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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and would never happen in the over-
sensitive world we live in. Take it for what it is...a hot story involving,
in my opinion, the four hottest WWE Divas. Enjoy

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Summary: WWE Divas are told to do whatever it takes to increase their
segment's ratings

Celebs: AJ Lee, Eve Torres, Layla, Kaitlyn

Codes: FFFF, cons, reluc, exhib, oral, anal, toys

Raising The Ratings Part 1
by TheBigLove126

An hour before Raw on this Monday night, every one of the WWE Divas were
called into Vince McMahon's office. They all stood waiting until the chairman
strutted into the room.

"Ladies, you are probably wondering why I brought all of you here." He said
in his classic Mr. McMahon voice. "As you know, ratings for Raw and Smackdown
have been down way too much recently and the people at USA Network and SyFy
are not too happy. We need something big to draw the coveted 18-34 male
demographic back to the show. That's where you girls come in." The girls all
looked at each other, wondering where he was going with this. "I just got off
the phone with the network head and he has given us permission to do WHATEVER
it takes to raise the numbers. The best way to draw men back is with hot,
young women like yourselves."

"Mr. McMahon," AJ Lee stood forward and said "when you say `whatever', do you
really mean `whatever'?"

"Yes AJ, that's exactly what I mean." He said.

"So, if I want to call Eve a fucking cunt, I can?" She looked back and smiled
at Eve.

"Like I said AJ...whatever it takes."

The girls all chatted about what they had just heard.

"And tonight, you will be given a long, main event slot for your segment. It
will be a tag match with AJ and Kaitlyn going against Eve and Layla. Have fun
and remember what I said. You can leave now." The girls filed out of his
office and headed back to the locker room.

AJ and Kaitlyn stopped each other outside the locker room and started
discussing what to do for the night.

"I have a fantastic idea that will definitely draw the men back to the show."
Kaitlyn said to her friend. "And it will really test just how far we can go."
She started whispering in AJ's ear, causing a mischievous smile to appear on
the small girl.

* * *

It was 10:30 and time for the Divas main event segment. AJ's music started
playing and she came out, skipping to the ring wearing her green ring attire.
She smiled at the crowd and made her way into the ring as the crowd cheered

"You'll be cheering louder in a few minutes." She said to herself; her words
inaudible to the loud crowd in Miami.

Kaitlyn came out next to a slightly smaller ovation. She wore her black two
piece attire and twirled around atop the stage. When she made her way into
the ring, she drew a large ovation when she kissed her partner on the neck.

Eve's music hit and she came out with Layla, both wearing matching red
attires. Since they we replaying the heels, they had agitated looks on their
face and ignored the crowd until they reached the ring apron. They turned
towards the hard camera side, flipped the bird and screamed "Fuck Miami!" The
crowd silenced, mainly from the shock of hearing those words and knowing that
they were on live television.

The four girls stared each other down in the ring. They were close enough to
talk without the crowd noticing what they were saying.

"We have a plan, just go with it." AJ told her opponents. They all nodded and
headed to their respective corners.

The match started like any other match. AJ and Eve were in the ring, Eve
beating the hell out of the smaller girl. She stopped every few seconds to
yell at the crowd, eventually becoming enough of a distraction for AJ to tag
in Kaitlyn. With Eve still facing the crowd, Kaitlyn came up behind her
slapped her on the ass. This caused the crowd to erupt before Eve turned
around and stared at her opponent with a disgusted look on her pretty face.
Before she could do anything, Kaitlyn slapped her across the chest.

"What the fuck!?" Eve yelled.

Kaitlyn tackled her and started slapping her upside the side multiple times.
She didn't even notice that AJ had entered the ring and crawled towards the
two. She looked around at the crowd and gave them a cute smile before
grabbing Eve's shorts and started roughly pulling them off her body. The
crowd went wild as Eve tried to fight off the two. AJ stood up with Eve's
shorts in hand and started skipping around the ring with them. Eve was left
on the mat, still with Kaitlyn on top of her, with her black panties barely
covering her crotch.

Layla ran into the ring and was met with a clothesline. AJ tossed Eve's
shorts into the front row of the crowd, giving a lucky man a great souvenir.
She rolled Layla on to her stomach and started to rip her shirt off. Layla
tried to fight it but AJ placed her foot on her back to keep her still. She
eventually tore the top from the British woman's tanned body. Layla rolled
back over and gave the audience, both in the arena and at home, a sight they
never expected. When she turned over, her bare chest was exposed to the
world. All three other girls stopped and looked at her as she screamed.

AJ jumped on top of her and prevented her from covering up. She directed the
cameraman outside the ring to get a close-up. She grabbed the camera off of
his shoulder, pulled it in the ring and pointed it at her opponent. The crowd
started chanting "holy shit" as the titantron screen was filled with a shot
of Layla's bare breasts.

AJ and Kaitlyn stood in the center of the ring and hugged as the other two
girls stood up and confronted them.

"What the fuck AJ!?" Layla screamed.

"Is this what you two perverts were talking about!?" Eve yelled.

AJ and Kaitlyn looked at each other and smiled. They looked back at their
opponents and grabbed onto their hair. Kaitlyn had Eve and AJ had Layla.
Kaitlyn roughly shoved Eve's face into the exposed chest of Layla. The two
girls screamed as they were forced to do something they never thought they
would have to. As they held the girls in place, AJ and Kaitlyn leaned forward
and gave each other a long, sensual french kiss. The camera flashes in the
arena were insane. People wanted to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

Once the kiss was broken, they pulled their opponents back, irish whipped
them and let them run into each other, hitting the mat. Kaitlyn covered Eve
and AJ covered Layla, both in a 69 position, as the referee counted.

"Here are your winners, Kai...Kaitlyn and AJ." Justin Roberts announced to
the crowd, still in shock as to what he had just seen.

The girls remained in the positions they were. They looked over at each other
and smiled again. Kaitlyn grabbed on to Eve's panties and slowly pulled them
down her legs, exposing her trimmed pussy to the wild Miami crowd. AJ pulled
Layla's shorts and underwear down and showed her bushy crotch to them.

"Ready!?" AJ shouted.

"Ready!" Kaitlyn responded.

They looked at the crowd, placed two fingers to their mouths and stuck their
tongues out, causing the crowd to start a "Yes!" chant. The roof almost blew
off the arena the second their tongues made genital contact. The eyes of
Layla and Eve sprung open and they moaned very loudly when the warm feelings
of tongue made contact with them. They tried to get out from under their
opponents but both of them had their arms pinned down by legs.

AJ was around the lips of Layla's pussy while Kaitlyn went right for Eve's
reddening clit. They worked their genitals like pros, making the other two
girls wonder if the rumors they had heard about them were true. Ever since
NXT, the locker room thought there was something going on between the two.
Eve and Layla were now almost positive as they noticed just how good they
were at eating pussy. It didn't take long before instincts took over and both
girls were starting to like it.

Eve lay on the mat, a look of pure bliss on her face, as she looked at the
roof of the arena. She moved her hands up and started slowly rubbing
Kaitlyn's toned ass.

"Eve?" Layla, lying next to her, asked.

"Yeah?" She responded through moans.

"Do you know how many people are"

"Yeah." She responded, looking nervous.

"Does that turn you on as much as me?" Layla smiled when Eve looked over at

"Yeah." She smiled big and closed her eyes

Both girls grabbed onto their dominators and flipped them around, now on top
of them. They both grabbed onto the tops of the girls and looked at the
crowd. Layla held her thumb up and asked the crowd, "Should we!?" Another
"Yes!" chant broke out which caused them to tear the tops from their bodies.

AJ and Kaitlyn both laughed as their breasts were exposed. Eve slowly pulled
her face into Kaitlyn's large chest and started licking every bit of skin she
could find. Layla was busy pinching and squeezing at AJ's petite tits and
hard, pointy nipples.

"Eve next! Eve next!" The crowd chanted, upset that only Eve had her breasts

Layla, being quick, jumped off of AJ and crawled towards her partner. She
slid her hands under her shirt and slowly lifted them up until her voluptuous
breasts slipped out. She started parading around the ring, arching her back
and pushing her tits forward. Kaitlyn and AJ had gotten to their feet and
stood tit to tit with the other girls. Kaitlyn held up one finger and said,
"I'll be right back." She started running to back, her breasts flopping
around as the crowd cheered on.

AJ, Layla and Eve stood in the ring and watched Kaitlyn run away. Not knowing
what else to do, Eve and Layla stood behind AJ and each grabbed on to her.
Eve massaged her tiny tits while Layla gently patted her on the ass.

"Great idea AJ, this is fun." Eve whispered.

They were so lost in each other that they jumped when the crowd erupted. They
looked at the stage and saw Kaitlyn standing nude with a large vibrator in
one hand and a microphone in the other. She rubbed the head of the microphone
against her clean shaven cunt before talking.

"Is the WWE Universe ready to see something awesome?" She asked the crowd.
The crowd was still as loud as before. "That's what I thought but I think AJ
is still too overdressed. Eve, Layla...will you do the honors."

Both girls grabbed a side of AJ's shorts and roughly yanked them down, making
her the final girl to expose her trimmed bush to the live audience.

"You're letting it grow a little, huh sweetie?" Kaitlyn asked as she slowly
strolled to the ring.

AJ started laughing and running her hand across her wispy bush. Eve and Layla
were sitting in the ring and removing the rest of their gear. Elbow pads,
knee pads and boots started flying out of the ring until they were completely
nude. AJ did the same and finished just as Kaitlyn entered the ring.

"Now, I think it's time to get the party started." Kaitlyn said as she
flipped the vibrator on. "No offense AJ but I've used this on you enough
times..." The crowd gasped while the other two girls looked at each other,
realizing that they were right. "...I think one of these two should go

AJ grabbed the microphone from her best friend. "I think you've got the right
idea. WWE Universe, who should get it first!?" She walked up to Eve and
rubbed the toy against her face. "Should it be Eve?"

"Yes!" The crowd yelled.

She walked over to Layla and did the same. "What about Layla?"


"Wow, you guys can't decide." AJ climbed out of the ring and walked along the
barricade, giving every man in the front row an up close look at her naked
body. She stopped in front of a young man in a University of Miami t-shirt.
"What's your name?"


"Well Jack, how would you rather see get fucked by that big thing. Eve or

"I can't decide. I want them both." He said with his eyes locked on her

"They will both get it but pick one." He still couldn't decide. "Pick one and
I'll let you suck on one of my nipples for a few seconds."

Jack's eyes went wide. "Eve!"

"Good boy."

She slid the microphone into the ring, grabbed him by the back of the head
and pulled it to her chest. His mouth instantly closed around her solid
nipple. She ran her hand through his hair while moaning. The crowd started
chanting AJ's name.

AJ finally pushed him away and kissed his cheek. She ran back into the ring
and grabbed the microphone.

"Eve, take a seat on the turnbuckle and get ready to meet my friend."

Eve did as told and sat on the top turnbuckle. Kaitlyn handed the toy over to
her petite friend and stood back. She stood next to Layla and started
caressing her backside. Eve grasped tightly to the top rope and waited as AJ
slowly walked towards her, the toy pointed directly at her wet, waiting cunt.
When she was literally an inch away, she stopped and held up five fingers.
She started counting down as the crowd joined in.


AJ pressed the vibrator against Eve's pussy and slowly inched it in. It was a
good thing that Eve was holding onto the top rope or else the intense
feelings in her body would have knocked her out of the ring.

"Oh my fucking god!" Eve screamed out. The crowd had silenced and sat
watching. "AJ, harder baby! Harder!"

The crowd came to life once again. "Harder! Harder! Harder!"

Wanting to please the fans, AJ started fucking Eve harder with the toy. Eve
started bouncing her ass on the turnbuckle cover as she got rammed harder.
The juices coming from her pussy were gushing down the vibrator and on to
AJ's hand. She leaned forward and slowly licked until it was cleaned.

As she continued fucking Eve, AJ looked over her shoulder and saw Kaitlyn and
Layla both on all fours. Layla was behind Kaitlyn, licking up her pussy and
puckered ass hole. Kaitlyn was holding on to the rope and moaning softly. AJ
could see the streak of liquid dripping down Layla's inner thigh; starting a
puddle on the ring mat. She turned her attention back to Eve who was arched
back as far as possible without toppling to the floor.

AJ started using her free hand to massage her own moistening pussy. She
slowly inserted her index finger into her wet hole while her thumb pressed on
her bulging clit. She bit down on her lower lip and moaned. She continued for
several seconds before stopping to pick up the microphone.

"Eve? How do you feel?" She handed the microphone over to Eve who was
literally shaking.

"I...I I'm...I'm gonna...cum!" The crowd erupted once again. "Oh
yes...yes...AJ...make me...oh make me cum!" AJ started licking her clit while
moving the toy in and out as fast as possible. "Oh my god!"

AJ pulled the toy out in time for Eve to squirt her cum clear across the
ring. Layla turned around when she felt the juices hit her ass. AJ let her
finish squirting before resuming her tonguing. Eve was shaking so badly that
she would have fallen to the mat if AJ wasn't there to hold her up. The crowd
sat in silence as they witnessed, to their knowledge, the first orgasm in a
WWE ring.

Once Eve came down from the high of her orgasm, AJ grabbed the microphone and
climbed to the top rope next to her.

"You did a great job Eve. Would you like to know what you taste like?"

Before Eve could answer, AJ shoved her tongue into her mouth and gave her a
long passionate kiss. Eve was still moaning from her orgasm and enjoying the
taste of her own juices. They were so busy that they did not notice Kaitlyn
and Layla crawling towards them. Kaitlyn picked the vibrator up off the
ground and held it between herself and Layla. The two girls each took a side
and started licking Eve's cum off of it while the girls on the top rope
continued making out.

AJ finally broke the kiss. "Your turn Lay. Come here and taste my pussy while
Kaitlyn fucks you. I'm the only one who hasn't had their cunt licked and I'm

Layla slowly rose to her feet and spread AJ's legs as Kaitlyn started rubbing
the wet toy against her soaking wet pussy. Instead of waiting, Layla pushed
her hips back and forced the entire ten inch toy into herself. She screamed
into AJ's pussy which caused her to moan loud into the microphone.

"Oh Layla. Fucking Layla." She panted.

Kaitlyn roughly slammed the vibrator into the Brit's cunt over and over
again, feeling her juice splash out and land on her hand. She ran her finger
over the small puddle so she could get a taste. As she continued slamming the
brunette, Eve crawled off of the top rope and started kissing her neck while
groping her double-d tits.

The people in the crowd and those watching on television sat in amazement as
they continued watching the foursome occurring in front of them. USA Network
never cut the feed, they were serious about doing ANYTHING it took to raise
ratings. They could only imagine how many people were tuning in; the numbers
were going to be huge.

Layla was panting heavily into AJ's dripping pussy. The hot breath hitting
her sensitive hole only drove the petite girl crazier. She crawled down off
of the top rope and lay down flat on the mat, not letting Layla's mouth lose
contact for more than a second. The girls all shifted positions. Layla was on
all fours with her mouth buried in AJ's twat, Kaitlyn was kneeling behind her
slamming the vibrator in and out of her pussy while running her finger around
her asshole and Eve was kneeling behind Kaitlyn still kissing her neck and
groping her breasts. Eve stood up and retrieved the microphone.

"Who's ready to see these two hot girls cum for you all?" The crowd started
yet another "Yes!" chant. "AJ, are you ready to cum?"

"Ohh...yes Eve...I'm gonna cum real soon...fuck!"

"Layla, are you ready?" Layla nodded and moaned, not removing her mouth from

Eve held the microphone to AJ's mouth as she came closer and closer to
reaching an orgasm.

"Oh yes...yes...mmm I'm...I'm cumming!" She screamed.

Eve grabbed Layla by the hair and shoved her deeper into AJ's cunt as the
small girl exploded in orgasm. Layla's face instantly became coated in the
sweet juices splashing into her. At the same time, Kaitlyn's tongue pressed
against her asshole which sent her over the edge. Layla screamed into AJ's
pussy, prolonging her orgasm. The British woman fell to her stomach and
moaned as her body twitched in pleasure. Eve moved the microphone to her
mouth and let her moans be heard by all.

The two girls lay flat on the mat recovering from their respective orgasms.
Eve and Kaitlyn stood over them and smiled. Eve grabbed the microphone again.

"Well, I think that's about everyone."

Kaitlyn grabbed the mic. "Not everyone. You came, AJ came and Layla's my turn!" She looked around the ring. "Hold on, I left something
the back. Put the vibrator down...or in someone, wherever you want! I've got
something better." Kaitlyn handed her back the mic and ran out of the ring to
the back.

Eve picked up the vibrator and licked it clean of everything that Layla had
left on it.

"Here you go sweetie." She gently shoved the entire toy into AJ's recovering
cunt. She left it there and walked away.

Kaitlyn came back onto the stage holding a new toy, a black sling that held a
long, black rubber dildo on to it.

"You kinky bitch!" Eve said.

Kaitlyn ran down to the ring and quickly fastened the strap-on around Eve's
waist. She dropped down to her knees and started giving the toy a masterful
blowjob. The crowd could tell right away that she was very good at sucking
dick. She looked behind Eve and saw AJ fucking herself slowly with the
vibrator as Layla crawled next to her. Layla took control of the toy and
carefully fucked her while sensually kissing her.

Eve shoved Kaitlyn down flat on the mat and crawled behind her. She spread
her toned ass cheeks and spit a huge wad directly on her asshole. She
positioned herself and slowly inched the thick dildo into her airtight
asshole. She threw the microphone down in front of her in time to hear the
blond girl scream in a mix of pain and pleasure. Kaitlyn grabbed onto the
bottom rope as she slammed harder and harder. Eve wanted to make sure that
she felt every inch.

"Fucking hell! Yes!" She screamed into the mic.

Eve grabbed onto Kaitlyn's hips and forced more of the dildo into her, which
she did not think was possible. AJ and Layla had crawled over to them and
started kissing the screaming girl up and down her back. Eve took the
opportunity to give each girl a stiff slap on the ass.

AJ crawled back to the vibrator and brought it back over. She lifted
Kaitlyn's hips up so she could slide under her. She took the vibrator and
slid it in to her friend's cunt, like she had done so many times before. It
was the first time that Kaitlyn had been double penetrated and she loved
every second of it. Layla crawled over to her head and lay down on her
stomach. She grabbed the blonde's hair and pulled her in for a kiss.

"I can taste...oh...AJ on your tongue." She said as both of her holes
continued being slammed.

Kaitlyn pushed her torso up as she felt an orgasm on the horizon. This gave
the chance for Layla to abuse her large breasts with her mouth. The
combination of Eve fucking her ass, AJ fucking her pussy and Layla kissing
her chest pushed Kaitlyn to the point of ultimate pleasure. Layla grabbed the
mic and held it to Kaitlyn's mouth as she exploded.

"Motherfucking YES!" She shouted while Eve and AJ pulled out of her.

AJ quickly surrounded the contracting pussy of her friend with her warm
mouth, drinking every drop of cum that escaped her. Eve pulled on the blond
hair in front of her kissed her forehead. Layla planted her lips to the neck
of the girl who started this whole. Kaitlyn experienced the greatest orgasm
of her young life. As soon as she collapsed to the mat, the other three girls
all sat down around her. All four were exhausted, gasping for air as their
heated sexual encounter had come to an end.

The crowd in Miami all stood up and clapped for the four women in the ring.

"That was awesome! That was awesome!" The chant filled the American Airlines

After several minutes, all four girls stood up for a group hug. Their sweaty
bodies all slid against each other in the embrace. Once they broke the hug,
they grabbed the sex toys and headed out of the ring. They collected their
own respective clothes from ringside and started handing them out to the men
in the first few rows, kissing a few of them on the cheeks. Once all four
girls made it to the top of the stage, they all took a bow and skipped behind
the curtain as the show went off the air.

Once backstage, the girls received another standing ovation from the entire
locker room who were waiting. Through the pack, Vince and Stephanie McMahon
approached the girls.

"You four did great." Stephanie said. "We heard from the network and they are
expecting the highest rating in Monday Night Raw history."

"We expect you four, and the rest of the Divas for that matter, to keep up
the good work on Smackdown." Vince said. "Kaitlyn, AJ, since this was your
idea I'll let you choose your opponents for Smackdown."

The two girls looked around at the group of Diva's standing next to them.

AJ walked up to Natalya and grabbed a handful of her breast. "You."

Kaitlyn approached Beth Phoenix and kissed her neck. "And you."

To be continued?...

I will do a "Part 2" if I get enough of a demand for one.

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