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Playing With The Playmate
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of the Taboo Tuesday 2004 Pay-per-view spectacular,
Edge and Christian, both dressed in their wrestling tight, are hanging out
near the divas locker room area, and trying to sneak a peek into the divas
locker room. "Man... we got some of the hottest women in the world here in
the WWE..." Christian says with a grin.

"Yeah totally..." Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "And they just keep
getting hotter... did you see the two from the Diva search? Christy and
Carmella?" Edge asks.

"Yeah... fuck I wouldn't mind banging either of them, mainly Carmella...
she's just hot!" Christian replies as neither man notices the 2004 Diva
Search Runner Up standing behind them.

The stunning, seducing Playboy Playmate of the Year, Carmella DeCesare
presses her lips together as she stands behind Edge and Christian with a
raised eyebrow. The 2004 Diva Search Runner Up tosses her soft, silky dark
brown hair back as she slowly licks her lips while dressed in a tight-fitting
pink t-shirt and a pair of tight-fitting black pants "Ummm...were you boys
talking about me?" Carmella asks with a slight smirk as she somewhat startles
the Canadian-brothers.

Edge and Christian both turn around quickly and lick their lips when they see
the hot Playboy Playmate standing before them. "Oh yeah... we were talking
about you..." Edge says as he licks his teeth a bit.

"No I was talking about you..." Christian says with a smirk as he puts his
hands on his waist "Why? Did you hear something you liked?" Christian asks
in a cocky tone.

Carmella smirks slyly "Maybe...maybe I did..." Carmella says with a soft
laugh as she slides her right hand through her silky dark brown hair as she
casually glances at Edge and Christian's impressively built body, while also
taking a quick glance at each of their crotches " think I'm hot?"
Carmella asks arrogantly.

"Oh yeah... totally... you're so hot... you totally reek of awesomeness..."
Christian answers as he looks at Carmella's tight-fitting pink t-shirt.

Edge looks at Christian with a raised eyebrow, then he smirks and looks
at Carmella, "Yeah... we both think you're hot..." Edge licks his teeth,
"Very... very hot..."

Carmella smirks and raises an eyebrow " do I am the Playboy
Playmate of the Year!" Carmella says as she slightly brags about her
achievement while she takes a step towards Edge and Christian "
know what...I think you two are total studs."

"Oh we're more than just total studs... you're just seeing everything from
the waist up..." Edge replies as he licks his teeth.

"Yeah you have to see the total package to see if we're total studs..."
Christian replies as he and Edge both motion towards their impressive sized

Carmella licks her lips as the seductive Playboy Playmate presses her
luscious, pouty lips together "And can find out?" Carmella asks
with a sly smirk.

Edge licks his teeth, "All you had to do was ask..." Edge says as he starts
to lower his wrestling tights down from his waist.

"And since you did... you get to find out..." Christian adds as he too
lowers his wrestling tights, and within moments, both Edge and Christian
have removed their tights and stand before the gorgeous Playboy Playmate
with their large, thick twelve-inch cocks getting harder between their

Carmella licks her lips and nods her head " guys are total studs...
perfect studs for this Playboy Playmate of the Year!" Carmella says proudly
as she places her hands against her waist as she casually lowers herself down
onto her knees in front of Edge and Christian in the hallway " boys
are totally hot!" Carmella says with a smirk as she reaches forward and wraps
her smooth hands around the shafts of Christian and Edge.

"Yeah... we know..." Edge laughs a bit as he tosses his blond hair back as he
puts his hands on his waist. He moans a bit as Carmella pumps his cock with
her left hand and he licks his teeth slightly. Christian smirks, "Mmmm...
you're really fucking hot Carmella..." Christian says with a moan as Carmella
squeezes his dick with her right had as she strokes it.

Carmella smirks as she looks up at Christian "Yeah...I know..." Carmella
replies as she smoothly strokes her hands against Edge and Christian's
hardening shafts before she leans her head down and gently flicks her
tongue against the head of Christian's cock before doing the same to Edge's

Edge moans a bit as Carmella flicks her tongue against the head of his shaft,
"Mmmm hey Christian this is going to be awesome..." Edge says with a wide

"Yeah... we're gonna get blown by a fucking Playmate of the Year!" Christian
replies as he high-fives his former tag team partner as Carmella goes back
and forth between them as she brushes her tongue against their cocks.
Carmella lifts her soft, seducing eyes and locks them with Edge and Christian
firmly as she gently slaps her tongue against the heads of their impressive,
thick and hard cocks.

"Ohh yea... mmm I can't wait... but I want to fuck her first..." Edge says as
he licks his teeth a bit. "Always wanted to bang a Playmate..." Edge says as
he frees his cock from Carmella's hand and he walks behind her. Edge kneels
down a bit and he pulls Carmella up slightly so he can start pulling down
Carmella's tight-fitting black pants. Carmella smirks slightly as she traces
her wet, warm and delicate tongue on the head of Christian's cock before she
lowers her head and takes him into her warm wet mouth. Carmella wraps her
Playmate lips around his shaft and begins to bob her head as she sucks, while
Edge begins to remove her tight-fitting black pants.

Christian licks his lips and he puts both of his hands on Carmella's head as
she bobs her head up and down on his thick meaty Canadian cock. "Ohhh yea...
mmm... I love it..." Christian moans as he closes his eyes.

Meanwhile, Edge has pulled down Carmella's tight-fitting black pants all the
way down to her to her ankles, "Mmm no panties... perfect..." Edge licks his
teeth as he stares at Carmella's smooth ass for a moment before he bends down
a bit and pushes his rock hard cock into Carmella's pussy. "Ohhh shit..."
Edge groans as he puts his hands on Carmella's waist as he starts thrusting
his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Carmella groans around Christian's cock as she smoothly
bobs her head on his cock while Edge begins to thrust his thick cock in and
out of her hot, Playboy Playmate pussy. Carmella slides her tongue around
Christian's shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker while she pushes back
gently against Edge's cock inside of her warm, tight pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... suck that dick..." Christian moans as he pushes
Carmella's hair back as she takes more and more of his dick past her hot
Playboy Playmate lips.

Edge pulls Carmella back towards him as he steadily slams his cock in and out
of her hot pussy, "Mmmmm... damn... ohhh fuck you're hot... mmmm you're pussy
is just cutting edge..." Edge smirks as he quickens the pace of his thrusts.

Carmella presses her lips tighter around Christian's shaft as she starts to
lower her head further down on his cock, taking him deeper into her warm, wet
mouth as she bobs her head at a steady, smooth pace while she starts to push
back against Edge's cock inside of her pussy at a quicker rate "Mmmm...
ohhhh...mmmm" Carmella moans around Christian's cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Uhhh fuck... ohhh shit Christian... you are gonna love
banging her cunt... she's hot..." Edge groans as he slams his cock in and out
of Carmella's tight pussy.

"I bet it is... man... Edge, Carmella... can suck my dick for days if she
wanted too..." Christian moans as he Carmella takes his entire cock into her
warm, wet mouth, and the cocky RAW superstar groans loudly as he feels the
head of his dick hit the back of Carmella's mouth.

Carmella slowly lifts her head up from Christian's saliva dripping cock and
licks her lips "Mmmm...wanna try banging my cunt?" Carmella asks with a smirk
as she looks up at Christian while Edge swiftly slams his cock in and out of
Carmella's sweet pussy.

Christian smirks a bit as he takes his hands off of Carmella's head, "Oh
yeah... I do... you bet I do..." Christian replies.

Edge licks his teeth a bit and he pulls his cock out of Carmella's hot sweet
pussy, "Mmmm... I better get a hot blow job..." Edge says with a smirk as he
smacks Carmella's ass.

Carmella licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder at Edge "Mmm...ohhh
you will babe."

Christian licks his lips, "Mmm only one way this is gonna happen..."
Christian says as he starts to lay down on the floor in front of Carmella.

Edge smirks, "Good thinking Christian..." Edge says as he licks his teeth and
rubs his hands together.

Carmella presses her lips together "Mmm...damn...I'm going to ride you only
like a true Playmate does..." Carmella says with a sly smirk before she lifts
her tight-fitting pink t-shirt off of her body, exposing her firmly rounded,
perfect tits. The Playboy Playmate then mounts herself on top of Christian's
cock as she places her hands on his smooth, muscular chest "Ohhhhh shit..."
Carmella moans as she lowers herself completely on Christian's hard, thick

"Ohhh shit... those... are perfect tits..." Christian says as he lifts his
hands and place them both on Carmella's hot, perfectly shaped tits. As
Carmella starts to rocks back and forth on Christian's cock, Christian
squeezes her tits and thrusts his cock up into Carmella's hot Playmate of
the Year cunt. "Mmmm fuck... you... are hot... and tight..." Christian
moans as he feels Carmella's pussy squeeze his cock with every movement
she makes.

Carmella gently grits her teeth as she rocks back and forth smoothly on
Christian's cock as she begins to gradually bounces on his cock "Ohhh...ohhh
yeah..." Carmella moans as she tilts her head back slightly "Mmm...where's
that other dick..."

"Right here babe..." Edge says with a smirk as he walks around Carmella
and Christian and he stands next to them. "Here you go..." Edge says as he
holds his cock with his right hand and brushes the tip of his dick against
Carmella's pouty lips. Carmella slips her tongue out of her mouth and brushes
her soft tongue against the head of Edge's cock before she opens her mouth
and takes his cock into her sweet, warm mouth and begins to smoothly bob her
head along his shaft while she bounces on his cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm oh yea... you sure can suck..." Edge moans as Carmella bobs on
his thick, stiff cock. Edge puts his right hand on the Playmate's head and he
pushes her hair back.

Christian licks his lips as he continues to play with Carmella's tits while
thrusting his solid cock up into her tight pussy, "Mmmmm ohhh fuck yea...
baby ride that cock like a Playmate!" Christian moans.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Carmella's moans vibrate against Edge's shaft as she quickly
bobs her head along the length of his cock while she slams her hot, stunning
body down on Christian's cock as he thrusts his cock deeply into her pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck... mmmm... yea..." Christian moans as he sits up a bit and
leans his head forward so that he can trace his tongue against Carmella's
tits as she continues to ride his stiff cock. He thrusts his cock up into
her pussy and each of his thrusts makes Carmella jump a bit as she sucks on
Edge's dicks.

"Whoa... easy Christian... I want a good hot blowjob from the Playmate..."
Edge laughs and moans at the same time as he tries to get Carmella to take
his cock into her hot mouth. Carmella closes her eyes as she gently taps
her tongue against Edge's shaft as she takes him deeper into her warm, wet
mouth as she bobs her head quickly, up and down, on Edge's hard, thick
shaft. Carmella moans bounce against his shaft as she slams her hot, now
sweating Playboy body down on Christian's cock roughly, as his cock pierces
her tight, warm pussy.

"Awww... yeah... ohhh fuck yeah... suck that cock... yeah... you like it
don't ya..." Edge moans and tilts his head back as he slides a hand through
his blond hair. He thrusts his cock forward, moving his shaft in and out
between Carmella's pouty Playboy Playmate lips.

Christian grits his teeth, "Ahhh fuck... shit... man... I love Carmella's hot
tight pussy..." Christian moans as he rams his cock harder into her cunt.
Christian licks his lips and he soon starts to cum inside of Carmella's tight
cunt, filling her with his warm cum.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck..." Carmella moans against Edge's hard cock as she feels
the warm cum of Christian suddenly flood into her hot Playboy pussy "Ohhhh
yeah..." Carmella groans as sweat drips off her face as she slaps her tongue
against Edge's cock while smoothly bobbing her head.

Edge licks his teeth as Carmella continues to suck on his shaft, and he feels
every one of the Playboy Playmate of the Year's moans over his cock. "Ahhh
fuck yeah... mmmm..." Edge moans as he starts to cum inside of Carmella's
warm, moist mouth, and he gives the sexy Playboy Playmate a mouthful of his
warm cum.

"Mmmm...ohhh yesss..." Carmella moans around Edge's cock as her mouth fills
up with his warm, sticky cum as she slowly lifts her head away from his cock
and licks her lips before tilting her head back to swallow his cum.

Edge licks his teeth as she steps away from Carmella, "Oh yeah... mmm... now
that was exactly how I'd picture it..." Edge says.

Carmella presses her lips together as she gently rocks her body on
Christian's spent, weakening cock "Well there's playing with
a hot Playboy Playmate."


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