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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Noelle Foley (WWE/WWE Network)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Porn Wrestling Federation - Volume 6
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early 2016 professional wrestling, and to be specific sports entertainment giant WWE was in a crisis. Bad deals, lawsuits, falling ratings and questionable booking decisions led to the world giant having to make tough decisions with personal and professional consequences. For a long time, the WWE had been a proudly PG-friendly company... But when they were approached with a very non-PG offer from a very XXX-rated business, they were left with little choice but to accept.

The formation of the Porn Wrestling Federation was a joint wrestling and pornographic promotion based initially around the entire roster of WWE Divas (or Female Superstars as their were re-branded as) being "sold" to an established porn website and film maker who working with the WWE would create a weekly TV show of in-ring action for worldwide, in fitting with the general PG way of the rest of Raw and Smackdown's broadcasts. The PWF would also however create pornographic films and scenes staring the Divas for sale, download and on-demand streaming through its adult-only website. The WWE would retain all the rights of the match-based programming, and would receive part of the profits from both sides of the PWF's productions.

As PWF grew in popularity (no guesses as to which side of the business was consistently making far more money than the other), so to did it start to expand with additional talents drawn from NXT, and the global independent wrestling scene. The existing roster of WWE Female Superstars however were willing to show their sexual skill on camera, no matter their existing in-ring skills or credibility. In fact, there ere even opportunities for those who had never even properly stepped foot into a ring to showcase their "talents"...

* * *

Porn Wrestling Federation presents...

WWE Network reality TV star and wrestling personality Noelle Foley


PWF Casting Tapings - Noelle Foley

* * *

The video opens up into what seems like an office setting, with a plant in one corner, a bookshelf against the wall at another, a chair, and a cleared off, sturdy looking desk. Currently seated is a very enjoyable sight for the eyes. The gorgeous blonde Noelle Foley, the daughter of Hardcore Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. With her curvaceous body and pretty face, she has gained an online following through saucy social media snaps, and work as a hostess for Ringside Collectables and being part of the WWE Network reality TV show Holy Foley! She's dressed in nicely fitting jeans, showing off her shapely hips, and a short and tight long sleeved top that's low cut to show off both cleavage and those large, rounded tits that make the clothing strain.

"So, Noelle Foley!" The voice of a man holding and operating the camera that's filming her speaks. "Welcome to the Porn Wrestling Federation Casting! You're looking, just... Wow." He states as he takes in all of her as she on the chair at the other side of the desk. "You're just fucking stunning."

"Why, thank you!" Noelle says with a smile, not too fazed by his blunt remarks as she brushes her long hair back.

"So, tell me and all the viewers Noelle - why do you want to start being in porn?" He asks.

"Well... Doing Holy Foley! Was fun and all that..." She starts to explain. "But trying to train to be a wrestler didn't work out... And I can't do hosting shows about action figures of WWE Superstars all my life... So, I figure, you know..." She shrugs, making her large breasts jiggle slightly in the process.

"Why waste time getting beat up, when you can get fucked on camera and make just as much, if not even more money?" He again bluntly asks, the tone of his voice showing he's here to see how good she is in terms of being a potential porn starlet more than anything else.

"Yep!" Foley says with a sexy laugh. "I want to get fucked! Fucked and paid! I mean, watching the PWF stuff already? If those girls can do it, I just know I can!" She states with a nod of her blonde haired head.

"Is that so?" The "caster" chuckles. "Good to hear... Because this is where I find out, and all those watching, will find out if you do have what it takes." He pauses, moving as he stands up, and moves around the desk. "So... Let's see what you've got Noelle. Let's get you out of those clothes..." He instructs.

"OK, here we go then..." Noelle says, standing up and facing the camera. Reaching down, she lifts her top slowly upward, letting her large breasts bounce and jiggle once free from the restraint as she doesn't even have a bra underneath. Her chest only just settles when she flips her hair back, dropping the top onto the chair and posing with a sly smirk for the viewing audience.

"Look at those fucking tits... Those are fantastic..." The camera operator confirms the obvious, taking a long shot to capture those mounds before zooming back to take her all in. "Don't stop there baby... Turn around and show off what else you've got.

Nodding, she turns around as instructed, unbuttoning before hooking the waistline of her jeans before she slowly starts to peel them down. Putting on a show, with the little sway of the hips, her tanned and rounded ass is exposed to again show she hasn't got on any underwear. Fitting for the kind of "casting" she will be doing. She doesn't stop there, pushing the pants down and showing off her completely shaved and tight looking pussy as she stays bent over, taking off her footwear before stepping out of her jeans.

"You like?" Noelle asks with a grin, standing up and slowly turning around for a little twirl to really show off that young, curvy body of hers.

"Like? How about you come over here and find out..." He orders as he pans up and down over that stunning frame. "A body is one thing, but I want to see... First of all at least, I want to see how good you can suck some dick.

"Sounds good to me!" Foley says as she steps towards him, her chest delightfully bouncing with each step, before she drops down to her knees in front of him, looking up through the lens of the camera at the stud she's co-starring with. This confirms that this casting is indeed done in the Point-Of-View style so we will unlikely, if at all, actually see the identity of the man she's going to be sucking off.

Reaching up, she unloops the belt with ease before hauling down his pants. She now discovers that she's not the only one who hasn't come to the "casting" without any under-clothing on. The blonde lets out a gasp when his long and thick to match, and certainly more than fitting for a porn film, cock springs out and grazes her cheek.

"Holy shit-balls!!" She exclaims, but soon grins as she takes a hold of that already hardening cock so she can start to stroke him off. "This, this is huge!!"

"Bigger than that "clown" you call a boyfriend?" He asks, already deliberately looking to get a reaction out of her he knows the audience will enjoy. As if the sight of a busty, naked blonde jerking off a big dick wouldn't be that already.

Noelle narrows her eyes up at the camera for a moment, before gazing over that rod with a look of lust. "...Bigger. Way, way fucking bigger!" She confirms with a laugh, licking her lips slightly as she now hold his full, vast rock hard size.

"I think we all knew you'd be saying that..." The stud behind the camera chuckles. "But is it too big for you to handle? It's only going to be like this, or even bigger from here on out you know..." He adds as a challenge for her.

"Oh, I think I can handle this..." She smirks up at him through the camera. Stroking his dick again, she brings it up to her lips, giving a little smooch to the head before a second, fuller kiss works over the head. Smirking for a moment she teases her tongue at the head, a brief lick before she kisses again while pumping away at that shaft. "Like this?" She asks, before those lips part and she takes his cock inside, causing the man behind the lens to groan out as she wraps those full, pouty lips around his tool. Groaning herself as she gets the first feel of that man-meat she pauses for a moment, letting her hand stroke off the rest of his size. It's not too teasingly long though before she lifts back upward, letting the head be seen as she pulls completely off in a slow, deliberate manner. Licking her lips, she lets her tongue slide across the top, working over the slit and then around the crown. All the while, her palm still pumps his rock hard length as she continues the warming up.

"Mmmmm... Come on on, stick it in your mouth Noelle..." The hunk getting to "cast" this gorgeous blonde says with the kind of husky tone that makes it clear it's not a request he's just making.

Looking up, she doesn't verbally respond but still lets her mouth do the "talking" as she does open wide and again sinks down to now let those inches vanish into her mouth. Her lips properly wrap around his member this time, a feeling more than enough along to get him groaning combined with her hand still stroking off his length at the same time. Following the order, already like a good porno slut should, her mouth starts lifting back up with another controlled but smooth motion. This time she stops just an inch or so before reaching the bell-end, her hand still working over just the lower portion to just about where her mouth had sunk down to. No pulling off this time as she moves back to where she'd been, and repeats the motion now, a slurp being heard as she keeps her full lips pressed against this cock belonging to a man she's only just met. Yet minutes later she's willingly, and a little too eagerly, sucking him off as she begins to bob her long haired head along his pole.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm..." The beautiful model moans around his prick, her eyes locked up to gaze at the camera that's recording her whole face as she moves up and down onto his cock, easily handling half of his impressive size when she pushes down onto him. She keeps one hand wrapped around his base, delivering steady strokes that are nicely timed to match the sucking action she's giving to the top part of him. The other hand stays busy, making sure her hair stays away from her pretty facial features so there's a clear view of this blowjob she's dishing out. Add into that the sight of her large, rounded tits that are jiggling ever so slightly each time she delivers a bob of the head? Already the viewers getting this POV-view of this oral sex are getting their money's worth and there's still plenty more to come, and to cum for that matter.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... Suck that dick baby... Mmmmm..." The moans coming from the hunk filming the very blowjob he's getting confirm the clear skill and experience the Holy Foley! Reality TV show starlet has. Even with her steady bobs and the pleasure he's getting from her mouth, he's keeping the camera perfectly steady for that red hot shot of the blonde sucking and stroking his cock over and over again. "Mmmmm... Come on Noelle... Let's see you take some more of me into you..." He instructs, his hand coming into shot as he pulls her hand off from away from his member. That hand of his then moves to the back of her blonde haired head, the classic porn safe-guard in case the debuting skin flick starlet has seconds thoughts about how much of this big cock, already making her full lips stretch as it is, she can handle.

"Mmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmmphhh..." Her response is muffled by all that thick dick deep in her oral hole. However the still lusty look in her eyes and her lack of resistance at being pulled down further onto his fuck-stick shows she's going with the sinful flow. "Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm... HHHHRRRLLLLKKKK!!" Her eyes shoot wide open however when that fat cock head connects with the back of her mouth. A loud gag, and her hands going up to his thighs out of reflex but he's already helping to lift her head back upwards, giving no time to compose herself as she is quickly introduced into sucking off the biggest cock she's ever taken in her young life.
"GAAAAHHHHH... Mmmmmphhh!! HHHHHLLLLKKKK..." She gags again, lips fighting to stay pressed against his tool as she's half bobbing her head under her own power to keep him moaning as he enjoys her mouth. The other half is his hand, which only briefly lifts off from the back of her head so he can now make sure her hair is brushed out of the way.

The unrestricted view lets the camera record her saliva that now coats his cock when it pops out from those lips as she draws her mouth away from his crotch. No doubt the splattering of spit being done each time she gags is only adding to the sexy mess, along with the pleasure the still unidentified hunk is getting from her oral talents. Her saliva now covers her lips from the repeated grinding he's been doing against that prick as she slurps away steadily on his thickness. Unseen right now, but there's no doubt her spit is dripping down her chin too as this bobbing goes on. Unsurprising, as each time she pushes down she is made to gag when she takes in cock far deeper into her oral hole than not only has she even done before, but more than she thought she could ever take between those full, pouty lips.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... You're a great little cock-sucker Noelle..." The "caster" says in what could easily be seen as a back-handed compliment, but perfectly fitting for this kind of filming. He moans, lifting his hand away after capturing more than an ample amount of "evidence" of what she can do.

"Mmmmmphhhh..." Noelle gives another couple of bobs of the head, but tellingly just on the upper portion. No risks of gagging around his massive cock there. She lifts away, gasping loudly as she stares up at the camera. "Holy shit!!" She exclaims with a laugh. "Guess, guess I've got to work on that, or something..." She says, her large chest heaving as she takes in air.

"You'll get plenty of uh, practice on that, believe me..." He says, stepping backwards but keeping her in the centre of the frame of the shot he's filming. "Hop up onto the desk honey. Lay back on it and spread those legs for me."

"OK." She nods. Doing as ordered she moves up to stand, then walks over towards the desk in this "casting office". A dainty hop up to rest her butt on the edge of the desk, she then leans back all the way. Her height is shown here as her shoulders and whole head aren't on the desk, with her butt just on the other edge. That's far from a problem, considering she indeed spreads eagle and shows off her delicious and already a little wet looking snatch. A sight the camera of course captures as the stud steps back in and moves close up to her.

"Let's see how much you can handle then Noelle..." He states, his free hand seen as she grips his cock by the base. Lining up, he moves it against her folds with a single up and down rub, more than enough stimulation to make her gasp. That cry is heard off camera though, with the attention right now down at that snatch as he pushes his member in firmly to penetrate that stunning, curvy body of the blonde model. "Mmmmm... Fuck yeah..." He moans to confirm to the audience how good it feels already to have is inches inside her wet snatch. Both his own skill at banging beautiful babes like her and the lubrication from all her saliva coating his rod allow him to not just go in nicely deep already, but begin pumping smoothly in and out of her.

"Oh!! Mmmmmm!! Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!!" Noelle moans, staring across to between her own legs as she watches that thick and long cock she's been blowing on moments before now working back and forth into another of her holes. "Ahhhhhh!! Oooooooooh fuck!! Mmmmm..." She groans, feeling her pussy walls being made to stretch to accommodate the vast size she's being made to willingly take. She'd been wet down there before, getting off on sucking off this man she's only just met - but that the viewers will never get to see the identity of. However taking him this way, actually getting fucked, was easily making her pussy noticeably more damper. That arousal was obvious both from her moans and those sexy, hard nipples topping her big breasts.

"Mmmmm yeah... I fucking love... Mmmmm... How tight this pussy feels..." He again confirms, making sure the audience knows how red hot and pleasurable it is to be deep within the snatch of the daughter of a WWE Hall of Fame member. He rocks his hips back and forth, sending his pole straight forward into her folds before soon drawing back, letting the camera see her slickness now covering his shaft. With one hand keeping the camera pointing down to record every increasingly shameless moment of this banging, he could easily use his other hand to grip or hold her. Instead, he's making sure there's no unnecessary distractions from the dirty action going on so all the focus is on that tanned and curvy frame jolting back and forth on the desk in front of him.

"MMMM FUCK!! Ahhhhh... Oh fuck!! FUCK!! Mmmmm..." The gorgeous hostess of Ringside Collectables moans away as she takes this pumping. Her arms are resting out wide on either side of the desk she's getting banged on. This leaves her tits to freely bounce erotically in time with the rocking her body, another very pleasing to the eyes sight for the camera to film when the stud banging her pans up over that stunning frame of hers. "Ahhhhh... AHHHHH!! MMMMM... Mmmmm fuck..." She gasps, having to shake and toss her head back to get the hair out from her face. It unintentionally gives both her co-star and the viewers what they want - that clear shot of the look of shameless pleasure across her pretty facial features. For her, it's so she has no distractions herself as she watches a hunk she's only just met have his full, wicked way with her tight and now wet snatch with thrust after stiff and hard thrust.

"Mmmmmm... You like that baby? Huh?" The co-star asks between moans, no doubt looking to film a verbal reaction from her even though her moans already indicate her enjoyment of this pumping. It's just part of his job, on top of the multi-tasking he's already doing. He's looking to put on the best show possible, and get a top notch performance out of the new to porn, but clearly not to taking a fucking, starlet in front of him. "Mmmmm... Like how my big... Ahhhhh... Fucking cock feels, filling you up?" He continues to thrust away, the slap of his skin hitting off of hers sounding out every time he sends his hips forwards to meet that curvaceous body. He's easily now plugging her balls deep every time with his shaft, and only drawing back a few inches so he can quickly repeat the motion. All the while, he's keeping the camera nice and steady to record every filthy moment of this "casting" sex he's putting the sports entertainment personality through.

"Mmmmm!! O-oh yessssss... MMMMM!! I... Ahhhhhh!! FUCK!!" She gasps, the camera recording her open mouthed, moaning look of pleasure as the blonde continues to be made to jolt back and forth on the surface of the desk. "Uhhhhh!! Fuck... You're... AHHHHHH... Fucking filling me up!!" She admits, finding her head falling back as she lets out another long groan, brought about when he co-star gives a deliberately extra hard thrust to really send her tits bouncing away.

"Mmmmm... There's plenty more to come for you..." He says from behind the camera he's using to record his cock as he pulls out of her snatch with a groan. Whether he means from just him in this session, or for her going forward in her new career path remains to be seen.

He keeps the camera focused on her freshly fucked pussy for a long moment. He pans slowly up her stunning body to those rounded tits, and then to her sexy face as she stares at the camera. She soon smiles, giving g a teasing lick of the lips to show she's ready for a whole lot more. From this sight, there's a quick edit in the footage, fading from that shot to the next portion of this skin flick.

* * *

The film continues just moments later. The scene is still the same of the "casting office" but now we're down on the floor, getting a look along the clearly well toned and perfectly suited for porn body of the still unknown male "caster". We're also seeing Noelle Foley as she's facing the camera, squatting down over his cock with her hole, stunning frame on display from her huge rack down to that wet snatch. She's lowering herself down onto that already familiar cock, making them both moan out as she sinks slowly downward. Not stopping until she reaches the base, she grips her own thick hips, letting herself grind down against his member for a moment as she gets accustomed to his vast size.

"MMMMM... Oh fuck... Fuck... So fucking big..." The blonde bombshell moans her thoughts aloud, but is certainly giving the viewers an extra treat in doing do. Raising her body upwards, she's carrying out the instructions no doubt given by her "caster" during the break in the seen footage. She starts riding that big dick, letting her sexy, tanned and toned body drop down sharply to the base as a smack rings out as the two frames being filmed connect. "AHHHHH... FUCK!! Mmmmm... GOD!! AHHHHH SHIT... MMMMM!!" She groans out not just loudly, but without any hint of shame at all as she now fucks the dick she'd previously had been sucking on then had pounding her just moments before. Tossing her long hair back, she's having a tough time deciding what she wants to focus on with eyes the most. Half the time it's across to the lens of the camera she knows is recording every single moment of this sinful action as she bounces on the dick underneath her. The rest, it's down at that same shaft to get glimpses of his member appearing from out of her snatch as she lifts up, before making him vanish up into herself the next moment as she drops fully down.

"MMMMM... Fuck yeah Noelle... Ahhhhh... Fucking ride that cock!" The hunk getting to enjoy this wild ride rightly encourages her, moaning with every motion regardless of upward or down in direction he gets from her. Not that from the steady bouncing that she's doing she needs to much further fuel to keep stuffing herself full with the biggest cock she's ever seen before in her young life up until now. "AHHHHH... Mmmmmm... Fucking take it... Bounce that fucking pussy on my dick..." Even his hands are out of sight, just letting her and that stunning body be the centre of attention as she shifts herself up to just below the mid-way point on his pole, before letting gravity do the rest of the work. In doing do, her huge tits are delightfully jiggling away in time with her stunning frame. Even her long blonde hair can be seen swaying from the energetic motion she's using to take this dick in and out of herself again and again.

"Oh yeah!! UHHHHH... Big... MMMMM FUCK... Big fucking dick!!" The stunning daughter of the Hardcore Legend groans. She's certainly showing she's more than up for the hardcore action of a different, XXX-rated sort from how expertly timed and smoothly done her riding motion currently is. Again, she opts to use a flip of the hair to keep strands away from her face, keeping her hands on her full thighs for support as she keeps this steady bouncing going to make both her and the stud she's giving this to moan out. "AHHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK... Oh fuck!! MMMMM FUCK!!" She adds, sweat beginning to form across that curvy, made-for-porn body of hers, the effects of this wild pace and the toll of the whole sexual encounter she's taken up to this point becoming clear. Despite that, she's showing no signs of intending to stop or even ease up. She's so shamelessly enjoying the sinful pleasure she's even closing her eyes, head slightly tilted back while she keeps on bouncing away on the stiff prick of the hunk underneath her.

"MMMM... Look at that... FUCK... That's... MMMM... That's the stuff right there..." The experienced porn star both taking this ride and filming every moment points out the obvious. She's putting on an erotic display more expected of a seasoned skin-flick actress than just one making her debut of on-film fucking. That's certainly no bad thing if his moans are anything to go by, and likewise to her he's more than ready in more ways than one to keep this going for a whole lot longer. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM SHIT... Yeah... You ain't gonna be... Ahhhhh... Short of work in this business babe..." He adds, giving another somewhat back-handed compliment. He continues to keep the camera perfectly still to film her whole gorgeous body as she shifts up and down sharply on this meaty rod she's willingly and eagerly impaling herself on time and time again. Each time she drops down to take him to the hilt, that loud slap rings out to further confirm that their desirable bodies have connected. Add in both their loud moaning, it makes a more than simply stimulating treat for both watching eyes and listening ears.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK.... Oh... Oh fuck!!" The WWE Network reality series starlet gasps out, finally having to stop her riding motion. She pauses with her snatch right down against his crotch. Leaning back, she gasps out, unintentionally sticking out her large chest towards the camera as she catches her breath. Opening her eyes to gaze lustfully at the stud she's mounted on, she licks her lips as she reaches up to brush her hair back over her shoulders. "I've never... MMMM... Been with a guy who has lasted this fucking long with me..." She shamelessly admits. If her words weren't a show enough, she puts on another. Shifting position so she can rest her knees on the floor either side of him, she starts to grind her pussy down against his crotch. It quickly has the desired effect as they both moan out, with even her breasts shaking just a bit as she works herself against that still rock hard dick all the way up inside of her.

"Mmmm... Guess when you've been "clowning around" in the past, it's not been for too long?" The hunk operating the camera asks with the kind of mocking tone that shows his words are meant to be actually answered, but just to take a shot at her boyfriend.

"Shut up!" Noelle says with a laugh, but stays mounted on top of him. "He's... Well... He's not on the same fucking league as this big dick..." She admits again, glancing down between her legs when she speaks.

"No shit..." Her co-star chuckles, "And we ain't done yet here with you babe..." He adds, still keeping the shot on her stunning body for a long moment. On that image, we again see an edit in the film into the next part of this "porn casting".

* * *

The next shot shows the action still within the confines of the "office". We're however once again back at the desk, but this time Noelle is bent over forwards over it, with her thick and juicy ass sticking out towards the camera. Her legs are spread, as any good porno whore should be. Her hair has been tossed back over to one side, allowing her to look back over the other shoulder at the stud operating the camera. He moves back up close to her, the free hand similar to before guiding his shaft into her pussy for a slow, but not deliberately teasing penetration.

Once all the way inside her though, the pace changes instantly. Placing a hand on her thigh to grip, he draws his hips sharply back before quickly slamming his cock home into her snatch. The busty blonde has barely team to squeal out before he's already repeating the action. The thrusts this time are rapid, dominating and so hard they make her rounded ass cheeks jiggle wildly each time his crotch slaps off of them. There was no testing or grace period to let her adjust to the feeling now. This was raw sex with the purpose of using her, on top of showing the watching world how well she can be used. A mere glimpse of what her career in porn will look like from this "casting" start off.

"OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHH!! OH... OH FUCK!! FUCK!!" She yelled out in delight, eyes wide open and mouth hanging ajar as she gazed back in both lust and awe of the pounding she was now taking. Her hands were forward, gripping onto the edge of the desk she was once again being taken on but now at an extremely more intense, and in turn more pleasurable, pace than before. "UHHHHH!! Fuck... FUCK YES!! Fucking... MMMMMM!! FUCKING POUND ME!! AHHHHHH!!" She begged, her breasts squashed against the surface of the furniture, but so caught up in this desire she had no time to worry about the grinding of her nipples against the desk. She shifted back and forth, pushing her backside to meet those powerful pumps driving balls deep into her. Her snatch was already at this point more than just well fucked from the previous, testing positions. Yet even with his full and deep stuffing her wet vaginal walls were still nicely snug around that meaty fuck-stick being rammed in and out of her.

Behind her, the hunk pounding his cock in and out of her snatch just grunted and moaned as he took the stunning young model. His hips worked with a machine-like drive, perfectly timed and forceful as he showed off his obvious experience in on-camera fucking. A sharp stinging slap sounded out each time his shaft slammed straight into her slick and snug snatch. All the while, he kept the camera steady to record it all. From directly down to his crotch to see his cock vanish and then reappear from out of her pussy, to up her sweat-covered body to film her beautiful, moaning for more face. Then back down to witness her juicy booty shaking in time with the stiff thrusts driving in and out of her soaking twat for a fucking that she might not forget, but would soon be experiencing plenty more of in her future of porn shoots.

"AHHHHH!! OH GOD!! MMMMM FUCK!! UHHHHHH!! FUCK ME... MMMMM FUCK ME FUCCK ME FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!" She squealed out in delight, eyes becoming glazed over from the pleasure as she took it from behind. Such was the intensity of this pounding, unlike anything she's ever experienced before, that it all too easily sent her moaning over the edge as she came. Not just orgasming, but unleashing such an amount of juices that the squelch of the fluids trying to seep out as they met that still pumping cock was clearly picked up by the camera. "UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... AHHHHHH... FUUUUUUUUCK... OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCK... MMMMMM..." She panted for air, head nearly slumped against the desk she was being fucked over even before her sexual high had properly subsided. All the while, the relentless motion into her dripping hole never stopped, making her ride out every moaning moment of the most powerful orgasm of her young life so far. That resulted in the recording camera getting even more of her jiggling curves as her body was made to rock forward when the hunk stuffing her slammed that cock balls deep into her tunnel.

"MMMM... God damn!! Came... Ahhhhh... Like a fucking dam just burst! MMMM..." The hunk who impressively lasted himself to keep fucking her during her orgasm commented. With a groan of his own, he pulled out of her snatch, filming himself to show off her juices dripping off of his cock. Then, shifted down to show that rounded ass still sticking out, along with those wet folds of her well fucked and left open now pussy. "Yeah... You'll be seeing much more of this in the future..." He added with a chuckle before moving back upward, letting the camera take in all of the stunning body of the still worn out beauty laying across the "casting office" desk. This image would be a fine finish enough for this porno, but there's one more scene to come as there's another edit to the footage.

* * *

Back to the film and moments later, but yet again still in the same setting of the "office". Now though, Noelle is down on her knees on the floor, her blonde hair back behind the shoulders and her sweat-covered face looking right up to the camera expectantly. The reason why is clear from the way the free hand of the "caster" is currently pumping away at his big cock, looking for not just release but the classic money shot. A suitable end for an already red hot, top quality piece of porn footage.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM... MMMMM!!" He moans as he throbs in his own grasp. Soon enough, the first blast fires out across her pretty face, making her close her eyes as the first shot goes across the forehead and up into her blonde hair. The next lands downward, onto the cheek and over the eye before the third splatters the nose as she shifts his aim. He keeps pumping away, making sure to distribute his thick and sizeable load as evenly across her facial features as he can manage. Showing further his experience in the business, he's able to do that wonderfully. Leaving her cheeks, nose, lips, chin and forehead with generous amounts of his spunk. The shots that stain her hair and eyebrow just add in to the sinful sight fitting for porn. It's all finally topped off when he wipes the final drops of his jizz against her cheek as he strokes off with a last couple of slow pumps.

"Fuck... Yeah, look at that..." The spent stud comments with approval, getting that clear open shot of the cum-covered face of the woman he'd been fucking deeply and hard over the course of this "casting" session. "Fucking work of art!"

"Mmmmm..." Noelle groans as she opens her clear eye to look up to the camera. "So? Think I'm ready to do the real deal now?" She asks with the kind of sexy smile that shows she already knows what his answer will be.

"Shit, you call that not the real deal?" He questions, his own chuckle after showing he gets exactly what she was meaning.

"You know what I mean..." She replies as she reaches up to brush back her hair. "Oh fuck, you got it in my fucking hair! You dick!" Foley states with a laugh, showing after all she's taken that's hardly an issue now.

"Hey, you wanted a taste of a porn shoot, and you got it." He states, keeping the camera recording her and her face-full of cum.

"That I did... And by Holy Foley! Do I want some more of it now..." Noelle adds with a smirk.

It's with that stunning image of the blonde bombshell and the spunk beginning to slowly drip down her face that the film fades out to black, drawing another fine Porn Wrestling Federation production to a close.

* * *

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