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Putting Down The Revolution
by Obsessed with Mariah

Nikki and Brie are storming backstage after another loss for the duo on Raw. This time, Nikki was pinned again by Paige, who partnered with Charlotte. The twins were tired of this young upstart getting to win over the experienced divas. They vowed to do something to put Paige in her place.

"Hey Brie," Nikki said as they entered their locker rooms, "I've heard some rumors about Paige actually. Really crazy stuff."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Brie inquired. She sat down on the bench instead of getting in the shower, wanting to hear what Nikki was saying.

"I have heard, from a lot of sources, that Paige is secretly a lesbian!" Nikki excitedly whispered as she sat down.

"No way, that's nasty! Paige is such a slut! Oh, you know what it is then? She must be giving that skank Steph sexual favors!"

"Yeah, no wonder she wins all the time. You know what, I'm done with that. I have an idea to put this to rest. How about we go give Paige the night of her life?" Nikki said sadistically.

"Well that doesn't make any sense sis." Brie replied dismissively.

"No, listen, stupid! In my gym bag, you've seen my massive dildo right?"

"Seen? Heck, I've borrowed it a few times."

"Brie! I almost never get to wash that thing off! Plus, you have your own! So you've been... Ugh, nasty, never mind. Anyway, if Paige wants to have these secret sexual fantasies with Steph, I think we should go fuck her tits off til she never wants to see a woman naked again! Then she can't give any more favors! Look, don't get in the shower, we can force her to eat our sweaty, stinky pussies and lick our raunchy assholes, then shove our dildos so deep into her that she can't fuck Stephanie without thinking of our dirty holes and oversized strap ons!" Nikki explained.

"That's actually a good idea... I'll get my dildo, wait for me here." Brie went to her locker and grabbed her favorite 8" inch vibrating dildo, which wasn't quite as intimidating as Nikki's studded ten inch monster, but it would do. She gave Nikki another idea. Both twins shoved their toys up their own asses, teasing themselves but also because they planned on making Paige lick their ass fluids clean off of them. When they pulled them out, they were visibly caked in nasty nearly-clear liquid. They put them in Nikki's vinyl bag and marched off to Paige's dressing room.

When they got their they knocked on the door and announced they had a question about their next match. Paige, who was just about to put her street clothes on, knew something was a little unusual. The Bellas hadn't come to the shower room, and now they were asking about a match during changing time. That kind of thing pretty much never happened, so something was certainly up. However, Paige did not mind at all the thought of opening the door naked and allowing the twins to admire her sexy, petite body. She still wasn't sure why she felt like this, but she did know she was tired of being broken up with by men. She decided to open the door in just the bra she'd put on because the door opens inward, avoiding the risk of unwanted peepers.

"Hey girls! I was just getting dressed, I hope you don't mind. You said you had a question about next week's match? Why now?" Paige asked.

Nikki let her face tint rose and a cheeky grin grow across her face. "Because we knew you'd be naked right now. We think best when we're naked."

Brie added, "Yeah, so is it alright if we come in and get naked with you?"

Paige couldn't believe her ears. Here were two of the hottest women in WWE, and they wanted to fuck her. Paige could see right through their games, but she didn't mind playing along. Little did she know she was about to be the real loser in that game. She ushered the twins in and unclipped her bra. "So is this better?"

"Ohhh yess," Nikki replied, laying it on thick, "now if you'll excuse sis and I, we're gonna strip real quick." She put her gym bag on the makeup desk and reached for her top's laces. She pretended to fumble while Brie pulled her tights and thong down to her ankles, then bent down to untie her boots. Paige stared in astonishment at Brie's voluptuous bubbly ass, especially the tight pussy between her legs. She looked closely, almost forgetting about Nikki, as she saw it glisten and form a light layer of moist coating around its lips. Nikki snapped her out of it by saying "Paige, can you get this for me, I think I tied it to tight. I was tired of my giant tits always falling out of this thing, you know?"

Paige jumped at the chance with an "Of course, Nikki, no problem!" She took one string in her left hand and the other in her right, and easily untied to simple lace, causing Nikki's massive enhanced tits to burst out of it and engulf Paige's face. Nikki figured Paige was hers hook, line, and sinker by now, and she really was. Paige was putty in the Bellas' hands, and Brie, now undressed, came over behind Paige and seductively spread her ass cheeks while Nikki distracted her by jiggling and squeezing her tits against Paige's face. Nikki reached down with one hand and handed the bag to Brie, who pulled out the eight inch fake cock and teased Paige's asshole with it. Paige moaned a positive from between Nikki's tits and Brie shoved the dildo in real fast. The ass juices from Brie mixed with Paige as it squeezed and squirmed its way inside Paige's pink shitter, and Paige almost screamed in surprise. She pulled her head away to speak, but Nikki only shoved her face back in her tits.

"Brie, sit her down on the dildo on the floor and come help me get my trunks off." Brie nodded, pulled Paige's legs out to Paige's amusement, and pried Nikki's fat ass out of the restrictive tight panties. Paige was shocked but loving the dominant duo. She tried to ride the dildo a little, but it was so thick in her tight, constricted shit tube that she couldn't go up without taking the whole thing with her. It started to sting a little, but she still considered that part of the fun. When Nikki was fully nude, she pulled Paige's face out of her chest, and Paige took a huge breath after being nearly suffocated by titties. Before she could say anything, her face was again shoved down into Nikki's sweaty, stinky taint. Paige was only now starting to wonder if she really liked this as the foul stench of the pussy assaulted her nostrils. She couldn't handle the smell, so she opened her mouth to breath, and Nikki shoved her mouth onto her salty cunt. Paige then found she didn't really like the taste of the dirty fuck-hole, and wanted to ask why Nikki smelled so much, but she couldn't pull her head away under the champion's muscular grasp.

Brie then pulled Paige's hips out from under her so Paige fell on her tummy and Brie could get the vibrator. She flicked it on and began thrusting it in and out, stretching Paige's backdoor wide open. She pulled it out, and the pale diva's ass hole stayed gaping wide, and Brie couldn't help but plunge her tongue into it and suck the fluids up into her mouth. She then had an idea and tapped Nikki's shoulder and tried to signal to let her make out with Paige and spit her own ass juices right into her mouth by pointing to Paige and then her mouth and Paige's ass. Nikki didn't quite get it, but she shoved Paige's head over to Brie. Paige breathed deep again, and as she did so Brie punctured her open mouth with her tongue and pushed the disgusting fluids into Paige's mouth. "Nikki got wet telling Paige what was happening, and Paige shrieked a little but there wasn't much she could do. Either way, she still wasn't sure if she as getting some sick pleasure from it or not...

Once Brie washed all the fluids into Paige's mouth, she got the dildo and stuck it deep down Paige's throat. "Suck on it, bitch! How's my ass taste, you slut?" She plunged it in and out until Paige could barely breathe, then she got the ten inch strap-on and put it around Nikki's waste. Nikki shoved Paige's mouth onto the pink cock, having full control of how fast and how deep Paige took it. Paige knew it tasted nasty, but she still kind of liked it. Nikki was starting to catch on to this and knew she had to do something crazy to make Paige hate sex with women if their plan would work. She took out the dildo from Paige's mouth and turned her over onto her back. She picked her ass up off the ground and stuck it in the air, then penetrated her scarred asshole with the massive gel dick. Brie then sat on Paige's face with her dirty, unclean asshole in Paige's face while shoving the vibrator into Paige's pussy. Nikki could see the stress and strain in Paige's eyes just behind Brie's ass crack as he was double penetrated by toys way too big for her. Small tears formed around Paige's eye both from the sting of the dicks and the stench of Brie's ass and snatch. Whether she wanted to or not, however, her pussy and ass were being fucked hard, and she was starting to show signs of cumming soon. She started shaking, and Brie started riding her face back and forth, wiping and rubbing her clit and hole up and down Paige's pretty little face, soaking it in sweat and pre-cum. Brie herself was near cumming, and Nikki started to finger herself hard ferociously as she fucked Paige's ass harder and harder.

All three divas were shaking and convulsing, then screaming, moaning and screeching as they neared their climaxes. Paige went first, releasing all over both Brie and Nikki, soaking Brie's face and caking Nikki's huge tits. Brie couldn't hold it after feeling Paige's warm juices all over her face, and she let it pour out of her nasty box into Paige's mouth, who gurgled up the dirty mixture. Nikki watched as her sister and her victim came, driving her closer, but she wanted to fuck Paige way harder. She took Brie's vibrator and continued rubbing Paige's sensitive clit, visibly driving Paige insane with pleasure and displeasure at the same time. She kept at it until she couldn't hold back a second longer, and ripped out and off the strap on to let her sticky cum pour into Paige's asshole as it gaped wide open from the fucking it received. Most of the yellowish liquid hit the mark, but Nikki was trembling so hard a lot went spilled all over Paige, who was sticky from head to toe. She shoved Paige's ass toward the gothic diva's own face, and the cum and juice dripped out onto Paige's face, completing the humiliation. Paige was so sore she couldn't even move. Nikki and Brie both got towels and wiped themselves clean, packed their bag, and dressed up to go to the showers after a job well done. The only problem was, Paige had not quite been fucked out of lesbianism, and on top of that, Nikki was starting to think she may have liked it...

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