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Quite The Swordsman
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the March 17, 2006 edition of Smackdown, Smackdown's newest broadcast
partner, Kristal Marshall is stretching in the backstage area in preparation
for her mixed tag team match with Paul Burchill against William Regal and
Jillian Hall. As she finishes up her stretching, the manager of MNM, Melina
approaches her, and frowns, "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Kristal looks up with a smile as she lowers her leg from the piece of
equipment backstage "Oh hey Melina...I'm just stretching for my match with
Paul against Jillian and William Regal" Kristal replies as she places her
hands on her hips.

Melina flips her hair back with her left hand and laughs, "Oh really? Is
that all you're doing?" Melina then glares at Kristal as Joey Mercury and
Johnny Nitro appear behind her. "Let me tell you something, Kristal... I'm
the most dominate diva on Smackdown... and in the WWE... if you're even
thinking about trying to steal my spotlight... we'll take you out." Melina

Kristal puts her hands up as she steps back slightly. Kristal shakes her
head "Ohh...I'm not trying to cause problems at all..." Kristal, the
conservative SmackDown Correspondent replies, intimidated a bit by Melina's
boys Nitro and Mercury.

"You better not... or else you'll end up like Michelle and Christy..." Melina
laughs as does Mercury and Nitro, until Paul Burchill, Smackdown's resident
pirate, appears behind Kristal.

"Is there a problem here?" He asks in a cool tone of voice as his eyes shift
from Melina, to Nitro to Mercury and back to Melina again.

Nitro point at him and laughs, "Hey look, it's Long John Silver."

Kristal glances over her shoulder at Burchill and smiles slightly, before
she looks back at Melina and folds her arms over her chest as she glares at
Melina. Kristal nods her head "Yeah...yeah there is a problem..."

Melina looks up and down at Burchill's outfit and laughs, "Oh my god... what
the hell are you wearing?"

Joey nods, "Yeah man... you look like something that escaped from the Pirates
of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land."

"Hey, say Arrrgh Matty," Nitro adds as neither he nor Melina and Mercury
notice that Burchill is withdrawing his sword and holds it in a threatening
manner a he points it at them.

"I don't like problems..." Burchill says, keeping his tone of voice cool and
relaxed. Melina and MNM stop laughing as they look at the sword.

"Ummm guys... we got to do a photo shoot..." Melina says quickly before they
quickly turn around and leave. Burchill smiles as he watching them runaway
before he puts his sword away.

Kristal unfolds her hands from her chest and places them on her slender hips.
She looks over her shoulder at Burchill and smiles "Hmmm...I see you are
quite the swordsmen..." Kristal says as she eyes slowly wander down to the
crotch of Burchill's pants, she bites down on her bottom lip and gives a sly
smirk in Burchill's direction.

Later that night...

Burchill and Kristal have just walked through the curtain after picking up
the win over Regal and Jillian. "That was quite a satisfying conquest,"
Burchill says as he makes light conversation with Kristal as they walk
through the backstage area.

Kristal nods her head with a smile "Yeah!" She says excitedly "I'm so glad we
won..." Kristal stops walking and turns to Burchill "I want to...thank you
though for watching my back out there."

Burchill smiles as he looks down at Kristal, "It was nothing... It was my
pleasure to make sure a fine ebony beauty like yourself did not suffer any
unwanted physical advantage from our adversaries."

Kristal smiles as she once again glances down at the crotch of Paul Burchill.
Kristal licks her lips as she looks up into Burchill's eyes "
you know how to...handle your sword well?" Kristal asks in a soft, yet
seductive voice as she places her hand against the crotch of his pants.

Burchill looks down at Kristal's hand as she presses lightly against his
crotch then he looks up into Kristal's lovely dark colored eyes. "I am... as
you said earlier... quite the swordsmen..." Burchill replies with a smile as
he raises a hand to slide his fingers gently against her cheek.

Kristal smirks " wanna prove it?" Kristal asks as she raises one

Burchill chuckles slightly, "Obviously... you are not familiar with my
reputation beyond the ring."

Kristal smiles a bit as she removes her hand from Burchill's cock
"Reputation...beyond the ring?" Kristal asks with a smirk, she then nods her
head "I' to find out"

"Then come with me my dear..." Burchill smiles as Kristal slides her arm
around his, The pair of them make their way to Burchill's dressing room
where Burchill pushes the door open and motions with his left hand, "Ladies
first..." He says as he bows his head slightly in a gentleman like manner.

Kristal smiles and nods her head at Burchill "Why thank you.." Kristal says
with a soft laugh as she enters Burchill's dressing room.

Burchill enters the locker room a moment later and he closes the door. He
takes a moment to lock the door before he lays his sword and hat on a nearby
table as he looks at Kristal out of the corner of his eye. Burchill then
turns to fully look at her, "You are quite lovely my dear..." He says as he
approaches her.

Kristal smiles and blushes "Oh...thank you, Paul" Kristal replies as she
slides her right hand through her dark hair. Kristal watches Burchill
approach her until he's standing face to face with the SmackDown
Correspondent. Kristal smiles up at him as she reaches over her slender
shoulder and unclasps her green and black top. Burchill takes hold of her
top and slides it off her body slowly. His eyes for a moment move to look
down at her lovely chest before he puts a hand underneath her chin.
Burchill lowers his head and softly kisses her lips while pressing his
hand against her flat stomach. Kristal's soft lips press up against
Burchill's lips as she deepens the kiss, sliding her tongue into Burchill's
mouth. Kristal places her hands gently on Burchill's waist and moves them
down to Burchill's pants; she begins to untie them as Burchill pushes down
her black mini-skirt.

Burchill breaks the deep kiss he's experiencing with Kristal and smiles at
her. "You seem quite eager to put me to the test..." He says with a smirk
as he pushes her black mini-skirt all the way down to her feet.

Kristal smiles as she steps out of her mini-skirt and gets down onto her
knees in front of Burchill. Kristal looks up at Burchill as she starts
to lower his pants "'s not everyday that you get to be with
swash-buckling pirate."

Burchill laughs slightly, "That is very true... and it's not every day for
myself to be in the presence of a dark skinned beauty such as yourself..."
Burchill smiles as Kristal lowers his pants far enough for his eleven inch
long cock to become free of it's fabric prison.

Kristal eyes widen as she sees Burchill's nicely sized cock hanging between
his legs. Kristal licks her soft lips " are packing a big sword..."
Kristal says with a slight laugh as she takes a hold of Burchill's cock.
Kristal instantly leans her head into Burchill's cock and flicks the head of
his cock with her tongue and she starts to stroke his shaft with her smooth

Burchill moves a hand through Kristal's black hair as he moans slightly,
"Thank you my dear..." Burchill says as closes his eyes slowly his eyes.
Kristal slowly circles her tongue around the head of Burchill's cock as
she moves her hands up Burchill's thick, strong shaft. Kristal opens her
sweet, warm mouth and pushes Burchill's cock into her mouth. Kristal wraps
her soft lips around his cock and starts to slowly move her head up and
down on Burchill's cock as she begins to slowly suck his cock.

"Mmmmmm.... that is... quite impressive..." Burchill moans as he continues
to move his hand through Kristal's hair. He tilts his head back for a moment
before he opens his eyes and looks down at her to watch her bob her head at
a teasingly slow pace on his dick. Kristal starts to lap her tongue and
saliva around Burchill's cock as she begins to bob her head quicker on his
shaft. Kristal moans softly around Burchill's cock as she accepts more of
his sword-like cock into her warm, sensual mouth.

"Ahhhh... my dear... I thought... I was... the one that was to be tested
here..." Burchill laughs slightly as he again lets out a few more moans of
pleasure. He looks down at her and locks eyes with Kristal when she looks
up at him at just about the same moment.

Kristal slowly lifts her head from Burchill's cock and gently pats her tongue
against the head of his cock a few times before she pulls her head completely
away from his cock that is seeping in her warm saliva. Kristal smiles up at
Burchill and shrugs "I had to get you warmed up..."

Burchill chuckles lightly, "You have succeeded my dear..." Burchill takes her
hand and helps Kristal stand up so he can sweep her off her feet and into his
arms. He steps out of his pants before he carries her over to a leather couch
where he then lays her on it. Taking a moment to kiss her soft lips, Burchill
removes Kristal's black panties and spreads her legs apart in order to guide
his cock into her waiting pussy.

Kristal bites her bottom lip as she feels Burchill's cock thrust into her
tight pussy "Ohhhh...Paul..." Kristal moans before she wraps her smooth,
ebony legs around Burchill's waist as he begins to thrust into her warm,
black cunt.

Burchill thrusts his cock in and out of Kristal's warm tight pussy as he
interlocks the fingers of his right hand with Kristal's fingers of her
right hand. "Ahhhh... you... are quite... a prize Kristal..." Burchill
grunts slightly as his long hair hangs down over his face and brushes
against Kristal's beautiful face.

Kristal closes her eyes as she tilts her head back, resting her head on the
arm of the leather couch. Kristal begins to push back against Burchill's
cock as she grinds her warm pussy shapely against his cock "Ohhh...awww...
Paul" The conservative Kristal Marshall moans in pleasure. Burchill closes
his eyes for a moment as he slides a hand around Kristal's lovely waist and
in a flash; he turns both himself and Kristal over. Now underneath the
conservative broadcaster, Burchill keeps his right hand interlock with
Krista's hand and uses his free hand to push and pull her back and forth
on his cock. Kristal moans as she leans up, so she is now sitting up on his
cock. Kristal places her left hand down on Burchill's chest as she starts
to slowly rock back and forth on Burchill's cock as she gently bounces up
and down on his stiff member.

"Ahhhh.... seem... to be... enjoying yourself... Ms. Marshall..."
Burchill moans as he slides his left hand up to Kristal's chest and then up
to her face to caress her left cheek. When he begins to push up into her
pussy, Burchill slides his finger against her lips.

Kristal presses her warm tongue against Burchill's finger and begins to
gently caress Burchill's finger with her tongue. Kristal lets out a soft
moan as she slams down hard onto Burchill's cock and starts to cum on his
cock "Awwww...."

Burchill continues to thrust up into her Kristal's pussy after it tightens
around his shaft tightly. He clenches his teeth slightly as he starts to cum
inside of Kristal's warm pussy. "Uhhhhhh.... ahhh..." Burchill moans as he
slides his hand behind Kristal's head to pull her down so he can kiss her
lips once more.

Kristal softly kisses Burchill back and then lifts her head up, breaking the
kiss, as places her hands down on Burchill's chest. She smiles down at him as
she sits back up on his cock. Kristal nods with an impressed smile "You do
handle your sword well.." Kristal says with a soft laugh as she gently lifts
herself off of Burchill's cock.

"Why thank you my dear... you were quite a conquest yourself..." Burchill
smiles as he sits up slightly on the couch.

Kristal walks over to the table and picks up Burchill's sword and holds it
up into the air. Kristal looks up at the tip of the sword and licks her
lips. Kristal looks back Burchill and smirks " are quite the

"And I see you can handle a sword quite well yourself," Burchill smiles as he
gets up from the couch. He walks over to Kristal and places his hand on top
of her hand that she has wrapped around the handle of the sword's handle. "I
look forward... to showing you more of my swordsmanship in the future."


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