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Pre-Celebration Celebration
by Cangel (

WWE Armageddon 2007 - Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero's office...

Edge, dressed in his Rated R t-shirt and his wrestling gear on, looks down
at his lady love Vickie Guerrero. "Tonight Vickie, I'm gonna win my 4th World
Title, I'm gonna beat Batista and the Undertaker. Your love Vickie", Edge
takes Vickie's hand, "Your love gives me the strength of 3 men".

Vickie Guerrero, in a gray business suit and sitting in a wheelchair courtesy
of the Undertaker, looks up at Edge, "Edge, baby, tonight I know your gonna
win the World Heavyweight title and finally be a World champion Smackdown can
be proud of." Vickie licks her lips and then looks the Rated R Superstar over
and her eyes turn devious.

"Ya know baby, maybe you need some extra motivation for tonight," says Vickie
sultrily. One of Vickie's hands moves Edge's shirt up exposing his stomach
and Vickie takes advantage and leans her head down and kisses Edge's stomach
and then licks around his navel. Vickie's other hand running up Edge's thigh
and heading straight for his cock. When Vickie's hand reaches its destination
she expertly cups Edge's cock through his wrestling gear.

"Mmmmmm... ya know Vickie... maybe... oh yea... your right... I definitely
need it." Edge takes his shirt off and then he looks down and finds that now
both of Vickie's hands have come into play and are lowering his Rated R pants
down to his knees, releasing his cock out into the open. Vickie smiles as she
gets out of her wheelchair and kneels down in front of Edge, her right hand
wrapping around Edge's cock and slowly pumping it.

"Don't worry baby, I have a big celebration planned for you tonight after you
win the World Heavyweight title, so just think of this as a pre-celebration,"
Vickie smiles and she now wraps both hands around Edge's cock and starts to
pump faster and faster. Edge's hands now on Vickie's shoulders trying to move
his cock closer to her hands.

"Mmmm yesss Vickie... please baby", Edge says with a moan as he moves his
hips in time with Vickie's touches. Vickie smiles up and licks her lips
before leaning her head down and licking Edge's piss slit and then proceeding
to lick the head while her hands continually pump his shaft.

"Mmmm you like that baby?? ...Or how bout this??" Vickie says as she opens
her mouth and engulfs the head of Edge's cock. Vickie's right hand remains
pumping Edge's shaft as her left hand moves down and cradles Edge's heavy
balls. She begins to rub Edge's balls as she pumps his thick cock and begins
to tease the head of Edge's cock with her wet tongue.

"Oh yea....mmmmm... just like that baby," Edge says as his hands come up
and hold onto Vickie's head, encouraging her to continue with this amazing
blowjob. Vickie begins to open her mouth wider as she takes more and more
of Edge's cock into her mouth. Vickie lowers her jaw so that more of Edge's
thick cock can fit into her mouth. Pretty soon Vickie does not need her right
hand on Edge's cock for she has impressively deep throated Edge's entire

"Ohhhh... mmmmmmmmmmm... fuck... baby..." Edge whispers as he looks down at
the beautiful face of his lover with her mouth full of his cock. They have
done this act countless of times since their relationship began and he was
always amazed everytime she was able to do this. With her right hand now
free, Vickie unbuttons her suit jacket and takes it off as she keeps all of
Edge's cock in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm", Vickie moans as she begins to bob her head on Edge's rock
hard cock moving first at a slow pace that she knows drives Edge wild,
Vickie never breaks eye contact as she moves her head on Edge's dick. Her
tongue lashing at Edge's cock and smearing her saliva all of it. Edge's
hands grabbing roughly onto Vickie's hair.

"Mmmmmmmmmm... ok... baby time for me to take control... you ready?" Edge
asks as he grabs Vickie's hair into a ponytail and leans back and takes
almost all of his cock out of Vickie's mouth except for the tip. Edge waits
a moment and makes sure his love is ready before he slams his cock back in
her mouth. Edge picks up the pace and is soon giving Vickie a rough
facefucking. Edge's cock slamming into Vickie's mouth and down her throat.
Vickie's hands rubbing up and down his thighs and occassionally massaging
his balls, her tongue wrapping around Edge's cock.

"Ohhhhhhh fuuckkk... baby... you are so much better than that slut Lita ever
was," Edge says cockily. Edge looks down and licks his sinister lips thinking
that this was so much better than having to wrestle.

"Baby... yesssss... please let me see... those tits..." Edge says as he looks
down at her chest and remembering the treasures that are hidden underneath
that shirt and bra. Vickie makes short work of her shirt and bra and exposes
her rather large tits to Edge's view. Her hands now playing with Edge's balls
rubbing harder and softly pinching them.

"Ohhhhhhh Yessssss Vickie... those tits are... magnificient," Edge yells out
as he leans down and his hands roughly grabbing onto Vickie's large tits. His
hands palming the fleshy globes, his thumbs rubbing over her nipples as his
thrusts become harder and harder now, his hands pinching her nipples as his
extremely large cock slams in and out of Vickie's mouth. Edge's balls
beginning to slap of her chin the sound of flesh slapping against flesh
filling the room up. One of Vickie's hands slips down and unbuttons her gray
suit pants and she sticks her hand into her black panties and starts to
finger herself.

"OH... yeaaaa... that's right baby... play with yourself..." Edge moans out
loud as he feels himself on the verge and blowing his lid. His hands still on
the delicious tits of Vickie Guerrero and his cock still pumping down her
throat as he watches Vickie slide one finger into her pussy and then two.
Vickie begins moaning around the pistoning hard cock of the Rated R Superstar
which cause an overwhelming stimulation for Edge as he feels his balls
tighten and then feels his orgasm rush through his cock as he feels Vickie
scream around his cock knowing she just brought herself to orgasm.

"Mmmmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSSSSS..." Edge screams out his orgasm as he shoots his
cum down Vickie Guerrero's throat. Vickie eagerly swallows her lovers cum,
taking her hand out of her panties and intending to lick her fingers off, but
Edge grabs her wrist and brings it to his mouth and licks the fingers clean
of Vickie Guerrero's tasty cum.

"Oh Vickie baby... you taste so good", Edge says as he gets down on his knees
and grabs Vickie's hips and then his lips meet hers and a passionate kiss.
Their tongues dueling with each others before Vickie breaks away by turning
her head to the side.

"Oh baby you taste so good too," Vickie moans as she goes right back to the
kissing with Edge, before she feels her body being lowered to the floor of
her locker room. Edge's body following hers as his hands move from her hips
to her legs and easily spreading them wider as Edge's lower body and newly
rising erection starts to grind into Vickie's panty covered pussy. Edge rocks
his lower body into hers all the while keeping up the kissing as his lips
move down her chin and then her neck leaving wet kisses along the way as he
finally gets to her large tits. Edge begins by licking around the nipple as
Vickie tries to push her chest into his mouth, Edge playfully avoids and
licks the whole breast except for the nipple and then moving onto its twin
and repeating the same process. Vickie finally cries out and begs him.

"Edge baby... please... suck... on... them," Vickie pleads with her lover.
Edge decides to take pity and fianlly unleashes his attack onto her nipples
licking and kissing them before sucking on them like a baby. His now rock
hard cock grinding harder into Vickie's panty covered pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard baby," Edge grunts out and just as he's about
to lower her pants, there is a knock at the locker room door and a voice
callling out.

"Edge your match is up next!", Edge screams out knowing that he won't be able
to fuck his lover before his big triple threat title match. Edge looks down
at his lover and Vickie looks up at him with a smile.

"Don't worry baby as soon as you win the World Heavyweight Title tonight, we
will have our own private celebration just the two of us. And I have a couple
of surprises for you", Vickie wickedly says and she leans forward and kisses
the Rated R Superstar. Edge stands up and then helps Vickie back into her
wheelchair and pulls his wrestling pants back up before he leans down and
gives her a kiss.

"I'm coming back with the World Title and then baby you and I are going to
have a celebration like never before, only it won't be Rated R, it's gonna be
Rated NC-17!" And with that Edge grabs his trenchcoat and heads out of the
lockerroom and towards the ring for his triple threat title match.

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