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Poor Bayley
by camoVigor

1...2...3! The bell rings, as Bayley gets a big win over Becky Lynch (Who Bayley had a secret crush on). Even though Sasha Banks was at ringside, Bayley over came the odds.

After the match, backstage Becky & Sasha go to talk to Bayley, but they notice she has just run off towards her locker room.

They knock on her door, but there's no answer, so they decide to let themselves in.

Becky: Bayley, are you here?

Sasha here's water, like Bayley is in the shower, so she looks to see if she is in the shower, and see's not only Bayley showering, but masturbating too.

Sasha: Omg, Becky come look what I found! She pulls out her phone and starts recording.

Bayley turns around, and see's Sasha and Becky looking at her laughing.

Bayley: What are you doing? Get out! Stop filming me!

Sasha: Aww were you busy fingering yourself? Did you get horny from rolling around with another woman?

Bayley: No! Get out!

Becky: What are you doing? Why did you stop?

Sasha: Yeah, keep on going. If you don't, we'll just beat you up, and tell everyone what you were doing after your match.

Bayley: What? I'm not gonna do that in front of you.

Becky: Aww, what a shame, I was looking forward to the show. Well, you earned this beating.

Sasha: Yeah, I guess I'll just go show everyone this video of you too.

Bayley: OK! I'll do it.

Bayley moves her hand down to her pussy, and starts rubbing around her clit.

Sasha: Yeah bitch, make yourself cum.

She continues to rub her pussy, and is now pulling her nipples.

Becky: Haha, I knew you were horny while we were in that match.

Bayley now slowly puts a finger in her pussy, she moans lightly, but the sound was drowned out by her crying.

Sasha: What's the matter slut? Are you upset because you're enjoying making yourself cum in front of us?

Bayley now has two fingers in her pussy, and is fingering herself faster.

Becky: Yeah, that's it. I want to see to fit 3 in now.

Bayley resentfully slides another finger in, acting like she hates it, when she actually loves doing this in front of Becky.

As she starts moaning louder, Bayley starts to feel herself cumming, she rubs her clit, and fingers herself twice as fast as before.

Bayley: Omg... Omg.

Bayley cums all over her fingers.

Sasha: You like that didn't you?

Bayley doesn't say anything, she just shook her head, but its obvious she did.

Sasha: You know what, I don't think that was enough for me.

Bayley: What!?

Sasha grabs Bayley by the hair, kneels her down, and pulls down her tights.

Sasha: Now make me cum!

Bayley tries to resist, but Sasha forces her.

Becky: Wait a minute, what about me?

Becky grabs two chairs, both her and Sasha sit on them, with Bayley beneath them.

Becky: OK, now make both of us cum.

Bayley rubs Becky's pussy, and starts circling Sasha's clit with her tongue. Both Becky & Sasha moan a little.

Bayley switches, she's now fingering Sasha's pussy, and licking Becky's pussy. Bayley is putting more effort to make Becky cum, and Sasha notices she isn't getting as much attention from Bayley's tongue.

Sasha pulls Bayley's head to her pussy and makes her lick her out. Sasha starts feeling herself about to cum.

Sasha: Cmon bitch, put some effort into it!

Bayley pushes her tongue in and out of Sasha's tight pussy faster, and rubs Becky's clit faster. Sasha is about to cum.

Sasha: Mmm, ahhh.

Sasha cums all over Bayley's face. After licking up Sasha's juices, Bayley works on Becky.

She pushes her tongue in and out of her little pussy, and all around her clit.

Becky: Mmmm, yeah make me cum you slut.

Bayley, loving making Becky moan, starts going faster, as Becky's moans get louder.

Becky: Uhhhh, I'm about to cum.

Becky let's out her cum on Bauley's cute little face. Bayley licks up her cum and swallows it.

Sasha: You know, I think you you enjoyed making Becky cum. You didn't care about me at all. If you think you're gonna get away with that, you're very stupid.

Sasha grabs Bayley, and puts her over her knee. Her and Becky smack Bayley's ass as hard as they can.

Bayley: Ouch! No stop it! I did what you wanted!

They ignored her, and started smacking her pussy.

Sasha: This is what you get for not doing a good job.

Sasha pinches both of Bayley's nipples and pulls them as hard as she can, Bayley starts to cry.

Bayley: Owww! Stop it!

Becky & Sasha push her against the wall.

Becky: If you ever tell anyone about this, we'll show that video to the whole locker room, and Triple H.

They leave her locker room, laughing about how pathetic Bayley was. Bayley was left I the shower crying, she was still a little happy about making Becky cum, but it was highly overshadowed by her embarrassment.

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