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Featuring: Miss Madness/Mona (WCW, Molly Holly in WWE), Billy Kidman(WCW/WWE).

Playing With Madness
A WCW erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the July 19th 1999 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, the handsome
high-flier known as Billy Kidman is grunting in discomfort as he rubs an
ice-pack over his chest, easing the pain after taking two infamous Top Rope
Elbow Drops from "Macho Man" Randy Savage during their one-on-one match
earlier on that saw "The Worm" Dennis Rodman appear and attack Savage. Kidman
lets out a sign, clearly baffled by everything that went down out there

"And I thought things were weird putting up with Raven in his Flock..." Billy
remarks with a slight smile, still clad in his jean shorts with his white top
hanging around his neck. His attention is caught when he hears quick
footsteps coming towards him, making him look up and doing a double take his
eyes narrow as he stands up. "Hey you! I've got a bone to pick with you!"

Startled, none other than Miss Madness herself, also known as Mona, comes to
a shocked stop in front of him, clad in her signature tight-fitting blue
dress that hugs to her thick, juicy ass and her large, nicely rounded tits,
along with her elegant gloves and white Miss Madness sash hanging off her
shoulder around her body. The beautiful blond, who earlier in the night
delivered a Dropkick to the back of Kidman's head to help get her man Savage
the edge in the match seems more worried now than she was before.

"You think you can just come out to the ring and hit me and get away with
it?" Billy demands, not looking happy with her attack and for good reason.
"Umm... Listen, now is not a good time..." A clearly nervous Miss Madness
states, glancing back behind her. "Randy is really mad about what happened
with that Basketball guy! And he's not exactly happy with me either after I
hit him with that Dropkick!"

"Well that's what you both get for hitting me with one of them in the first
place!" Kidman says, folding his arms over his chest. "So what if your old
man is steamed? Think I'm happy after being jumped by you, then taking two of
his damn Elbow Drops?"

"You don't understand!" Mona says, almost pleeding as she reaches forward and
grabs his arm. "Look, I'm sorry! I was just trying to help Randy! Anyone else
would, but I need to get out of here, like now! When Randy gets mad, he..."
She looks to the side, looking sad. "He... He sometimes lashes out..."

"Woah, say what?" Kidman asks, shocked by what he heard. "You saying he's hit
you before??"
"He doesn't mean it!" She tried to defend the man she manages as part of Team
Madness. "I... I hope he doesn't, but it sometimes happens..."
He shakes his head. "That's not cool, not at all. Unless it's in a match, on
fair terms, you can't go hitting a woman just because things aren't going
your way!" Billy says, before letting out a sigh. "OK, OK, whatever... I'm
man enough to let something like you hitting me that one time go. Just head
on out of here, and we'll forget about earlier on."

"Uhhh... Well, I sort of... I need a place to stay. For the night." Her gaze
goes up to him, biting down on her bottom lip. "Randy will still be mad until
the morning, and I don't feel like going back to the suite where we're all
staying at until he's cooled off."
"Geez, lucky for some." Kidman says with a chuckle, giving the gorgeous blond
a look over. "Well... Here's the thing Miss Madness... I guess I could let
you crash in my room tonight..."

She lets out a gasp, a relieved smile coming across her face. "Really? You
would?? That would be so...!"

"Hold on honey! There's a catch!" Billy states with a growing smile. "You
see, there's the rule amongst wrestlers that if you crash, you need to pay up
some cash. But since you're clearly all woman, and a heck of a woman at
that... Plus with how you hit me earlier... You're going to need to pay me
back if I'm gonna help you out like this, and I don't mean with some

Mona raises an eyebrow, placing her hands on her curvy hips. "Well... That
sounds fair, all things considered and I really do need some helping out
here... But what kind of "payment" are we talking about here?"

* * *

Less than an hour later inside of his room where most of the WCW wrestlers
are staying at, the handsome Billy Kidman is smiling a mile-wide grin as he
watches "Miss Madness" Mona stare with widened, lust-filled eyes at the sight
of his rock hard and impressively long cock as he stands completely naked in
front of the kneeling beauty. Still clad in her form fitting blue dress with
her Miss Madness sash on, the beautiful blond licks her lips as she raises
her gloved hands up to take a hold of his member, starting to stroke him
smoothly back and forth as she continues to gaze over his tool, her position
giving him and extra treat as he looks down at her sexy cleavage on display.

"Looks like... Ahhh... You haven't seen a big one like this in quite a
while..." Kidman states with a chuckle, noting her look as she's almost
drooling at the sight of his meaty pole as she jerks him off, the feeling
seemingly improved by her gloves she has on as she slides her covered palms
all the way up and down him with one placed above the over, not missing an
inch of his size. Glancing up, she smiles with a cute blush, perhaps
answering the question for him before she leans her blond haired head in,
giving the tip of his cock a firm kiss to make him lightly groan, followed by
a couple more around the top of the crown, all the while still stroking away
with a steady, controlled pace.

Soon though he has reason to properly moan when her soft lips part and take
his bell end along with a couple of his inches into her warm and noticeably
wet mouth, saliva immediately being splashed onto his member as he tongue
flicks up and works around him as she turns her head from side to side,
grinding her lips against his tool as both hands glide back and forth along
his dick. The multi-time former WCW Cruiserweight Champion moans as he holds
the back of his head with both hands, loving the feeling already as those
pouty lips twist around his manhood, wrapped perfectly around him despite his
great thickness and he can't help but be turned further on at how her tongue
is hungrily working over him inside of her oral hole.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... Yeah, like that Mona..." Billy encourages, watching the
"Team Madness" valet starting to bob her head along his cock, one hand now
resting up on his waist as the other remains gripping and pumping the rest of
his size as she sucks him off, slurping and groaning herself around him as
she goes to work on him with an energetic and savoring pace. Her eyes gaze
up, taking in the sight of the muscular high-flyer, his moans encouraging her
to continue on and "repay" him for attacking him earlier in the night as she
blows him, easily taking in half of his length into her damp and soothing
mouth, her tongue still frisky and tapping up into his underside as he
smoothly passes in and out of her.

"Mmmm... Yeah! Damn! You know... Mmmm... What you're doing down there!" The
Allentown, Pennsylvania hunk groans out, referencing how skilled Miss Madness
is at handling his dick, her steady sucking motion and rhythm far from
amateur, combined with her stroking hand working over the rest of him showing
this is far from the first time she's sucked a cock, even of this large size.
The statement makes her smile around his tool as she slides her mouth
downwards to half-way, meeting her hand as it touches her chin before she
travels upwards to the head and repeats the motion with ease, all the while
her tongue adding to his pleasure as she makes it slide around the sides and
bottom of his tool, making sure his shaft is nicely coated with her saliva
that's starting to trickle slightly out from her lips.

"Mmmm... Think... Think you can take it deeper?" Kidman asks with a handsome
smile, seeing her look up with a hint of uncertainty even as his member is
already quite deep inside her mouth with her hand wrapped around the base,
but he gives her some encouragement by using a hand to stroke through her
blond hair, causing her again to blush despite having been sucking his dick
for quite some time now. Moving her hand to the other side of his waist, Mona
lets out a groan as she starts to blow him once more, pushing down further
onto his thickness and in turn making him groan as she pushes down further
onto him, lips stretching slightly as she looks determined to see how much
she can handle, and it's a great start with a couple more inches fitting in
as her head keeps moving with perfect pace, causing her stylish and expensive
earrings to sway in time along with the ends of her locks.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh yes... That's the ticket right there..." The Master of the
Shooting Star Press moans out, still grinning as his gaze is locked down onto
the beautiful female wrestler and manager on her knees sucking away on his
cock, still wearing her trademark stunning blue dress and her Miss Madness
sash slightly slipping down her arm from the momentum she's using to rock her
head back and forth on his meaty pole. She groans again, closing her eyes as
those pouty lips sink down deeper, a slight gag as the tip of his man meat
connects with the back of her mouth but she isn't put off, continuing to show
off her clear oral skill as her saliva coats all of his inches, trickling
down further onto his ball sack as the steady but very hot blowjob continues

"Ahhhh fuck! Bet this... Ahhhh... Wasn't in the contest to decide who was...
Mmmm... Miss Madness..." The former member of Raven's Flock says with another
chuckle, groaning as he places his hands onto the top of the smoothly bobbing
head of the current valet to "Macho Man" Randy Savage as she is still moaning
with lust herself as she administers this sex act to the man she attacked
during a match earlier tonight and is now shamelessly sucking him off in his
hotel room. It's obvious both desirable WCW stars are turned on by this, with
Kidman already sweating a little on his forehead from how deeply and
perfectly his manhood is being treated by the stunningly curved blond, and
her hard nipples are poking through her blue dress as she remains on her
knees, briskly moving her head up and down almost his entire length much to
his load, moaning pleasure.

With a sudden, deep motion down she catches the former Cruiserweight Champion
off guard, making him moan with a gasp and wide eyes as she forces her head
straight down onto him, pressing her nose into his crotch with her chin
touching his balls, a gag still heard despite being partially gagged by the
man meat she's impressively and sexily deep throating every fat inch off.
Saliva is dripping from his tool now and off of her chin from the repeated
sucking, but she boldly raises herself up a few inches in order to drive back
down with a smack, almost face-fucking herself on his member but making
herself gag once more, her spit splattering around the base as her lips can't
remain tight around the base but it's all pleasing him erotically, almost to
the point of his eyes rolling into the back of his skull.

Mercifully perhaps for both, Moan stops herself and lifts her blond haired
head all the way up and off of his tool, spitting a large wad of saliva onto
his cock in order for her to gasp for breath as she pants for it, eyes
opening to look over his dick that's now completely soaked with her spit, the
sight making her moan as she bites down on her bottom lip. "S... Sorry
Billy... I get a little, you know... Crazy sometimes with a big dick..." She
admits with a cute blush, licking her lips as she looks over the hunk before
her as she moves a hand up, about to grip his dick again but remembering that
she still has her expensive sliver gloves on she thinks better of it,
adjusting the neckline of her blue dress instead and in the process showing
off some more of her cleavage to him. "Ummm... Do... Would you like to, you
know... Maybe go a little further?? I do owe you for this, and earlier
tonight in the match..."

Hearing the offer makes him grin, and he was already nodding to it before
she'd even finished asking. "Fuck yeah I would!" Kidman responds, helping her
up off the hotel room floor and watching as she walks over towards the bed,
his eyes taking in the sight of her nicely rounded and full hips swaying as
she approached it. "You might be Miss Madness, but I bet you like to get
wild, don't you?"

"Hey, that's just being a part of Miss Madness!" She defends herself with a
smile, reaching down and pulling the bottom of her dress up her smooth,
tanned legs. "I can get wild, get crazy, and get mad..." Mona adds, revealing
a pair of matching blue panties to her outfit that fit perfectly to her thick
and juicy looking ass. "Don't believe me? Then come and stick that dick of
yours into my ass, and see if you can handle some of the madness!"

That challenge had him grinning even wider as she stepped forward, helping
now as he slid her underwear down to full expose her backside along with her
already very moist looking pussy. "I think I'd take this over being smacked
around by Savage, any day!" Billy adds, moving in as he grips his length to
line it up with her asshole.

A firm thrust in makes them both moan as his thick and long cock pushes into
her ass, the first few inches plunging in and he finds some tight resistance
against his motion in, making him grit his teeth as he pulls back until just
the thick bell end is still inside her back passage before he repeats the
action, causing both WCW performers to groan in lust as he slides back in,
going smoothly and slowly in order for her to get used to his vast size
invading her. Looking back over her shoulder at him as she stays propped up
over the bed, bent over forwards with one arm placed on the bed to keep her
in position with the other reaching back to keep her dress pulled up to allow
easy access, she isn't showing any signs of discomfort or being hurt by this
anal action, perhaps a sign that this isn't her first action in this hole.

Focused on the task and with both hands gripping those plump butt cheeks to
lightly squeeze as he keeps the spread apart, the athletic high-flier is
grunting as he works his tool in and out of her vice-like asshole, at the
same time moaning at the snug feeling all around the inches he's managed to
fit inside her but it's clear he's not going to be satisfied until her
one-of-a-kind backside is completely filled up with his man meat. It's
exactly why he's going slow and steady to allow her to adjust, gradually
working more and more inside her with every forward thrust into her back
passage as he bangs the horny valet of Team Madness who had earlier on
attacked him from behind during his match against her man, and is now bent
over in front of him willingly taking it up the ass and is loving it just as
much as he is giving it to her!

"Aaaaah! Ooooooh yes!! MMMMM!!" Miss Madness moans with half closed but
lust-filled eyes, looking right back at him as her gaze switches from the
look of pleasure on his face, his muscular body, and down to his crotch to
watch his manhood sliding forward in between her ass cheeks and then pull
back out smoothly and steadily as he handles her booty more than just nicely,
yet at the same time still leaves her craving more from him. "Mmmm... Don't
hold back Billy... Let me see you unleash some "Madness" onto that ass..."
She almost begs before letting out another quite shameless cry of pleasure
despite her pussy not being touched in this position, getting off on just
being fucked in her tight and sexily rounded booty as she's still partially
clothed, her blue dress covering her upper body but hiked up over her hips
and her panties down just under her hips as his member continues to pump in
and out of her back passage.

"If you say so... Mmmm... But sound like someone... Ahhhh FUCK! Loves it up
the ass..." The stud from Allentown, Pennsylvania states with a confident
chuckle, shrugging his shoulders as he grips her butt cheeks and gives her
what she wants, turning it up a notch as he puts some extra force into his
thrusts and quickens the pace of his rocking hips, making himself moan in the
process as his dick goes further up into her backside. "And that's not...
Ahhhh! Anything mad... That's fucking hot!!" He adds with a groan, leaning
his head down to spit onto his own dick, his saliva soon vanishing into her
back passage when he soon pumps into her, as the only form of "lube" that's
been used during this red hot anal action has been his and her own saliva,
helping to make this deep thrusts feel even more better for both WCW
performers involved in this steamy hotel room encounter.

"Ahhhh! Yes!! Yes it is!! Mmmmm!!" The blond haired beauty from Forest Lake,
Minnesota moans out in lust, sweat now forming across her face as he hand
grips the sheets of the bed she's keeping herself bent over in front off,
rocking back and forth on her bare feet against the incoming thrusts into her
backside in order to take him even deeper into her still tight back passage.
"I uhhhhh... I love it up the ass!! AWWWWW FUCK!!" She gasps in pleasure as
she takes an even harder thrust from behind but doesn't feel a bit of pain,
showing she's very much used to anal activity and has an ass made for
fucking, and she's certainly getting that right now as the lengthy and fat
cock of the grappler behind her continues to plough swiftly and with force
into her backside.

"You... Uhhhhh! You fucking love this, don't you??" The popular WCW
Cruiserweight groans out, perspiration now forming all over his desirable,
athletic body as he keeps the surprisingly powerful for a man of his side
thrusts coming, sending his tool deep into her ass as he keeps those juicy
cheeks apart, his hands easily able to grip into the more than ample flesh of
her backside as he bangs her from behind. "You love... MMMM!! You love my big
cock slamming into your ass!" He adds with another grunt, marveling at how
much of his length has managed to slip inside of her tight hole, only a
couple inches now not inside her as he again spits down onto his shaft to
send the saliva up into her, just another sensation for them both to enjoy as
he remains standing to give it to her and she remains bent over before him,
keeping her dress pulled up above her own booty as it gets fucked deeply and

"Ooooooh yes!! I fucking love big dicks!!" Mona states with a moan of desire,
closing her eyes and tilting her head backwards as she feels his waist start
to collide with her butt cheeks and at the same time his nutsack is smacking
into her soaking wet pussy to show that he's now fucking her ass balls deep,
with every inch of his magnificent, thick dick. "Even better when... UHHH!!
They're shoved into my... MMMM!! My ass!!" She adds in between her groans,
also now with sweat all over her partially clothed body, making her stunning
blue dress and gloves stick to her body as her blond hair and earrings sway
in time with the rocking motion her body is doing, now roughly jolting
forwards each time she takes a hard and fast pump thrust into her stunningly
thick and rounded backside.

"MMMM fuck!! With that kind of... Ahhhh! Attitude, you're wasting your
time... Mmmm... With Macho Man..." The multi-time former Cruiserweight
Champion states, moaning with a smile as he watching the perfectly curved
beauty acting in a very slutty manner before him, keeping herself bent over
in front of him so she can deeply take his manhood all the way into her
backside, all of this in part her way of making it up to him for attacking
him during his match against the man she manages in WCW. He can't help but
grope and squeeze those thick, full butt cheeks as he pounds away into her
booty, the fact she's still wearing her trademark, form-fitting blue dress
making this anal sex even hotter as she pants for breath and keeps pushing
herself back to meet his pumps, causing a loud erotic slap to ring out around
his hotel room when his muscular waist connects with her stunningly rounded

"Oooooh fuck!! Fuck my ass Billy!! It's sooooooo goooooood!!" Miss Madness
deeply groans, closing her eyes as her head drops down a little, gasping for
air as her body still moves sharply back and forth as she feels his thick,
long cock continuing to drive deeply into her back passage, stuffing her full
wonderfully even if it's making her act more like a cheap whore than the
beautiful female wrestler and valet she actually is. "Oh fuck!! OH FUCK!!
Fuck!! I'm gonna... MMMM!!" She lets out another deep cry of lust, her head
nodding up and down as she sharply pushes backward against the incoming
motion, surprising him but he easily matches it, moaning himself with another
grin at her craving motion, having no problem giving her all of his manhood
and keeping it thrusting away in and out of her still impressively tight hole.

Soon the reason for the sudden change of pace becomes clear as her back
passage clamps around his member, making him groan and hiss through his teeth
as he keeps control and doesn't miss a beat with his stiff and quick pumps,
and he get treated to watching her moan and shiver in delight as Miss Madness
starts to cum from being fucked up the ass by Billy Kidman despite the fact
her pussy has been fucked or even fingered during this. Mona moans out
shamelessly as her juices flow out of her snatch and down her smooth, tanned
thighs and legs to go along with the sweat all over her partially clothed
body, still groaning away in lust even as he eases up on his strong and deep
pumps and she starts to come down from a clearly intense sexual peak that's
left a big smile on her beautiful face.

"Mmmm... Damn Mona! That didn't take long at all!" Kidman says with a laugh,
pulling his noticeably throbbing now dick out from her well fucked ass,
taking a moment to note at how her once tight asshole is gaping now thanks to
his repeated thrusts. "Guess it's been a while huh?" He adds with a handsome
smile, watching as she turns around to sit down on the edge of the bed, still
gasping for air as she recovers from her orgasm.

"Mmmm... You have no idea..." Miss Madness says with a cute laugh, finding
herself licking her lips as her gaze is once again drawn to his still hard
cock. "But it looks like I'm not done with you yet..."

"Woah! You want to go ass-to-mouth? Seriously??" Billy is clearly surprised,
but won't say no as she places her gloved hands onto his waist. "Damn...
That's a kind of "Madness" I can get behind!"

Still running on her lust from this whole sexual encounter, the beautiful
blond doesn't hesitate to take his long dick once again into her warm and wet
mouth, despite it having just been balls deep inside her own ass and from the
moment she takes him between her soft, pouty lips she can taste her own back
passage off of his member when he tongue hungrily slides up against the
underside. Rather than make her disgusted, it seems to turn her on as she
groans at the taste, going right into bobbing her head back and forth along
his size and already taking him in deep, pressing those lips firmly around
his length as she slides smoothly and swiftly up and down on him.

Staring down, the eyes of the multi-time former WCW Cruiserweight Champion
are locked with her lust-filled ones, making the sight of her beautiful,
sweat covered facial features even hotter than ever as her mouth is down deep
on his thickness, already applying plenty of saliva onto his tool as she
cleans off the taste of her own ass from him. Her glove covered hands slide
sensually up and down his waist, caring not for how his sweat might ruin them
as she only cares about getting him off, keeping those lips wrapped around
his dick as she bobs her head with such force it makes her earrings and hair
sway, her Miss Madness sash now hanging off her arm at her hand having
slipped down as the still clothed in her trademark blue dress valet blows the
handsome hunk off with speed and purpose.

"Awwww... Awwww fuck Mona!! So fucking good!!" He exclaims with a gasp, the
Master of the Shooting Star Press being shown a masterclass of sucking cock
as she briskly works over his fat pole with a quick pace, saliva dripping
down his man meat as she shamelessly feasts on his dick, groaning around him
as she gazes up and handles almost all of him inside her soothing, far from
inexperienced oral hole. "MMMM!! Fucking suck that dick!!" He's able to add
with a deep moan, feeling himself throb inside her mouth as almost every inch
of him is taken between her full lips, the busty beauty seemingly having
endless energy even after cumming so hard from being pounded in her ass as
she slobbers away on his member, all the while her groans bouncing off his
meat as its deep in her mouth, allowing her tongue to flick away all around

"MMMM!!! Awwww fuck! Fuck yessssssssssss..." Billy Kidman moans out with a
hiss as he begins to shoot his load into the mouth of Miss Madness, filling
up Mona's mouth with his thick and hot seed, causing her to smile around his
pulsing cock as she keeps on bobbing along him, letting more and more of his
spunk fire into her so she can collect it, at the same time still sucking him
so she can get every drop from his thick and long dick. He certainly
appreciates that with a smile, watching her ease up on her motion before she
finally lets go of his spent and now softening dick, tilting her head back a
little to show him the huge mouthful of his cum she's gotten out of him
before she presses her lips together and with one, loud, and shameless gulp
swallows it all down.

"Wow... That was something else!" Kidman says, still smiling as his chest
heaves for air as he gazes down over the woman he'd been fucking and getting
sucked off by. "Miss Madness? Maybe Miss Anal or Miss Blowjob..." He adds
with a chuckle, before watching as she collapses right back to lay on his
hotel room bed. "Hey, you OK there Mona?"

"I'm... Oh gosh... I'm sorry..." Mona pants out with closed eyes, her blue
dress sticking to her body from the sweat all over her. "I get so worked
up... I'm going to need a few minutes..."

"Few minutes? After all that, take all the time you want! Hell, take a shower
if you want to..." Billy suggests, smiling to himself at that thought. "You
said Macho Man would be still mad at you until the morning... So why not stay
the night?"

Hearing that, she lifts her head up, smiling cutely at him as she licks her
lips. "You're just saying that to get back inside my ass, aren't you?" Miss
Madness asks, but the look on her face shows she doesn't seem against that

He shrugs his shoulders, still smiling. "You've got a great ass! Think I'm
gonna say no to that?"

"Well... I guess I could stay a while longer..." She says, her eyes going
back down to his dick. "It would be "Madness" to say no..."

* * *

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