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Raising Mickie's Spirits
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the arena in Birmingham, Alabama, the five members
of the Spirit Squad consisting of Nicky, Mitch, Mikey, Johnny and Kenny are
cheering themselves after a big successful night and Nicky high-fives Kenny
who picked up a win over the loveable Eugene.

"That's the way to do it Kenny... got the big 123 over that simpleton
Eugene," Nicky says as Mitch pats Kenny on the back.

"Oh yeah, but you know I knew I could do it since I had you guys out there,"
Kenny gets a rather dorky looking smile on his face.

Mikey laughs, "Yeah that's right, cause we stick together..." Before Mikey
can finish his thought, Nicky holds up his hand.

"Guys, do you hear that... crying?" Nicky makes a face as he and the other
four members of the Spirit Squad start looking around.

"Man, sounds like someone just found out their dog is dead..." Mitch says,
"And it's totally killing my spirit."

"Aww, don't say that Mitch, we're the Spirit Squad. We're always in high
spirits, and we'll raise the spirits of who ever is crying," Kenny says, "So
let's get to it, 1... 2... 3...."

All five member at the same time yell "SPIRIT SQUAD!", before they start
checking the two nearby rooms. Kenny, Mitch and Mikey check one, which is

"No one is in here..." Mikey yells out to tell Johnny and Nicky what they

"All right, so it's probably coming from here," Johnny says as he slowly
opens the door to the second room as the other members of the Spirit Squad
rejoin him and Nicky. The five members of Spirit Squad glance into the
dressing room to find WWE Diva, Mickie James sitting on the floor of the
dressing room on her knees with her head buried in her hands as cries.
Earlier in the night her idol the WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, told
Mickie she need space from her.

Nicky looks at his buddies and frowns, "Man she looks totally bummed out."

Johnny nods, "Yeah, what do you think happened?"

"Why don't you ask her and find out?" Mitch laughs a bit as he starts to push
Johnny into the room.

"Yeah Johnny, we'll be right behind you..." Kenny smiles.

"Oh you jerks..." Johnny sticks his tongue out at them before he steps into
the dressing room voluntarily. The other four members of the Spirit Squad
follow him in, as Johnny slowly approaches Mickie.

"Hey... Mickie..." Johnny waves his hand in an attempt to get her attention.

Mickie lifts her head up as her eyes red from her tears. Mickie wipes her
eyes with both palms of her hands "H...H...hi..." Mickie says as she sobs

Johnny slowly gets closer to her, "What's wrong Mickie? You seem really
down..." Johnny squats down near Mickie and places a hand on her shoulder.

Mickie looks down sadly "It's...Trish....she doesn't...want me around" Mickie
shakes her head "We're supposed to be best friends...."

"Aw, that's a shame... what happened?" Johnny sits down on the floor next to
her as the other four members of The Spirit Squad walk over.

"Yeah Mickie, What happened? You and Trish were getting along great..." Nicky
says as he sits down next to her on her left side.

"She...said she...need her space.." Mickie says as she starts to cry again
"My Grand-papi...." Mickie begins to say.

"Awww don't cry Mickie," Mitch kneels down to wipe her cheeks with the sleeve
of his shirt.

"Trish doesn't deserve a great friend like you..." Kenny says, "You do
everything a friend could do to show you like someone, and she's not showing
any appreciation."

Johnny puts his arm around her, "Yeah Mickie, you need real friends who
won't hurt your feelings."

Mickie looks up slowly and frowns "Trish was my....only friend..." Mickie
says with a soft sigh.

"No she isn't, we're your friends too..." Mikey smiles.

"That right Mickie, Me, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey and Kenny, we're all your
friends, " Mitch adds.

"Hey... let's do a cheer for Mickie... that'll pep up her spirit," Kenny
suggests. The other four members of the Spirit Squad all clap their hands
and nods.

"Yeah, that's it... let's do it..." Johnny says as he and Nicky get to their
feet. All five of them get in a line, standing side by side.

"On three..." Mitch yells, "1... 2...3!"

All five members start moving in a spontaneous group movement while saying,
"Oh Mickie... you're so fine... you're really are a great friend of mine...
don't let Trish treat you like this... we're your friends, through thick and
thin... and we'll raise your spirit so you won't cry again. Goooooooooo

Mickie wipes her eyes with a smile and laughs a little as she sits up more on
her knees "Ohhhh guys that's like so awesome!"

"Glad you like it Mickie," Nicky smiles as he and others stand around Mickie
in a bit of a half circle.

"Hey, she's laughing and smiling, it worked guys," Mitch smiles proudly as he
high fives Mikey.

"I knew it would," Kenny says as he gives himself a high thumbs up.

Mickie smiles as she lifts her shoulders up "So...we're friends now!? Oh my
god...this is like so cool!"

"I know, you like totally fit in with us... almost all of our names rhyme,"
Mitch smiles as he offers his hand to help Mickie stand up.

Mickie smiles widely "Oh my god...I just realized that...and that is so
cool!" Mickie nods her head a bit with a slight energetic bounce "I bet we
like the same things too!"

"Oh that'll be really cool if we do," Johnny smiles.

Mikey nods his head in agreement. "Yeah, totally"

Nicky kneels down a bit, "So what things do you like to do Mickie, this way
we can all make plans on how to hang out together."

Mickie smiles as she bobs her head excitedly "Well...I love singing...and
wrestling....and fucking....and...pretending to be Trish..."

"Whoa did you say fucking?" Mikey asks as he gets a wide smile on his face.

Johnny looks at him for a moment before he pops him upside his head, "Of
course she did... clean your ears Mikey." Nicky, Mitch and Kenny all laugh
as Mikey rubs the back of his head.

Mitch then looks at Mickie and smiles, "Hey, we like wrestling, singing and
fucking... and... we like girls who have a lot of spirit like you." The other
four members of the Spirit Squad all nod their heads, completely agreeing
with what Mitch just said.

Mickie smiles widely "Really...Oh my god, this is like so cool!"

Kenny snaps his fingers, "Hey, I got a great idea... how about we all do
something we love to do. Let's wrestle!"

Nicky laughs, "Hey we can't wrestle a girl... let's do something else..."

Mickie jumps up and down excitedly "Oh... oh! I got a great idea!"

"What do you got in mind Mickie?" Johnny slightly licks his lips as a few
ideas run through his mind.

"Let's....fuck!" Mickie yells excitedly. Johnny looks at Nicky who looks at
Kenny who looks at Mikey who looks Mitch. Then they all look at Mickie and

"Yeah, let's do that!" Mikey yells with a goofy grin on his face.

"Hey, let's all remember, we got to do it with a lot of spirit," Nicky say.

"I don't think lack of spirit is going to be a problem with all of us, right
Mickie?" Kenny asks as he licks his lips slightly.

Mickie shakes her head "Oh my!" Mickie smiles and bobs her head a
bit as she overly excited "How about...I like give you guys all head first...
that would be like so cool!"

"That's a great idea Mickie," Mitch replies before he looks at the other four
guys. "All right Spirit Squad... on 3... disrobe! 1, 2 3!" All five young men
quickly remove their white sneakers and their white and green outfits,
followed by taking off their matching green boxers shorts until they are all
naked in front of excitable Mickie James.

Mickie smiles as she licks her lips, she slides her hand through her soft
brown hair as she gets down onto her knees in front of the Spirit Squad. She
reaches forward and takes Nicky and Johnny's cocks into her hands and begins
stroking them as she kneels in front of Mitch. Mickie opens her mouth and
lowers her head onto the semi-hard cock of Mitch. Mickie wraps her lips
around Mitch's cock and starts to slowly bob her head on his shaft as his
cock hardens inside of her warm mouth.

Mikey and Kenny both grab hold of their own cocks and begin to stroke them
to life as they stand next to Nicky and Johnny so they can rub their cocks
against Mickie's hands and wrists. Mitch moans as he moves his hips forward
to push his cock further past her lips. "Mmmm... wow Mickie... that's really
spirited..." Mitch moans as he pushes her soft brown hair back so he can
look down at her cute face. Mickie moans softly against Mitch's cock as she
bobs her head along his shaft a few times before she pulls her head away
from his cock, which is now coated in her wet saliva and turns her head to
Kenny's cock. Mickie sticks her tongue out of her mouth and begins to circle
her tongue around the head of Kenny's cock, while she continues to move her
soft hands quickly against the shafts of Nicky and Johnny.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah... Mickie... wow... you got a great mouth..." Kenny moans
and gives Mickie a thumbs up as he moves his hand off of his cock so she can
take it all into her mouth if she wants too.

"Her hands are really great too..." Johnny moans as he thrusts his cock
against her hand.

"I second that..." Nicky adds. Mickie starts to twirl her tongue against
Kenny's shaft as she starts bobbing her head quicker on his cock, taking more
of his cock into her hot mouth. Mickie removes her hand from Johnny's shaft
and wraps her hand around Mikey's shaft. She begins to pump both Nicky and
Mikey's cocks with her soft hands.

"Hey I want her to suck me next..." Johnny licks his lips as he moves a bit
so he can press the head of his cock against the side of Mickie's lips when
she comes up on Kenny's shaft.

"Hey, slow down Johnny..." Kenny laughs as he feels Mickie's bottom teeth
graze against the underside of his dick. Mickie slowly picks her head up from
Kenny's shaft and turns her head to Johnny's cock. Mickie licks her lips with
a smile as she opens her mouth and takes Johnny's cock into her warm, sensual
mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around Johnny's cock and once she starts to
bob her head on his cock she removes her hand from his cock and Mikey's cock
as well as she starts to push down her skirt.

Mitch tilts his head slightly to get a look of Mickie's round plump panty
covered ass once her skirt is down far enough. "Wow... that's a hot butt..."
Mitch licks his lips.

"Yeah... I bet her ass and pussy is just as hot as her mouth..." Kenny licks
his lips as Johnny moves his hand through Mickie's hair. "God damn... you
suck with a lot of spirit Mickie..." Johnny moans as Mikey waits for his
turn. Mickie laps her tongue around Johnny's shaft as she works her mouth
further down on his cock, taking another inch past her soft, pouty lips.
Mickie moans softly as she works over Johnny's cock, orally. Mickie sits up
a bit more on her knees as Mitch starts to pull down her panties from her
nicely round ass.

Mitch cups both Mickie's ass cheeks with his hands and squeezes them softly,
"Guys... Mickie has the softest ass..."

"Let me feel!" Kenny says as he quickly pats her backside, "Damn, her ass is

Mitch licks his lips, "I know..." He pulls her lower ass up a bit so he can
push his long cock inside of her pussy. Mitch then begins to thrusts in and
out of Mickie slowly, but he soon is banging her with highly energetic
thrusts. Mikey stands near Mickie's mouth, holding his cock near Johnny's.

"Come on Mickie... I want to feel your tongue and lips too..." Mikey says
as Johnny slightly moves to the side so there's room for himself and Mikey.
Mickie groans against Johnny's cock as she begins to push back against
Mitch's cock inside of her warm, clean shaven pussy. Mickie shifts Johnny's
cock to the left side of her mouth and opens her mouth wider as she amazingly
accepts Mikey's cock into her hot mouth as well.

"Ohhhh yeah... that's what I wanted!" Mikey smiles and moans as he feels his
cock grind against Johnny's while inside of Mickie's hot mouth.

"Awww... being friends with you Mickie is awesome..." Johnny groans in

Behind her, Mitch lays his hands on Mickie's hips while he steadily pumps her
pussy with his cock, pushing her forward with each thrust. Kenny and Nicky
both stroke their cocks as they watch the action.

"Kenny, we got to double team her... I'd love to fuck her ass first..." Nicky

Kenny nods, "I hear that... we can show some real Spirit Squad team work like
that and rock Mickie's world at the same time."

"That's the spirit!" Nicky laughs. Mickie opens her mouth wider as she works
her mouth down both the shafts of Mikey and Johnny at the same time. Mickie
lashing her tongue back and forth against Mikey and Johnny's cocks as she
starts to slam her ass back against Mitch's waist harder, forcing Mitch's
cock deeper into her warm cunt.

Mitch continues to drill Mickie's tight twat before he looks over at Nicky
and Kenny, "Hey... you guys want a crack at her?" He asks as he pulls his
cock out of her pussy.

"Fuck yeah!" Nicky and Kenny reply with high-spirited voices as they rush
over. They both pull Mickie away from Johnny and Mikey and quickly start to
set themselves up. Kenny lays on the floor of the locker room as Nicky holds
Mickie from behind.

"Need a lift?" He asks her as he uses quite a bit of effort to lift her up so
she can straddle over Kenny's stiff as a board prick.

Mickie grits her teeth as she comes down on Kenny's stiff cock "Awww...this
is like so cool!" Mickie moans as she places her hands on Kenny's chest as
she rocks back and forth, working Kenny's cock deeper into her tight, warm

Kenny grunts as he places his hands on Mickie's hips to lift her up and down
on his cock while he thrusts up into her tight pussy. "I'll say...."

Nicky kneels behind Mickie and pushes her forward so her ass sticks out
enough for him to ease his cock into her tight ass. He places a hand on
Mickie's right ass cheek and every time he thrusts into her behind, he
squeezes her ass cheek. "Ohhh fuck... soft and tight... Mickie... you're
so fine... your ass just blows my mind..." Nicky moans. Mickie flips
her soft brown hair back as she buckles her hips and starts to bounce on
Kenny's cock at a quickening speed, while pushing back on Nicky's cock
at the same time, that's inside of her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck... god damn you're incredible..." Kenny moans as he moves one
hand to feel Mickie's slightly sweat covered chest. Nicky wraps his arms
around Mickie's waist and pulls her back against him as he sharply slams
fat cock into her asshole. Mickie lifts her head up and lets out a moan
due to the double teamwork of Nicky and Kenny. As Mickie holds her mouth
opening, moaning, Mitch takes the advantage and shoves his thick, hard cock
into her warm mouth. Mickie gags a bit on Mitch's cock at first as her
saliva drips out of her mouth and onto Kenny's forehead, while Mitch stands
over Kenny's head. Mickie soon regains herself and starts to bob her head
along Mitch's long shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah... god.... shit... we need to make you the sixth Spirit Squad
member Mickie... you defiantly know how to stay spirited when you aren't
down..." Mitch moans as pumps his cock all the way past Mickie's lips so
his ball sack presses against her chin. Mikey watches Nicky bang Mickie's
ass and licks his lips.

"Fuck I need to get in on that action..." Mikey gets Next to Nicky and pushes
his cock into Mickie's asshole so that now her butt is double stuffed with
not one but two hard dicks. Mickie lets out a loud scream around Mitch's cock
as her ass is now penetrated by two stiff, throbbing cocks. Mickie moves her
head quicker along Mitch's cock as she starts to rake her teeth against his
shaft, while she steadily bounces on Kenny's cock.

"Hey, don't leave me out..." Johnny laughs as he kneels near Mickie. He
takes her hand and helps her wrap her delicate fingers around his cock. Kenny
slams his cock upward into her cunt at about the same moment Nicky and Mikey
forcefully push their dicks all the way into her asshole. Mickie gently bites
down on Mitch's cock as the sudden impact of the three cocks causes her to
cum on Kenny's cock.

"Ohhhh shit..." Mitch groans as he suddenly starts to cum inside Mickie's hot
mouth. Kenny, Mikey and Nicky repeat their triple push into Mickie pussy and
asshole as Johnny makes her stroke his cock until he starts to shoot his load
all over the side of her cute sweaty face. Mickie grits her teeth making a
smile as Johnny's warm cum splatters all over her face as she breaths

Nicky breathes heavily as he looks at Mikey for a moment, "Mike... we got
to... butter up her ass..."

"I hear that..." Mikey smirks. Both young men pull out of her asshole. They
stroke their cocks hard and fast until they cum on Mickie's plump asscheeks.
Kenny bites his lip as he continues to sharply push up into her pussy.

Mickie closes her eyes and tilts her head back as moans loudly "Ahhhhhh...
ohhh... awww... fuck!" Kenny pushes up into Mickie's pussy one more time and
finally starts to cum deep inside of her, filling her up with his hot load.
Mickie licks her lips as she feels the sudden rush of Kenny's cum into her
wet pussy. Mickie closes her eyes as sweat drips down her face.

"God damn... I never came so hard in my life..." Kenny moans as he rests
underneath an exhausted Mickie.

"I think Mickie raised our spirits a lot just now..." Mitch says with a grin
as he wipes sweat from his forehead.

Mickie slides her hand through her sweat soaked hair as she remains mounted
on top of Kenny's cock "Guys...that was like so cool...oh my god! I have to
tell Trish!"

Johnny licks his lips as he gets an idea, "Hey Mickie... instead of telling
Trish... how about we all show her... so she can know what she missed out

Mickie shakes her head "I don't think Trish is like that...I mean she's
really cool and all...but she's isn't like this."

"Oh... so that means you're way cooler... and that you have a lot more
spirit," Nicky smiles before he adds "And that you're a great friend too."
Mickie smiles and nods her head with a slight bounce of her body, that
causes her to grind her pussy against Kenny's limp cock that she still
remains on top of.

"Mmmm..." Kenny moans as he moves his hands over Mickie's sweaty body
before he looks up at his teammates "Hey guys... I think we should all travel
together... until Trish comes around and realizes how great Mickie is."

"That's a great idea! What do you think Mickie, you want to travel with us
for a while?" Mikey asks with a hopeful smile on his face.

Mickie smiles "Oh my god...are you guys serious!? That would be like the
coolest thing ever!" Mickie shakes her head "Think off all the cool things
we could do!"

Mitch smiles and pats Mickie softly on the head, "Then it's settled, you're
going to be with us, and I bet this is going to be loads of fun."


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