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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Audrey Marie(FCW, NXT), Seth Rollins (NXT, WWE, Tyler Black in ROH), Triple H (WWE).

Playing The Game In NXT Part 4: Audrey Marie
A WWE/NXT erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida in late July of 2012, only minutes have passed since the finals of the NXT Championship tournament have concluded, and now the newly crowned champion Seth Rollins is clutching his title to his body grinning as he walks down a corridor
alongside someone who knows all about title wins. The current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events, the multi-time WWE Champion known as Triple H who himself came out to congratulate Rollins after his win, has a hand on Seth's back and a smile on his face as they both walk on.

"Kid, I'll say it again. They way you beat all those main roster guys on the way to winning that title?" Triple H says, clad in a professional business suit with shoes. "I see really big things with you, and not just with that title.

"Thanks Triple H... I mean Sir..." Seth says, still clad in his ring attire he worn in that title-winning match. "This is what I've always wanted, and I know it's gonna be a stepping stone to bigger and better things for me."

"It's a damn start, that's for sure." Triple H smirks. "But you've got to set a standard now with that title. You'll have a target on your back now, trust me, and that means you'll have to step your game up even more from here on out..."

As the two turn a corner, both men's gaze locks onto a curvacious female form in high heels heading in their direction, causing a smile to form not just on their faces, but hers as well. The NXT Diva Audrey Marie, clad in tight, black booty shorts and a tight, straining green top that shows off
a more than ample amount of sexy cleavage from her nicely sized tits. She brushes her long, brunette hair back as she comes to a stop in front of both men, smiling as she looks over Rollins' newly won title.

"Sorry to stop you both, but congratulations on the big win there Seth..." Audrey says with a slightly seductive smile. "Impressive, as always..." She adds with a light laugh.

"Impressive..." Seth says, his gaze lingering on her on display tits for a long moment before he snaps back to reality. "Damn straight it was... I said I was going to win, and I'm not gonna stop from here." He says with a nod.

"Well, you know, if you ever need some back up, or maybe a new manager since you're the champ around here now..." She starts to offer, placing a hand on her toned hip.

"Say, didn't you used to be that little, innocent, girl-next-door type?" Triple H cuts in with a smirk. "Dressed like a country girl, kinda like how that chick who's wasting her time and talent is now over in the theme park in Florida?"

Raising an eyebrow, Marie looks towards Triple H. "And that got me no where. This is a new NXT, and a new Audrey Marie. As far as my "new" look goes? It's just like the rest of me - I'm going to do what it takes, whatever it takes, to get to where I want to be." She adds with a sly smirk. "Why? Don't you like what I'm wearing?"

Triple H smirks, folding his arms over his chest. "Pushing the boundries of PG if you ask me... But since you said you'd do whatever it takes... Care to put that to the test?" He almost challenges, before he looks to Seth. "How about you? You in?"

"We talking another match here? Because if it's a woman taking on men, I know a woman from my Indy days who'd jump at the chance of that..." Rollins says with a smile.

"I think I know who you mean, but what I'm talking about is... Let's just say a different kind of physical." Triple H says with a grin. "Both of you, follow me. Let me tell you about a secret celebration that all Superstars in the WWE get to have whenever they win a championship..."

* * *

Only minutes later, inside of the executive office of Triple H, the newly crowned NXT Champion Seth Rollins is moaning as he stands completely naked, his title belt on his shoulder as the stunning Audrey Marie kneels in front of him, using both hands to smoothly stroke off his very impressively lengthy dick. The stunning NXT Diva is smiling herself, mouth watering at the sight of suck a rock hard cock as she briskly moves her hands up and down his pole, and while she's still fully clothed her excitement is clear from how hard her nipples are, poking through her tight top that's still straining against her large chest.

Her attention gets drawn back however when she feels her hips being moved up and back towards the other hunk in the room, as Triple H himself is also nude with his fully hard manhood on display, a just as long dick that looks even thicker and seeing it alone makes her moan, making her squeeze
the dick she's jerking off. The multi-time WWE Champion wastes no time in sliding down her tight booty shorts, revealing her neatly shaved pussy and only giving a smirk as a warning, he comes in and pushes his dick into her snatch to cause them both to groan, her cry being noticeably louder as
her tight snatch already gets forced to stretch at the size being forced into her.

"Mmmm... Yeah, there's potential in you here Audrey..." The man known as The Game says with a knowing smirk, already starting to thrust into her snatch and giving no time to adjust to the invasion as he goes to work on her. "But don't leave the new champ hanging... Give him some of those "two words" me and Shawn are all about..." He adds, placing his hands on her toned, tanned waist as he effortlessly gets into the motion to bang the beautiful would-be WWE Diva that he's the boss off, taking a moment to admire her sexily rounded booty as he pumps his cock back and forth into her love tunnel.

"Ahhh! Mmmm... Sure thing Sir!" Marie moans as her body lightly rocks forward just from the feeling of the stud behind her thrusting his man meat firmly into her snatch, but she soon turns her attention and her head towards the other man in the room, a seductive smile cast upwards as she
releases the stroking grip of one hand. This allows her to part her soft lips and take Rollins' dick into her mouth, causing him to moan out from the soothing sensations as she sinks down to take a good couple of inches inside. "Mmmm... Mmm!!" She moans around the cock she's now starting to suck off, raising her head up to the crown of his tool before sinking downward, her hand still jerking off the rest of his inches to double the pleasure, trying to keep her lips as tight around the rod as she can but finding it hard to concentrate when she's getting nailed from behind by such a massive cock at the same time.

There's no complaints from the former ROH World Champion receiving this oral treatment, a smile on his face as he enjoys how her warm and damp mouth is sliding along the top half of his member, slight smacks of her tongue felt on the underside as she passes back and forth along his size. He moves a hand up, sliding it through her long hair but surprises her by taking a grip of it, showing his intensity as he moves his hips upward, sending his length further up into her mouth as she still blows him, making her gobble up more of his nicely thick inches. She groans in response, no gagging yet and now moving her hand off to just let her lips and mouth do the word, timing the bobbing of her head to match his pumps so she can suck away on the man meat being fed into her.

"Mmmm... Someone's been practicing..." The former leader of Evolution and DX says with a smirk, commenting on her cock-sucking skills and carrying on his steady thrusts into her snatch, ploughing his member deep into her hole and watching as she rocks between him and the other handsome
wrestler in the room, although that might be just from the force alone of his pumps into her. As he works his tool in and out of her pussy that's getting noticeably wetter as this threesome gets going, he raises a hand up to deliver a sharp spank to her ass, making her groan and jolt forward as her butt cheek shakes, her head going down deeper onto Seth's dick to make her gag in a very erotic and shameless way that makes both men grin.

"Sounds like not enough practice to me..." Seth comments with a laugh, letting out a moan as he lets her suck on his length a couple more times, ensuring that a nice layer of her saliva is now all over it.

"Trust me Seth, we can easily work on that..." Triple H says with a flash of a devious smile before he pulls out of her, causing her to groan in disappointment at the empty feeling now in her lower hole. "Seth, you lay on the floor here, and have Audrey get on top of you." He motions, directing traffic and with a plan in mind.

Lifting her head off of the dick she'd been blowing, the NXT Diva gets a moment to catch her breath, moving back so Rollins can move down and lay on the floor of the office. "I hope I've been impressing you so far Mr. Triple H..." Audrey says with a lick of her lips, locking eyes with her boss as she moves over and now straddles his member, letting out a groan as sinks herself down slowly onto his dick, her ass facing towards him as she squats and faces forwards towards Triple H. "I'm always willing to do what it takes... MMMPHH!!"

The eyes of the former FCW Women's Champion go wide when she's silenced by Triple H stepping forward and shoving his dick deep into her mouth, barely allowing her to register the taste of her own snatch off from his cock as he starts to pump his long, fat tool between her pouty lips. With two firm
handfuls of her long hair, she's not going anywhere and can only close her eyes, already gagging slightly at this face fucking as his man meat pushes in deeply with a quick rhythm, but from the way he's smirking and letting out moans he's very much loving how her warm and wet mouth feels around
his cock.

Underneath, Rollins has his NXT Championship across his chest and a big smile on his face as he reaches up, cupping the nicely rounded ass of the stunning female wrestler he's inside of and then showing he's not just lying down on the job as he thrusts his just as impressively lengthy
member upwards into her already wet snatch. "Mmmm... Glad to see you didn't... Ahhh... Wreck her completely..." He says up to the other stud with a chuckle as he works his cock up and down into her pussy as she squats above him, using a pace with plenty of pace and increasing force to bang her with, already having an effect on both as she can be heard moaning in between her gags around the dick in her mouth, and the would-be WWE Superstar nailing her is letting out clear cries of pleasure from how good her snatch feels around his tool.

At the same time, the WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events is grunting amongst his own moans as he solidly slams his "sledgehammer" straight and deep into the mouth of one of the talents he's supposed to be evaluating, not engaging in sinful sexual acts with like this. "Mmm... Wrecking can wait until she makes it... Ahhh yeah... If she makes it to the WWE..." Triple H states, his pistoning cock moving deep into the mouth of the beauty from Houston, Texas who continues to groan and moan around his meat, trying her best to keep her eyes open to gaze up at the hunk abusing her oral hole but the clear discomfort forces her to close them and just take this face fucking. "Trust me, if she can handle you and me... Mmmm... Wait until she gets into the "special" we do before each year's Royal Rumble..." He adds with a moan, watching as saliva is dripping from her lips and off of his cock, covering her chin and trickling all the way down her neck and onto her sexy cleavage to make her look both even hotter and much more slutty than she had been before.

"Ahhh yeah! Mmmm... Sign me up for that then..." The man formerly known as Tyler Black across the Indies says as he continues to fire his rod right up into her pussy, his hips meeting her ass cheeks to make a slap of skin hitting tanned skin sound out as he sends all of his inches that he can
into her damp but still nicely tight snatch. She responds with deep moans of her around around the cock that's making her gag loudly when it slides in deep past her lips, and despite how much she's getting hammered in her mouth by one dick, she's still getting off on this all, helped by how
expertly her pussy is getting filled up with thrust after quick, hard thrust straight into her.

"MMMMM! Mmmmm!! Ahh fuck!!" Audrey is finally able to moan and yell freely when Triple H pulls his cock mercifully out of her well-fucked mouth, the NXT Diva gasping for air as she grips her knees to stay in the squatting position, still taking the pumps from below into her very wet snatch. "Ahhhh! So fucking good!!" She moans out with a hiss, her attention brought up to the grinning stud in front of her as he slaps the bulbous head of his pole against her cheek, and in quick response she opens her mouth and pushes her tongue right out, allowing him to smack his bell-end repeatedly onto her wet, soothing tongue. Not only does he moan from that sensation, but from feeling her hot breath over his rod as she draws in much needed air, her chest heaving and giving another treat for the eyes along with the sexy layer of sweat now across her facial features.

"So... I guess you're having fun then..." Triple H teases with a handsome smile, stepping back to watch the gorgeous NXT Diva moan away as she's fucked from below by the hung, intense stud who just became the first-ever NXT Champion just a half hour ago. "But you are supposed to be helping him
to celebrate, not hog all the fun yourself..." He adds, taking a long look at her big breasts and her own saliva that's over them from how hard he'd been pumping into her mouth moments before.

"Ahhh! Mmmm... I'll fucking help him alright!!" Audrey moans in a shameless manner, licking her lips as she glances back at the stud nailing her. "Keep banging me like this... MMMM!! Both of you, and you can do... Ahhh!! What you want to me!!"

"Anything huh??" Seth says with a smirk, giving her one last deep pump up before he pushes her up and off form his cock, causing them both to groan at the feeling. "That gives me an idea then... I might not be in a tag team anymore, but I know about tag teaming..." He gives a hint as he stands up from the floor, holding his title belt.

"That makes the two of us..." Triple H says with a knowing smirk, having taking the time to bring his executive office chair around his desk to the front. "But here in the big time you need to bring it bigger... Or the real Divas will eat you up and spit you out... So you want to impress me? Let's pound this chick's brains out like she's getting canned like I did to Turner and Cortez..."

Not giving Marie any time to recover, the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion easily lifts her up, bringing her down with him as he sits back in the chair, settling her down mounted onto his fat, long cock with a single balls deep motion to make her moan. As she grinds her snatch
down against his crotch, he lifts up her tight top to fully reveal her sexily rounded and large tits, his hands instantly going to grope them and make her groan in delight as she finishes off the undressing to toss her top away. Her hands go back to her hair, grabbing it as she gets wild on
his dick the moment he starts to thrust up into her, playing with her boobs as she rocks on his length, sweat continuing to form all over her tanned body as she all too willingly lets herself be the fuck-toy of the married man who can so easily decide her fate in NXT and if she can make it to the WWE.

Ignoring the moment of confusion about what his boss had said about the two former NXT Divas, the hunk from Davenport, Iowa puts his focus onto the current one, placing his title onto the office desk before stepping forward and spreading her nicely juicy as cheeks apart in order for him to
push his cock into her back passage, causing them both to groan at the new sensation. "Awwww fuck!! Mmmmm!!" Rollins groans, sliding his cock as far into her very tight passage as he can get with the first thrust before he pulls back and starts to pump her, using only her own pussy juices coating
his cock as a form of lube but impressively she's showing no signs of pain from this backdoor invasion, perhaps due mostly to the other dick being sent up into her.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck YES!!!" The Houston, Texas-born beauty moans loudly, loving every moment of this intense and lusty banging she's in the middle of in more ways than one, perhaps a sign that this isn't her first time being double penetrated at the same time but never having been taken by two
massive pieces of man meat like this before. "Awwwww! Fuck that ass!! Stuff my pussy!! MMMMM so good!!" She groans out, trying to rock herself between the two studs but having little effect, her stunningly curved and tanned body almost being bounced around by how hard the thrusts are going
into both her snug and soaking wet pussy and her tight ass are. She's certainly not complaining about not being in control of this, nor has she been through-out this, more than willing to be dominated by this two hung hunks it's actually a credit to her that she's been able to take this kind of fucking for so long and not be reducing to a cumming wreck.

"Mmmmm... AHHHH!! Well if you insist... I guess we can do that..." The native of Greenwich, Connecticut chuckles in between moans, his hips rapidly slamming up to drive every inch of his thick shaft right up into her soaking wet love tunnel, feeling the sweat drip off her body as his balls slap into her skin, his hands gripping her waist to keep her planted onto his pumping tool. He's got a great view here with the beautiful female wrestler moaning away on his manhood, his eyes level with her gorgeous, rounded tits that are bouncing in time with the jolting movement of her body thanks to his own thrusts and those from the other desirable male involved in this hot and lusty threesome inside of Triple H's own office.

"MMMM!! Fuck yeah!! Too damn right we'll... Ahhh! Give it to you Audrey!!" As if the newly crowned NXT Champion needed to confirm the obvious from the way he's intensely slamming his cock in and out of her asshole, but the desire from his voice is enough to make her shiver as he continues to drive his pole into her juicy butt. He reaches forward, grabbing her hair with a tug to make her groan before pulling her head back, allowing him to lean in and force his lips against hers, a deep kiss engaged with their tongues racing in to slap against each other as his other hand slides up to grope her breast. All the while he keeps moving his hips back and forth, pounding her ass from behind and making it look like he taps her every night from how deeply he's got his inches inside of her, and from how she's able to take it like she's a professional porn star rather than a potential sports entertainer.

Perhaps she should have been more careful what she wished for, because this level of hard and fast fucking in both of her lower holes soon has its effects on the former FCW Women's Champion, and with a deep moan into the mouth of the hunk she's making out with, Audrey Marie begins to sharply cum on the cock of Triple H while still getting fucked in the ass by Seth Rollins. Groaning lowly, the NXT Diva grinds down as her pussy tightens, juices flooding out and all over the cock of the WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events who just moans and smiles, able to handle the sudden increase of pressure he's feeling. At the same time Rollins is grunting, her back passage clamping around his dick but he's able to continue pounding her from behind, enjoying her sexy ass for as long as he can with a series of intense, deep thrusts into her.

"Mmmm... not bad kid, not bad..." Triple H compliments with another confident smirk, giving her breasts another squeeze to bring her back to reality as she comes down from her sexual peak. "Think you'd better get off of me so... Mmmm... You can clean up..." He orders more than offers a
suggestion, shown by him moving his hands down to lift her upwards and off from his dick.

"Ahhh... She can do that..." Seth says, helping to lift her up but keeping her ass impaled on his dick so that when her feet touch the floor of the office, he's able to bend her over forwards with her head going towards Triple H's crotch and he's still deep in her booty. "I'm not finished with
her yet..."

"Kids these days..." The WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events has a chuckle, watching as Rollins goes back to work on fucking her ass from behind, and that leaves him to take a hold of her hair, guiding the NXT Diva back towards his dick.

"Ooooh fuck!" Marie is able to groan out as she feels the hunky stud behind her ramming his dick once again in and out of her still nicely tight asshole, already making her rock forward on her feet as she's held by the waist. Soon though she's silenced when the veteran WWE Superstar in front
of her pushes his cock into the open target of her moaning mouth, and now he's also calling out with pleasure as she wastes no time in going to work on him, wrapping her softly pouty lips firmly around the length and starting to suck away. "Mmmm... Mmmmm!" Her moans can be still heard as she starts to slurp away on the dick she'd just cum on, showing no problem with tasting and indeed cleaning her own pussy juices off of his rod, much to grinning delight of the married man she's currently servicing with clear experienced skill.

At the other end of this spit roast, the former star of the "Do It For Her" tag team in Wrestling Society X is showing he can certainly do her, grunting as he swiftly slides his cock back and forth into her back passage, his toned waist connecting with her butt cheeks to make them jiggle as the loud smack rings out when their sweating, tanned bodies connect. "Ahhhhh fuck! Damn what an ass..." Seth groans as he watches his dick passing in and out of her sexily rounded booty, each thrust into her going balls deep with his nutsack also slapping into her body but neither registers any pain, the pleasure and lust both feel more than overriding anything else.

Meanwhile the multi-time former WWE Champion continues to moan and smirk, watching the gorgeous NXT Diva in front of him blowing his long and fat cock quickly and smoothly, feeling her groans bouncing off his rod as she gets him coated now with her saliva, especially when she gags around him after taking a little too much of his inches inside her hot, wet mouth. He's also noting the impressive intensity that the other man is showing as he bangs the backside of the babe in between them, causing her to be filled up with an amount of inches that many a professional porn starlet would struggle to handle for even half of the time these three sports entertainers have been going at it.

It's then impressive that even after being rocked by a hard orgasm minutes before that the stunner from Houston, Texas is able to still take this kind of spit roasting, taking a cock in the front and back as she pushes against the stiff and sudden thrusts into her ass while able to rock forward and suck away on the dick in front of her. Marie gazes up at the hunk she's blowing, being sure to slide her tongue up against the bottom side of his tool as it passes back and forth between her lips, moaning herself around his dick as she keeps on getting fucked in the ass from behind but it completely getting off on it. This double penetration is making her look more like a dirty, desperate slut than a potential future WWE Diva, but she's loving the feeling of these long and thick, pulsating cocks moving into her juicy ass and her warm, damp mouth.

She doesn't get too long to enjoy this however, and with a deep grunt and a final couple of deep thrusts into her backside, Seth Rollins pulls out and starts to stroke himself off, soon unleashing his big load onto her juicy, tanned ass cheeks as the first shot splashes down onto her booty.
Audrey Marie groans at the sensation, able to glance back as she still sucks away on the other man's dick, watching the new NXT Champion's hand quickly jerking to milk his dick dry, his jizz landing across both of her ass cheeks to give her a sexy glaze of cum across her stunning behind. It's obvious he's pleased with his "art work", smiling as he strokes the final drops out and flicks them down onto her ass before stepping back.

Her head is soon turned back to the front as she stays bent over, looking up as Triple H lets out a grunt, thrusting his hips forward as he now fires off the first shot of his load into Marie's mouth, making her moan as she has to quickly swallow his cum down as she continues to bob away along the majority of his size. As they both groan, she makes sure to use her tongue to slide all around his inches, tasting his seed and then taking it down her throat with greedy gulps even though it's clear from the grip on her hair still that he's not going to allow her to miss out on a single drop of his jizz, and there's not even a muffled complaint from the woman drinking it all down right now. Eventually he lets go of her, allowing his spent and softening dick to fall from her mouth as she can
finally draw in breath, licking her lips with a soft moan as she gives both hunks a big smile.

"I forget... Was I supposed to be impressing you guys, or the other way around?" Audrey teases as she stands up and looks over both men.

"Trust me... You two kids more than passed the grade..." Triple H says, casually leaning back against his office desk despite still being naked. "More than I can say for other chicks that have come and gone here."

"Damn... Well if this is what it's like just being the NXT Champion then I can't wait to make it up to the WWE for real someday!" Rollins says with a grin, reaching to pick up his title and he looks it over with a smile.

"Between me and you kid? I think you're a sure shot at being a WWE Superstar, and sooner rather than later..." Triple H adds with a nod and a smirk. "Now we'd better clear out before the staff here get mad at me trying to put in "over time" in this office..."

* * *

Minutes later after the end of the steamy, office room threesome he'd been involved in, the NXT Champion Seth Rollins is fully dressed in jeans and a black metal-style T-shirt with his travel bag over his shoulder, leaving the Full Sail University building with a smile on his face, still shaking
his head at all that went down tonight.

"Gonna be a night I'll never forget..." He says to himself, approaching his car as he takes out the key.

"You keep playing Triple H's games, and you won't have much more nights around here..." A voice says, making Rollins spin around in a defensive stance.

He now sees the owner of the voice, fellow NXT developmental talent in the dangerous and disturbed Dean Ambrose, rolling his hand around in an odd circle as he comes forward towards Seth, dressed in what appears to be a black uniform not unlike those worn by riot police. Knowing from past battles both in NXT live events and FCW what Ambrose is all about, Rollins is getting himself ready for a fight.

"What is this? Dress up night?" Seth questions with narrowed eyes, gripping his NXT title with one hand. "I've already fought tonight, but I've got no problems throwing down again!"

"That's just the problem Seth... You've been fighting time and time again, but for what?" Dean questions with a dark tone, motioning at the NXT title. "For that? A belt that the WWE won't even recognize outside of this state, and maybe even in it? Or maybe you're fighting for your good buddy Triple H, right? Doing everything he says, following the line like everyone else, and just being another, disposable tool so he can look good to his Daddy-in-law."

"Hey, if you're mad that you haven't gotten your NXT TV debut yet, you need to talk with Triple H about it." Rollins says, not exactly buying what's being said.

"Oh?" Ambrose put on a fake look of shock. "A meeting? Like you had tonight banging that slut Audrey Marie with him? Or the kind that Triple H had with Sofia Cortez, and then with Caylee Turner before he signed the papers to have them fired!" He then snaps with a snarl of anger.

Hearing that, and remembering what Triple H said earlier on to him, Seth drops his guard, arms going to the side as he looks Dean straight in the eyes. "He did what??" He questions.

"You and me Seth, we're the same... Being stuck down here, being told to wait, while there's this kind of being chewed up and spit out injustice going on not just here in NXT, but all the way up to the WWE and right to the top." Dean says, stepping forward and placing a hand onto Seth's shoulder. "Injustice is everywhere... And you just have to ask yourself one thing Seth... Are you going to fight for yourself? For what you're told to? Or... Do you want to fight for justice for once in your life?"

Despite being unsure before hand, there's something about what Ambrose is saying that seems to click inside of Rollins' head. "...I'm listening Dean, but if this is one of your games..." He starts to warn.

A small, creepy smile appears on Dean's face as he gives Seth a pat on the shoulder. "Let me tell you about something me and a friend have been planning out to make sure justice is served in the WWE..."

* * *

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