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Put Your Hair Up And Tape Up Part 1
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

Sometimes it was hard being the "Goddess of WWE". Having to be the face of an entire women's division while wrestling daily week after week and making several media appearances all over the country was exhausting at times. Plus, to have every woman on the brand wanting to be you and every guy wanting to be with you was almost as physically draining as her workout regime. It was just such a burden to be the magnificent Alexa Bliss sometimes.

With her busy schedule, Alexa had very little time for herself and her personal needs. She was getting enough sleep and eating three times a day, but her bedroom life had all but disappeared since becoming Women's champion again. Yes, admittidly, Alexa was nearing month eleven without a proper sexual release and it was starting to get to her. She often found herself unable to sit still in creative meetings if an oiled up, muscular man was in the same room.

Recently, it was Seth Rollins that caught her attention. The Kingslayer was in the hall, chatting with some random nobody, but he wasn't wearing a shirt. Alexa's eyes lazily scanned every muscle on his sun kissed midsection from his chest to his waistline. Thinking about what was kept inside those baggy gym shorts made Alexa lick her lips and cause a burning between her thighs. Maybe if she played her cards right he'd beg her to have a taste. Afterall, who wouldn't want to spend a night with the Goddess? It'd just be a quick few moments. She'd taste his manhood, listen to him beg for more, then give him the privilege of penetrating her and giving her that sweet release she'd do anything to have. Alexa shook her head. As much as she wanted to, sleeping with someone so inferior would tarnish her image. No matter, she'd simply find someone more suitable.

Perched in front of her locker, Alexa did a scan of the locker room. All these women, these peasants, wished they could be a goddess like her. They'd never be able to, but Alexa admired dreamers and their impossible aspirations. Alexa found her old rival, Sasha Banks, near her own locker. Alexa's blood heated up. The only other woman who ever came close to challenging her authority had the audacity to change in the same locker room as her. Alexa requested a private changing room, but not every arena could offer one. Still, Alexa didn't remember giving that ratchet bitch permission to use her locker room.

Alexa uncrossed her legs with the intention of storming over to Banks and giving her a piece of her mind, but she froze in her spot when she realized the fire between her legs had grown hotter. "No," Alexa thought in horror. "I was not just getting turned on by Sasha. Of all people..."

Sasha looked up from her travel bag and locked eyes with the goddess. "Is there a problem?" Sasha asked, popping out a hip and placing a hand upon it.

Alexa hadn't heard her talk. Sasha's black lace bra had taken her attention far away from her, or the arena, or planet Earth for that matter. Alexa kept picturing what those perfectly symmetrical breasts looked like in all their glory, but for whatever reason Sasha wasn't taking off the piece of clothing and completing her wonders.

"Hey, Alexa, I'm talking to you!" Sasha snapped, taking Alexa from her thoughts and putting her right back in the locker room.

"Are we gonna have a problem?" Sonya Deville, Alexa's recently hired bodyguard, jumped up in defense from her seat beside Alexa.

Banks gave Sonya a dirty look before turning back to her locker.

"That bitch giving you trouble, boss?" Sonya asked the still preoccupied blonde to her right.

Alexa was shaking. It wasn't cold, she wasn't feeling under the weather. Her eleven month sexual drought was starting to take its toll physically, mentally, and now verbally as she struggled to get the proper words to form to respond to her hired muscle.

"Boss?" Sonya asked again.

"Get... Get everyone out of here." Alexa sputtered. "Now, Sonya."

Sonya immediately took action. "Alright, everyone out!" She announced to the rest of the locker room. "Ms Bliss needs the room! Everyone get out now!"

"Are you serious?" Sasha complained. "Half of us aren't even ready yet."

Sonya sneered across the room at the woman challenging her. "Yeah? Well ya should've thought of that before you wasted the champs time. Move it, Banks!"

Reluctantly, every woman besides Sonya and Alexa filed their way out of the locker room. When she ushered the last Superstar out of the room, Sonya locked the door.

"What's up, boss? Everything ok?" Sonya sat beside her employer, taking note of her shaking frame and collection of perspiration on her forehead.

Alexa shook her head. "No, actually, everything is not ok." She turned her head and made eye contact with her mercenary. "Listen, Sonya, I need you to do me a favor... It's going to sound strange, but I NEED you to do this..."

Sonya nodded her head. "Anything, boss, you name it and I'll do it."

Alexa took a deep breath, somewhat easing the growing libido in her body. "I need you... to go out and find someone to fuck me..."

Sonya displayed her shock with raised eyebrows and widened eyes. "I... I... You want me to do what?"

Alexa felt annoyed that she need to tell her lackey to do something twice. "Go find someone to fuck me. I don't care who, just someone who can come to my hotel room after RAW tonight and fuck me. I've gone eleven months without an orgasm, I can't go any longer. Do I need to write it down for you?"

Sonya shook her head. "No, I understand, boss. Anyone in particular?"

Alexa rolled her eyes. "I don't care who. Just someone who can make me come harder than ever before."

Sonya stood up. "Right away, boss." She quickly rushed to the door and disappeared into the hallway.

The thought of having to finally have sex soon gave some relief to Alexa, but just in case, and since she had the locker room to herself now, she dropped her trunks, licked the tips of her fingers, and slowly outlined her clit to try and take some of the edge off.

After RAW was thankfully over, Alexa rushed to her hotel room to wait for the man Sonya had found for her. Alexa curled her hair and touched up on her makeup since that just because this was a one time hook up didn't mean she didn't have to remind whoever it was how lucky he was to get to please her. Alexa debated on keeping her clothes on or just waiting in her underwear for whatshisname, but the sound of her door opening made the decision for her.

Perched on her elbows in her bright pink satin bra and matching panties, Alexa eagerly awaited the man to sexually please her this evening. If tonight went well, perhaps she'd have Sonya send a new man to her room every time she felt the need to release some pent up energy.

Much to her frustration, Sonya herself entered the main room instead of a man like Alexa requested.

"Jesus Christ, Sonya," Alexa cursed, covering herself up with a bathrobe. "Can't you do anything right? I ask you to find someone to fuck me and you can't even do that? What the hell do I pay you for?"

"I did find you someone, boss." Sonya calmly replied.

Alexa, still kneeling on the bed, stared back at Sonya. "Oh, really? Then how come no one's here but us?"

"It's me." Sonya said.

Alexa cocked her eyebrow. "Excuse me? What's you?"

"You said to find someone who could make you come harder than you ever had before. I'm that someone." Sonya explained in further depth.

"Uh, news flash, Sonya, you're my bodyguard... And a girl. Last time I checked, I'm straight. So, sorry to rain on your pride parade, but it's not happening."

Sonya, as if she didn't hear Alexa, ventured deeper into the room and around the side of the bed where her boss was now seated.

"Well, Alexa," Sonya sat beside her boss. "I did what you asked me to do. I know you've never had a release like the one I can give you... Haven't you heard the old expression, 'only a woman knows how to please a woman'?" She placed her hand softly on Alexa's thigh. "Let me show you, boss."

Alexa didn't understand why she wasn't cussing her bodyguard out for addressing her by her first name or touching her without permission. She also didn't understand why it felt so good to have Sonya's hand resting on that spot on her leg. She wasn't even doing anything, it was just sitting idly by while Sonya gazed at her.

"Even if I did like girls," Alexa's breath hitched in her throat when Sonya's hand slid further up her leg. "It would be unprofessional of me to fuck my bodyguard... You work for me..."

"Yes, boss," Sonya hissed into Alexa's ear, inching her hand closer to Alexa's center. "I live to please your every wish. You need me to beat someone up, I'm there. You need me to keep paparazzi off of you while you're walking down the street, I'm there." Sonya smirked to herself as her hand came to rest on the front of Alexa's underwear and she let out a high pitched gasp. "You need to come, I'm there."

Alexa gasped a second time when Sonya's fingers slipped inside her panties and began teasing her clit. Instantly, she felt both relief and lust wash over her at every little movement Sonya's magical fingers made. Sonya leaned her head into the nape of Alexa's neck and slowly began pecking various soft spots she knew would drive Alexa crazy.

Alexa turned her head to meet the gaze of her hired gun. "Is that all you're gonna do? Finger me and expect that to be enough?"

Sonya smirked. Alexa always talked a big game, which usually resulted in her having to come to the rescue and pound the holy hell out of whatever chick thought she could step to the goddess. But the pay was great and Alexa always changed in front of her in the locker room.

Sonya closed the already minuscule gap between her and her boss with a tongue laden kiss. Alexa opened her mouth desperately, allowing her tongue to wrestle with Sonya's for dominance. The magic she was doing with her hands was better than anything she'd ever felt, but Alexa wasn't going to settle for an act she could do herself. She needed Sonya's tongue to explore her privates and send her over the edge.

Sonya, seemingly reading Alexa's mind, removed her hand from her boss' underwear and sucked on her thinly coated fingers.

"So sweet." Sonya mumbled under her breath, sending a chill over Alexa's entire body.

Much to Alexa's annoyance, Sonya got off the bed and back towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alexa demanded.

Sonya chuckled. "Don't you worry, boss, I'm not nearly close to finished with you."

Alexa felt a sense of relief when Sonya returned to the bed. But that sense was replaced with shock when she noticed the roll of duct tape in her hand.

"Um, what the fuck is that?" Alexa pointed at the grey roll in Sonya's hand.

Sonya smirked. "What? You wanted to come harder than you ever had before. I know the perfect way to do that."

"By duct tapping, what, my mouth shut?" Alexa asked.

Sonya nodded her head. "And your wrists together so you can't resist too much. Can't have you thrashing around while I make you come."

Alexa was understandably hesitant about the idea of being bound and gagged with duct tape. The very thought terrified her beyond comprehension to the point that she thought masturbating was a better alternative. No, Alexa understood, that was just not going to do the job this time. She NEEDED Sonya.

"Fuck, ok," Alexa forfeited. "What do I do if I need you to stop? How do you know if I want to stop?"

Sonya smirked. "Rapidly blink your eyes, boss. But you won't need to be doing that once I get started."

Alexa gradually stood up in front of Sonya. The taller woman stuck one end of the sticky adhesive tape to the corner of Alexa's mouth and wrapped around her head three times, careful not to get her hair caught as best as she could.

"Can you breathe ok?" Sonya asked.

Alexa took a few deep breaths through her nose then nodded her head.

"Can you talk?" Sonya asked, even though she knew the answer already.

Alexa narrowed her eyes. "Fnmmph ynmmph."

"Good," Sonya spun Alexa around. "Hands." Sonya wound the tape around Alexa's wrists a few times to make sure she couldn't move them. "Try to move your hands."

Alexa could rotate her hands but couldn't do much else due to the restrictive nature of the tape.

"Good," Sonya turned her boss back around to face her. "You do look beautiful, by the way," She brushed a few stray strands of hair out of Alexa's eyes. "I like your makeup, and your hair looks nice curled."

"Tnmmph ynmmph." Alexa grunted against the tape, lifting her cheeks to show she was trying to smile at the compliment.

Sonya set her hands on either of Alexa's hips. Alexa felt the rush return to her stomach, maybe from the fact she was bound and gagged or maybe from Sonya's assertive yet still caring control. Sonya lifted Alexa off her feet from under her ass and laid her against the bed. Alexa couldn't find a comfortable way to lie on her hands, but she was ok with that as long as Sonya lived up to her promise.

Sonya began again with soft kisses to Alexa's neck and cheeks. Her hands wandered swiftly yet gently all over the smaller woman's body, giving her goosebumps and a wave of heat to her groin. Lucky for Sonya, Alexa's bra snapped in the front instead of the back, giving her easier access to Alexa's breasts. Sonya kissed the spot of skin just above Alexa's bra, then managed to unsnap it with her teeth. The cool air in the room made Alexa's nipples harden and only added to her already aching body. Sonya teased her with several deliberately slow kisses around her chest until finally taking time to nibble and suck on each erect nipple all while listening to the muffled moans of her boss.

Alexa couldn't handle all the teasing. She just wanted Sonya to hurry up and finish her off. But that's why she wanted to gag her in the first place, Alexa figured, so she could tease her as much as she wanted for however long she wanted without any complaint. Alexa tried begging for her release, but she knew it was no use against the sticky tape.

Sonya could tell Alexa wanted her to finish her off just by the way she groaned into the tape. She stopped the slow attack on her breasts and locked her eyes with Alexa's. "What's that? You want me to down on you? Are you sure?"

"Fnmmph ynmmph, mnmmh fnmmph!" Alexa moaned, narrowing her eyes to show she wasn't happy being teased.

Sonya sat back and smirked. "Yeah? I'm a mother fucker huh?" She curled her fingers around the waistband of the soaked pink panties and tugged them off. "I'm about to be a goddess fucker if you keep quiet. Are you gonna keep quiet? If you don't, I'll have to stop."

Alexa fought herself not to say anything. Despite wanting to, she didn't want to risk Sonya stopping anytime soon. Alexa simply nodded her head and eased back.

"Good girl," Sonya stuck two fingers in her mouth, then slowly pushed those fingers inside the dripping wet pussy in front of her. "God, boss, you're so wet for me. I'm flattered."

Alexa wanted to roll her eyes, but Sonya's continued finger work was keeping any other thought from her mind. All she could think about was Sonya, her fingers, and needing to feel her tongue. Alexa stared into Sonya's eyes, trying to somehow tell her what she really needed.

Sonya tilted her head to one side. "What is it, boss? Do you want me to stop?" She nearly burst into a laughing fit when Alexa rapidly shook her head. "Oh, you want me to lick you?" She bit her lip to keep from laughing when Alexa nodded her head just as fast. "Hmm, I don't know..."

"Pnmmph! Pnmmph, fnmmph mnmmph!" Alexa begged against the tape.

Sonya slipped her fingers out of Alexa and bowed her face between her legs. Alexa's back arched off the bed, feeling herself strain against her wrist restraints for the first time. Sonya did not tease Alexa with her tongue. She quickly lapped at the moist lips and flicked at the pink clit in front of her. Alexa's legs involuntarily wrapped around Sonya's head, bringing her further into her body. Sonya listened to the rapid breathing and muffled cries of her goddess, waiting for the right moment to finally let her finish. Sonya slid two fingers deep inside Alexa once again. Instantly, she felt her vagina convulse against her fingers, signaling to Sonya she was about to come. Sonya lifted Alexa's legs higher into the air, giving her better a better angle to give Alexa everything she had.

Alexa cried out into the tape, feeling herself begin to shake as her hips bucked forward and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Slowly, Sonya let Alexa's legs settle back down on the bed. She took a moment to wipe the juices off of her mouth before helping Alexa sit up and unwinding the tape from around her face.

"How was that?" Sonya asked.

Alexa, sweating profusely and breathing heavily, smiled weakly. "I... That was amazing..."

Sonya smirked. "Yeah? Glad I could be a help, boss."

Alexa finally caught her breath. "Kiss me," She instructed. Sonya happily leaned forward and connected her lips with Alexa's feeling all kinds of bodily fluids mingle in their mouths. Sonya assisted in the removal of the wrist restraints. Alexa took a moment to move her hands to get a bit of the circulation back in them.

"Could you do that from now on?" Alexa asked. "Whenever I need a release, could you do that for me?"

"With or without the tape?" Sonya questioned.

"With. Definitely with." Alexa assured.

Sonya grinned wickedly, giving her employer another tongue heavy kiss. "It would be my pleasure, boss."

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