and a black and pink top across her large chest.

"I'm not surprised you wanted to see me Sir..." The clearly arrogant but beautiful woman says as she approaches his desk. "Who wouldn't want to see the Total Diva after that kind of performance out there tonight?"

Triple H raises an eyebrow at her attitude. "That was... Something else..." He says, but not in an exactly positive way. "But face facts Dana, you just beat the resident jobber of NXT. It's gonna take a lot more than that to make it around here..." He states, moving to stand up from his chair as he starts to walk around his desk towards her.

"Sir, believe me, I am here to stay..." Dana claims, brushing her long blonde hair back. "See these?" She raises an arm, flexing to show off her well built muscles. "These, and the rest of me are the reason why I am the real Total Diva... Put me against any other girl around here and I'll show why I'm destined to be the next NXT Women's Champion."

"And it's also going to take a lot more than trash talking, and a lot of posing to get that title..." He says, unfazed by her egotistical attitude. "This isn't body-building any more honey... This is NXT, where the best in the world come to prove themselves to try and make it to the WWE. Some Divas that have come through here have made it, but a whole lot more haven't... So you Dana? You've got a long way to go... And to be honest, a win or not out there? After all the hype that I've allowed you to get up until tonight? I think you need to... Pay me back, for all of that..." He says, finishing with a suggestive tone as he takes a long, open look over her curvy frame.

"Oh... Pay you back, huh?" Brooke smirks back, taking a moment to return the look as she places her hands on her hips. "I suppose I need to "pay my dues", do I Sir?" She responds with a similarly far from subtle ring to her voice. "Because that would not be a problem at all..."

"Is that so?" The Game chuckles at how easy this session of "testing out" a new Diva is already starting out, and taking her words as acceptance so he already starts to take off his suit jacket. "Then I don't think I need to tell you what you should be doing right now, do I?" He says as an order, tossing the garment behind him onto the chair as he reaches no to loosen his tie.

"Of course..." She licks her pouty lips for a moment, willingly and a little too quickly lowering herself down to her knees in front of him, reaching up for his belt. "I'm going to be the biggest star you've ever had on the roster... And I'll show you that I'll be the best fuck you've ever had either..."

He smirks again, watching her undo the belt and then his pants, lowering them down along with his boxers. "Someone thinks highly of themselves... But I'm not like any other guy you've had to impress before..." He states, already seeing the shocked, wide-eyed look on her pretty face as she sees the massive, long and fat to match cock that hangs between his legs.

"Fuck... This is going to be way more fun than I thought it would be..." She admits, again all too eager to get things going as she takes a hold of his dick, already starting to pump him even as he steps out of his pants and kicks them out of the way.

"That so?" Triple H chuckles again, moaning lightly as he starts to harden in her grasp as she works both hands steadily along that thick rod. "Sounds like to me... You were planning on coming in here to fuck me regardless of what I wanted..."

"Of course!" She says with an arrogant laugh, flipping her long blonde hair back. "I'm the Total Diva, and I deserve to be on top... Why not go straight to the top itself in order to get there?" She shamelessly admits, glancing down and watching his cock approach full hardness from her pumps.

"Hate to break it to you honey, but you ain't the first one who has tried to fuck their way into the WWE, let alone to the top..." He informs her, taking a long look over the kneeling stunner. "But since we're both in the mood for it, how about you show me exactly what the "Total Diva" can do..." Triple H says, already choosing his words carefully to manipulate the clearly attention craving and egotistical beauty into giving him what he wants, despite what she might have thought she'd be able to get out of him.

"Gladly... Sir..." The built blonde says, licking her lips and thinking she's in control of things, before applying her tongue to the tip of his cock, giving a smooth and controlled swirl around the top, gradually moving further down so she can work around the fat head, seductively arching an eyebrow as she locks eyes with the man who has the power to make and break her career. "Mmmmm... A nice big fucking cock... Perfect for the Total Diva..." She says with a tone straight out of a porn film, changing her grip to be just the fingers of one hand around the base so she can drag her tongue along the side of his shaft, slowly moving down to his crotch with a tease of a lick on the underside. Still gazing up, she shifts lower so she can plant a kiss onto his heavy balls, smirking before she flicks her tongue out against them, patting the left one before swirling around it and them moving over to the right one and delivering the same round of soothing treatment to him.

"If it's so damn perfect for you... Mmmmm... Then why are you just wasting time licking it?" The King of Kings not so subtly orders the rookie NXT Diva. To his smirking approval, she takes the hint and moves back upward, parting her pouty lips and taking his dick into her mouth, making him properly moan in the process as she sinks her blonde haired head down a decent amount to let him feel how nicely damp and warm that oral hole is. "Mmmmm... A Diva that listens... You'll go far around here..." He chuckles after delivering the back-handed compliment, before moaning as she gets down to doing something very "best for business" - sucking his dick, as she starts to bob her head along his shaft, almost instantly breaking into a steady motion as she lifts her mouth upward to just below the head before pushing downward and smoothly bringing herself back upward as the sinful action repeats.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh..." The former fitness competitor is already groaning around this "sledgehammer" of a dick she's taking in and out of her horny oral hole at a steady and firm pace, her long blonde locks already bouncing from the effort being put into rocking that head along this stiff and fat pole as she makes the veteran WWE Superstar moan in pleasure. "Mmmmm... Mmmmm mmmmmphhh!!" She noisily slurps away on his manhood in a rather whorish fashion, especially considering she's currently blowing not just a happily married man and a father, but is dishing out this oral sex so she can get her sports entertainment career higher up the ladder.

"Ahhhh... For a rookie, you give some... Mmmmm... Damn good head..." The multi-time former WWE World Champion says between groans, taking in the sight of the muscular and beautiful blonde as she pushes her full and thick lips further downward onto his cock, getting those inches nicely coated with her saliva as she keeps the motion going again and again. "Mmmmm... At least that follows the trend... Mmmmm! Of fitness and models who become Divas..." He adds in rather gloating fashion, showing that this is far from the first time he's made a wannabe WWE Diva get down on her knees to "earn" her spot. At the same time, from the way she's smoothly working her mouth back and forth along his size at this forceful and quickening pace, it's clear she herself is no stranger to handling some cock, even with one as meaty and long as this one.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmphh!!" She groans around his length, still staring up as she looks to impress by using those big lips to please him, keeping them wrapped tightly around his shaft as she bobs away deeply onto him, her saliva dripping downward to her fingers that hold the base in order to keep him straight and steady for the smoothest possible motion. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphh!! GHHHHRRRKKKK!! MMMMPHHH!!" The self proclaimed "Barbie Killer" doesn't quite look so tough as she makes herself gag, going down further onto his big dick than she can handle and making her spit splatter over his shaft, and in turn drip down to fall off her chin, when that bell-end goes deep into her mouth. Eyes narrowing, she attempts to keep up the pace but only ends up making her gag again, and again each time she pushes her face down onto him, but the sight of this and the sensations all around his cock just keeps The Authority member she's blowing moaning and smirking as she shows the signs she might not be as unstoppable as she thinks she is.

"Ahhhhh... Having a little trouble there Brooke?" Triple H says with a smirk, letting out a groan followed by a slight chuckle as she has to pull away with a gasp in order to catch her breath.

"No, no way!" Dana claims as she grits her teeth, holding her throat for a moment as she recovers. "That was just a warm up anyway..." She adds, standing up so she can reach up, starting to remove her unique ring attire as she pulls the straps off and over her head.

"Ready to get down to some real "business" huh?" He questions but with a tone that indicates he doesn't care much for a response. His attention is more on her tanned and muscular body getting shown off as she removes her top, letting her large and nicely rounded tits fall free. "You must have picked up some tips from the other Divas around here..."

"Oh please..." Brooke says, rolling her eyes. "I'm the real Total Diva... Like I need any advise from any loser Diva stuck down here..." She arrogantly states, further pushing her attire downward as she reveals her neatly trimmed snatch along with her thick and stunning backside.

"In that case, hop up on there and let's see if you can handle a real A-Plus Player..." The Game instructs, unbuttoning his shirt and watching as the newest NXT Diva removes her boots, leaving her completely nude as she eagerly moves to lay on her side on top of the desk of NXT's mastermind. Tossing his garment to the side to show off his own impressively defined for a semi-retired Superstar body, he grabs one leg to hold it up, draped over his shoulder before the hand grips her thigh, his other hand guiding his dick into that already a little slick-feeling twat before he pushes in with a single, forceful thrust. "Mmmmm!! And fucking tight... Just like a fitness chick should be..." He comments, letting out a groan of approval as he begins to slide his shaft back and forth into her tight-feeling snatch, letting his hips swing forward to send his cock into that willing hole before drawing back to almost the point of seeing his own cock head appearing, but instead of course just pushing back in for a steady pumping motion.

"Mmmmm!! Oh fuck!! Mmmmmm oh yes Sir!" The former fitness and body-building competitor moans in delight as she feels her pussy getting filled up with all that cock as she very willingly lets the former Royal Rumble Match winner have his wicked way with her hot and wet snatch, licking her lips with lust as she looks across to watch that big shaft pumping into her snug hole. "Oooooooooh yes!! Mmmmm... Forget about the rest... This is the best pussy... Mmmmmm!! Of any Diva you'll ever have..." She still able to show her egotistical ways, even as she's taking a fucking on her side, all too casually resting her blonde haired head in her hand as she lays on top of the desk of the stud currently making both her and himself groan out in far more than enjoyment as he briskly sends his inches deeply into her tight, damp love tunnel.

"Mmmmm... Word of advise rookie... Ahhhh... Don't even think about mentioning that around my wife..." He says between his moans, referring to the fact that despite the way he is stiffly driving his rock hard rod into this new NXT Diva, he's still a happily married man but one who is all too happy to use and abuse his power in the WWE to create indecent proposals just like this one that's seeing him pound away into this gorgeous and built blonde. "Ahhhh... But considering some chicks who have been and gone... Mmmmmm! And a couple of them blondes... You feel damn well better than they did..." He again gives a back-handed compliment, showing he's caring more about getting the maximum pleasure out of her and her snug and damp snatch than her really "proving" herself to him. That's further shown as he sinks his dick in deeper into her fuck hole with each firm pump he sends forward into her, keeping her groaning out as well as the all too willing participant in this banging lays on her side and takes every thrust he has for her with a moan and a lustful gaze.

"Ooooooooh... Mmmmm!! Oh no Boss, I'm the best... MMMM!! The best here in NXT!" The Ohio-born beauty still claims as she smirks, made to groan out in desire again as her snatch gets stuffed full and she's made to forcefully rock back and forth now on top of his desk, making her large tits jiggle from the motion as she has to handle balls-deep pumps into her wet and still tight twat but still with enough wits and arrogance about her to still make the bold and bitchy statements even as gets fucked by this big and long cock. "MMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck!! Forget the rest Sir... AHHHHH... I can beat them all, and I can... Mmmmm... I can out fuck them all..." She adds with another sinful smirk on her gorgeous face, her muscular and curvy body now sliding in jolting fashion against the smooth surface she's laying on, her eyes switching from down between her held apart legs to watch that shaft driving in and out of her slick box, and up at the muscular hunk who she's letting pound away into her in her blatant attempt to fuck her way to the top of the NXT Women's Division.

"Ahhhhhh... That ain't the first time... MMMM... I've heard a chick say that around here..." The male half of the power-trip couple known as The Authority states with a cocky smirk of his own, rather effortlessly working his shaft into that tight snatch, able to impressively just use the strength of one arm on her leg to pull her stunning, tanned body back onto his dick when she jolts back away from him when his crotch slaps firmly onto hers. "Mmmmm! Trust me honey, it's gonna take... MMMM... More than just some fitness titles and flexing... Ahhhhh... To make it and last around here..." He adds, the swift and repeated motion of his cock plunging in all the way into the snatch of the busty blonde laying before him making the erotic sound of skin slapping against tanned skin ring out to mix with their moans as thrust after deep and stiff thrust gets sent straight forward into her pleasurably wet and tight pussy.

"MMMM... Is that a challenge Sir?" Dana boldly asks, licking her lips with another seductive gaze as she leans her head off from her hand before letting out another moan from the forceful manner with which she's getting fucked. "Maybe... AHHHHH... I should show you some more of what I've got..."

"A blonde with some brains in her?" Triple H chuckles as he slips his dick out from her snatch. "Maybe you will go far around here..." He says in not completely complimenting terms, motioning for her to move off from where she's laying. Once she does, he now takes position to lay on top of his own desk, his cock still rock hard and ready for more as it points straight upward.

"Go far?" She laughs arrogantly as she now climbs up and on top of him, her back and her thick booty facing him as she kneels over his crotch, a hand reaching under to line him up with her entrance. "Mmmmm... I'm heading straight for the top... Where I belong..." Brooke claims, before letting her actions speak instead of words as she sinks down and makes them both moan out as that shaft once again goes deeply into her tightness.

"MMMMM... You're heading somewhere Dana..." A chuckle escapes the former multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, watching that round ass sway slightly as she grinds her snatch down, adjusting to the new position and the sensation of being filled up once again. Wisely though she soon gets going properly on him, leaning forward and placing her hands on his strong thighs so she can start rocking her built frame back and forth onto his dick, taking his size smoothly in and out of her snug hole at an easily pleasurable pace. "Ahhhhh... At least you're off to a better start... AHHHHH... Than some sluts I've had Play the Game before you..." He adds, shamelessly admitting to having put many a rookie before her through this sinful situation of having to give up sex in order to keep or earn their spot, and enjoying yet another gorgeous NXT Diva being mounted on his cock he moans, resting his head on both hands in arrogant fashion as he watches the shapely ass of this stacked blonde rock back and forth as she rides his dick.

"MMMMM!! I doubt any skank or bitch... AHHHHH... Before me could take this kind of big... FUCKING... Cock like I can!" The bitchy beauty states, looking back over her shoulder with a groan as she works her wet pussy back and forth along his stiff size, her big tits swaying already from the steady rhythm she's using to take his dick deeply into her twat but even as it's more than enough to make both of them moan out, the gritted teeth expression on her gorgeous face shows she knows it will take more than just this to impress the long time WWE Superstar. "AHHHHH... I'm the fucking Total Diva! Just... MMMMM... Just watch me!" She vows, adjusting her position so she can lean back to be vertical in position on his crotch, flipping her long hair back and gripping her own thighs as she starts to bounce herself on his dick, moaning out louder now as she rides him once again but with a purpose, looking to really show the man who could make or break her NXT career what she's made off.

"MMMM... Is that all... MMMM!! Is that all you've got?? Huh??" The man nicknamed The Cerebral Assassin shows just how he pulls the mental strings to get what he wants, taunting the gorgeous blonde to enhance this wilder pace of fucking that's getting him not just the kind of pace he likes, but increasing the pleasure he's getting as his moans are louder than then previous riding style she'd been using. "Come on!! MMMMM!! The fucking chick with Blue Pants... Ahhhhh!! Took my fucking dick better than you're doing!! MMMMM..." He almost yells, reaching forward and delivering a sharp spank to that juicy butt, making her gasp and groan as she raises and drops herself at a rapidly aggressive pace onto his dick, her rear cheeks slapping down with a jiggle against his body each time she lets herself sharply fall in order to take his rod in up to the hilt into her wet snatch.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM... Fuck!! Fuck her!! And fuck... OOOOOOOOH SHIT!! All these other... UHHHH!! Skank slut Divas!!" The former National Physique Committee fitness competitor gasps out, sweat starting to form across her desirable and curvaceous body that she's now swiftly slamming down against the hunk she's mounted on top off, that smack of their bodies connecting ringing out like gunfire every time she drops her whole, muscular frame. "FUCK!! AHHHHH MMMM... I'm the... AHHHHH!! Fucking Total... FUCKING DIVA!!" She claims, even as her current rapidly bouncing state makes her look more like a desperate bimbo slut as her rounded tits and thick booty jiggle away with every riding motion she makes, even her long blonde hair swaying from the way she's fucking that big and fat to match dick as if her life, let alone her sports entertainment career depends on it.

"MMMM!! Then start... UHHHH!! Start fucking proving it!! AHHHHH... I'm not seeing shit yet from you..." The Game groans out, the wicked smirk on his handsome face showing that everything's going to his plan as he's made the arrogant and built beauty willingly whore herself out, the sight alone of her riding his cock with such swift and aggressive bounces an erotic treat, but is moaning himself with the feeling of her dripping and still snug snatch all around his member. "MMMMM... At this rate, you're barely... AHHHHH... A fucking second-rate Beth Phoenix..." He continues to provoke her to keep this wild pace going, all too easily making her do all the work as that ass slaps down against his chiselled waist again and again, and all the while making the rookie NXT Diva look far removed from a pro wrestler and more like she's trying out for a career in porn with the way she's taking all that fat cock completely into her pussy every time she sinks down onto him.

Gritting her teeth, she comes to a stop on his cock, taking a moment to grind that wet snatch against him to make him groan. "You... AHHHH... You fucking think I can't handle this??" Brooke questions with a narrow-eyed glare cast back at him.

"MMMM... Think so? Considering you've only so far sucked me off... Mmmmm... And had your pussy fucked?" Triple H says, still smirking both at the ongoing sexual encounter he's created, and how he's all too easily manipulated her to do everything he's wanted her to do.

"So... MMMM... You want my ass? Is that it?" Dana questions, moving off of his cock so she can position herself at the side of his desk. "Then come fuck my fine fucking ass!" She demands, not realising that this is exactly what he was provoking her to offer up as she reaches back to give her ass a slap. "None of the bitches up in WWE can come close to me!"

"You might be right there..." Triple H says under his breath with a chuckle as he moves off his desk and moves to open up the drawer in it, his words having a double meaning as he comments on how slutty she's become since the start of this "talent meeting". Taking out a bottle of lube, he moves around towards her, smirking as she's already bending over the furniture with that thick backside sticking out invitingly for him.

"Oh yeah Boss... Mmmmm... Get my perfect ass all nice and ready..." The former body-building competitor says with a seductive tone, using one hand to pull her cheek to the side to show off her asshole to the hunk now behind her, the other hand already underneath her as she teases her own snatch with the tips of her fingers. She's made to gasp when he pours out the lubricant down into her asscrack, feeling it drip down and over that puckered entrance but before she can even comment she's cut off by a groan as he firmly pushes a finger in, not giving any time to really adjust as he pumps that digit in and out of her final hole to be used by the former WWE Champion. "OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhh... OH... OH SHIT..." She moans, already her body jolting against his finger as that lube gets worked into her back passage, in turn making her push her digits properly into her own snatch in a further shameless display of how deep into this lustful state she's been pushed into by the Cerebral Assassin.

"Perfect huh?" He smirks again as he readies his own dick with some lube, using a couple of pumps of the hand before setting the bottle aside and stepping in, placing the head of his cock against that entrance. "The you should handle this no problem..." He says before he pushes forward with less than merciful force, making her scream out in a mix of shock, pain and pleasure as he pushes his cock far deeper than she'd expected or even thought she could take, and he already shows this is far from his first time tapping some rookie Diva ass. The King of King grunts, shoving her hand away so he can deeply grip both of her thick, rounded butt cheeks as he starts to take her, pumping his dick in and out of her tightest of holes in dominating fashion, rendering her laid out on his desk in front of him as despite the tough talk, it's clear she's out of her league trying to out fuck his experienced stud.

"UHHHHH!! OH FUCK... AHHHHH... AWWWWW... AWWWWW FUCK!!" The once bitchy stunner groans out, reduced now to a submissive blonde whore now and unable to even look back behind her at the ass fucking being delivered, just feeling that long rod being driven deep in between her juicy rear cheeks and making her jolt forward against the desk she's being fucked over. "AHHHHH... AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOHHH! MMMMMM... With eyes closed and mouth almost constantly hanging open now, the former fitness and body-building competitor can only just lay and take it, her big booty raised up as she's bent over as her tanned and built frame is made to rock back and forth in response to these already hard thrusts being sent into that tight backside.

"MMMM!! This is... UHHHHH... How you and all the rest of them... MMMMM!! Earn their fucking spots!!" One of the most powerful men in the WWE grunts his words out in almost primal fashion, being almost brutal with his treatment of this stunning, ripe booty he's plunging his dick back and forth into with thrust after thrust, and his motion being sharp as well as hard so the newest NXT Diva has no chance to catch a break from this anal pounding she's been made to consensually take. "AHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK!! Sucking dick... Getting FUCKED... MMMMM... In the ass... Get fucking used to it!!" He adds between moans, as even though he's breaking her into the true backstage life in sports entertainment he's still making sure he gets the most out of this opportunity, enjoying every thrust out of and then straight back into her stunning, tanned ass that even jiggles within his firm grip.

"OH FUCK... OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK..." She gasps out, saliva embarrassingly drooling from past her pouty lips as she's been forced into a cock-drunk state by this ass hammering she's taking from the "sledgehammer" of a dick being pounded over and over again into her fantastically juicy booty. Add in the fact that she's still got her own fingers lodged deep to the knuckles inside her soaking wet snatch, and it's little wonder that when she manages to open her eyes she's already looking up to the ceiling and almost rolling back from the pleasure rushing through that sweat-covered, muscular body. "UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... AHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMM FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK..." She squeals out, her body shivering as she rocks back and forth each time that big dick slams into her booty, as Dana Brooke feels the effect of a sudden and hard orgasm, further soaking her digits and the rest of her hand and wrist and all the while Triple H still relentless in his pace and force of pumps to own that fine ass of this once proud and now left looking like a filthy whore busty blonde.

"MMMM!! That's... UHHHHH!! How you fucking... MMMM!! Play the fucking Game!!" He smirks, seeing her body react and hearing all those moans coming from her, but most of all feeling it as her back passage as snug as she's been even after taking this almost abusing pace of butt fucking manages to tighten around his thrusting rod to force him to groan, but in delight as he even continues to thrust into her with this added pressure. "AHHHHH... And taking it up the ass like that... MMMMM!! That's how a real Diva... MMMMM... Should do it..." He's able to add between grunts, managing to get in a couple more thrusts before he feels his cock starting to throb within that well fucked ass, forcing him to pull out but it allows him a moment to smirk at his handiwork of her now gaping asshole, the mark of his aggressive to put it mildly banging of that booty.

The exhausted NXT Diva is still trying to collect her thoughts amongst the afterglow of clearly the most powerful orgasm of her life, so offers no resistance when she's pulled off from the office desk she'd been getting fucked on, her hand still lodged into her snatch, but now she's dumped on her knees on the floor. She lets out a gasp as her hair gets pulled, forcing her head back to offer up a target as with his other hand, the hunk who easily out-fucked her now rapidly strokes his cock, aiming it right at that gorgeous and sweat-covered face that's about to get an extra creamy coating in a matter of moments if his deep groans are any indication.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! MMMMM AWWWWWWW FUCK!!" Triple H moans, his jerking off soon doing the job as the first blast of impressively thick jizz shoots out and lands across Dana Brooke's cheek, making her groan from the feeling of that warm spunk splashing all the way to her nose and already starting to drip a little before the second shot hits higher up, and she can be thankful her eyes were already closed when that spunk landed across the eye, up the forehead and into her blonde hair a little. "Mmmmm... MMMM!! Fuck yeah..." He smirks and groans, not stopping the pumps as he lets that jizz rain down over her face, letting spunk cover her cheeks, the forehead, nose, and onto those big pouty lips for good measure, such an amount that it's hardly surprising it's trickling down off her face to land onto her large, heaving tits to really leave her looking like a Total Slut instead of the Total Diva she claims to be.

"Mmmmm... Congrats rookie, you've kept your spot... For now at least..." Triple H informs her almost too casually, letting of both his spent cock and her hair, watching as the still worn out beauty has to slump down and lay on her back on the floor of her office. "But you've got a long, long way to go before you're going to be main roster material..."

"Ahhhhh... Ho-holy fuck..." Dana groans as she draws in deep breaths of much needed air. "I'll... I'm gonna be the... The fucking Total Diva around here... You'll... You'll see..."

That claim from the naked and exhausted NXT Diva makes him chuckle. "You and what army honey? Take some advice... That attitude is gonna get you plenty attention, but plenty of enemies. I'd find yourself some back-up down the road to help you out... Or else you'll end up on the future endeavoured list..."

Lifting her head up, she opens up her clear eye tiredly. "Hmmmm... That... That sounds like a good plan... I think... I think I'll do just that... Sir..."

"Good girl..." The Game says with a smirk and a nod. "See? Listening to me, and doing what I say? It's best for you, it's best for NXT... And most of all... It's best for business..."

* * *

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