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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal.

Featuring: Maryse Ouellet (WWE)

Porn Wrestling Federation - Volume 4
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early 2016 professional wrestling, and to be specific sports entertainment giant WWE was in a crisis. Bad deals, lawsuits, falling ratings and questionable booking decisions led to the world giant having to make tough decisions with personal and professional consequences. For a long time, the WWE had been a proudly PG-friendly company... But when they were approached with a very non-PG offer from a very XXX-rated business, they were left with little choice but to accept.

The formation of the Porn Wrestling Federation was a joint wrestling and pornographic promotion based initially around the entire roster of WWE Divas (or Female Superstars as their were re-branded as) being "sold" to an established porn website and film maker who working with the WWE would create a weekly TV show of in-ring action for worldwide, in fitting with the general PG way of the rest of Raw and Smackdown's broadcasts. The PWF would also however create pornographic films and scenes staring the Divas for sale, download and on-demand streaming through its adult-only website. The WWE would retain all the rights of the match-based programming, and would receive part of the profits from both sides of the PWF's productions.

As PWF grew in popularity (no guesses as to which side of the business was consistently making far more money than the other), so to did it start to expand with additional talents drawn from NXT, and the global independent wrestling scene. The existing roster of WWE Female Superstars however were willing to show their sexual skill on camera, no matter their existing in-ring skills or credibility. In fact, one who was far more willing to use her looks and stunning body to use as eye candy was more than happy to put her body to a more lucrative use than any in-ring activity that she used to do...

* * *

Porn Wrestling Federation presents...

French-Canadian WWE Diva/female WWE Superstar Maryse


An Ass-sisting French Kiss!

* * *

The scene opens up with quite an exciting sight already - a close up shot of a pair of large, tanned tits straining inside a bra that are jiggling as the woman wearing them is struggling in quite an over-the-top manner to try and pull up a corset-like top that goes all the way around up behind the neck but open at the front so this massive chest and deep cleavage can be shown off. As the camera zooms and then steps back we see that it's the stunning French-Canadian platinum blonde, the female WWE Superstar known as Maryse that seems to be having a wardrobe issue. Not that she doesn't look stunning with white shorts and white, high-heeled boots to match her attire.

As she struggles, we see also in the room a smartly dressed, handsome and nicely built man in smart pants and shirt who appears to be her assistant from the other clothes he's holding in his arms. The room they are in certainly appears to be a dressing or changing room of sorts with a clothes rack with several garments in the background, and a lavish, large sized chair as well close by.

"Hnnnnnnng!!" She whines, struggling it appears to lift the zipper up even a bit. "Non! Non non non!!" Maryse snaps, stomping a foot and placing her hands on her thick hips. "This is unacceptable! I am the Sexiest of the Sexy!! How can I possibly go out and dazzle the world, and make my husband the envy of all the men watching, if I can't show off my body the right way??" She complains in a bitchy tone, even with her thick accent making it sound very hot regardless.

"I told you Miss Maryse, that top is just a size to small for you." The "assistant" says. "It's basically skin-tight!"

"Then we'll make it skin-tight then!" She snaps at him, unclipping the zip at the bottom of the corset so she can pull it back and away, allowing her to reach back behind and with quick ease pull her bra off from her tits. Those completely tanned and delicious breasts bounce free, and the eyes of the assistant widen at the sight of them, even more as they jiggle when she tries again to reapply the zipper and pull it up, only finding herself struggling once more as her tits shake as the camera zooms right in.

"Fucking damn it!!" She curses, stomping her foot again before in anger taking off the top completely, turning and throwing it at her "assistant", causing him to drop the clothes he'd been holding. "And you! Fucking useless! Why did my husband even hire you?? How hard is it to pick out some fucking clothes!!" She rudely snaps at him, turning to the side slightly as he composes himself. She pauses, looking him over, with narrowed eyes as it looks like she's about to say something.

A different camera angle keeps us in the same "scene" but at a different angle - crotch height at his pants and now seeing a sizeable bulge there - clear arousal from seeing such huge tits on full display.

"Are... Do you having a fucking hard-on??" She questions after a long stare, but before he can answer she marches right over, her hand going right to his package and giving it a squeeze, causing him to groan. "You fucking are... Hmmmm... At least, you have good fucking taste..." She comments with a smirk as her hand runs over that bulge for a lot longer than she should be, considering how mad she sounds at him. It's soon clear other thoughts have come to mind as she slowly lowers herself down to her knees, her hands going to his belt to undo them, and soon yanking down his pants for good measure. Finding out he has no underwear on, she's greeted by a sight that makes her eyes widen and jaw drop in almost awe of the lengthy and thick shaft that's now pointing right at her.

"Fuck!! It... It seems like you can be good for something, non?" The stunning French-Canadian says as a smirk soon appears on her face, taking a hold of and then stroking the big American cock that's obviously to her liking, and the moans heard off camera from the hunk she's jerking off show he's enjoying it more than just a little. Raising an eyebrow to further toy with her "assistant" she leans her head in, giving the underside of this thick rod a long, slow lick all the way from her gripping fingers to the crown, giving the tip a light swirl around for good measure before she pulls back to smirk again.

"If you screw this up... I won't hesitate to make sure my husband fires you!" She warns with a bitchy but still sexy glare as she gives his dick another round of pumps. With the teasing over with, for now at least, she gets to the proper task at hand as she brings her lips to that crown, giving a "French Kiss" of a different sort with a couple of smooches with quite audible slurps to that fat cock-head as she strokes him off. Moaning herself a little as she looks up at him, she runs her tongue against the tip, soon swirling around it for another warm-up as she dabs her saliva onto him before again shifting back a bit so she can use her stroking hands to work that spit all over his length.

The platinum blonde beauty parts her lips, taking that cock inside and keeps jerking away at the shaft even as her mouth slides down with noticeable effortless ease to the halfway mark, a glimpse of tongue seen by the camera that's filming this oral action right up close, picking up her groans even as muffled already by this meaty pole. Her head moves back upward, teasing that she's going to pull all the way off from him but instead pushing back down as she breaking into a smooth motion, her hand now stroking away at almost the same timing and pace as her mouth so that when her hand moves upward she almost touches her own chin as her sucking motion heads down.

As the former WWE Divas Champion bobs her head along that meaty prick, the pace is already making her sizeable tits jiggle sexily as she services this handsome hunk who is just as clearly built to handle such a red hot blowjob as her mouth is made to dish one out, already his cock getting visibly slick and coated with her saliva from the repeated motion. Indeed, as she even remembers to use her free hand to keep her long hair brushed back to the camera can capture every moment of this oral sex act, it's apparent this is far from her first time sucking some dick, slurping without any sign of shame again and gain. Perhaps she's not done this to a cock quite as lengthy and thick to match as this one from the way she's groaning herself around this man meat.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm mmmmphhhh!!" She moans as she moves her mouth up and down over this rock hard tool, her jerking hand helping to further work her spit over his fat inches as she forces her oral hole down further onto this fuck-stick, her muffled groans seemingly getting louder with every extra inch she manages to stuff up into herself. Her eyes stay narrowed with an equally lusty but bitchy glare as she keeps those French-Canadian lips tightly wrapped around this American dick despite it not belonging to the man she's actually married to. That fact seems far from her mind as the swift bobbing carries on, saliva seeping past those full lips as it's now dripping off her chin, off of his length and even her own fingers from all the stroking, leaving a coating of spit now forming across those large, shapely tits for good measure.

Giving another round of slurps, she pulls her mouth completely off of him with a sexy gasp, using her hands to stroke his length while she smirks up at her "assistant". "Mmmmm... You enjoyed that, oui?" Maryse teases before she lets go of him, standing up and moving over towards the luxury chair in this "changing room".

With the camera up close, she slowly pulls down the white shorts, revealing her completely tanned and juicy backside along with her shaved and already wet looking snatch, putting on a show as she bends over completely to stick out that backside as the shorts reach her feet so she can step out of them.

"Now get the fuck over here and earn your job!" She snaps with a bitchy tone, positioning herself to rest one knee on the seat but her other high-heel wearing foot planted on the floor, allowing her backside to be pushed out as she bends over toward the back rest of the chair. This gives a perfect view as the hunk steps back into view, holding his cock by the base so he can push it forward into that snatch and with just the first push is able to sink forward deep into those wet folds to make her moan out immediately from the penetration.

"Mmmmm... Oh oui!! Mmmmm..." She encourages already, looking back over her shoulder to watch this stud thrust that meaty shaft in and out of her snug pussy, the force behind the steady motion already making her rock forward each time that pole slides into her twat, moans of approval escaping her as she takes this deep pumping from behind. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm... Harder... Impress me... Mmmmm!!" She demands, slapping her hand on the back of the chair she's being taken over to emphasise the point even though her moans are clear and quite loud for a woman being fucked by a man who isn't the one she's married to. That request is soon granted as he works more of his inches forward into the needy, busty beauty to make her gasp and groan, her intense gaze still locked back at him as she keeps up that bitchy attitude towards him, but cannot deny how well his thrusting his ticking the boxes for her lusty needs.

Behind her, the "assistant" is showing obvious experience in the porn business, just moaning out as he lets the action on display of his big American dick pumping in and out of this hot and wet French-Canadian pussy do all the talking along with both of their loud moans. His slightly to the side position allows the filming camera to capture every second of this smoking hot, not to mention shameless action as he keeps that dick thrusting back and forth into this gorgeous sports entertainment and reality TV starlet with a firm and swift pace. If he was fully positioned behind, no doubt he could ram every inch into her but playing his part he makes sure the enjoyment of the audience is the top priority, although from the way she's moaning out in delight with every thrust, it can be argued she's getting far more out of this than perhaps anyone watching this porno back ever will.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh... Oooooooh yes!! MMMMM... Mmmmm oh oui!!" The former in-ring competitor turned valet for the WWE groans out, pushing her desirable body backward against these stiff thrusts, getting him in as deep as she can as the smack of her ass meeting his crotch sounds out to just enhance the stunning action on display. "Ahhhhh FUCK!! Mmmmm... Yes, you fuck... Ahhhhhh... Fuck me good!!" She still demands, licking her lips slightly as she stares back, her big tits swaying underneath her as her body rocks back in perfect rhythm to his pumps, staying bent over as she grips this chair she's getting fucked against, even putting on a show as she performs one of her signature hair flips to send those long locks over her shoulder and out of the way of her pretty, moaning face.

Those stiff pumps keep coming with far from any signs of stopping yet as that truly porn star-quality cock continues to slide in quickly and deeply into her wet pussy, his hand farthest from the camera used just to grip her thigh for a little extra support as his pace gets that bit harder in response to her needs, not to mention making it all the more hotter to be filmed. She stares approvingly, her gaze switching from up at his handsome facial features to lock eyes with the stud she's "making" fuck her to "keep" his job, and down towards her rounded backside to watch that big dick pushing steadily and sharply in and out of her love tunnel that's already more than just wet, but ready for plenty more from him.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... Yessssss... Mmmmm!! Such a good little... Mmmmm... Assistant..." Maryse purrs, licking her lips again as she watches him pull out of her pussy, causing her to groan. "Now sit down... Let the Sexiest of the Sexy show you how it's done!" She orders, stepping off from the chair and quickly the "assistant" takes her place, sitting down it with that cock, visibly coated now in her juices, pointing straight upward.

Moving in with her back now to the camera, she swings a leg over and shifts forward into position above his lap, that juicy and tanned ass sticking out as she sinks down slowly for another teasing display, taking that cock back inside her and aided by him holding his manhood in position for her. With a groan, she moves all the way down to take his inches completely in, stopping to rest against his crotch as she places her hands on the back of the seating for support, and likewise her co-star grips her waist in preparation. With a gasp, she gets down to this dirty business, lifting herself upward before dropping back down, a slap of skin against skin accompanying their moans as she doesn't hold back, never mind waste any time, getting right into the motion of riding this big cock that's she's already sucked off and had fucking her so far.

"MMMMM!! Oui!! Mmmmm... Oh fuck yes... MMMM!!" The French-Canadian stunner moans out as she bounces that curvy body up and down on that fat American cock she's eagerly and happily taking up deep inside her tight and wet pussy, already showing that she can dish out some steamy action as well as taking it. "AHHHHH... Oh shit!! MMMM... So... So fucking big!! MMMM..." She gasps out, her long hair bouncing away in time with the motion her body is doing as she raises and lowers her body with a machine-like rhythm that's more than a perfect fit for this kind of skin-flick she's staring in, but far removed from the world of sports entertainment she's famous for being a part of.

Underneath her, the hung stud getting one Hell of a fine ride continues to moan out, more than able to handle taking this kind of riding pace and making sure to not distract from that red hot action being recorded. His hands stay holding her toned midsection to keep her steady and in place, impaled on his thick member as she sharply rides him and sends her juicy booty smacking down against his thighs every time she drops down and takes all of his dick in to the hilt into her soaking wet snatch.

The camera has a stunning view to say the least, filming her slick hole shifting quickly right down to his heavy balls before sliding with a sexy squelch upward to the midway point before she sends that tanned body back down with a smack, causing her thick butt to jiggle for an extra visual treat as this sexual action continues on with little signs of letting up. The former two-time WWE Divas Champion groans out, just glancing back for a moment to check her position before she looks back, giving a toss back of the hair for good measure as she displays talents far removed from those required in a wrestling ring but perfect for something that's as far removed from PG rated TV as it gets.

"Uhhhh!! AHHHHH... MMMMM OUI!! Mmmmm... MMMMM!!" She gasps out, drops of sweat now beginning to form on her beautiful frame that has been seen before in nude glory in Playboy (when it actually published nudity), but she's never quite been seen in such a stunning state like this as she expertly rides this massive cock with bounce after swift and deep bounce. "OH OUI!! Mmmmmm!! Oui... MMMMM!!" The platinum blonde moans out, putting in a more intense performance than during any match she ever had before in the past, and showing no issue with getting a fuck out of a hunk that she isn't happily married to if how loud and constant her moans are as she keeps on raising and dropping that snatch over and over onto this fat and lengthy tool.

"MMMM... Mmmmmm!! Ahhhhhh FUCK!!" Maryse lets out a groan as she gradually brings herself to a stop after another round of bounces, coming to a rest but not letting up exactly as she instead shifts her hips back and forth, grinding her wet pussy down against his crotch with all of his inches still stuffed up inside her. "Mmmmm... Not bad, oui?" She teases, looking back over her shoulder down at herself with an approving smirk as she keeps the grinding going for a moment more. "But if you want to really... Mmmmm... Keep your job... You still have to really please me..."

* * *

What Maryse meant by that becomes clear when the video footage comes back from a quick fading in and out edit to show her now positioned again on the chair but this time kneeling on the seating, her ass sticking right out and by the looks of things her asshole appears to have been lubed up properly, shining from the clear fluid that coats that entrance to the point of nearly starting to drip.

Stepping back into view now is that hung and hunky co-star, his cock now similarly "prepared" with lubricant as he uses a hand to spread her thick cheeks apart a little more, gripping his rod to line up and then slowly but firmly push into that tightest of holes, causing both himself and the beauty taking it to groan out. Her eyes widen, mouth open as she moans, hands gripping the chair she's on as she grits her teeth, a sign that her desirable backside hasn't ever taken a cock of this size before but as he starts to work himself in and out of her rump she can't help but groan out, staring back to watch her ass getting fucked by this experienced stud,

"MMMMM!! FUCK!! Oh yes... MMMMM... Fuck my ass baby... MMMMM..." Her moans are truly shameless as she already begs for more, just moments into this anal action properly getting going as that big rod slides gradually deeper in between her tanned cheeks with every forward thrust he delivers. "AHHHHHH... MMMMM OUI!! Mmmmmm oui oui OUI!! MMMMM..." She gasps out, already finding herself rocking back and forth to meet his pumps and aid in getting those inches further into her tightest of holes and loving every moment of it, even though as she keeps herself in this almost doggy style position she isn't even touching her own wet pussy as she takes it up the ass.

Despite the hunk currently pumping his dick in and out of her snug to say the least asshole is not the man she's married to, he's already experienced the delights of each of her erotic holes having gotten his dick sucked, and fucked her sweet pussy so far, all topped off with getting to tap that fine, French-Canadian ass that appears built to take some thick and long American meat like this. She's putting on a fine performance herself to take this kind of ass fucking that would render most women not able to walk straight for several days, and yet as she moans away with every back and forth pump she's still craving more of that rod in deep between her tanned, smooth and rounded rear cheeks.

"UHHHH!! Ahhhhhh FUUUUCKKK!! MMMM... MMMMM SHIT!!" She almost yells out when he delivers a firm, hard thrust into her backside, making her stare back with a red hot and burning with desire glare, another flip of the long, platinum blonde hair leaving her gorgeous, now sweat-coated face on full display for the recording camera. "MMMMM FUCK!! Oh OUI!! MMMMMM OUI! OUI OUI MMMMMM OUI!!" However currently the filming is focusing on her stunning backside and how she's taking such a vast amount of cock with such ease, still pushing back firmly on her knees towards the stud behind her every time he thrusts towards to plunge deep into her still very tight but ready for plenty more back passage.

Still making sure to only let out slight moans and groans, he keeps his hips shifting back and forth smoothly but firmly, sending his dick in and soon sharply out of her snug asshole, but never pulling completely out of the ass of the stunning female WWE Superstar who stays kneeling on the same chair she's been getting fucked over and been fucking on over the course of this sinful, recorded encounter. Even as he now also shows the effects of giving her the kind of pounding her and her gorgeous backside deserve as the sweat now appears on his muscular frame, he also isn't planning on turning the action down a level, grunting under his breath as he keeps on sending his cock forward to ram deep into those full and jiggling butt cheeks.

"MMMMM YESSSS!! FUCK MY ASS!! AHHHHHH... MMMMMM FUUUUUUCKKK!!" The former WWE Divas Champion is putting on a performance worthy of several adult film awards with the way she's so easily taking this anal pounding that sees her body sharply rocking back and forth against the onslaught of hard pumps, keeping her big tits swaying and her booty shaking, even more so now as her ass is smacking off of his crotch now when he thrusts forward. "UHHHHH!! OH OUI... MMMMMM OUI... AHHHHHH MMMMMM..." Her thick French-Canadian accent just makes her shameless, filthy words all the more hotter, beads of sweat dripping from her nose as she keeps looking back to watch that huge American cock being stuffed again and again into her rump in such a way that it seems like she's all to used to some anal action, even with such a fat piece of man eat.

"MMMMM... FUCK!! Mmmmm... With a big... UHHHHH... FUCKING COCK!! MMMM... Like that???" The woman who has appeared in movies such as Sharknado 3 and reality TV like WAGs seems far more naturally suited for starring roles in pornography from this ass banging performance, still moaning out despite having not even touched her own snatch all the way through this position, just taking it from behind as this big dick slides deeply and swiftly in and out of her rear hole. "MMMM!! No fucking way... AHHHH... I'm going to fire you now!! MMMMM OUI!!" She groans out with a lusty grin, once again putting on an extra, sexy display with a signature flip of the hair even as she gets fucked from behind, gasping with each in or out thrust she takes from behind and the grin on her face showing she's loving every moment of this steamy and dirty ass fucking even if it's with this man who isn't the one she's happily married to.

* * *

Another edit in the film brings us to a new, but just as pleasing to the eye scene as Maryse is now sitting on the same chair she's been getting fucked on and over over the course of this skin-flick. How however she's in control, and is using another part of her stunning, sweat-covered body to full use as she has her large, tanned tits pressed against the thick and long cock of her "assistant", a wide grin on her face as she gazes up at the hunk she's pleasuring with her own tits.

"Mmmmm... Oui... Fuck my tits, you dirty man..." She purrs as she stares up at him, not even watching as he's doing just as instructed, thrusting his member right up between her big breasts as she uses both hands to keep them sandwiching his man-meat between them, giving a very strong indication that this is far from her first time from using those mounds to pleasure a man before. She's groaning a little herself though, turned on by the sensation of having her chest fucked, let alone by a man who she isn't married to, and one who has already had this same cock deep into her mouth, her snatch, and her ass so far and is getting treated to a fine tit-fuck to top it all off.

His groans show that he's loving that soft feeling of her more than ample tit-flesh against and around his cock as she keeps her boobs pressed tightly against his pumping member, the crown of his cock popping up out of the top of her cleavage before soon vanishing back downward to repeat the motion. The camera has a clear, close up shot of this, taking in the sight of her tits jiggling even as she holds them, such is the smooth and firm force of his pumps up into the valley she's created with her own mountains.

"Mmmmm!! Fucking cum!! Cum for me... Cum all over my big fucking tits!" The former in-ring competitor and former Champion when she was a WWE Diva, and now ringside eye candy as a manager as a female WWE Superstar is still as lusty as ever even after all the fucking she's taken during this hot and heavy action. She licks her lips, using her hands to rub and grind her own tits against this pistoning shaft, groaning as she feels him throbbing and approaching release but he continues to fuck her stunning breasts to savour the last few moments, lasting far long than most red blooded men would be able to last just from a titfuck from her alone, let alone after all the wild action that's gone on before this point.

She soon gets what she wanted though when he suddenly pulls out from between her mounds, grabbing his cock and starting to stroke himself off rapidly and in quick response she cups her tits, pushing them up and together for an unmissable target. That does the trick, as a couple pumps of the hand later and he groans, shooting the first thick, hot spray of jizz out to splash down over the top of her left breast, soon followed by another that lands on that boob but down into her cleavage too. He keeps pumping and firing out his thick American load, giving both those French-Canadian breasts and more than generous share of his seed as it lands over the tops, down into that created valley between, over the front to glaze her rock hard nipples, and even landing on her hands that hold her mounds in place for him to flick the final drops of jizz down onto it.

"Mmmmm... Oh oui..." Maryse says approvingly as she looks down at her own cum-covered tits, using her hands to naughtily rub the spunk all over her big breasts and make herself gasp in the process. "You... You've kept your job... For this week, at least... But I think we must schedule another "performance review" soon, oui?" She teases with a sexy smirk, giving one last flip back of the hair before she looks to the filming camera and gives a last, devilish smirk as the sight of her sweat-coated body and her now cum-covered tits gets recorded before the film fades out to black, drawing another fine Porn Wrestling Federation production to a close.

* * *

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