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Right To Censor & Terri
by Roberto

As Steven Richards pulled Terri back from flashing her tits at the crowd
on Raw one night, she whispered in his ear "Bring Bull and Goodfather into
the ladies locker room for some fun." Steven secretly hated doing this
gimmick becuase he would have liked to see Terri's puppies that night, just
thinking about Terri waiting in her locker room made him rock-hard.

It was about 9:20, and Raw's taping was nearly finished, so he told Bull
and Goodfather that they should go. Steven knocked on the door and asked for
Terri. Trish Stratus responded with a come in. Surprised by the fact that
Trish answered they walked in. Steven was even more surprised by what he saw
when he walked in. Trish in a very short black skirt, and Terri in a short
white skirt that you could see her thong through.

"Oh, hi guys" said Terri. "We were about to start without you". Right
after that Terri pulled up her short skirt so that you could see her nice
white thong in the front, then started doin a seductive dance. Trish then
followed pulling up her skirt and revealing her pink thong. As Bull,
Goodfather, and Steven gazed at their perfect asses, rock-hard, they both
took off their tanktops to reveal their near-perfect breasts. Terri then
pulled down her thong and got on all fours in front of Bull. She unzipped
his black slacks and pulled his cock out in front of her face. "Want me to
lick you up and down, big boy?" asked Terri. "Yeah, do it" replied Bull. She
started sucking on Bull's cock as Trish walked over with out anything on and
started licking Terri's pussy from behind. Steven couldn't stand it and got
behind Trish and stuck his small cock in her ass from behind.

Trish moaned with pleasure. The Goodfather couldn't stp his urges from
watching the orgy as he stuck his cock in his hand and started beating off.
Bull was about to cum and he told Terri so she stood up (Trish had stopped
licking by then), and bent over in front of Bull. Bull rammed his huge dick
into her perfect ass, and began a rythym, where he would ram and she would
moan. Steven had Trish bent over in front of him and her tits were bouncing
and she was moaning up a storm. There was a slight gap between Terri's mouth
and Trish's mouth as they were face to face. So Goodfather walked up and
stood with his cock in between them. They both started sucking on each side
of it, as the Goodfather said "I never got this treatment even when I was a

Bull then shot streams into Terri's ass as he fell back down onto a chair.
Terri remained bet over sucking Goodfathers cock, and decided to stick her
fingers in her pussy. Terri was banging herself and she was moaning on GF's
cock making him moan. Trish was licking his sack with Steven still in her
ass. Steven then came in Trish's ass and sat down on the floor. GF was about
to cum as Terri did too. Goodfather came all over their mouths as Terri came
all over her hand. Trish and Terri kissed, and the GF sat down. Terri started
licking Trish's pussy to make her cum. The whole RTC were sitting there
beating off watching. Trish was rubbing her own nipples making her moan even
louder. Trish started to cum, so terri actually bent over in front of Trish
and rubbed their pussied next to each other till Trish came in Terri's ass.

Steven and his cronies thanked the ladies and then left out the door.
Terri and Trish went to the showers for probably another hour of pussy-lickin

Its just another case of wrestlers gimmicks aren't as they seem.

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