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Puppy Power
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In his backstage office during RAW IS WAR in January 1999, the World
Wrestling Federation Commissioner Shawn Michaels is watching a brawl between
D-Generation X and The Corporation on a television monitor.. Dressed in white
pants, a red button shirt and a white suit jacket, Shawn slides a hand
through his hair, "Hmmm. I should stop that.. Nah. Vince is an ass and DX led
me into an ambush. I better just let them beat the hell out of each other."
Shawn laughs. As the WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels watches the chaos in the
ring during RAW IS WAR between DX and The Corporation, the one and only
Heartbreak Kid hears a knock on his office door.

Shawn doesn't turn his attention away from the monitor as he says, "Come on
in..." Shawn says as he watches the New Age Outlaws take out The Rock before
the Boss Man attacks Billy Gunn with a nightstick.

The door to Shawn Michaels's office opens and the professional, sexy
businesswoman Debra McMichael enters the office, dressed in a short black
skirt and a black blouse that shows of her cleavage. "Excuse me Shawn..."
Debra says in her sexy Southern accent as she closes the door and steps over
to his desk "I mean...Mr. Michaels, could I have a moment?"

Shawn turns his head slightly to look at Debra McMichael and upon seeing her
eye-catching cleavage, Shawn turns off the monitor, "Sure... sure... what can
I do for you?" Shawn asks.

Debra presses her luscious lips together and places her hands on her smoothly
rounded hips, sticking her large chest out slightly "Well...I think as the
manager of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, that they should be the number one
contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles, and I know that you have the power to
make the decision."

Shawn nods his head, "Well ol Double J and Owen have been on a nice little
role as of late... but the New Age Outlaws are the ones who are next in line
to challenge Boss Man and Shamrock..."

Debra narrows her eyes slightly as she looks at Shawn Michaels "You're only
saying that because of your little DX connection with them..." Debra replies
before she lightly tosses back her blond hair "Mr. Michaels, I am a business
woman that knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get
what she wants...and what I want is Jeff and Owen to be WWF Tag Team

Shawn nods his head, "That is a good thing to want..." Shawn says as his eyes
wander down to look at Debra's cleavage once again, "And I do see you got
some great assets... so maybe we can work something out. After all I am the
World Wrestling Federation Commissioner... I have to be business first."

Debra nods her head and presses her lips together "Exactly you are the
Commissioner, you are the man in charge...and I am always will to do what's
best for business..." Debra says as she seductively looks at Shawn Michaels.

Shawn smirks a bit as he steps around his desk, "In that case... how about
letting those assets of yours out... so that I can evaluate how good your
team is..."

Debra smirks and nods her head "I'm always willing to use my assets to my
advantage..." Debra says casually as she unbuttoned her black blouse, teasing
Shawn Michaels, as she unsnaps button by button. Debra locks her eyes with
Shawn as she slowly opens her black blouse to reveal her large and tanned,
juicy tits.

Shawn smirks as he takes off his white suit jacket which he lays on his desk,
"Hmmm these look impressive..." Shawn says as he puts his hands on Debra's
large, perfectly shaped and extremely hot tits. The WWF Commissioner then
lowers his head and begins to flick his tongue against Debra's left nipple.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Mr. Michaels..." Debra softly moans as she places her hands
against the crotch of Shawn's white pants and gently strokes her hands
against his cock through the material of his pants as he flicks his tongue
against her hardening nipples "Mmm...ohhh yeah..."

"Mmmmm..." Shawn moans as he feels Debra's hands rubbing against the crotch
of his pants as he feels up her tits with his hands. Shawn leans his head
towards the right and skillfully circles his tongue around Debra's right tit,
coating it with his saliva.

Debra gently grits her teeth together as she lightly squeezes Shawn's
hardening crotch through his white pants as she feels Shawn's skilled tongue
lapping and flicking against her large tits "Mmmm Mr. Michaels that feels so

"Mmmm... Shawn moans as he moves his head back to the left to give Debra's
left tit some more attention from his tongue before lifting his head up,
"Those are some big and very spectacular assets..." Shawn smirks as Debra
squeezes his hardening crotch through his white pants.

Debra laughs as she smoothly moves her hands against Shawn's hardened crotch,
manipulating his hard cock with her skilled hands. Debra reaches for the
zipper of his pants and begins to unzip them before she pushes them down from
his waist "Mmmm...ohhh Mr. Michaels...suck my tits..."

"Hmmm that should be on a t-shirt..." Shawn smirks before he leans his head
back down to wrap his lips around Debra's left nipple to suck on her left
tit. As Debra lowers his white pants, Shawn's rock hard eleven inch cock
springs free.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh" Debra moans softly as she starts to breath heavier
while she wraps her smooth and skilled hands around Shawn's hard eleven inch
cock and begins to stroke her hands against his cock as she feels his tongue
slapping against her nipples.

"Mmmmm!" Shawn moans as he flicks his tongue against Debra's left nipple as
he sucks on her tits while she strokes his rock hard cock. Shawn lifts his
head up again, "I got two words for ya... get down..." Shawn smirks.

Debra licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...sure Mr. Michaels...I do
anything for the right cause" Debra replies as she sinks down onto her knees
in front of the Commissioner of the WWF and wraps her lips around his shaft
as his cock enters her mouth. Debra places her hands on his toned waist as
she starts to smoothly and soothingly bob her head along his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh... I see that you're a total professional about this..."
Shawn moans as he leans against his desk as Debra bobs her head up and down
on his eleven inch cock.

"Mmmm hmmmm..." Debra moans and replies around Shawn's cock as she closes her
eyes while smoothly guiding her head along his shaft to gradually suck his
cock at a quicker pace. Debra's beautifully shaped skirt covered ass lightly
rocks back as she moves on her knees to suck Shawn's cock at a smooth

"Ahhhh yeah.... fuck..." Shawn Michaels unbuttons his red shirt, revealing
his toned, tanned and slightly hairy chest as he watches Debra McMichael turn
her head on his cock as she eagerly sucks it.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" Debra softly moans as her soft lips massage his cock as
she swiftly moves her head, sucking at an impressively quicker pace as she
gently laps her wet tongue around his cock.

"Mmmmm... ahhh.... shit..." Shawn moans as he tilts his head back and closes
his eyes as Debra takes up to eight inches of his dick into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Debra moans as she wraps her lips tightly around his shaft, as she
holds his cock deeply inside of her warm and wet mouth. Debra wet saliva
drips down on his cock as she feels the head of his cock lightly pressing
against the back on her mouth.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm.... let's.... move on to some... other assets that are
involved in this meeting..." Shawn Michaels moans as he easily lifts Debra's
head off of his saliva dripping cock.

Debra licks her lips as she seductively glances up at the WWF Commissioner
Shawn Michaels "Of course...I sure do have a great number of assets..." Debra
replies before she stands up from the floor and starts to push her short
black skirt down from her smoothly rounded hips and then down her gorgeously
tanned legs.

Shawn steps around Debra and licks his lips as he looks at Debra's perfectly
round and tanned ass, "I can see that...." Shawn says as he places his hands
on Debra's hips and has her lean over his desk. Shawn then runs his hands
over Debra's ass before he pushes his rock hard cock into her nearly shaved
and hot pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Mr. Michaels..." Debra moans and grits her teeth as she moves
forward against the desk, while bent over. Debra places her hands onto the
smooth desk as she gently pussy her perfectly shaped ass back against Shawn's
toned waist while he thrusts his cock easily into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmm!" Shawn moans as he holds onto Debra's hips as he thrusts his
cock in and out of her warm tight pussy. Shawn leans his body slightly
forward with each thrust to that his waist is pressing right against Debra's
ass when he pushes his cock into her.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...ohhhh that feels so good Commissioner!" Debra moans as she
pushes back against Shawn's cock, feeling his cock thrusting into her pussy
at a firmer pace. Debra's gorgeous ass smacks against his waist while his
thrusts become deeper and quicker.

"Ohhh.... fuck yeah...." Shawn grunts as he drives his cock firmly, deeply
and swiftly in and out of Debra's tight pussy. Shawn's large balls swing back
and forth as they smack against Debra's skin as he fucks her.

"Mmmm shit..." Shawn grits his teeth as Debra pushes back against him before
she rocks forward, which causes his eleven inch cock to fall out of her
pussy. "I see you're a tough one to negotiate with..." Shawn says as he turns
Debra around to lift her onto his desk.

Debra raises an eyebrow and smirks before she spreads her smooth, beautifully
tanned legs apart as she sits on the desk. Shawn Michaels steps between
Debra's legs and pushes his cock back into her pussy. "Ohhhh Shawn..." Debra
moans as she leans back slightly, feeling his cock thrusting once again into
her pussy.

Shawn licks his lips as he holds onto Debra's legs as he thrusts his cock in
and out of Debra's tight pussy, "Ahhh ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck...." Shawn moans
as he fucks the gorgeous blond haired WWF Diva on his desk.

Debra places her hands behind her on the desk and tilts her head back as she
gently grinds her pussy against his shaft "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Debra moans
as she wraps her smooth legs around his waist as he fucks her pussy.

"Ahhh mmmmmm uhhhh yeah..." Shawn moans ash e slides his hands to Debra's
hips as he slams his eleven inch cock all the way into Debra's tight wet

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah Commissioner fuck my pussy!" Debra moans and breaths
heavily as she tightens her pussy around his thrusting cock, making it harder
for him to enter her pussy deeper.

"Ahhh mmmmm shit.... fuck!" Shawn Michaels grunts as he manages to ram his
cock all the way into Debra one last time as he starts to cum insider of her
pussy. Debra opens her eyes and looks at Shawn Michaels as she licks her
lips, feeling his warm cum unloading into her pussy.

"Mmmmm.... shit..." Shawn grits his teeth slightly as he looks at a calendar
that's on his desk as he keeps his cum spent dick inside of Debra's pussy.
"Hmmm.... January 25th.... Double J and Owen get their shot..." Shawn says.

Debra raises an eyebrow and smirks " you're for sure?" Debra asks
as she lightly pushes against his throbbing, cumming unloading cock.

"Yup... if they lose... they'll have to climb up the ladder to get another
shot..." Shawn says, "So they better make it count..."

Debra presses her lips firmly together "That's not good enough...I want a
guarantee win for them..."

"Well... bring those puppies out during the match... I can guarantee your
team will win...."

"You better not let me down Commissioner..."


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