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RTC: Right To Cum
by Phat Shady

The RTC members have been together for long time now and because of their
views on scantily clad women they have not laid a woman since joining. This
was on the mind of their leader Steven so he gathered all the male members of
RTC and told them "tonight men we shall finally get what we want" with that
they went off to find Ivory. They found her in the locker room by herself,
the members surrounded her looking at her tits that where about to rip from
her tight shirt. "So Steven what are the plans for tonight then?"

Steven just looked at her smiling in that evil way then all of a sudden
Val grabbed her tits she jumped back in fright.

"Wh-wha-what are you going Mr Venis?"

Val grabbed them again but as Ivory tried to jump back Bull held her arm
so that she couldn't move, the Goodfather ripped her tight shirt off to
reveal a black lace bra which was trying to contain her breasts the
Goodfather soon got rid of the bra to. While this was happening Steven just
looked on smiling, Val started to lick Ivory's nipples making them hard she
was beginning to think this wasn't so bad but all of a sudden she felt a
hand up her skirt she looked down and saw the Goodfather she could feel his
hand moving her lacy underwear and rubbing her already wet pussy she started
moaning loud but just then quick as a flash the Goodfather ripped her
underwear off he then nodded at Bull who ripped her skirt off. Val got bored
of sucking and told her to lay down but she didn't want to but she was no
match for Bull who helped Val get her down.

She started shouting saying "What are you doing? This is not the way of
RTC!!" Val slapped her across the face and told her to shut up. Then Val took
out his expert cock and tit fucked her, she started crying saying, "Please,
no don't do this! Steven, help!"

Steven carried on smiling at her. Bull had to get in on this so he started
playing with Ivory's wet pussy he flicked her clit and bit and then out of no
where rammed two fingers in to her pussy. The Goodfather was getting horny so
he took out his cock and started wanking (that means wacking off my American
friends). Ivory had tears coming down her eyes now as Val pumped his cock
between her soft tits. Bull thought she could take more, so he added a third
finger into her pussy. She screamed out loud.

Val slapped her again and said "Quiet, you slut!" Val was about to unload.

Steven was watching the whole thing and just carried on smiling. Bull was
wondering how much she could take so he added a fourth finger this made Ivory
scream as the top of her lungs Val slapped her again and pumped at the same
time he told her "You slut! Stop making noise here this should keep you

With that he unloaded his cum all over her face and tits she kept her
mouth closed as she did not want any of his cum in her mouth. This made Val
mad as he wanted her to drink his cum he slapped her face with his cock, she
was crying a lot now and was begging him to stop, watching this was making
the Goodfather about to explode he told Val to open her mouth Val told Ivory
to open her mouth but she wouldn't so Val told Bull to do it Bull then rammed
his whole hand in to her pussy. This made her scream which allowed the
Goodfather to release his load into her mouth she was gagging because there
was so much cum he told her to drink it, but she said wouldn't.

Finally Steven moved and told her to swallow but she spat all of the
Goodfather's load over Steven's clothes this made him mad. He slapped hard
and told the other members to bend her over they managed to get her on all
fours Steven then took out his massive cock that was made to wait he then
squeezed Ivory's arse and then her opened it wide with that he rammed about
one fourth of his cock into her arse she screamed with pain and pleasure,
but Steven was not done he trusted another quarter in, Ivory could not
believe what was happening the other members where watching and felt they
had to be apart of this so they each took there cocks out and started

Steven told them "Make the slut suck it!" so Val rammed his cock into her
mouth this was making Bull and the Goodfather want some so they both stuck
their cocks in her mouth so now Ivory had Steven's cock ramming her arse and
Val, Bull and the Goodfather's cock in her mouth.

Bull said to Ivory, "Suck our cocks you filthy slut!!"

She had no option but to suck, which was hard to do with three cocks
rammed down her mouth. To get what they wanted Steven rammed forward and the
others members moved back and then the as the three members moved forward
Ivory's arse would move back on to Steven's cock they carried on doing this
for some time until they where about to cum. The three members where going
to cum as Ivory tried hard to suck and Steven was about to cum as he had his
whole cock in Ivory's tight arse. Ivory had tears streaming down her face as
she was being violated.

The three members, who had their cocks being sucked, could take no more
and all three unleashed wave after wave of cum into Ivory's mouth she found
it hard to swallow the cum as there was a lot of it she began to gag and cum
was dripping down her chin she managed to swallow most of it all this was
too much for Steven as he unloaded a huge amount of cum in to Ivory's arse.
This made Ivory cum. Her pussy was soaking wet and her pussy juice was
dripping down her legs as Steven came he made one final trust which was too
much for Ivory who passed out. The cum from Steven's cock made it easier for
him to get his cock out her wet ass.

As the male members of RTC got cleaned up they stood over Ivory who was
naked and covered in cum, they all looked at her and in union they each
raised an arm up and made the RTC salute. As the members walked off Steven
turned back and said "It was for your on good!"

The End

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