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RAW Resistance
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On a spring edition of Monday Night RAW in 2003, the arrogant French tag team
known as La Resistance, consisting of Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier, are
standing on the interview set as RAW's gorgeous interviewer Terri Runnels
gets the signal from the cameraman to begin the interview. Both of the French
Superstars are wearing their royal blue colored ring jackets, berets and
black wrestling trunks. Terri is dressed in a tan colored buttoned top with a
matching tan colored short skirt and holds up her microphone, "I'm here with
La Resistance who in two weeks at Judgment Day will take on Scott Steiner and
Test...." Terri looks at the foreign team, "Gentlemen... what are your
thoughts on your match?"

Rene raises an eyebrow, "Our thoughts? Our thoughts are on how pathetic our
opponents are... Steiner is an obvious example of American hypocrisy ... a
loud mouth fool who uses his muscles to control what he does not approve

Sylvain nods his head in agreement, "Yes... and Test is a disgrace to his
country of Canada... he was forced by an American tramp, that Stacy Keibler,
into participating in this match... he like Steiner will fall to us because
we are La Resistance... and we shall dominant them... and then the rest of
the WWE's American tag teams..."

Terri presses her lips together as she nods her head, "I see... it should be
a intense match... thank you..." Terri says as the cameraman gives her the
signal that the interview segment has ended.

After the cameraman walks off, Terri puts down her microphone as Rene says
to Sylvain, "We must continue to prepare... we must not be like a typical
American and be lazy with our planning..."

The sly, seductive horny little She-Devil, Terri Runnels, presses her soft
and luscious lips together as she raises an eyebrow "Prepare?" Terri asks in
a soft, seductive voice as she looks at Rene and Sylvain "How do you two
French studs, prepare?"

Sylvain looks at Terri, "The interview is over..." Sylvain says thinking that
Terri is spying on them.

Rene smirks, "Sylvain... relax..." Rene says before he looks at Terri, "We
prepare by watching our adversaries in the ring.... and come with ways to
double team them until they submit to our superior skill..." Rene answers.

Terri seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she slyly glances at Rene's
muscular, tanned upper body that is covered slightly by his royal blue ring
jacket " you double team a lot?" Terri softly asks as the horny little
She-Devil licks her lips, catching Rene's eyes.

Sylvain nods his head as he takes off his black beret, "Yes... and quick
often... it is the secret to tag team success... and we French shall perfect

Rene licks his lips slightly after seeing Terri lick her own lips,
"Sylvain... I do not think she's referring to our in-ring preferences..."

Terri softly laughs as she slyly smirks and raises an eyebrow, locking her
seductive eyes with Rene Dupree "You two are French, the French invented
the threesome, didn't they?" Terri slyly asks as she tosses her gorgeous,
stunning blond hair back and Rene notices the hard erected nipples of the
horny little She-Devil popping over of her tan buttoned top.

Rene Dupree nods his head, "Why yes we did... and no other culture has come
close to matching out mastery of a ménage a trois..." Rene answers.

Sylvain smirks a bit, "A threesome with the French is something that will
make an American scream with pleasure and joy..." Sylvain says. Terri
seductively grits her teeth together as she lowers her seductive eyes and
glances at the large bulges of Rene and Sylvain's black wrestling tights.
Terri lifts her head and glances back up as she raises an eyebrow and starts
to slyly unbutton her tan colored top, button by button, gradually revealing
her smooth and tanned stomach.

Sylvain and Rene both lick their lips as they watch Terri unbutton her tan
colored top, and Sylvain looks at his tag team partner, "Rene... we should
prepare for this situation..." Sylvain says before he puts his beret on top
of a small crate.

"Yes we should..." Rene replies and he takes off his beret and places it with
Sylvain's, before the both remove their royal blue colored ring jackets to
completely show off their impressive, tanned and muscular upper bodies to the
Horny Little She-Devil.

Terri's seductive, sly eyes lighten up as she looks at the muscular, tanned
chests of Sylvain and Rene "Mmmm...damn I'm so horny..." Terri says in a soft
voice as she opens her tan colored top and easily removes it from her body,
revealing her large and smoothly rounded, perky tits.

"That is the because of you being near two French Phenoms such as
ourselves..." Rene chuckles slyly as he looks at Terri's smooth, round, large
tits and her hard nipples. Rene and Sylvain both begin to lower their black
wrestling trunks from their muscular waists, revealing two fat, rock hard
cocks. Rene's eleven inch shaft is the thicker of the two men, but Sylvain's
dick is just a bit longer than his partner's, measuring at twelve inches in
length. Terri presses her soft, luscious lips together and horny little
She-Devil of RAW smoothly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Rene
Dupree and Sylvain Grenier. Terri places her left hand around Sylvain's cock
and her right hand around Rene's cock as she starts to gently strokes her
delicate, sly hands against their hard and thick shafts.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Sylvain Grenier moans and licks his lips as he puts his
hands on his waist as Terri Runnels smoothly strokes his twelve inch cock
with her left hand.

Rene licks his teeth as he looks down at Terri and locks eyes with her when
she glances up for a moment, "Have you ever been with two big dicks...
ahhh..." Rene trails off as he lets out a moan when Terri presses the palm
of her right hand right against the tip of his shaft.

Terri softly laughs "I've been with a few...but none this big..." Terri says
licking her lips before she leans her head down to Rene's thick, hard cock
and gently flicks her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock.
"Mmmm..." Terri softly moans as she gently circles her tongue around the
head of his cock before lifting her head away from his cock and turning to
Sylvain's cock, As Terri continues to stroke both shafts with her hands, she
leans her head to Sylvain's cock and gently flicks her tongue against the
head of his cock as well, causing her hot saliva to drip against the head of
his cock.

"Awww... mmmm..." Sylvain moans with pleasure as Terri's soft tongue flicks
against the head of his cock and he licks his lips as he feels Terri's warm
saliva dripping down onto his shaft. Rene places his right hand on Terri's
head and strokes her blond hair a bit as pumps his cock with her right hand
while sensually teasing Sylvain. Terri glances back up at Rene and slyly
smirks as she turns back to his cock and opens her hot, soothing mouth. The
horny little She-Devil lowers her head, taking Rene's thick cock into her wet
and warm mouth. Terri presses her soft lips around his shaft and starts to
smoothly bob her head, gently suck the Frenchman's cock. As Terri soothingly
sucks Rene Dupree's cock her hot mouth, her left continued to stroke
Sylvain's shaft up and down, occasionally brushing against his ball sack.

"Awww... mmmm ohh yes..." Rene Dupree moans and closes his eyes a bit as the
hot and horny little She-Devil bobs her head smoothly on his fat eleven inch
cock. The studdly Frenchman licks his lips a bit as he feels Terri's lips
sliding around his dick as she blows him.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Terri gently moans as her soft lips rub against the skin of
his cock as she starts to bob her head at a slightly quicker pace. Terri's
hot saliva drips down his thick shaft while gently slapping her soft tongue
against his cock. Terri grips her left hand tighter around Sylvain's cock as
she strokes with a quicker pace, lightly squeezing the head of his French

"Mmmm... shit... Madam... you are quite skilled with your hand..." Sylvain
moans as he complements Terri and the way she's stroking his twelve inch
shaft with her left hand as he starts to thrust his dick back and forth
against Terri's hand.

Rene licks his teeth as he opens his eyes to look down at Terri and he sees
how wide her mouth is as she bobs her head up and down on his meaty dick,
"Uhh... mmmm... ahhh..." Rene moans as he starts to rock his hips a bit as
he begins to fuck Terri's hot, moist mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Terri moans as she smoothly lifts her head off of Rene
Dupree's thick, hard saliva dripping cock. Terri gently kisses the head of
his cock before she turns to Sylvain's cock and opens her mouth, eagerly
accepting his cock into her hot, seductive mouth before she starts to easily
bob her head on Sylvain's twelve inch French hard cock.

"Uhhh... mmmm... ahhh..." Sylvain instantly moans as he puts both of his
hands on Terri's blond hair head as she bobs her head easily and smoothly
on his twelve inch French cock. Rene licks his lips as Terri lets go of his
cock, freeing him to move behind her. Rene kneels down behind Terri and
slowly lowers her tan colored short skirt, revealing her panty-less,
gorgeous, round ass.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Terri gently moans as she opens her seductive eyes and
glances up at Sylvain Grenier while soothingly bobbing her head on his cock.
Terri gently slaps her tongue against the underbelly of his shaft, before
gently twisting her head on his cock, causing her lips to grind against his

Sylvain licks his lips as he pushes Terri's blond hair back so that none of
it covers her face, "Mmmm yes... mmmm suck it..." Sylvain moans as Terri's
whips her tongue against the bottom side of his foot long dick.

Behind Terri, Rene has completely slid her skirt off of her legs and he's now
stroking his thick eleven inch cock. "Mmm... the French shall invade..." Rene
says slyly as he proceeds to push his thick cock into the warm, tight pussy
of the horny little She-Devil. As Terri is about to moan in response to
Rene's invasion, the studdly Frenchman grabs her hips and pulls her back
towards him so that her ass instantly presses against his waist.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Terri Runnels loudly groans around Sylvain's twelve inch cock as
her hot, tanned ass smacks back against Rene's muscular waist as he starts
to thrust his cock into her tight, warm pussy as he causes the horny little
She-Devil to rock back and forth on her knees with a smooth, quick motion.
Terri closes her eyes as she lowers her head further down on Sylvain's cock,
taking his French cock deeper into her hot, saliva dripping mouth.

"Ahh... mmm... uhhh..." Rene grunts lightly as he pumps his fat cock in and
out of Terri's tight cunt, and his balls slap against Terri's tanned skin
every time he deeply drives his shaft forward into Terri's pussy.

Sylvain tilts his head back as Terri deep throats his entire twelve inch
French dick with ease as his partner fucks her from behind. "Ohhh...
mmmmm... yes... you love the French dick don't you?" Sylvain asks lustfully
as Terri easily handles his dick with her mouth.

"Mmmm...hmmmm..." Terri moans her reply as she smoothly sucks on Sylvain's
shaft, the head of his cock lightly tapping against the back of her hot mouth
while she steadily rocks back against Rene's cock as the French stud fucks
her tight pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmmm... ahhh... mmm..." Rene breathes in and out as he pumps his
cock deeply into Terri's pussy. He looks down and smirks a bit as he watches
Terri's gorgeous ass smack against his waist as she rocks on her knees to
try and meet his thrusts. Sylvain licks his teeth slightly as he slowly and
smoothly pulls his saliva dripping dick out of Terri's mouth, and he slides
the tip against Terri's pouty lips when she presses them together to kiss his

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Terri moans as she licks her lips, brushing her soft,
wet tongue against the head of Sylvain's shaft as she roughly is jerked back
against Rene Dupree's cock before rocking forward on her knees when he
sharply drives his shaft into her pussy.

Sylvain smirks slightly as he watches Rene jerk the horny little She-Devil
back as he impales his cock deeply into her pussy. "Rene... we should... show
her true French double teaming... don't you agree?" Sylvain asks as he sees
that Rene is starting to sweat.

Rene grits his teeth slightly as he continues to fuck Terri's hot pussy,
"Mmm... yes my friend... we should..." Rene grunts before he pulls his fat
cock out of Terri's pussy and then he suddenly drives it into Terri's tight

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Terri moans as she licks her lips before she slyly
glances back over her shoulder, locking her seductive eyes with Rene Dupree
as he thrusts into her tight asshole "Ohhh yeah fuck my ass..." Terri moans
as she begins to rock on her knees once again as she starts dripping with

"It... ahhh is... only... the beginning..." Rene grunts as he wraps his
strong arms around Terri's petite body. The studdly French Superstar starts
leaning toward his left until he and Terri are laying on the left sides of
their bodies. Rene lifts Terri's right leg and bends it back over his legs
as he sharply thrusts his cock into her tight asshole. Sylvain quickly lays
down in front of the sweating RAW American Diva and quietly he eases his
twelve inch cock into Terri's tight pussy while she concentrates on Rene's
dick that's fucking her ass.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh shit!" Terri moans as her large tits press against Sylvain's
muscular chest while her hot, petite and tanned body grinds between Sylvain
and Rene as they deeply invade the horny little She-Devil with their hard
French cocks. "Ohhhh ohhh!" Terri moans sweating as her ass smacks back
against Rene's waist.

"Uhhh... awww... mmmm..." Sylvain moans as he thrusts his foot long cock
deeply into Terri's pussy as she pushes herself against him when she's not
pushing against Rene. The two hot, muscular members of La Resistance work
like a well oiled machine as they tag team Terri's body, with Rene shoving
his cock into Terri's asshole whenever Sylvan pulls back, and their efforts
give Terri little time to adjust between who's slamming into her and who's

Terri closes her eyes and leans back against Rene Dupree's muscular, tanned
chest as sweat drips off of her body. The horny little She-Devil starts to
grind her pussy against Sylvain's thrusting cock while he slams into her
tight pussy. Terri licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder to kiss
Rene's lips as the Frenchman's balls smacks against her skin as he thrusts
into her tight asshole.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Rene moans as he opens his mouth slightly to slide his
tongue forward to flick it against Terri's pouty lips as he drills her tight
ass with his meaty French cock. Sylvain grits his teeth and looks down at
Terri's tits as he press against his sweaty muscular chest as he pounds her
cunt with his cock.

"Mmmm..." Terri softly moans into Rene's warm mouth as her tongue gently
flicks against his tongue while her soft lips presses against his firm lips
while her sweaty body quickly grinds back against his body thanks to
Sylvain's firm thrusts into her tight pussy. The horny little She-Devil feels
Rene's strong hands on her tight, toned and tanned ass as he drives his cock
deeply into her ass.

Rene breaks the kiss with Terri and he squeezes Terri's toned and tanned ass
with his strong hands before he pulls his fat eleven inch cock out of her
asshole, "Sylvain... let us show her another form... of French double
teaming..." Rene says as sweat drips off of his body.

Sylvain grinds his teeth together and nods his head as he proceeds to pulls
his shaft out of Terri's hot cunt. Sylvain then rolls onto his back in order
to lay on the floor as Rene sits up. Rene Dupree wipes sweat from his face
before he grabs Terri by her waist and he moves her over to Sylvain's body,
with her facing away from his tag team partner. "Mmmm... this is why us
French are superior..." Sylvain says as he puts his hands on Terri's waist
and pulls her down slowly so that her asshole becomes penetrated with his
twelve inch dick. Terri grits her teeth as Sylvain lowers her down onto his
thick, hard shaft as he enters her tight asshole. The sweaty, seductive RAW
Diva leans back and places her hands on Sylvain's muscular chest as she
starts to gently rock back on his cock as Rene Dupree closes in on the hot,
horny little She-Devil.

Rene Dupree licks his lips as he positions himself in front of Terri, "Hold
on... we are not finish..." Rene says as he stops Terri's rocking motion with
his hands. The hot, sweaty French stud holds Terri still as he forces his fat
French cock back into Terri's tight pussy, and without missing a beat, he
begins to quickly pump it in and out of Terri's pussy as Sylvain starts to
thrust his own cock upward into Terri's asshole.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Terri moans as she tilts her head back while quickly
rocking back and forth on Sylvain's cock as Rene Dupree pistons his cock into
her warm, tight pussy. Terri grits her teeth as her wraps her smooth, tanned
and sweat covered legs around Rene's muscular waist as she rocks forward
against his cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh yes..." Sylvain moans as he puts his hands on Terri's
sweat covered lower back as she bounces on his cock as he slams it up into
her tight ass. Rene smirks as he raises his hands from Terri's hips and
places them on her shoulders while he rams his fat cock deeply into her cunt.
Rene leans his head downward a bit and flicks his tongue against Terri's lips
until she flicks her tongue back against his tongue.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Terri Runnels moans loudly as she slams down roughly on
Sylvain's cock. Terri gently digs her fingernails into Sylvain's muscular,
tanned chest as she feels Rene's cock deeply ramming into her tight pussy as
her pulls her forward to his thrusting cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh yes... mmmm take those French cocks..." Rene grunts as
he deeply impales Terri's cunt with his fat cock as she squeezes his waist
with her smooth, tanned legs. Sylvain sits up slightly and puts his own hands
behind him on the floor for support as he uses his hips to roughly drive his
cock into Terri's ass.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh fuck!" The horny little She-Devil moans as she slams down on
Sylvain's cock as Rene Dupree roughly fucks her pussy. Terri closes her eyes
as her pussy tightens around Rene's shaft as she drips with sweat, she begins
to cum on Rene's cock.

"Mmmm... ahhh fuck... she has... reached... her peak..." Rene grunts as he
feels Terri's warm juices flowing all over his pistoning cock as he and
Sylvain continue to double team her.

"Let us... properly finish this..." Sylvain groans his reply as Terri's hot,
sweaty petite body slams down on his cock as she continues to cum. Rene nods
his head and reaches back to pull the horny little She-Devil's legs from his
waist so that he's able to pull his fat French cock out of her pussy and
stand up.

Terri presses her lips together as she gently rocks on Sylvain's cock
"Mmmm...what's the proper finish?" Terri asks as sweat drips down her
gorgeous, petite tanned body.

Rene licks his lips as he helps Terri off of Sylvain's cock, "Us showering
you... with our... praise..." Rene says with a sly smirk as he sits Terri on
her knees right against the RAW's Interview set background. Sylvain Grenier
gets up to his feet and both of the French Superstars begin to stroke their
huge cocks with eager anticipation.

Terri raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she watches the muscular Rene
Dupree and Sylvain Grenier stroke their throbbing cocks "Mmmm...I see..."
Terri says licking her lips and closing her eyes as she tilts her head.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh shit... ahhh fuck..." Sylvain moans as he quickly
strokes his twelve inch cock until he starts to cum.

"Mmm... ohh yes... mmm.... this is how us French... praise... Americans..."
Rene grits his teeth as he starts to cum. Both members of La Resistance aim
their cocks perfectly at Terri's face as they spray their hot, thick cum all
over Terri's face.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Terri moans and licks her eyes as thick, warm streams
of cum land on her sweat dripping, gorgeous face from the cocks of Rene and
Sylvain "Ohhh fuck!"

Sylvain finishes cumming first and he smirks, "Mmm... beautiful..." Sylvain
says as he admires the cum dripping face of Terri Runnels.

Rene licks his lips as he begins to finishing cumming, "Yes... she accepted
our praise quite well... like all Americans should..." Rene says when Terri
opens her sly, lustful eyes to look up at both men.

"Mmmm....I love a good fuck..." Terri says with a seductive smirk as cum
drips down her face.

Rene smirks, "And you shall love watching us... La Resistance... when we show
our skills in the ring..."

Terri raises an eyebrow and licks her lips "Will if you wrestle and fuck good
as you fuck...I'm sure you two will be winning."


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