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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Caylee Turner (FCW, NXT, Christina Crawford in Tough Enough), Alicia Fox (WWE, real name Victoria Crawford), Triple H (WWE).

Playing The Game in NXT - Part 3: Caylee Turner
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in late July of 2012, the current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H is inside his official office a couple of hours before the latest taping of the WWE's developmental territory NXT's TV show. Clad in a professional business suit with shoes, shirt, and tie that fits perfectly to his muscular body, Triple H is sitting in his office chair, looking over show notes and
reports about the talents used on the show, and he seems to be nodding his head as he reads over the file.

"Seth Rollins will do more than just fine as the first NXT Champion... Heck, I should just go out there and congratulate the kid when he wins." Triple H thinks aloud as he looks over the paperwork. "That'll go over well with the fans... Speaking of over, that Paige sure gets a reaction here.
Reminds me, I've got to set up a meeting with her..." He just smirks at that thought, remembering the previous meeting with Summer Rae, but his attention soon is caught by a knock at his door. "Come in!"

Entering his office isn't just one stunning, beautiful black woman, but two of them in the real life sisters of Victoria Crawford and Christina Crawford, better known to fans as WWE Diva Alicia Fox and NXT Diva and current FCW Divas Champion Caylee Turner. Fox is looking stunning in a low-cut black top with fashionable sequin design on the front and a short black skirt, while Turner is clad ready to compete in tight-fitting top and bottoms ring attire of black with gray snake-skin design. Both of the women are all smiles as they enter, and the sight of the two gorgeous sisters would make anyone smile so you can't blame Triple H for having a grin on his face as well.

"Mr Triple H? You wanted to see me?" Caylee asks sweetly with a smile, coming to a stop in front of his desk with her sister beside her.

"I did... But I didn't recall asking your sister here either. Not that I'm complaining at seeing you, but what's your reason for being here?" Triple H asks as she stands up, putting the papers down onto his chair.

"I'm here for the good news!" Alicia says with a smirk as she puts a hand on her hip. "Here to hear that you're giving my sis' the call up and you can have double the Crawford on Raw. Now that those Bella Twins are long gone, you need a hot sister act to kick some ass in the WWE!" She adds with a sassy flip of her long, bright red hair.

"Well, here's the problem..." Triple H says in a serious tone as he walks around his desk towards them both. "I've been talking with the trainers and staff of NXT who've been watching you Turner since your first FCW days, then during that failure of a run in Tough Enough, and then again in FCW
all the way up until now. Then after I saw myself what kind of a match you can have when you were teaming with Kaitlyn against Tamina and Paige? There was really only one decision I could come to." He glances between both still smiling women. "Caylee Turner, Christina Crawford, whatever you want
to go by. I'm wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors."

Both of the sister's jaws drop at this news that Caylee is being fired, looking to each other and then back to Triple H as he leans back against his desk. "What?? You're kidding me!!" Turner exclaims in shock. "But I'm the FCW Divas Champion! I'm..."

"Honey, that title is meaningless." Triple H cuts her off, all business and paying no attention to her building desperation. "Tonight we're crowning the first NXT Champion, and FCW is being re-branded into NXT full-time and talking over with the staff, we don't have a need for any other title than the one singles gold. You can use that Divas title as a coaster for all I care, but once the paperwork goes through for your release the title will be retired.

"Triple H, hold up a second." Fox steps forward to catch his attention. "You're gonna hold my sister's career up on just one match? Listen, I know you're the boss, but how about you give my sis' a chance to prove herself and show you what she can really do?"

He doesn't seem fazed, eyeing up Fox as he folds his arms. "We've already got the show's card booked up with matches..."

"Oh please Triple H, you know what I mean. I'm talking physical alright, but not in a match..." She says suggestively with a smirk.

A grin slowly comes across the face of Triple H as he stands up, taking off his suit jacket and tossing it across onto his chair before turning back. "You know, it's been a while since I've had two sisters at once, and I've done two black chicks with those dancers of Brodus Clay... But two hot, black sisters?" He turns to look at a now worried Turner, giving her a serious look. "You're lucky I know how good a fuck your sister is... That means you've got one final chance to impress me. If you can at least fuck like a Diva then you'll stick around. Otherwise..."

"Of... Of course Sir! You've got it!" Caylee quickly says, moving forward and dropping down as she fumbles with the belt of his pants, showing her nerves as she's on the brink of being fired from WWE developmental here. "I'm gonna impress the hell out of you!!" She says as she starts to lower
his pants.

"We both will..." Fox says, stepping close to the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events to run a hand over his shoulder to make him smirk. "You'll see that one Crawford isn't enough for the WWE."

"We've done just fine with one so far... But let's see if good fucking runs in the family Fox..." He says, watching as Turner yanks down his boxers and then gasps as she locks eyes with his already thick and long even at half-mast cock. "Don't blow your chances while you're blowing me..." He adds with a confident smirk.

Gritting her teeth, Turner swallows her pride and attitude as she wraps a hand around the hardening dick, starting to pump it firmly back and forth as she leans her head in, flicking her tongue out against the head with light, testing licks. Triple H smirks as he looks down and watches, not
yet moaning but her combo of hand and licking around his bellend is soon getting his member rock hard in her grip, further making her eyes widen at the full size of his more than just impressive manhood. Seeing that dominate and confident look on his face, the NXT Diva knows she'll have to do more to get on his good side, so opens her mouth and takes his dick inside, groaning as she has to adjust to a size seemingly much bigger than what she's used to before.

As the rookie female starts to slowly slide her mouth up and down on the top portion of his member, the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events attention turns to the other gorgeous black babe here who is undoing and slipping off his tie. Alicia Fox smirks as she's up close to
his side, allowing her to unbutton his shirt while her sister sucks on his meaty length, and deliberately leaning in to give him a view of her sexy cleavage on display from her top. Indeed, it's making Triple H smile as he brings a hand up, groping a breast through Fox's clothing to make her
moan, smirking back with a lick of her pouty lips as she starts to move his shirt off, revealing his very muscular upper body.

On her knees in front of them both, the last-ever FCW Divas Champion is groaning as she tries her best to handle the cock of the multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, a hand wrapped around the base to pump him back and forth a couple of times while she bobs her head along the upper
couple of inches. She's closed her eyes, trying to focus and keep her soft lips wrapped around his thickness but clearly she's having difficulty in doing so, rather sloppy sounds escaping from her when she passes back and forth on him and continuing to groan as she blows him, stuck almost on the
five or so inches inside her mouth at the moment.

Meanwhile, the two current WWE stars above are engaging in a sinful lip-lock, with Triple H running a hand through Alicia's long, red hair as they deeply kiss, their tongues smacking off each other and exchanging spit as her hands roam across his chiseled chest. Soon his hands move down, lifting up her top over the chest to release her very large and perfectly rounded breasts, and showing his skill he's able to place his hands onto those tits to grope them even as his eyes are closed and he makes out with said dark skinned beauty. "Mmmmm... Mmmmm!" In return, Fox moans in response, fingernails lightly grazing across his skin as she enjoys the touch and keeps on kissing her boss, clearly not having any hesitations on engaging with this kind of lewd behavior with the married man unlike her sister.

"Ahhhh.... Gahhhhh!" Speaking of her, the woman known as Christina Crawford from Tough Enough is heard to gag as she attempts to take more of Triple H's fat cock in between her soft lips but the vast size and thickness is beyond anything she's had before and she whines in pain when she feels the crown touching the back of her mouth. To her credit, she tries again to blow him deeper but making herself gag again she has to pull right off of his long, white cock, coughing as she uses her hand to stroke his length and her other hand wipes away the saliva now on her chin. "Ahhhh... Awww hell!! It's too big!!" Turner frowns, but seeing him giving her a glance down and an unimpressed look, she quickly takes his dick back into her mouth, staying to her ability as she works over the upper portion and has her hand jerk off the rest of his inches.

"Mmmm..." Triple H moans as he pulls away from Fox, giving her a smirk before he looks down at the other Crawford sister. "Alright, enough... Jeez, that was some of the worst head I've ever gotten..." He says with a smirk. "And I've had a couple of Diva Search rejects before..."

Lifting her head away, Caylee blinks with a stunned, open mouth. "What? What do you mean it wasn't good??" She tries to protest before letting out a yelp of surprise when she's hauled up by her furious looking sister.

"He means you sucked, and you're making me look bad sis'!" Alicia snaps at her with narrowed eyes. "Now move over because he wants some fine and fierce, Foxy action." She adds, almost shoving her sister around.

"That's the kind of thinking that keeps Alicia around in the WWE..." Triple H says as a backhanded compliment, before turning his look towards Turner. "Now get up on here, and let's see if you can at least handle some oral since you can't give it..."

Biting her bottom lip, Turner nods and pushes her ring shorts down her legs as former leader of DX and Evolution swings his legs over to lay down on his office desk, allowing her to move up on top of him and mount his handsome, rugged face with her pussy and already just feeling his lips touching her as h snatch is making her moan. At the same time, her sister has pulled his pants all the way down and off, allowing her to move in and spit down onto his rock hard cock to get it more wet, having no problem in using her hand to rub the saliva all over his member despite it just being inside her sister's mouth and now the hung, white stud has a stunning black woman at both ends but is only just getting started.

"Ahhhhh! Ooooooh..." Letting out a gasp and then a moan, the last-ever FCW Divas Champion almost jolts right forward and off of the face of the WWE Superstar she's on top off when his tongue sharply runs along the middle of her pussy, having to use her hands to grip down onto his muscular chest
as she leans forward. But his hands are soon up and hold her toned hips, his strength easily keeping her held in place so his can apply his tongue across her folds, teasing of diving in but showing he knows how to dine on a tasty bush, moaning as she smacks his tongue around the outside and
briefly slides into her pussy. "Mmmmm... Oh fuck! Ahhhh!" It's only been a short while since starting on her, but it's already making the rookie moan out and making her damp, in turn causing him to smirk as he'll gladly show her up and prove he's not just experienced and talented inside a wrestling

"You'd better not disappoint him..." Alicia warms as she gets down into position. As one sister gets eaten out with porn-star quality skill, the other has tosses her long, bright red hair back and is now using her large and stunning breasts to sandwich the cock of the former King of the Ring
and Royal Rumble winner, her own hands making sure his dick is tightly squeezed in the middle as she spits down one more time onto him and lets the saliva trickle down from his bell-end. "This is how you treat a WWE stud right here... Mmmm..." The former WWE Divas Champion groans herself a little as she starts to slide her tits up and down along the fat cock, wanking him off with her own more than ample chest and hearing him moan at the sensation gives her more reason to smirk and be turned on, steadily using her boobs to pleasure her boss.

Although he's currently covered by the snatch of one of the stunning female grapplers, the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events has a grin plastered onto his face as he takes a hot tit-wank from one sister while he munches away on the snatch of the other. He's lapping
away with his tongue against Turner's pussy, easily sliding around and probing to find her more sensitive areas, all the while drinking down her quickly forming juices and finding himself pleasantly surprised by how sweet she tastes compared to her sour attitude. At the same time he's
moaning up into that love box thanks to the treatment he's getting as the other woman's tits are moved smoothly and swiftly up and down his stiff pole, Fox's actions making him work over her sister with more effort as he gets this "encouragement".

"Ahhhh! Mmmmm! Mmmm..." Up on top of the desk, Caylee Turner continues to moan as she's allowed to slightly rock back and forth onto the face of the man who could hire or fire her, grinding her snatch against his talented mouth and hungry tongue and making her slide her hands all over his chiseled out of stone upper body. "Oh fuck 'Tori! He's soon good with that tongue!" Caylee groans out. Looking down, she sees her sister using her breasts to pleasure his meaty dick and the sight causes her to bite her lips, watching the white cock she'd been blowing now being ploughed between those large black tits as she sees exactly what it takes to make it and stay in the WWE. "MMMMM!! Oh shit!!" Her attention is soon ripped back to the tongue lashing away at her snatch as he probes in deep,
continuing to make her wet and moan out in a rather shameful and loud manner as she closes her eyes and rocks again back down against him.

Back across and between her legs, Fox uses her breasts to wank him off another couple of deep motions up and down before releasing her grip to free his dick, making him groan out even as muffled as he is by the other woman's snatch. "Mmmm... Fuck, I love seeing that big white dick..." Alicia says with a lick of her lips. The former OVW Women's Champion can't resist getting a proper taste, taking his member deep into her warm and wet mouth and sucking him off with swift, powerful motions as she tightly presses her pouty lips around him, making them both moan as she slides her hands over his thighs. She looks up, getting glimpses of his tongue diving up into her sister's damp snatch and it seems that image turns her on as she quickly bobs her head along his tool, impressively taking a large amount of his size in as she gets him wet with her own saliva.

"Mmmm... Forget how good your tits are Alicia..." Triple H thinks out aloud as he uses his strength to easily lift Turner off from his face. "OK girls, it's been a while since I've had two sisters at once, so let's get going properly..." He adds, licking his lips clean of Caylee's juices.

"You... You bet Sir!" Caylee says, her face already covered with a layer of sweat just from the skillful way her snatch had been eaten. She moves around the desk, heading over towards his crotch as her sister steps back. "I'm gonna really impress you now! You'll see I'm real Diva potential!"

"You had better!" Alicia snaps with a point of a finger, using her long legs to easily hop up onto the desk as now she mounts the laying down man's face with her snatch. "You better ride that dick good and hard! Show him how the Crawfords handle a hunk!"

The stud from Greenwich, Connecticut smirks at this family bickering going on, but turns his focus onto the wet and tight looking black snatch being lowered towards him, and soon he's pressing his mouth right up into it to make Fox moan as he pushes his tongue right in, not teasing like he did to
her sister as he clearly wants plenty of the WWE Diva. He groans as he starts to eat her out, feeling his dick being taking into a nicely snug but very wet snatch from the other woman as Turner pushes herself down inch by inch and he can hear her moaning loudly, able to tell that she's being filled up more than she's ever been before. The feeling however isn't enough to even come close to throwing him off his game, never missing a beat as he pushes his tongue in and all around of the snatch he's working over, giving her some pleasure back from the tit-wank and sucking he'd gotten before.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Holy fuck!!" The eyes of the last-ever FCW Divas' Champion are wide and her mouth hanging open as indeed, the feeling of the massive white cock balls deep inside of her snatch is driving her wild, making her snatch stretch to try and handle all of this size as the beautiful black
babe starts to move herself up and down on his length to ride him. "Awwwww shit! Soooooo big MMMM!" She grips her own long dark hair as he rocks her hips back and forth to work his long pole in and out of her pussy, the slap of her wet pussy being heard as his tool slides back and forth into the
would-be WWE Diva as she moves at a steady but rather tame pace compared to how loud she's moaning out.

"Mmmm... I love to play "The Game" like this..." Fox moans with a lick of her lips, using her hands to grope her own large breasts as she lightly rubs her snatch down against the mouth of the stud she's on top of, the former Pro on Season Three of NXT loving the feeling of his talented tongue
probing all around inside her pussy and making her further wet as he drinks down her juices. "Mmmmm! Eat that fucking pussy Boss! You know... Ahhhh! You love a taste of this Foxy babe..." She adds with a groan as she keeps grinding herself down to make sure his tongue goes as deep as he can reach
into her, the former wedding planner teasing her own nipples by pinching them both, as if she needed to be further turned on as she smirks and watches her sister moaning in a rather slutty manner as she bounces on the dick of the hunk underneath them both.

As legendary as his in-ring career has already been, he's putting on a similarly Hall of Fame worthy performance here as he easily handles both real life and stunning black sisters while laying on top of his own office desk. As he keeps lapping his tongue up against the current WWE Diva's snatch, Triple H starts to pump his hips upward so he can thrust his mighty white dick up into the other woman's snatch, having tired of her being not up to his standards so he's taking into his own hands to fuck the way he wants to. That means Turner now has to handle a series of deep and harm pumps right up into her snatch, making his heavy balls slap into her skin as he pounds up into that wet and snug snatch, in turn making him moan up into her sister's pussy as he eats away greedily while sliding his hands over her smooth and juicy ass cheeks.

"AHHHHH! AHHHH!! AWWWW FUCK!!" Eyes now completely wide, Caylee has her head leaning back as she stares up at the ceiling of the office almost in a state of shock as she now takes these intense thrusts, the power behind them making her bounce in response as she jolts upward when she takes a
pump, dropping back down in time to take the next one. Her perky tits shake in time with the rest of her toned body as she's being forced to roughly ride this dick pounding straight up into her as her hair shakes and she sweats even more, all the time moaning out and clearly taking the fucking of her life. "Ahhhh! MMMMM! MMMMMM!!"

Just as Alicia looks over her own sister, keeping her gaze locked down onto the fat cock being slammed up into her snatch, Caylee starts to close her eyes, hissing through her teeth as her head shakes about in a wild manner, completely losing it now as her snatch tightens around that dick that's dominating her pussy. Showing she's out of her league here, Caylee Turner is cumming hard now onto Triple H's cock, moaning as her juices flow out and down onto his shaft and his crotch, and seeing this draws a narrow-eyed look from her sister even as Fox continues to moan from being tongued by the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events underneath them both.

"Are you fucking serious sis'??" Alicia snaps, lifting herself off from him and looking furious as she grabs a still dazed Turner who's panting for breath from her orgasm. "What do you call that?? No damn wonder you didn't even win Tough Enough when some tall good did instead!" She adds, gripping a handful of Caylee's hair.

"Ahhh! Let go 'Tori!! I'm sorry!" Turner groans as she pleads, being roughly pulled off of the still rock hard dick of the hunk who's now sitting up and looking amused by this fight between the smoking hot black sisters. "I can make up for it, I swear!" She adds, still whining and clearly worn out by being fucked so hard.

"Ladies, ladies!" Triple says with a smirk, hoping down from off his own desk he'd been banging them both on. "I think all the points that I already knew have been proven about you two... But since you screwed up..." He points at Caylee, making her bite her lip in worry. "You're gonna watch me screw your sister, up close and personal.

Alicia smirks, letting go of her sister. "You want to tap the "tail" of this fine Fox, Boss?" She suggests, already moving to bend over across his desk, sticking her fantastically rounded and thick booty out at him.

He smirks in reponse. "Damn straight I do, and as for you Turner? You get up there and spread that real Diva-quality ass apart for me... Unless you want me to shove this into yours and wreck your sorry ass instead?" He adds, flashing a deliberate narrow-eyed glare just because he can.

Gulping in fear and having already been humbled and sexually dominated, in addition to being shown up by her superior sister here, Christina Crawford takes the bait and quickly moves down to beside the bent over Victoria Crawford, spreading those juicy and thick butt cheeks apart with her hands, once again biting her lip but now in shame as she has to hold onto her sister's ass so close. With a cocky grin, Triple H steps forward towards the two Ponte Verda Beach, Florida born beauties and makes sure to push Caylee down a little more in her squat beside her sister so her face in line with the other woman's ass, forcing her to indeed get a close look as he grips his dick, lining it up with her puckered entrance.

With a single, firm thrust, the eight-time former WWE Champion sends his cock deep into the thick booty of the former WWE Divas Champion, both of them moaning as he wastes no time in banging that stunning ass, already grunting at the superbly tight feeling all around his member as he slides
it in and out of her. "Mmmmm... Ahhhhh! So good..." The woman on the receiving end of these steady thrusts groans as she feels her back passage getting filled up with that fat and long white dick, her black ass being spread apart by her own sister but that fact doesn't faze her one bit, nor the fact the only lube being used here is the pussy juices from her sibling's orgasm that coat that cock.

"Ahhhh! Nothing like.... Mmmm... A real Diva's ass..." Triple H moans as he looks down, watching him slam his shaft in and out of the stunning backside being held apart for him, allowing ease of access to pump himself deep and hard into Fox's booty, loving the tight feeling all around his inches and smirking at how she's feeling no discomfort at all despite his great size and how strong his pace is. "Maybe if you took some pointers... Mmmmm! From your sister here, you'd be able to make it..." He takes a shot at the woman still holding those ass cheeks apart as he pounds his thick dick into that tight back passage, both of the WWE stars in this fucking putting on a pornstar performance as they sweat and moan out without shame, the sound of skin slapping into skin now ringing out along with their cries of pleasure.

Remaining down and squatting beside them both, Caylee Turner continues to hold the ass cheeks of her sister Alicia Fox wide apart so that Triple H can pound away into that backside for some intense and hard anal sex, and with her face only a few inches away from the hot and heavy action Turner can't help but stare at that stunning white dick as it slides back and forth into the black, stunning booty she's holding open for him. The force of his rapid fire thrusts is so strong and she's so close to her sister that Caylee can feel Fox's butt cheeks jiggle, brushing against the cheek of her own face each time he pounds into the WWE Diva but lost in this moment Caylee isn't feeling disgusted, continuing to obey and hold her sister open for this dominating stud who brought her to such a powerful orgasm.

"MMMMM! Ahhhhh FUCK!! Yeah!! Fuck that ass Boss!!" Alicia groans out in lust, breathing hard as sweat drips off her beautiful face and down onto the desk she's being pounded over, her big tits pressed onto the smooth surface and feeling his large balls slapping against her soaking wet pussy as he drives his dick deep into her backside. "Uhhhh! So fucking GOOD!! MMMMM!!" She groans out again, looking more like a horny slut rather than a strong, sexy and powerful WWE Diva as she loses control thanks to how this mighty dick is slamming into her juicy ass to fill her up and drive her wild with desire.

There's barely been a moment during this steamy threesome with two stunning and gorgeous sisters that he hasn't been smiling, but now Triple H has another reason to grin as he feels Alicia Fox's back passage tightening around his thrusting cock, listening to her moans getting deeper as she stars to cum thanks to how he's been fucking her ass. He only slightly eases off on his pumps, watching the former WWE Divas Champion groan and shake as the pleasure flows over he body even though only his own nutsack has been the only thing touching her snatch, she's been so turned on by getting hammered in her thick black ass by his long white dick that she got off on it, not even affected by the fact that all the while her sister has been holding those butt cheeks apart for this sex to happen.

"Mmmm... Got to love a fine black ass..." Triple H says with a groan as he pulls his now throbbing dick out of her well-fucked backside so he can grip it and start to pump himself with rapid up and down motions. "Now let go of those cheeks Caylee, you're gonna do something at least half useful
and clean up the mess I'm about to make, got it?" He smirks at the other sister who nods with a gulp, and all the while Fox has just stayed bent over as she gasps for breath to try and recover. With that set, he turns attention back to the thick booty he'd just been banging as he continues to stroke off, looking to finish off with leaving his mark onto the current WWE Diva as her sister closely watches, without having much of a choice in it.

With a couple more quick strokes and the tight grip of his hand around his length, it doesn't take long for the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events to begin to deeply moan as his dick further throbs in his grasp. With a last, deep groan Triple H starts to shoot his load across the stunning, juicy ass of Alicia Fox, causing her to moan as she feels his warm spunk splashing down across her rump as he milks himself dry, moaning all the way as his thick and impressively long white cock shoots cum right across both cheeks of her more than ample and sexy black ass. Even Caylee Turner, still squatting down beside them is wide eyed in awe of how massive a load is being fired out onto her sister's backside, coating the smooth skin of those cheeks with streams of spunk that anyone
would think a couple of men had just unloaded onto her.

Triple H jerks out the last drops of cum, flicking them down onto the target before finally letting go of his now spent dick so he can step back and smirk at his work, before looking to the other woman and motioning for her to go on. It's a final moment of humbling for Christina Crawford as he moves her pretty face up and starts to clean off his spunk from Victoria Crawford's ass, making her own sister groan in surprise but not repulsion it seems as she feels her sister's tongue sliding around her butt cheeks to collect all the jizz. Knowing that she can't risk the wrath of multi-time WWE and World Champion, Turner doesn't stop cleaning up her sibling's backside as well as swallowing down all that cum even through the shame of doing something so kinky to her close family member.

"That was a little more like it..." Triple H comments when Turner had finished licking up the cum from her sister's booty. "But face facts honey - you tried in Tough Enough, and you failed. You tried in FCW and no matter what you think winning the Divas title there meant, you failed. And now here? You blew it again big time and your sister showed you up and then some. That's three strikes, and you're out." He says bluntly and without any remorse, despite having made do sexual things she'd no doubt have never done before involving her sister.

Caylee is stunned as she gets up, staring at him. "But... You're kidding!! You've got to be!! After all that, you're still firing me from here??" She looks over to her sister as she's now sitting up on the desk. "'Tori, tell him! Tell him that I can be a Diva!!"

Alicia just folds her arms, looking unimpressed as well. "You think I made it by sucking up and begging? I fucked my way to the top just like the rest of them, and I expected a whole damn lot from you here!"

"You... You bitch!!" Turner exclaims in rage now, swinging her hand to try and strike her own sister but instead Fox blocks it, smacking Caylee instead with a smack to send her staggering back. Fox then hops down, seeing her sister bent over forwards as she clutches her face and giving the watching with amusement Triple H a smirk, Alicia steps forward a delivers her signature Scissors Kick move to her sister's head, dropping her down as she's completely knocked out!

Leaning over slightly to check, Triple H shrugs his shoulders before standing up straight as he turns to look at Fox. "When your sister wakes up, remind her that she's been wished well in her future endeavors."

With her hands on her hips, Alicia smirks at him. "Will do Sir. Anything else you need from me?"

He responds with a smirk back at her. "Yeah... I've always wanted to check out Ponte Verda Beach... So how about you give me a guided tour of your bedroom?" He says, openly checking out the stunning and still covered with sweat Diva.

Fox licks her pouty lips at that thought. "Let me just drop my sis off, and you can got a whole lot more of this Fox, any way you want it..."

* * *

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