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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Poppin' Cherry
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the ECW and SmackDown television tapings at Fresno, California's
Save Mart Center on June 7, 2008, ECW's newest high-flying Superstar Evan
Bourne is talking with Kofi Kingston, "Boy this is great, love getting a
chance to fly high in the WWE..." Evan says with a smile.

"Oh I know that's true, I've been on the roster for a little while now, and
it's a feeling like no other," Kofi says.

"Well I wouldn't say that, leaping from the top rope with a Shooting Star
Press is high on the thrill-meter..." Evan smiles.

"I wouldn't know, I can't do that move..." Kofi laughs as SmackDown's roller-
skating Diva Cherry rolls towards them.

Cherry raises her left hand up and cutely waves at Kofi Kingston and Evan
Bourne, as she skates toward them. "Hey guys..." Cherry says with a sweet
smile as she chews of a piece of bubble gum.

Evan looks at Cherry and smiles, "Hi..."

"Hey..." Kofi says after he turns to look at the roller-skating Diva.

Cherry comes to a stop on her roller skates and places her hands onto her
adorable hips, dressed in a short retro-styled pink skirt and a low-cut pink
top. "Whatcha guys up to?" Cherry asks before she blows a bubble with her gum
and cutely pops the bubble with her mouth.

"Not much, still getting use to things here in the WWE..." Evan says.

"How about you Cherry?" Kofi asks as Cherry blows another bubble with her gum
and pops it.

Cherry innocently shrugs her shoulders and smiles at Kofi Kingston. "
know...just hangin' out..." Cherry replies.

Evan Bourne smiles, "Want to hang out with us?" Evan asks as he casually
checks out the blond haired beauty.

Cherry smiles and nods her head excitedly. "Sure! That would be so much
fun..." Cherry replies while cutely chewing on her bubble gum.

Kofi raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit, "What type of fun are you think
we'll be having?" Kofi asks.

"I don't know...but...I'm up for anything!" Cherry replies with a laugh.

Evan grins a bit mischievously, "Well... I have few ideas... but I think you
may be too good a girl to do them..." Evan says.

Kofi looks at Evan and nods his head, "Cherry's from the other side of the
track man, she's not that good..."

Cherry cutely bites down on her bottom lip and shyly lowers her head. "Oh what were you thinking?" Cherry asks as she continues to sweetly
chewing on her bubble gum.

"Yeah Evan, spit it out..." Kofi says.

"Well... I'm think we could go somewhere and double pop Cherry..." Evan says.

Cherry scrunches her nose up and curiously looks at Evan Bourne. "Whatcha
mean by that?"

Evan leans towards Cherry and whispers something into her right ear. Kofi
tries not to laugh at he sees Cherry's face turns several shades of red as
she listens to what Evan is whispering. Evan then steps back and smiles, "So
what do you think Cherry?"

"Oh...well gosh...that sure is bad..." Cherry says with a laugh.

"So you're not going to hang with us?" Evan asks

Cherry licks her lips. "Oh gosh no...I'm not passing this up!"

* * *

A short time later in one of the arena locker rooms, Cherry is only wearing
her rollerskates as she sits on her knees and strokes the large rock hard
cocks of Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.

Cherry cutely smiles up at Evan and Kofi as she works her hands smoothly back
and forth on their cocks, before she leans her head in toward Evan Bourne's
cock. Cherry opens her mouth and takes Evan's cock into her mouth, starting
to bob her head while her chewing gum lightly smacks and sticks against his

"Mmmmmm... fuck..." Evan moans as Cherry bobs her head on his cock while her
chewing gum is stuck to the bottom side of the head of his dick. Kofi licks
his lips as Cherry smoothly strokes his large black dick.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Cherry moans as she smoothly bobs her head back and
forth on Evan Bourne's cock as she uses her tongue to pull the chewing gum
off of his shaft. Cherry lowers her hand down Kofi's black shaft and lightly
starts to massage his ballsack.

"Mmmmmm..." Kofi moans as Cherry rubs his big black balls. Evan licks his
lips as Cherry uses her tongue to slide her gum against his cock as she
continues to bob her head on it.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...." Cherry sweetly moans around her pouty lips brush
back and forth against Evan's shaft as she bobs her head at a quickening
place, while her chewing gum continues to smack and stick against his cock.

"Mmmmm Cherry... I take back what I said... you're not too good... you're a
real good bad girl..." Evan moans as Cherry sucks and slurps on his cock as
she leaves her chewing cum sticking to the left side of his pole.

Cherry uses her tongue to peel the chewing gum off of Evan Bourne's shaft and
starts to lift her head, smiling up cutely at him. "Thanks Evan!" Cherry says
with a laugh before she turns her head to Kofi's black cock.

"Ahhhh..." Kofi moans as Cherry takes his large shaft into her mouth. After
Cherry lets go of his cock, Evan goes behind Cherry and kneels behind her so
that he can guide his large cock into her hot wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...." Cherry cutely moans around Kofi Kingston's cock,
pressing her pouty lips around his black shaft, while she starts to bob her
head, with her chewing gum starting to immediately smack and stick against
his cock.

"Ahhhhh awwww..." Evan Bourne groans as thrusts his cock firmly in and out of
Cherry's tight wet pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmmm fuck..." Kofi groans as Cherry bobs her head at a brisk pace on
his black dick.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Cherry cutely moans around Kofi's cock as she rocks
forward on her knees, sucking quickly on his cock, while Evan Bourne thrusts
his cock into her tight, wet pussy from behind.

"Awwww mmmm..." Kofi moans as Cherry takes his cock deeper into her mouth.
Evan grabs Cherry's hips and pulls her back as he pumps his dick quicker into
her pussy.

Cherry happily moans around Kofi Kingston's black cock as she slaps her
chewing gum against his cock, causing it to stick to his shaft, while she
rocks her head back and forth.

"Ahhhhh fuck... mmmm..." Evan groans as he hammers Cherry's cunt from behind
with stiff and quick thrusts.

Cherry's tanned and rounded, nicely juicy ass smacks against Evan's waist as
she feels his cock deeply pumping into her, giving her the momentum to suck
quickly on Kofi's cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm fuck Cherry..." Kofi Kingston moans as Cherry sucks and slurps
on his big black cock before he lifts her head up off of his shaft.

Cherry cutely smiles up at Kofi Kingston as she rocks back and forth on her
knees with Evan pumping into her. "Mmmmmm...did that?"

"Yeah I did..." Kofi nods his head as he proceeds to lay on the locker room
floor as Evan pulls his large cock out of Cherry's snatch.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip and moves to straddle Kofi Kingston,
lowering herself down onto his rock hard black cock.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Kofi groans as Cherry begins to rock on his large black dick.
Evan Bourne licks his lips as he moves closer to Cherry and guides his meaty
cock between her ass cheeks and into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh...gosh...ohhhhhhh..." Cherry moans and places her hands down onto
Kofi's muscular chest as she rocks forward on his black cock, while Evan
works his cock into her ass.

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Evan groans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of
Cherry's juicy round ass. Kofi places his hands on Cherry's hips as he begins
to thrust his shaft up into her twat.

" boys are a couple bad boys...." Cherry says with a
moan as she eagerly rocks between Kofi and Evan.

"Mmmmm and you like bad boys..." Evan grins as he deeply fucks Cherry's ass.

"Ahhhh shit... awww..." Kofi groans as Cherry bounces on his cock as a result
of Evan's thrusts.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh yeah...I like those bad boys!" Cherry moans and licks her
lips as she bounces more rapidly on Kofi's black cock, while feeling Evan
Bourne thrusting into her cutely rounded, tanned and juicy ass.

"Ahhhh mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Kofi Kingston moans as he thrusts his big
black cock up into Cherry's tight wet pussy. Evan licks his lips as he pumps
his cock balls deep into Cherry's ass.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmm...I like you boys...mmmm..." Cherry moans and smiles as she
rocks forward on Kofi's black cock, while Evan Bourne pumps into her tanned
and nicely juicy ass as she continues to chew on her bubble gum.

"Ahhhhh good to know we're very likeable..." Evan grins as he hammers
Cherry's ass as she rides Kofi's big black cock.

Cherry licks her lips and keeps her hands on Kofi's chest as she swiftly
bounces up and down on his black cock, while she rocks back and her nicely
tanned, juicy ass smacks against Evan's waist.

"Awww mmmmm fuck... ahhh..." Kofi groans as his large thick cock starts to
throb within Cherry's wet pussy.

"Ohhh ahhhh..." Evan licks his lips as his dick begins to pulsate within
Cherry's juicy ass.

Cherry presses her pouty and perky lips together as she sits up straight on
Kofi Kingston's cock and eagerly drops down on his shaft, while Evan thrusts
into her adorable ass.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Evan groans as he starts to cum within Cherry's asshole
following a deep thrust.

"Awwww yeah..." Kofi moans when he starts to cum in Cherry's soaking wet

Cherry closes her eyes and starts to slowly rock on Kofi's cock, lightly
pushing back against Evan's cock. " boys are great..."

"Ahhhh thanks Cherry... you're incredible too..." Kofi groans as Cherry
slowly rides his cum spent cock while Evan pulls out of her ass.

"So....whatcha guys gonna do now?" Cherry asks with a cute smile.

"Well Cherry I was think we could take you back to the hotel... for another
round..." Evan says with a grin.

Cherry opens her mouth and excitedly looks down at Kofi Kingston, then looks
back at Evan Bourne. "Oh my gosh! That would be so much fun!"

"I'm down for that..." Kofi smiles.

"Awesome... Cherry, you're gonna be flying' high tonight..." Evan says


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