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Puppies That Reek Of Awesomeness!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the middle of a September 2000 taping of SmackDown, the World Wrestling
Federation Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian are walking towards the area
where WWF Commissioner Mick Foley has set up his office. Edge is wearing
green wrestling tights and Christian is wearing yellow wrestling tights and
his see-through brown colored top. "Bro... we totally need tonight off...
it's completely unfair that we get put into all these matches..." Christian

"I hear you completely... that's why we're going to see Mick... he's gotta
know that we can't face the Hardys tonight after what we've just went through
on Monday with the Dummies..." Edge replies as he tosses his long blond hair

"Dudleys..." Christian says to correct his brother.

"Same difference..." Edge says as he and Christian enter the caged area
where Mick Foley's unusual office is located at. "Hey Mick... are you here?"
Edge says as he looks around.

"Looks like he's not here..." Christian says as he picks up the yellow stuff
dog that Commissioner Foley has named 'Sarge' in tribute to Sgt. Slaughter.

"Can I help you?"

Edge and Christian both jump a bit as they look over their shoulders to see
Commissioner Foley's Lieutenant Commissioner Debra standing behind them with
her hands on her hips. Edge turns around completely, "Yeah... we like
totally seriously need to see the Commish." Edge answers

The Lieutenant Commissioner of the WWF, Debra, raises an eyebrow as she is
dressed in a short red skirt and a buttoned up red business jacket, that
reveals a good deal of her seductive cleavage and a white laced bra,
underneath. "Ummm... Mick Foley, isn't here right now..." Debra replies her
southern accent as the seductive Diva looks at Edge and Christian "But I can
sure help you..." Debra says with a smirk as she gently taps her fingers
against her smoothly rounded hips.

"Awesome!" Edge says with a smirk before Christian blurts out.

"We want tonight off..." Christian says.

Edge rolls his eyes, "What he means is that we need tonight off..." Edge says
hoping to cover for Christian's blunder.

"Tonight?" Debra says before she slowly shakes her head "I'm sorry...but
you boys are booked to face the Hardys tonight..." Debra says as she steps
forward to Edge and Christian "I can't give you the night off, Mick has
already booked the match." Debra says as she presses her luscious lips

"But we've just had a match with the Dudley's the other night... and we got
to face the Hardys at the Pay-Per-View..." Christian says, in a slightly
whinny tone.

"Yeah Debra... it's really unfair that we got to have this many matches
before our next title defense..." Edge says.

Debra raises an eyebrow and slowly shakes her smooth, gorgeous blonde haired
head "Edge, Christian...I don't know what to tell you...the match has been
made..." Debra says as she softly smiles "You know Mick's rule...if you want
the night off he needs a two week notice."

"How are we supposed to give two weeks notice when he books us at random?!"
Christian says as he stamps his left foot.

Edge pauses for a moment and he looks at Christian, "Hey bro... chill out and
like totally follow my lead..." Edge says before he looks at Debra, "You know
you're right... but come on... surely a hot... smart woman like yourself can
see we deserve to have a break..." Edge says.

Debra smirks and folds her arms against her large, rounded chest "Maybe there
is something I could do..." Debra begins to say.

"Yeah... you're so totally hot and attractive..." Christian says as he
interrupts Debra,

Edge laughs a bit, "Bro... chill... Debra knows how hot she is... I mean she
is the hottest Diva in the whole WWF..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

"Yeah totally!" Christian nods his head in agreement with Edge's comments.

Debra slightly licks her luscious, pouty lips as she locks her seductive,
soft eyes with Edge and Christian "Boys...boys...hold on just a second..."
Debra says as she unfolds her hands "Say I do give you the night off, what
would I get out of it changing Mick's match he made?"

Edge smirks a bit, "You get to make a match to replace it... the Dudleys
aren't doing anything tonight... and neither is the APA..." Edge says before
his brother cuts him off.

"And you get to do whatever you want with that time slot..." Christian says
as he puts his hands on his waist.

Debra slowly shakes her head ", gentlemen..." Debra softly says as she
licks her lips and casually starts to unbuttoned her red business jacket "I
want something more..."

"What are you..." Christian says as he looks at Debra with a raised eyebrow.

Edge quickly figures out what Debra has in mind and he licks his lips, "Oh
you get someone to help play with them beautiful puppies that you have..."
Edge says with a wide grin on his face.

Debra smirks slyly and slowly nods her head "Oh yeah...maybe I need two
people to help..." Debra says as she finishes unbuttoning her red business
jacket and easily slides the jacket off of her hot, tanned body, exposing
her white laced bra, that covers her large, rounded tits. Debra tosses her
business jacket onto the desk of Mick Foley before she steps closer to Edge
and Christian "You boys care to convince me, why you should have to night
off?" Debra asks smoothly as she starts to push her short red skirt down
from her smooth waist and down her smooth, tanned legs as she reveals her
hot white panties.

Edge firmly elbows Christian in the stomach to keep him from saying anything
stupid, "Sure... we'll love to convince you..." Edge says as he steps towards
the beautiful, blond haired Diva. The tall Tag Team Champion puts his right
hand on Debra's right tit and begins to feel it up as he reaches behind Debra
with his left hand to release the clasp of her bra.

"Hey I want to convince her too!" Christian says as he takes off his
see-through top and drops it on the floor. He then approaches Debra just as
Edge removes her bra to reveal her large, hot, round tits. As Edge pays
attention to Debra's right tit, Christian begins to give Debra's left tit
some attention as he cups it with his left hand.

Debra smirks as glances down at her large chest as Edge and Christian both
groupe and fondle her large tits. "Mmm...why don't you two boys get a bit
more comfortable?" Debra suggests as she steps out of her red skirt and
proceeds to push down her white panties, exposing her hot and shaven pussy.

"That sounds totally awesome..." Edge says as he uses his left hand to push
down his wrestling tights from his toned, tanned waist. Eventually Edge has
to also use his left hand to push down his tights so that he can step out of
them, and his hardening thirteen inch cock rises up between his muscular
legs. Once his tights are off, Edge goes back to grouping and fondling
Debra's large tits with both of his hands.

"Man... I just got here..." Christian says with a pout before he quickly
starts to take off his own wrestling tights to let out his eleven inch cock
which is already fully hard.

Debra licks her lips as she glances down at the hardening, thick cocks of
Edge and Christian "Oh two are definitely big ones!" Debra says
with a laugh as she takes a step back away from Edge and Christian, causing
their hands to leave her large tits. Debra smirks as she lowers herself down
onto the floor of the odd office of Mick Foley. Edge and Christian both stand
in front of the seductive Lt. Commissioner of the WWF as she wraps her left
hand around Edge's cock and her right hand around Christian's cock as she
starts to smoothly guide her hands against their shafts.

"Mmmm yeah... we are totally like the biggest dicks in the WWF..." Christian
says with a moan as Debra strokes his cock with her right hand.

Edge looks at Christian with a raised eyebrow, "Man that ain't even close to
being funny..." Edge says before he shakes his head and looks down at Debra
as she strokes his impressive thirteen-inch cock.

Debra lifts her head and slyly smirks up at Edge and Christian before she
leans her head down and slides her soft, wet tongue across the head of Edge's
cock, lightly coating her wet saliva against the head of his cock. "Mmmm..."
Debra softly moans as she moves her head over to Christian's cock and gently
slides her tongue across the head of his cock as well.

"Mmmmm ohhh yea... that's totally hot..." Christian moans as licks his lips
and tosses his long hair back as Debra slides her tongue across and then
around the head of his eleven inch cock. Edge bends down a bit and lightly
gropes Debra's left tit with his right hand as Debra turns her head back to
his thirteen inch shaft. Debra gently taps her soft, wet tongue against the
head of Edge's cock before she opens her hot, wet mouth and lowers her head
as she takes Edge's cock into her mouth. The seductive, hot WWF Diva presses
her lips around Edge's shaft and starts to gently bob her head as she starts
to suck on his cock, while gently stroking her right hand against Christian's
thick, hard shaft.

"Awww... mmmmm fuck yea... oh shit.. suck it... "Edge moans as Debra smoothly
bobs her head up and down on his large, thick rock hard cock. Edge stands up
straight and places his right hand on Debra's head to push her blonde hair

"Mmm shit... mmm yea... oh yea..." Christian moans and licks his teeth as he
reaches down to fondle Debra's right tit with his right hand and he slightly
flicks his fingers against her nipple.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Debra moans softly against Edge's shaft as she smoothly lifts
and lowers her head, gently twirling her tongue against his cock as she sucks
gently on it. Debra soft lips rub against his cock while her hot saliva drips
down on his cock, gradually going deeper into her hot mouth.

"Ohhh... ohhh yea... mmmm... damn Debra..." Edge moans as he feels his cock
being taken deeper into Debra's warm, moist mouth.

Christian licks his lips as he looks at Debra she sucks his brother's cock,
"Hey come on... I want to convince you too..." Christian says as he stands
up straight as Debra gently pumps his cock with her right hand. Debra slowly
lifts her head off of Edge's cock as her warm, wet saliva drips down his
shaft. Debra presses her lips together as she tosses her blond hair back and
turns on her knees towards Christian. Debra raises Christian's cock to her
mouth with her right hand and eagerly takes his cock into her hot mouth.
Debra starts to instantly bob her head on Christian's cock as she places her
left hand back on Edge's cock and starts to stroke his saliva covered cock.

"Ahhh... uhhh awww yea... mmm fuck yea... ohh shit..." Christian moans as he
puts his hands on his waist as the beautiful Lt. Commissioner bobs her head
quickly on his eleven inch cock. Christian licks his lips and closes his eyes
as he tilts his head back and enjoys the way Debra is sucking his rock hard

"Mmmm...ohhh..." Debra moans softly against Christian's shaft as she starts
to smoothly bob her head at a quicker rate, slapping her wet tongue against
his shaft. Debra lightly grinds her soft lips against Christian's shaft
while quickly stroking her left hand against Edge's shaft, casually brushing
against his ball sack.

Edge licks his teeth when he feels Debra's left hand brushing against his
balls, "Mmmm... shit... Debra you wouldn't be trying to convince us to work
tonight's match are you?" Edge asks jokingly as Debra bobs her head quickly
on Christian's eleven inch cock.

"Ohh... mmm fuck... who cares..." Christian moans as he's completely enjoying
the way Debra is sucking his dick.

Debra taps her soft tongue against the underbelly of Christian's cock before
she lifts her head from Christian's cock as some of her wet saliva drips down
his shaft "Mmmm....Why don't you convince me a little more..." Debra slyly
smirks as she glances up at Edge and Christian as both of their cocks drip
with Debra's saliva.

Edge looks at Christian and smirks, "I'm going south... you go to the
mountains..." Edge says as he bends down to help Debra up from the floor.

"Fine... okay..." Christian says with a smirk. The two Canadian brothers
work together to lay Debra on the desk of Commissioner Mick Foley, and Edge
quickly moves between Debra's legs and lowers his head down to Debra's
perfectly shaved pussy where he starts to flick his tongue against it. As
Edge begins to lick Debra's cunt, Christian stands on next to the right side
of Foley's desk and leans down to flick his talented tongue around the nipple
of her right tit as he reaches over to her left breast with his left hand to
grope it.

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit..." Debra softly moans as she grits her teeth and closes
her eyes as Edge's tongue flicks against her hot pussy. Debra reaches over
with her right hand and gently places her hand around Christian's shaft,
gently stroking as he flicks his tongue against her hard nipples "Ohhhh
mmm..." Debra groans as she arches her back slightly.

"Mmmm... fuck..." Christian moans as Debra gently strokes his rock hard cock
with her right hand as he wraps his lips around Debra's right tit's nipple.
Christian starts to suck on her right tit as he gropes and fondles her left
breast with his skilled left hand.

Between Debra's legs, Edge looks up at Debra as he starts to dart his tongue
in and out between Debra's soft pussy lips. "Mmmmm... mmm..." Edge moans as
he laps up Debra's warm wet pussy juices.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...ohhh shit" Debra moans as she starts to gently grind her
warm, wet pussy against Edge's face as he munches on her wet, tight cunt.
Debra slowly opens her eyes and turns her head towards Christian's cock,
gently flicking her soft tongue against the head of his cock while she
smoothly strokes his shaft with her right. Debra gently circles her tongue
around the piss-slit of his cock as she feels Christian bite down gently on
her right nipple.

"Ohhh yea... mmm..." Christian moans against Debra's right tit as gently
presses his teeth against her right nipple. The eager young Tag Team Champion
starts to move his hips a bit to push his cock towards Debra's mouth as she
strokes and licks it at the same time.

Edge places his hands on Debra's thighs and deeply pushes his tongue into
Debra's cunt as she tries to hump his face. "Mmmm... mmm..." Edge groans as
twirls his talented tongue within Debra's pussy, making her squirm on top of
Foley's desk.

"Ohhhh shit..." Debra softly moans before the head of Christian's cock enters
her warm, wet mouth. Debra tightly presses her lips below the head of his
cock and she starts to lightly suck on the tip of his Canadian cock while
Edge hungrily licks her hot pussy. Debra gently places her smooth, tanned
legs on his shoulders as she starts to grind her pussy a bit rougher against
his face, while Christian continues to lick and fondle her tits.

Christian lifts his head up from Debra's huge, round hot tits and tilts his
head back, "Ahhhh shit... come on... suck it... mmm..." Christian moans as
shifts himself a bit so that Debra can take his cock a bit further past her
pouty lips.

Edge slowly lifts his head away from Debra's desirable cunt and smirks, "Fuck
that's sweet pussy..." Edge says as he keeps Debra's legs on his shoulders.
The tall, blonde- haired Canadian Superstar grips his thirteen inch cock and
smoothly thrusts it into Debra's warm, wet and tight pussy, completely
catching the Lt. Commissioner off guard.

"Mmmmm!" Debra moans loudly around the head of Christian's cock as she
forcefully takes his cock deeper into her hot, wet mouth as Edge thrusts
himself deeply into her warm tight pussy. Debra shifts her eyes and glances
up at Edge as she starts to smoothly bob her head against Christian's cock
while Edge starts slamming his cock into her tight pussy.

Edge puts his hands on Debra's gorgeous waist as he deeply pumps his thirteen
inch cock into Debra's hot, wet pussy. "Uhhh... ahhhh fuck... mmm..." Edge
moans as his large balls come crashing against Debra's skin as he pounds her
cunt with his dick.

Christian puts his hands flat down on the desk as he begins thrusting his
cock between Debra's soft, pouty lips as she bobs her head on his prick,
"Mmmm... ohhh shit... mmm fuck you suck great dick Debra..." Christian moans
as Debra deep throats his eleven inch shaft.

"Mmmmm..." Debra softly moans as she twirls and twists her soft, wet tongue
around Christian's shaft as she smoothly and easily deep throats his cock,
her hot saliva dripping down on his shaft. Debra gently wraps her smooth,
tanned legs around Edge's waist as she starts to move back on the surface of
the desk, rocking against Edge's cock as he spears her pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... mmmm god damn she's so totally reeks of awesomeness..."
Christian moans as he tilts his head back as Debra deep throats his entire
eleven inch cock with her warm, desirable mouth.

Edge licks his teeth as he drives his cock sharply into Debra's hot, wet
pussy as she pulls him towards her with her incredibly hot legs. "Ahhh ohh
shit... hey bro... we totally got to give her some tag team action..." Edge
moans as fucks Debra's cunt.

"Oh yea... totally!" Christian nods his head as he pulls his eleven inch cock
out of Debra's incredible mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Debra moans as she turns her head away from Christian
after he pulls his cock out of her mouth. Debra's hot, tanned body quickly
moves back and forth against the desk as Edge's quickly slams his rock hard
cock into her pussy, while Debra grinds her pussy gently shaft his shaft.
Debra slightly arches her back as Edge deeply slams his cock into her cunt
with a firm thrust "Ohhhh shit!" Debra moans as she starts to breath heavy.

Christian proceeds to lay down on the floor in front of Commissioner Foley's
desk as Edge drills Debra on top of it. "Mmmm... ohhh shit yes..." Edge moans
as sweat drips down his face. "Ahhh... mmmm fuck yea..." Edge groans as he
then pulls his thick thirteen inch cock out of Debra's hot pussy. The hot,
toned and tanned Superstar sits Debra up on the desk so that he can easily
lift her off of it.

"Hey bro... bring her down here..." Christian says with a smirk.

"Hold your horses...." Edge laughs as he brings Debra down to the floor where
Christian is and mounts the hot, sweaty Lt. Commissioner on his brother's
cock with Debra facing Christian.

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit!" Debra moans and tilts her head back as she places her
hands on his smooth, muscular chest as she starts to immediately rock back
and forth on Christian's cock as she feels his hands being placed on her
smooth, rounded hips "Ohhhh...ohhh yeah" Debra moans as sweat drips down her
hot, tanned body.

"Ahhh... uhhh shit... mmmm..." Christian moans as Debra rocks back and forth
on his thick eleven inch cock. Christian reaches up and puts his hands on
Debra's large round tits and begins to grope and fondle them again.

Edge licks his teeth as he kneels behind Debra, "Mmm... that's a sexy ass
Debra..." Edge says as he looks at Debra's ass for a moment before he slams
his thick thirteen inch cock into it, making her jolt forward on Christian's

Debra grits her teeth as she roughly rocks forward on Christian's cock as
Edge' slams his cock deeply into her tight asshole "Ohhhh shit..." Debra
moans and glances back over her shoulder as she smoothly guides herself back
against his cock, pressing her hot ass against his tanned, toned waist.

Edge puts his hands on Debra's hips as he pulls her back against him as he
spears his cock in and out of the Lt. Commissioner's hot ass, "Ahhh... mmm
yea... ohh yea..." Edge moans as his balls smack against Debra's ass cheeks.

Christian keeps fondling Debra's large tits as he begins pushing his cock
upward into Debra's hot cunt, "Ahhhh shit... the rama-percussions of this
is gonna be totally rad..." Christian moans as Debra rides his eleven inch

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh shit!" Debra moans and bites down on her bottom lip as she
slams down hard on Christian's cock before being pulled back roughly by Edge
as her hot ass smacks against his tanned waist, feeling his cock deeply slam
into her tight asshole. Debra sweats as she's sandwiched between Edge and
Christian, both deeply fucking her.

"Mmmm... uhhh shit fuck yea... I wish.. we had the benefit of flash
photography right now..." Edge laughs and grunts as sweat drips down his
face as he pounds Debra's sexy ass with his large fat rock hard cock with
perfectly time movements.

Christian licks his lips as he takes his hands off of Debra's sweat covered
tits, "Mmmm yea... shit... fuck... this is fabultatious!" Christian moans as
Debra slams down roughly on his cock as he drives his dick deeply up into
Debra's pussy.

Debra raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit "Fabultatious?" Debra says as she
presses her lips together while her hands slightly slip against Christian's
sweaty, muscular chest as she continues to rock back and forth between Edge
and Christian getting fucked in both her asshole and pussy.

Edge grits his teeth before he pulls thirteen inch shaft out of Debra's tight
asshole, "Hey Christian... let's really make this fucktacular... let's give
her the con-cock-to...." Edge says as he tosses his sweat soaked hair back
before he pulls Debra off of his brother's cock.

"Dude! That idea is so full of TLC... totally ludicrous coolness!" Christian
says with a grin as Edge lays Debra on her right side on the floor of
Commissioner Foley's unusual office.

Debra raises her eyebrow once again as she slightly confused "Hey...wait
guys, what's going on?" Debra asks with a soft laugh as Edge keeps Debra
laying on her right side on the floor of Mick Foley's office.

Edge moves in front of Debra as Christian gets up to move himself behind her,
"You're gonna experience the ultimate reeking of awesomeness!" Christian says
eagerly as he lays down on his side behind Debra and lifts her left leg up
slightly before he begins to push his eleven inch dick into her asshole.

Edge licks his teeth, "Yeah totally!" Edge says as he lays on his side in
front of Debra so that he can push his thirteen inch cock into Debra's tight
pussy. Edge and Christian then look at each other for a moment and then at
the same time, they both deeply ram their cocks into Debra's asshole and

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Debra moans, placing her hands on Edge's muscular and sweaty
chest as he pushes his cock into her warm, tight pussy. Debra grits her teeth
and leans back against Christian slightly as she starts to grind in between
Edge and Christian as the two brothers start to repeatedly thrust their cocks
into the Lt. Commissioner of the WWF.

"Uhh... ahh... yeah... mmm..." Christian moans as he sharply thrusts his cock
in and out of Debra's asshole at roughly the same pace as Edge who's spearing
the hot Lt. Commissioner's tight pussy.

"Ahhh yea... mmm fuck yea... this is totally rad!" Edge licks his teeth as he
and Christian begin to speed up the pace of their thrusts as they sandwich
fuck Debra.

Debra closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as the hot WWF Diva
rocks in between Edge and Christian, while laying on her right side on the
floor. Debra's hot ass presses back against Christian's toned waist as Edge
pulls her forward, deeply thrusting his cock into her tight, warm pussy
"Ohhhh shit!" Debra moans, dripping of sweat.

Sweat drips off of both Edge and Christian's tanned, toned bodies as they
double team the sexy WWF Lt. Commissioner. The two brothers soon begin to
alternate their thrusts, with Christian pulling his cock back from Debra's
ass whenever Edge slams his own deep into Debra's cunt and vice versa.
"Ahhh... mmm yea... fuck... banging the Lt. Commish totally rules..."
Christian moans whenever his drills his cock as far as possible into Debra's

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh shit!" Debra moans as her pussy tightens around Edge's
shaft and she begins to cum, while Christian continues to pound her tight
asshole with his cock.

"Ahhh... mmm fuck..." Edge moans as he feels Debra's warm cum flowing on
his thirteen inch cock as he fucks her pussy, "Dude... Debbie like totally
erupted!" Edge smirks.

"Dude... that's like totally awesome!" Christian moans as he keeps thrusting
his cock into her ass. The two studdly WWF Tag Team Champions soon pull their
big, hard cocks out of Debra's ass and pussy and stand up as Debra relaxes
after cumming.

Debra bites down on her bottom lip as she wipes some sweat off of her forward
"Wow... that sure was awesome..." Debra says with a soft laugh before she
glances down at Edge and Christian's throbbing cocks "I suppose to you want
to release too..." Debra smirks as she sits back down onto her knees "I want
you both to cum on my tits..."

Edge and Christian both look at each other and give each other a high five,
"Dude! That is totally cool!" Christian says as he steps close to Debra as he
begins to stroke his throbbing cock with his left hand.

"Yeah... shit this is like... cumtastic!" Edge replies as he starts to stroke
his thirteen inch shaft with his right hand.

Debra licks her eyes as she tosses her sweat dampened blond hair back and
tilts her head back slightly, sticking her large and rounded tits out for
Edge and Christian "Mmm...yeah stroke those big dicks for me."

Christian licks his lips as he tilts his head back as he keeps stroking his
throbbing cock with his left hand, "Aww.... mmmm ohhh shit..." Christian
moans as he aims his cock down at Debra's large hot tits and begins spraying
his hot, thick cum over both of them.

Debra presses her lips together and glances down at her large tits as
Christian's warm cum lands and drips down her tits "Mmm...ohh yeah..." Debra
smirks and then glances at Edge "One more left..."

Christian takes a step back after he's done cumming and he looks at Edge,
"Come on chumpstaine..." Christian says jokingly.

Edge smirks at his brother, "Hey I'm not a quick spurter..." Edge replies
as he strokes his thirteen inch cock rapidly with his right hand. The tall,
blond haired WWF Tag Team Champion licks his teeth as he bends his knees
slightly to aim his cock right at Debra's cum covered tits. "Ahhh... mmm...
awww yea... ohh shit yea..." Edge moans as he finally begins to cum,
spraying a huge load of cum onto Debra's tits that surprises the WWF's Lt.

Debra licks her lips and smirks as she closes her eyes and tilts her head
back further as she feels Edge's warm cum splatter down onto her large tits,
before his and Christian's cum together starts to drip down her tits "Ohhhh
shit..." The sweaty Debra moans.

"Mmm fuck yea... that's how you shoot a load for the Lt. Commish!" Edge
laughs a bit as he finishes cumming.

"Whatever..." Christian says with a laugh.

Debra raises an eyebrow and smirks as she stands up from the floor. Debra
glances at Edge and Christian, placing her hands on her smoothly rounded hips
"Alright got what you two may have the night off..."
Debra says and pauses as she lightly licks her lips before smirking "But..."

"But what?" Edge asks as he looks at the cum dripping tits of the beautiful
WWF Lt. Commissioner.

Debra raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "This Sunday, at the Pay Per View,
your match against the Hardys will now be...a ladder match!"

"Awww... damn..." Christian says with a frown before Edge puts his hand on
him to get him to stop before he begins.

Edge smirks, "That's no problem... we can beat the Hardys and the Dudleys in
a ladder match... so the Hardys ain't gonna be any trouble for us!" Edge says

Debra presses her lips together and she slowly nods her head, firmly looking
at Edge "Is that so?"

"Yeah that's so... we beat them in TLC's matches... we beat them in regular
matches..." Edge says.

"Hey the only thing we didn't beat them in is a cage match!" Christian says.

Debra snaps her fingers "That's settled then!" Debra then laughs "Your match
Sunday, will be a cage match...and that's FINAL!" Debra shouts in a Mick
Foley-like manner.

Edge looks at Christian with a sharp glare, "Good going Reekazoid..."

Christian puts his hands up, "What I do?" Christian asks innocently as he
and Edge gather their clothes and gets dressed. The two brothers leave
Commissioner Foley's office bickering, leaving Debra by herself as she looks
down at her cum-covered chest.

Debra smirks as she slowly glances and turns her head, noticing that Edge and
Christian have both left "Oh wait! Edge...Christian!" Debra calls out after
them "I forgot...Have a nice day..."


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