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Journal of a Psychotic Celebrity Penetrating Nobody
by Chris And Scott

Chapter One: Stephanie McMahon

I did everything I could to get close to Stephanie. I went to autograph
signings. I went to wrestling events. I even went as far as writing letters
to her official fan club. It was no use. All I wanted to do was shake her
hand. So at an autograph signing several months ago, I shook her hand. But I
couldn't say a word. So I went home with a new goal. I wanted to talk to her.
At the next autograph signing I said "hi there". She smiled real fake like
and said "uh hi" before quickly scribbling 4 letters of her name and moving
to the next autograph. Then all I wanted to do was smell her as she passed
by. So I paid a few hundred dollars for a ring side seat to a show, but she
never even came out. So I saved up more money, bought another ticket to a
show, drove across 3 states, but when she came out during the show, she chose
to go on the other side of the ring, not even by me. ARRRRRGGH! That's okay.
So I bought another ticket to the next week's show and she came out to the
ring. She ran to the ring and took a bump. My pulse quickened. Should I jump
the rail and just sniff her really quick? NO! I can't afford fines or a
lawsuit. Damn it! I have to do something.... I started to sweat as she
staggered to her feet. She made her way out of the ring, then turned and
headed my way. OMG! Should I lean over and try to touch her? Should I go for
her tits? Her ass? Her legs? I am freaking out at this point as she
approaches my way. Closer. Closer. Closer. I freeze. She is right in front of
me, her back facing me. I can't fucking move!!! My rusty joints begin to move
and I stick my arm out and pat her on the back as she goes up the ramp. Oh
her skin was so warm through her shirt. I immediately pull my fingers to my
nose and inhale. AHHHH! A light mix of girl and body lotion. Maybe
strawberries even. I watched her walk up the ramp and disappear into the
curtain. I had to have more.

I spent more money. I bought house show tickets, paid for fan autograph
signings, I did it all. I had to move out of my mansion, quit my job, and
move into a shitty roach motel. I was living on unemployment that was due to
expire in 2 days. I met Stephanie and saw her up close and in person maybe
100 times atleast. I would utter words, catch a second or two of eye contact,
maybe brush her shoulder a few times when she was ring side. She didn't
appreciate me. She didn't appreciate every fucking thing that I put into
trying to meet her. I was just another fan who wanted to get to know her.
Fuck that! I wasn't even a fan, just a guy who wanted to fuck a celebrity.
The least she could do is meet me face to face. Well I had a plan.

I met "Joe" who worked at many autograph signings and events. Hell I had
became good friends with him. In fact, he was the only friend I had left. One
day, he took me to a ball game and I talked him into getting me backstage to
meet the boys. Well that wasn't gonna happen, but he did help me out alot. A
few days later, he took me to a house show several hours before anyone
arrived. I got to look around at the lights, the pyro, and the ring. He took
me on a tour backstage to different empty dressing rooms. He showed me all of
the stars, ending with Stephanie's big dressing room. I begged him to let me
in to see the "size" of the inside of it. He took me in, and I snooped. His
cell phone rang and he went outside to take the call. I worked quickly, going
through the near empty room. There was a notebook that read "necessities". I
opened it and it said "send the following to Stephanie's private hotel room
at..." Oh shit! It listed the hotel and room number! I wrote it on my hand
with the pen in the book and sprinted out to my car. Yeah! Now I get to meet
Stephanie in person all alone! No one to push me along! No one to tell me
"NEXT"! No one else except the bitch and me. OOOPS! Did I say that? I swear I
am a fan. I just wanna meet her in person and feel her.... I mean talk to
her. Oh man. My mind is a blur. I don't know what to do. All I know is that
her hotel must be really close to the building, so I continue to drive.

I did it. There I was. My face was inches away from Stephanie's room
number. All I had to do was knock. This is crazy, I can't knock. She will
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Oh nonsense. She will be flattered that I spent my life
savings trying to meet her. That I threw away my connections, a good paying
job, and a LIFE trying to smell her perfume. That I did a 180 by moving into
a shitty motel with no hot water and a shitty mother fucking bed full of
have to do is knock. She will be glad to see me. To hear me. To feel me. To
love me. To fuck me. I knocked. "boom-boom-ba-boom-boom... BOOM BOOM!" No
turning back now.

The door opened, and out came the god of fuck. She came to the door
dressed in a short, white silk robe. Hair damp, bare feet, a look of annoying
bitchiness on her face. "Are you room service? I called you 3 fucking minutes
ago and you are just now...."

"No um I am a fan that.." my voice was weak. "What? A fucking fan? FUCK

The door was slammed, stopped only by my muscular pumped up arm. She must
have been in the shower recently since her hair was wet and the flimsy
material clung to her plump body, her hair spraying water as she moved.

I felt a sudden growth in my pants, as I looked her lovely body over. "Get
the fuck outta here before I..." I went deaf. Her mouth kept moving and she
kept slamming the door trying to shut it, but I didn't move at all. I went to
never-never land. I don't do drugs, but I was definately high. I had snapped.

I smiled, tugging on my zipper and pulling it down. I lunged forward,
running into her. She screamed in shock. I kicked the door shut behind myself
and carried the frightened young woman (older than me still) away from the
main door.

I found her bedroom, and threw her to the bed. She hit her head against
the headboard and fell to her pillow. While she was weak, I ripped the belt
from her robe. I tied one end of the silky material to her left wrist,
fastening it to the post on the headboard. Stephanie whimpered a bit. I had
to move fast. I wrapped the belt around her neck and then tied her right
wrist to the other post.

Fuck this bitch. She is not human. She doesn't have a name any more. She
doesn't deserve one. I will refer to her now as ...THE GIRL.

THE GIRL, realizing what was going on, screamed and tried to wiggle loose.
It was no good. The more she wiggled, the tighter the silk wrapped around her
fragile neck. Also, the wiggling freed her body from the robe. Her young,
succulent tits stared up at me. Her dark, erect nipples look as lickable as
ice cream on her newly enhanced D tits. I pushed her legs apart and knelt
between them.

Her hairless pussy stared up at me. It looked so soft and smooth, like she
had recently shaved it. I was so excited! Cum glistened around her tiny hole.
"I knew you wanted this Slut," I told the girl. She screamed and tried to
kick me. Her raw energy excited me even more. I pulled my jeans down past my
ass and then pulled my dick from the pocket in my boxers. The little slut's
eyes grew wide when she saw how long and thick my dick was!

I brought my dick to her mouth. She clenched her teeth. I yanked on the
silk belt and she began to choke. Once her mouth was opened, I crammed my
dick into it. The girl began to cough and choke more. I laughed as I forced
my dick further down her throat. I began to pump wildly! "Take it all bitch!
You ruined my fucking life slut!" I yelled at her. My dick grew larger from
the excitement. The crude instrument stretched her small mouth. It was a
wonderful sight.

The girl's face was turning the same shade of red as my throbbing dick. I
thrust my hips, burying my entire dick down her throat. I could feel my balls
bang against her chin. My hands wrapped tightly around the silk belt. I was
getting close to blowing my load. I pumped faster.

I pulled out of the young lady's mouth right before I came. She gasped as
she had a chance to breathe. I tugged on the belt again, causing her face to
turn a deep purple. My cum shot all over her mouth, face, and tits. She
squirmed under me, trying to break free. "Quit moving whore!" I exclaimed.

Her innocent eyes stared up at me, pleading me, begging me not to hurt her
anymore. I just laughed! I reached over and cupped her right tit in my hand.
I was amazed at how large her nipple was. It just laid there flat. I pinched
the skin forcefully. She screamed in agony. After a few more pinches her
nipple became stiff. I brought it to my mouth. I began to softly lick the raw
nipple. Her skin tasted so sweet. My vacant hand traveled to her small cunt.
I think she actually spread her legs further for me! My fingers slid over her
bald skin until they found her clit. I pinched it and bit her nipple
simultaneously. The girl's body quivered. I think she was starting to get
into it. She was writhing on the bed.

I rolled my tongue over her bald mound and pushed the delicate lips apart.
Like a greedy child, I sucked on her clit. She twitched and moaned in
delight. I slid my tongue deep inside her small pussy. She tasted sweeter
than honey! The little slut rocked her hips forward and back as I fucked her
with my tongue. The more I tasted the more I wanted. My tongue darted in and
out of her pussy like a snake's tongue. I tasted the bitter flavor of blood
and realized I was starting to tear her hymen. I eased up some. I couldn't
believe I found a virgin in Stephanie MC... THE GIRL!!

The girl was enjoying herself far too much, I thought. It looked like she
might even orgasm soon. I withdrew my tongue from her sweet love hole and
stared at her. Her naked body stared back up at me. I grinned evilly at her,
initiating fear into her once more. She knew who was in control! I lunged
forward, my body crushing hers.

With my left hand, I tugged on the silk belt. My right helped balance my
body on top of hers. Gagging noises filled the air. The slut's face turned
blue, the a deep purple. I was real hot. Her screams turned to whispers. My
dick was growing from excitement again. Soon I would be able to fuck that
tight hole.

Beads of sweat rolled off her forehead. Once again, the slut was
struggling under my body weight. Hoarse shrikes filled the room. I was ready,
and could tell my horny little whore was too. I let go of the silk and
shifted my weight on both arms. She immediately gasped for air. In a quick
thrust I rammed my throbbing dick into her. She screamed in pain as her hymen

"C'mon baby!" I exclaimed wildly. "Be a good lil' slut and take all of
me!" I drove my dick further into her tight hole, pouncing my balls up
against her tight ass. Her body thrashed under me as she tried to free
herself. "It's no use bitch, you can't get rid of me." The more she fought,
the easier it was for me to penetrate her. I reached between our bodies and
started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. "There, now that's not so bad is
it?" I asked her. "If you relax, you'll enjoy this more." I pumped my dick
in the girl with ease now. I pinched her clit as I picked up the pace. She
was resisting me less now. She was even beginning to meet my thrusts. This
hot little bitch was starting to fuck me back!

I was getting closer and closer to cumming, so I didn't care if she was
starting to get off anymore. I could feel the cum building up in my balls. I
knew it wouldn't be much longer.

I pulled out and flipped her on her stomach. She was limp now. Her big fat
ass up in the air. I needed it. I massaged her big butt cheeks and spread
them open. I just stared at her puckered little butt hole. A few flaws in
tiny hairs sticking out of her anal ring. I like flaws. Makes me want to fuck
the flaws away. I bent down and stuck my nose to her pussy. SNIFF SNIFF.
MMMM not too bad of a smell. Then I put my nose to her butt hole. SNIFF SNIFF
SNIFF.... MMMMMMMM AHH! Kinda stinky. Needs to be cleaned. I spit and licked
all over her butt hole, tonguing her rectum thoroughly. Her protests and
whimpers sounded lke YES YES YES to me, so I continued. I got it nice and
wet, then straddled her wide fat butt. I tensed up in anticipation. Before I
knew it, I had my cock head up her butt. She protested, crying YES YES and I
started to thrust in and out unitl I had all 8 inches of thick meat up her
ass hole. I laid on her, kissing her face from behind, hugging her as I
pumped my hips driving my thick cock up Stephanies pink butt hole. With in a
few minutes, I was about to blow my load. I shot cum right up her ass hole.
I laid on top of her wth my dick in her butt still. Oh my! I was touching
her. Talking to her. Smelling her. Feeling her. Fucking her.

As I left the room and THE GIRL laying there motioneless, I drove back to
my motel. A few days of bliss and satisfaction had passed. I had something to
live for now.... but I was not satisfied with fucking just one girl. Who will
be next?

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