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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Punk'ed...Italian Style
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following his elimination in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match at the
December 3, 2006 pay-per-view entitled December to Dismember, CM Punk,
wearing his wrestling trunks, is walking to the backstage area of the James
Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia. "All right that did not at all go according
to plan..." Punk says as he holds his midsection, which is aching with pain
due to the Five Star Frog Splash he received from Rob Van Dam. Punk goes
around a corner to head to the Superstars dressing room and he spots the Full
Bodied Italian Trinity hanging out in the hallway, "Guess your boys had the
same kind a night I did..." Punk says as he comments on the F.B.I.'s loss to
Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay earlier in the night.

"Hey! Don't be talkin' smack about my boys..." Trinity says with slight snap
in her voice, while also smirking. Trinity tosses her dark black hair back
and raises an eyebrow. "Those fuckin' fools Elijah and Sylvesta' they just
got lucky!" Trinity says, dressed in a short black leather skirts and a
revealing black top.

Punk laughs slightly, "I wasn't talkin' smack... just sayin' they and I
didn't get the results we wanted tonight..." Punk says, "Now if I wanted to
talk smack I'd talk about the money Little Guido owes me over the bet we had
over who win in the Hardys MNM match..." Punk says.

"Oh he don't owe you least he better not without talkin' stuff over
with me..." Trinity says as she moves her sultry and frisky eyes to examine
CM Punk's nicely toned body.

Punk smirks, "Right... well I haven't been around him and Tony long, but I
wouldn't be surprised if they try all kind of different hustles..." Punk says
as he casually checks out the smoking hot Extreme Vixen.

"The only hustlin' goes through got it?" Trinity says as she licks
her sultry and pouty lips, placing her hands onto her curved hips.

"Really? Anything else goes through you?" CM Punk asks with a smirk as
Trinity gives him a shocked look over his question.

"Just whatcha sayin'?" Trinity asks with a raised eyebrow, glancing down at
the crotch of CM Punk's wrestling trunks

"Well you said the only hustlin' goes through you... it got me wondering..."
Punk replies as he sees Trinity glancing down towards his wrestling trunks.

"Gotcha wonderin' what, boy?" Trinity asks, narrowing her seductive eyes

CM Punk laughs slightly, "Wondering any fuckin' goes through you..."

Trinity smirks slightly and laughs "Oh there's plenty of that..."

"Oh really?" CM Punk smirks.

Trinity nods her head and licks her lips " Oh you betcha! I love takin' a
good fuckin'..."

CM Punk smirks, "So does a guy have to have any qualifications to fuck that
hot hard body of yours?" Punk asks.

Trinity presses her sultry and luscious lips together. "Well...Punk all you
gotta be is hung and hard..."

CM Punk smirks, "Alright... well I ain't hard yet... but..." Punk says as he
lowers his trunks a bit to let out long cock, that even unerect is close to
seven inches long, giving Trinity an idea that when Punk is hard, his cock
would easily be one of the biggest she's even seen.

Trinity nods her head approvingly. " got what I like!" The hot
Italian ECW Vixen says as she seductively steps closer to CM Punk, locking
her eyes down at his unhardened cock.

"That's good to know..." Punk smirks as Trinity wraps her right hand around
his unhardened cock. After giving it a few quick strokes to get it to start
hardening, Trinity starts to pull Punk by his dick towards one of the large
storage closets. Trinity smirks over her shoulder to glance back at CM Punk,
leading him into the darkened storage closet. Trinity flips on the light and
closes the door once Punk enters. Trinity eagerly drops down onto her knees
in front of the Straightedge ECW Superstar, placing her left hand around the
base of his hardening cock and uses her right hand to stroke his shaft up
and down.

"Mmmmm... fuck..." Punk moans as Trinity rapidly pumps her right hand on his
hardening cock while she holds it steady with her left hand. ECW's Full
Bodied Italian watches eagerly as Punk's cock easily passes being a foot in
length and to her own guess, exceeds being fourteen inches long.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!" Trinity says as she moves her right hand
up CM Punk's long shaft before she lowers her dark haired head and slaps her
tongue against the head of his cock.

"Mmmm.... you said hung and hard..." Punk smirks as Trinity smacks her tongue
around the swollen head of his cock as she pumps her right hand along the
shaft. Trinity slyly narrows her eyes, seductively gazing up at CM Punk,
while she works her wet tongue around the swollen head of his incredibly long
and solid cock.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Punk moans as Trinity slides her tongue over and around the
head of his cock until it's dripping with her warm saliva. Trinity flicks the
tip of her sultry tongue against his piss-slit as she perfectly teases his
cock, feeling it tense against her right hand as she continues to move it
smoothly against his shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah...." CM Punk slides a hand through his black hair as he watches
Trinity flick her tongue against the piss slit of his highly impressive cock.
Punk's cock throbs in response to Trinity continuing to stroke his shaft.
Trinity closes her eyes as she opens her mouth and wraps her luscious lips
around the head of CM Punk's cock and starts to slowly bob her head, removing
her left hand from the base of his cock and works her right hand solely
against his shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah.... ahhhh..." Punk moans as the Full Bodied Italian bobs her head
smoothly on the upper few inches of his cock while she keeps her right hand
moving along the shaft. With her eyes closed, Trinity manages to grab Punk's
trunks to pull them down to his feet, allowing Punk to step out of them.

"Mmmmmmm..." Trinity lustfully moans as her grinds her luscious lips against
his hard and long shaft before slowly lifting her dark haired head and
flicking her tongue against the swollen head of his cock.

"Ahhh yeah mmmmm..." Punk groans as Trinity smacks her tongue against the
large swollen head of his cock. Trinity licks her lips and tosses her dark
hair back as she scoots back on her knees, eagerly lifting her black top to
expose her large and juicy tits.

"Now those are fucking nice..." Punk smirks as Trinity throws her top over
her shoulders while he looks at her tits.

"You betcha they're nice!" Trinity seductively snaps at CM Punk as she cups
her large and juicy tits with her hands, seductively pinching her erected
nipples with her fingers.

Punk licks his lips, "I like a chick with big tits.... but I also like a girl
with a hot twat... do you got one?" Punk asks with a smirk as he watches
Trinity grope her own tits.

"You bet I do!" Trinity says as she stands up from the floor and pushes her
short black leather skirt down from her gorgeous hips and down her smooth

Punk smirks as he glances down at Trinity smoothly shaved pussy as Trinity
steps out of her skirt, "That's what I'm talking about..." Punk says as
Trinity turns around and bends forward to stick her ass out towards Punk.
Punk steps towards Trinity and guides his massive cock into Trinity's hot
tight pussy with a firm thrust.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck yeah!" Trinity moans and grits her teeth as she rocks
forward on her feet as CM Punk starts to immediately thrust his shaft in and
out of her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmm..." Punk moans as he holds onto Trinity hips as he pumps his
large dick into her pussy while he pulls her back towards himself.

Trinity narrows her eyes lustfully and glances back at CM Punk as the feisty
Italian ECW Diva starts to rock back to smack her sultry ass against his
toned waist. "Ohhhhhh fuck!"

"Awww yeah... that's a tight cunt..." Punk grunts as he starts to speed up
his thrusts as he drives his cock deeply into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck that pussy!" Trinity moans as she pushes back sharply
on his cock, encouraging him to thrust deeper into her tight pussy. CM Punk
licks his lips as he slams as much of his cock as possible into Trinity's
pussy as she pushes back as hard as she can against him.

"Ohhhhh yeah...fuck that pussy! Ohhhh yeah boy!" Trinity moans and lustfully
throws her head back as she impressively holds her balance while bent over
and standing with CM Punk driving his shaft deeply into her from behind.

"Ohhh yeah you fucking like that?!" Punk grunts as he hammers Trinity's pussy
with his incredibly hard, long and thick cock.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yesss!" Trinity screams lustfully as sweat begins to
perspirate on her body.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he suddenly pulls his large cock out of
Trinity's hot wet Italian cunt. Trinity licks her lips and turns around to
face CM Punk before she places her hands onto his shoulders and lifts herself
up onto his cock, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist and begins to
bounce up and down on his shaft.

"Ahhhh... yeah..." CM Punk moans as he places his hands under Trinity's legs
as she bounces up and down on his cock as he resumes thrusting it into her

Trinity closes her eyes and moves her hands from his shoulders to his toned
chest as she starts to eagerly bounce up and down on his Straightedge cock.
"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!"

"Ahhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck..." CM Punk grunts as he thrusts his cock sharply
into Trinity's hot pussy as she holds onto his body while she bounces on his
pistoning dick.

Trinity grits her teeth as she sharply rocks forward on CM Punk's cock as he
deeply drills his cock upward into her tight and warm pussy. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh

"Ahhhh awww yeah work that cunt... ohh yeah..." Punk moans as he bends his
knees and lowers himself to the floor, allowing Trinity to pin his shoulders
down as he keeps thrusting his cock up into her hot snatch. Trinity licks her
lips and leans her head back as she starts to roughly and quickly rock back
and forth on CM Punk's cock, grinding her pussy against his cock, as she is
now mounted on top of him.

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmm fuck!" CM Punk moans as he pumps his cock sharply up
into Trinity's pussy as she grinds herself on his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhh...." Trinity moans as she firmly places her hands onto his chest
and grinds her pussy sharply down on his cock, sweat dripping from her
stunning body, while her pussy tightens on his shaft and she begins to cum.

"Ohhh yeah... cum on that fucking dick..." CM Punk moans as Trinity wet pussy
squeezes his now throbbing cock as she cums. Trinity bites down on her bottom
lip as she slowly rocks back and forth on CM Punk's cock, grinding her pussy
down on his shaft as her cum flows over.

"Ahhhh.... fuck I think those tits... should get... punked..." Punk smirks as
Trinity rocks even more slowly on his throbbing cock. After she catches her
breath Trinity lifts herself off of Punk's cock allowing him to stand up
while she gets on her knees. CM Punk smirks at Trinity as he wraps his right
hand around his long cock as he starts to stroke it.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at CM Punk as she places her
hands against her juicy and large tits, pushing them up slightly. "There ya
go big boy!"

"Ahhh yeah..." CM Punk moans as he bends his knees slightly to lower himself
to get his cock closer to Trinity's large juicy tits as he strokes his dick
with his right hand. Punk puts his left hand on Trinity's left shoulder to
help balance himself as he starts to shoot stream after stream of his thick,
warm spunk onto her tits.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah...cum on those tits..." Trinity groans as his warm and
thick cum splatters against her juicy tits.

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck..." Punk moans as his cock throbs as he shoots some more
cum onto Trinity's tits. By the time Punk is finished cumming Trinity tits
are completely coated.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!" Trinity says with a lick of her lips

"Oh yeah..." Punk smirks as he smacks his cock against Trinity's cum covered
tits, "You know... that was a good warm up fuck... want to blow this joint
and really fuck around?" Punk asks just as Trinity grabs his cock.

Trinity smirks as she starts to stroke Punk's cock again, "Only if you can
keep up with me..."


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