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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Pumped At The Pump
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late at night on March 13, 2004, in the parking lot of the Rex Plex in
Elizabeth, New Jersey, various independent wrestlers and divas are leaving
the arena following a long day to performing a double header for the Ring of
Honor promotion. AJ Styles, wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt, carries his
travel bag to a car as he sees Teddy Hart chatting with Samoa Joe. AJ changes
direction and walks over to the two of them, "Hey good show guys..." AJ says
as he does a fist bump with each of them.

"Thanks... I'm a bit worried about Jay... he was bleeding like a pig..."
Samoa Joe says, bringing up his match with Jay Briscoe who bled buckets
during their epic match.

"Yeah, I'm surprised he kept going..." Teddy says shaking his head.

"I heard Gabe on his phone before I stepped out, Jay's going to be
alright..." AJ says.

"That's good..." A relieved Samoa Joe says, "Hey you coming out with us for a
few beers?"

"No... I'm riding with Punker and April, we're booked at for a autograph
signing down in Clementon tomorrow afternoon..." AJ Styles answers..

"Damn hell I'll ride with Punk if it meant getting near April's huge
gazongas..." Teddy laughs as he references his own personal problems with CM

"Yeah well I'll see guys next month..." AJ laughs as he walks over to the car
he was heading too. As he closes in on his destination he sees Colt Cabana
taking his travel bags out of the trunk, "Hey Boom-Boom, leave the trunk
open..." AJ says as he jogs over to the car.

Colt turns his head, "Sure AJ..." Colt says, "Hey do you know if Ace was
still in the building?" Colt asks.

AJ Styles nods his head, "Yeah he was talking to Dusty," AJ answers as he
puts his travel bags into the trunk of the car.

"Cool... I hate to think he left without me considering I came with Punk..."
Colt laughs as CM Punk comes over after talking with Justin Credible.

Punk, wearing jean shorts, black t-shirt and hooded sweat-jacket, takes the
keys for his rental car out of his pocket and he looks at AJ with a serious
look on his face, "I had you beat for the belt..." Punk pauses and then
laughs, "Good thing Steamboat was the ref to bail your ass out..."

AJ laughs a bit, "I wouldn't say that... but it was great to have The Dragon
referee our match..."

Colt shakes his head, "Yeah well you two almost stole the show... if it
wasn't for Joe and Jay's match being a blood fest..."

Punk nods, "Yeah... man Jay is nuts for continuing as long as he did in that
match...." Punk says as April Hunter walks over to his rental car while she
carries her travel bags. Punk sees her coming, "Hey Red..." Punk says as
April arrives and puts her bags into the trunk next to his and AJ's bags.

"Hi April..." AJ smiles.

"Bye April..." Colt Cabana says jokingly before he walks away when he sees
Ace Steel coming out of the Rex Plex.

April Hunter smirks and lightly tosses her red hair back as she raises an
eyebrow at CM Punk before glancing at AJ Styles as well. "So ready
to hit the road?" April asks with a laugh, dressed in a pair of relaxing fit
black pants, a purple tank top and a zipped-up black jacket.

"Yeah we are..." CM Punk replies as AJ closes the trunk of the rental car.

"We were just waiting for you to show up... boy... you take forever..." AJ
says jokingly before April playfully punches his right arm.

"Whatever! Who took forever last weekend!?" April fires back with a playful
smirk, placing her hands onto her delightfully curved and juicy hips.
"Oh...wait...I's ok because you were hooking up..." April replies
with a roll of her eyes. "I tell need to quit hooking up with
those blondes and start looking at the redheads...much more fun."

AJ smiles, "Well the last time I looked at a redhead... she punched my
arm..." AJ says as he rubs the side of his right arm.

"So who's riding shotgun?" Punk asks as he opens the driver's side door just
as April quickly moves around AJ to beat him to the front passenger's side

"I got!" April Hunter says with a laugh as she quickly hops into the front
seat of the car, and jokingly sticks her tongue out at AJ Styles.

AJ sticks his tongue out at April in playful response, "Fine with me... Punk
smells anyway..." AJ laughs as he opens the back passenger's door to get into
the car.

"Hey I do not! I took a shower!" CM Punk says gets into the driver's seat.

April tilts her red haired head back and laughs at AJ Styles's playful insult
at CM Punk. "Yeah he does smell a bit..."

"Whatever..." Punk says as he starts to car

* * *

A couple of hours later on the New Jersey Turnpike, CM Punk, AJ Styles and
April Hunter are in Punk's rental car heading southbound towards Clementon.
"Hey it's not my fault I missed that turn... April flashed me!" CM Punk says
as April and AJ are teasing Punk for missing a turn which has made their road
trip longer than they expected.

"Hey! You should keep your eyes on the road at all times! Who the fuck taught
you to drive?" April Hunter teases with a laugh as she sits on her knees in
the passenger seat, able to look back at AJ Styles and also CM Punk at the
same time.

"Hey I normally don't drive... Ace or Colt does..." Punk replies.

"And it's a miracle you three get any where... cause Ace drives like an old
man and Colt gets lost just going from the locker room to the ring..." AJ
laughs as he pokes fun at Punk's normal traveling companions.

"Hey we are heading in the right direction..." CM Punk says they pass by a
road side sign that shows the distance to the next few towns they will be
passing, "See we're still heading south..." Punk says.

April leans her head over slightly to glance at the fuel gauge as CM Punk
continues to drive. "And're almost out of gas..." April says with a
laugh and shake of her head. "I told you to fill up before we left...and you
said no and that we'd be fine..."

"Well if you didn't distract me we would've been fine..." CM Punk replies.

"Hey Punk, I don't want to end up stuck on the Jersey Turnpike..." AJ says
with a laugh as April sees a sign coming up with information for drivers that
reads 'Now Entering Cherry Hill Township, Walt Whitman Service Area 5 miles'.

"Look..." April says pointing. "Turn off there..."

"Huh? Oh okay I see it..." Punk says as he sees the sign.

"Hey is that one of the Jersey rest stops where there are hookers and such?"
AJ asks as he also sees the sign.

"No...." Punk laughs, "Those are all up towards North Jersey using their ass
to get cash when people stop for gas..." Punk adds.

April Hunter laughs and raises an eyebrow as she glances back at CM Punk.
"You're kidding me...ass for gas basically?"

"Yeah kinda..." Punk laughs.

"Man New Jersey is really weird... good thing I stay down south..." AJ

Punk smirks a bit as he looks at April, "Hey April... since we're running low
on gas because of you flashing me... how are you gonna pay?" Punk asks

April narrows her eyes slightly "Don't even think about it...fucking
pervert..." April Hunter replies with a laugh.

"What are you.... ohhhhh!" AJ Styles laughs after figuring out what Punk and
April are talking about.

"Hey you are catching a ride with me..." Punk replies jokingly

* * *

At the Walt Whitman Service Area, inside of the restroom, the vivacious April
Hunter is standing at the sink, looking at her reflection in the mirror.
April presses her pouty lips together and runs her fingers to her silky
smooth red hair. The door to the restroom suddenly opens and April,
forgetting to lock the door, turns her head to look at the opening door.
"Hey!" April shouts slightly.

"Relax April... it's just me..." AJ Styles says as he steps into the restroom
and closes the door, this time locking it. "Punk will knock three times so
we'll know it's him..."

April Hunter turns to completely face AJ Styles, pressing her lips together
and shaking her head "I can't believe you guys talked me into this..."

"Hey Punk did all the talking..." AJ replies as he smiles at April, "I just
said I wanted to join in too..."

"So you're finally onboard with the redheads?" April asks with a laugh as she
raises an eyebrow and takes a step towards the handsome AJ Styles.

"Well you've talked so much about how great redheads are... this is your
chance to show me if they are phenomenal..." AJ replies with his charming
Southern accent.

April laughs "Oh AJ...buddy, prepared to be amazed!" April says with a
seductive wink before she eagerly slides down onto her knees on the tiled
floor of the restroom. AJ licks his lips as he unbuckles his belt and undoes
his jeans. As soon as he unzips them, the powerful red-haired beauty grabs
the waistline of his jeans to jerk them down from his waist freeing his
hardening cock that is nicely thick and around ten inches in length.

April smirks up at AJ Styles as she places her left hand around his shaft and
begins to smoothly pump her hand along his hardening shaft. "Not bad AJ...not
bad..." April says with a laugh as she manipulates his cock with her skilled

"Hey I heard all those comments you said about me being short..." AJ says as
April guides her left hand back and forth on his cock, "Just wanted you to
see that I'm anything but short..." AJ laughs slightly.

"Yeah...yeah..." April Hunter says with a playful roll of her eyes as she
guides her left hand smoothly against his completely hardened shaft before
lowering her red haired head and flicking her tongue against the head of his
shaft. April notices AJ's cock tense against the tender, wet touch of her

"Mmmm damn..." AJ moans as April flicks her soft wet tongue against the head
of his of shaft. AJ's cock jumps slightly as April playfully beats her tongue
against it.

"Mmmmm..." April softly moans as she lifts her seductive eyes and looks up at
AJ Styles as she works her wet tongue around the head of his cock, gently
flicking against his piss-slit.

"Ahhh.... mmmm..." AJ licks his lips as he looks down at April as the
gorgeous redhead teasingly flicks the tip of her tongue against his piss-
slit. April closes her eyes as she parts her pouty, lusciously moist lips and
lowers her head on AJ's cock, taking him soothingly into her mouth. April
loosely traps his shaft inside of her moist mouth and starts to smoothly bob
her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh ..." AJ moans fairly loudly as April lips brush against his
cock as she bobs her head smoothly along his shaft. AJ places his hands on
his waist and spreads his legs apart to give himself a good base as he
experiences April sucking his decently sized dick.

April places her right hand onto AJ Styles's nicely toned and tanned waist as
she bobs her head steadily on his ten inch cock, brushing her pouty lips
constantly against his thick shaft. "Mmmm...ohhhh..." April moans soothingly.

"Ohhhhh shit.... ahhh..." AJ moans as April keeps a nice steady pace as she
smoothly blows him. AJ tilts his head back just before there are three knocks
on the restroom door, "Ohhh shit... hold on..." AJ says as he reaches for the
lock on the door to unlock it.

A moment later, CM Punk opens the door and quickly steps into the restroom,
closes the door and locks it, "Damn I knew I should've came in here first..."
Punk smirks as he sees April sucking AJ's cock. April turns her head slightly
and glances up at CM Punk while she sucks on AJ Styles's shaft. April cutely
shrugs her shoulders at Punk as she works her pouty lips over AJ's shaft as
she continues to move her head smoothly along his shaft.

CM Punk licks his lips, "Yeah well I see you're happy about blowing AJ..."
Punk laughs as he takes off his t-shirt, which he drops on the restroom sink.
Punk's jean shorts are somewhat baggy and he pushes them down from his waist
easily, freeing his own cock, which is already rock hard and a solid ten
inches in length and like AJ's, Punk's shaft is nicely thick. April slowly
removes her right hand from AJ's toned waist and reaches over to smoothly
place her hand around CM Punk's cock, beginning to stroke his shaft as she
eagerly bobs her head red haired head on AJ's cock, her wet saliva dripping
against his shaft and her pouty lips grinding on his shaft.

"Ohhhhh damn April.... fuck you're really good at this..." AJ comments and
moans as April tilts her red-haired head from side to side as she keeps
sucking and slurping on his shaft. CM Punk smirks as April squeezes his meaty
member as she increases the pace of how she is stroking it. April sharply
turns her head on AJ's shaft before she lifts her head and releases his cock
from her incredibly talented and soothing mouth. April licks her lips and
turns on her knees to face CM Punk's cock and eagerly guides his cock into
her mouth, continuing to stroke his base with her right hand.

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah..." Punk moans as April starts to bob her head on the upper
half of his cock while she strokes the lower half. When April let's go of his
cock, AJ steps around April as he takes off his t-shirt that he drops on top
of Punk's. April closes her eyes and turns her head softly on CM Punk's cock,
causing her pouty lips to grind against his shaft before she starts to
steadily move her head, sucking his cock with perfection.

"Ahhhh mmmmm damn April... you suck dick better than a lot of the other
chicks I've gotten with..." Punk moans as April slurps loudly on his meaty
cock. Meanwhile, AJ Styles has knelt behind April and is steadily sliding her
pants from her gorgeous waist, revealing her round juicy ass and the upper
areas of her powerful thighs.

April Hunter shifts slightly on her knees so that AJ Styles has an easier
time removing her relaxing-fit black pants from her waist and exposing her
hot black panties. April gently rests her left hand against Punk's muscular
leg as she rocks her head steadily forward on his shaft, slurping and sucking
his cock.

"Damn... now that's an ass..." AJ comments as he looks at April's panties
covered ass before he starts to lower her black panties. CM Punk places his
right hand on April's head as he starts to move his hips so that his cock is
moving in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmmmm....mmmmm..." April seductively groans as she turns her head from side
to side on CM Punk's cock, lapping her tongue against the underside of his
long and thick shaft. After removing her panties, AJ licks his lips as he
looks at April Hunter's incredibly hot ass as she rocks back and forth on her
knees while Punk is thrusting his cock into her mouth. AJ rests his right
hand on April's hip as he uses his left hand to guide his stiff cock between
April's legs as looks to push it into her warm wet and tight pussy. Once the
head of his shaft pushes between April's pussy lips, AJ puts his left hand
on her hip and pulls her backward as he pushes his dick into her.

"MMMMMMMM!" April lustfully moans around CM Punk's cock as she presses her
lips tighter around his shaft and starts to bob her head at a quicker pace
while AJ Styles pumps his cock steadily forward into her nicely warm and wet

"Awwww shit...." AJ groans as he pushes his cock half way into April's pussy
during his first few thrusts, but soon he begins pushing his shaft deeper
into the powerful redhead.

"Yeah April... hold it in..." Punk groans as April traps his dick within her
mouth as she presses her lips as tight as possible on it.

"MMMMMMMM!" April moans as she impressively holds CM Punk's cock deep within
her mouth, letting her saliva showering his cock as she steadily rocks back
on her knees, her juicy ass smacking against AJ's toned waist.

"Mmmmm ahhhh.... she's tighter than any blond I've screwed with..." AJ grunts
as he moves his hands from April's hips to the sides of her powerful thighs
as he drives his cock firmly into April's pussy. April soon releases Punk's
saliva soaked cock from her mouth and the Chicago native bends down to lift
off her top. April lightly grits her top and sits up on her knees slightly as
CM Punk removes her purple top to expose her incredibly large and juicy,
perfectly rounded tits as she rocks back on her knees trying to increase the
pace of AJ Styles while he pumps into her pussy.

"Mmmm ahhhh.... awwww...." AJ Styles grunts as he hammers April's hot wet
pussy with his nicely thick and long shaft while she pushes back to match his

CM Punk licks his lips as he looks down at April's huge tits, "Hey April... I
know said those are yours...but do you have the receipt for them?" Punk asks
with a smirk.

April raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at CM Punk. "Fuck you Punk..."
April says with a teasing laugh as she grinds her juicy ass back against AJ's
toned waist as she feels his shaft deeply pumping into her pussy, causing her
body to rock forward.

"Hey I was just asking... cause those are fucking huge..." Punk laughs as he
moves to sit down on the toilet seat in the restroom as he watches AJ hammer
April's pussy from behind.

April Hunter laughs a bit as she glances over her shoulder at AJ Styles as
she rocks back steadily on her knees, feeling his shaft thrusting in and out
of her from behind. "Punk is such an ass...isn't he?"

"Ahhhh yeah... but I think it's his turn...." AJ replies with a groan as he
slows down his thrusts before he pulls his cock out of April's hot pussy.

April presses her pouty lips together and teasingly sighs "Ok...If I must..."
April says before she sits up on her knees and proceeds to stand up from the
floor of the restroom before she makes her approach to CM Punk.

"Yes you must..." CM Punk cockily smirks as he leans back on the toilet seat
as the busty redhead walks towards him.

April places her hands onto CM Punk's shoulders before straddling his lap and
lowering herself down onto his thick shaft. "Ohhhhh..." April moans as she
feels his cock entering her nicely wet pussy.

"Mmmmm.... damn..." CM Punk moans as April lowers herself onto his stiff
cock. Punk places his hands on April's waist but he moves them up to her huge
tits once she's completely impaled on his dick.

April closes her eyes and tilts her red haired head back as she starts to
rock forward on his shaft, grinding her pussy smoothly against his shaft.
" like that Punk?" April asks with a laugh.

"Ohhhhh yeah..." CM Punk moans as he starts to move his hands over April's
large tits as she rocks backward on his cock. AJ Styles licks his lips as he
watches April move smoothly on Punk's dick.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm..." April Hunter moans and grits her teeth as she rocks back
and forth on his cock, sliding her hands from his shoulders to his toned
chest while lightly bouncing on his cock buried deep within her wet and tight

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhh..." Punk groans as April lifts and drops herself on his
large cock as he starts to thrust his shaft upward into her wet and tight
pussy. With her hands on Punk's chest, April leans forward, which causes her
ass to stick up slightly.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" April lustfully moans as she leans her head back
slightly grinding her gorgeous, curvy body up and down on CM Punk's cock,
swaying her juicy ass back and forth.

AJ Styles licks his lips as he looks at April's ass as it sways invitingly as
she rides CM Punk. "I know it's Punk's turn... but I'm not gonna sit out
forever..." AJ laughs as he spits on the palm of his right hand and proceeds
to spread his saliva over his cock before he steps behind April.

"Ahhhh I'm not gonna complain..." Punk replies as he squeezes April's large
tits. AJ smirks as April turns her head to look back at him as he uses his
left hand to push her ass cheeks apart so that he's able to easily push his
shaft against her now exposed asshole.

" AJ....are you glad you've finally hooked up with a red head?"
April asks with a laugh as she feels his cock slightly stretching her asshole
as he works his shaft inside, while she continues to move freely on Punk's

"Ahhhh yeah I am..." AJ grits his teeth as he starts to thrust his cock in
and out of April's asshole as he tries to push his cock deeper into her
asshole. CM Punk tosses his black with blond highlights hair back as he
pushes his cock firmly up into April's wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Mmmmmm!" April moans seductively as she grinds her
incredibly hot, nicely toned and perfectly shaped body between AJ Styles and
CM Punk as they each thrust their cocks into her ass and pussy respectively.

"Ahhhhh.... ahhh fuck yeah.... mmm shit..." CM Punk groans as April grinds
her hot wet pussy on his pistoning cock. AJ places both of his hands on
April's waist to pull her back towards himself as he pushes his dick further
into her gorgeous ass.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeah!" April moans and licks her lips as she lightly rakes
her fingernails against CM Punk's toned chest as she rocks swiftly on his
cock thanks to the firm thrusts of AJ Styles into her tight ass.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh... awww fuck... mmm..." AJ grinds his teeth together as he
increases the pace of his thrusts, as he's now able to push his cock at least
three-fourths of the way into April's asshole with each thrust. CM Punk moves
his hands away from April's famously large tits and puts them on her powerful
thighs as she sharply moves on his dick.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhh fuck!" April moans as she rapidly bounces up and down on CM
Punk's cock while being rocked back against AJ's cock inside of her asshole.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck hey AJ... lift her off me..." CM Punk grunts as April
bounces wildly on his large cock. AJ grunts in response as he slides his
hands around April's body and he lifts her off of Punk's cock while he keeps
fucking her ass. AJ takes two steps back and April gets her legs position to
where she's standing in front of him but she is now slightly bent forward.

April grits her teeth and seductively locks her eyes as she looks at CM Punk,
placing her hands onto his muscular legs while bent forward and rocking back
against AJ Styles's thrusting shaft. "Ohhhhhh...." April moans before
lowering her red haired head toward CM Punk's rock hard cock.

"Awww yeah.... you must be a mind reader..." Punk moans as April wraps her
lips around the head of his cock.

"Ahhh... ahhh... mmm... ahh..." AJ Styles grunts and moans as he keeps
pumping his cock firmly into April's ass.

April presses her lips against his shaft, making him tense at the touch of
her moist and pouty lips. "Mmmmmm..." April moans around Punk's shaft as she
starts to smoothly bob her head to suck on his cock while allowing AJ Styles
to pump his cock into her incredibly hot and juicy ass. AJ licks his lips as
he starts getting the final inches of his cock into April's ass with each of
his swift, firm thrusts. CM Punk places one hand on April's head as she bobs
her head at the same smooth pace of how AJ is pounding her asshole.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" April Hunter lustfully moans around CM Punk's cock as
the force of AJ's thrusts causes her to bob her head at an increasing pace,
her wet tongue slapping against Punk's shaft as she sucks.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmm yeah April... suck that dick..." Punk moans as he scoots
to the edge of the toilet seat so that the incredible redhead can take more
of his cock past her lips.

"Awwww... mmmm shit..." AJ grunts as he suddenly pulls his cock out of
April's ass. April presses her lips tightly around CM Punk's cock and turns
her head before suddenly dropping her head further down on his cock,
devouring him with her wet, sultry mouth.

"Mmmmm shit..." Punk moans as April Hunter deep throats every inch of CM
Punk's thick dick. AJ drops to his knees behind April and he places his hands
on the back of April's legs as he leans forward to surprise April by flicking
his tongue against her pussy from behind.

"MMMMMMMMMM!" April moans with surprise as she feels AJ's tongue flicking
against her wet and warm pussy, giving her encouragement to rapidly bob her
red haired head on CM Punk's cock, her lips tenderly brushing back and forth
on his shaft.

"Ahhhhh awww damn... hey where did AJ go?" CM Punk asks as he doesn't see AJ
behind April. As he flicks his tongue against April's wet pussy lips, AJ
raises his left hand up so that Punk can see where he is, which causes Punk
to laugh as April twists and turns her head on his dick, "Ohhhhhh there he

April eagerly pushes back against AJ Styles's handsome face, lightly grinding
back, as he works his tongue around her wet pussy, lapping his tongue.
"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" April moans as she continues to suck on CM Punk's cock, her
wet saliva pouring down his cock.

"Mmmm... mmmm!" AJ moans against April's pussy as he tastes as much of it as
he can with his tongue. CM Punk grits his teeth as cock is now incredibly
slick thanks to April's saliva as she keeps sucking and slurping on it. Punk
takes his hand off of April's head and he grins when April lifts her head up
off of his dick.

April Hunter licks her lips and laughs as she slides her hands against CM
Punk's muscular legs as she remains bent over, allowing AJ Styles to continue
munching on her delicious pussy. "How about this red head finishes you two
boys off?"

"And how do you want to do that?" CM Punk asks as AJ slowly moves his head
away from April's pussy and stands up behind her.

AJ smirks, "I wouldn't mind getting blown again..." AJ says which gets
April's attention after having AJ fucking her ass.

"And I have only been in that hot cunt once tonight..." Punk grins, "So I
guess you gotta turn around April..." Punk adds with a laugh.

April Hunter laughs and raises an eyebrow at CM Punk. "Hey! Don't be so
bossy..." April says before she turns on her knees to face AJ Styles and
happily opens her mouth to allow AJ to slide his cock into her mouth.

"Hey I wasn't being bossy... but damn I really think I'm getting the short
end here... cause AJ gets to go ATM with you..." Punk laughs as he sees AJ
guiding his cock into April's wide open mouth. Punk soon gets off the toilet
seat and kneels behind April in order to guide his saliva soaked cock into
her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" April moans as she wraps her pouty lips around AJ's cock and
smoothly bobs her red haired head along his shaft while rocking slowly back
on her knees as CM Punk thrusts his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmm awwww yeah..."AJ Styles moans as April bobs her head slowly and
sensually on his long hard cock. Punk puts his hands on April's lower back as
he gradually pumps his cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" April groans as she moves her head perfectly on AJ Styles's
cock, slapping her wet tongue against his shaft, taking him deeply into her
wet and hot mouth. April rocks back and forth on her knees to push back
against CM Punk's cock inside of her pussy

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmm fuck...." CM Punk grunts as he thrusts his cock more
quickly into April's hot pussy. AJ places his hands on his waist as April
bobs her head back and forth on his dick. April twists her head on AJ
Styles's cock as she feels his cock begin to throb inside of her mouth as she
continues lift and lower her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh.... awww yeah... mmm..." AJ grits his cock as it throbs and
pulsates inside of Aprils saliva filled mouth. CM Punk feels his own cock
throbbing as he drills April from behind as she rocks back against his
pistoning shaft. April lifts her head slightly on AJ's cock and wraps her
lips tightly around the head, twisting her lips soothingly on the tip while
she rocks back on her knees against the throbbing and thrusting cock of CM

"Ahhhh... awww... fuck..." CM Punk groans as he jerks his cock out of April's
wet cunt just before he's about to cum. Punk barely is able to wrap his hand
around his cock as his spunk starts to shoot out and it splatters against the
back of April's thighs.

"Mmmmmmm..." April groans as she feels the warm, thick cum of CM Punk
splattering on the back of her legs as she continues to move her head on AJ
Styles's cock, working her lips of the swelled head of his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh... ahhhhh..." AJ Styles moans loudly as his cock begins to erupt
with a thick spurt of jizz shooting in side of the hot redhead's incredible
mouth. April Hunter presses her lips tightly around AJ's cock as his warm cum
invades and shoots into her mouth. April slowly lifts her head from his cock
and licks her lips, swallowing his cum.

"Ohhh damn... mmm..." AJ moans as his cock falls from April's mouth once she
lifts her head up.

Punk, who has already put on his jean shorts, has AJ's jeans and April's
pants in his hands, "Man... this was fucking sweet..."

April Hunter laughs and nods her head "Of course...nothing like a red

AJ smiles, "I can whole heartedly agree with that..." AJ says as Punk tosses
him his jeans.

Punk then hands April her pants, "Hey April... you know, you didn't exactly
say which hotel you'd be staying at... and AJ and I are rooming together

April raises an eyebrow and smirks "Guys...I don't think you'd want me
crashing with you two...."

"Why not?" AJ and Punk both ask at the same time.

" won't get any sleep with a redhead around..." April says with
a playful smirk.


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