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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Stephanie McMahon (WWE), Eva Marie(WWE, NXT).

Codes: Cons, MF, MMF, Oral, Anal.

Porn Wrestling Federation - Volume 1
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early 2016 professional wrestling, and to be specific sports entertainment giant WWE was in a crisis. Bad deals, lawsuits, falling ratings and questionable booking decisions led to the world giant having to make tough decisions with personal and professional consequences. For a long time, the WWE had been a proudly PG-friendly company... But when they were approached with a very non-PG offer from a very XXX-rated business, they were left with little choice but to accept.

The formation of the Porn Wrestling Federation was a joint wrestling and pornographic promotion based initially around the entire roster of WWE Divas being "sold" to an established porn website and film maker who working with the WWE would create a weekly TV show of in-ring action for worldwide, in fitting with the general PG way of the rest of Raw and Smackdown's broadcasts. The PWF would also however create pornographic films and scenes staring the Divas for sale, download and on-demand streaming through its adult-only website. The WWE would retain all the rights of the match-based programming, and would receive part of the profits from both sides of the PWF's productions.

As PWF grew in popularity (no guesses as to which side of the business was consistently making far more money than the other), so to did it start to expand with additional talents drawn from NXT, and the global independent wrestling scene. And it's success of a mix of classic porn website themed films and scenes began almost instantly, the very first day of the company's operation...

* * *

Porn Wrestling Federation presents...

WWE Diva and WWE businesswoman Stephanie McMahon


PWF Casting Tapings - Stephanie McMahon

The video starts up with the view out into an office setting with a door being seen, a couch up beside the back wall and various pictures in frames and award certificates hung up on the side walls. The camera sat on the desk of the office, looking out as we hear a knock on the door and see a silhouette of a female form on the other side.

"Come in!" The male voice said from behind the camera, belonging to the experienced porn director, star, and owner of the Porn Wrestling Federation.

Walking into the office was one of his chief business partners representing the WWE in one of its principle owners, the stunning brunette MILF known as Stephanie McMahon. She was dressed professionally in a black, sleeveless top that hugged to her large fake tits and showed a hint of cleavage, high heeled shoes, and a bright red knee-height skirt that nicely showed off her shapely hips and backside.

"Good to see you again! Big day with the first official running of this operation." She warmly greeted, approaching and reaching out a hand that he extended his to shake, and once they'd broken it off she moved to sit down in the chair in front of the desk, flashing her cleavage in the process. "What's... What's with the camera?" She questioned with a bemused smile.

"Well Stephanie, as you know we're in a delicate business here..." The man behind the camera starts to explain. "Keeping the TV and the porn completely separate, making sure all the talents know what they are in for... I just wanted to make sure than both you and I, since you are my direct contact to the WWE and all."

"Well... I mean... Of course I'm on board, we've been through all the paperwork but at the end of the day, our WWE Divas have a job to do." She says, still curiously eyeing up the camera she can see is filming her. "Some needed more convincing than others, I'll admit, but faced with losing their spot and being fired? They agreed to their new contracts with PWF and everyone signed, from Divas to the ring announcers..."

"To yourself!" He suddenly cuts in, his hand pushing a piece of paper along the desk towards her that she looks over. "You see Stephanie, the contracts that every female WWE employee signed just like this one, state that at any time they may be called upon to perform for PWF, be that as a Diva, as a porn star, make-up artist... You catch the drift. And I'm afraid Stephanie that you, since you are working for WWE... That also includes you, because you signed your name on the line more than a few times during the legal process of this all happening." He says, his voice with a telling hint of pride at knowing what she's now a part of contractually.

"...You asshole..." Her tone turned cold and bitter as she glared across at him. "You piece of shit, son of a bitch!" She started to stand up but just as quickly so had he, bringing the camera with him to still film her.

"Now now Stephanie, rules are rules... You could back out and say no... But from the contracts that you've signed, you know what that means..." He taunts. "It means your family and the whole WWE is going to be left in an even worse financial state than it'd been before my company stepped in."
"...What do you want from me..." She said, sounding somewhat reserved to her fate and indicating that everything he said is completely true. From that pissed off look on her face though, she's also far from happy about it.

"Well Stephanie, before we get to discussing your feature film debut... Have you ever heard of a "Casting Couch"?" He asks, moving around his desk towards her, and deliberately filming a long look over her stunning MILF frame as he stands in front of her.

"Oh great! It's not enough you can have any WWE Diva suck dick or get fucked up the ass on film at a click of your fingers, but you want me to do the same..." She says mockingly, glaring at him as he films her stunning face. "Getting your rocks off with me huh? You're not even close enough to being man enough to handle a real woman like me!"

"Is that so? Well, then handling me shouldn't be a problem then, right?" He states like he's giving her a challenge. "I mean, it's in the contract Stephanie... Just think of this as..."

"Shut the fuck up!!" She snaps with another piercing gaze shot at him, gritting her teeth as she folds her arms over her massive chest. "...Fine! Let's... Let's get this over with..." She says with reluctance, but actually starts to lower herself down to her knees in front of him willingly, knowing she has no choice but to go through with this just like all the other WWE Divas would have to. Instead for them it would be for keeping their job, while she has to do this to keep control of her company.

An edit in the film happens, and we've fast forward to a couple minutes later as Stephanie McMahon is now holding in her hand a rock hard and lengthy dick that's belonging to the at least bottomless man behind the camera as he points it down, Point-Of-View style to record the mature beauty as she strokes that fat length. From the look she's casting up at him, she's far from completely pleased about matters here, but this is all willing and it's led to a red hot sight of the most powerful women in sports entertainment kneeling down and about to go through a vintage porno "Casting" to see how she can handle a cock.

"Just so we're fucking clear? I'm doing this to protect my company, not for you... You bastard..." She said with defiance, but letting out a defeated sigh accepted her fate as she gave that cock a couple of pumps before she took him into her mouth, eyes narrowing as she wrapped her full lips around his meat, giving the head a slurp as she delivered a few more strokes to the shaft. If she'd hoped that would be enough to finish him off, the smirk on his handsome showed otherwise. "Fhhhhkkkkk yyyyhhhhuuuueee..." Her insult was muffled by all that man meat between her lips, so she was left with no choice but to start to properly blow him, lifting her mouth up a bit to half-way on that crown for a slurp, then pushing downward beyond the crown to take some of his inches, almost reaching the midway mark before she raised herself back up, and started the motion over again.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes, that's really good Stephanie..." He encouraged, his moan heard from behind the filming camera as it points down to record the Billion Dollar Princess sucking on his lengthy cock, her head bobbing smoothly with already her long hair swaying a little from the motion as those lips stay nicely wrapped around his member. "Ahhhh... Yeah, get deeper on it Stephanie... I want to see how much of me you can get in..." He added with a chuckle, getting a glare from the beauty blowing him not just from his words but when he reaches down and brushes that long brunette hair back away over the shoulders, giving a clear show down at her gorgeous facial features as she moves in close towards his cock them smoothly moves back upward.

"Hhhhhuuuueeeee ffhhhhkkkknnnnnn bbhhhhssssstttrrddd!!" The most powerful woman in the WWE curses up at the man she's blowing, with little choice but to do as ordered as per the new contract agreement between her company and his, which sees her now sucking away on his cock despite being a happily married woman to another man. With another narrow-eyed glare, she gives in again and pushes her mouth gradually further down onto his pole, finding herself groaning as her pouty lips seem to be fighting now to stay tight around such a long and thick to match rod. "Mmmmphhh!! Hmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm mmmmphhh!!" She groans again, her hand giving occasional pumps now as she's touching her own chin sometimes when she pushes down onto his cock and she tries to stroke off the rest, still looking up with bitterness at the fact she's had to follow the terms of a business deal and willingly blow this hung man she's only just met.

"MMMM... Oh yeah... Fucking suck that dick Stephanie..." The hunky owner of Porn Wrestling Federation moans, keeping the camera steady like a pro as he records the sight of the stunning, busty MILF working over his cock with repeated, smooth sucks that are leaving his cock shaft nicely coated with her saliva from that motion. She might be clearly pissed off about having to do this, but it's also clear from how smoothly and briskly she's sliding her oral hole back and forth over his member than she's far from inexperienced when it comes to giving head. "Ahhhh... MMMM!! Yeah... Blow me good Stephanie... Show me how you test out those rookie Superstars in the WWE..." He adds, getting another furiously glare shot up at him, making her pause on his cock but thinking better of risking a company-ruining lawsuit, she goes back to sucking on him for another deep round of slurps, her fingers getting a little sticky now as her spit starts dripping down and seeping past her lips, and soon that saliva gets rubbed over the bottom few inches thanks to that slightly pumping hand.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm!!" She groans, her eyes narrowed but not out of anger for once, more embarrassment as she feels her saliva starting to drool down her chin, having to use her free hand to scoop it up and wipe it away for fear of risking ruining her top. Even with this, she still doesn't halt her steady cock-sucking motion, looking far from the proud and professional businesswoman she's known to be as she keeps her head pushing down and then lifting upward over and over onto this big dick. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Again as she blows him, he reaches down to brush her hair out of the way from covering her face, ensuring the recording camera he holds gets all of that stunning sports entertainer as she slurps smoothly and swiftly on his shaft in a perfect POV-style shot to stare right down at her bobbing, pretty face with that dick deep in her mouth.

"Mmmmm... You suck dick real good Stephanie..." He remarks from behind the camera as she pulls her head up and off from his dick, letting the camera see all her saliva nicely coating his rod now.

"Was that supposed to be a compliment?" McMahon snaps bitterly as she glares up at him. "Can we just get this over with already?"

"Gladly... We need to see if all of you can handle being in porn after all..." He says, moving around her as she stands up from the office floor. "So how about you show off that body of yours for us, and we'll get things really going."

Gritting her teeth, knowing she has to go through with this or else lose potentially millions of dollars, she hesitates for a moment before she lifts her top slowly up her body, letting her large enhanced tits bounce free in all their glory, the camera getting a close shot of those big MILF tits as she sets her clothing down on the desk. The undressing continues as she shifts her skirt down her long, smooth legs, now revealing her wonderfully thick ass along with her neatly trimmed pussy, a hint or irony in the fact she's mad at being made to fuck on camera, claiming to be a professional and above this all but isn't even wearing any underwear.

"Fuck, that's one hot fucking body... Get up on the desk Stephanie..." He directs, filming a long look over that curvaceous frame as well as the still pissed off look on her pretty face, but she again willingly goes along with this, moving and laying onto the desk, her legs handing off the end closest to him while she props herself up on her arms and elbows, causing her chest to stick out for an added visual treat. "This fucking MILF body is gonna make us both plenty of fucking money..." He comments as he tilts the camera down to he can record him lining his cock up with her snatch, and considering how not completely into this sex as she would be with her own husband it's a good thing his shaft is coated with her spit, allowing for a smooth entry into that snatch when he firmly pushes in.

"Ahhhhh... Just... Just get this over with damn it!" She snaps, biting down on her bottom lip and attempting to suppress a groan as her body reacts to having such a big dick start to push in and out of her tight snatch, a tell-tale sign that she might not be used to taking such a massive length up into herself even in a situation where she'd be more thrilled about some action than this one. "Mmmmm... Fuck... At least... Ahhhhh... You didn't blow your load within the first... Ahhhhh... First minute..." The stunning female half of the on-screen power couple known as The Authority taunts, finding her eyes widening as she moans, looking down between her legs and seeing that his dick isn't even half-inside her yet as he's testing her snatch, moaning himself as she smoothly pulls his shaft out before pushing back in at a slow pace.

"Mmmmm... Is that so huh? Maybe... Ahhhhh... Maybe I'll kick this up a notch then, see... Mmmmm... How you handle how the pros take it..." The hunk behind the camera comments, watching as he draws back to then force his dick deeper into that snugness, causing her to moan out clearly with an open mouth, those sounds continuing as he puts force behind his thrusts, giving it to the stunning WWE beauty and already making that curvy body jolt back away from him in a rocking motion when he drives in. "Mmmm!! Fuck... This is one fucking... Mmmmm!! Sweet as fuck pussy..." He comments to let the watching audience now how nice her tight folds feel all around his member as he sends his thick and long rod straight into that snatch, his arm able to be briefly seen once in a while as he holds onto her leg, keeping her in place so she doesn't rock too far away from his dick as he pumps himself now with more force and at a quicker pace than before.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm... MMMM FUCK!! You... Ahhhhh!! You fucking bastard!!" She moans out, still cursing at the hunk she's having to willingly give her body up to but unable to deny the pleasure she's feeling from her tight fuck tunnel getting stuffed full with dick. The sound of tanned skin connecting is ringing out now as he's driving his inches all the way up into her, and all recorded by his filming camera along with the sight of course of her taking this ramming and how she's groaning out as well. "MMMM!! You fucker!! AHHHHH... Mother... Mother fucker!! MMMM!!" The former Women's Champion again spits venom but now that she's moaning out in seeming enjoyment at taking this cock her words don't have that much of an impact. All she can do is stare down, occasionally looking up at the camera recording this sinful act, bust mostly watching that big piece of man-meat driving in and out of her tight, and now becoming damp pussy that appears built for this kind of activity considering that she's taking all those inches in and out of her twat again and again.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh... MMMMM Yeah..." The clearly experienced porn star moans as he keeps his words short, letting the action speak for itself as he takes in long shots of his dick plunging into that wet and snug pussy, scanning up once in a while to show her moaning, pretty face and her large tits that are bouncing sexily in them with the motion her body is being made to do. He easily keeps this brisk and firm pace going with thrust after balls deep thrust, his nicely defined body smacking into her tanned and curvaceous mature body to cause that erotic smack of skin meeting skin to ring out and further make her rock back, only to be pulled back to take the next thrust he sends right into her.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" The Billion Dollar Princess squeals out, her arms slipping from the force of these relentless thrusts and the pleasure clearly overwhelming her, her body falling back and her head hanging off the other end of the desk but her big tits still jiggling away as the rest of body keeps on jolting as she takes this stiff to say the least fucking. "UHHHH!! AHHHHH... FUCK!! OH FUCK!! MMMMMM!!" She's heard to be moaning out, but the focus of the camera for now is on that tight MILF love tunnel of hers as all his fat cock stuffs into her again and again, slap after slap sounding out as their desirable bodies connect and for a women who was so against whoring her body out as part of a business deal, she seems now to have been quite broken into being a part of the porn industry.

"UHHHH... Mmmmmm... Yeah... Look at that... MMMMM!! Fucking body..." He groans as he keeps this swift pace up with effortless ease, showing not just that he's far from a novice when it comes to some on-camera fucking, but knows just how to give a woman with a stunning and curvy body likes hers the kind of treatment she deserves, as well as what the viewing fans of porn (and pro wrestling) will want to pay to witness. "AHHHHH... Got a real great ass as well... MMMMM... You're gonna be real popular in your scenes..." He comments between grunts, keeping his multi-tasking going as he slams his shaft into that snug and wet snatch all the way up to the hilt, and keeps filming that very same pumping that he's giving the woman who is suppose to be a business partner rather than being the latest woman to go through a porn "casting" treatment.

"OH FUCK!! OH GOD!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK AHHHHHHH!!" The stunning female of the McMahon family manages to tilt her head back up, beads of sweat rolling down her cheeks and her mouth hanging open as her loud and clear moans ring out, her eyes seemingly in a trance now as she stares across at that big dick that's been dominating her snatch since really the moment he pulled it out in front of her. "AHHHHH... OH SHIT!! MMMMM.. MMMMM FUCK!! FUCK FUCK OH FUUUUUUUCKKK!!" She gasps out again, tits bouncing away as she appears to lose control even further than before, making the hunk that's deep inside her snatch groan out in delight as well as she starts to suddenly cum all over his length, her head falling back with just a glimpse being caught of the way her eyes also seem to roll back into herself from the force of this unexpected and powerful sexual high.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Usually... AHHHHH... Our stars just fake it... MMMMM... But hey, I'm not... UHHHH... Complaining..." He comments between his own moans, showing his skill again as despite these added sensations of her orgasming all over his cock, he keeps his control and continues to pump in and out of her box with thrust after deep and stiff thrust, but is slowing down the pace of his motion to allow both her to fully experience all that pleasure, and himself to savour the last few moments of being deep inside of one of, if not the, hottest MILFs in all of pro wrestling. "AHHHHH... MMMM!! Yeah... You're more... UHHHHH... Than fucking ready..." He adds, groaning as he films himself pulling out of her snatch and seeing the red hot sight of all her juices that now coat his rod, before he pans up and gets a good shot of her curvy and sweat-soaked form still laid out over his desk.

There's an edit in the film to perhaps a few minutes later and now Stephanie McMahon is on her knees again, staring straight up and now with come composure that look of bitterness has returned, knowing both what she's all been through has all been filmed, as well as the fact this isn't over yet for her. Indeed, as we also see the man who has been fucking her is now stroking off his dick, aiming it down at her gorgeous facial features and knowing how porn casting-style movies go, it's obvious what's next for her as his cock throbs and wisely she's brushed her hair back over her shoulders.

A few strokes later, and the first shot of spunk fires out and lands across her face, closing her eyes in time as the jizz splashes down over her right eye and up her forehead a little, the second blast landing more on her cheek and down to slightly drip from off her. As he keeps pumping the spunk keeps coming with him aiming and hitting the left side of her face now, almost reach the eye with a blast that goes up the cheek but mostly onto the middle, then the next to land onto the nose again up near that eye but hanging off the bottom, landing just onto her bottom lip. His deep groans can be heard as he strokes out the last drops, flicking them down onto her nose, lips and chin to leave her with a complete cum covering just like all rookie porn starlets should have, even if her clearly pissed off expression shows she's might have been wiling to go through with it, but the prim and proper beauty is far from happy with it all.

"Is... Is that it? Are we finally fucking done here?" Stephanie snaps, looking up with the clear eye and using a hand to wipe the jizz away from the other one so she can properly glare up at him.

"I'd say so... And goes without saying you passed with flying colours..." He answers with obvious pride in a job well done on her. "I'm looking forward to your proper film debut already..."

"Oh I bet you fucking will... And I'll fucking go through with it, but with a few damn stipulations first!" McMahon says, her pissed off look rather ruined by all the jizz that's covering her gorgeous face. "I'm gonna choose the film, the script, my co-star and the whole damn film crew! And you won't be allowed anywhere on fucking set when it's filmed!"

"I can go with that... I have to approve all the scripts and scenes anyway since I run this place..." He says behind the camera with a chuckle. "Besides, you and me are scheduled to have meetings a whole lot more now since we're doing business together, so this isn't the first time we'll be together..."

"That's just fine... Because now I know what I'm in for, and you won't be so fucking lucky with me next time..." She vows with another piercing glare.

"I think we're going to get along just fine in that case... Especially considering I haven't tapped that fine ass of yours yet..." He states, and with those teasing words the video starts to fade to black with a last look at the cum-covered face of Stephanie McMahon.

* * *

Porn Wrestling Federation presents...

WWE Diva and Total Divas reality TV star Eva Marie...


"All Red Everything Goes Black!"

* * *

The porno starts up with the very welcome sight of a juicy, tanned ass encased in tight red booty shorts with black trim, that shapely backside swaying from side to side as the camera pulls back as she walks into a living room area of an expensive looking home, with suitable furnishings in the far background. Approaching a fitting and lengthy couch the woman with bright dyed red long hair she turns around, letting the camera see all of her curvy and tanned body, the smirk on her lips that are coated with thick, bright red lipstick, her matching to her attire wrestling boots, and a tight fitting no sleeve top that criss crosses around her neck and under her large, fake tits that are showing off deep and sexy cleavage from the hole in the centre.

"Hello there ladies and gentlemen..." Eva Marie says with such a seductive tone that it's clear she's well up for getting down and dirty on film. "My name is Eva Marie. The star of Total Divas, of WWE and NXT, and I am All Red Everything. And now? Now I'm a porn star..." She takes a moment to brush back her long hair. "I'm not surprised that I was asked to be a part of this... I mean, I've gotten offers to film porn in the past but let's be honest, a star like me? I deserve a lot more than just any old skin flick. So since I'm the star of this movie? I deserve to be treated like a star, so I demanded something that I know I'm going to love... That you are all going to love... And after I'm done here? The other so-called stars of Porn Wrestling Federation will only be able to dream of doing better than what I'm going to do right here..." She smirks again before she glances to her left, and then to her right. "And that's fucking a couple of big... Long... Fat... Black cocks..."

With that, entering the scene are from both sides are two impressively muscular and built, handsome black men with shaved heads, and a couple tattoos on their arms. But the most important thing of these porn stars is what's hanging between their legs - each is packing a thick and lengthy piece of dark man meat just like the red headed white woman had described, and already both hunks are rock hard and ready for action. From the way she's gazing at both of them and their dicks, so is she.

"So gurl... Me and my boy here heard you were looking to fuck some real dick, huh?" The first stud says with a chuckle, openly eyeing her up just as the other man is.

"Yeah... We got what you need here baby... Couple foot longs ready to get all up into you!" The second confirms as he tilts his head to the side to check out her fine backside.

"Fuck yeah... All Red Everything is more than ready to go Black..." She states in quite a shameless tone, slipping herself down to her knees and that allowed both men to step in close to her, her hands already quickly reaching up so she can stroke off them both, glancing between them as she gets a feel of those meaty rods she's going to be getting extremely familiar with. "Two big black cocks... Mmmm... And they're all for me..." Eva purrs, turning to the cock to her left and giving it a lick up the underside and the head, her hands pumping both dicks as she staring up at the hunk she's licking at. Another lick around the crown, she turns to the right and does the same to the other stud to make him groan, working her tongue around his fat head before sliding down to give him a lick up the bottom of his tool, smirking for a moment as she pumps both men for a moment.

"Hope you boys can handle this..." She smirks before turning to the left and now taking this first dick into her mouth, making him moan as she wraps her bright red lips around his fat size, tellingly groaning herself around that dark man meat as she gets right to work blowing him, lifting her head upward and them pushing back down smoothly. "Mmmmphhh..." She raises upward, gritting her teeth for a moment before she spits onto his dick, then taking him straight back in for another couple of bobs, the other hunk that's she's also jerking off while she blows this dick making sure to keep her long hair brushed back as it falls forward so the camera gets that perfect shot of the WWE Diva sucking cock.

"Mmmmm!! Awwww yeah girl... Suck dat fuckin' dick..." The stud being blown clearly approves of this stunning, red headed white woman slurping along his big black cock, her lips gliding back and forth as we already see her saliva being left onto his pole from the repeated motion. She lustfully casts a gaze up at him as she blows him, still groaning herself around that tool to show she's getting off on just dishing out this blowjob, no doubt even more so due to how she's also stroking a similarly long and fat cock with her other hand while she easily handles this one.

"Mmmmphhh... Ahhhhh..." After a minute of steady sucks she pulls off, licking her lips and catching her breath for a second before she turns her head, a brief smirk given to the camera as her hand moves to stroke all her spit over the dick she'd just been sucking. "Hope you didn't mind waiting baby..." She sinfully says up to the second man, not letting him reply as she now dives down onto his member, her mouth pushing downward and impressive distance on the first push - showing she's more than just worked up from the first part of her cock sucking duties. Giving him now that same dirty look she'd given his co-star, the Total Divas reality TV star gets her mouth moving smoothly and swiftly up and down his length, letting him feel how good her full, bright red lipstick coated lips feel as they slide along his thick inches.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm shit girl... Damn... Gurl knows how to fuckin' suck a dick!" Was the rave review from this muscular hunk that was getting to feel that warmth and wetness of Eva Marie's mouth as she went down on his cock before soon raising back up to just the head, never actually pulling off from him during her bobs, and her hand giving pumps in nice timing with the motion of her head. At the same time she keeps her other hand working on the first hunk's dick, keeping him nice and hard while she works over this man, still groaning herself around this tool as the camera records her gorgeous face pushing downward and then raising back up over and over again, her co-stars there to make sure that signature dyed red hair is brushed out of shot as she delivers these already shameless and loud slurps onto another black piece of man meat.

After another generous amount of time, she lifts her mouth off from him to gasp and catch some air, smirking like a true she-devil as she glances between the two men, running her hands over their shafts to get her saliva more than nicely coated over them. "Mmmmm... Let's get nasty boys... This All Red Everything needs to fucking choke on these fucking black cocks!" Eva Marie says as a vow, turning to the left stud and opening her mouth, taking his dick in but letting go of his shaft, instead resting it on his strong thigh. He takes the cue, putting a hand on the back of her bright red haired head and starts to pump his dick in and out of her mouth, making her groan for a second before her eyes widen lustfully as she's made to gag, that dick going in deep to hit the back of her mouth and not just the one time, but over and over as he starts to stiffly fuck that oral hole.

"GAHHHHH... GAWWWWWKKKKK... MMMMMHHHHH... HHHHLLLLKKKK!!" She gags and loudly at that around this big black cock, the curvy white female already finding her eyes narrowing with the mix of the desire she's feeling as she's used like this, and the discomfort from having her mouth being banging as this mighty shaft pushes in and out between her bright red and pouty lips. "MMMMMPPPHHHHH... GAHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRLLLKKK!! GAAAAAHHHH..." Saliva is now seeping out of her mouth as she fights but fails to keep those lips wrapped around him, her gagging making her spit splatter around this meaty rod as these repeated and stiff thrusts continue to be given again and again by the moaning stud gripping onto her head and hair. As well as those dirty groans and gags from her, the visual effect is clear as her saliva is now starting to drip down off of his moving shaft, leaving her chin a mess and in turn falling from there down onto her wrestling top, making her deep cleavage even sexier than usual with this new glaze of spit.

"GAHHHHH... MMMMPHHHH!! HLLLKKKK... Awwwww FUCK!!" She's finally allowed to speak and breath when he lets go of her mouth, a loud gasp allowing her to suck in air with wide eyes but only for a second as while the first man had let go, the second now eagerly takes his place, turning her head and holding the dyed red hair so he can now force his dick into that already well fucked mouth. "HHHHRRRRLLLKKK... GAAAAHHHH!! GAHHH GAAAAHHH GAAAHHH!!" As she gags and starts to slobber now over this dick as it pumps in deeply up into her oral hole, she glares up with a look of part-lust, part-anger as she clearly feels the pain from having her mouth abused, yet from the muffled groans she's giving off in between those cries of discomfort it's also clear she's loving this, being used as a fuck-toy by these two hung, black hunks.

"Mmmmm shit!! Yeah! Yea yea yeah!! Uhhhhh!!" This stud grunts as he works his hips firmly back and forth towards her gorgeous face, feeding her his thick inches and causing her saliva to drip down his pole with every pump, able to change his grip on her so her can brush any strands of hair that fall out of place away from obscuring the view. Indeed, the camera has a perfect close up shot of it all - the big black cock firing into her mouth, all that spit seeping out and dripping off her chin and onto her top covered tits, and the way her smoking hot eyes cast the occasional glance to the watching audience, knowing full well this face fucking is being recorded and will be viewed across the world over and over again.

After another round of thrusts, she was allowed to catch some air for the briefest of moments but the oral onslaught didn't stop for her. Her head was again turned back to the left for the first hunk to slide his dick in deep, making her groan and gag again and again as he briskly pumped her oral hole that kept him moaning and that saliva seeping and dripping past the thick red lipstock she has coating her pouty lips. Then it was back and forth, after a couple minutes she was turned and made to pleasure the second stud, even though she was barely allowed to do any of the work here as the stud with his dick deep in her mouth was the one responsible for making her gag as he thrust away in and out of the WWE Diva's oral hole.

After countless gags and a filthy mess of her own saliva left over her chin, down her neck, and all over her tits and her top, the studs finally stepped back, letting her gasp and properly recover. However like a true pro, she was soon smirking seductively with a glance between them, using her hands to stroke their lengths that were more than generously coated with her saliva. "Mmmmm... Fuck, I'm such a nasty slut... Look at all this mess I've made over this big, beautiful black cocks... Myself as well..." She let go of their shafts, her hands now going onto her top in order to pull it up, off and over her head with a hairflip to finish off, her large fake tits bouncing free and not missing a trick, she takes the opportunity to put on a show for the recording camera as she rubs her saliva from her cleavage over her breasts, moaning as she plays with herself.

"So... Which of you fucking black studs is going to stuff my hot little pussy full first?" She asks, glancing between them as she turns around, letting the camera get the close up show as she bends over forward to show off that thick looking butt, slowly peeling her wrestling bottoms down off those cheeks to reveal her tight asshole, then her completely shaved, already moist looking pussy. She continues to tease, swaying her ass from side to side as the garment slips further down, off-camera the voices of the hunks giving their lusty approval of this fine white girl who is all too willing to be pounded by them both.

An edit in the porno film fasts forward a little to now show Eva Marie has disposed of her booth to leave her completely naked, and now she's positioned herself in the classic doggy style position on the couch she'd just been in front of when she'd been blowing and getting face-fucked by both her co-stars. Speaking of them, the first stud of the two was now seen by her head, brushing her hair back from her face with his hand giving his cock a couple of pumps while the second was spreading her ass cheeks apart, allowing the camera to get the close-in shot of him pushing his dick into her snug looking pussy.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm fuck!! Oh yeah..." The red headed Diva moans as she looks back, already pushing her gorgeous white body back as that fat black cock beings to be pumped in past her slick folds, his groans being heard clearly as well as he begins to fuck her and not at a cautious pace either, needing little time at all to get thrusting at a steady and nicely firm pace into her. "MMMMM!! Oh fuck baby!! MMMM... Yeah... Fuck my hot fucking pussy good..." She says in a slutty tone, as if either of these men needed any further encouragement than to give it to this horny beauty. The stud behind her is already doing more than a fine job at that, showing he can stuff some tight pussy as well as her oral hole as he smoothly pushes his rod deeply forward into her twat as she rocks back against him, aiding that dick to go further up into her. No sooner has his dark skin meets with her smooth and tanned body with a smack of contact ringing out he pulls quickly backward a few inches but never enough to fully leave her, and soon is sliding back right into her to make them both moan out as another slap sounds out to signal that deep penetration.

"Oh yeah!! MMMM!! Mmmmm fuck!! Fu-UHHHLLLLKKK!!" She's cut off with her dirty talk when the first man takes advantage of that open mouth, pushing his dick into her already well used mouth and making her cheek bulge when his cock head pokes into her. Unfazed by the lusty action the Total Divas star just turns to face and gaze up at him, bobbing her head swiftly on his shaft to make him moan out, and impressively still manages to keep pushing herself back against the other dick she's taking right now. "Mmmmphhh!! MMMMMM!! Mmmmphhh!!! GAAHHHLLLKKK..." She moans out, and occasionally gags around the dick she's servicing with her damp oral hole, showing no issue with taking them on both at the same time as she's getting it in both ends now with one long black cock pumping away into her snatch, while she's slurping away at another with her bright red lipstick-covered lips.

This position continues for a minute or so more to keep her muffled moans going as well as both men's clear and deep cries of pleasure as they double team the lusty red haired beauty, and that sexy slap of skin bouncing off skin continues to ring out. The first hunk is the one to move first, stepping back and allowing her to groan out with a lick of her lips as she looks back, soon smirking as the hunks change places so now she gets to feel the other just as long and nicely thick to match cock inside her fuck tunnel. The effect is instant as she moans out without any shame at all, once again starting to work her curvaceous white body against that massive black shaft as it plunges deeply in and out between her wet folds, causing her large tits to sway as they hang down in this doggy style position and her nicely juicy ass to shake each time she takes a pump into that snatch.

"MMMM FUCK!! Oooooooh yessssss!! MMMMM!!" Eva Maire sighs her approval, showing no preference to either dick as both as more than built, just like the studs they belong to, to give her the kind of fucking she needs. Just as she's moaning along with the first hunk behind her as he fires off a steady round of deep and firm thrusts to stuff his man meat into that hot, wet snatch, her attention goes to in front as the other man has moves around, holding his dick temptingly in front of her beautiful face. "Ahhhhhh... Let me fucking taste my fucking pussy of your cock... MMMMM..." She purrs like a true cock-loving whore, flicking her tongue against his bell-end before properly pushing her mouth down onto him, making him groan as those bright red lips wrap hungrily around his meat as she starts to suck him off, now letting out muffled moans around that tool as she clearly enjoys both the taste of herself from this dick as she cleans him up, and still the feeling of the other cock ploughing into her needy twat.

The camera has a perfect shot of both sexual acts in one, seeing at the far end the WWE Diva whorishly bobbing her head with a swift pace up and down on the dick that's just come out of her snatch, replacing her light layer of juices with the familiar coating of her own spit. Nearest, the stud currently pumping his big black cock back and forth into her wet and still snug looking pussy is making sure to keep the closest of her rounded ass cheeks apart so there's a clear view of that hot snatch and how it is getting stuffed again and again by this big dick. Add in the moans that both hunks are letting out along with the muffled ones, mixed in with the occasional deep gag from her, and it adds up to a smoking sight that's even more red hot than the flaming dyed hair this stunning woman has.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! MMMMMM HHRRRLLLKKK... MMMMM..." Delivering another slurp, she pulls her head off from him, giving a smirk before she looks back and gives the stud currently banging her another filthy and sinful gaze, groaning out as she keeps her tanned and busty body working back and forth against his deep pumps. She eagerly watches as the two hunks switch places so the second stud is now back into her, going right to work with another series of deep thrusts that now plunge with such force that the slap of skin against skin seems to be louder than before, causing her booty to jiggle that little bit extra for an added treat. "MMMM!! OH FUCK... MMMMM!! Yessssss... MMMMM!! Give me those big fucking black cocks!!" She hisses her demand, giving the current hunk lodged inside her a steamy glare, having no issue with meeting his motion with a similarly stiff and lustful pushing back of her own, the perfect timing used so her sexy ass slaps back against his muscular frame every time he sends that dick straight forward into her wet love tunnel.

Her groans are soon once again silenced to a degree at least when the other stud moved up to her head, keeping her red hair brushed back before he feeds her his length between her pouty lips, soon rewarded as she begins moving her head up and down him, all too happy to clean off herself from this pole just like she's done before to him and to his co-star over and over again during this double teaming of the slutty WWE Diva. Said busty female is handling this all like she was destined to be more of a porn star than an in-ring performer, moaning and gagging away as she rocks both her tanned, white body back against the thick black cock being stuffed in and out of her pussy and still keeps her mouth smoothly running up and down the other dark man meat being offered in front of her.

"MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMM MMMMM GAHHHHHHH!!" She slobbers all over the dick she's blowing, in such a horny state now she seems to be deliberately pushing her face down further onto that shaft than she knows she can take, making her gag shamelessly over it as her saliva drips down that length all the way to the nutsack. "MMMMM!! Mmmmmm... HHHHRRRLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH!!" Speaking of going in to the balls, that's what's happening behind her as the other moaning stud giving it to her is sending in almost all his inches into that wet and still more than pleasurably tight pussy, letting the filming camera capture it all with a perfect angle and him still keeping her rear cheek spread so there's that unrestricted view of the pounding going on.

"MMMMM... Mmmmmm!! MMMMM FUCK!!" Eva Marie is allowed to groan out when that hunk she'd been blowing steps back, allowing the camera to get up close to her as she gives the recording lens a deep, dirty stare and licks her lips. "Mmmmm... I fucking love big... BLACK... FUCKING COCKS!!" She almost yells, still rocking forward as no doubt the stud behind her is still thrusting away into her. "MMMMM... But I want it all... MMMMM!! I want both this big dicks... AHHHHHH... Fucking wrecking my tight little holes..." She almost demands, flipping her long hair back to once again put on a show.

Another edit in the film, and back to "live action" Eva Marie is now mounted on top of the first stud as he's now laying horizontal on the couch, his cock buried in her pussy as she leans forward to both rest her hands on his chest and also stick out her booty, one of her feet planted on the ground in front of the furniture for positioning. Looking back over her shoulder, using a hand to brush her hair back, she bites down on her bottom lip as she watches the second stud approaching, the camera getting close in to briefly show the lube used (no doubt well prepared during the footage cut out from this porno) over that tight looking asshole, as well as over his rod. He spreads her cheek to side similar to before, letting a clear view be seen as he pushes his fat cock head against that hole, and rather easily is able to plunge in firmly to officially make her being double stuffed by big black cocks.

"OH FUUUUUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCKING HELL!! MMMMM!!" She moans out loudly, staring back almost in a trance at that feeling of her ass being taken, and those calls keep coming as that stud now in her booty begins to work himself into that no doubt even tighter hole than her twat had been at the start of this all. Showing that pressure, the hunk behind her is groaning himself as he slides his shaft back out of her, almost showing the bell-end of his tool as he does so but instead sends his dick forward with a smooth, almost testing motion. "OOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMMM Yes yes YES!! Give me... MMMMM!! Give those fucking cocks!!" That slutty begging soon gets what she wants, as a moment later she now has to deal with not just one, but two thrusting black dicks firing into her holes as the stud she's impaled on underneath her begins to send his cock firmly up into her snatch, showing his experience of not just sex, but this kind of position as he lets the stud fucking her ass take the lead in terms of force being used to drive into her.

"MMMM!! Yeah gurl... UHHHH!! Gonna give this fine fuckin' ass... MMMM!! All mah fuckin' dick!!" The stud behind her vows between his deep moans, keeping those tanned and rounded cheeks apart specifically for the recording camera to get the great shot of both long rods moving back and forth into her snatch and her asshole, but also allowing him a smoother entry into that tight entrance so he can drive in now with a bit more speed and a more firmer motion now that both he and the beauty taking this are used to the invasion into her. She certainly appreciates it if her loud and filthy moans are any indication, not seemingly showing too much signs of discomfort from having her ass stuffed full with this mighty dick apart from the rare grit of her teeth as she glares back at the man tapping her ass.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK YES!! MMMMM!! FUCK... FUCK ME!!" Eva Marie demands, despite her getting just that in both her lower holes as she's taking steady and smooth pumps up into her snatch from one of them, and getting a harder and quicker round of thrusts from the similarly muscular and hung black hunk who is pounding deeper and deeper into her juicy, built to be fucked backside. "AHHHHHHH... FUCK!! Give me... MMMMM!! Give me those FUCKING... BLACK... COCKS!!" She groans out, showing a clear desire for shameless, no strings attached interracial sex as now is able to rock her hips slightly against both men's pumping rods, grinding that hot and dripping wet snatch downward against the hunk she's on top of, and pushing her booty out a bit to meet the one driving into her from behind.

The former model turned sports entertainer, and now porn star, gasps out with every pump delivered between her plump ass cheeks, and moans with each thrust sent straight up into her soaking wet snatch, but still with enough wits about her to remember to keep brushing her bright dyed red hair away from her each when it falls back from the force of the pumps being sent into both of her holes. She's making it look not just too easy, but like she's been a whore of big black cocks before with how deeply she's taking both members into both her moist twat and her shapely backside, the snugness of those holes despite how many repeated, stiff pumps each has taken still more than enough to make both these hung hunks moan out as they pound into her.

"OH! OH FUCK... MMMMM!! OH YES!! OH MY ASS... MMMMM my fucking pussy!! MMMM!!" Her voice is dripping with lewd sin with every word and moan she lets out, a sexy layer of sweat now coating her already beautiful face as she casts a gaze to the recording camera, clearly loving the fact she's being filmed getting fucked up the ass and in her snatch by two hung black men she's probably only met for a few moments before recording started. "AHHHHH... MMMMM... Ooooooooooh MMMMM... Black dicks!! SO... MMMM!! FUCKING GOOD!!" The WWE Diva groans as she continues to rock her hips back and forth as best she can in response to the powerful thrusts plunging deep forward into her back passage, as well as the steady thrusts keeping her snatch soaking wet as the stunning white babe with dyed red hair takes this double penetration from two big black dicks at the same time.

The camera shifts back to down at those stuffed holes, the stud who had been tapping that fine ass pulling out and letting the sight of her gaping asshole be seen, made even hotter by the fact that she still has a dick lodged into her pussy. However, this scene soon changes with an edit as once again Eva Marie is up on her hands and knees on the couch, with the stud she's been having in her ass now facing her as she's already got her bright red lips wrapped around her. Behind her, the first hunk is now getting his turn to feel how good that juicy butt feels, pushing his lube-readied prick between her rear cheeks to make both himself and her groan as he starts to pump himself in and out of the horny redhead.

"MMMM!! Awwwww shit... Fuckin' fine ass... MMMM!! On this damn white gurl..." The hunk "compliments" the stunner he's just penetrated the backside off, grunting as he feels how still erotically tight that back entrance of hers still is, even after the previous pounding she'd taken during the prior double penetration scene that could only have been a few minutes apart from this one. It does however let him push his thick dark man meat already deep into that hole, a stiff series of pumps used at a steady pace and showing her clear love of taking a big dick like this anally she's already rocking that tanned and curvy back against those pumps with enough force that those big fake tits of her are swaying in time with the rest of her.

"MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM!! Mmmmmmphhh!!" The WWE and NXT Diva lets out loud but muffled moans around the cock she's blowing, raising and lowering her flaming long haired head up and down that still stiff pole. There also doesn't seem to be a hint of disgust or shame at the fact that she's engaging in some ass-to-mouth action here, slurping deeply onto the cock that has just come out of her ass and had been pounding away into her. "MMMMMPHHHH... MMMMM... GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHHH!!" Once again the whorish stunner is making herself gag on this big dick, in turning making the hunk taking this red hot blowjob moan out as she yet again is leaving his shaft nicely layered with her spit with those pouty lips gliding up and down onto him as she groans with every motion she delivers onto him.

As always, there's perfect clear views of the action going on at both ends of this spit roasting, with one black cock thrusting steadily and with force in and out of her already well slammed into asshole as the stud tapping that stunning booty keeps her backside spread apart, and her hair brushed back over her far shoulder so the sight of her dick-hungry mouth can be recorded bobbing away on the other just as lengthy and fat shaft. As those two clearly experienced porn stars grunt and moan, the curvaceous white female sandwiched between them continues to move herself back and forth between them, sweat coating that tanned body as she pushes her butt towards every incoming pump into that rear to fit as much of that thick dick into herself as she can handle.

"MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHHH!! GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMM..." Despite the fact that her dripping wet pussy isn't even being touched right now the Total Divas star is still moaning in delight around the cock she's blowing, getting off on just having her ass tapped by this black stud and no doubt the fact she's dishing out some oral pleasuring to another just as hung man at the same time. "MMMMMPPHHH... MMMMM MMMM MMMMM..." She casts a well practised dirty look back at the camera that's filming her ass taking that big dick deep in and out of her asshole, her thick cheeks jiggling with each backward rocking motion she does, the rippling effect made more profound by that stud behind her driving his member right into that still ready to take more hole. Adding in the fact that she's still pushing herself between both men, then it's a wonder why she decided to try a career in sports entertainment in the first place rather than the porn industry she seems born to have been a star in.

As she's focused on working her stunning frame against both men's shaft, she's snapped to reality when the stud in front of her suddenly pulls back to make her gaze up with a smirk. "MMMM FUCK!! You ready... AHHHHH... To cum for me stud??" Eva asks as she watches him move, then a glance back at the grunting hunk giving her backside a couple more pumps. "MMMMM!! Give it to me... MMMMM!! I want... AHHHH FUCK!! All that fucking cum!!" She demands, groaning when the first stud pulls out of that well fucked ass, showing the effects as the camera gets another long look at her gaping asshole for a moment.

Soon though she's moving off the couch she's been getting fucked on, slipping down to her knees in front of it and brushing her long dyed red hair back over the shoulders, pouting her lips as she tilts her head back, the two hunks stepping back in and furiously stroking their shafts as they stand next to the sweat covered WWE Diva. Even after getting fucked so deeply in all of her holes, she's still wanting more from them, glancing at them both and down at those shafts being pumped, licking her lips as she knows what's coming, or more rightly cumming, next for her to properly finish this porno off.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhhh SHIT... MMMMM..." The second stud on her left is the first to blow his load first, a big wad of spunk landing across her forehead but going up for far it lands and stained that signature bright red hair, followed by a second up over her cheek and over the nose. The next shot flies out but lands on the cheek again, making it drip down and off her face onto her big fake tits, and as he pumps he sends more jizz onto that cheek, her thick red lipstick of her lips, and her chin.

"MMMM!! FUCK YEAH... UHHHHH... AHHHHH MMMM..." With perfect professional timing just as the one stud is finished and steps back, the first one now takes his turn, Eva Maire turning towards him to take his load as he sends a blast up the side of her face, also landing into her dyed hair and close to the eye, making her close both just in case of mis-spray. He continues pumping his seed out, sending shots of that creamy goodness over that cheek and close to her nose, much of it dripping off her jaw and also down onto her chest to all in all leave her looking a stunning, well fucked and now cum-covered mess.

With the last drops flicked out and that spent hunk stepping away, the camera can move in close as Eva Marie opens her eyes with the look of a true cum-slut, smirking with spunk coating and dripping slightly from her lips to go with that jizz falling gradually from her cheeks and chin. "Mmmmm... Fuck! That was so fucking good..." She purrs as she stares lustfully into the filming camera. "I'm All Red Everything... But when it comes to dicks? I'm always happy to be All BLACK Everything..." She states, lifting a hand up to blow the lens a kiss before she leans back, still smirking like the satisfied slut she is as the sight of her cum-covered face is taken in for a long, savouring moment. And it's with this image that the porn film ends, fading to black for another fine production from Porn Wrestling Federation.

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