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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

**Warning: This story contains incest sexual content**

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Putting The Nasty In Dynasty
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 3, 2010, following her win by
disqualification over Co-Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Natalya Neidhart is
returning to the backstage area of Dallas, Texas's American Airlines Center
where she is greeted by the other members of the Hart Dynasty, David Hart
Smith and Tyson Kidd, both of whom are wearing their black and pink wrestling
trunks. "Man tough luck out there Nattie..." Tyson says.

"You totally had McCool beaten... if it wasn't for Layla, you would've gotten
the belt," David adds while nodding his head.

Natalya, dressed in a tight fitting pink and silver top that shows off of her
tanned, toned stomach and a pair of matching, tight fitting silver and pink
wrestling tights that fit perfectly against her nicely juicy ass, shoots her
cousin David Hart Smith and her boyfriend Tyson Kidd glare as she stands with
them in the hallway. "Can it boys! I'm in no mood right now..." Natalya
begins to say.

"Whoa relax Nattie... you still won, and I bet you'll get another shot at the
Divas Championship," David say.

"You know I can help ya relax," Tyson says with a teasing grin.

Natalya places her hands onto her curved, toned hips and takes a deep breath.
"You boys just don't get it.." Natalya says and shakes her head. "I came so
close to living out my childhood dream of being a champion..."

"We totally understand, we had the Tag Team Championship and we lost it a few
weeks ago to those losers in the Nexus, we know how frustrated you are..."
David Hart Smith says.

"Yeah Nattie, why don't we get out of here and celebrate that you did beat
McCool and that it's just a matter of time before you get the belt," Tyson

Natalya presses her pouty lips together and looks at Tyson Kidd. "I'm in no
mood to celebrate Ty....I just need to get all this frustration out of me"

"Oh well you know I'm really good at releasing frustration..." Tyson smirks.

"Well... that must be my cue to get lost..." David Hart Smith laughs and just
as Natalya looks at him she spots Edge, wearing his wrestling tights, coming
out of the catering area.

Natalya turns her head to completely look at Edge as he begins to walk down
the hallway in their direction. Natalya smirks slightly, remembering her
encounter weeks earlier with the Rated R Superstar and Chris Jericho, before
turning her attention to Tyson Kidd. " offense, but I'm gonna
need more than just you to get rid of this frustration....I have a lot of it
pent up, baby..."

"So what... you want a three way?" Tyson asks with a confused look his face
before he turns to see that Natalya is looking at Edge.

"She must be really pissed if she needs more than you," David says as he
teases his tag team partner.

Natalya nods her head slightly before she looks back in the direction of Edge
as he comes closer to the trio known as the Hart Dynasty. "Hey....Edge baby!"
Natalya calls out with a smirk. "You got a minute to spare?"

Edge looks in Natalya's direction and licks his teeth when he sees her with
the Hart Dynasty, "Sure... what's up..." Edge asks as he changes direction to
walk towards Natalya, Tyson and David.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit as she looks at the Rated R
Superstar. "You remember that talk we had a few weeks ago..." Natalya asks as
she places her hands onto her nicely toned, curved and perfectly juicy hips.

Edge glances at Tyson then at David before he looks at Natalya, "Yeah I do.."
Edge smirks.

"Good..." Natalya says before she nods her head "So what do you say, babe...
still interested?"

Edge smirks, "Of course I'm still interested.... but are still willing to do
it?" Edge asks.

"What's he talking about?" Tyson asks.

"When you find out let me know..." David says with a laugh before he turns to
start walking away but Natalya grabs his hand.

"Davey....Davey boy..." Natalya says as she turns his back to face her, while
holding his hand. "David....where are you going?" Natalya asks.

"Back to the locker room..." David answers as Natalya still holds his hand.

"Hey what the hell... you want him too?" Tyson asks as he makes a face while
Edge smirks slyly with approval.

Natalya looks up at her much taller cousin and smiles. "I think with all this
frustration I have on Lay-Cool...I'm gonna need more than just Edge and

"Um really?" David Hart Smith asks with an unsure look on his face. "What the
fuck Nattie..." Tyson says as he folds his arms.

Edge looks at the smaller Superstar and grins, "Hey don't take it
personally... I've seen this before... she has so much sexual frustration
that she'll fuck practically anything or anyone..."

Tyson looks at Edge, "Yeah that explains her wanting you..."

Edge laughs, "Let me finish.... way back in like 2000, Christian and I called
girls like that "sexoids" because of how this one girl we tag teamed banged
her own brother when he walked in..."

Tyson makes a face, "You're kidding me..."

Edge raises his hands, "Trust me... it was fucking hot... nothing hotter or
nastier than a girl who wants to shatter some taboo..."

Natalya licks her lips. " something wrong?" Natalya asks as she
turns her head slightly as she pulls his hand forward, placing his strong
hand onto her toned, flat and tanned stomach.

"Ummm well I don't know Nattie..." David says as he seem really unsure as he
watches Natalya move his hand over her flat, toned stomach.

"Come on David, it'll be so much fun...and you'd really be helping out your
favorite cousin..." Natalya says with a smirk as she lifts his hand off of
her stomach and raises her hand up guiding his hand to her mouth as she takes
his left index finger into her mouth, teasingly sucking on his finger.

"Man this raises so many questions..." Tyson Kidd says to himself.

David Hart Smith bites his tongue as he watches Natalya teasingly and
seductively sucks on his left index finger, "Alright Nattie..." David says.

Natalya presses her lips tightly around David Hart Smith's index finger and
slightly turns her head to grind her lips, teasingly sucking on his finger,
before she slowly removes his finger from his mouth. "Oh thank you David! You
have no idea how much this means to me!"

Edge licks his teeth, "May I suggest before you show him how much it means to
you we go to say... my locker room?" Edge asks.

Natalya turns her head and smirks back at Edge. "Oh that sounds perfect,
babe!" Natalya says as she steps away from Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith.
Natalya then turns her head back to look at the two of them. "Ty,
boys coming?"

"Yeah alright..." Tyson nods his head as he starts to follow Natalya.

"Sure Nattie..." David replies as he begins to follow Natalya as well.

* * *

A short time later inside of Edge's locker room, Edge has already removed his
tights and is stroking his cock and Tyson Kidd is in the process of lowering
his wrestling trunks to reveal his shaft while David Hart Smith seems
undecided about pushing down his trunks as Natalya is taking off her top to
free her large juicy tits.

Natalya tosses her blonde and pink highlighted hair back as she sits down on
her knees on the locker room floor, with her large, juicy and tanned tits
exposed. "Alright....boys...which of you is first!?" Natalya asks with a
laugh and excitement.

"Me..." Tyson says as he steps in front of Natalya

"Alright Ty, babe....get your sexy ass over here, baby!" Natalya says and
licks her lips as he stands directly in front of her. Natalya places her
right hand around her boyfriend's cock and begins to move her hand along his
length, stroking his shaft and feeling him harden almost instantly.

"Mmmm fuck..." Tyson moans as Natalya pumps her right hand up and down on his

"You got two hands..." Edge says as he steps to the left of Natalya so that
she can reach up with her left hand to grab his cock.

Natalya smirks up at Edge and laughs "Hey...don't boss me around, jerk..."
Natalya replies as she starts to smoothly guide her left hand up and down
Edge's shaft before she turns her head to Tyson's cock and opens her mouth
taking her boyfriend's cock inside.

"Ohhh shit..." Tyson moans as Natalya begins to bob her head up and down on
his cock. David licks his lips slightly as he watches his cousin suck Tyson's
cock while she jerks off the Rated R Superstar.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Natalya deeply and seductively moans as she bobs
her head on Tyson Kidd's cock, with her pouty and luscious lips brushing back
and forth, working over his with precise skill. Natalya turns her left hand
on Edge's cock as she quickly works her hand on his Rated R shaft.

"Ahhh yeah..." Edge groans as Natalya moves her left hand back and forth on
his cock while she bobs her head at a steady pace on Tyson's cock. David rubs
his crotch through the material of his wrestling trunks as he continues to

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she rapidly bobs her head back and
forth on Tyson Kidd's cock as she impressively takes him deep into her mouth,
with her lips loosely pressed around his shaft.

"Mmmmm damn babe..." Tyson moans as Natalya moans lustfully on his cock while
wasting little time in trying to swallow it all.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Natalya moans and lifts her stunning and beautiful
eyes to glance up at her boyfriend, while she increasingly moves her head
both with speed and length.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmmm..." Tyson groans as Natalya bobs her head on cock at
almost a frantic pace. Edge licks his teeth as Natalya strokes his cock with
her left hand and he glances over at David who is intently watches Natalya
eagerly suck Tyson's cock. Natalya lifts her head off of Tyson Kidd's cock
and takes a breath after nearly swallowing his entire cock and choking
herself, before she leans her head back down and slides her tongue against
the head of Tyson's shaft, as she lowers her left hand down to Edge's large
and swollen ballsack.

"Mmmm hey Nattie... I think your cous would love some attention from you..."
Edge says with a smirk as Natalya rubs his big balls with her left hand while
Tyson gives him a glare.

Natalya lifts her head completely away from Tyson Kidd's cock and turns her
head to look at David Hart Smith. " wanna come over here?"

"I don't know Nattie..." David says as he moves his hand away from his crotch
which is bulging noticeably.

"Sure you do... you want her to suck that cock of yours..." Edge smirks.

Natalya licks her lips slightly as she looks at her powerful and handsome
cousin. "Come on Davey...get over here...." Natalya says as she sits on her
knees, eagerly looking at her own cousin.

David Hart Smith moves towards Natalya while Edge moves around her to get
behind the third generation Diva. Edge gets on his knees and starts to pull
down Natalya's tights from her hips as David now stands in front of her. "Man
this is fucking weird..." Tyson says while shaking his head.

Natalya sits up higher on her knees and places her hands onto David's
wrestling trunks as she proceeds to peel them down from his muscular, tanned
waist. Edge licks his teeth as he pulls Natalya's tights off from her legs
while she slowly lowers David's wrestling trunks. After several long moments,
Natalya gets David's trunks down to where his massive long and thick cock is

"Whoa! David...babe....I wasn't expecting that!" Natalya says as she wraps
her right hand around his cock and begins to gradually stroke his shaft,
feeling his cock tense, while noticing David's entire body uncomfortably
tense up. "David...babe...relax."

"I... am relaxed..." David replies as Natalya slowly moves her right hand up
and down on his huge cock. Tyson folds his arms and shakes his head while
Edge lines his own cock up with Natalya's wet pussy and pushes into her.

"Mmmmmmmm....fuck..." Natalya groans and grits her teeth as she feels Edge's
cock slide into her wet pussy from behind, causing her to rock on her knees
as she leans in toward David Hart Smith's cock and opens her mouth. Natalya
smoothly takes her cousin's cock into her mouth and begins to smoothly bob
her head on his impressive cock.

"Oh my god..." David groans as Natalya bobs her head on his big fat cock.
Edge licks his teeth as he smoothly pumps his cock in and out of her Nattie's

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she closes her eyes and smoothly
bobs her head along David's cock as she slides her wet tongue against the
bottom side of his shaft, skillfully working her head on his cock. Natalya
starts to rock back on her knees, pushing her juicy and gorgeous body back
against Edge's cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Edge groans as he holds onto Natalya's hips as he thrusts
his cock deeper into Natalya's pussy. David keeps his eyes on Natalya as she
bobs her head up and down on his cock while Tyson moves to sit on the couch.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she bobs her head at a quickening pace
on David Hart Smith's cock as she slides her wet tongue against his shaft.
Natalya places her hands onto David's powerfully muscular waist as she forces
his cock deeper, while she continues to rock back and forth on her knees
against Edge's spearing thrusts. David Hart Smith places a hand on top of
Natalya's head as he begins to thrust his fat cock in and out of Natalya's

"That's it fuck her mouth..." Edge says with a smirk as he spears Natalya's
twat from behind. Tyson wraps a hand around his own cock and starts to stroke
it as he watches his girlfriend blow her own cousin.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she bobs her head steadily on
David's cock, wetting his shaft profusely with her saliva, continually taking
him deeper into her mouth as her tanned, toned and nicely juicy ass smacks
against Edge's muscular waist.

"Ahhhhh awww..." David groans as he pumps his cock deeper into Natalya's
mouth as she reaches behind him to grab his toned ass cheeks. Edge tosses his
blond hair back as he rapidly slams his cock into Natalya's pussy.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Natalya moans loudly around David Hart Smith's cock as she opens
her beautiful eyes and glances up at her cousin, while she impressively deep
throats his cock as he rams his shaft deeply into her mouth, while she rocks
on her knees, feeling every inch of Edge's cock.

"Ahhh... awww..." Edge grunts as he hammers Natalya's snatch with his rock
hard cock while Natalya willingly lets David fuck her mouth with his massive

"Shit... kinda hot..." Tyson says as he strokes his cock as he watches
everything. Natalya lightly presses her fingernails into the toned, tanned
ass cheeks of David Hart Smith as she leans her head further in, while he
deeply pumps his shaft into her mouth, with the head of his cock pressing
against the back of her mouth.

"Ahhh shit Nattie..." David groans as he rams as much of his cock into her
mouth as possible. Edge licks his lips before he pulls out of Natalya's
snatch and he moves away. Tyson Kidd pauses before he moves off the couch and
he gets behind his girlfriend. Tyson looks down at Natalya's ass as he
proceeds to shove his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Natalya moans and presses her lips tightly around David Hart
Smith's cock as he deeply inside of her mouth, as she feels Tyson Kidd start
to smoothly thrust his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm..." Tyson moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Natalya's hot
wet snatch. David keeps his eyes locked on Natalya as she holds her head as
far down on his cock as she can go. Natalya starts to slowly lifts her head
off of David's cock as she removes her hands from his toned, tanned ass,
while she firmly rocks back on her knees to push back on Tyson's cock.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm..." Tyson Kidd groans as he swiftly thrusts his cock into
Natalya's tight wet pussy.

After going over to his travel bag, Edge approaches David and hands him a
small packet for a condom. "We wouldn't want any accidents when you pound her
sweet snatch..." Edge says as David raises an eyebrow.

"No shit..." David replies while nodding his head.

Natalya turns her head and seductively looks back at her boyfriend as she
rocks back firmly on her knees, pushing back against Tyson's cock with
perfect force. "Mmmmmm fuck yeah Ty! Just like that baby..."

"Mmmmm ahhhh shit... mmmmm..." Tyson smirks at Natalya as he drives his cock
swiftly into her pussy while she pushes back against him. David Hart Smith
moves towards the couch as he opens the condom pack to take out the condom
and put it on his massive cock.

"Ohhhhhh yeah baby! Ohhhhhhh yeah!" Natalya deeply and lustfully moans as she
feels Tyson Kidd's cock repeatedly thrusting in and out of her wet snatch.

"Ahhhhh fuck yeah you know who fucks ya the best..." Tyson groans as he slams
his cock all the way into Natalya's cunt.

Edge smirks, "Not a good thing to say when I'm around her and when she hasn't
fucked her big dick cousin yet..." Edge says which gets Tyson to glare at

"Mmmmmmm! Don't listen to him Ty, babe... you're my number one..." Natalya
moans as she smoothly rocks back and pushes back against him. Tyson glares at
Edge as he continues to ram his cock into Natalya's pussy while she looks
again and sees David's massive, condom covered cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh baby..." Natalya moans and bites down on her bottom lip
as she increasingly rocks forward on her knees as Tyson hammers his cock into

"Mmmm ahhhh fuck..." Tyson grunts as he pounds Natalya's snatch before he
chooses to pull out.

Natalya licks her lips and moves on her knees away from Tyson Kidd as she
looks at David Hart Smith. "You ready big Davey?"

"Yeah..." David nods his head sounding more confident than he was earlier as
Natalya comes towards him.

"How do you want it, babe?" Natalya says with a smirk as she completely
approaches him.

"I want to you to ride me..." David answers as Natalya places her hands on
his knees.

"Really? Damn're really getting into this..." Natalya replies with
a deep, but seductive laugh as she lifts herself onto her strong, much taller
cousin and lowers herself down onto his large, thick, condom covered cock.

"Mmmmm fuck..." David groans as Natalya slowly takes his entire cock into her
tight wet cunt. David places his hands on Natalya's hips and surprises her
when he starts to thrust his cock up into her. Edge licks his teeth and grins
as he moves closer to Natalya.

"Ohhhhhhhh.....yeah David..." Natalya groans and licks her lips as she tilts
her head back and begins to rock back and forth on her cousin's cock as he
firmly thrusts up into her pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmm..." David grunts as he thrusts his cock more firmly up into
Natalya's tight twat. Edge licks his teeth as he stands behind Natalya and he
catches her off guard when he spears her ass with his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck!" Natalya moans and grits her teeth tightly as she places
her hands down onto David's muscular, tanned chest and begins to bounce
swiftly on his shaft, while Edge spears his cock.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmmm..." Edge grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Natalya's ass while she bounces swiftly on her cousin's massive dick.

"Ohhhhhh yeah baby! Now this is what Naughty Nattie loves!" Natalya moans and
seductively laughs as she moves between her cousin and the Rated R Superstar.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhhh..." David groans as he moves his hands up to Natalya's
large juicy and swaying tits as she rides his cock. Edge grabs Natalya's hips
and increases the pace of his thrusts as he fucks her ass, causing Natalya to
lean more towards David.

"Ohhhhhh....mmmm ohhhh yeah David...mmmmm..." Natalya moans as she grinds her
tight, wet pussy down on his condom covered cock as he firmly pumps up into

"Shit..." Tyson say as he strokes his cock as he watches his girlfriend get
double-teamed by her own cousin and the Rated R Superstar. Edge leans
forward, pressing his body against Natalya's as he spears her ass as David
Hart Smith pumps his condom covered dick up into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmm yeah...ohhhhh yeah baby!" Natalya moans and grits her
teeth as she rocks back and forth between Edge and David Hart Smith.

"Mmmm yeah... ahhh..." Edge groans as he pumps his cock in and out of
Natalya's ass before he choose to pull out. Edge moves aside and smirks at
Tyson who moves behind Natalya. Looking at Natalya's ass, Tyson chooses to
force his cock into her already stuff snatch along side David's.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm yeah..." Natalya moans and lowers her head as she feels
Tyson's cock slide into her wet, tight and cock filled pussy as she continues
to bounce on David's condom covered cock. Natalya lowers her head and slides
her hands to her cousin's strong shoulders as she slowly presses her lips
down onto David's lips.

"Ahhhhh mmmmm fuck..." Tyson moans as he's oblivious to the fact Natalya is
kissing her cousin as he and David thrust their cocks into her hot twat.
David squeezes Natalya's tits as he slides his tongue into his cousin's moist

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she slides her tongue against David Hart
Smith's tongue as she closes her eyes and continues to rock back and forth on
his cock, while Tyson thrusts into her pussy as well.

"Mmmmmm..." David moans into Natalya's mouth as they wrestle their tongues
with one another while he and Tyson pump their cocks deeply into Natalya's
snatch. Edge licks his teeth and smirks approvingly as he watches Natalya get
nasty with the Hart Dynasty.

Natalya lifts her head up, breaking the kiss with David Hart Smith as she
sharply rocks forward on his cock, with Tyson Kidd swiftly pounding her from
behind. "Ohhhhhhhh yeah baby!" Natalya moans.

"Ahhhhh awww shit...." Tyson groans as his cock starts to throb as he pumps
his cock along side David's within Natalya's snatch.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhh yeah!" Natalya moans and tilts her head back as she
lowers herself on David's cock, while Tyson's muscular, tanned waist smacks
steadily against her juicy ass as he continues to plow her stuffed snatch.

"Awwww mmmm fuck..." David Hart Smith grunts as Natalya grinds herself on his
cock as Tyson pulls out. Tyson Kidd strokes his shaft until he blows his load
all over Natalya's ass cheeks.

Natalya glances over her shoulder and smiles at Tyson Kidd as she continues
to rock on David's cock. "Mmmmm...Ty know I love that..."

"Ahhh shit... mmmm..." Tyson moans as he strokes his cock until he's finished
cumming on Natalya's ass.

"I want your ass..." David says to Natalya after Tyson moves to sit on the

Edge licks his teeth as he steps behind Natalya, "Turn around Nattie..." Edge

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks. "You want my ass, David? Damn're really taking control!"

"It's your fault..." David Hart Smith replies with a grin as he starts to
lift Natalya up off of his cock in order to turn her around.

"Oh shut up're loving it!" Natalya says with a laugh as she is
lowered down onto his cock, feeling her juicy, toned ass stretch as her
cousin's cock enters her.

"Mmmmm yeah..." David replies as he starts to thrust his condom covered cock
up into Natalya's asshole as she leans back against him. Edge lifts Natalya's
legs and spreads them so the he can spear her twat with his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhh yeah..." Natalya moans and closes her eyes as she leans
back and places her hands onto David's muscular, tanned chest as she rocks
back on his cock inside of her ass, while Edge begins to spear her snatch.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he increases the pace of his thrusts
as he spears Natalya's cunt repeatedly with his cock. David keeps his hands
on Natalya's hips as he pumps his cock upward into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeah!" Natalya moans and licks her lips as she rocks back
and forth between the Rated R Superstar and her own cousin, feeling both
cocks ramming into her pussy and ass.

"Awwww.... mmmmm...' David groans as Natalya rocks on his massive cock that's
buried within her ass. Edge smirks at Natalya grinds her snatch on his cock
as he continues to pump deeply into her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmmm yeah! Ohhhhhh yeah baby!" Natalya moans as she hooks her
gorgeously smooth, toned and tanned legs around Edge's waist as she rocks
between him and David Hart Smith.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Edge moans as his cock begins to throb as he
spears Natalya's snatch as she rocks between him and David who is still
pumping his cock up into her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Natalya moans loudly as sweat drips down her
gorgeously toned, tanned, curved body as she begins to suddenly cum on Edge's

"Ahhhh.... awwww shit.... mmmmm fuck!" Edge grunts as he starts to cum inside
of Natalya's soaking wet snatch while David's cock is starting to throb
inside of his cousin's ass. Natalya licks her lips as she feels Edge's warm
and sudden rush of cum inside of her pussy as she rocks forward on his cock,
while moving on David's large cock in her ass.

"Mmmmm fuck Nattie... ahhh..." David moans as Natalya grinds her ass on his
pulsating cock.

"Ahhhh... yeah... mmmm..." Edge moans as he slows down his thrusts as he
floods Natalya's twat with his spunk.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm damn Davey! Mmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she lowers herself
down on David Hart Smith's cock.

"Ahhhh awwww fuck... mmmm..." David Hart Smith groans as Natalya bounces her
ass on his condom covered cock while Edge pulls out of her cum filled snatch.

"Nattie... why don't you get really nasty and let him shoot his load in your
mouth since he had to fuck you with a condom on..." Edge says with a smirk.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and looks at Edge. "I don't know...that's pretty
nasty, babe..."

"You've already sucked his dick, rode him and he's fucking your ass... might
as well swallow his load..." Tyson Kidd says sounding a bit bitter.

"He makes a good point..." Edge grins as David continues to pump his cock up
into Natalya's ass.

Natalya nods her head and then smirks. "Yeah...babe...that is a good point!"
Natalya says before she slowly cums to a stop on David's cock. David helps
Natalya lift herself off of his cock and as she moves to the floor, David
takes the condom off of his cock and throws it into a trashcan. Natalya
presses her pouty and luscious lips together as she sits up onto her knees
and places her left hand onto David's cock, halting him from stroking his own
cock. Natalya seductively glances up at her cousin and parts her lips as she
takes his cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips solely around the head.

"Mmmmmm fuck get nasty Nattie..." David moans as she lets her saliva drip
down onto his cock's head while she starts to rapidly stroke his massive
throbbing cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Natalya moans as she presses her luscious lips just below the
head of his shaft as she lightly bobs her head on the top of his cock, moving
her right hand back and forth his massive shaft.

"Ahhhh.... awwww!" David Hart Smith groans loudly as he starts to cum right
inside of his cousin's warm, moist mouth as she pumps her right hand on his
erupting shaft. Natalya lightly bobs her head on the top of David's cock as
she removes her hand from his shaft. Natalya soon lifts her head off of
David's cock, holding her lips pressed together, before lets the cum spill
out of her mouth.

"Oh yeah that's fucking hot and nasty..." Edge grins as Natalya looks up at
him with David's spunk spilling out the sides of her lips before she opens
her mouth to show the mouth full of cum her cousin gave her. Natalya raises
an eyebrow as she teasingly looks up at Edge, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith
before she closes her mouth and tilts her head back to shockingly swallow the

"Fucking hell..." Tyson Kidd says with a look of disbelief on his face after
seeing his girlfriend swallow her cousin's cum. Natalya looks back at Edge,
David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd before she licks her lips.

"That was... incredible..." David says.

"So Nattie... how much nastier can you get?" Edge asks with a smirk.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and looks suspiciously at Edge. "What are you
talking about, babe?"

"Well you fucked your cousin as part of this little gang bang... just
wondering what other nasty things you can do," Edge replies.

Natalya shakes her head. "Babe...I think this is as nasty as it gets for

Edge smirks, "Ah well... it was still hot and nasty..."


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